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tv   Nightline  ABC  June 2, 2016 12:37am-1:06am EDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, she had a picture perfect life, getting paid big bucks to post. but now the popular mommy blogger says she was living a lie. >> it consumed my life. >> stage, shot and filters for likes. zblnchs plus meet the guys making millions by selling their products on amazon. we go inside one company moving 20,000 packages a way, adjusting their prices by the hour. and finally same of sexism. he's back in the dead and has a lot to say. john snow feeling the sting of sexism. but first, the "nightline" five. >> if your family outing is magical for all the wrong
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it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. good evening. thanks for joining us. tonight, one mommy blogger revealing the truth behind the glossy image of perfection we saw on her social media. the polishes smiles, yummy meals she says were often bought and paid for my advertisers.
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but the stress of chasing the lucrative sponsors turned her family life into a charade. >> she had the picture perfect life on social media. the 27-year-old mother of three, creator of the blolg, american mama, shares beautiful pictures from birthday party to exotic family vacations, but now she says it was all on elaborate rooz. >> it took over so much of my life. it had up to 50,000 unique viewers and i was making $1500 per blog post. >> she was an online celebrity of sorts who companies paid to post about their products. >> i was posting photos that was happy because i needed the post. you're taking pictures and thinking how can i spin it into a story? if we weren't having a good time, i needed the photos. >> she says the facade went too
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far when sponsoring for every photo op squeezed the joy out of her family. she said this is a faked father's day post far tea company. >> we had to do it a month out so i had the photos edited on time for father's day. it wasn't authentic or on father's day. it felt stage directed. >> reporter: finally she quit, writing a fair well blog that went. exploezing. she writes 90% of the fake nonsense i used to share on the internet writing about my fake life and oh so happy major, they are pure [ bleep ]. she says why do you put exclamation points after every [ bleep ] sentence. you're not that happy? there's a world of super influencer on social media from bloggers and celebrities to
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average teens. companies seek them out to subtly or not so subtly advertise to their millions of followers. >> the curious, rich, lav us, superior. it's the white gold. >> on the low end, she says sponsors pay $125 for a post, but for someone like scott disic who has over $16 million, he can reportedly earn as much as 20 k for a single post. he's famous for dating a kardashian and for his drunken exploits featured on keeping up with the kardashians, but here he accidentally posted the sponsor's instructions. he wrote here you go. at 4:00 p.m. eastern standard time write the blow. caption, keeping up with the summer workout routine with my shake. it was trying not to look like an ad that josie says felt so dishonest for her. >> you not really having a good time in the moment with the people that you're spending your
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time with. it's just a photo shoot. >> what josie is expressing about the insincerity of her posts is a problem with all social media. we have this habit of only posting the most perfect images that make our lives look incredible. even adele chastised a fan for not being in the moment. >> can you stop filming me with the cam va? i'm here in real life. you can enjoy it in real life. >> it seems more and more people are feeling disconnected from their real lives. one study shows more time on social media correlates with more feelings of loneliness and depression. >> i was miserable. i had it all and i was miserable, because when you let yourself be defined by numbers, you let yourself be defined by something that is not pure. >> i quit social media for my 12-year-old self-. >> her 19-year-old self-attracted more than a half
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million followers, a glamorous cool teenager seemingly living the life. >> taking myself off social media is a wakeup call for anyone and everyone who follows me. >> she said it would be her last youtube post and she would shut it doin. she deleted most of the thousands of photos own her insta gram account, and the few she left up, she changed the captions to reveal what was going on. >> she writes, not real life. took over 100 in similar poses trying to make my stomach look good. and there is nothing accident about trying to look zen, taking a photo of you trying to be zen and proving your zen on instagram. she dabbled in social media as a between. >> it was a selfie that i put up, and i remember it clearly
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hoping it would get some likes. >> she got so many likes she started getting paid to post. something she realized many of her followers didn't even know. >> like what, paid instagram purse? and then i was like, people don't know this? >> she says it's one of the reasons for her change of heart. >> i was talking to my sister. she's 14. i said to her this thing like when i was your age, i looked at models and looked in the mirror thinking am i like them? why aren't i like them, and she burst out in tears and said i did that. >> an outpouring of support online from all over the world. the gratitude prompting her to make one more video post. >> i feel so grateful that this is being spread, that this is getting out there. >> reporter: she said she never intended to create a big fuzz. >> i think if people understood the effort and time to
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perfecting your life, that wouldn't be so aspirational. i think the reality is quite sad. >> this girl is standing up for other girls and giving them permission to stop trying to be so perfect online. she's saying this is fake. what we're doing is fake, and you don't have to feel badly about yourselves. nobody can look like me without trying so hard. >> but her move triggered detractors saying the regret was fake, accusing of her wanting more attention. >> this is the videos i want to put out for me. >> seven month later, she's still living life offline. and josie, the american mama is also facing a lot of backlash as well from other mommy bloggers saying you're a sick, sick person. i feel sorry for your children. >> reporter: today she says she's much happier writing act her new real life without the burden of having to attract
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sponsors. >> that comes across in my writing. i'm able to open up about the insecure and dark parts of my life from my past. i'm able to tell stories and relate to people and help people because i'm in a confident place emotional emotionally. >> up next, how these buddies are making over $100 million a year pumping out packages on amazon. >> and the hollywood star who wants to be seen as more than just another hunk. ♪ over here, kids. you. here. in you go. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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amazon, it's now virtually
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synonymous with online shopping. you about to meet five online buddies who shaved pennies off per purchase. rebecca jarvis shows us how to get the most online bang for your buck. >> reporter: prepare me. >> you're going to see organized chaos. >> reporter: this is wild. row after row of can vaier belts. shipping your order of lip balm and whatever it is you need. at some of the cheapest prices on the internet. >> when i order something on amazon, what's the chances it's packed here? >> there's a good chance. >> reporter: we'll start over here. here is the 30,000 warehouse in new york, a company launched in 2010 by andrew and his four best friends. >> we went into this not knowing
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a single thing about e-commerce or technology. we said let's sell online. >> reporter: now they're the biggest u.s. seller on amazon, shipping more than 20,000 packages a day. every 45 minutes you change the price. >> our systems are changing prices whether it's increasing prices, decreasing prices, market demand or we're getting better deals or buying better, that's how we drop prices. >> reporter: you heard that right. they're taking penny pinches to the bank. they discount thousands of products down to the cent online. changing prices every 45 minutes, all to get you clicking and to give you the best deal. >> we're currently $130 million company. we're going to finish off the year about 160 million. next year we'll be at 280 million, and we'll probably be at a half a billion to the next three to four years. >> reporter: their computer
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system spots a trend for a product. say this eos lip balm has it's becoming more and more popular, as people are buying, they will adjust their price over and over. before you know it, $4.97, the best price on amazon. as for sorting it out in their warehouse, they can technology handling that too. >> you have to be very organized. >> the platform we built organizes it for us in a way where everyone knows exactly where to put what and how many to put and what to take. >> reporter: do you think people realize when they check out of amazon they're buying what it is, that that order might be getting filled by five guys in queens? >> i love the fact that that is happening. but probably not. i think people are logging on because they want to just get their items at a low cost. >> reporter: and it's not just toilet paper and tooth paste being sold at bargain prices on
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amazon and online. bargains for trendy items have become a big business for people like this deal hunter, allie lavine. we tag along in l.a. as she cruises her favorite stores for inspiration. >> leather jacket is an essential for every season. it was originally 108, and now it's knocked down to $64, and i love the suede, and they're a great neutral. $90 is a little bit hefty. and for gladiator sandal. we'll see if we can do better. love this tassel necklace. great color. 36. let's see if we can beat it. >> reporter: she hops online to find the same looks for less. tassel necklace we saw in the stores for $36. and here on amazon fashion, a nice long tassel necklace is $12.95. that's a deal, and you can even buy two and you're still going to be the beat the price of the store. the leather jacket when we were
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out there ran us for $108 originally and was marked down to 64. it was still a pretty good deal, but this leather jacket is $43.99. >> reporter: and the sandals? >> low and behold, these beautiful brand new trendy gladiator sandals are online for between $44 and $70, and in the stores we saw them for $70 to $90. so there's a deal right there. >> reporter: her hacks to bagging the biggest bargains? shop discount websites. >> discount has changed as a word from what it used to be before, and now it means inexpensive and chic. go and find the discount websites. for beauty. zulily for chews. >> makeup can be replaced.
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when you find makeup palettes or face masks, the mist spa for the face. you can't break the bank for it if you buy it in bulge. >> reporter: and mix the match for the best deals. >> 90% of the time i'm wearing mostly discounted with maybe one designer piece, and it's all how you tie it together. my celebrity clients trust my eye. if i bring them something designer or something that's from amazon and it looks great with their outfit, they're not going to question it. >> reporter: and always remember, if the lowest price is really what you're after, pause before you hit buy. >> amazon is betting on the fact that we're just out of time and we want to just replenish quickly and be on with our day. >> the buy now box isn't always the lowest. probably a better price than another store. so if you have a minute, scroll
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through all the different sellers. >> reporter: sellers like the best friends in queens, new york who can barely keep up with demand. >> we've outgrown this space and we're moving into a space five times as large in three months. >> reporter: five times the size of this place? >> yes. from 30,000 square feet to 132,000 square feet. >> a lot of people were laughing and said you have a pharmacy. you're opening another one. stick to that. >> reporter: who's laughing now? i'm rebecca jarvis in queens, new york. >> up next, the game of thrones star who is tired of being object if ied and how his complaints are being cut both ways. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think
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heart throb sparking a conversation about sexism, but this time it's about men. he's best known as the bastard
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warrior's son, jon snow on game of thrones kwth. >> it's the biggest season for him so far. he's featured prominently in this season. >> reporter: but in a candid interview he says in photo shoots when i'm asked to strip, i've felt the sexism. there's a double standard, and it's demeaning. i like to think of myself as more than a head of hair or a set of looks. he's been anti-hunk even before he sat down with my co-anchor, dan harris last april. >> what's the problem with being described as a hunk? >> i got into trouble for that. it's one of those things you say something and you didn't realize people would say on it. i decided i'm going to be a good little hunk and shut up. >> his comments didn't gain the support jon snow is used to. a feminist blog saying kit harington hung himself out to dry with some comments on sexism
1:05 am
and writing harrington seems to be missing the point of what actual sexism in hollywood is. others think he has a point about objectification. one saying you're right. there is a double standard. whether for his good lucks or his acting prowess, there's no doubt the brooding jon snow, alive and well, will continue to capture attention. >> and no doubt captivate audiences. thanks for watching abc news. as always, we're online at good night, america.


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