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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  May 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday may 31st. we're working on several breaking stories. >> a brutal beating leaves a woman in grave condition and police say the man responsible may have also assaulted a teen. we're live with the details. >> one officer is recovering after an attempted home invasion sparked a police pursuit that went through two counties. >> more flooding in texas leads to more lives lost and could push up a waterway higher than ever in recorded history. >> let's have a preview of your weather and traffic around here. dave murphy is outside and matt pelman is in for karen rogers. good morning. >> clouds are beginning to break up a bit over the terrace. we've got sunshine trying to bust through some of that early cloud cover over in the east and as you look at
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satellite there's a lot of dry air just out to the west of us and that is breaking up that cloud cover. we're going to transition to sunshine pretty quickly. obviously the rain from yesterday now well off the coast. we're warm to start out, 71 degrees in philadelphia. 67 in millville. 65 in allentown. 70 in trenton, wilmington heading out the door this morning and 65 in cape may. your dewpoints are still kind of high. remember anything over 60 on this map indicates humid air and in philadelphia 67. down the shore 65. you can see how those numbers are little lower out in reading allentown and that's an indication of that drier air coming in our direction. and as we move through the day, it does look like the humidity is going to drop as the temperatures rise. by 11 o'clock we'll be up to 82, early morning cloud cover giving way to lots of sunshine by 10 or 11 o'clock and by 1 o'clock 85 degrees under the sun. your high today is going to be a toasty 87 in philadelphia at 3 o'clock, mostly sunny skies. not as humid but still warm enough for cool drinks and sunscreen certainly also
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important as you head out today. looks like nice weather hangs around for next several days. details coming up in the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. matt pelman are we seeing any problems on the roads. >> we're seeing just a little bit of popping as you mentioned david here in cape may county along the garden state parkway right by the cape may toll plaza. we also expect to see a little bit of extra volume here on the northbound side of the parkway this morning after some people sucked every last second out of that holiday weekend that they could and they're headed back this morning to come back home for work. at this point, though, volume is still relatively light along the garden state parkway northbound. farther north we had emergency construction at the new gretna toll plaza. we're hearing that work has wrapped up so all the toll lanes have reopened. in gloucester township camden county, still have that downed pole along black horse pike southbound approaching church street. that's where the camden county library sits on the northbound side. the pole is off to the side so the lanes of the black horse pike are opened with no delays just yet on the northbound side of 42 as you can come back from the shore. and no delays yet either in center city along the vine
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street expressway just starting to tap the brakes there in the westbound lanes approaching the schuylkill. it stayed opened overnight but will close tonight and the next three nights for construction starting at 11 o'clock. on the schuylkill itself still have this broken down van offer to the shoulder eastbound past conshohocken with some building eastbound volume coming right at me but at this point no huge delays on this tuesday morning. matt and tam. >> thanks, matt. breaking right now, a man who carried out a brutal beating of a woman is on the run this morning. >> authorities also believe the suspect may have sexually assaulted a 13-year-old before taking off from the home in the frankford section of the city he. >> "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at the special victims unit in hunting park with the full story. katherine. >> reporter: matt and tam, the woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition. she has severe blunt force trauma to her head. the 13-year-old girl was also taken to the hospital for evaluation believed to have been sexually assaulted by a family member overnight. this all happened at a home in frankford. police were called out just
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before 12:30 overnight on the 1900 block of pratt street. a 13-year-old girl met police and told them she had been sexually assaulted in the basement by a family member and that the person was still inside the home. police knocked on the door of the home. they got no response. so, the officers went to the neighbor's, climbed over from the second floor landing. they looked through the bedroom window and saw a woman bleeding profusely from her head and face. she was missing teeth. with the woman injured and the suspect potentially still inside the home the officers notified the swat team who made entry but the suspect had already fled. >> we know who he is. he is a family member. we have his name. we have his information. but he was not in the house. so, police right now are actively looking for this individual. >> reporter: and police say after that alleged sex assault the 13-year-old girl was able to run to her neighbor's home to get help.
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the neighbor called 911. as for the man that police are looking for, so far they have not released his name, though as you heard they do know who he is. we are live in hunting park, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> keep us posted. thank you, katherine. developing right now a tinicum township police officer suffered minor injuries while pursuing a home invasion suspect through two counties overnight. it all started with the report of an incident in prospect park delaware county. one of the suspects took off in an suv when police arrived and that driver crashed with police around south philadelphia and fled on foot many people are looking for at least two people involved in the home invasion. >> philadelphia police are looking into an accident involving one of their own. chopper6 hd was over the area around frankford avenue and wellington street just after 10:00 last night. this is where a police cruiser an civilian's car crashed into each other. so far no word on serious injuries to anyone in either a car. >> ♪ >> new on "action news," the search for three people who carried out an armed robbery
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in the city's roxborough section. it happened along the 500 block of gerhartd street. the robbers stole purses wallets credit cards and iphones and took off with the woman's blue 2008 acura. none of the victims were injured. >> it is 6:06 and seems that we have an end to the verizon strike. stacey delikat is in for maribel aber live at the nasdaq in times square with more on the deal that looks like it should end the walkout. good morning, stacy. >> reporter: good morning, tam. well, it's back to work tomorrow for striking verizon workers. the company reached tentative agreements with unions for the almost 40,000 workers to end the six week strike. now, workers will get a raise of nearly 11 percent over four years up from the 6.5 percent pay hike verizon proposed and verizon will also create over 1,000 unionized call center jobs over the next four years. the company is claiming
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victory in concessions it won to make call centers for efficient. turning to the markets stocks gained on friday capping a strong week. right now futures are pointing to a higher open and will have a busy week for economic reports with the latest on consume canner spending auto sales and the may jobs report all due out. target is shutting down its curbside pickup program. the service was being tested in more than 100 stores in philadelphia, new york, chicago and a handful of other markets but a spokesperson for target says the change comes as the retailer focuses on fundamentals. curbside pickup will be ending june 15th according to the consumer's web site. matt and tam. >> thanks stacy. >> time now to talk accuweather, get outside and enjoy yourself today. >> no kidding. starting out a little cloudy but we are transitioning to much better weather as we go through the morning. there's storm tracker showing you rain off the coast and as we look outside we do have that cloud cover beginning to break up over the ben franklin bridge. this is a better shot than what we showed you about a half hour ago and the sun beginning to make its comeback
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as well and still a little bit muggy out there and foggy down the shore but all of that is going to improve over the next several hours. 65 degrees as you head out the door in allentown. a little cool but probably still okay for the kids if they want to just dash out there in shorts and t's as those numbers are going to rise quickly. 65 in reading. already in the low 70's in trenton philadelphia wilmington. 67 in millville and 65 on the boards in cape may. as we take a look at satellite and radar, you can see how that thicker cloud cover really in a hurry to get out of here at this point as is the rain from last night. and we are going to quickly transition to more and more sunshine. we still have a little bit of coastal fog as i mentioned. visibilities mild at the airport in ac. millville a third of a mile and off the water in particular some spots looking at some thick fog so mariners need to keep an eye on those reports for the next couple of hours. but all that of fog on its way out fairly quickly today. lehigh valley it's going to be warm. 86 degrees, mostly sunny skies and lowering humidity.
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it still feels a little sticky right now but the humidity is going to come down during the morning and afternoon hours. down the shore same story mostly sunny lower humidity as we move through the day an high of 75 which ain't bad on the beach. ocean temperatures still in the 50's. in philadelphia very warm this afternoon, a high of 87 degrees, mostly sunny, not as humid as we move through the day. winds turning out of the northwest at six to 12 miles per hour bringing in that drier air. you still need cool drinks and sunscreen important gear if you're headed out to exert yourself and do something in this weather today but at least it won't be as sticky. for the phillies tonight and the nationals looks like a nice night for baseball, mostly clear skies, first pitch temperature 85 and in the ninth inning 74 so no need for that extra jacket as you head down to the ballpark tonight. it will be warm from start to tin fish. 66 is the overnight low mainly clear and comfortable tonight. some suburbs dipping down to about 60 and then tomorrow another nice one, high pressure still in control. will ease that high down to 83 but it will still be a sunny day with low humidity. your seven-day from accuweather, 87 today, lots of sun, not as humid.
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tomorrow sunny and nice, 83. and 79 on thursday. these are all great nights for baseball and of course union soccer wednesday. and then friday more clouds with a thunderstorm, 76 degrees is the high there. that thunderstorm chance will be in the afternoon. and for the weekend partly sunny on saturday with a high of 81 degrees. and 79 on sunday. clouds and sun on sunday with a chance of an afternoon shower or perhaps a thunderstorm building in on sunday. then it looks like we're back to dry weather on monday. so, overall nice numbers coming up and the neck several days really should feel pretty comfortable. >> i'll give it a b plus. >> thank you. b plus? >> i think a minute news. >> that averages out. >> thanks. >> 6:10 and up next more stories you didn't see last night including the florida police officers who called for backup when they noticed a dead body has live company. >> this man is not looking for lint. more on the washing machine mishap coming up later. matt. >> pocket of delays starting to join us this morning as we
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look live in audubon we have a truck that broke down as well here along trooper road northbound side at audubon road just off 422. watch out for that and we'll check the shore traffic on 42 and the garden state parkway after the break. >> and it is time to get your binge on. netflix is about to launch new content. find out when in tech bites.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here of a view of the commodore barry bridge. tuesday. expect a little bit heavier volume as a lot of folks are making their way back to work and school. the routine these days. 6:14, 71 trees. >> coming back from the shore there matt. >> yes, some of the stragglers making their way back. i think somebody making their way back. you might call her aren oggers. extra traffic on the northbound side of too 42 where you can see building northbound volume passing creek road. already we expect those delays to be longer than normal this morning on 42. on the garden state parkway from time to time we've been seeing a slow patch in the northbound lanes ending the work zone by the a.c. expressway. right now it doesn't look too
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bad. speaking of work zone, let's talk about that work zone north of tuckahoe. i drove through there on sunday night. work along 50 along 49 on the bridge. during the week there's a traffic signal controls the one lane of traffic that's opened. then on the weekends it's only northbound traffic that gets by there just north of tuckahoe along route 50. so, keep that in mind if that's your shore route something to keep in mind really throughout the summer season. coming back from the poconos this morning looking good on the southbound northeast extension with speeds in the 60's. on the east-west turnpike our overnight construction eastbound at downingtown has cleared so everything is reopened there. we expect midday work today in montgomery township right along the county line between kingston way and kenas road. in jamison road work from 9:00 until 3:00 will partially restrict almshouse road near land road by the elementary school. i think i would use bristol road or street road to the south as alternates around that. matt. >> okay, matt, thank you.
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new near on "action news authorities in florida discovered a dead body in a canal that was being eaten by two alligators. police do in the believe the alligators killed the man saying it appears body had been in the water in davey for quite some time. they managed to shoe the gator asway from the body as gators lingered nearby. the medical examiner will determine the cause of death. >> an experienced and competitive college swimmer died over the weekend while auditioning to be a lifeguard. he was a 2016 graduate of the state university of new york's courtland campus. school officials say he held two school records in the breast stroke. authorities say the swimmer was participating in a lifeguard fit fitness test off the coast of cape cod saturday when he went missing. prosecutors are investigating the circumstances surrounding his death. this is new. a taxi crashed into the glass doors at o'hare international airport in chicago as you you can see there. this happened at the entrance to terminal three. you can see the shattered
6:17 am
glass doors but police say no one was injured. the driver was cited for failing to reduce speed before crashing. all operations though at the airport are continuing as normal. ly. >> 6:17. beach bums. a community group shares eye opening video of how visitors least jersey shore town after memorial day. david. >> all right, guys, take a look at the kids. we have shorts and t's on them this morning and this afternoon. starting out in there 70's and winding up well into the 80's. i'll have your day planner forecast next and we'll also talk about conditions at the airport in case you have to leave our nice weather today. that would be a shame but maybe. >> hi there in today's tech bites heaping helping of entertainment from netflix. >> they're in the midst of adding dozens of new shows and movies, 42 of them are debuting tomorrow alone. >> if you're trying to get in touch with someone and you can't, well, now you know. more competition from apple this morning from the other side of the world. >> computer company ace
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introduced a new portable laptop. it's said to be lighter thinner and more powerful than a mac book. starting price is about a thousand dollars. >> and asus is practicing the art of zen in robotics. the home robot can manage your home amuse your kids and remind you about appointments. >> it could be especially useful for the elderly reminding there tomorrow take pills and calling for help in an emergency. >> and if it can do our laundry i'm for it. those are your tech bites. >> have a great day. dentalife. this new dod so why the name dentalife? well denta because you know, teeth. and life because he only gets one set of teeth for life. it's really different. see? it's flexible... ...and it has a chewy, porous texture, full of little tiny air pockets that gives dogs' teeth a clean scrub all the way down to the gum line. it even cleans those hard-to-reach teeth in the back of the mouth. now i don't think max really cares about the name. max! dentalife!
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also try motrin pm to relieve pain and help you sleep. ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪ >> some regulation dents of some southeast texas counties are getting ready for even more flooding after several days of torrential rain. the brazos river could crest at 53 and a half feet today. that's 3 feet over a previous record. three people have died and two people are missing in the flooding. in south carolina the remnants
6:21 am
of tropical storm bonnie dropped 8-inches of rain causing a 16 hour closure by 95 just north of the georgia state line. >> bon flee quite the lady. she has reeked some havoc. glad to see her moving away. as we head outside this morning so far the delco delays aren't too bad here along 95. northbound come the headlights toward the blue route. they'll be working on that ramp from 95 northbound to the blue route northbound again during the overnights this week but right now it's a problem free ride. of course the devon horse show continues all this week through this coming weekend. so, expect extra traffic there along route 30 lancaster avenue. and if you're taking to the tracks this morning, so far the trains, the buses are on time. back to normal schedules. just have that shuttle busing that continues on septa's 101 trolley. david. >> all right matt sunshine trying to make its way back from behind the clouds this morning and that will be the pattern as we get into midday, we'll be under bright sunshine. 84 degrees by noon after spending the morning in the 70's and the other thing about this as the clouds dissipate you'll also feel that humidity level drop.
6:22 am
so, it's going to be warm this afternoon with a high of 87, mostly sunny skies but not as muhammad as it's been the last several days. if you're leaded to the airport, well, it doesn't look like there's any major delays in any of our major travel destinations, all green aircraft and scanning the horizon we don't see any rain in any of the main travel destinations yet as well. boston and new york a little bit cloudy to our north. matt and tam. >> thank you, david. the phillies continue their three game series against the nationals at citizens bank park tonight. pitcher aaron nola will be on the mound. hellickson threw seven innings. highlights when things are going well but they lose four to three. they have lost eight of their last 10. the pittsburgh penguins took game one of the stanley cup finals. they beat san jose three to two on center nick benino's
6:23 am
goal. >> barriers get a rematch with the cavaliers in the nba finals. golden state rallied to beat oklahoma city 96-88 in game seven of the western conference finals last night. the warriors beat the cavs last year. game one is on thursday night in oakland. cavs in six. >> that's a bet. i'm going for the warriors. seven. i'll make the third bet. 6:23. we're following breaking news. >> katherine scott is live outside police special victims union where she's gathering details. katherine. >> reporter: matt, police are looking for a man that they believe sexually assaul assaulted a 13-year-old girl and beat up a woman inside a frankford home. all the latest details coming up at 6:30. okay, ready?
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this afternoon, refresh yourself on the outside and inside
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with a medium sweet tea, sweet tea lemonade, or original iced tea from dunkin'. sip one for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. >> some wildwood residents upset about the mess left behind on the beach from the memorial day weekends. the people who run the web site watch the tram car posted several videos of the trash on facebook. it showed trash scattered across the sand even though plenty of trash cans were nearby. the site also posted video of wildwood public workers cleaning it up. the post said the cleanup cost a lot of money and asks how hard is it to pick up your trash? and this is new. firefighters in china had to free this guy whose head got stuck in a washing machine. the fire department says it happened while the man was trying to fix the machine's drum. the man's roommates called police after noticing he couldn't get his head back
6:27 am
out. crews spent an howry moving the drum with his head still inside it, breaking it apart and finally freeing him. the man was not seriously hurt. >> i guess it seemed like a good idea at the time. 6:27. this is also new. the holy grail of hand bags has set another record at auction. an hermes birkin bag fetched more than $300. it beat out its own record for a handbag auction selling a $222,000 purse just last year. beautiful. >> how about for our 20th anniversary where can can we get it which is coming up. >> one of these days. >> 6:27 and coming up an update on several new and breaking stories including an attack on two females in a frankford home. >> later crews comfort a child injured in a terrible wreck. police are releasing new details about the cause of the crash and the victims involved. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> breaking now on "action news," philadelphia police are searching for the man responsible for a frightening attack on a woman and a teenagteenager in a frankford h. >> a police officer is injured trying to track down a suspected intruder caught breaking into a delaware county home. >> firefighters are checking for flareups hours after an american legion post goes up in flames. >> good morning everyone, 6:30 on this tuesday may 31st. time for weather and traffic get people back to work and school with david and matt filling in for karen. >> good morning everyone. the sunshine still doing battle with the clouds early but clouds are losing that war. take a look at satellite and you can see that the rain is gone off the coast and those clouds off to the west of us really starting to erode. the thicker cloud cover and some related fog still in place in parts of south jersey especially down by the shore. all of that is changing for the better though.
6:31 am
currently 71 degrees in philadelphia. 70 in trenton and wilmington, still the mid 60's in allentown, reading and lancaster. 66 in millville. 65 in cape may. and we're starting out a bit on the humid side. dewpoints still in the 60's and anything over 60 is considered humid. but you see those dewpoints with the lower numbers out in allentown and reading an indication that drier air is on the way in and today is going to represent a drop in humidity even as the temperatures rise. here's how it's going to go for your workout. might want to get it done early this morning. 71 degrees a little bit muggy but more comfortable than later in the day when we get into the 80's. by plan to 84, not as humid but pretty toasty. 87 is your high at 3 o'clock this afternoon, mostly sunny skies overall. these morning clouds will not be around much longer. matt pelman the nice stretch of weather that we're entering into today continues for the neck couple. we'll talk more about that in the exclusive accuweather seven day. you've got fog. >> i got a little fog but just down the shore this morning david. here in cape may county along the garden state parkway this is the northbound side right here, great egg toll plaza on
6:32 am
the southbound side as you head down towards sea isle. not a lot of traffic right now in either direction. we have been saying we expect some extra traffic coming northbound this morning up to the a.c. expressway some of the stragglers that spent last night down the shore as well but have to get back to work today. on 42 northbound some of the speeds are starting to drop. now into the 40's as you join up with 55 and head up towards 295 and the walt whitman bridge. and we still have that downed pole in gloucester township along the black horse pike southbound approaching church street. that's where the camden county library sits on the northbound side but that pole is off to the side so the lanes are opened and it's not causing a huge problem at this point. lanes are opened but they're crowded here on 95 in the great northeast. southbound side now backing up from academy through this point at cottman again to the betsy ross bridge into girard. getting reports of a new crash in abington township by sal has university 611 at township line road. crowd is gathering on 422 this morning eastbound side now
6:33 am
busy from past oaks through this point at trooper on into 23. but our broken down truck on trooper itself is now cleared out of the way so everything is opened there on this tuesday morning, tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. and we continue to follow a breaking story. an ugly scene in the frankford section where police say they discovered a woman badly beaten and her teen daughter who said she has been sexually assaulted and they say the person they're after is a family member. katherine scott is live outside of special victims unit with the latest on this story. good morning, katherineism good morning, tam, that's right, this all happened inside a home in frankford and police are now looking for a plan they believe sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl and beat up a woman. the call came in just before 12:30 this morning from that block in frankford, the 1900 block of pratt street and when officers arrived, they were met by the 13-year-old girl. she told them she had been sexually assaulted in the basement by a family member and that the person was still inside the home. police knocked on the door of the home. they got no response.
6:34 am
so, the officers went to the next door neighbor's home and climbed over from the second floor landing. they looked through the window and saw a woman bleeding profusely from her head and face. she was missing several teeth. the officers notified the swat team who made entry and were able to get there woman to the hospital. they -- get that woman to the hospital. they searched the home for the suspect but will he already fled. the teen was taken to saint christopher's hospital and police were able to talk to her a little bit about what happened. >> after the assault she was able to run out the front door of the property where she notified a neighbor. the neighbors called 911 and that's when police, 15th district police officers talked to her and they began their investigation. >> reporter: again that teenager was taken to saint christopher's hospital. as for the woman, she was taken to einstein in critical condition. she has severe blunt force trauma to her head. police know who they're looking for, they know his name but so far they have not released it. we're live in hunting park,
6:35 am
katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> thanks katherine. developing overnight a police officer from delaware county is recovering from injuries suffered while chasing a home invasion suspect into philadelphia. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at tinicum township police with the latest on this story. annie. >> reporter: and, matt we're told that that police officer is okay. now, the chase ended in philadelphia. but it started here in delaware county. that's when police tell us a tinicum township police officer responding to a home invasion in prospect park saw a suspect running from the scene jump into a car, then that tinicum township police officer gave chase. this is video from the scene in philadelphia after the chase ended. philadelphia police searched a large area around delaware avenue and spring garden. the chase between the tinicum officer and the person he believed to be a suspect ended with a crash around girard avenue and that is where the suspect then fled on foot. now, this all unfolded around
6:36 am
10 o'clock last night. a 911 call for a home invasion in prospect park brought police to the 200 block of lafayette avenue. an officer saw one of several suspects jump into a vehicle. that is what sparked the chase. there are at least two other suspects that fled possibly on foot from the prospect park scene. now, the police officer did sustain minor injuries. again, we are told that he is expected to be okay. now, we are also told that police are still searching for the suspect but it's unclear how many. there was one person that was in handcuffs at the scene in philadelphia but we are told that that person seen in handcuffs was later cleared and is not a suspect. we're still waiting to find out more information from police as to who they're looking for. reporting live from tinicum township police, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." matt. >> thank you annie. firefighters have been checking for hot spots at the american legion post there went up in flames yesterday afternoon. the four alarm blaze broke out on the 2300 block of orthodox street in the frankford
6:37 am
section of the city. about 20 to 30 veterans and their families were wrapping up a memorial day banquet when someone noticed smoke. one firefighter suffered minor injuries during the battle. >> republican donald trump plans to reveal what happened to the $6 million that he says he raised for veterans groups. the presumptive gop nominee has been under fire. trump says he'll hold a press conference today revealing the tell and exactly where the money went. a group of animal rights activists briefly interrupted a bernie sanders rally in oakland california yesterday. 33 jumped barricades and tried to rush the podium. security stopped the protestors before they could reach the democratic presidential hopeful. sander was also stumping in other parts of northern california yesterday. now, california was once considered clinton country but polls show it's now a tossup ahead of next tuesday's primary vote. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton will attend a fundraiser today in east
6:38 am
brunswick new jersey. like california new jersey will also hold its primary a week from at a. clinton's special guest will be u.s. senator cory booker. he has campaigned around the country for clinton and there's been mention and talk of him as a potential running mate. >> time now is 6:38. let's say we make things nice for people going back to work. >> how about, hm? lots of sunshine on the way. storm tracker6 live double scan guys shows you that the rain is done and as we take a look outside, there are still some clouds trying get out of the way from the sun and as you look on sky6 from this angle we do have some of that cloud cover left over. on the upper right-hand portion of your screen, though, you can see some blue and there actually is some sun out there in the process of eating away those clouds. the temperatures currently 71 degrees and your dewpoint for now is up at 67. anything over 60 indicates fairly moist saturated and humid air so it still feels a little muggy early on. winds out of the southwest at 3 miles per hour. but satellite shows you how there's a lot of dry air however to the west and northwest of us and that is
6:39 am
going to continue to funnel in as the storm system pulls away from us and we'll wind up exchanging that cloud cover and a little fog down the shore for full sunshine across the region later on. for now we do have very low visibility in millville and down a little bit in the wildwoods. if you're a mariner planning on heading out into the water you probably want to hold off a little bit because we have a dense fog advisory along coastal waters in the lower delaware bay for now. that slob improving over the next couple of hours, though. 73 degrees in philadelphia by 8 o'clock. 79 by 10:00. if you have errands to run or maybe a workout to do, you might want to get it done early because this afternoon we are going to get warm. by noon, 84 with lots of sunshine. 87 is your high today at 3 o'clock and still close to that at 5 o'clock. humidity levels will drop as we go through the day. but we are going to really warm up. as you can can take a look at the high temperatures across the region, even in allentown, 86. 87 in reading and trenton. 86 in wilmington this afternoon. cool drinks and sunscreen if you're going to be out and about doing stuff. down the shore mid 70's on the beach.
6:40 am
not bad. still in the 50 in the ocean water. as we head to the ballpark tonight for a change we tone have to bring along those jackets because it's going to be warm from start to finish. 85 for the first pitch 74 in the ninth inning. mostly clear skies warm and pleasant with low humidity. then tomorrow another beauty with high pressure in control, lots of sunshine, and a high of 83 degrees. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, today sunny and toasty, 87. humidity dropping as the day goes on. sunny and nice again tomorrow with a high of 83. great for phillies fans this week and union fans on wednesday night and a few clouds on thursday, 79 degrees. maybe a shower later at night. on friday that's when things start to get a bit more unsettled. we see a high of 76. clouds mixing with some sun and a chance of a shower or a thunderstorm late in the day or in the evening. then saturday partly sunny and 81. sunday another frontal boundary arrives with a high of 79, clouds and sun. and again in the afternoon and evening there's the chance of a couple showers and maybe a thunderstorm around. on monday, we're back to dry conditions with a high of 77 and probably more of the same
6:41 am
on tuesday. nice numbers overall coming up in your next seven days. >> okay, thank you david. it is 6:40 and more brand new stories are up next including the traffic tragedy in florida when a faulty tire causes a freak crash. >> and later a pilot plays fashion police ordering a passenger to change her look or book a different flight. matt. >> we're not booking it any on the blue route. starting to slow down in both directions matt here by macdade boulevard and there's a truck off to the side in the northbound lanes as you head toward media. we'll see if we're slowing yet on the schuylkill and check that shore traffic coming up after the break. >> and also when we come back the villanova wildcats are headed to the white house. details on that next up on "action news." >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 6:44. the beaches just about vacated although there might be people out there. can't really see too well 'cause of the fog that's along the jersey shore right now. 71 degrees getting up to 87 today. nice and no rain. >> and it would be flies if there was a nice commute to get you back to work and school, right, matt. >> i would rather still be down there going to uncle bill's pancake house for breakfast. so many good spots in cape may but yes we have to come back this morning to work so many of us at least and if you're coming back on 42, might have some company. in the northbound lanes from college drive through this point at creek road we're not moving in an awful pace but that travel time is pretty much doubled now to 16 minutes and it will undoubtedly get a whole lot longer before the
6:45 am
morning's over because speeds are dropping into the 20's as you come north of college drive and head up through 295. 55 also backing up there northbound where it joins up with 42. and we still have that downed pole in gloucester township along the black horse pike southbound but it's off to the side so that's not a huge deal at this point. people also returning to work on the schuylkill expressway so eastbound side now heavy around conshohocken. the disabled vehicle there is gone. and then it slows again from the boulevard through this point in montgomery on into center city. westbound backing up in the normal spots and past the boulevard on out toward gladwyne. can couple accidents around the region. one is in limerick township by kennedy ford. watch out for emergency crews responding. have another in abington township by sal has university any along 611 at township line road. in haverford township delco new construction on the gas main gets under way today. they're going to close manoa road during the mid days. route one or eagle road are
6:46 am
possible alternates. coming back from the poconos this morning, so far so good. speeds in the mid 60's on the southbound northeast extension. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. new this morning, investigators blame a tire malfunction for a crash that killed three young girls in flash flood the suv flipped yesterday evening on... in florida. the suv flipped yesterday evening. three girls all sisters were thrown from the suv and killed. first responders found a crying toddler who was thrown from the suv on the other side of the barrier wall. florida highway patrol says it's clear at least some of the victims were not wearing seat belts. the driver could face traffic citations. >> a truck driver in the bronx escaped from an 18-wheeler left hanging off a highway overpass. the semi got stuck after it crashed yesterday afternoon. two people suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. it took crews hour to remove the truck which caused major traffic problems in the new york city borough. >> national champion villanova wildcats will visit the white
6:47 am
house today. president obama will welcome head coach jay wright and the men's team and congratulate them on their championship. the wildcats beat the north carolina tarheels last month to win their first title since 1985. the pleating is scheduled for 4:10 p.m. >> a live preview of "gma" is up next. also what not to wear. a woman finds out that her outfit just won't fly with an airline.
6:48 am
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6:50 am
>> yes. >> ♪ >> sun glare that's right resulting. we have he we love our sun glare don't we. on the eastbound side it's slow from 322 into 113. have a lot of glare here but a lot of traffic on the westbound side of the vine approaching the schuylkill. vine will close at 11 o'clock for construction. that's happening the next three nights and mass transit the trains, the buses, the trolleys back to normal schedules today. no delays reported so far. don't forget septa's 101 still shuttle busing through about father's day weekend david. >> matt just showed you sun is breaking out from behind the clouds as we speak. it's warm with temperatures in the low 70's in a lot of neighborhoods. shorts and t's might work for one of those last rides to school. definitely on the way home. here's wait looks like. if you're running errands you polite want to get those groceries in the car early. 76 degrees by 9 o'clock. by 11 o'clock, 82 degrees. the clouds really evaporating and we wind up with mostly sunny skies today. a high of 87.
6:51 am
we'll hit that at 3:00 and probably still be sitting on it at 4:00. the other nice thing about today, the humidity just drops as the day goes on. this afternoon will be warm enough for cool drinks and certainly bright enough for sunscreen. but matt and tam at least the humidity won't be as much of a factor. >> thank you david. time to check in with "gma." >> amy robach opening up the window to see what we got going on there on "gma." hi, amy. >> reporter: hey, matt and tam. great to be with you. coming up next here on "gma" we're talking about deadly floods in texas. residents bracing for more as the river crests there. at least six dead so far, o two others missing and rescue efforts under way this morning. we're live there on the scene. and then a frightening moment at a bernie sanders rally overnight. animal rights protestors rushing the stage then dragged out on their hands and feet by secret service. meanwhile six states voting next week and the big question will hillary be able to secure the nomination. george and our political team covering all the angles.
6:52 am
cincinnati zoo. a after three year old boy fell into an esche clear. we're switching gears. steph curry and the golden. state warriors clinching. >> and brand new here at 6:30 a pair of short shorts i say they look like underwear nearly got a passenger bootd from a plane. a burlesque dancer from seattle was flying out of boston and she posted this photo of her outfit if that's what you want to call it. she was flying jetblue when the worker told her the pilot decided what she was wearing was inappropriate. the entertainer said she would tie a sweater around her waist. jetblue offered an apology and a flight credit explaining
6:53 am
that it is their policy to deny boarding to any customer whose clothing may be offensive or nonexistent to the viewing public. >> and her name is. >> maggie mcmuffin. >> a teen is recovering from a fall down a waterfall at a new jersey state park. crews had to perform a rope rescue at pallisades state park yesterday evening a.m. 17-year-old was swinging on a tree and fell onto a rock that gave way into the rapids. rescuers climbed 70 feet to get to the hiker then took him to an ambulance by boat. he's being treated at a north jersey hospital for several internal injuries. >> ♪
6:54 am
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6:56 am
>> top story here. the man who badly beat a woman in the frankford section overnight remains on the loose. authorities also believe the same attacker may have sexually assaulted a teen before fleeing that scene. >> back to work means back to normal on 95. normal means slow on the southbound side from cottman and the betsy ross bridge into girard. and in limerick a crash on ridge pike at evergreen road. >> by 11 o'clock 82, by 1 o'clock 85 and your high today is 87 degrees with mostly sunny skies and lowering humidity. nice night for baseball at citizens bank park tonight. >> it really does look like a great day.
6:57 am
a little bit of lift in the middle of week. >> could be the best day ever. >> might be the best day ever. >> never know. >> you never know. get out there and enjoy it. for matt pelman karen rogers matt o'donnell dave murphy i'm tamala edwards. see you here in 30 for updates. max and i just discovered
6:58 am
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good morning, america. deadly floods ravage texas. nearly two feet of rain breaking records. rivers on the rise right now. harambes rush in to rescue residents. this drone captures an entire town underwater and this frightening scene. a tornado at the colorado/nebraska border. >> wow, you can see the two other tails. >> millions on alert now for more strong storms and more flooding. breaking overnight, the secret service jumping in to protect bernie sanders after protesters rush the stage at his rally. >> we don't get intimidated easily. >> as hillary clinton sees possible trouble out west heading to california to head off a sanders surge as a new battle this morning for donald trump. could a third party candidate shake up his race for the white house? new outrage this morning over the killing of that endangered gorilla, harambe, at the cincinnati z


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