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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  May 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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favorite local waterways, it was discovered yesterday morning. this is a section of pigeon creek in east coventry township. the pond is a popular fishing and swimming hole for local folks but yesterday morning a horrifying discovery by a fisherman, the body of a female in the pond tied to a cinder block. it must have been left there sunday night into monday because children saw no six thing when they swam there on saturday afternoon. >> you would think it was someone familiar with the area. it's not a spot that everyone would know about. >> the d.a. says that the woman did not suffer gunshot wounds or blunts force trauma a. no signs of strangulation, and no water was in her lungs and she did not drown and was dead when placed in the water. >> they knew where the pond was in order to dump the body there.
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at the same time we are not sure why they chose this spot, they dumped the body in water 4 feet deep. >> with no idea who the deceased might be authorities are asking the public for help. they say she is an african-american female ben 25 and 35 years old. here is the jewelry she was wearing. see if you recognize it. bracelets on both wrists and rings on her fingers, this is an enhanced photo of a tattoo on they are left shoulder. >> i live here and never had anything like this happen. >> you can leave your windows open and car doors open. we don't have any kind of commotion here. >> rick, there has been no ruling on the cause of death so far, the d.a. is awaiting toxicology test results than could take several weeks, live in east coventry township, i'm
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vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." a car crashed this morning in newcastle, delaware, that send seven people to the hospital including a group of students, it happened on route 41, five william penn high school students and one wallis wallace students and a man taken to the hospital. today "action news" learned a points county judge that refused to throw out bill cosby's sex assault case will keep it through trial. those that know judge o'neal says it does not suggest how he may rule at trial. bill cosby is accused of sexually saltsing a former temple employee in 2005. >> it's a hot day but less humid. the action cam caught folks outside walking their dogs and playing tennis and trying to
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soak in sun at fdr park. cecily tynan is live out side on the patio with details on how long the temperatures stick around. >> we'll cool things off a bit but with the low humidity it feels nice especially in the shade. philadelphia 78 degrees and the same in washington, d.c., pittsburgh 84 and charleston, west virginia, 78 degrees, the dew point now in philadelphia is 49 degrees, you get below 50 for a dew point, this time of year it's a dry, comfortable air mass and that is why it feels pretty nice out there. satellite 6 along with action radar showing that cold front that moved through last night that swept the clouds out to sea and really suppressed the tropical moisture, if you are heading to citizens bank park for the phillies game, as they take on the washington nationals, it will be beautiful and mostly clear and a warm start to the game, first pitch 83 degrees and ninth inning,
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dropping down to 76 degrees, i'll talk about the cool down on the way and track some late week storms coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thanks cecily, as lower humidity returns, we invite you to stick with stormtracker 6 live double scan you'll be prepared for any changes heading our way. there is now a federal investigation into the situation at the cincinnati zoo when a boy fell into a gorilla enclosure and now zoos across the country are reviewing their own procedures. the endangered gorilla was killed on saturday to protect the little boy, the exhibit was inspected in april and no violations were found. but two visitor his to be evacuated after two polar bears wandered through a door. vernon odom is live now at the philadelphia zoo. >> reporter: hi rick, officials
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say as far as they know nothing like what happened in cincinnati has ever happened at their zoo, and they look at it as a tragic cautionary tale. >> the chief operator at the philadelphia zoo was talking about the he vent that unfolded at the cincinnati zoo. a 4-year-old some how made his way into the gorilla enclosure and in contact with a 700 pound silver back but the gorilla named harambe was killed so the youngster could be retrieved. he says that reviewing security here is an always has been a resolving process. >> we constantly review our entire campus for that kind of situation and all other situations, including routine refreshing courses for the zoo's response teams.
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>> we reviewed protocols and procedures from everything from severe weather and chemical spill or something involving animals. we have a detailed protocol on each of those how we respond and the debate continues to rage if cincinnati zoo officials made the right decision. >> jack hanna says there was no other quhois choice. >> are you dealing with either animal or human life. that is simple to figure out. >> he agrees -- >> i don't know all the details but from what i have seen the child was at serious and immediate risk and made the right choice as difficult as it must have been at the time. >> we learn that prosecutors from hamilton county ohio say that police officers are looking for charged in that case.
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and help is on the way for archbishop chaput and the helper has a new mission. they are revealing their auxiliary bishop. appointed by pope francis. he has been ministering to the hispanic community since 1978, archbishop chaput says he will help the catholic faithful. >> i am bolstered by the faith and culture particularly in the latino community. >> he will be ordained as a bishop on august 18th. and now they are calling for strengthening the sanctions against iran. he was joined by general wesley craig, they are both concerned by the nuclear deal reached by the u.s. and other powers. and that they released frozen
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assets to who he calls the most dangerous regime in the world today. from our delaware newsroom, the newest member of newcastle county council was sworn in today. kenneth woods was sworn in and he defeated sooner in a special election. woods a representative for the local sheet metals union and will serve the remainor of the term that ends in 2018. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report for you tuesday night. >> matt pellman is in the traffic center, how are we looking tonight? >> good afternoon to you rick and monica, if you are sad to see may go on this last afternoon of may, you'll have plenty of time to sit and enjoy it if you drive 202 southbound we are stuck in a jam from this point at 29 to 401, construction
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crews return tonight, by 401, down to just one lane starting at 8:00. as the widening project continues. a crash in phoenixville, blocking off main at molly mcguires and stay on church street as an alternate. a motorcycle accident close to the american legion post at water street. coming in with 29 at gravel pike and an accident involving a pedestrian there at the sunoco station, and a live look at cherry hill by kings highway and the whole foods, a crash there is cleared out. and mass transit issue, 15 minute delays on the river line because of a disabled train and the 680 trolley shuttling because of equipment problems. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> still ahead on "action news" tonight, the state department has issued a travel warning
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effecting all americans planning to travel to urine this summer. and why health experts say cheating on your diet with pizza or ice-cream could help your diet. i'll go for that. and meteorologist, cecily tynan will be back with another check of the accuweather forecast.
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there is a travel warning tonight for all americans visiting europe this summer for potential terrorist attacks, they say that major tourist sites and restaurants are all possible targets. americans are urged to be vigilant and when using mass transit in europe. from our new jersey newsroom tonight, legislation has been introduce that would require drinking water at child care centers to be tested for led and that would go along with another proposal to require testing of all public and private school water supplies. they shut down the water fountains because of high led levels because of old plumbing apparently. >> and now water in flint, michigan is okay for bathing and
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watering. but should use a filter for drinking. it was tainted with led in 2014 when they switched the source cht water. now, experts say that children suffering concussions is likely worse than previously thought. ali gorman has the details on what parents need to know. >> doctors at the childrens hospital in philadelphia along with the cdc established new studies that are underestimated. they largely came from emergency room, this study of more than 8,000 kids show the majority of concussions are diagnosed with a primary care doctor and thousands of cases are not being counted. modern technology for the new picture. >> the power of the electronic health record, the ability to look across our entire health
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network in a systematic way and accurately count. >> they say at childrens hospital many more kids under the age of 12 get concussions that previously thought and primary care doctors need to be fully trained in diagnosing and treating concussions. and the world health organization warn it may be more common for the zika virus to spread through sexual conduct. they strongly recommend women and couples that visit couples hit hard by the couples wait at least eight weeks before trying to conceive. and finally today if you have ever been on a diet. you have probably heard of cheat day, one day to eat whatever you like, but is it helpful or will it sabotage your hard work. some say giving in to cravings like chips and pizza and
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ice-cream could decrease your appetite and help you burn more calories by overeating and that could boost your metabolism. but for some people a full day to cheat could steer you way off course and that could turn into a week of overindulging and then doing more harm than doing good. so instead experts say to allow yourself a cheat meal every once in a while. it will help keep your cravings down without going overboard on calories. i say try to plan them around special events like a birthday party or another celebration, as long as those celebrations are not every other day. >> party people. >> can the cheat meal be like a buffet? >> a buffet every day? >> that would be my diet. the see-food diet.
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and pizza hut says they are making healthy changes to their menu. >> plus, it costs more to buy a house but why that is not stopping people from buying. more when "action news" continues tonight.
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on wall street stocks close to a mixed close. the price of crude oil turned lower in the afternoon taking big oil companies down with it. among other stocks in the dow jones, boeing went up 20%. and dow jones down and s&p 500 ended down on this tuesday. meshes are spending more money now than they have in the last six years, the commerce department says the increase was led by a big jump in car sales and other goods. incomes also rose last month. consumer spending accounts for 70% of the u.s. economy so that increased activity is a good sign after a slow start to the year. housing prices are climbing and that is not stopping buyers, standard an poor says that home prices are higher than this time last year. americans continue to buy thanks
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to solid job growth, plus a limited supply of homes that pushes up the prices. >> pizza hut announces they are making healthy choices to the menu, they will stop using meats that include two types of preservetives and removing chicken made withcs and cheese. coming up we'll check the accuweather forecast, looking live outside from sky 6 hd, a pretty picture of penn's landing tonight. cecily tynan has the accuweather forecast. she has the details.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan has the forecast it was hot today, and a lot of folks like it. it was hot and it wasn't humid. it didn't feel that bad to people, especially when you get in the shade and the sunshine is bright on sky 6 hd looking at the commodore barry bridge, and the cumulous beginning to pop up and temperatures inland rising into the upper 80s. 88 in wilmington and 86 in allentown and 85 in reading. certainly on the warm side and
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the beaches with the wind off the ocean, the ocean temperature is in the 50s cooling the beach off to 71 in cape may and 73 in beach haven. dew points show you though that it's unusually dry, dew points almost at spring time levels, philadelphia 49 degrees, that is a dry air mass and you'll notice closer to the coast you get the ocean influence dew points closer to 70 degrees, but the dew point continue to drop in the overheight hours and it will be comfortable tonight and good night to open up the windows, if you don't have allergies, let the breeze blow in. see this spin right here? that is still that low pressure that used to be tropical storm bonnie and that is now suppressed to the south thanks to the cold front from rolled through. and that brings us the more comfortable dry air mass. overnight low is 66 in philadelphia and 60 in allentown, and 65 in wilmington
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and 63 in cape may, and again that lowering humidity, pretty comfortable and tomorrow wall-to-wall sunshine. a beautiful sunshine, the day planner showing at 8:00, 71 and 2:00, 80 and 5:00, 83 and dropping down to 76 at 8:00 with lots of sunshine and low humidity. tomorrow kicks off tropical storm season and we have already had two named storms and the season officially begins tomorrow and as you look at the atlantic, nothing all that organized. all three of the major forecasters at colorado state and accuweather and noah are forecasting a slightly above hurricane season. accuweather calling for 14 named storms and eight hurricanes and four hurricanes reaching category three or higher. this is a big shift from the past three years when we had a slow hurricane season. what is happen weg we go from el
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niƱo to la nina. with the warmer water it looks like the hurricane season will last well into november. typically we get a big drop-off in september. so the five-day at 5:00 showing tomorrow plenty of sunshine and comfortable and a beautiful day, 83 degrees and thursday still nice and a mixture of sun and clods and friday we get a cold front moving through and that brings us more clouds and showers and thunderstorms, and 76, we have sinking air on saturday and that brings us a good amount of sunshine, 82 degrees and sunday showers and thunderstorms develop with a high of 79 degrees and monday temperatures may start to trend downward, i'll talk more about that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thanks cecily. >> thank you. more "action news" coming your way.
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"action news" continue with immediate hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. the supreme court issues a
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ruling that impacts more than 1,000 workers in atlantic city. and a local boy is recognized for supporting his sister who has cancer. and who is cracking down on heat speech. we'll see the change on twitter and facebook and other sites that they are making. and presumptive republican nominee for president, donald trump released information on money raised for veterans. stephanie ramos is live in washington, d.c. tonight with the latest on the campaign trail. >> reporter: rick, donald trump watched an all out attack on the press while giving details about who received the funds he raised for veterans how much and when. donald trump unveiled his veteran charity list. >> raised a tremendous amount of money for the vets, almost $6
5:31 pm
million, all that has been paid out. >> some contributions from trump himself. >> trump says he raised the funds for vets in iowa now he is releasing the names of the group he paid. >> i didn't want to have credit for it, i'm the only one in the world that raises $6 million from the veterans and have uniform applause from the veterans group and then criticized by the press. >> the presidential candidate attacking the press for quote, making him look bad. i have never received such bad publicity for doing a good job. >> sleazy and dishonest is how he described the media. and veterans outside of trump tower protesting the real estate mogul it's not about the money but integrity. >> he got caught lying about the money he raised for veterans, we were here last week calling him
5:32 pm
out and now he is scrambling to explain himself. >> hillary clinton is off the trail but will soon head out west to try and secure the delegates she will need to secure the nomination and bernie sanders is putting all of his efforts into next week's primary to try and prevent that. right now in california, there are two lawsuits against trump university, a federal court releasing the details on how the university was marketed. trump now calling how the judge handled the case unfair. >> thank you. also, today the supreme court rejected a case that the union brought against a former trump casino in atlantic city, more than 1,000 works from the taj mahal argued that trump entertainment illegally took away their benefits and wages. they said it was part of their
5:33 pm
bankruptcy filing and billionaire carl icahn has stepped in to buy the casino. in surveillance video, you can see gunmen here forcing employees to the ground. and it happened on bethlehem hike in chestnut hill. one man stole cash from the register and the other man got cash and a cell phone from the employees. and the robbery was just after closing time and the thieves got away. we just got new details about a home invasion in prospect park. he is known as popo, police say that three men broke into the home on lafayette avenue. a gunman held the family at gun point while searching for valuables. at one time the police cruiser collided with the suspect's vehicle and that officers suffered minor injuries.
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and police are looking for suspects that robbed two victims in the feltonville section of the city. as they left the bar. the suspects took cash, a purse and a cell phone and even the victim's sneakers, both suffered minor injuries and it happened at 1:30 in the morning on may 23rd. firefighters are waiting to determine what caused a fire at the american legion post yesterday, the five alarm blaze broke out on orthodox street in the frankford section of the city. 20 to 30 veterans in the city were wrapping up a memorial banquet suffering smoke inhalation while battling the blaze. despite already being denied a permit. the poor people's economic rights campaign plans to march, they will meet at city hall on july 257b8g, the opening day of
5:35 pm
the convention. the group wants to shed light on the city's unemployment and homeless issues. the city says the permit was denied because it could shout down traffic during rush hour. bob casey is looking to prepare for a possible outbreak of the zika virus in our area. casey says we need to be proactive and start now with a plan to fight back against zika. experts predict that the mosquito born virus could hit hard this summer. they spoke about the development of a rapid test to diagnose zika. there is a new initiative in west philadelphia to help senior citizens at the ralston center that provides them with services is now doing more. today along with mayor jim kenney they officially launched the new program, to improve the quality of life and well being of philadelphia seniors.
5:36 pm
lets get a check of the commute home on a tuesday night. matt pellman is live with an update. >> it's very confusing, the vine street expressway is jam the the length both ways, end of story. the traffic here on 676 and the vine will close again tonight and the next three nights for construction starting at 11:00. 422 westbound side bumper to bumper traffic from 202 from oaks to 29, just off of 422 on 29 itself collegeville road an accident scene this afternoon and a crash in phoenixville shutting down bridge street by molly mcguires and stick with prospect or church. this is 295, as you head southbound some typical slowing by the black horse pike and at 9:00 tonight the southbound lanes of 295 are said schooled to close at is the 42 freeway. if you are out and about, i
5:37 pm
wouldn't use 295, head to 30 or the 551 spur or the new jersey turnpike an easier alternate to 295 southbound. >> thank you sir. a local family's life was forever changed after a very special moment with pope francis when he came to philadelphia last september and the support for them continued today. >> there you go. congratulations. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> 5-year-old dominic took the only and was named a special deputy u.s. marshal in center city. for being the best big brother to his sister gina who battled back from a brain tumor. an fbi agent friends with the family arranged this blessing. today's honor for dominic was to let him know just how special he is too. >> he always had a smile on his face and a hug for his sister and an inspiration for us and
5:38 pm
kristin every single day. >> absolutely. pope francis was briefed on gina's progress. and scary moments when a driver intensely runs over a motorcycle. what happened before the hit and run. and jeff skversky is live with the villanova wildcats and has more on the meeting with the president this afternoon. it was a sunny and warm day, the afternoon high was e 10 degrees above normal. all the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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we have a developing story in philadelphia now. police are investigating the suspicious death of a 77-year-old man. chopper 6 hd is over the scene there. the man was found unresponsive
5:42 pm
in his home suffering from head trauma and pronounced dead later. the neighbor first reported a commotion at the home sunday night and police did not find anything at that time and the victim's son checked on his father after not hearing from him in a few days. after not hearing from him he called police and found him on the floor of the home. stay with and "action news" for more details. an apparent dangerous road rage incident was caught on camera. a driver deliberately running down two people on the motorcycle and speeding off. it happened yesterday in tampa florida, the person recording the video says the motorcycle driver confronted the other driver after they cut him off. >> people are crazy. anywhere your life can end instantly. they arrested the driver a few
5:43 pm
miles away and the people on the motorcycles were taken to the hospital. all right now to a consumer alert tonight, general mills voluntarily recalling several brands of flour. investigators are looking into 20 reports of illnesses in 20 states since december. they all have the same strain of e. coli, and that they ate gold medal flour and all purpose flour. the recall is out of an abundance of caution. what a day for our villanova wildcats, wow this cap its off. >> not every day the president of the united states says come over to my house but he did. and this is how the wildcats spent their tuesday. our jeff skversky also hanging out at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. hey jeff. >> reporter: hey jaime,
5:44 pm
president barack obama calls the villanova wildcats a team for the ages as they honored the national champ today and packed his speech with a lot of jokes and after all he said that villanova busted his bracket. welcome to the white house, the blue and white house today because we are giving it up for the 2016 ncaa champion, villanova wildcats! coach wright and this team treated us to as memorable a run and as memorable a championship game as i can remember. >> mr. president after the game we had a big president conference but nothing like this. this is big time. >> as a thank you nova gave a pair of jerseys and a picture of jenkins game winner.
5:45 pm
>> to experience it with this team is an experience to remember forever. >> topping it off at the white house is unbelievable. and something that doesn't happen every single day. we are live at the white house, jeff skversky. >> it was great to see them with the president. back to work for the birds, the final voluntary workouts until next week all important mandatory mini camp. and all eyes will be on these guys, bradford and wentz. bradford threw a couple of interceptions, but given that there is no quarterback competition. >> they are great dudes, we have a really good room.
5:46 pm
having chase in the room for me and carson both it's great. because he has been in the system and obviously carson has been great. he is a great kid and really talented. it's fun working with him and trying to help him and sharing bits of information i have picked up along the way. >> it's a sad day for the flyers organization in what was a sad year. flyers legend rick mcleash passed away at age 66 after battle illness. he will be remembered for scoring the winning goal in the first flyers stanley cup win. he was remembered as one of the greatest players we ever had. >> a very skilled player, a natural ability. and he is probably one of the top four natural, as far as natural ability goes on our team. >> the flyers are still recovering from it's loss of ed snider, a sad time for that
5:47 pm
organization. people are talking about last night's seattle mariner's game, a 92-year-old ceremonial pitched, in honor of the team. they asked burkewaldron to throw out the first pitch and he threw a zinger. he served at pearl harbor and is a world war ii veteran. changes are coming to social media, we'll show you how they are combatting hate speech. and at a burging ton, new jersey post office an employee is stepping down. and stepping out live at penn's landing, gorgeous, blue skies and puffy clouds and cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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twitter and youtube have all pledged to combat hate speech. they signed a new code of conduct to stop recent violent viral content from going viral. they will remove it if necessary. the platforms are teaming up with the european union saying that terrorist groups are using
5:51 pm
the internet to radicalize young people. cecily tynan is here now with another check of the forecast. tomorrow looks like a beauty too. >> tomorrow will be the nicest day, a little cooler than today. lots of sunshine and low humidity, stormtracker 6 live double scan show that we have dry conditions out there. and the action cam taking a look -- and kind of eavesdropping on a bird taking a bath out there. birds have to stay cool as well, it's certainly a very warm day, philadelphia 87 degrees, down from the high of 88 which is 10 degrees above normal and allentown 86 and reading 85 and wilmington 88, and the ocean temperature a cool 57 and cape may currently 70 and beach haven 74 degrees, we have eight day as in a row of above normal temperatures, you see how the pattern changed last week, and last week temperatures for the month were running 4 degrees below normal and now we are only
5:52 pm
1 degree below normal but this will be the first month with below normal temperatures in 13 months. barely below thanks to the recent warm trend. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have cleared out the tropical moisture from what used to be tropical storm bonnie that is suppressed to the south. and that means tonight is a comfortable night. low humidity and mostly clear skies and if you don't have allergies, a good night to open the window and let the breeze blow in, 60s in the cooler suburbs and 66 for sent steer and tonight is a good night to look to the southeast sky with a naked eye, you will be able to see mars and if you have a backyard telescope you'll see the surface of the red planet, big and bright, only 36.8 million miles away, that is the closest it has been to earth in 11 years, the best viewing at
5:53 pm
midnight when mars is high in the sky, but you really can see it after twilight, look south-southeast. and the good news is, the moonlight is until 2:00 in the morn and mars does not have to compete with the moon. take a look up and see it. tomorrow mostly sunny and low humidity and a beautiful day, 83 in philadelphia, cooler than today. and 84 in allentown and 70 in cape may. if you head to watch the union game tomorrow at 7:00 it should be beautiful. partly cloudy and comfortable at the start of the game. 78 degrees and by the finish dropping down to 70. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, plenty of sunshine tomorrow and comfortable for the union and phillies and i'm heading to the zoo to feed the hippos should be perfect for that. thursday we mix with clouds and a nice day, seasonable and 79 degrees, on friday a cold front will bring us mostly cloudy skies and showers and thunderstorms and 76 degrees and
5:54 pm
we get sinking air and saturday is the pick of the weekend and plenty of sunshine and warm 82 degrees, right now it looks like sunday could be on the wet side, with showers and thunderstorms a high of 79 degrees, clouds will break for spine on monday with a high of 80 and thursday partly sunny and high of 79 degrees, no heat waves in sight but generally above average temperatures. >> hello june. >> that's right. >> thanks. be sure to stay with from hourly forecast to stormtracker 6 live double scan. well, for 46 years he has been a symbol of dedication and reliability in beverly, new jersey, today david harker is retiring from his job at the postal service. he was given a service award and commendations for his work as a mail carrier and later a sales and service associate.
5:55 pm
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ask their doctor about once-daily namenda xr and learn about a free trial offer at golfers experience quite the adrenalin rush while playing in florida. they came across this giant alligator strolling across the course in palmetto. they thought it was a joke but realized it was the real deal. it was 15 feet long and the giant alligator is somewhat of a regular on the court. >> it's his neighborhood. >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. a delaware teen is charged in a crash that injured seven people including six students and a woman's body weighted down by a cinder block is discovered in a chester county pond. and a teenager appears before a judge today and we'll have that story. that and more coming up next.
5:58 pm
for monica malpass and the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams, have a nice evening.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. tuesday night and vandals slash tires on vehicles in the may fair section of philadelphia. and the villanova wildcats visit the white house. but the big story is the latest on the crash in newcastle delaware, a total of seven people were hurt and six of them
6:00 pm
students when two cars crashed head-on just before 8:00 this morning. one was being driven by a 16-year-old student, who is since charged with driving without a license. chad pradelli is live at william penn high school in newcastle where five of the six injures students go to school. >> reporter: you saw the video there, this was one nasty crash, it was write remarkable when we learned everyone will be okay. the impact caved in the front of both vehicles, one 16 was trapped for nearly an hour before first responders finally cut her loose. five william penn high school students were taken to the hospital and all are in fair condition and one has already been treated and


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