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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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students when two cars crashed head-on just before 8:00 this morning. one was being driven by a 16-year-old student, who is since charged with driving without a license. chad pradelli is live at william penn high school in newcastle where five of the six injures students go to school. >> reporter: you saw the video there, this was one nasty crash, it was write remarkable when we learned everyone will be okay. the impact caved in the front of both vehicles, one 16 was trapped for nearly an hour before first responders finally cut her loose. five william penn high school students were taken to the hospital and all are in fair condition and one has already been treated and released.
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>> we are just very relieved that none of the injuries appear to be life-threatening, we know that two of the students were siblings and the family is at the hospital as is an assistant principal from william penn. >> reporter: the driver of the suv crossed the median and hit the pickup head-on. the cause is under investigation but the 16-year-old driver is charged failure to maintain his lane and driving without a license, insurance and registration. >> it appears the students were on their way to school. martin weeks was driving the pickup and was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. william penn students began hearing about the incident mid-day and were relieved there was no serious injuries. >> i was trying to keep myself updated. i was glad they are okay. >> we are not naming the 16-year-old driver charged in
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the crash because he is a juvenile. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you chad, philadelphia police need your help tracking down this man. 55-year-old, malik bailey, he is wanted for beating a 58-year-old woman and sexually assaulting the woman's 13-year-old daughter in the morning. the rampage when on on pratt street in frankford. the teenager told police she was assaulted in her bathroom in the basement before she managed to escape. >> during the assault she was screaming for her mother and got no response from her mother. >> s.w.a.t. teams found the woman lying in her bed and was bleeding profusely from her head and face and the victim was taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition. bailey as a minor police record that includes theft but nothing as violent as the incident this
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morni morning. >> and now the discovery of a woman in the creek, the district attorney says someone threw this woman away like a piece of trash. vernon odom is live on zebra road. what is the story there? >> reporter: no idea yet as to who the woman was or how all of this went down, she was tied to a cinder block and dumped in a creek. police don't know -- all they know it's a complete disregard for human life. this peaceful pond along zebra road in east coventry township is the picture of rural tranquility. but on memorial day a horrific discovery, a body of a woman tied to a cinder block in the creek. neighbors have no idea who she is. >> i'm afraid to leave my door open at night, we could leave
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our doors open at night but this is so unsettling. >> this is part of pigeon creek, children swam here sunday afternoon and there was no body, and she was dumped here sometime overnight and no water was in her lungs that means she was brought here dead already. no signs of bullet wounds or blunt force trauma or strangulation. the d.a. is asking for toxicology reports and asking for the public's help. >> we need your help, she was thrown away like trash, we have to find out how she died and who was involved. >> they say she is an african-american female before 25 and 35 years old. 5'6" tall and 100 pounds and short hair. here is the jewelry she was wearing, see if you recognize it. bracelets on both wrists and these rings on her fangers, this
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is an enhanced picture of the tattoo on her left shoulder. neighbors want this cleared upright away. >> hope they find out and find whoever is the person who started it. jim, county detectives and local police say there has been no missing person reports that fit this description here, they are asking for help. if anyone recognizes anything from those pictures you just saw. live in east coventry township, chester county, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the 16-year-old girl charged with criminally negligent homicide could be charged as an adult. she appeared in court this morning, the only person believed to have struck joyner francis in a girl's bathroom last month.
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the hearing to see if she will be tried as an adult will be in july. there is a new space at peco headquarters dedicating to empowering the future. they celebrated the grand opening of their innovation lab, the lab provides a space for employees to develop projects to improve peco's current electric and natural gas system and provide solutions for customers. four employees were recognized for their ideas, selected for further research at peco. to the victor goes the spoils and today the spoils include a visit to the white house and a personal congratulations from a guy who really enjoys basketball and that would be president barack obama. jeff skversky is at the white house, a big day for the wildcats and jay wright jeff -- >> reporter: jim, 31 years after
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villanova won the national championship and met president ronald reagan back then, they are back to meet president barack obama who honored the national champs, called their final win one of the most memorable games he could remember in his lifetime and even jokes about jay wright and a bunch of the players because they busted his brackets. >> welcome to the white house and i guess it is the blue and white house because we are giving it up for the 2016 ncaa champion villanova wildcats! [ applause ] we have the best dressed man in college basketball. [ applause ] the george clooney of coaches -- jay wright. and today we celebrate a remarkable team that worked tirelessly to make coach look good in terms of his job and not just his wardrobe. >> on batch of the entire nova
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family we want to thank you and your staff for inviting us to the white house. this is a great day for villanova university. >> during the ceremony, villanova basketball gave the president two number 44 jerseys they wore during a game at pearl harbor and took a tour of the white house and we'll hear about this coming up in sports. this was a long time coming for josh hart and went to school with obama's daughter, malia, and when he went to visit the school, hart was sleeping in the locker room and missed out on a chance to shake his hand. we'll talk about that coming up in sports. jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. coming up on "action news" tonight. it is a major road project that is detoured traffic and pedestrians, we'll check in on the progress to replace bridges that span the vine street expressway. and remembering flyers gait rick
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leash that died at the age of 66. and we hit a warm 88 degrees, 10 degrees above average and i'm tracking cooler weather on the way and a return to storminess. >> those stories and more within "action news" continues tonight.
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about a dozen car owner as long a stretch of tyson avenue in may fair section of philadelphia had a bad start to the day. someone slashed their tires overnight. one owner thinks he may have captured a suspect on his home
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surveillance camera. if you know anything about these slashings you are urged to call philadelphia police. new at 6:00 tonight, it began in april of 2015 and won't be done until at least 2019 and it's a huge and complex road and bridge project over the vine street expressway we make it a point to check in with construction periodically, here is john rawlins with an update. >> reporter: the project is kind of a balancing act. every day keeping 11,000 parkway drivers moving and seven bridges that span 876 are replaced. making tough turns on a bicycle tough. >> it's hard at night through rush hour. >> tough as a grandparent. >> i run with a stroller. >> tomorrow workers are due to
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begin pouring concrete on this newly completed steel deck across from the library, by mid summer the hope is it will be a key element and prompt a slight shift in the 20th street traffic pattern. traffic on 20th breaks ever so slightly to the left in the work zone. come mid summer, that traffic is moved to the right on the portion of the bridge and the current travel lanes will become the new bike zone. >> we need to get the new bridge completed to a point where we can shift the traffic on the new bridge and do the rest of 20th street. 20th street pedestrians will not see a shift for now. the $65 million project is on time with two stages and 15 phases of construction it's not slated to be done until 2019. a south jersey health care worker helping so many in the
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past is in need and a local rescue crew is trying to help. the monroe operation is holding a round the clock food drive, for this woman. she is out of work five months because of back surgery and is taking care of five young children. >> this lady spent most of her job helping others and charity say huge part of her life and now us in the community need to be charitable towards her. >> food donations can be dropped off at the rescue station at corkry lane in williamstown, new jersey. to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend...
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villanova at the white house looked like great fun. kind of botched ryan arcidiacono's name and compared jay wright to a hollywood sex symbol but hearing president obama talking about our wildcats
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was pretty darn neat. lets go to jeff skversky who was there to capture every moment. >> reporter: hey jaime, barack obama the president of the united states, says this villanova basketball team was a team for the ages and feels should strongly about it because this villanova team actually busted his bracket. >> this team possessed something that coaches preached in day one and that is attitude. in life you can't control what happens to you but you control how you respond to it. and that is what be saw all year from the team. a heart a champion. so congratulations to the wildcats for an unbelievable season and then there is ryan arcidiacono -- now, i just sped through that in case i didn't say it right. barack obama is tough but --
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ryan arcidiacono that is a lot of vowels in there. >> reporter: yes, it is mr. president. ryan arcidiacono not the easiest name to say even for the president. after meeting president obama they took a tour of the white house where arch says he doesn't mind the president mispronouncing his name. >> it's something i'll remember for the rest of my life. >> it's a dream come true for all of us in the nova nation to be here today and to meet the president and all of his staff who are amazing people. >> reporter: jay wright says this day was better than the parade, as a thank you they gave the president two number 44 jerseys that they won during a game in pearl harbor. >> jay looks like he could run for office. back to work for the birds, no
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flexor cox and no darren sproles. carson wentz and company getting ready for the season, and each other's tendency, there may not be a quarterback competition but that doesn't mean it's not competitive. >> we view this as every day to get better and at the end of the day it makes the team better, to push each other and work together. that only makes the team better that is something we have going here that is really special. >> first they lost ed snider and now the flyers mourn rick macleish, passed away at 66 after battling illness. he spend 12 seasons in the orange and black and led them in both goals and points in both of their stanley cup runs. >> he scored the winning goal for us to win the stanley cup. like i said he wasn't really a
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boisterous guy and let his actions speak for themselves. and led the organization. >> a sad few months for the flyers organization. a popular event is returning to montgomery county. describe attorney kevin steele announced that the travis manon run would be held in norristown on june 11th. manon was a bucks county native killed in iraq in 2007 and steele will run the race and invarietiesed others to join in.
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we are in the middle of a conversation here, we are starting june tomorrow. >> that is correct. >> it will bust out all over. >> and it's going to be very nice, a nicer start to june than may. that is for sure. not tough to do. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we have dry sunny conditions out there. and the action cam is taking a look at the gazebo in fairmount park and blue skies and sunshine and a little bit a breeze and definitely on the warm side today. but the nice thing is that dew points are dropping quickly, when we get dew points below 50 degrees this time of year, that is a dry air mass, the dew point is holding at 49 in philadelphia and saw in allentown, and it's ocean influence though, dew points are higher down the shore but with winds from the northwest dew points continue to dropover night leading to a comfortable night and a wonderful wednesday, it doesn't
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get better than this in june. we are looking at wall-to-wall sunshine tomorrow and low humidity at 2:00, 80 degrees. by 5:00 reaching our high of 83 degrees, still above normal and schooler than today. really a gorgeous day. right now it's warm out there. 86 degrees from our high of 88, 10 degrees above normal. trenton 86 and wilmington the same and cape may with the wind off the ocean and the ocean temperature 56 and the temperature in cape may currently 71 degrees, what a change at the end of the month, we have eight days in a row now of above normal temperatures, most of may was on the school side and this time last week the month was running below normal and now we have trimmed that back the month ending 1 degree below normal. but the first month in 13 months averaging below normal temperatures. satellite 6 along with action radar showing there is still
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remnant low of what used to be tropical storm bonnie, you can see that spinning in north carolina. but not throwing tropical moisture here because we have the cold front moving through last night. that is suppressing the low pressure to the south and high pressure is moving in and tonight mostly clear and a mild night. if you don't have allergies, the great night to open the windows, overnight low down to 60s in the suburbs and 66 for center city and looking good and tonight is a great night not for star gazing but planet gazing, the red planet, a great view of mars. it's 36. 8 million miles from earth, the closest it has been in 11 years. best time to view it is after midnight but any time after twilight look to the south-southeast. if you have a backyard telescope you'll be able to see the surface of mars, i posted about this on my facebook page, last night we have the clouds, and
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this week with the clear skies tonight and tomorrow night, it's looking really nice. high pressure is building down from canada than brings us gorgeous weather, plenty of sunshine and comfortable and 83 degrees inland and temperatures in the 70s at the shore and more in the way of clouds and partly cloudy skies and high of 79 that front with showers and thunderstorms on friday. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, just beautiful tomorrow and sunny and comfortable and 83 degrees and thursday very nice, 79 on friday, and the cold front will bring us showers and thunderstorms and 76 and saturday looking beautiful. and sunday 79 degrees with showers and thunderstorms and clear things out monday afternoon and tuesday partly sunny and a high of 75. a comfortable start to june the next few days should be beautiful. 60 philadelphia students
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were in the spotlight at the district attorney's office, seth williams saluted them for being champions of change. for taking a stand against bullying. the youngsters work in their schools to resolve conflict peacefully and got a visit from the philly phanatic. david muir is next with world news on channel 6. and we continue "action news" at 10:00 with brian taff, and ducis rogers. and join us here tonight at 11:00 on channel 6. i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking developments in the child and the gorilla. what the cincinnati police have just now revealed. after that 3-year-old boy falls, the gorilla then shot and killed. investigators now say they are reviewing the actions of the parents. also breaking tonight, the deadly rampage. police talking just a short time ago, after the young army sergeant opens fire. multiple victims. they now say 212 rounds. donald trump's promise of millions for veterans. was it kept? tonight, he makes his case and then takes aim with the cameras rolling. the school bus scare, crashing down a 30-foot embankment. the children trapped. >> the bus just crashed into a house. and caught in the act. what three women say they witnessed in a suburban american restaurant. tonight, what this man is accused of doing to h


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