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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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cincinnati. that story and much more coming up on "action news" next. ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. the cruelist of ironies on this memorial day 2016. a 4-alarm fire dealt a fresh loss to local veterans just as they gather for a banquet to remember their fallen comrades.
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a nearly century-old american legion post. jim is off, i'm rick williams. the devastation in the frankford session of philadelphia as veterans had to flee and stand back and watch their gathering post burn. that's where "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live with the latest. dann? >> rick, the four-alarm fire here at american legion post 396 left this community devastated. many events were held here through the decades, and it is all the more devastating that the fire broke out while they were commemorating memorial day. a 10-year-old "action news" viewer captured the huge enfernio. the two-story brick building fueled by a lot of wood materials inside of the structure. about 20 to 30 veterans and
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families were wrapping up a memorial day banquet when somebody noticed smoke. >> somebody said there is smoke coming out of the ventilatovent. so my son-in-law ran upstairs and here in the attic upstairs a motor had caught fire. >> they just thought it was a little fire. they tried putting it out with a fire extinguisher and then they came out and said everybody out. >> and within minutes it went to four-alarm with firefighters battling the blaze. >> it is very difficult. when we want get in there, what we call an exterior attack, and you can't get in and find the fire and that's why we are here for awhile. >> taking 2 1/2 hours to bring it under control and they saved two homes which had to be evacuated temporarily. as for the american legion post. >> i guess the building is down now. we have been there for 98 years for crying out loud. >> really? >> yeah, it was a great post. >> aside from the veteran it is
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would prove to be a sad day for many families. >> my son's communion party. and a lot of family events. very heart-breaking for us to see this building go on fire. >> firefighters remain on the scene to keep an eye on hot spots. one firefighter suffered minor injuries during the battle. witnesses say it started in a motor in the attic, they are investigating. dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." and a few minutes ago chopper 6 over the area around frankford avenue and wellington street where a police cruiser and civilian's car crashed into each other. so far no word on serious injuries to anyone in either vehicle. in north philadelphia a 4-year-old girl recovering at home after a dog bit her in the face.
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they say the pitbull lunged at two responding officers who opened fire and killed the dog. it all started in the 3400 block of north 10th street where the young girl was attacked. >> we're very lucky that her injuries weren't worse because she was bitten in the face and she is a small girl, only 4 years old. and luckily she had just scratched to her face and the medics treated her on the scene and she didn't have to go to the hospital. >> the pitbull was unleashed running loose. detectives talking to the owners and no word on whether charges will be fired. and after a soggy morning the downpour stored and let sunshine break through for memorial day. and rain is coming down in many areas as a cold front makes its way through the city towards the shore. and looking at the cloudy skyline, not a great way to end the memorial day weekend, especially if you are at the
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shore. and in philadelphia, gravity won the war with the tree after the recent rains loosened the soil on 47th street. no one hurt, but the mazda took the brunt of the falling timber. certainly in the wrong place at the wrong time. and cecily tynan with the first look at the accuweather forecast. and changes in the air. >> that's exactly right. we have a cold front moving in, and that will bring us a big change in the air mass. double scan live showing the actual front to the west. and all of the thunderstorm activity, convection has died off with it as it moves into cooler air. but we do have a line of some showers ahead of the front across south jersey into delaware. no lightning. these are just showers really across the delaware bay. these are all dying off as the front gets closer. we've had a lot of rain though this month. this will go down as a top 10 rainiest month in philadelphia's
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history. rain to date including an inch and a half last night. and about three inches above normal. 21 out of 30 days at least a trace of rain. to have more six inches of rain in may before this, going back to 1990. so usually wet. and today, usually humidity. the dewpoint 68 degrees in philadelphia. you get dewpoints near 70, that's oppressive. west of the front, look at that. the dewpoint in buffalo and pittsburgh in the 50s. and lower humidity working in tomorrow. and sunshine will be back. and i am tracking more seasonal temperatures, saying good-bye to 90 degrees for awhile. and talking about that in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right we'll check back in later, thanks. and at the shore many swapped beach umbrellas for rain umbrellas. and a gloomy and wet finish, but
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it didn't dampen everyone's opinion. and many enjoyed sweet treats in the shops. and many beach-goers forgot their manners leaving behind piles of trash. and several videos of the mess posted on facebook. the videos got a lot of attention online, but they are also celebrating the public works crews going out on a holiday to clean up and get the sands pristine once again. a busy memorial day for various communities in the tri-state. and parades and ceremonies were held to remember veterans. that was the case in wilmington, delaware. and a 149 year tradition continued honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. and christie ileto with more from wilmington. >> happy memorial day.
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>> this is it the sound of wilmington remembering our veterans. ♪ >> proud to wear the hat today. >> you darn right i am. >> 1868 it started. >> that's why it makes it that much more special, right? >> correct. >> and honoring those who died during the civil war, 149 years later -- >> now it has become in honor of all war veterans. >> are you guys walking in the parade today? >> we're riding. >> oh, you're riding. >> the generation of veterans fighting in korea, vietnam and the gulf wars he is cou-- es courted by the high school bands. >> it make me feel good when they cheer for you. >> tell me about the flag. >> it is for america. >> and showing his girls how to pay it forward. >> if it wasn't for them who knows where we would be. >> you are going to be reminding them today? >> yes, that's what i will be doing.
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if they fight for us, for our freedoms. >> and today's parade also fell on the one-year anniversary of beau bidens passing and he was honored as the grand marshal. the memory of beau biden will live on in delaware. during an emotional ceremony today,ed national guard headquarters in flu castle named in trib -- tribute to the former foreign general. and enlisting in 2003 and deployed to iraq. and they hope the new name inspires future members of the delaware national guard. >> our prayer, the biden family prayer is they'll see beau's name and look to his example of how to live life. the life of purpose, service, and inspiration. >> it was one year ago today
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that the younger biden died of brain cancer at the age of 46. two korean war vets who also served in vietnam were also honored in philadelphia today when their names were added to the vietnam veterans memorial. a green beret and george wilson serving in military intelligence both became ill in vietnam and later died. the families of both men were at the ceremonies and it is the first time in 13 years that names have been added to the memorial. philadelphia's homeless veterans remembered this memorial day. chosen 300 ministries invited them to a special holiday meal. there were who had dogs, mac and cheese and everything you expect at a backyard cook out. a fifth of the city's homeless served in the armed forces but have since fallen on hard times. the phillies saluted america's military men and women before the game with the nationals. invited up for the pledge of
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allegiance. and patrick murphy threw out the first pitch, and a moment of silence for those giving their lives. ♪ and the home of the brave >> phillie fans were asked to write thank you notes to members and they will be mailed overseas for troops deployed over the holidays. and find photos and videos from community parades and remembrances. and keep an eye on for the forecast for the rest of the week. officials in new hope, bucks county, were finally able to retrieve a wayward barge stuck along the delaware river. the barge used to stage
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fireworks broke loose and was in the dam where it was lodged on rocks. and the rough surf made it difficult to get to it. the reward up to $3,000 to find the person who set two dogs on fire in chester. that cruel act was done saturday evening in an alley of the 2800 block of west 6th street. the burned dogs were found inside of a bag. until the results are back, they are not sure if the animals died from the fire or had already been done. and rescue in delaware county is offering the reward and raising donations for the forensic tests to be performed. and breaking news of an officer injured in delaware county. and a gorilla drags a young boy who called into his cage.
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and outrage over killing the animal. the zoo says it had no choice. and is it a change of heart regarding edward snowden? now praising the leaker. and live in atlantic city trying to look at the boardwalk and can barely see it because of the fog. i am tracking a big change in the air mass as we head through the day tomorrow and i explain in the accuweather forecast. and plus jeff skversky with the phillies looking for a division win tonight. and an nba playoff series coming down to game seven that and much more when "action news" comes right back.
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♪ >> we have this into "action news" tonight. a police officer in prospect park, delaware county injured while responding to a home invasion. it happened about an hour ago at lafayette avenue. one of three suspects in the home invasion was fleeing the scene and hit the officer with a car. there's no word yet on the officer's condition. we do know the suspect fled on i-95 into the city of philadelphia, and the police
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believe he got off the highway at gerard avenue. and he is interested dangerous and still at live. we keep you updated as we get more information. the gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo will remain closed indefinitely as officials investigate that weekend shooting death of a gorilla to save a child who had fallen into the enclosure. the fatal choice prompted outrage from animal activists who gathered outside of the zoo for a vigil today. >> oh, my god! >> the video is disturbing. a 4-year-old boy coming face-to-face with a 400-pound gorilla after crossing a barrier plunging 15 feet into the moat. >> the barrier is adequate. we all need to make sure our families and kids are safe, whether you are visiting the zoo or shopping mall. >> the child has fallen into the gorilla cage. >> the mother watched from above. >> i am here. >> until the zoo response team
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shot and killed the endangered animal named harambe. >> i wish i wasn't here right now, i really do. this is a tragedy. >> these concerned community members now want to make sure that harambe is never fore -- forgotten amid outrage. >> people are out with pitchforks and torches for the poor mother, but at the same time nobody peace perfe -- nobo perfect. >> the mother responding as a society we are quick to judge how a parent can take their eyes off their child, calling this an accident. and the zoo defending its decision to use lethal force instead of a tranquilizer. >> when it was determined the child was being injured -- not potentially injured, was being injured we had to make a decision. >> we are told this is a gorilla three times bigger and six times
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stronger than a man. and the zoo takes responsibility for the decision and they say it was a decision that saved the boy now home recovering. residents of some southeast texas counties are bracing for flooding, and it would crest three feet over the previous record. six died and two remain missing. in south carolina, the remnants of tropical bonnie dropped eight inches of rain and forced a closure north of the georgia state line. and president obama called on americans to remember fallen heros through their deeds. laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. remarking nearly two dozen service members died in combat in the a past year and urges everyone not to forget their sacrifice.
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>> the americans who rest here, and their families, the best of us, those from who we asked everything. ask of us today only one thing in return -- that we remember them. >> before going to arlington the president hosted a white house breakfast session for family members of fallen service members and veterans groups. former attorney general eric holder says that snowden performed a public service after his leak of n.s.a. materials, sparking a national debate over secret service programs and led to governmental programs. and what he says he also did and how he went about it was illegal and that he should return from russia to the u.s. to stand trial and face the charges. and cecily tynan with a look at the forecast. sunshine tomorrow. >> the past four days a heat wave, heavy rain, a lot of fog,
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and we are clearing it all out and bringing back more comfortable conditions. and double scan showing no wide-spread rain, no thunderstorms, but a band of light showers across south jersey, eastern camden, gloucester, cumberland county across the bay into kent county, delaware. that's ahead of the cold front moving aways our northwest suburbs now. that dried things how the and what will bring us a more comfortable air mass. now down from the high of 78, the normal high from this time of year. 70 allentown and reading. wilmington 72 degrees with high humidity thanks to the tropical connection. satellite 6, along with action radar. you see the spin north of charleston and that's the remnant low of what used to be tropical storm bonnie. this is what is helping to pull up the tropical air mass. but now there's a bit of a squeeze play because the cold front is moving across central
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pennsylvania and it will clear out the tropical moisture. the western half of pennsylvania, skies are clearing now with drier air moving in. it is a gradual process as we head through the day tomorrow. morning rush, still humid with areas of fog. may have to allow extra time. mixture of clouds and sunshine. 6:00, 68 degrees. by 8:00, 71. as we head through the day the drier airs mixes in and humidity dropping. still warm, 5:00 up to 87 degrees. the lower humidity will make it feel more comfortable. wednesday, i think wednesday will be the nicest day of the week. high pressure building down from canada, wind from east-northeast. the cooler flow of air, 83 degrees with loads of are sunshine and again, low humidity. so that's really key. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, humidity dropping as we head through the day. the sunshine will be back with a warm high of 87 degrees. on wednesday, wall-to-wall
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sunshine, great weather for the union game. low humidity and a little cooler, 83 degrees. and thursday, looking pretty nice as well. partly sunny and comfortable with a seasonable high of 79 degrees. heading into friday, our next cold front will bring us around of showers and thunderstorms with a high of 76 degrees. and the weekend at this point, saturday looks to be the better of the two days with the mixture of sun and clouds. a high of 81 degrees. on sunday another cold front will bring us a round of afternoon thunderstorms with a high of 77. and monday, clouds mixing with sun, a high of 77 degrees. and, of course, we do have fog causing problems for the morning commute. watch "action news" beginning at 4:30 and they will be tracking it for you. say can you see sales of flags on the rise. and always getting arise from memorial day, independence day, but this year helped from the
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presidential election. and also improvement in the construction industry contributing to high-flying sales for the grand old flag since many new buildings get flags.
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♪ i'm so sorry, ms. maroney. this personal essay is way harder than i thought, it's just not in my nature to brag on myself. not even a backdoor brag?
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what's a backdoor brag? sneaking something wonderful about yourself into everyday conversation, like when i tell people, i can't watch musicals cause i have perfect pitch. some carriers promise unlimited streaming, but then automatically shrink your videos so they're not hd quality. it's not pretty. really? switch to verizon now, buy a galaxy s7 and get one free. plus up to $650 back. only on america's best network. time for sports. jeff's here and phillies trying to get a win against the first-place nationals. >> they have been one of the worst-hitting teams in baseball and it is catching up to them at this point. who is on first, ryan howard or tommy joseph? we have tough decisions to make, but the phillies manager says what to do with the struggling howard every night is the hardest thing he has though do. despite hitting .097 in may,
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howard not taking it to the field against the nationals, nobody will catch this though but a fan. and freddy galvis gone. solo shot. phills up 1. but the nats come back in the eighth. 3 runs, all on two outs. and murphy, rivera and werth scores. and the phills down 2 and ryan howard 2 for his last 33 and look at this! the r.b.i. double off jonathan papelbon, phills within 1. but the rally falls short. the tying run in scoring position, ballgame. phills lose 4-3. they lost eight of the last ten. >> we are starving for offense. we have to string three or four hits together, we're not doing it. that helps you win a lot of games. the nba draft is a little more than three weeks away. so are the sixers ready to tell everyone who will take number
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one over? no. what about revealing it next week? with a smirk brown says no. and if you are not convinced that ben simmons is worthy of the number one pick, hear what his former teammate says after working out with the sixers. >> ben is a great person, great player and a great competitor. and throughout the season he never quit on us. i think he continued to play hard. i think us losing frustrated a lot of us as competitors because we always wanted to win and we had a young team. so as of him being a competitor and everything else,'s great competitor, a great player. the sixers with three first-round picks. and still to come, steph curry trying to score the game-seven win. and flyers fans it is hard to watch the penguins playing for the stanley cup.
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does it get any about thor thor -- better than this? steph curry and they fight back in game seven against oklahoma city. warriors and thunder pushing and shoving for game seven tonight, down as many as 13 again. and the warriors come back. m.v.p. steph curry with back-to-back threes and he ties it. and then he gives them the lead in the third. 36 points for curry. golden state pulls it out 96-88, the warriors will play the cavs again in the nba finals starting thursday here on 6abc.
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flyers fans cringing as sidney crosby and they score, and the penguins win game one. and college lacrosse, men's championship at the link. and rambo can win it the only seconds against north carolina and he is denied. whoo, staying tied at 13-13. and go to overtime. in o.t., carolina with a man up, when chris steps up and scores. check this out, the game-winner. one of the record 19 goals in the tournament. north carolina beats maryland 14-13 for the championship. great final. thank you, jeff, and thank you cecily. that's it for now. "action news" continues tomorrow morning. for all of us at "action news," have a nice evening. we'll see you tomorrow.
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"jimmy kimmel live!" tonight earvin "magic" johnson. from the billboard music awards, ludacris and ciara. and music from ariana grande. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. thank you everybody. well, that's very kind. i appreciate it.


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