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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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delicate balancing act to get him out safely and that is next. this is the pennsbury pharmacy on new falls road in levittown. and, it looks like your basic, neighborhood pharmacy, and that it is. and, this morning it was the scene of a attempted robbery and a owner who refused to
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become a victim. it is friday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the armed bandit who was warned but who did not take heed and that led to the gun fire that killed him. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at falls township police and dann, so one robber is dead but accomplice is still at large. >> reporter: yes, well, jim that accomplice is at bucks county, correctional facility. pharmacy business has become a very dangerous business in light of the opiate epidemic. owner was keenly aware of that which is why he kept gun behind the counter. authorities say today, it paid off. >> i can say he performed a pun service, in taking out this fellow. that fellow asked for what he got and he got it. >> reporter: his alleged cohort did not serve identify but ken cold bureau did, his memory is fuss bye what happened and he doesn't know the man's name. he will to have explain that to the judge after being charged with criminal homicide
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for killing half his co conspirator. it happened around ten inside pennsbury pharmacy. police say owner kenneth lee watched from his surveillance system as two suspects, backed minivan in the parking lot out front. >> he then saw a subject, exiting, the passenger side of the van, wearing a mask. >> reporter: police say lee, followed a shotgun and grabbed his own gun and demanded as the man entered the pharmacy. >> owner yelled to himself times i'm armed do not come in the store. the subject then began to run toward the owner. >> reporter: lee opened fire killing the suspect. police say goldsboro, who was in the getaway vehicle did not hear gunfire and police quickly arrested him. meanwhile police are asking for public's help in identifying a dead man. they released this photo of his tattoo on his torso hoping someone will recognize him. as for lee he was questioned and released. neighbors applaud his courage. >> i'm glad he defended himself. i support guns and everything like that. for reasons like this. >> everything that we see at
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this point, this poor gentlemen, that poured hid heart and sole to open up this store, lone employee, he had no choice but to do what did he. he protected himself and his business. >> reporter: kim goldsboro has been remanded to the bucks county correctional facility without bail. meanwhile authorities are going to try to identified his alleged cohort through fingerprints. live from the falls township police in bucks county i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". >> thanks so much, dann. there were tense moments this afternoon, on a farm, in chesterfield township burlington county. crews spent three hours trying to rescue a man, who was trapped in a grain silo. finally, they got him out. "action news" reporter jeff chirico, tells the story. >> reporter: chris probasco smiled as he was wheeled in the ambulance after being trapped in a grain silo most of the afternoon. chopper six was over probasco farm in chesterfield township as emergency crews hoisted by ladder trucks worked to free
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the 71 year-old farmer. >> thinks probably one of your worst situations because we are working unstable substance. >> reporter: in an operation that took three hours crew where is lowered in the silo from the roof. they could not safely pull the farmer from the brain because of the extreme pressure. >> he wanted out, he just wanted out, and there is no quick way for us to get him out, due to the grain around him. we had to like i said encapsulate him, so the weight and that we we could get the grain out to pull him out. >> there is several people that lost their lives on it. >> reporter: this neighbor tells "action news" that the life long farmer was likely clearing a block age in the drain when he fell. >> standing on high top, trying to smoke it through it could break loose. >> reporter: a farm worker nearby push button preventing probasco from sin king further. once free he climbed out himself, his wife gave a thumb's up from the front seat of the ambulance. >> he is all co, nobody more embarrassed then anything else. >> reporter: he was brought to capitol health to be check out
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and was released. when i reached him by phone he told me he feels just fine and wanted to thank all of the first responders who helped him get out of what he called, his debacle. in trenton, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". fire fighters are looking into an apartment fire, in galloway township this evening. it began in the unit block of liberty court, at 5:00 o'clock and was extinguished just minutes later. the fire still managed to send two people to the hospital. half dozen high school students are nursing injuries tonight after their bus collided with a car after school. it happened in minquadale, at 3:30 near intersection of the thorn lane and thorn court. six children from william penn high school and driver of the car were taken to wilmington hospital for evaluation. fortunately, none of the injuries were life threatening. we could be in for some significant storms, this second half of the weekend. the meteorologist cecily tynan is live from the a "action
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news" big board. >> it will be somewhat unsettled weekend. the system i'm tracking for sunday is still across the midwest, low pressure is near minneapolis. this system is going to be pulling in on sunday and bringing us risk of strong or severe storms, late in the day and sunday night. now future tracker showing tomorrow afternoon we could have a few spotty showers, it will be one of those days we will see mix of clouds and sunshine and couple light showers in the afternoon. on sunday this storm system rolls in pieces. the first is a warm front, so 7:00 o'clock in the morning you can see there will be some rain around, perhaps a few downpours and then we will get a break in the action much of the day, however, late in the afternoon, and sunday night this is when that cold front will press in a head of it we have a surge of warm, humid air, behind it cool, dry air. that sets up the battle zone and we're looking at potential for some severe storms, with damaging wind, that is the greatest threat but also a
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threat of hail or an isolated tornado and enhanced threat is south and west of philadelphia so this is where we do have the greatest instability of our entire area is under a risk. i will break it down in the full accu weather seven day forecast, jim. >> thanks, cecily. members of the mohammed ali's family have have gathered at his bedside at a phoenix area hospital. there is no information coming from medical officials, safe to say, ali is suffering from respiratory issues that are complicated by parkinson's disease. but the associated press is reporting that two people familiar with his condition are saying that it may be more serious then his previous stays in the hospital. politics now, donald trump continues to lash out at the american judge overseeing one of the lawsuits against trump universities. trump has been provoking much criticism for his description of the judge gonzales cureo
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prompting opponents to call trump racist. trump told cnn that the judge has it in for him because trump says that the judge is mexican. >> this judge is giving us unfair rulings. now i say why? well, i want to work under the law. it is a war between mexico not another country. in my opinion, he is -- he has mexican heritage and he is real proud of it. >> in a rally in reading, california trump raised eyebrows in the way he pointed out one of his supporters in the crowds. it happened as trump was talking about an incident in march when a pro trump african-american, a salted a protester at a rally, and then he did this. >> look at my african-american over here, look at him, are you the greatest. you know what i'm talking about, okay. >> trump campaign official says trump was just giving a shout out to a supporters and there was no ill will, intend
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the. >> hillary clinton continued to ham's way at trump at get out a vote rally in west minister, california, referring to the controversy about trump and the judge, clinton says that the judge in the trump university case is doing his job. the job he was appointed to do and clinton says that trump university was an example of trump praying on people. clinton has opened up a double digit lead over trump in the latest national pole from routers ipsos. among likely voters since may ninth, that is last time trump held a slight edge. today clinton has a 46 percent to a 35 percent advantage, but noteably nearly 19 percent said they won't vote for either candidate. bernie sanders used a rally today to dig into donald trump's views on climate change. he said when he wasn't going bankrupt he was spending his time studying climate change and concluding it is a hoax.
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sanders was speaking to more than 200,000 people in total, in dozens of rallies in california, which, of course, holds its primary on tuesday. you can down load six abc news app this election season to get breaking news alerts from the campaign trail and live results on election night, six abc news app is a free down load for your mobile devices. maintenance man in south jersey elementary middle school is behind bars tonight on charges of child pornography. three two-year old michael noseayvlyan work as a contractor. he exchanged child porn with students at williamstown middle school, through a fraudulent facebook messenger account. police arrested the man yesterday, at white hall elementary school, sources tell "action news" that they believe that there are several more students, involved, then the ones who initially reported it. a 17 year-old student admitted in court today to
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setting fire to north penn high school in towamencin township last week. we are not identifying him because he is being sent through the juvenile justice system. the teen says that he set a stack of napkins on fire in a band storage room and left when he thought that the fire was out but it was not. officials say that the blaze spread, causing $800,000 in damage to the school and band instruments. it is being called the worst case of animal hording, ever in monmouth county tonight. at least 276 dogs, and counting, were found inside of a home in howell township. litter of puppies was born just minutes before help arrived. spca officials say the owners definitely cared for the animals but things clearly got out of control. crews set up a triage unit outside the home to evaluate the k-9's. vaccinated and micro chip the dogs before sending them to the monmouth county spca and
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requesting crates, blankets, food, and money to care for these dogs. prosecution has rested in the federal corruption trial of philadelphia congressman chaka fattah. the defense began making its case this afternoon, fattah says he is innocent of charges that he misused campaign fund and federal grant money to repay debts from his failed bid for philadelphia mayor. atlantic city show boat will reopen next month but only as a hotel, not as a casino. developer bart blatstein says 852 rooms will be available to the public in july. the show boat was one of the 41 casinos to close in 2014. if you will recall, stockton university original willly bought the property before selling to it blatstein for 23 million-dollar. philadelphia's beer week is officially underway. tonight, mayor jim kenney kicked off a ten day celebration at fillmore in fishtown, and in keeping with tradition, the hammer of glory
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arrived at 7:00 to tap the ceremonial first keg. setting the next ten days of special events in motion. in addition to a variety of locally produced beers on tap tonight, there was some live music, and plenty of food. residents from a chester county retirement community enjoyed a high school tradition tonight, 85 residents from the freedom village retirement community in coatsville were taken to coatsville area high school to watch the school's prom parade. this tradition dates back to the early 1980's. the seniors had front row seats as students arrived in the unique modes of transportation from boats, to tractor, all for much fun in coatsville. still to come on "action news" tonight devastating news tonight about the missing soldiers, in texas flood waters. plus in paris the famous lo uv e museum is race to go save artwork from rising flood waters. plus a father lunges at his daughter's killer and what
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he says about his courtroom acts. cecily. dew points are on the rise and higher humidity will have a impact on the role on sunday. i will break down timing and details from the shore and poconos from the accu weather seven day forecast. ducis rodgers with the phillies facing the milwaukee brewers trying to break that losing streak, and we will show you, what will be the most expensive apartment ever sold in philadelphia. that and much more when "action news" continues tonight. ♪ roll all summer with a classic -- dunkin's savory pork roll breakfast sandwich is back.
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this afternoon, refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a medium sweet tea, sweet tea lemonade, or original iced tea from dunkin'. sip one for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. death toll in fort hood is now nine. the bodies of four more, fort hood soldiers swept away in flood waters yesterday curing a training exercise have been found, and the army says that the bodies were found this afternoon, one day, after their truck overturn, in a rain swollen owl creek a at fort hood. five other soldiers were also found, dead, yesterday, and three are others are hospitalized in stable condition, and after being rescued. france's famous lo uv e museum is packing up 250,000
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pieces of artwork to save them from flood the water. the river which flows through the heart of paris rose 18 feet overnight and it is still going. it is at highest level in more than 30 years. france's president holland declared a natural disaster today, and the lourve mona lisa will stay dry in the up are floor. video shows a father lunging at the man who new lated and murdered his daughter, a convicted serial killer. it happened as the judge event isensed to michael madison to death eye by lethal injection. father began his statement saying i know i'm supposed to forgive this clown when the killer a allegedly started grinning and that insighted the rage. the prosecutors have not decided if they will charge the father, but today he says even if they do, it was worth it. is there troubling news today on the economic front, the employers added a meager
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38,000 jobs last month, the lowest number in five years and shockingly below expectations. while the unemployment rate fell from five to 4.7 percent, that is because half million jobless americans stopped looking for work, and so they are no longer counted as unemployed. on the other side of the spectrum, a penthouse condominium overlooking independent hall, has sold for 17.8 million-dollar and that sets a philadelphia record. the property at fifth and walnut street in society hill has two floors, and 8900 square feet. it has a private elevator, several balconies and rooftop terrace overlooking one of the most historic sites in america. the it has an automated garage that works like a big vending machine. if you don't drive by the way the property has, a driver. occupancy is scheduled to begin, next spring. to continue the tour of this ultra luxury penthouse, you can go to six
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there we have posted more than a dozen photographs showing what this record setting residents will look like. >> we need to get a sky six up there, did you see those views. you could watch the storms coming in, you could move the camera, that would be fantastic. >> well, we can talk to the building owner. can't talk to the owner of this apartment because that owner is anonymous. >> okay. we have to do something. >> we have work to do. >> i want to track the storms from up there we will have storms to track later on in the weekend. storm tracker six live double scan showing that we've got pretty quiet conditions out there we have a morning showers, and then the clouds, breaking right in time for views like this, sean posted this on my facebook page from pottstown, and great shot, of the sunsetting, the clouds clearing out nicely, temperatures not going anywhere. 71 degrees in philadelphia down from a die high of 75. reading 72. cape may cooler at 65 and
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trenton 67. satellite six with action radar is showing that we have a stalled front that is pushing a little bit down to the south, we have taken that included cover with it but storm system i'm tracking on sunday, this could really pack a punch. when you can see that swirl that comma shape, that shows that it is a pretty strong storm and this could bring us, some not only strong storms but potentially severe storms on sunday. saturday though the day planner is showing not a bad day. we will see a mix of clouds and sunshine. more clouds then sun. temperatures in the 80's, on the humid side with a possibility of a few isolated showers mainly in the afternoon, certainly not a wash out. future tracker showing on sunday morning we will likely have some showers, and potential for some heavier downpours as a warm front pushes through. then we have several hours, without any rain. it is not going to rain all day on sunday but late in the afternoon around 4:30, some pretty ferocious storms breaking out in the
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northwestern suburbs. it looks like a squall line between i-95 corridor around 7:30. off the coast by late sunday night. so what we're talking about is potential for strong to severe storms, severe storms could pack win gusts of 60 miles an hour. we could have flooding, downpours up to 2 inches. a slight chance of hail an even an isolated tornado. if you are down the shore tomorrow, not bad, some sunshine, again brief shower in the afternoon 74 degrees. sunday night gusty thunderstorms rolling through 76 degrees. race weekend in the poconos, tomorrow should be fine. mainly dry, 76 degrees. on sunday late in the day downpours with a high of 68 degrees. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, tomorrow more cloud then sunshine. it will be on the humid side with a high up to 84 degrees. possibility of a few late day showers. sunday humid. morning showers and strong storms late in the day and sunday night. behind the system lower
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humidity on monday 81 degrees. tuesday our next front bringing another round of afternoon thunderstorms 83. behind the system we will cool off dramatically. seventy-five on wednesday, and thursday 78, and friday backup to 80 degrees. people are asking me about the beyonce concert on sunday night? stay tuned to "action news" through the weekend because there could be problems with this storm. >> thanks, cecily. graduating seniors made school history tonight in philadelphia, the philadelphia school honored first ever graduating class, ceremony took place at the tom gola arena at lasalle, families gathered to celebrate the 900 graduate all of whom plan to attend college in the fall don't let dust and allergies get between you
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phillies/brewers. phillies desperate thely trying to break that losing streak. >> rough you very much thus far what a difference a week makes. may 25th phillies were five games above 500. they began today, two games under falling a seven game skid. tonight with the brewers phillies were hoping to turn back the clock. the perhaps they turn it back too far, the 70's night at citizens bank park. cameron rupp made to look like burt ren held in from the smock i and bandit. bandit wins, rupp with the solo home run. phillies take a one to nothing lead. by the way, i used to look like that. nice afro. miguel franco is lou rawls. you'll never fine a clutch hit like mine. and, franco with a rbi single.
11:28 pm
a andres blanco is tony from taxi, louie went yell at him for that. a three run home run. second of the season. phillies snapped the skid. they win six-three, and manager pete mackanin joke maybe they should keep those retro uniforms. >> you know, to football doug pederson met with the media following conclusion of the eagles latest ot a, sam bradford has gotten two thumbs up from the coach pederson. coach has said bradford is his starting quarterback. pederson is gushing over him. he said bradford's off season has been quote outstanding. >> i'm loving what sam has done. he has taken this thing and running. it is unbelievable what he has done. i'm so excited the direction he has going. >> we know the quarterback we have. you know there is a reason why he is a starter. there is not much separating him. he just has to be sam bradford. >> he has confidence, and he is starting to feel it and i'm
11:29 pm
exited to see him and play next to him and be able to play with him. >> coach has successfully navigated a a qb controversy. now he has to deal with a couple of no shows, both fletcher cox and darren sproles have missed voluntary work outs. tuesday marks beginning of the mandatory mini camps. pederson is hopeful he will november hold outs. >> i think deep down they will be here. there is no indication, it is a mandatory situation. it is only mandatory aspect of the entire off season program and so i as the head football coach expect both of those guys to be back and be part of their team. >> still to come here in sports, they will be racing in the poconos plus golf, has hit the jersey shore. ♪
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nascar hits pocono this weekend, big race is sunday afternoon, and today was qualifying. he leads but he watches as brad, edges him by nine seconds. he will be on the pole. and lpga in galloway new jersey outside ac, shop rite lpga classic, defending champion anna starts with bogeys on first of her two holes. she then does the for the rest of the way. she is tied for the leady haven't had nine birdies all season. >> you haven't hit nine birdies ever. >> hey. >> a philadelphia drama a club, put on its first musical production tonight, "action news" at the overbrook education center, for its drama club presentation of the
11:34 pm
lion king junior. the elementary and middle school student this is their first time, ever on stage, and the students will perform again, tomorrow. ♪ >> the prince music theater in center city philadelphia filled with music tonight, the philadelphia gay man's choir performed alexander's house. it is to celebrate local lesbian, gay, by sexual and transgender families. there will be two more performances tomorrow. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. "action news" continues a at 5:30 a.m. now for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, have a good night, and terrific weekend. >> ♪ onight, donald trump, lie
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witness news, plus music from gregory porter. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. welcome, everybody. thank you. thank you for coming. thank you for watching. i'm glad you're here. i'm glad you made it past


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