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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  May 30, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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happening now "action news," a damp holiday. storm tracker 6 live is picking up tropical storm remnants at times. a man is shocked in a pool down the shore and so is the person who jumped into save him. vice president biden will be in delaware today to attend a special tribute to his son. david murphy has weather and matt pellman is in for karen
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rogers. >> reporter: it's not a washout, but it's not a good looking memorial day as we are stuck under mostly cloudy skies. we have heavy cells starting to depart the region, we have them in camden county and mercer county and pushing toward the northeast. most of us will get into a lullaby 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. as we go through the rest of the morning there's a chance of a spotty pop up additional shower. most of the rain in the afternoon unfortunately down the shore will be along the coast, but even there we may have the tendency to dry out after 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. there will be breaks in the clouds later, too, mostly cloudy skies and damp in the morning hours. 71 degrees and muggy as you head outside in philadelphia. 66 in allentown. feeling humid up north. 67 in trenton. 72 in millville. 65 in cape may. as we roll into the afternoon it will be a warm one. we'll go mostly cloudy skies,
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i'm not posting any sun, but we can't rule that out. most of the showers are in the morning hours, by the time we head to 1:00 p.m. it's mainly on the new jersey and delaware side of river. the closer you go to the coast, the better chance you have of that. today's high, 78 degrees by 3:00 p.m. in philadelphia down the shore the mid 70s and mostly cloudy skies and drying out in the afternoon. matt pellman if you have plans to head out to a ceremony of sorts later this afternoon or during the afternoon in most cases at least away from the shore you should be dry, but the forecast was threatening, so it's a good idea to check your local township or county website to make sure things have not been >> reporter: the rain has flooded roads, like eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway under 30th street station, when a car comes through you get the effect
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there's a log flume effect as you drive through. one vehicle lost control and spun around. you have to be careful we have big puddles on the roads as you head out this morning. on the boulevard extension we had a northbound crash near ridge avenue that has cleared out of the way. an accident delaware county south avenue by chester pike by iron sport gymment -- the rain moving away from the area. mount laurel union road is flooded. gloucester county we have down wires along main street at carroll avenue. thank you, matt, now the weather might have dampened memorial day getaways, but some communities will still pay tribute to our servicemen and women even if it is not outdoors. katherine scott is live at the vietnam veterans memorial at penns landing. >> reporter: matt you want to
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check before you go, because we are hearing about events canceled or moved inside. others are going ahead rain or shine. here at penns landing there's a ceremony scheduled at 12:30 the names of two soldiers, francis g. corcoran, a george l.will a graduate of frankford high school. a lot of events scheduled across the area. new castle delaware guard will unveil new signs naming it's headquarters after attorney general beau biden. the son of the vice president was deployed in iraq in 2008. he died a year ago of brain cancer. that ceremony is this afternoon rain or shine. the vice president is expected to be there. while some memorial day events are proceeding regardless of the weather others are moving indoors. the rain was heavy at times.
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the action cam was in turnersville and blackwood and center city. you can see the downpours and pooling and ponding on some of the roads. black horse pike was shut down for an hour. this rain is a departure from the heat we've been seeing for the past few days, as it's coming at the end of the weekend it's cuttings weekend plans short. at penns landing, the plan right now is the ceremony at the korean war memorial at 11:00 a.m. and the vietnam veterans memorial at 12:30, as we are hearing the changes in the plan you want to check with your town. we have on our website we have a list going of any changes so you want to check in, as well. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." will do, thank you katherine. >> reporter: the sun beat down on parade goers who lined the streets of deptford township yesterday. 93-year-old stu allen was in attendance. he his brother and two stepbrothers served in the armed
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forces. he said the holiday always makes him think of his family and band of brothers in the marines. they did it so willingly and without any need for praise or anything like that, they just new it had to be done. tributes were held in philadelphia's bridesburg section, veterans held memorial mass while veterans of the american legion visited cemetaries to honor the fallen. investigators are trying to figure out how a man swimming in the pool was shocked by electricity. it happened at the aztec motel. ivan martinez saw a man swimming in the pool and slumped over. he jumped in to aid him and was shocked himself. by body picked up and couldn't stop shaking. >> reporter: what was going through your mind. i thought i have to get
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out. a maintenance work turned over the electricity and pulled greg subiszak from the pool and he was given cpr and is in critical condition. the pool was inspected and suspected that a short in the nearby lamp post caused this. a reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of a person who set two dogs on fire in chester. animal welfare group as is offering $1,000 for be information. the bogs were found burning in an alley on 6th street. officials say they were inside a bag and may have been dead before they were set on fire, necropsies are planned to determine the cause of death. while the east coast is dealing with the remnants of bonnie, parts of texas were hit with deadly texas. families say this is the third time in a year that flooding has forced them out of their homes
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and made them leave. farmers are trying to get their cattle to higher ground. back of what's left to bonnie and what it's doing around here. >> reporter: bonnie will be falling apart to the south and not have an impact on us today. the impact is widespread as we have spotty showers right now. as matt pellman has been telling us, the heavier cells highlighted in yellows and oranges in south jersey they have been popping through the region in the past couple of hours. we have backed up storm drains and flooded roads around the region that will take a while to drain. some of heavier cells in south jersey and camden county and gloucester county, there's cherry hill with a brief, heavy downpour coming through right now that will be gone before too much longer and the northern suburbs looking at scattered stuff most of this on the lighter side. as we take a wider view you can see that the shore is dry.
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i had a tweet a moment ago not a spot of rain in ocean, get in your walk because there are showers that will be coming in along the coast over the next couple of hours. down the shore will be one of the areas that sees more rain than inland. we go outside, cloudy skies, temple university morgan hall north along broad street. the roads are on the wet side, obviously. drying auto a little bit over -- out a little bit over the next couple of hours. i mentioned how the heavier pockets of rain come through, northeast philadelphia, because of the heavier pocket that came through earlier, now basically gone there could ponding and puddling on roads in through here up until 6:15. i would allow for some problems on the roads across the region up until later this morning until we have a chance to drain.
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71 is the current temperature. dewpoint, 69. it's humid as you step outside. in terms of reign not a washout. most of -- in terms of rain not a washout. most of it will be closer to the coast in all likelihood. by 9:00 a.m. there are sprinkles and showers around. if you're getting the parade in you're okay with the light rain gear. we get into the noon hour there's not only a chance of drying, but breaks in the clouds especially the farther north you go across the region. notice how the model wants to put something down the shore after 12:00, 2:30 p.m. or 3:00 p.m. or less inland. this has been consistent with the models over the last couple of days. most of the axe down the shore -- action down the shore, after 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., you're drying out and cloudy drive home. showers in the northwestern suburbs later on tonight and future tracker 6 showing you how you dry out after that.
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most of the rain in the morning as you just saw. we're warm and muggy, high of 78 degrees, mostly cloudy skies and some of you with a little luck might see peeks of sunshine later. 78 is the high, mainly early in the day. the afternoon looks mainly dry with the exception of down the shore where you have to wait a little bit longer. tomorrow, morning clouds give way to a good deal of afternoon sunshine, high of 85. wednesday is looking nice, high of 81 and lots of sun there. partly sunny, thursday, 77. the next batch of unsettle the weather is friday, saturday, sunday, where there could be a pop-up shower or thunderstorm particularly in the day or evening those three days. 5:14 a.m. witnesses described what a gorilla was going to do after a child fell into the zoo enclosure. a shark attacked a visitors during a busy weekend -- a visitor during a busy weekend at a florida beach.
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>> reporter: we're not looking too bad at creek road. we have issues of several spots being flooded out this morning. we'll run down the list when "action news" continues on this memorial day morning. > 5:44, good morning,
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everyone it is memorial day we're taking a live look at penns landing, in particular the korean war memorial. it is getting up to 78 today and
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we're dealing with shower activity from the remnants of bonnie. let's go over to matt pellman you say there are areas you might want to avoid. >> reporter: there are areas where we're seeing big puddles from the water that came down overnight. one spot is i-95 northbound side can you see the lake we've got going on in the northbound left lane it's kind of sticking out there. be careful as you travel i-95 through delco, chester that area, the drainage in that area is not so hot. i was reminded as i was driving through there last night when it was pouring. this puddle i-95 by the airport watch out for it's one ofen many out there this morning. in the suburban traffic report in delaware county, south avenue near chester pike norwood an accident scene we've been watching for a while now. 42 belmawr camden county,
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northbound you have a vehicle off to the side. looks like a smart car, tiny little smart car. overall volume is light in both directions. if you're heading to the shore today, maybe not the best day for that, but nice light volume southbound. we have a crash along 42 approaching 544. it doesn't seem to be impacting speeds. in mount laurel a couple of roads are blocked because of high water. union mill is one of them stay on 38 as the alternate. walton avenue is shift down, mount laurel road an option to get around that. time for the commuter report brought to you by the waze app. montgomery county spring house area norristown road watch out for an object on the road there. new this morning, witnesses in florida recorded the frantic rescue effort after a child was attacked by a shark. the 13-year-old suffered an 8-inch by the behind his knee in
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neptune yesterday. another boy was near him. we went under a wave and came back up, he came up, shark he bit my leg, go go go. so frightening. fellow vacationers helped the child into the ambulance his injuries are not life throatenning. a package left near a prison guard homes mail box exploded left a man injured. it happened in floyd new york. the 50-year-old guard suffered burns on his hands and arms. a 4-year-old boy who fell into a gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo is out of the hospital. the 400-pound gorilla stood over him and pulled him away. witnesses say they thought he was trying to protect the child, but became startled by the screams of onlookers. the zoo's special response team
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decided to shoot and kill a gorilla ten minutes later. this is the first time a visitor got into the exhibit in the 38 year history. be
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do it yourself boats made of duct tape hit the waters in key west florida. most of them stayed afloat, but two sank. one political theme face off got the most attention. clinton versus trump and we are told that hillary clinton boat won. interesting way to spend memorial day. we could have used the boats overnight on the roads.
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what a mess with the heavy town pours. it's not wet hoar just yet it's not wet here just yet. cape may county, southbound traffic, maybe with the dismal weather, the traffic will be staringed coming back from the -- staggered coming back from the beaches. we're on holiday schedule on mass transit. njt patco on special holiday scheduleses and dart buses not running. we have the remnants of bonnie pushing toward new york city and there are scattered cells in parts of south jersey, they are brief, and then get out of here, do be careful of the ponding and puddling. you might be running out for
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things for today's barbecue. you're looking at spotty showers in the morning. later in the afternoon we're drying out. today's high 78. we'll being sitting on that at 5:00 p.m. down the the shore, the shower activity may linger until 3:00 p.m. keep your storm tracker 6 live app handy on your iphone or go to to view it anytime. a kidnapped soccer star has been rescued in mexico. authorities did not give details of the rescue operation and whether or not a ransom was involved. police officers said he is doing well. 5:52. up next, the man who will serve
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as the third option in the trump clinton matchup on election day. runners support a police officer hurt in a hit-and-run. we'll have more on that when we come right back.
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and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators. ago live look here, sky6 live hd down on penns landing looking at the vietnam veterans' memorial. a lot of people will be at laces
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likes this one we'll be with them marking this solemn occasion. donald trump was at a motorcycle rally and he told the crowd illegal immigrants get better care than veterans do. he spoke at the motorcycle rally and it's held in honor of service members missing in action. he told the crowd he would defeat isis by building a big military. bernie sanders said hillary clinton should not pick a moderate democrat as her running mate. when asked if he would join her on the ticket he said he is folk folk -- focused on winning the democratic nomination. libertarian selected former new mexico governor gary johnson as their presidential nominee.
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johnson was the party nominee in 201 system with. he believes he has a chance of breaking through this year because of public's disaffection of the two candidates major problems. dozens of runners braved the heat in the holmesburg section in honor of gary miller. the september at that officer was out running days ago when a car came from behind and hit him. authorities are looking for a dark-color saturn with a broken windshield. there have been no arrests. a teen is trampled during a rodeo performance in new jersey. several businesses are offering deals for soddiers and veterans on -- soldier and veterans on this memorial day. we'll tell you where you can
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good morning, 6:00 a.m., monday, may 30th. the rain has washed out many memorial day events, but for others, the show mug on to honor -- must go on to honor our nation's war heros. david murphy has more on the remnants of bonnie. we have more on the rampage in texas including what saved an police officer's life. we'll have that, but first, david murphy has weather and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, it's muggy, and there's a chance we


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