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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  May 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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crash are in fair condition and another student has already been treated and released. pretty remarkable considered the video you'll see. >> the collision sent debris across delaware avenue. the front end of this suv crashing in trapping one teenage victim. first responders spent 45 minutes trying to free her from the wreckage. five william penn school students and one wallis wallace student were taken to the hospital. >> we were relieved that none of the injuries appear to be life-threatening. two of the students appear to be siblings. >> it happened before 8:00 a.m. and police say that the suv crossed the medium and hit the
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pick uphead on. >> an adult male was injured and most injuries deal with abdominal and pelvic injuries. they started to hear about the accident mid-day. i was focusing on them being okay. and i was trying to keep myself updated. >> reporter: and names of the victims have not been released. an adult male was also involved in this crash and his condition is unknown and the cause of the crash is under investigation. i'm live in newcastle, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> already thank you. pretty incredible video there. now another story. chester county authorities are trying to identify a woman found dead at the bottom of a pond. they made the gruesome discovery in east coventry county yesterday. her body was tied to a cinder block in an area popular with
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swimmers and fishers yesterday afternoon. she did not have any gunshot wounds or other signs of trauma but there was no water in her lungs which indicates she was not drown and was already dead when she was put in the water. the chester county d.a.'s office has released these pictures of the jewelry and clothing that the woman was wearing as well as the photo of a tattoo on her shoulder. she was african-american between 25 and 30 years old and about 130 pounds. police want to hear any information that could identify if i her and what happened to her. vernon odom will have more in a live report tonight. >> thank you. we are working to learn the name of the man that fell to his death today in the middle of i-95. chopper 6 hd was over the southbound lanes of the high wa where police say the man fell at
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9:30 this morning. police say that the man was on the overpass above. they don't know anything about him or how he went over the edge. one of the delaware teenagers charged in the death of a howard high school student could end up going to trial as abadult. the 16-year-old girl was in court today. she is the only person that police believe hit amy joyner francis in a fight at a school bathroom last month. a judge granted a hearing to see if the teen will be tried as an adult on a charge of criminal homicide. the other two teens will face lesser charges and tried in family court. now, yesterday's clouds made for a dreary day and blue skies have replaced it. >> here is cecily tynan in for adam joseph. >> outside is the place to be,
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we have loads of sunshine and a gentle breeze and it's on the warm side. philadelphia 87 degrees and the average high is 78, we are not alone in the warmth, washington, d.c. 86 and charleston west virginia 88 degrees and it feels a lot more comfortable than yesterday because of the humidity levels. dew point in philadelphia 51 degrees, that is pretty dry air mass, we have higher dew points in southern delaware and cape may with 60s and 70 in dover. satellite 6 along with action radar showing lots of sunshine, we have cleared out the clouds there is one stray shower over delaware, and high pressure will maintain control of our weather through tonight and tomorrow. if you are lucky enough to go to the phillies game, first pitch at 7:05. just beautiful and mostly clear, 83 degrees by the ninth inning
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76 and i'm tracking a cooling trend and some late day thunderstorms, details on that in the full accuweather forecast. >> thanks cecily. the national champion villanova wildcats are at the white house today. president obama set to honor the team for the historic run in the ncaa tournament. jeff skversky is following the cats since they left and with the team in washington. >> welcome to the white house where villanova wildcats are inside of the white house as we speak. getting a reception and inside of the white house, and they will meet president barack obama and honored for winning the national championship. this is a big day for the wildcats and the obamas themselves. their daughter went to school with josh hart. >> as they left the campus and made their way to d.c., they were excited for the big day. >> this may be the first time i
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ever got star struck. it's a big accomplishment for our team and a chance to meet the president. it's something we'll remember forever. >> it's exciting to go to the white house and get a tour and take the champions tour down there. >> the experience of meeting the president and walking to the white house and getting a tour and the president inviting you because of your accomplishment, lets hope we can do some other things in our lives that may be important than abasketball game and get back to the white house. we'll hear from the wildcats and the president coming up at 5:00. jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> now to a live look inside of the white house where the ceremony is expected to begin any minutes. it's a packed room now and we'll bring that ceremony to you live just as soon as it begins. for the second time this year, the flyers and their fans are mourning the loss of a
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legend. rick mcleash died last night after battling a variety of illnesses, he was 66 years old. he was one of the key players in the stanley cup teams and scored the game winning goal that brought the team the first title in 1974. after his playing days, he stayed local keeping his home in south jersey, former teammate joe watson remembered him as one of the most talented players the flyers ever had. >> in the flyers organization you have giroux and mcleash, he was so skilled in so many ways. >> the team lost founder and owner, ed snider just before the start of the playoff. all right it's time to get a check of the "action news" traffic report today. >> lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> we were back to work and watching the backups.
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roosevelt boulevard southbound side heading towards fox street there was a crash and for a time it was blocking the southbound lanes, the crash is here no longer and the volume is thinning out down to the schuylkill expressway, and a crash on the northbound side at brian avenue. so watch out for restrictions there on the boulevard. and 95 by the betsy ross bridge. to delaware we go, a crash on 896, that is new london road at star road. if you are traveling through christiana, watch for a wreck on the ramp from highway 1 northbound to christiana road if you are trying to get to the mall obviously. a few slow speeds kicking in from 95 to highway 1 and a crash involving a pedestrian along drexel avenue, watch for emergency crews on the scene
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there, and normal schedules today on mass transit and delays on septa's 101 trolley westbound and shuttle busing on media because of the ongoing construction. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report. a couple of friends are talking about a crash in the lehigh valley. in south whitehall along cedar crest boulevard. a little congestion to accompany it. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you. still ahead this afternoon the latest on a fierce fight involving u.s. forces in iraq. >> plus, this started as a fundraiser for veterans and ends short of a shouting match between donald trump and the media. and an update on the gorilla killed at an ohio zoo, after a child ended up in its enclosure, zookeepers respond as the outrage continues. p?p?o?gv
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presumtive nominee, donald trump revealed which charities received money from a fundraiser held in january. he hosted the telethon style event for military veterans, but for months trump's campaign refused to disclose the totals or where the money went. today he finally answered the questions in new york. a total of $5.6 million was distributed after a background check on all the charities. >> i had teams of people reviewing statistics be numbers and talking to people in the military to find out whether or not the group was deserving of the money. >> and we can begin to see some documents related to the lawsuit of trump university misleading students.
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a judge has ordered them released. and now they have fought back isis attacks as they battle for falluja. it's backed by u.s. air strikes, iraqi forces are trying to retake the city from isis, that controlled fell falluja. while the fighting continues. while the gorilla exhibit is set to reopen this weekend, anger continues to build against the zoo and the little boy's parents after a gorilla was shot and killed over the weekend. we must warn you about the disturbing nature of this video -- the zoo officials maintain they had no choice but to shoot and kill that endangered gorilla named harambe. today local prosecutors announced they will be investigating the incident to
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determine whether any charges are warranted. now it's not clear if the zoo or the boy's mother will be the focus of that investigation. the toddler climbed over a 3 foot barrier and plunged 15 feet into the gorilla's mote with his mother watching in horror from above. an animal's rights group stepped in and claim that the railing for thisibit is not up to par. >> meanwhile, the boy's parentses are taking intense heat online. the petition is demanding they be held responsibler has 350,000 signatures and counting by the hour. >> two days in a row now, this story grabbing the headlines
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alicia. meantime the united nations is more common than originally thought. the world health organization says that in light of the organization, is changing the recommendations for areas hit by the virus. the who, had been recommending that the women wait for weeks before trying to conceive and now they are telling women to wait twice as long, zika is linked to birth defects. americans are spending more money now than they have since 2009. the jump in cars and other goods put it the highest in six years. saying that incomes rose last month. consumer spending accounts for 70% of the u.s. economy and the strong numbers are a good sign. a look at closing numbers on wall street. the dow dropping 86 points. the nasdaq up 14.5 points and
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the s&p 500 off just about 2 points on the day. pizza hut is promising to improve the quality of its ingredients, the chain says it will stop using meats that include certain preservetives by july and many consumer groups say that people should avoid them. pizza hut says it will remove chicken made with antibiotics as well as cheese by 2015. they say they are trying to take a more natural approach with their menu from this point forward. and a bright spot to the day. the accuweather forecast. cecily tynan is here. what a beautiful picture. >> it's gorgeous, it's a shame that memorial day weekend is not four days instead of three. it was pouring rain down at the shore yesterday. here is cape may, there are folks on the beaches and a sailboat and loads of sunshine and temperatures on the beach pretty comfortable, right along the beach temperatures in the 70s and cape may point 72 and
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inland warmer, philadelphia 78 degrees and trenton 87 and reading 85 and wilmington 86 degrees, certainly a warm day but more comfortable than the last several, because of this, the dew point, we have a dew point of 51 degrees in philadelphia. you got dew points in the 50s this time of year, it's a dry comfortable air mass. they are higher the closer you get to the shore. the dew point 68 in wildwood. the humidity is impressive in dover, delaware, 73 degrees but the drier air continues to feltner as we head through the afternoon. satellite 6 along with action radar you see this spin over southern north carolina. that is what used to be tropical storm bonnie, it's still there but the front has suppressed this down to the south. that is where it stays and spins itself out. back at home clear and low humidity, low 66 in philadelphia and 60 in allentown and 65 in
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wilmington and cape may tonight, 63 degrees. look agent tomorrow, don't forget the sunscreen, we are looking at loads of sunshine through the day by 2:00, 80, by 5:0083 degrees, that will be the high for the day. a little bit cooler than today. low humidity a very comfortable day, i am heading to the philadelphia zoo to feed the hippos and it will be perfect for that. tomorrow does officially start tropical storm season even though we have two named storms, if you look across the tropics it's quiet just some disorganization near san juan but nothing on the verge of becoming a tropical depression or tropical storm. but this will be a relatively active hurricane season, if you look at the three major hurricane forecasts, colorado state, accuweather and noah, all calling for an average or slightly above average hurricane
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season, with 10 to 16 named storms, four to eight hurricanes and one to four category three or higher hurricanes. this will be a more active season than the past three, we are transitioning from el niƱo to la nina. you don't get the wind shear and that could develop more intense and likely last longer into october and november. so could be a pretty active hurricane season. tomorrow loads of sunshine and comfortable with a low humidity and 83 degrees. thursday is looking nice as well. a mixture of clouds and sun and a high of 79, friday a cold front moves in bringing showers and thunderstorm and 76 degrees we start the weekend with plenty of sunshine on saturday, gorgeous 82 and another system could bring us a wet sunday, i'll talk more about that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. all in all the week is looking nice. >> cecily thanks.
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still ahead a home invasion, a police chase and an injured officers we have details of a chaotic morning in delaware county. plus, it's officially grilling season, we are putting the b biggest brand names to the test. and the finale, do you part? if you ever had a significant other cheating on you while watching your favorite tv shows, you'll want to hear about a new product that keeps you guys committed.
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for winning the mens championship this year. taking home that of course elusive award and this year of course villanova the team on top. beating north carolina of course this year to take this honor. >> a lot of smiles in that room. and a lot of cell phones
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capturing the moment. they were waiting for this moment. we look at daniel inouye. and ryan arcidiacono getting a glimpse and there is ryan smiling and beaming with pride which he has been. we saw chris jenkins, the guy that sunk the miraculous shot. >> ladies and gentlemen the president of the united states -- >> entering the room now. and father donahue the president of the university and the coach, needs no introduction lets listen in for a few minutes. >> hello. hello. everybody please have a seat. welcome to the white house and i guess it is the blue and white house today because we are p giving it up to the 2016 ncaa villanova wildcats!
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[ applause ] you should know we have big nova fans from both sides of the aisle in congress and recognize college president peter donahue who is here. [ applause ] athletic director mark jackson who capped off his first year as athletic director with a national championship. pretty good job. unfortunately, perhaps the most important nova grad here, dr. jill biden could not be here, i think she may be teaching but her husband joe wanted me to remind you he picked nova to win it all [ applause ] this is the type of wise counsel
4:25 pm
that you are looking for in a vice president, unfortunately i did not follow his counsel and my bracket was busted. we have the best dressed man in college basketball -- [ applause ] the george clooney of coaches -- jay wright -- and today we celebrate a remarkable team that work said tirelessly to make coach look good in terms of his job and not just his wardrobe, his taylorist and stylist could not make it but we have his basketball here. so coach wright and this team treated us to as memorable as a run and championship as i can remember. we'll talk more about that game in a second. they were more about not just
4:26 pm
one moment or one shot. they had unbelievable defense and great clutch shooting and a senior class that won more games than any group in wildcats history and a stable of tal ened players who were as happy for a loose ball than cutting down the nets. you had daniel ochefu, the seventh player in school history to score 1,000 points and grab 900 boards, pretty good -- [ applause ] also, not afraid to do the little things we saw him grab the mob in the middle of the game. we had josh hart who led the wildcats in scoring, congratulations josh -- where did you go to school? tidwell friends school -- [ applause ]
4:27 pm
my daughter will be graduating from there next week, which makes me cry when i talk about it. so i'm not going to talk about it, it's good to see a kid do well. chris jenkins, a.k.a., big smooth -- [ applause [ applause ] who learned how to shoot from his mom. moms know what they are talking about and then ryan arcidiacono. i just sped through that in case i didn't say it right. barack obama is tough but ryan arcidiacono that is a lot of vowels in there, we'll just call him arch. captain since his freshman year and went out in style as the
4:28 pm
most outstanding player of the final four, we are very, very proud of him. give him a big round of applause -- [ applause ] but more than any individual honor, this team possessed something that coaches preached from day one, that is attitude. in life you can't control what happens to you, but you control how you sponto it. that is how they bounced back from disappointing tournaments and rolled through the first three rounds by an average of 24 points, beat kansas to punch their ticket to final four and in houston they blew the doors off oklahoma with a 44 point margin. that set up an unbelievable showdown with the tar heels, maybe the best title game of all
4:29 pm
time. just last few seconds could be a documentary. an unbelievable double clutch circus shot from marcus paige and a lot of team was have had their spirit broken but wildcats they took control and they responded. and on a play called nova, chris took a pass from arch and pulled up a few steps behind the line and shot this team into basketball lure. that was a good shot -- [ laughter ] it was like a leighton shot or charles barkley apparently juxed out of his seat which he doesn't do often these days -- [ laughter ] you know -- legendary coach massimino who led their wildcats to the first title 31 years ago
4:30 pm
couldn't be prouder and coach wright on the other hand played it cool and turned around and shook hands like nothing happened. so -- but i know inside he was pretty excited. so this is a team for the ables on and off the court and their grades ranked in the top 10% nationally. [ applause ] that should be applauded [ applause ] all five seniors graduated and ever since the 1970s, the wildcats have graduated every four year player and that is the kind of record you really want and they are involved in the philadelphia community, serving meals for those in need and supporting the special olympics, a few days after their win arch
4:31 pm
and the chef heard about a fan, a small boy battling cancer so they snuck into the boy's basement and hid in his play house to surprise him which seems a little scary but their hearts were in the right place -- and that is what we saw all year from this team. the heart of a champion. so congratulations to the wildcats for an unbelievable season and with that let me give the podium quickly to coach wright -- [ applause ] >> mr. president after the championship we had a big press conference but nothing as big as this -- >> we have a lot of cameras. >> this is big time and on behalf of our entire nova family i want to thank you and your staff for inviting us to the
4:32 pm
white house, this is a great day for villanova university and you invited all the politicians and everybody connected to villanova, and we love having them here and thank you for doing that. and your staff has been incredible to us. your a great leader and we want two of our leaders ryan arcidiacono and daniel inouye to share with you the president of the united states a years -- jersey that we wore on pearl harbor day. you are truly a great role model to our young men and thank you to everything you that do for our nation and we welcome you to villanova with your nova jersey. >> thank you very much --
4:33 pm
[ applause ] fantastic -- thank you so much -- [ applause ] >> well, what a moment for the villanova wildcats, a day like this being welcomed to the white house and now congratulated by president obama. we see the smiles and handshakes
4:34 pm
and chris jenkins getting a handshake from the president and we listened in as coach jay wright making remarks, thanking the president for this day and took a moment to present the president with a villanova jersey, number 44, quite a day for them. >> a special day at the blue and white house, as the president joked. and we can contract him. ryan arcidiacono. are we taking a break. "action news" continues with a mom who says her popular online blog is not as picture perfect as it seems. >> and it was a rough start to the morning for a philadelphia neighborhood. neighbors woke up to find their tires slashed. and an enraged driver is caught on camera running down two motorists. plus, new information about the man wanted for brutally
4:35 pm
attacking a mom and her teenage daughter inside of their own home. philadelphia police say this is who they are looking formal equal bailey is accused of beating and sexually assaulting the women. sara bloomquist is live with more. >> reporter: that is right. 39-year-old malik bailey is on the run tonight, is he wanted for viciously beating a woman and assaulting her teenage daughter inside a frankford home overnight. the woman is in extremely critically condition suffering from severe head trauma. police are asking for the public's help tracking down 39-year-old malik bailey, overnight he went on a rampage inside a home on pratt street in frankford. at 12:30, police were called out to the report of a sexual assault in progress, they were met by a 13-year-old girl inside of the house. she told them bailey sexually
4:36 pm
assaulted her in the bedroom in the basement before she was able to escape. >> and advised police she screamed for her mother and had no response from her mother. >> the doors were locked and officers looked through a bedroom window seeing the woman bleeding profusely from the head and face. they called in the s.w.a.t. team to gain entry, and the woman was rushed to einstein medical center in extremely critical condition. >> it's sad, she was a very lovely person, i hope she will be okay and her daughter okay. >> police did not find bailey in the house, he is on the run and officers are on the lookout for him across the city. >> we are trying to find out what kind of vehicle he has, at this point, we would advise him to turn himself in. >> reporter: bailey and the victims do know each other, and this was not a random attack.
4:37 pm
he has a prior police record with minor offenses including theft, but nothing as vie lengths as this. investigators were aware of no other problems at the house or anything troubling going on with this family prior to what happened last night. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thanks sara. detectives are hope that someone will recognize two men seen on this surveillance video. police say the pair robbed a man and woman at gun point as they left a bar in the centerville section of the city. they took cash, a purse and cell phone and the victim's sneakers. the robbery happened at 12:30 in the morning on may 23rd. people in the may fair section were forced to fix their cars after someone slashed tires along tyson avenue. the action cam was there as people took a look at the
4:38 pm
damage, at least a dozen cars were targeted. >> you got the tires on this whole block, all wait down the street and across the street. >> they are scum bags. what sense is there to go around slashing people's tires. >> one of the victims believes they may have capture aid suspect on hire home surveillance camera, if you know anything about what happens, you are asked to call philadelphia police. a burlington county man who stuck with the same employer for five decades hanging up his hat. david harker is retiring after 50 years with the beverly post office. he worked to become a sales associate and took home a certificate of appreciation for always giving 110%. congrats and enjoy your retirement. still ahead on "action news," if you are looking for a new grill we have you covered. consumer reports ranks the best buys for your summer barbecuing,
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coming up in what's the deal? >> and keeping your partner in a committed relationship with you and your television shows. and meteorologist, cecily tynan, back with the full accuweather forecast.
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we have breaking news here at 4:00, chopper 6 hd now is over theodore street in the 60thousand block of theater street investigating the death of an elderly man. a call came in for a welfare check enweb authorities went into the home, the man was unresponsive and looks to have sustained some type of head trauma and this man has passed away. police are investigating the death of this elderly man be police are trying to sort out
4:42 pm
what exactly happened. but he had head trauma and has passed away. a witness recorded a violent case of road rage that turned into a hit and run in tampa, florida. abe garcia, it's man that recorded the video saw the driver cut into front of the motorcyclist, and garcia started recording never expecting what would happen next. >> i don't know that extreme at all. people are crazy man and anywhere your life could end instantly. unbelievable. the driver did not get far and police arrested him a few minutes later, the motorcyclists were taken to the hop and they are expected to be okay but this video is powerful evidence as the police move forward. meanwhile, roads have turn nood rivers, and pastors are now lakes in parts of texas, as a drone flew over fort bend county and that is what they found
4:43 pm
there. recent storms caused the rivers to overflow and rivers to evacuate and there is a mandatory curfew in effect to keep people away from the raging river. big talkers now. and big confessions from a mommy blogger who is coming clean and exposing what she called the dirty truth from the outside josie denise's life, at least as it was seen on social media was picture perfect. but she says it was mostly lies and faking it all was hurting her family. denise the founder of the popular blog, the american mama was getting paid about $1500 per post. >> was posting happy posts because i needed the post. i needed the happy photo, if i had a deadline to meet for a sponsored post and we were not having a great time i still needed to get the photos.
4:44 pm
>> her signoff blog is going wildly viral. >> they say paid or not, many moms feel everything they post has to be perfect. and they remind us their life it messy than is beautiful too. keep it real people. and -- it's time to confess, have you ever binge treated on your partner and watched your favorite shows without your significant other. there is a new product out there to keep you tv faithful, they are called commitment rings and they will lock you into a promise of only watching together. and you must be together for the rings to unlock services like netflix and amazon prime and hulu. the uk company, actually an ice-cream brand, deciding to get into this business, it's called series commitment.
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for better or worse to the finale do you part. if you want to watch the shows together you have to keep the commitment. >> you want to laugh at it but it's not a terrible idea. >> you like it? >> i like it. alicia thanks. lets get another check of the roads right now. matt standing by the update. >> i saw something on facebook that said this is the mondayiest tuesday ever. it feels like a monand a number of accidents, one on the route 30 bypass under the tree at 340, and it's pushed to the side, westbound volume is just starting to build towards coatesville. chester county a crash along westchester pike along 352, and the fire and police are out there directing you through the intersection and it's definitely slow. closing bridge street through phoenixville and star, and slow speeds developing on westbound
4:46 pm
422, dropping as we watch 22 miles per hour. in montgomery county, a crash on washington lane with a vehicle flipped over there. and on the big picture. and all the major culprits, typical slow speeds on the eastbound schuylkill. crash on the boulevard at ryan avenue has cleared. traffic should be moving there shortly. many pennsauken, arriving we'll check it again brian and sharrie in the 5:00 hour. >> you got it. we should invite her to the next party. cecily tynan is standing by with the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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meteorologist, cecily tynan, wearing her flowers today it's appropriate it's a beautiful day out there. >> i wore this, so people don't notice the goggle marks around my face. i went swimming today. you can't get rid of the goggle marks, look at the dress not the face. lets go to where the action was. what a great day to be outdoors, looking at aikens oval and blue skies, there is not a drop of rain out there. but on the warm side. philadelphia 87 degrees and the same in trenton, the average high this time of year is 78 and reading 85 and notice though on the beaches, with the cool ocean temperature of 57 it is quite a bit cooler, cape may 73 and atlantic city airport 78. flip to the sunshine and coming off a lot of rain over the
4:50 pm
weekend and pine pollen is extreme and mold spores are high. another tough day if you are dealing with allergies. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the cold front that went through last night as swept the clouds out to sea and suppressed the remnants of tropical storm bonnie to the south. that means clear skies tonight and another day of sunshine tomorrow and mostly clear and a mild night and the humidity will continue to drop. pretty comfortable, 60 in the cooler suburbs and 66 for center city and tomorrow with high pressure nudging down from canada we cool things off and instead of temperatures in the upper 70s, low 80s with wind from the northeast. plenty of sunshine and again it stays comfortable, thursday also looking pretty nice, we'll see more in the way of clouds as this system gets closer to us. 79 degrees and the cold front brings showers and thunderstorms
4:51 pm
on friday and we could be dealing with another round of wet weather on sunday. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. try to get outside and enjoy the weather tomorrow if you can. plenty of sunshine and low humidity and comfortableably warm and high of 83, great weather for the union game and great weather for the phillies, thursday still decent, more in the way of clouds and a mixture and clouds and sunshine and that drops us to a high of 79 degrees, and friday is when the cold front will approach, bringing mostly cloudy and showers and thunderstorms, a high of 76 degrees, and behind that system on saturday, looking good we are back in the sunshine plenty of sunshine and it will be on the warm side, 82 degrees and at this point, saturday is looking like the better of the two days this weekend. sunday could get wet again with showers and thunderstorms, a high of 79 degrees, on monday clouds break for sunshine with a high of 80 and tuesday partly sunny with an afternoon high of
4:52 pm
75 degrees, you'll notice no temperatures in the 90s and no oppressive heat and temperatures trending above normal and i head to the philadelphia zoo to feed the hippos. a perfect day for that. >> any day is perfect for that. >> what's the deal is next.
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nothing says summer like food sizzling on the grill but with so many grills on market how do you choose the right one? >> to help you fine a good grill, consumer reports tested 150 of them including the big brands and has recommendations. >> barbecuing fuels your passion, a good grill can really turn up the heat. this test checks in grills are prone to flair-up, a little flair-up is normal.
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and handling searing versus slow cooking and how the heat is distributed. >> they use temperature sensors, low performing grills show hot and cold spots and a good grill it's heat is distributed well and steaks will cook differently on different parts of the grill. >> we found three great choices. >> this next grill for $270 at home depot scored highest. you can cook districtly using direct heat or slowly for larger cuts of meat s it has stainless steel grates, and another best buy the backyard at wal-mart and char broil for $170 sold at wal-mart. all three are equipped with side burners for sauteing or broiling. avoid ken more from sears and
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members mark sold at sams club. the survey of their describers found they are more repair prone and does not recommend them. after all whatever grill you get you want to keep it working for years to come. >> no matter what grill you use, cook your meat properly. and be careful with steak that is mechanically tenderized. that does it for "action news" at 4:00. for sharrie williams, cecily tynan and adam joseph, i'm brian taff. join us tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now, here is rick williams and monica malpass. >> coming up next at 5:00, another bill is introduced in new jersey that aims to protect
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young children from being exposed to led in drinking water and a state department has issued a travel warning for americans. we'll have the details. and why cheating on your diet may actually be a good thing. he is relieved. coming up on "action news" at 5:00. >> oh boy. you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. a gruesome d bottom of a pond. that is where chester county police found a woman's body found to a cinder block. tonight they released pictures of the jewelry and clothing she was wearing as they try to identify her. the big story is the investigation into how the woman's body ended up in the water. >> police believe she was placed there between sunday afternoon and yesterday morning. vernon odom joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: good evening, this rural chester county community is abuzz today alarmed and fearful that someone would dump a corpse in one of their
5:00 pm
favorite local waterways, it was discovered yesterday morning. this is a section of pigeon creek in east coventry township. the pond is a popular fishing and swimming hole for local folks but yesterday morning a horrifying discovery by a fisherman, the body of a female in the pond tied to a cinder block. it must have been left there sunday night into monday because children saw no six thing when they swam there on saturday afternoon. >> you would think it was someone familiar with the area. it's not a spot that everyone would know about. >> the d.a. says that the woman did not suffer gunshot wounds or blunts force trauma a. no signs of strangulation, and no water was in her lungs and she did not drown and was dead when placed in the water. >> they knew where the pond was in order to dump the body there.


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