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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  May 31, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> delaware valleys leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning. it's 4:30 a.m. right now on this tuesday may 31st. >> we're following breaking news for you. philadelphia police find a woman an teenager assaulted overnight and now they're searching for the attacker. >> a delaware county police officer was hurt during a police chase for a home invasion suspect. >> president obama will personally congratulate the national champion villanova wildcats at a special white house visit today. >> good doings there. let's head over to meteorologist, david murphy. i think i like this accuweather forecast. and matt pelman is in for karen rogers taking a look at
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traffic. good morning. >> in our immediate future you can see that there are a few lingering clouds left over from yesterday but they are in the process of eroding out in the north and west. as dry air pushes in we'll see a couple nice changes. clouds going away. rain continuing to shift off the coast and humidity on the way down. 71 degrees right now in philadelphia, warm as you step outside in the city. still 66 in allentown, 67 in reading. 70 in wilmington and trenton, 67 in millville and 64 at this early hour in cape may. now, for now the humidity is still noticeable. we've got a dewpoint of 67. a little bit lower numbers up in the poconos not toward reading though and as that dry air comes in you'll see those dewpoints drop. the humidity will go down and it will start to feel better as we go through the morning and afternoon. on the bus stop this morning, 69 degrees by 6 o'clock. 73 by 8:00 a.m. and as we roll through the afternoon it is going to be warm, probably still a good idea to have those cool drinks helped and certainly the sunscreen but we are going to get plenty bright in a hurry.
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82 degrees by 11:00, 85 by 1 o'clock and by 3 o'clock that is your high today, 87 degrees, lots of sun, lowering humidity. looks like another beauty tomorrow and thursday before things start to change again a little bit. we'll talk more about that in the seven day. matt. >> do they have to? >> well, yeah. >> all right. this sounds nice today. we'll enjoy it. good morning, david. good morning, everybody. pretty nice start out there on the roadways. not a lot of overnight construction thankfully because of the memorial day holiday. but we still will expect some people coming back from the beach this morning on the northbound side of 42 expect some extra crowding as you head up towards 295 as people make the late trek back to the city for work this morning. we do have an issue to start us off in gloucester township camden county. it's a downed pole along the black horse pike at church road. mostly off to the side. so traffic can squeeze by which is good news. here on 95 in northeast philadelphia vehicle broke down on the northbound side kind of partially sticking out into the right lane. police are here, excuse me, assisting as you head
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northbound watch out for that between cottman and academy and in center city looking good so far this morning on the vine street expressway. no overnight construction. so moving fine on the vine so far on this tuesday morning. tam. >> thank you, matt. again with some breaking news right now. philadelphia police are looking for a man accused of assaulting a woman and a teenage interfrankford overnight. "action news" katherine scott is live at police special victims with the details on this crime. good morning, katherineism good morning, tam. that's right, this happened at a home in frankford overnight. police are looking for a plan they believe is behind the sex assault of a 13-year-old girl and the aggravated assault of a woman. this all remains under investigation and again, they are still searching for this man. the call came in just before 12:30 this morning from that home in frankford. a 13-year-old girl met police and told them she's been sexually assaulted in the basement by a family member and that the person was inside the home. police knocked on the door of the home on the 1900 block of
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pratt. they got no response. so the officers went to the next door neighbors and climbed over from the second floor landing. they looked through the window and saw a woman bleeding profusely from her head and face. she was missing teeth. the officers notified the swat team who made entry and were able to get that woman to the hospital. they looked for that suspect. the suspect had already fled. the teenager was taken to saint christopher's hospital. police were able to talk to her a little bit about what happened. >> after the assault she was able to run out of the front door of the property where she notified a neighbor and the neighbors called 911 and that's when police, 15th district police officers talked to her and they began their investigation. >> reporter: and so again that teenager was taken to saint christopher's hospital for treatment. she was conscious and talking to officers. as for the woman she was taken to einstein. she was in critical condition with severe blunt force trauma to her head. we're live in hunting park, katherine scott channel6
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"action news." matt. >> thanks katherine. a delaware county police officer was hurt during a chase that also involved philadelphia police and pennsylvania state troopers. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at tinicum township police with the details. annie. >> reporter: and matt, that's right the chase ended in philadelphia but it started here in delaware county after a tinicum township police officer saw a suspect in a home invasion jump into a car to get away. that's when the officer gave chase. well, this is video from the scene and philadelphia after the chase ended. philadelphia police searched a large area around delaware avenue and spring garden for the suspect. the chase between the tinicum officer and the person he believed to be a suspect ended with a crash around girard avenue and that's where the suspect then fled on foot. now, this all unfolded around 10 o'clock last night. a 911 call for a home invasion in prospect park brought police to the 200 block of lafayette avenue and officers
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saw one of several suspects jump into a vehicle there. that is what sparked the chase. there are at least two other suspects that fled possibly from foot from the park scene. back out here live the police officers suffered minor injuries but we're told is okay. we are hearing right now at this point that police are still searching for the suspects. we're stale waiting for an update to see if they got any of them in can custody. for now reporting live from the tinicum township police department, annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." tamala. >> thank you, annie. philadelphia firefighters are still working on hot spots more than 15 hours after a massive fire destroyed an american legion post. the four alarm blaze started yesterday afternoon on the 2300 block of orthodox street in the frankford section of the city. about 20 to 30 veterans and their families were wrapping up a memorial day banquet when somebody noticed smoke. one firefighter suffered minor injuries during that battle. and happening today, a hearing is scheduled for one of the 316-year-old girls charged in the death of a wilmington high school
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student. amy joyner-francis died after a fight in the girl's bathroom at howard high school on april 21st. the teen is in court today and is -- the teen will be in court today is accused of repeatedly hitting joyner-francis in the head and torso. she's charged with criminally negligent homicide. two other 16-year-old girls are charged with conspiracy. their trials are scheduled for june 15. >> a four-year-old girl who was bitten by a dog in her face is recovering at home this morning. the young girl was attacked on the 3400 block of north tenth street in north philadelphia yesterday afternoon. police say the pitbull then lunged at two responding officers who opened fire and killed the dog. authorities say the pitbull had been unleashed and was running loose. detectives are talking to the owner. no word yet on if any charges will be filed. >> ♪ >> time now for the latest in politics. happening today, presumptive gop nominee donald trump plans to reveal what happened to the $6 million that he says he's raised for veterans groups.
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trump spoke at a rolling thunder biker rally for pow's in washington, d.c. over the weekend. the republican took aim at prob's policies as well as hillary clinton but the republican has been under fire himself from critics wanted to know what happened to donations from a veterans fundraiser held back in january. trump says he'll hold a press conference today revealing the tell and where the money went. a group of animal rights activists briefly interrupted a bernie sanders rally in oakland california when they jumped barricades and tried to rush the podium. security managed to stop the protestors before they could reach the democratic presidential hopeful. sanders was also stumping in other parts of north california yesterday. california was once considered clinton country but polls show it's now a tossup ahead of next tuesday's primary vote. hillary clinton will be in new jersey today. she will hold a fundraiser in east brunswick with senator cory booker. like california, new jersey will hold its primary one week from today. clinton spent memorial day marching in a parade in her
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hometown in new york. her husband, the former president was at her side. >> ♪ >> the national champion villanova wildcats will visit the white house today. president obama will welcome head coach jay wright and the men's team to congratulate them on their championship. the wildcats beat the north carolina tarheels last month to win their first national championship since 1985. the meeting is scheduled for 4:10 p.m., not 4:00, 4:10 to be exactly. >> still to come on "action news" rescuers say the teenage here fell into the rapids of the new jersey state park. >> officials in canada warn that thousands of wildfire evacuees may have to wait three more months to return to their homes. david. >> lots of sunshine out there and very warm this afternoon. if that you're dressing the kids, one of those last days of school today, it's shorts and t's. i think they can get away with that this morning. we'll have details in your accuweather 7-day forecast and let you know how long this nice stretch of weather
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>> beautiful. lower humidity. still sticky out there right now but that won't last. storm tracker6 live double scan with the best news of all, the train yesterday is gone. as we take a look outside we have clearing skies over philadelphia. you can still see that there are some residual clouds left but they're not going to be around much longer and some of the northern and western suburbs are seeing a lot of breaks in the clouds early. your temperature is 71 degrees and for now as you step outside still feeling a little bit muggy with that dewpoint
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well in the 60's. that's an indication of that somewhat sticky air. we'll get that number down below the 60-degree threshold for sticky air and then things will start feeling better. winds out of the southwest turning ouster west later on. we had a little dying line of thunderstorms that came out of north central pennsylvania. really didn't do a whole lot for us last night and there you see that clearing occurring just to the north and west of philadelphia. visibility a little bit of an issue especially as you go down toward the shore. there's a fog -- dense fog advisory for coastal areas and particularly for mariners if you have plans to head out on the water or in the lower delaware bay. now right now inland millville appears to be the center of that fog and maybe down farther toward cape may. overall though that cloud cover will dissipate quickly. we'll wind up with a lot of sunshine at a and very warm this afternoon. 84 degrees at noon, a high of 87 at 3 o'clock and then still holding very close to that by 5 o'clock. warm conditions but humidity
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lowering and dropping as the day goes on. high temperatures warm everywhere. 86 by allentown, 87 up around reading. 87 in trenton, 86 in wilmington, 82 in millville and even down the shore we're going for mid 70's today. that ocean water still in the 50. if you're headed to the phillies tonight, it's going to be a nice night for baseball. mostly clear, warm, low humidity, 85 degrees for the first pitch and by the ninth inning 74 so no need to bring thal extra jacket tonight. it's going to be warm and comfortable for the first pitch right through the ninth. tomorrow we've got high pressure still in control frontal boundary still to the south suppressing that humidity and looks another one that's just going to be gorgeous tomorrow. temperatures easing back a little bit, 83 will be your high. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high is 87 degrees. sunny and less humid. tomorrow sunny and nice, 83 degrees. union play at home and they're on fire. that's first -- the last game before a little break in the nls action so hopeful al win there. phillies at night. everything looks good. thursday few clouds 79 and there could be a shower late
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thursday night. then we get a little bit more unsettled on friday with more clouds building in, a high of 76 and there could be a late day or afternoon or evening shower or thunderstorm. on saturday we're now just going partly sunny, 81. and then sunday clouds and sun with a shower or thunderstorm not out of the question a high of 79. dry again on monday. remember when we are not here on the air, you can always get the very latest in weather information by going to and i guess you get updates on temperatures the next couple days. little bit bumpy on friday and maybe again on sunday but everything else looks good. >> thank you david. environmental concerns could delay some wildfire victims from getting back to their homes in alberta canada. officials in fort mcmurray had hoped to start phasing in some of the 80,000 evacuees by tomorrow but 2000 of the evacuees may have to wait as late as september due to toxic ash and debris. this month's massive wildfire
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destroyed about 2400 structures. still, however, 90 percent of the city remains intact. a teenager is recovering from falling down a waterfall at a new jersey state park. crews had to perform a rope rescue at pallisades state park yesterday evening. the 17-year-old was apparently swinging on a tree and fell onto a rock and that gave way into the rapids. rescuers climbed 70 feet to get to the hiker and then took him to the ambulance by boat. he's being treated at a north jersey hospital for several internal injuries. >> a serious accident in the bronx left a cab of a tractor-trailer dangling off a highway overpass. the crash involved several vehicles. it happened yesterday afternoon. two people were hurt but are expected to survive. the tractor-trailer driver was able to crawl out to safety. it took crews hours to remove the truck which caused major traffic problems in the bronx. authorities in river days, maryland, are looking for the vandals caught on camera setting off fireworks on the front porch of a home.
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the homeowner says it happened early saturday morning. at least two men can be seen in the video lighting the fireworks before running away. the fireworks caused fire damage to the home. >> 4:46 now and still to come on "action news," north korea attempted another missile launch today. >> we're learning more about the deal that is putting thousands of striking verizon workers back to work tomorrow.
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>> ♪ >> nice shot on a nice calm tuesday morning. i hope you had a nice memorial day weekend. now it's back to it on this tuesday. and already on the way in there are just a couple things to watch out for like this broken down vehicle here on the schuylkill eastbound side between conshohocken and the curve. you can see it off to the side though so both eastbound lanes are opened with no delays just yet. if you know someone coming back from the poconos early this morning get them on the phone, tell them you're good to go. speeds are in the 50's, sometimes even the 60's on the southbound side of 476 the northeast extension and there is no overnight construction because of the memorial day holiday yesterday. same is true on the vine street expressway. all lanes opened in both directions but, but the crews do return tonight at 11 o'clock and they will close the vine the next three nights so at 11:00 tonight construction resumes on 676, the vine street expressway. had a broken down vehicle here on 95 northbound side between cottman and academy. looks like they got it moved out of the way so everything
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is reopened here along 95 northbound. the police have left and in gloucester township camden county right by the camden county library where that's on the northbound side, outsped southbound sifted black horse pike 168 watch out for a downed pole but it's mostly off to the side so not causing a real big problem at this point ott on this tuesday morning. matt and tam. >> thank you, matt. a large tree came crashing down in west philadelphia. it smashed through a car parked along 47th street near larchwood avenue yesterday. luckily no one was injured. officials think the recent rainfall loosened the soil around the roots. >> time now to talk a little business. it looks like the end of the verizon strike. nearly 40,000 employees will go back to work tomorrow after an agreement in principal is reached on friday. yesterday we learned the details about the deal that addresses concerns of outsourcing by creating 1300 new call center jobs. the deal also includes nearly 11 percent in raises over four years and changes to the healthcare plan to save company money. the agreement though is still subject to approval by union
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members. stocks wrapped up their strongest week in almost three months on friday. the u.s. stock market will be back opened today after the memorial day holiday yesterday. futures right now are pointing to a mixed open. it may not be too late to get a good deal holiday deal that is on a new car. experts are predicting sales to individual customers will be down for the month of may. that means some automakers might have to offer special incentives to attract more buyers. today is the last chance to move those cars off the lot so customers today might have the upper hand in negotiations. good luck. >> 4:52. coming up on "action news" the search for three masked men who ambushed a woman in the city's roxborough section. details coming up at 5:00 a.m. >> an arson suspect complains why he set fire to a california church. that story is next up on "action news." >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> new this morning a missile launch by energy today will likely fail according to south korea's military. the isolated north is pushing quickly towards its goal of a nuclear missile that can reach america's mainland. it is believed to be the fourth failure of this type of midrange missile. crews in japan searching for a seven-year-old boy left in the woods as a punishment. the child's parents initially told police that their son disappeared while the family was picking wild vegetables.
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the parents later said that they made the boy get out of the car for throwing rocks at passing vehicles. the couple says they returned to the site a few minutes later but by then the boy was gone. police are now weighing whether the parents should be charged with child abandonment. >> new on "action news" parishioners are shocked and saddened by a man's destructive rampage through a central california church. it happened after the last service at the mack lat immacule player rechurch. holy robes and other items were burnt and broken. police say the suspect, 33-year-old oscar ruiz admitted to the damage and told them he was upset with the vatican. some parishioners say they feel violated but also feel for the man who committed the violence. >> and this is -- this is definitely an opportunity for to us show mercy to whoever did this and why they did it we don't know but it's a matter of reaching out to -- and praying for that person. >> police are calling the combined arson burglary and
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vandalism a hate crime. >> still ahead on "action news," adele has some words for a fan. the british superstar called out a fan in the middle of the concert. we'll tell you why. >> a man attempted to fix a washing machine and he ends up becoming part of it. "action news" will be right back.
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>> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday may 31st. we're working on several breaking stories. >> brutal beating leaves a woman in grave condition. police say the man responsible may have also assaulted a teen. we are live with the details. >> one officer is recovering after an attempted home
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invasion sparked a police pursuit that went through two counties. >> more flooding in texas leads to more lives lost and could push up a waterway higher than ever in recorded history. >> but first up let's head over to dave murphy. he's taking a look at accuweather around here. and matt pelman is in for karen taking a look at traffic. good morning. >> we're starting outweigh little bit of cloud cover and some coastal fog. some of that skipping up into areas close to millville but you can see how there's a lot of clearing out to the west. the rain from yesterday is now off the coast. we are actually transitioning to much better weather as we go through the morning and afternoon. 71 degrees out the door this morning for now. 70 in trenton, 70 in wilmington, 66 in allentown, 64 in cape may. and the dewpoints for now are still on the higher side. anything over 60 indicates noticeable humidity and we're up to 67 in philadelphia but there is dry air lurking offer to the north and west that's going to come sweeping in this morning and you'll feel that humidity drop during the. on the bus stop this morning partly cloudy, mild, still a little bit mug he go.


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