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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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section of philadelphia. a fire engulfed an american legion post in the 2300 block of orthodox street and that's where "action news" reporter dann cuellar is standing by tonight's. dann, what's the situation at this hour? >> reporter: well, rick, firefighters remain on the scene here trying to make sure this fire does not flare up once again. now, officials say there's a lot of wood inside this large two-story brick building which houses american legion post 396 as it has for many decades. ironically the fire broke out as veterans were commemorating memorial day. heavy smoke and flames poured out from the roof of the post. about 20 to 30 veterans had been inside commemorating memorial day when somebody noticed smoke in the building sometime after 3:00 this afternoon. >> somebody said we have a dumb waiter at the end of the bar and somebody said there's smoke coming out of the dumb waiter.
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so, my son-in-law ran upstairs and here at the attic upstairs a motor had caught fire and i guess that started the whole thing. it started out as a little tiny fire. >> reporter: the fire starter out as two alarms but quickly grew to four alarms. >> they tried putting it out with a fire extinguisher. they tried putting it out with that. and then they came out and said everybody out, everybody out and then that was it. >> reporter: it was over an hour before firefighters were finally able to bring the fire under control. >> i guess the building's done now. i mean, we've been there for 98 years for crying out loud. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. it was a great post. >> reporter: over 100 firefighters were involved in fighting this fire. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. obviously it's too early right now to know what caused the fire. but witnesses say it seemed to have started in a motor up in the attic. the fire marshal is investigating.
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we're live here in frankford, i'm dann cuellar, channel6 "action news." rick. >> ♪ >> thank you dann. now to breaking news from north philadelphia. philadelphia police are investigating a dog attack right now. this is happening along west ontario and north tenth street. police say they were called to the scene shortly after 5:30. we're told a five-year-old girl was attacked by four dogs. police did fire their weapons to get the dogs away from the young victim. was the dogs was killed we're told. you can look for breaking updates on this story on the air andline at from solemn salutes and patriotic parades to beaches and barbecues at family and friends people all around the tri-state are observing this memorial day 2016. and while the holiday weekend came to a soggy close, that didn't put a damper on the unofficial start to summer. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live in ocean city tonight and nora, some fled the coast early this morning but others are squeezing the most out of a long weekend
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spied the weather. >> reporter: they are indeed, rick. it's been a dismal day here at the shore. it's been raining all day and knowing that was the case, many families started heading out last night and the exodus continued throughout the day. but surprisingly many people stayed on despite the lousy weather. this was the dreary scene on the ocean city boardwalk today, a gloomy wet gray day. beach umbrellas have been put away in favor of rain umbrellas and if you were outside you needed one. ed of her she pa had enough of the rain and finally broke out an old poncho which seemed to entertain his kids. >> it's a little wet out here but they don't seem to mind. they've got their sugar now so they'll be already. >> we had all day saturday and sunday which were beautiful but we've enjoyed being on the boardwalk today. we did the arcade and some indoor mini golf. >> reporter: throughout the day a steady flow of cars headed out of town. the rain meant a big slow down in business on asbury avenue. boardwalk merchants had a great weekend they say. today was a different story.
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>> there was sun and people wanted to be on the beach. they wanted to walk the boards and that's where you have your business. >> reporter: and today? >> well, there's people out there. they don't know what to do with themselves. >> reporter: after walking the rainy boards with all the other die hard sisters grace and jane scored bags of salt water taffy and fudge. they're still a little disappointed the bad weather put the kibosh on a boat ride. >> it rained. >> reporter: but you still have a smile on your face. >> yeah. >> they get up pretty early and they have plenty of energy so we tried to channel it and come out and let them burn it off on the boardwalk. >> reporter: i think lots of parents had that idea before they put everyone in the car to drive home so a pretty big disappointment weather-wise at the shore today. we're grateful that friday, saturday and sunday were pretty great but now it's time to end up memorial day weekend here at the shore. live in ocean city, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news. rick. >> all right, nora, thank you. across its delaware valley people paused to mark the true meaning of memorial day today. in media, delaware county, the
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annual parade went on despite the threat of rain. among those lining the parades routes was 95-year-old fresmond desmond. hdesmond. >> ♪ the daughters of the american revolution held its 22nd annual memorial day commemoration in washington square this afternoon. they laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. nine remembrance honors all american patriots who sacrificed their lives in or dominic the uniteconflicts the s has engaged in. >> reporter: tw master sergeant francis corcoran a green beret and master sergeant george wilson who served in military intelligence both became ill in vietnam and later died. the families of both men were at today's ceremonies. it is the first time in 13
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years names have been added to the memorial here. and there was a grand show of red, white and blue today the in lower bucks county. hundreds lined the streets to watch the annual yardley lower makefield parade. many waved and clapped as a procession of veterans rolled by in classic cars and they clapped along as the pennsbury high school band performed the john philip sousa march. in delaware county the springfield high school marching band entertained folks along the parade route this morning. the parade marched its way to the springfield township building for a wreath laying ceremony to honor local fallen members of our military. >> the flags of the military branches led the way in today's memorial day parade in maple shade new jersey. boy and girl scouts were also among the marchers along main street along with local fire companies and other emergency responders. the parade ended with a ceremony at the veterans monument. we're covering your
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community this memorial day on you'll find photos and videos from local parades and events. also be sure to keep an eye on for the forecast for the week ahead. well, the investigation continues tonight into the discovery of a body in pennypack creek in the city's fox chase section. authorities suspect a man may have drowned while trying to save his dog this morning. action knew news reporter chad pradelli has the latest on what may have been a tragic accident. >> reporter: two fishermen took on the rain swollen pennypack creek this morning only to make a gruesome discovery. 68-year-old alexander ross face down in the creek. >> at first looked around thinking it might have been some kind of prank but i noticed it looked human and they notified 911. >> reporter: the discovery would be devastating to the victim's wife. as the police department's marine unit retrieved russ' body she arrived on scene only to learn the heartbreaking news. >> a female showed up at the park and stated that her dog
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that her husband takes walking every day was sitting by their car but he was nowhere to be found and it was later to be determined that that was him in the creek. >> reporter: how russ ended up in the water is unclear but police say the creek can reach depths of 12 feet in spots and the current is deceiving. >> dog was wet. we don't know if the dog went into the water and he went after to get the dog or he fell into the water. but obviously it's a tragic accident. >> reporter: police say this is the time of year too often they respond to accidental drownings. the message stay out of the water and call police or fire if you need help for some reason. in fox chase, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news." >> striking verizon workers are due back at work on wednesday. an agreement in principle to end the strike was reached on friday. but today we learned details about the new contract. it addresses concerns of outsourcing by creating 1300 new call center jobs.
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the deal also includes nearly 11 percent in raises over four years and changes to the healthcare plan to save the company money. the agreement is still subject to approval by union members. well, for 38 people this wasn't just memorial day but the day they became u.s. citizens. they took the oath of citizenship during ceremonies aboard the battleship new jersey. the new americans come from 27 countries ranging from canada to china and they include a current air force airman as well as veterans who served in the army 45 years ago. over 729,000 people have become u.s. citizens during the past year. and still to come on "action news" at 6:00, the memory of beau biden will live on at the delaware national guard following a touching tribute today. the phillies open their series with the nationals. jeff skversky with that and more coming up in sports. cecily. >> well, after a soggy day on the beaches, this memorial day, i'm tracking a cold front that will bring us some big changes right in time as we're heading back to work and
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schooling. i explain in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> all right. those stories and much more when "action news" at 6:00 continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> new castle delaware they paused to remember those who paid the ultimate price for america's freedom. the delaware commission of public affairs held their ceremony. organizers also had an empty chair there right there in memory of the late beau biden who was a major in the delaware national guard.
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the memory of beau biden will live on in the national guard following a ceremony and unveiling in tribute to the son of vice president joe biden. walter perez has more on today's program that brought the vice president to our area today. >> reporter: from heads of state the military leaders under whom he served they all have nothing but high praise for beau biden. >> he was incredible. he was all about service. like he joined the military at 35. he didn't need to do that. he wanted to do that. >> he grew up into the kind of leader that we need not just in this state but i think in this country. he was humble not haughty. >> reporter: with his family friends and colleagues in attendance the delaware national guard reserve center was officially renamed the major joseph r. beau biden the third national guard reserve center. joe biden says this honor is a reflection of a plan who knew how to keep his priorities in order. >> his relationship with his brother and sister, his faith
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and the military, all the values in sync. >> reporter: beau biden end lifted in 2003, was deployed to iraq in 2008 and earned the legion of merit award along with a bronze star along the way. the two terms he served as delaware attorney general. the vice president says he's now hopeful that his son's example will inspire future members of the delaware national guard who see this sign. >> our prayer the biden family prayer is that they'll see beau's name and look to his example on how to live life, the life of purpose, service and inspiration. >> reporter: now officials say they chose this memorial day to hold this ceremony because it was one year ago today that beau biden died of brain cancer at the age of 46. reporting from new castle delaware, walter perez, channel6 "action news." >> members of the v.f.w. 928
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in folsom honored those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. crosses bearing the names of those killed in war were placed outside the post. at a ceremony this morning they read each name aloud and rang a bell in remembrance. >> ♪ the truman high school band provided the pay yacht particular music for this morning's memorial day parade in croydon bucks county. youngsters watched and waved as fire trucks both old and new paraded along state road. a group of children on bikes and scooters also took part in the day's festivities.
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>> time for sports. jeff skversky is here. phillies on a tough stretch of games right now. they need a win. >> they do. they lost seven of their last nine. it's been a brutal stretchly you don't think you like going to work on mondays. the phillies feel your pain. mondays have been the most painful day of the week for this baseball team. they're oh and six on mondays, their worst day of the week.
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ryan howard is having the worst season of his career but howard and that camouflage hat in the starting lineup batting cleanup against the nationals even though manager pete mackanin said yesterday he would use howard less against righties. it's a tough situation for howard to me knee joseph and mack dan nine considering howard is only hitting .97 in may. >> this is the hardest thing i have to do, you know. i think i -- i have been thinking about it all year and hoping that howie is going to have a good year and hone he's going come out of this funk that he's in. he had bad month of may and he admitted as much. he's playing tonight. every time i put him in the lineup i'm hoping he's going to get three or four hits and get on track and gain some confidence back. >> he's a legend. very well known in the city and he's done so much for the city, for the ball club, community, everything. he's a great teammate, too. our relationship hasn't changed at all.
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>> hopefully howard can get going. kevin durant and oklahoma city trying to get back to the nba finals when they lost to lebron who is waiting in the wings again. they'll have to win a game seven on the road tonight at golden state. sixers are years away from the nba finals but what they do with the first overall pick in three and a half weeks could speed up the process. today the sixers working out a handful of prospects. the sixers know they have to be right with this topic here. >> we owe it to the city. we owe it to our fans. we owe it to our organization to just be just ruthless on hour we uncover information and how we study and i feel that we have to do that so we can all walk into a room on june 23rd and feel strong about the philadelphia 76ers with the 2016 pick, choose and we he feel confident and we've
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done our due diligence. >> they better get this right. the last time the school won both the men and women's national lacrosse championship in the same season princeton 1994. well, the north carolina men can clinch the rare feat after the women won it all yesterday. maryland star and glenside native matt rambo trying to make sure that doesn't happen in his hometown. rambo drawing first blood scores one of his three goals today and he nearly won it, too, in the final seconds but we go to overtime. carolina with a man up, chris cloutier. north carolina beats maryland. the first time in 22 years men and women's lacrosse team win in the same year. >> thank you jeff. >> quick break. meteorologist cecily tynan has your accuweather forecast for the work week when we come
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>> meteorologist cecily tynan is here now with a soggy check of the forecast but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. >> yes. it's been soggy down the shore. here not bad, a lot of clouds, some sunshine. it will be changing. >> pool party. >> pool party at my house. i wasn't invite. >> neither was i. we got that in common. >> storm tracker6 live double scan slowing that we still have that lingering rain along the coast but it's not as heavy as earlier. the heaviest rain has worked offer the shore. there's a cold front moving into the northwest suburbs. this is the system that will kick out that tropical moisture but it is bring something gusty thunderstorms
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even the potential for small hail and this broken line is moving east at about 30 miles per hour so it's heading towards the lehigh valley, lake harmony right now in the poconos seeing some of these storm. looks like it will be approaching allentown by 6:46. a lot of these storms, though, will be falling apart as they move into cooler air but the northwest suburbs the best chance of seeing some thunderstorms this evening from that cold front. that being said, reading ahead of that front seeing good amount of sunshine. this is a live view from the pagoda overlooking reading. bright skies there with some clouds. reading made it up to 85 degrees today. but the flip side, this is the scene in cape may. not only dealing with light rain but socked in with the fog all day long, can barely see anything at all but that cold front will be sweeping that humidity out to sea so the situation will be improving. but it will be a a soggy may. philadelphia last night about an inch and a half of rain. so, rain to date this month, 6.65-inches. that's about 3-inches above
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normal and we've had rain 21 out of 30 days this mon the last may we had more than 6-inches of rain way back in 1990. so, it has been unusually wet but we'll try to dry things out overnight and tomorrow. right now philadelphia 75 degrees. down from a high of 78 which is the normal high for this time of the year. areas that saw the sunshine quite a bit warm interallentown, 83, reading 82 and cape may socked in with the clouds and that moisture currently only 65 degrees. satellite6 along with action radar showing the reason why we had the washout down the shore, this. you see this rotating low. that is what used to be tropical storm bonnie and that's essentially just pulling up this conveyor belt of moisture right along the coast but with that front kicking that out to sea, things will be improving tonight and finally we'll be switching the faucet off down the shore. so, future tracker showing around 8:30 tonight, this is when we could have some of those thunderstorms in the
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northwest suburbs. they really just dissipate by 12:30 and tomorrow morning we wake up a little bit of cloud cover but then some sunshine by the afternoon, dropping humidity through the day with a high of 87 degrees and wednesday the pick of the week. high pressure moving down from canada will provide us low humidity, wall to wall sunshine an comfortable high of 83. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, sunshine returns tomorrow, humidity dropping through the day, 87 degrees. wednesday great weather for the union game, 83. thursday looking pretty good. partly sunny, 79. on friday, a cold front will bring us some showers and thunderstorms, 76. we get a break in the action on saturday, 81 and then on sunday, another cold front bringing us some showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon, 77 and monday we dry things out, clouds mixing with sun with a high of 77, so the situation will be improving as we head through the evening hours. >> all right. thank you very much, cecily. a ceremony at fort washington today didn't just honor fallen heroes of the past.
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it's going to help the heroes of today and the future. power home remodeling presented american legion post 10 with a half million dollars to help create a community center as well as eight newtown homes for transitioning vets. legion officials say the project is designed to help the complex needs of veterans today. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next here on 6abc. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl with brian taff sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers. join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel6. for jim gardner meteorologist cecily tynan jeff skversky ducis rodgers the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. have a nice evening and hopefully we'll see you tonight at 11 o'clock. >> ♪
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tonight, on this memorial day, dangerous weather and deadly floods. evacuations under way. rivers still rising. already six lives lost. plus, the remnants of tropical storm bonnie kicking up dangerous surf on the coered an. did they go too far? plus, new details about how the boy ended up face to face with the 400-pound silverback. breaking news. gunmen identified. new reports about that shooter in the violent neighborhood spree and his military service. shark attacks. terrifying encounters off both coasts. a florida boy bitten and a california beach closed after a possible great white attack. why experts say this could be a


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