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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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swimming in a motel pool at the shore. ♪ "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. after nearly two full days of sun and warmth, this holiday
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weekend has taken a turn to the wet. and may have many festivities in doors or be canceled all together. and the big story on "action news" is a rainy memorial day forecast. >> of course this being a three-day weekend there's still lots of people to do things with across the region. and nora muchanic is live in atlantic city where the conditions did not stop the beach-goers. starting with melissa magee with a check of the forecast. >> walter and sarah, tracking the moisture that's currently moving in across the delaware and lehigh valleys. and you see the rain along the i-95 corridor and areas north and west. a pocket across interior sections in south jersey we have been watching here at street level with stormtracker 6, cherry hill, mount laurel, and even areas dealing with moderate if not heavy pockets of moisture. the same philadelphia and areas north and west. expect more of the moisture to move from the south-to-north
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direction across our region as we go throughout the rest of tonight and for that matter into the day on monday. keep in mind, there has been a flood advisory that has been issued for areas in camden, gloucester, even salem counties in jersey. and philadelphia, and into washington. and south and westward into newark and also smyrna. this stays up until 4:30 in the morning. some areas in delaware seeing two inches of rain and minor flooding a big concern, especially watching moisture move in. the memorial day forecast, at the shore well maybe take the party inside tomorrow. thunderstorms, showers around. high temperature of 70 degrees. 74 degrees in the city. the poconos downpours likely for you with a high temperature coming in at 72. talking about what we can expect as we get into monday. steady and heavy rain early monday morning. then the rain will taper to some showers getting into the afternoon hours. calling for anywhere from 1-2 inches of rain and locally higher amounts. and this could lead to an issue
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with localized flooding. coming up, a closer look at the forecast. futuretracker on stand by and letting you know when the drier skies prevail. let's move on to nora muchanic live in atlantic city where people enjoy the surf and sand despite the foggy conditions. a crazy day as the fog rolled in and out, several times. you couldn't keep track of it. on the boardwalk, we are feeling lucky. no rain here yet, but people are still out enjoying the evening know tomorrow it's going to be a stinker. in atlantic city it was in full swing as families hit the skiddy rides. and the bensons from bear, delaware among them. >> we have eaten, we have gotten our rides, so we're just having a wonderful time. >> if only this 1-year-old could say the same, the carousel not
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her cup of tea. >> i had a good time. she didn't enjoy it, she didn't want to go on the horsey, we sat on the bench. >> and our kids are playing some games. as soon as we are done here we are going to be home. >> earlier in the evening the tanger outlets were busy leaving beach bags behind switching to shopping bags before the wet weather arrived. >> going home tomorrow, so hey, we had a good time this weekend. >> then you don't have to put up with the rain. >> before the rain. >> trying to get fun in before that? >> yeah, we are leaving tonight. >> and tornadoes? >> no tornadoes. >> we need to get back to virginia. >> and atlantic city in a thick haze all day, the fog giving an erie feel to the beach but not stopping them from enjoying the day. >> you couldn't see what was in front of you at all. like at all. >> but you still managed to get sunburned. >> yeah. >> we try to get together for memorial day weekend. and this is my beautiful sister
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and we don't get to see each other much, so our family is down. >> and lots of families down at the shore. the fog has been rolling in and out and the rain has not started yet. people are on the boardwalk having a good time. no one wants to give up while it is dry out knowing memorial day will be a wash out. live on the boardwalk in atlantic city, nora muchanic for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. of course, the true reason for the holiday paying tribute to those who fought and died for our country. looking at some of the ways they were honored today. ♪ >> music filled the streets in deptford, new jersey. attribute to men and women in uniform. ♪ >> earlier a memorial service held to honor the fallen. 93-year-old vet can stu allen serving in world war ii along with his brother and two step-brothers. four young men in four different
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branches. he says this holiday always makes them think of him and his fellow marines. >> they did it so willingly and without any need for praise or anything like that. they just knew it had to be done. >> salvatore, an army ranger and paratrooper killed in 2010 in afghanistan, his mother tells "action news" he saved more than a dozen members of his unit. >> many, many, many sons like mine have done heroic deeds like that. today is a sad, joyful, loving day. >> and in philadelphia's bridesburg section they celebrated a memorial mass. and a says salute to the dead. >> and the veterans and the boy
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scouts take it very seriously. >> it is a veteran's responsibility to remind the community it is not about hot dogs and hamburgers, it is about those that were in the conflicts. >> it is good to come out and pay service to them. without them, our country would be a lot different. we wouldn't be free. >> trish hartman for handle 6 "action news." and keep handy this holiday weekend on your devices. check our maps as you head out and the radar to stay ahead of the weather. and follow the weather team for updates on any of the changes. and several memorial day parades scheduled for tomorrow are cancelled due to predicted rain. watch "action news" beginning tomorrow morning at 4:30 for the very latest information. investigators in wildwood crest are trying to figure out how a man swimming in a hotels pool was shocked by electricity. he was jolted and slumped into the water.
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when the bystanders tried to help, they were shocked as well. and live outside of cooper university hospital with much more. jeff? >> walter, i spoke with a 17-year-old who tried to save that man. he is here at cooper for observation. he spoke exclusively with "action news" about the moment he jumped into the water to save the man, unaware that the waters were electrified. >> and couldn't stop shaking. >> what was going through your mind? >> i thought i wasn't going to get out. >> from his hospital bed, the 17-year-old describes the moments when he tried to rescue the man from the aztec pool. and he was returning to the pool with family friends when he witnessed the man scream and slump over in the water. >> i was calling him, he wasn't responding. his son started getting upset and i started screaming for help. >> unaware that he was shocked by electricity, martinez jumped in to pull him out. >> chris went to touch him and
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he went into convulsions and his body was shaking. and i told christopher to get out of the pool. and he got an electric current up his leg through the filter. >> a maintenance worker turned off the power and pulled him from the pool and a guest administered c.p.r. until the paramedics arrived. and it was inspected and bonded by an electrician three weeks ago, and suspects a short in a lamp post. >> i am afraid to go into the pool after what i saw yesterday. >> and we sat and watched the whole thing. >> and expecting to graduate from the technical school next month, has weakness in his arms but expected to be released monday. and his only wish is he could have helped the man sooner. >> would you do it again? >> definitely. >> despite the risk? >> he would do it for me, so i would do it for him. >> the man in critical condition
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at the penn presbyterian hospital in philadelphia. and the pool will remain closed until they term the cause, the repairs made and county instrektinstrekt -- inspectors give the all-clear. a reward offered for finding the person who set dogs on fire. justice rescue covering $1,000 for information. the dogs were found burning in an alley after 8:00. the dogs were in a bag and may have been dead before they were set on fire. and the autopsies plan to determine the cause of death. a gunman and one other dead following a shooting this afternoon in houston. two armed suspects shot a total of eight people at an auto body shop. one shot by a swat officer. and they were shooting randomly
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using high-powered rifles. the victim was a man in his 50s, a customer at the auto shop. >> we do not know what started this. but we do know they were shooting randomly. just at whoever happens to come upon the scene. >> also, two deputies suffered minor injuries during the exchange of gunfire. a 4-year-old who fell into the gorilla enclosure yesterday at the cincinnati zoo is now out of the hospital. he fell about 10 feet into a moat where a 400-pound gorilla stood over him before pulling him away. the witnesses thought that the gorilla was trying to protect the child but then were startled by the onlookers. and the special response team rushed in and shot the gorilla 10 minutes later. zoo officials say it is the first time a visitor got in the exhibit in a 38-year history. >> and people died in texas because of flooding. they found another body this afternoon during an aerial
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search mere austin. two people are missing after the vehicle was swept away off a flooded roadway. the flood follow days of torrential rains last week. two cities forced into a mandatory evacuation last night. tropical depression bonnie now made landfall. heavy rain bands bring several inches of rain to southern south carolina and eastern georgia causing roads to flood. rip currents and heavy surf are also expected along the east coast. the daughter of former philadelphia congresswoman lost her battle with cancer. born during the height of the vietnam war, and she was adopted. and making a high-profile trip in 2012, finding the biological father. not abandoned by her mother, put up for adoption to protect her. she was 48 years old. a new candidate in the race for president. we tell you about the man nominated by a third party
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today. later this memorial day weekend, a story of service to others and our country. those serving in vietnam saved the lives of their former translator who saved their lives years ago. and phillies having a tough time. and jeff skversky tells us who hit a grand slam today.
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saving approximately 14,000 migrants from the sea. and several of the smuggler's boats are under arrest and many coming from eritrea part of africa. and warning to stay out of iraq, helping the shiite retake
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fallujah from isis. and the u.s. has eyes in the sky tracking. and the spy jets, cousin to the cold war plane watch from 70,000 feet up. >> you are the highest person in the world, except those on the space station. >> the odd-looking planes are using airborne radar over iraq and syria gathering information from the ground commanders, and used to set targets for fighter jets and drones that could be key in the fight for fallujah. and the latest from the campaign trail. >> who is ready to hear who our nominee for the next president of the united states will be? [cheers and applause] >> take the libertarian party collected gary johnson as their nominee during the convention in
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florida. and he was also in 2012 as well. and he believes he has a chance to break through given the unpopular offerings through the democratic and republican party. and sanders said hillary clinton should not pick a moderate for her runningmate. when asked if he should join her, he says he is focused on winning the nomination. and the contest will be june 7 when voters from new jersey and california head to the polls. and donald trump told a crowd at a motorcycle rally in washington, d.c. today the people in the u.s. illegally are better cared for than military veterans. trump, who got five deferments during vietnam was speaking did you recall the annual rolling thunder motorcycle rally. he told the crowd, if elected he would defeat isis building a bigger and better american forces. a virginia civil war battlefield now an active crime scene.
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officials say part of the petersburg national battlefield has been looted. some sections with holes as someone dug up them, looking i for real -- relics. and well wishers for the sep septa offer. and melissa magee with the exclusive accuweather forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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melissa with a check of the accuweather forecast. we had two nice days but looking at the radar behind us, it is really wet out there. >> some seeing already 2 inches of rain. and the double scan radar, you
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see the moisture in interior sections of south jersey along the 95 corridor and to our north and west. going in tighter on street-level with stormtracker 6. in philadelphia we have moisture, but moderate to heavy pockets in cherry hill, and also mount holly if you travel along the new jersey turnpike. south of the region in medford. and now showing you the other pocket just to the south along the 95 corridor into wilmington. also to the north and west of chadds ford. and light areas of rain for you, but this is the case going through the overnight hours. we have that flood advisory until 4:30 in the morning for philadelphia because of the minor flooding that is expected. and the moisture is all tropical in nature as it works its way into the mid-atlantic region. highs today in philadelphia 87, breaking our three-day heat wave. with the wind, 72 in the city, 73 allentown, 68 in the poconos.
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at the coast in cape may 65 and same in beach haven. and satellite, the clockwise rotation over the carolinas. this was once tropical storm bonnie. it is now a tropical depression. and it is creeping along. but as we go throughout the rest of tonight into monday, this will move into the northeast and this will be our wet weather-maker for rest of tonight and for that matter into the day on monday when the low pressure kicks it out, monday into tuesday. and futuretracker 6 showing during the overnight hours we have moisture, allow for it from the poconos down into even south jersey. and in the morning pockets of rain across the region. and not letting up, maybe have a plan b if you have outdoor plans scheduled. and it could lead to localized flooding. and the moisture steady early in
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the day, and then tapering off to showers in the afternoon. and down the shore not the best looking beach day. it is cooler with a high temperature coming in at 70 degrees. and up north of philadelphia, if you are traveling up to the poconos tomorrow, showers and thunder and a cooler day with high temperature at 72 degrees. the dayplanner looks like this for the actual holiday. 8:00 in the morning, temperatures 69 degrees. cloudy. we have steady rain overhead. and 11:00, 70 degrees. and 72 at 2:00 in the afternoon. getting hours moving in around 8:00. and the rain heaviest in the day dries out by tuesday. warmer high temperature of 85, and the humid lowers. and wednesday high pressure returns, sunny and pleasant and 81. and plenty of sunshine thursday, 77 degrees. friday mostly cloudy and thunderstorms are possible. high temperature at 76.
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we keep the thunderstorm threat in the forecast saturday, high of 79. staying unsettled getting into sunday with high temperature of 77. and a nice start to the weekend, but definitely ending on a wet note. >> all right, thank you. up next on "action news," jeff skversky has sports. a little taste of what the phillies have to look forward to when this guy comes to town tomorrow. that and more when "action news" comes right back.
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buy an lg g5 and get one free. plus up to $650 back. only on america's best network. jeff skversky has a check on sports. the phillies having problems. >> a lot of problems. they lost seven of nine. swept for the first time since their first series of the season in cincinnati. velazquez has been the best story, but that seems ages ago. and the same story by the phillies, beat up by the cubs again. the phillies just sitting there and watching the best team in baseball knock them around out of the gate. first inning again another cubs' run. rizzo with the blooper. the phills down 1-0.
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the second inning, montero, takes him deep and out and the solo shot phills down 2-0. and velazquez another miserable outing on the road. and ben zobrist oh, oh, the 3-run homer. have a -- and the worst start. and the only thing the phillies lost this weekend, a hat in the stand. for on the phills and is it time to hit the panic button? we discuss that tonight at 11:45. first-place nationals come to town tomorrow and werth will be in a good mood with the pinch-hit grand slam against the cardinals. and chase utley hit one last night. and up 3 1/2 games on the phillies in the east.


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