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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  June 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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7,000 outages mostly in gloucester and delmarva 8,000 outages, most of those in newcastle county. chad pradelli is checking out the damage in south jersey, we begin with the forecast with melissa magee. >> reporter: monica and brian we are tracking a little bit of wet weather in the region but nothing like what we had earlier this afternoon. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan spotty shower there's in south jersey at this hour. we'll go in tighter on street level stormtracker 6 live double scan from burlington county to areas in salem and cumberland county and route 70 moisture from medford lakes and malaga, they continue to move offshore for the evening hours. the storm wrez tracking started at 10:00 in the morning to our west. we put this into motion and by 11:00 a.m. it was in our northwest suburbs from the
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poconos to lancaster. it reached the i-95 corridor at noon and we had the warn that popped up with the showers and storms and then at 1:00, 2:00, that moisture was racing to the east and to the coast, but it picked up a lot of bind and produced a lot of damage. winds at the airport in philadelphia 59 miles per hour and atlantic city 63 miles per hour and for both middletown and maple shade, new jersey, winds as high as 60 miles per hour. the damage across the region. collegeville, moth ball size hail and newcastle county, trees on cars and trees down in cherry hill. big changes on ahead tonight and the coolest air we have seen in two weeks for june. those details are coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> as melissa mentioned those
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winds brought down trees and many ended up across power lines and on top of houses. >> parts of south jersey were hard hit and chad pradelli continues the team coverage live in palmyra. >> reporter: the cleanup is in full effect here on first avenue, crews are cutting up that tree, that is one of two trees that went down. over here to my left, that went down first. it took down the sidewalk and came down into the tree, and it narrowly missed the house and fortunately nobody was injured out here. >> as i was coming through kaboom. >> janet says it was a second chance from god. strong winds sent this tree into her car on federal street in camden. >> said wow. i hope that tree won't fall. and then that tree was in my car. >> she was inside but somehow
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emerged without a scratch. >> i screamed oh lord, you know. but i wasn't hurt. you know unbelievable. >> here on the unit block of firth and palmyra, not bun with you two trees went down, damaging the sidewalk and narrowly missing marie walsh's house. i think the christmas tree on the side of the house actually saved it from going into the house. >> that was the christmas tree, the evergreen tree. >> your husband was inside -- >> this tree took the one across the street down. the spirit above that showed grace. >> an act of god and then a
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miracle. >> and again some other trees were taken down by the storm here in palmyra. and again no reports of injuries, i'm live in palmyra, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> all right chad, thanks very much. today's storm made for scary moments intel wear as well. where another tree came crashing down on cars. in springfield a number of large trees fell and one hit kara's car while she and her kids were waiting at a red light. >> the tree crashed on the right side, and my kids are okay thank god. >> another huge tree uprooted on locust street. you see the damage to the roof, and nobody was home at the time and nobody was hurt. some unbelievable images and as this storm passed through our area, our viewers joined the
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action and shared some of their pretty amazing images today. these are coming in from danielle. this is the 7100 block of whitaker from south philadelphia. a massive tree is down across the street here after it was competely uprooted. just unbelievable. this is in from kirsten in bucks county, she captured this picture of the hail. melissa was described it as moth ball size and pea size, this looks like the pea size. and she sent videos, and we'll post is on our facebook page. she said is sounded like bags were dropping on her deck there. in haddon heights, marie sent us these images of the massive trees that came down in the park called the dell. one of many that needs to be
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cleared up today. how about this? in media delaware county, jaime sending us pictures of the storm damage at the geriatric center's annual fundraiser. everything has been upturned and tossed around and everything they had set up just completely swept away. and now the big cleanup. nobody there was hurt. all of these images coming in from our viewers. posting on our facebook page this afternoon. >> thank you. to that end remember any time that severe weather moves on through join the action, send pictures to or post them to social media using #6abcaction. and no matter what is in the forecast, is it weather has you covered. you can check storm tracker radar and interact with our team of meteorologists throughout the day on facebook and twitter.
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we are following breaking news at least three people are dead and six others are hurt after a shooting at a market in tel aviv. they are calling this an act of ter. it happens across the street from the israeli defense force. one shooter is in police custody and another is in the hospital. details are coming in from this breaking story. we'll bring you more updates as soon as we get them. pennsylvania governor, tom wolf is signing a bill right now to change the alcohol bills across the state in harrisburg he is signing a bill that lets restaurants and bars and delis sell wine and lets convenience stores sell beer, they were only previously do because of a court ruling, the new sales are expected to generate $150 million for the state of pennsylvania. philadelphia city council is debating the controversial soda
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tax right now, and it prompted another protest outside of city hall. chopper 6 hd was overhead as proponents of the bill rallied outside. people that work in the industry says it will eliminate jobs and lower wages and cut into revenue. mayor jim kenney proposed a 3 cent tax for pre-k programs. now they are looking at a 1.5 cent tax or half of that. >> inside of city hall, they gathered at city hall, to show if they were positively impacted by the soda task. organizers say that the tax will give children a quality education and help families that struggle with affordable child care. john rawlins will have an update tonight at 6:00. turning our attention to the evening commute, with so many
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trees down it will be a hard one. lets go to matt pellman. >> we got washed but the laundry list is long at this point because of all the storm damage on the roads this afternoon. it's a busy afternoon any way because the phils game is wrapping upright now, in the ninth inning. people are heading away from the ballpark. that makes it busy in the afternoon hours. from the schuylkill expressway westbound stacking from passyunk heading out to the vine. coming off the schuylkill on the roosevelt boulevard no extra complications. nearby in east falls there is a tree that came down along henry avenue at queen lane that, would mess me up on my way in this afternoon. and henry blocked off stick with the boulevard and lincoln drive and other routes around henry avenue, or ridge say better bet
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too. and a downed tree in chester county blocking off 926 britains bridge road is an alternate. and a lot of complications on 70 through cherry hill, downed wires and traffic lights out. stay on 78, except east hampton. lets do the commuter report on this hump day. pennsauken at 30 and 130, some congestion to come with that as well. >> sounds good. thank you sir. >> thousands line up overnight to be part of the tribute to muhammad ali. >> people wake up to find their cars damaged and their windows smashed. details and the victims that spent this morning cleaning up. >> the a group of local students that made a movie about police and now they get a captive audience, meet the kids that
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people in one part of fishtown woke up to find their cars vandalized this morning be it's damage was spread across several blocks. annie mccormick talks about victims today. >> instead of trading good mornings neighbors in this fishtown neighborhood traded gripes. >> my neighbor said did you see your car? and this is the second time. >> they have seen their car win does hit with bb pellets and hit with bats and they hit multiple targets from york to berks. >> i don't keep anything in here. >> joyce mcbride woke up to a shattered rear passenger window on her car. >> i think it's people who are angry, people that vandalize are angry people. >> and as people woke up more damage was discovered. calls started to come in to the
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26th district. multiple officers responded to keep up with the growing number of reports. >> it's a senseless crime, people being stupid in the middle of the night. >> the vandalizing of edward's car may have been caught on his neighbor's surveillance camera. after he passes it's window his window is shattered. >> in the meantime people like lisa is getting estimates that could set them back a couple hundred dollars. >> i called my daughter luckily they works at a garage. i'm heading there now. >> if you have any information you are urged to can't police. >> hundreds of people lined up for hours today trying to get a
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ticket for the tribute to muhammad ali, they were available at the kfc in louisville but the line formed at midnight and stretched around the arena. 15,000 tickets are available. he died last week after a decades long fight with parkinson's. >> many were not boxing fans but admired ali for his living outside of the ring. >> was not a big fan of him when i was young and when he took on the government and took on his role of helping people and stuff, it was the least i could do. >> president obama by the way will not be part of the crowd, the white house says the memorial happens to be at the same time as his daughter malia's high school graduation. >> modest gains on the dow 67 points and closing back above 18,000. the nasdaq rising 13 points and the s&p up 7 points on the day. now, numbers we like to see
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go in the other direction. gas prices expected to be at their lowest price in years. the average price should be $2.27 from now until september. that is down 13% from last year and the lowest since 2004. new jersey and delaware are already lower than that number right now. gas prices tend to be higher during the summer because more people drive and stations sell a more expensive gas blend for environmental reasons. talk about impress of. they may only be in the eighth grade but 15 students from saint francis school in philadelphia are headed to our nation's capital as documentary makers. they boarded a bus to washington, d.c. to screen their short film about police at the international law enforcement conference. the students created the documentary with three area film
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makers, educators and philadelphia police. they look at trust between law enforcement and the community. >> they had an opportunity to go in a police car and had a day in the life of a police officer, and saw how their perceptions were made. i feel the film they made were balanced and able to open up the viewer's mind as well to both sides. >> it was fun meeting the police officers and getting their point of view. >> students worked with officers 18th district on this project. they told the officers it was refresh ening and enlightening for them to be a part as well. top law enforcement officials from across the country will get a chance to see their work from here in philly. >> very cool. what a stunning day, my favorite of the spring. >> it has cooled down quite a
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bit. melissa magee is standing by with details on if the bad stuff is behind us. >> that is gone and monica and brian as we go through the evening showers, we have early showers and storms and cooler in the wake of the system that moved through. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan we have a spotty shower in burlington county and activity in cumberland county in new jersey, we'll go in tighter on stormtracker 6 live double scan route 72 north of chads worth, pockets of rain in speedwell and south jersey. on route 47 by vineland and millville, we are dealing with showers that are moving off to the east. thankfully nothing like what we had earlier today across the region when we were tracking severe weather. it's much cooler today and yesterday we had highs in the lower 80s and now 65 in the city and 64 in allentown and the lehigh valley and down to reading. the coast in cape may 64 and
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upper 60s in dover. you look at the wind, that is the official part of the big story, we had the strong showers and storms and heavy rain and brief and fast across the region and gusty winds, gusting as high as 32 miles per hour in philadelphia and 28 in allentown and a gust as high as 33 miles per hour in wilmington with the west-northwestly wind that brings down drier and cooler air. much cooler for june standards. here is satellite 6 along with action radar there is the short wave that moved through earlier today. it's small but packed a punch in the region and those showers and storms are exiting the region to the east. the call from accuweather for tonight. well, it's turning clear and we have a chill in the air, dropping down to 45 in allentown and 45 in lancaster, and dropping to 52 in philadelphia and 55 in cape may. you can probably give the ac. a break tonight and open up the windows. the day planner for thursday, a cool start.
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8:00 a.m. 57 degrees and 67 at 11:00 a.m. 2:00 in the afternoon tomorrow, 72. we'll max out at 75 degrees under a mostly sunny skies and a bit of a gusty breeze gusting as high as 35 miles per hour. here is a nice change on the way for us, it's quite humid but over the next few days, tomorrow and friday, we look at how it will feel when you step outdoors. the dew point numbers, 60 degrees or below, so nice and comfortable and we have a nice comfortable air mass to enjoy as well. here is the four day at 4:00, you see the change coming for thursday, a high temperature of 75 degrees and sunny and breezy and it's delightful as we get into friday. the high temperature coming in at 78. warming up on saturday, a high temperature of 74 with afternoon and evening showers and storms. and on sunday the sunshine returns and a high temperature of 85 degrees. the storms were quite mighty and behind that nice weather to
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enjoy. >> thank you. up next a church, a business and a day care are all damaged as a fire ripped through a row home. and someone steals from a local church in the middle of a service. police want your help finding the person responsible. >> and she lost limbs duing to a flesh eating virus and now amy co copeland is spreading joy.
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an early morning fire ripped through a row of buildings including a church and day care in cobb's creek. it started on a vacant building at south 60th street at 1:00 a.m. the day care is closed today and the person that lives above it had to find a new place to stay. one person was taken to the hospital with an ankle injury. a local freshman is setting
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herself apart from the crowd. a special ceremony was held for thelma davies, she has broken records in track and field. the first freshman to win pennsylvania state titles in the 100 meter and 200 meter dash. congratulations. and another successful year for philly ad club programs, more than 65 volunteers hold sessions every month throughout the year and the team club program provides valuable lessons on career and public relations. this was a special day in montgomery county. commencement was held at pope john paul ii in royersford. the secretary for catholic education presided over the ceremony. we are following more reports of damages from this afternoon storms. a driver describes the terrifying moment when a tree crashed on his cab.
4:27 pm
plus, a mom thinks she caught her daughter red handed and ready to punish her for drugs but it turns into a hilarious exchange.
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a daring thief steals from a church in broad daylight. >> and years before the flesh eating infection destroyed this freshman's life forever and now she is back with a viral media post about infections. we share her comments with you ahead in big talkers. and "action news" continues to follow reports of widespread damage from this afternoon's storms. >> most of the damage was caused by downed trees and the action cam along thompson road along dam road when a tree crushed a toyota, we are told that the woman inside is at the hospital being checked out for her injuries. in south philadelphia, this huge tree crashed on top of a cab at broad and paterson. only "action news" was there as they climbed out of the vehicle,
4:30 pm
she was waiting for customers when they came in. all of a sudden boom, the car actually, part of it lifted off the ground because of the weight of the tree. i didn't know what happened, i was scared. >> you see the driver escaped without so much as a scratch and his car believe it or not, not badly damaged either. >> scary stuff. melissa magee is here to tell us if we are out of the woods. the worst is moving off the roads and showing us the picture, here is sky 6 hd live, the center city skyline and the clouds breaking apart and the bright blue breaking out. 65 in philadelphia, the dew point is 42 and winds from the northwest at 24 miles per hour and not much of a heat index. camden, new jersey, strong winds across the region and 69 miles per hour winds when the
4:31 pm
thunderstorms were moving through. harvey cedars a gust of 66 and brigantine, new jersey, 64 and brookhaven, winds as strong as 58 miles per hour. now we did have some rain associated with the showers and storms that moved through a .25 inch in wilmington and .50 inch in reading. the wind moved through and strong showers and storms, we are moving away from all the moisture guys and have nice days on the way as we close off the last days of our work week. low humidity, you'll like this for late spring it's coming our way. >> thank you. of course whether it's sunshine or showers, always has you covered. there you can see the latest accuweather forecast and stormtracker 6 live double scan radar and interact with our meteorologists throughout the day. in other news, a bold thief
4:32 pm
preyed on a trenton church while worshipers were in the middle of a prayer service. it's costing the congregation more than $1,000 and nora muchanic talked to the pastor and she is live with that story tonight. >> reporter: hi there. this is the church where it happened. it was lunch time and a man walked out these doors with a snow blower and another piece of equipment. church goers think it's not just a crime but a sin. >> there is no respect for the church. these are the surveillance pictures from word alive center showing a thief in action stealing a snow blower from the none den nominational church. while 15 church members attended a church service on the other side of the open door. >> it's sad that someone would come and steal from god's house. like he has no respect for god's house and we were in here
4:33 pm
praying. >> the snow blower was hidden under rugs in a closet. the thief can be seen pushing the bright yellow machine down the street in broad daylight. >> the month of june walking down the street with a snow blower. >> i don't know the state of mind, i don't know if it was drugs but he probably needs to be helped. >> the thief got away with a generator, at points on the tape he can be seen wearing an i.d. badge on his waste and talking into a walky talkie. he was not going to report the theft but concern for the safety of his congregation he changed his mind and hopes that the crystal clear pictures helps to identify the bold criminal. if we don't get him, he will get us again or get someone else. >> reporter: now the bishop got a number of calls about the
4:34 pm
suspect seen in the video, you can see on our website at he was told that the thief was trying to sell that snow blower at a corner bar for $100, trenton police left the church minutes ago and are following up and these leads. >> certainly an unusual sight in june. the state of pennsylvania is taking on sexual violence on college campuses. governor wolf introduced the legislation designed to improve awareness and prevention and reporting of sexual violence. more than 800 people have taken the pledge, including 200 colleges and universities. the first to sign the pledge was villanova university. >> it's on all of us at villanova, coaches and administrators and students, all of us to prevent sexual violence and create a society that is safe and enjoyed by everyone. >> round table discussions have
4:35 pm
been held across the state to discuss a safer learning environment. >> a ground breaking -- for a hotel in philadelphia. the cambria hotel and suites features 220 rooms and stands 200 feet tall. and a 3,000 square foot area made for private events. potential bidders showed up hoping to win the former airport. it's set to hit the auction block as part of atlantic city's sail of more than 100 city owned properties. that airport which opened in 1910 has been closed since 1990. philadelphia drivers are getting ready to deal way major construction project to improve
4:36 pm
lincoln drive. the department is holding a meeting to talk about it. on ridge avenue, they will be repaved and improvements to the barriers and guardrails and drainage, the plan is to do the work at night so it doesn't affect the morning commute. it's at 7:00 a.m. at german town on lincoln drive. police are investigating the death of a 24-year-old man shot and killed outside of a restaurant in montgomery county. rick williams is live in the newsroom with details on this one. >> hi brian. we are learning new details about this shooting that happened. the victims body was found in the drive-thru lanes of that restaurant in norristown. and a local woman was arrested as she tried to smuggle nearly a dozen cans of instant milk, we'll tell you what was really inside of those cans. and we are surveying the damage
4:37 pm
after the wild storms today. coming up tonight at 5:00. >> see you then rick thank you. dogs in the philadelphia k-9 unit have new body armor thanks to a generous donation, the foundation played for the custom-made bulletproof vests for their dogs. before this they had to share vests when they were on duty. the price tag means the 23 dogs will be protected from serious injury. a number of philadelphia schools are better equipped to handle a medical emergency. they were given 10 aed's today. they will be put in elementary schools. he matched the foundation's donation and they are working toward a goal that every school district building has a working aed. things were coming up roses for students in montgomery
4:38 pm
county. the murray school in hunting valley held their annual junior flower show. judges from the horticultural society took a look at their projects, a winning ribbon was awarded to the winning entry in each category. >> all right still ahead on "action news" a mom holds on for dear life saving her teenage daughter from a would be kidnapper. and the deputy being called a hero too next. and in what's the deal? we look at simple ways to get organized. and melissa magee returns with the full accuweather forecast.
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three of the cyclists plowed down while riding in the kalamazoo area. the three injured were riding in
4:41 pm
a larger group when a pickup truck hit them. three others were killed. the driver was taken into custody and has not been charged yet. now, to a brazen kidnapping attempt that happened in broad daylight. for the first time we hear from the florida deputy that arrested the suspect. the shocking crime was caught on surveillance cameras in citrus county. you can see the mom of the 13-year-old victim doing everything in her power to save her daughter. it worked after dragging her through two aisles the suspect let go and ran out the door. that is where he was met by off duty officer jonathan benin. >> he fought a bit but when he realized i had the upper edge he kind of complied. >> the suspect, 30-year-old craig borelo is facing kidnapping and assault charges. the girl and her mother was not
4:42 pm
physically injured. we start with a story of acceptance and what it means to be confident. you may remember amy copeland, the girl that lost her legs and part of her abdomen and a foot to a flesh eating bacteria after a zip lining incident. she shared her new life in a viral post. this is copeland on vacation in san juan, puerto rico, she is all smiles, she writes we are all made with inperfections, the scars and skin graphing building character, it's not what you have but what you do with what you have that counts. copeland says getting to this point in her life say long time coming and happy to share the new her. and a mom-daughter text
4:43 pm
about potential drug use sent twitter into a tizzy. it started with this text right here from a teen named ashley, she asked her mom to grab a calculator from her room. rummaging through the drawer she finds this bag of brightly colored pills, she texts her saying she will not have drugs in the house. and come home immediately and is grounded until her father gets home from california. ashley responds, they aren't drugs put them in water. >> mom asks why? ashley -- just do it lol. the good news the pills are really the pop-up dinosaur toys. you put them in water and they turn into the animals. good news ashley you no longer have to go home. mom asks why would you buy these, i thought you were 16 and not 7. this is now wildly viral.
4:44 pm
>> i imagine it is. what a relief for mom. >> you can't say she is not diligent looking through every little thing. >> thanks alicia. lets take another check of the roads right now. matt pellman is in the traffic center, ready to be squeezed out with water and weather today. >> you have the pills outside at mid-day you would have spongy dinosaurs all over the roadway. we were soaked for a while and not soaked any longer but the problems following the storms definitely linger. 95 this is because of a crash, i said during the last half hour, this would be busy on 95 and the schuylkill because of the the phils game and now a crash at broad street by the bank taking out the left lane, this is the backlog you are looking at as you go to get on the girard point bridge. a stand still coming away from the airport. stay on 291 and head to the
4:45 pm
schuylkill. speeds like 7 miles per hour. in east falls still without a chunk of henry avenue at queen lane. stay on ridge to get around that. traffic light troubles at logan square at 17th and vine and downed wires near mount vernon and 21st. and a crash at belmont near lord and taylor. and in bryn mawr near sushi land a crash at summit grove avenue. chester county a downed tree blocking 26 and new street is shut down, and delaware old capital trail is closed because of a downed tree and a bunch of traffic lights are down down by the wawa and that is the tip of the iceberg, we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> not boring in your department today. >> ever. >> time to check out the weather and see if things have settled down for us. melissa magee will have the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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meteorologist, melissa magee, is joining us today. such a strange day weather wise. real severe weather and then gorgeous. >> skies were breaking apart and plenty of sunshine coming out and cooler and comfortable. i like the change. don't you? >> most definitely. >> the picture sought side as the storms move out. we see the sun again we can see clearly now that the storms are gone. a bright and sunny sky in portions of the region and in the wake of the strong storms in the delaware and lehigh valley. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, you see it's dry and quiet across the region, just a spot shower in burlington and something moving off the coast in ocean county, new jersey. the story today definitely a
4:49 pm
cooler day and highs in the lower 80s, 64 and 64 for reading and allentown and at the coast in cape may 65 and upper 60s in dover. the winds are quite blustery at this hour. coming in from a north-northwesterly direction helping to dry out the atmosphere and cool us down. winds gusting up to 22 miles per hour and gust as high as 32 in reading, clocking in at 35 miles per hour in atlantic city and gusts of 35 miles per hour in beach haven. here is the short wave that moved through earlier today it was small and mighty, brief and heavy with the showers and storms that moved through and all of that is starting to clear the coast. and clear skies off to the west that is heading our way later tonight. that is the call from accuweather for the last 12 hours, and the chill in the air especially for the month of june. dropping down to 45 in the suburbs and 52 in philadelphia for the overnight low, the
4:50 pm
westerly wind at 10 to 16 miles per hour. perhaps you can open up the windows and get some fresh air. here is the setup into our thursday, wall to wall sunshine on the way. and high pressure over the ohio valley that wants to work its way eastward, we have a gusty breeze as we are sandwiched in these two systems. maxing out at 75 in the city tomorrow. the ridge of high pressure sets up shop in our region and sunny and comfortable and the wins slowly relax as well. the high temperature in philadelphia coming in at 78 degrees, here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny and breezy tomorrow. the winds will gust up to 30 to 35 miles per hour. so watch out for that, nice afternoon at 75 degrees, flightful by friday at 78 degrees and sunshine and clouds sharing the sky and warms up on saturday at 84 degrees and afternoon and evening storms are likely by then. the sunshine returns into sunday
4:51 pm
afternoon at 85, windy as well. breezy and cooler and high of 76 degrees, tuesday a nice mixture of clouds and sunshine and the phils are back at home next wednesday underneath a partly sunny sky and temperature of 82 degrees. we had to get the storms and showers out of here to enjoy the work week. >> thank you melissa.
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if you have been putting off spring cleaning we are here with a few easy organizing hacks, the event designer from oh so fabulous in new jersey. has genius ways to get sorted in a quick chic way. it looks pretty from the outside and things fall out.
4:54 pm
>> if clutter is also hiding behind your closed doors, lamore says start with the bag buildup. >> feel bad getting rid of a good bag from a department store or good gift bags. >> grab an organizer and start neatly stacking. >> you put the tissue paper in here. you look for it. >> and it's a habit. it gets shoved underneath something else. >> and the supermarket bags, don't toss the tissue box. >> threat is through, keep threading so they are neat and ready to grab. >> stop it. if your drawer is noted with hair clips, she used magnetic
4:55 pm
strip. >> i put it on the inside drawer of my vanity. >> bye bye. >> anything metal you can use it for, inside of the drawers and cabinets, you'll love it. >> and finally keeping the counter clutter free. >> you don't want to see the mouth wash bottle. >> buy a new one for less than 5 there's, and i don't mind it now. i don't mind it on my counter. it looks pretty. >> i thought it looked pretty cute, i have to tell you this one little clip, the magnetic tape works well for all the toy cars. you can put it right up there and line the cars up. >> we'll post all of tina's tips on our website at she comes up with cute and clever things. i wish i thought of that.
4:56 pm
>> the cars are always under foot. >> finally at 4:00, a birthday celebration of a world war ii veteran living in chester county. friends, family and the generous pond retirement community turned an ordinary woman into a hawaiian lieu you, she was a nurse stationed in hawaii during the war and this hula party was to wish her a big happy birthday and thank her for her service. >> looks like she had a good time. happy birthday virginia. for melissa magee, sharrie williams, melissa magee, adam joseph i'm brian taff. join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> now, here is rick williams with a look ahead at 5:00. >> thank you. hello everyone, coming up next on "action news" at 5:00, cecily tynan is on an outdoor
4:57 pm
adventure live at the philadelphia zoo. >> reporter: hi rick. i'm trying to get dewey here the speckles owl to look at the camera. these are from south america, what is interesting is show them your face, they are called speckled owls like they have glasses, look at the camera, they live in the higher canopies of south america, they are virtually silent when they fly, they can sweep down and get their meals quickly and are barely noticed. i'll feed the penguins here at the philadelphia zoo.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. people are still cleaning up after the damage following strong storms that swept through the delaware valley, trees were toppled damaging homes and toppling power lines leaving thousands without electricity. >> the big story on "action news" is the severe weather that passed through leaving damage
5:00 pm
behind. gray hall is in springfield county that was hit pretty hard today. >> reporter: it was, it was a wild weather day for the folks here in delaware county. crews left the yard in springfield, you see the huge stump indicative of how big the tree was and if you look up at the roof here you see damage left by the massive tree, and most folks we talked to were thankful there was no injuries. a lot of branches, the bulk of the tree, if it hit someone they would be dead or seriously injured. >> it rattled nerves intel wear county. it snapped trees like twigs tonight was quite the afternoon shocker. >> we were just eating and heard a big bang, i look out my window and the tree is compl


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