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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 10, 2016 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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one. it was really good for me. and as a thank you, our top four experiences, in order-- that one time in the hammock at your parents' house. that one time in the stables. that one time when we went camping, and that one time in the theater during "saving private ryan." oh, bobby! right? three out of the four of those were us. nice!
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and there's moving with thermove free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike glucosamine chondroitin, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. three, two, one, blast off. an american communication satellite is now in orbit thanks to a russian rocket. it will broadcast television signals direct to homes in latin america but the rocket was actually launched from the russian space facility in kazakhstan. russia's next launch in early july will send new crew members to the international space station. >> a federal appeals court in california finds that people do not have a constitutional right to carry concealed weapons in public. that means california counties can require people seeking
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permits for concealed guns to provide specific reasons. many states have similar restrictions on concealed guns and carry permits. lower courts are divided over whether they violate the second amendment. in detroit, another court ruling has released a young man everyone prison after serving nearly nine years for murders he did not commit. >> so get this. he was convicted when he was just 15 years old. even though authorities say the real murderer confessed a long time ago. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: the embrace davontae sanford thought he might never get. >> okay. >> reporter: hugging his mom as a free man for the first time in nearly nine years. what was the hardest part when you are behind bars and so young? >> knowing i'm in there for something i didn't do. >> reporter: 23-year-old sanford walked out of the detroit prison wednesday, charged when he was just 14 of murdering four people. sanford, who is blind in one
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eye was picked up by police near the scene of the crime. his attorney says he was coerced at the time into falsely confessing after two days of interrogation. >> dovonte talks about the police officers who befriended him and then coerced him into a confession. >> reporter: a convicted hitman already in jail admitted to the murders weeks of the prosecution. the prosecutor defending the handling of the case. >> i can't be a monday morning quarterback. we had a reason. a good reason to charge. >> reporter: sanford saying he's not bitter. >> i was angry when i was in. but i'm home now. i'm not angry anymore. >> reporter: and his first meal as a free man chinese food. he says he's now looking forward to getting his driver's license. alex perez, abc news, detroit. so as of october 13th, 2005, there have been 156 death row exonerations in 26 states. >> wow. highest number of death row exonerations, florida. >> is that right? interesting. coming up, suiting up on capitol
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hill why u.s. senators picked yesterday to dress down in this. . >> i like that look. >> do you? >> are you going to rock some seersucker for us? >> seersucker suits. thursday. i don't like to conform. >> announcer: "world ne
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♪ there are those types when brian is just trying to figure out what music can i stump them with and success. >> you win, brian. >> you win. >> today is your day. we have no idea what sochk that was. >> no clue. but it got you in the mood, didn't it? the weather is heating up. and the calendar just days away from the official start of summer. we're packing away our dark heavy clothes and pulling out those lighter cooler ones. >> but on capitol hill, the ritual is giving rise to this renewing of an old tradition. seersucker thursday. here's abc's ali rogan. >> reporter: it's a quirky
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annual photo op and it comes but once a year. seersucker thursday in the u.s. senate. democrats and republicans united for once in their love of the lightweighting will cotton fabric but why. >> it started when congress was literally full of hot air in the early 20th century before air conditioning, they would switch to lighter fabrics when it got warm. mississippi senator trent lott made the changing of the garb an annual affair in 1996 in honor of senate history but mostly just for fun. >> but it is the first day of summer. the day of the ice cream social and the senate needs to loosen up and lighten up. >> reporter: the tradition died for a few years, but louisiana senator bill cassidy helped bring it back. >> it's kind of fun. it's by spart san. it's something people can participate in abkind of see each other and smile and thumbs up. doesn't matter anything else going on. >> reporter: everyone else seems to agree. >> i have to say i understand why southerners are in love with seersucker. i think it's kind of fwun to see everybody in bright colors.
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>> reporter: well almost everyone. >> not being a southerner, i don't totally understand it. in fact, i purchased the suit rather invooltarily. my staff tricked me into purchasing it when i first took office a few years ago. long story. >> reporter: those who didn't wear seersucker could pose with this cardboard cutout. there were several ways for visitors and staff to get involved. where else are you going to see a giant seersucker picture frame? check out all the fun everyone was having including myself by searching the hash tag seersucker selfie. >> that is very cute. >> really cute. you should wear seersucker. i brought my own special outfit. this is my portugal jersey. it's portugal day. >> by the way, for the record, the song was "this is it," from future rock and roll hall of famers camp blow. >> i still don't understand what that has has to do with
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♪ it is fim now for our insomefully yak theater, our weekly look at the movies opening this weekend. >> this morning we are starting with "warcraft" the adventure based on the popular video game. look doing escape his dying world, orc uses dark magic to open a portal into the human realm of azeroth. it forces the king to unite with a powerful wizard as the two races collide. >> he'll take us to them. >> no. >> you'll take us to them. or you'll end up like your friend in the cage. >> you think you're fearsome? orc children have pets more
2:56 am
fearsome than. >> you we're not trying to be fearsome. we're trying to protect our people, our families. if you help us, i give you my oath. you will have your freedom. >> believe it or not, the critics are not liking "warcraft." it scored a 22% splat on rotten tomatoes. chris writes sitting through "warcraft" is like being bludgeoned on the heads with a dungeons and dragons manual for 100 minutes is, the big hard cover one. julian roman says don't believe the haters. fans of the game will definitely like warcraft. >> it's based on a true story. next to something not quite so epic in "now you see me 2" one year after winning the public over with their robin hood like magic spectacles, the four horse men work to expose an unethical tech nag nat. now there's a new arrival.
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lula. >> every girl i get close to, i end up taking their dress and then their wallet. >> wow. you take their wallets. >> do you ever take their belts? oh. i'm sorry, did you think thaufs like those other girls? >> oh, snap. >> boom. >> now you see me 2 also starring daniel radcliffe, mark ruffalo, woody harrelson as well as jesse eisenberg is getting only a 34% splat. james marks says it's preposterously shallow in that you can almost hear the actors counting their pay over the incoherent scheming. steven witty writes notice woody form the only magic trick here is how slowly they've made two hours of our lives disappear. >> do you know what lula means
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this morning on "world news now," democrats are rallying around hillary clinton. >> their presumptive nominee winning big endorsements from the president, the vice president and progressive party leaders as bernie sanders holds a rally last night saying he's not giving up. >> paying tribute to the greatest. see the preparations under way for the emotional farewell to momentum ali as the devout muslim is remembered for his commitment to faith. >> a frightening standoff as a woman is taken hostage at a museum. her terrifying ordeal caught on camera with her captor threatening her with her life. how she managed to escape. and a dolphin stranded on a beach gets a much needed lift from a human friend. a happy friday on this june 10th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
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>> friday. >> good morning. happy friday to you. >> do you know what else today is? >> it is happy portugal day. >> i brought a little something for you. >> oh. it's a red shirt. >> it's a portugal jersey. >> oh, okay. >> see what it says on the back? >> a little name branding. >> very nice. happy portugal day. how do you integrate celebrate? >> by eating sardines, lots of other food. drinking lots of wine. >> so your breath is going to be all rancid. >> it doesn't matter because everybody's been drinking wine so nobody notices. >> you're numb to it. good. we will celebrate. should mention you're portuguese. >> a little bit, yes. >> a little bit. me too. new developments in the race for the white house. bernie sanders is making good on his pledge to campaign until that last primary vote is cast. now, he didn't mention hillary clinton last night at a rally attended by about 3,000 people in washington, d.c. but it does seem sanders is being aced out of the race as
3:02 am
hillary clinton collects the endorsements of some high profile democrats. >> vice president joe biden attacking donald trump last night while saying clinton will be the next president and quoting him "god willing." massachusetts senator elizabeth warren has also endorsed clinton saying she's ready to work her heart out to put clinton in the white house. warren's backing came after president obama added his support as abc's lauren lyster reports. >> i'm with her. >> president obama endorsing hillary clinton via this video. >> if fact, i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. >> reporter: this coming shortly after the president met with bernie sanders at the white house. fresh from sanders' defeat at the polls this week and with hillary clinton now the presumptive nominee. sanders staying in the race for now >> i will of course, be competing in the d.c. primary which will be held next tuesday. >> reporter: and campaigning in the nation's capital thursday night. >> our job is to create an
3:03 am
economy that works for all of us, not just the 1%. >> reporter: but sanders saying he'll work together with clinton in the near future. senator elizabeth warren also making her support known on msnbc's rachel maddow. >> i am ready to get in this fight and work my heart out for hillary clinton to become the next president of the united states and to make sure that donald trump never gets any place close to the white house. >> reporter: on the republican side, donald trump meeting with donors trying to get his campaign back on track. and blaming political correctness for the uproar over his comments about the mexican ancestry of a federal judge george stephanopoulos asking house speaker paul ryan about it. >> he says his critics have to get over. do you think he gets what's going on. >> i don't know the answer to that question. that comment is beyond the pale. that's not political correctness. >> reporter: with the focus on the general election, next week president obama will hit the campaign trail with hillary clinton in wisconsin. >> our thanks to lauren in d.c.
3:04 am
one more note about bernie sanders day in washington. after leaning the white house, sanders met with senate democratic leader harry reid. following their conversation, reid says he believes sanders has accepted the facts that hillary clinton is the presumptive nominee. reid asked him to speak to a gathering of democratic senators next week. >> israel has extra police on duty in the old city today the first friday in the muslim holy month of ramadan. tensions are high after an attack that killed four israelis. israel has canceled many trfl permits for palestinians during ramadan. the palestinian authority condemned attacks against civilians in general without mentioning tel aviv. in north africa, libyan government forces are on the merge of a major virnth against isis. militants reportedly are retreating from the stronghold of sirte pushing into the city center. sirte is the most important isis base outside of syria and iraq.
3:05 am
its loss would be a major blow to isis. a virginia man who joined isis for two months and apparently changed had his mind has appeared in federal court back here in the u.s. muhammad quis is charged with providing material support to terrorists. he was captured in northern iraq in march later telling kurdish tv he became disenchanted with isis. >> i didn't really support their ideology and that's when i decided i needed to escape. >> at least 85 americans have been charged with isis-related crimes but quis is the first to be captured on the battlefield. three people have been killed in houston after a small plane crashed into a car parking lot. the plane missed multiple landing attempts as the houston's hobby airport and for eight agonizing minutes, the controller tried to help the might land. that hooilt pilot a mother of six was taking her husband and brother-in-law to visit their sick father. an investigation is now under
3:06 am
way. the faa as opted not to require psychological testing for pilots but the agency plans to take steps to encourage self-reporting of mental illness. more training will be provided for medical examiners who screen pilots. this comes one year after a german wings pilot who struggled with mental health issues deliberately crashed a plane into the alps. 150 people were killed. tens of thousands of fans are expected to attend today's memorial service for muhammad ali in his hometown of louisville, kentucky. yesterday the legend was mourned at a muslim prayer service. abc's ryan smith has more. >> it was what the champ himself had hoped for. ♪ >> reporter: 15,000 people of all races and religions attending muhammad ali's jenaza, part of the funeral ritual for the islamic faith. his body arriving at this arena in louisville. his beloved hometown. his family fellow boxing greats and people from all over the world shoulder to shoulder a sea
3:07 am
of cell phones capturing the moment. >> this is a great crowning ceremony for his life. >> ali had no shortage of admirers from the common man to celebrities. >> whether you are black, white, asian or latina, jewish, christian, muslim or atheist, ali belongs to you. >> reporter: everyday people like jeff lally mattered most to the champ. lally showing us decades only video from the day ali stopped by his gym playfully challenging him. >> he said ladies and gentlemen, the kid can fight. >> louisville celebrates with a 19-mile procession through the city followed by an inner faith service for tens of thousands. >> ryan smith, abc news, louisville, kentucky. >> thank you. we'll have much more from louisville throughout the day here on abc. meanwhile, congress is moving to rescue puerto rico's debt stricken the government. the house voted overwhelmingly to allow the territory to restructure its $72 billion debt
3:08 am
in return for federal oversight of their government. the bill had bipartisan support but still needs senate an probable. a $2 billion on the bond is due in just three weeks. when it comes to eating tex mex, diners apparently got to go to mo's. mo's southwest grill is now the most popular brand in that specialty. after a rough year, chipotle fell all the way from first to fifth. mo's is known for a wide selection of ingredients for some build your own menu items. >> so there's good news for parents. teens are having a lot less sex. a new survey from the cdc finds only 41% of high school students have had sex. that by the way is down from 47% for much of the last decade. the survey also finds a decrease in students who had had sex before the age of 13 and the researchers noted that video game usage has nearly doubled since 2003. the world health organization is issuing new warnings about the zika virus.
3:09 am
the who says women who live in areas where it's spreading should considering delaying pregnancy since there's no other sure way to avoid the risk of birth defects. the head of the cdc is urging lawmakers and congress to act quickly in approving more money to fight zika. >> a vaccine is promising but it's going to take at least a couple years to have it available. even when and if we have a vacci vaccine, we need a better way to control mosquitoes. >> the house and senate are supposed to negotiate differences in their bills to fight the virus. >> fans were late for last night's game of the stanley cup final in pittsburgh. they missed quite a bit. the penguins and san jose sharks scored four goals in just over five minutes of the game that by the way is the fastest opening four-goal opening in history. 3-2. an empty net goal later.
3:10 am
and the sharks are alive. final score, 4-2. game six sunday in san jose. >> basketball keeping things interesting. hockey keeping things interesting. >> there's something else. >> there is something else. today is the day, everybody. are you ready? >> i'm ready. i'm scared. >> it's the month long soccer party known as the european championship. >> yes. >> gets under way in france. >> i knew you wanted to know that. so this was the scene in paris early this morning as dawn broke across cat french capital. last night, it was a whole different thing as about 90,000 people gathered for a concert at the foot of the eiffel tower. security is tight. following the european terror attacks. now, the tournament first match is today with romania facing france. and yes, i'm a fan of la blue to win the whole thing. >> why is that. >> because i like the french. >> just because. >> just because.
3:11 am
>> what about the portuguese. >> i've had escargot. >> it is portugal day. >> for today i'm with portugal. >> not today, tuesday when they play. >> i'm for portugal when they play. >> where is your jersey? >> there's a little bit of competition in the back because jack is all about who? >> who's going to win this one, baby. >> england. >> my husband's british. i'm rooting for england on saturday, too. but when portugal plays on tuesday. >> he's english, away. >> he is english, that's true. he is english. >> listen, the key about all of this important part we want to get across is that it allows you to be drunk at 5:00 a.m. and it's socially acceptable at a bar. >> you can join us for happy hour is what we're saying. coming up, this is a scary one. a woman taken hostage, the whole standoff caught on camera. >> the ordeal happening inside a museum as police figure out how to get her out alive. that story is just ahead.
3:12 am
also just ahead, a lucky rescue for this beached dolphin, ending up a little too, too far from the water. luckily he got help just in time. >> do remember to finds us on facebook and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company come in. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could help pay some of what medicare doesn't, saving you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you've learned that taking informed steps along the way really makes a difference later.
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ialmost everything. you know, ke 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. a young ben gel la dolphin is getting a second chance thanks to that kayaker.
3:16 am
this is in namibia. he spotted something strange on a beach and realized it was a male dolphin. the kayaker picked it up and carried it into the surf. he says as soon as he put it into the water, it took off like a bullet. biologists say that was the right thing to do for a beached dolphin, although others may want to call for help. here at home, by standers tried to come to the rescue of a woman taken hostage inside a museum in oregon. >> we're getting a look at newly released video that captured the frightening standoff. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: nearly six minutes of terror at the museum. cell phone video capturing the moment a male visitor takes a female employee at the high desert museum in oregon hostage, dragging her across the hallway. she grabs the corner of the wall, but the 6'6" aggressor pulls her away. >> you don't have to do this. >> yes, i do. >> the male is holding female, his arm around her neck, threatening to kill her. >> reporter: the suspect, identified by authorities as
3:17 am
36-year-old nicholas berger. he then puts that gift shop employee in a chokehold. authorities say he had a knife. >> he's gonna hurt her. >> reporter: others approaching him, trying to help. then you see her break free. oregon state trooper richard brannin confronts the man outside. >> shots fired. >> reporter: firing three times and killing him. >> she believed, and i believe as well, that if mr. berger got her out of that building, she would not be with us today. >> reporter: the victim who is okay had never even seen this man before. and they're still trying to piece together a motive. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> such a bizarre story. >> it is. now this incident actually happened last tuesday but we're just getting a look at the video right now. it's frightening when you hear about it simply but then seeing the video. >> and happening in front of all those people in the middle of the day. >> absolutely weird. >> an investigation under way now, of course. coming up in our next half hour it, vpts joe biden joins a chorus of growing outrage over the sentence of that former
3:18 am
stanford athlete convicted of sexual assault. the words of encouragement now from the vice president and what we're still learning. >> but first an even closer look at o.j. simpson. the revealing new documentary on espn shedding new light on one of the most notorious murder trials in american history. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "wor n
3:19 am
♪ more than 20 years later, we're still learning new details about o.j. simpson and his murder trial. >> a new documentary debuts tomorrow night here on abc offering new and revealing interviews with people close to simpson. abc's aim you row back has the story. >> more than 20 years after the verdict -- >> not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: america's interest in simp on has been reborn. this spring millions watched the
3:20 am
mini series "the people versus o.j. simpson." if i don't talk it looks like i have something to hide. there's a brands new documentary from espn? o.j. made in america," a five-part series telling what may be the definitive story from the lawyers, jurors all part of it. >> he's plucked out of the black community. out of the black consciousness and he submerged in an all white university. >> reporter: the film chronicle kaz the rise and fall of the hall of famer, that initial shock of his arrest. >> it was quite surprising. your ex-husband's always a suspect in a case. >> reporter: and it devils into the explosive history of race relations and the l.a.p.d. and how that was used by the defense like when the jury was brought to see his house. >> we took all of his white friends down, put all of his black people up. the pictures he probably had
3:21 am
never seen before. because that's what we were told the jury would identify with. >> the defense team's job as carl douglas and anyone else would tell you is to use all the arrows in their quiver. >> if we had had a latin jury, we would have had a sombrero. there would have been a mariachi band out front. we would have had a pinata at the upper staircase. >> reporter: so in the end, what does the film's director think? did o.j. do it. >> the last thing i want to do is take away from the greater message of the film which is honestly trying to hear from all sides and to understand why all this stuff happened both the crime itself potentially but also sort of from everyone lost their minds in the case in 1994 or '95 and why the verdict was what it was. >> reporter: amy row back, abc news, new york. >> i can't believe it's been 20 plus years and it's still so popular with so many viewers all around. >> it was interesting watching
3:22 am
the shows coming out about it now because it had such an influence when we were younger. now it's back. don't let dust and allergies get between you
3:23 am
3:24 am
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3:25 am
feel the difference with k-y ultragel. so he goes on reddit asking if anybody has seen his pants. there was security video that showed him. >> he went on reddit to the ask people if they've seen his pants. >> there was video that shows him roaming around in a hot pink calvin klein briefs. not going to judge and then they did find his pants. miraculously they were found in a hotel at the harbor there in
3:26 am
halifax where he was staying. >> with his wallet and all the other stuff he was looking for. >> look at that. go to reddit, your request will be answered. here's a boy. his aunt took him to the fair to have fun. didn't quite work out that way. >> come on, it's fun. laugh. >> nope. ♪ ♪ ♪
3:27 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> that's the world news polka.
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this morning on "world news now," donald trump meets with potential donors as hillary clinton earns prominent endorsements. her supporters also took the opportunity to blast trump and that campaign battle is now spilling on to social media. we have the details straight ahead. and breaking news out of ohio. an overnight manhunt for a suspect who opened fire near a supermarket. a sheriff's deputy was shot. police urging residents to stay indoors. the late breaking details ahead. and new this half hour, the latest developments in the stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault. >> the outrage over his sentencing extending to the highest reaches of the government. the vice president now weighing in as we learn more about the holes in the swimmer's defense. >> president obama opens up on the "tonight show." what we never knew about the president's new smartphone and why it's really not that smart at all. we'll have the full story ahead
3:31 am
in "the skinny," on this friday, june 10th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> my favorite part of the president is the slow jam in the news where he pointed out orange is not the new black. >> okay. >> referring to donald trump, of course. and hint. let's get started with the president. >> speaking of donald trump. >> exactly. both donald trump and hillary clinton are attending events in washington today. both will be speaking around midday. >> clinton begins her day with some new support from several high profile members of the democratic party. primary among them president obama, of course, released an online video endorsing her yesterday. >> the president praised clinton's judgment as well as her toughness, in his words. later clinton got the backing of the vice president as well as massachusetts senator elizabeth warner. both of them also went after the presumptive republican nominee. >> donald trump is a loud,
3:32 am
nasty, thin-skinned, fraud who has never risked anything for anyone and who serves no one but himself. >> but it's my view that a presidential candidate who publicly attacks a sitting federal judge who ruled in a way that was against his own economic interests cannot be trusted to respect the independence of the judiciary as a president. >> the vice president was referring to donald trump's statements about a federal judge of mexican descent who trump has criticized. trump's comments are still a hot topic of discussion even among some republicans. >> but trump seems determined to move beyond the controversy while criticizing hillary clinton. abc's tom llamas is covering the trump campaign. >> reporter: donald trump attacking the president's endorsement of hillary clinton, tweeting he wants four more years of obama but nobody else does. trump now trying to get his campaign back on track. the candidate blaming political correctness for the uproar over
3:33 am
his charge that federal judge gonzalo curiel is biased against him because curiel is mexican-american. >> we're building a wall. he's a mexican. >> reporter: george stephanopoulos asking house speaker paul ryan about the comments that have rocked the trump campaign. >> he says his critics have to get over it. do you think he gets what's going on? >> i don't know the answer to that question. getting over that kind of a comment is not -- no, this is something that needed to be condemned. that comment is beyond the pale. that's not political correctness. suggesting that a person can't do their job because of their race or ethnicity, that's not a politically incorrect thing to do. that's just a wrong thing to say. >> reporter: trump meeting with his fund-raising team. i asked campaign chairman paul manafort about the challenges ahead. >> any reluctance from donors after the judge curiel issue? >> we're excited. >> donald trump and hillary clinton got into a twitter war
3:34 am
after trump sent out that tweet. clinton responding with home run own tweet that the read delete your account. the clinton camp telling us that is the most popular tweet of their entire campaign. at last check, more than 250,000 retweets. but trump, of course, fired back saying, how long did it take your staff of 823 people to think that up? tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> who would have guessed a few years ago that the presidential campaign would come down to a tweet war? >> yes, the words delete your account are fighting words. that's what we've come to. >> there is a theory that this may be clinton's way of trying to just kind of poke donald trump and see how far he'll go. >> and see if he'll go on a late night rant on twitter. >> but they seem to work well for him sometimes, too. >> it is. >> all right. >> at least we've moved on from talking about the size of his hands correlating with -- >> there is that. >> yeah. moving onto the breaking news from ohio. a tense situation overnight in suburban cincinnati. law enforcement officers have been looking for an armed man who has shot at least two people
3:35 am
including a sheriff's deputy. the area has been shut down and residents are being urged to stay indoors. officials say the suspect is a 19-year-old man, one of the victims is a female deputy who had responded to a call about a doe pless tick disturbance. we are told she is conscious and alert. we'll stay on top of this breaking news story. >> and today is the day muhammad ali planned himself. a grand final farewell in his home town of louisville. tens of thousands are expected there today before the memorial service at an arena. there will be a 19-mile procession through his old neighborhood followed by a private burial. former president bill clinton will deliver the eulogy for ali who died last week at age 74. abc news will have coverage throughout the day. >> president obama is expanding the role of u.s. forces in afghanistan. he has approved more air strikes in addition to allowing u.s. troops to accompany conventional afghan troops. the u.s. troops will now provide assistance as well as advice in the field. that role has previously been limited to afghan special
3:36 am
operation forces. u.s. military officials stress this is not a blanket order to target the taliban. and in neighboring baghdad, attacks by two suicide bombers have left at least 31 people dead and dozens more injured. at least 19 civilians were killed in an attack on a commercial area in a predominantly shia neighborhood. another suicide bomber rammed a vehicle filled with explosives into an iraqi army checkpoint that one killed 12 people. isis claiming responsibility for both bombings. hundreds of yarnell, arizona, residents are out of their homes overnight as a brush fire threatens their community. the blaze consumed about 1300 acres of land so far and destroyed three unoccupied structures. three years ago, another brush fire killed 19 members of a firefighting crew there. that prompted the community to clear out the brush. >> the community of yarnell has worked very hard the last two years putting in a fire break along the east side of town that we were able to tie into and
3:37 am
burn off and herd the fire around yarnell. that is why we were so successful yesterday. >> and the federal government is also chipping in with funding to fight the fire saying it has the potential to become a major disaster. the fire is believed to be caused by humans. yarnell is northwest of phoenix. on the east coast, riders were stuck at a north carolina amusement park after the power went out. among the three rides affected was a rotating swing ride called the windseeker. it's the tallest in the park. the power was out for only about a minute or two, but it took about two hours before people could be brought down from the rides manually. >> the trial for the police officer facing murder charges in the death of freddie gray resumes today in baltimore. caesar goodson is facing the most serious charges of the six officers accused in the case including second degree murder. he drove the van in which gray suffered that fatal spinal injury. the judge blast prosecutors for failing to share evidence with the defense. and a driver from battle creek, michigan, has been
3:38 am
charged with five counts of murder following the hit and run crash earlier this week. charles pickett junior did not appear in court. but the prosecutor says he'll be arraigned when he's medically able. pickett is charged with driving his pickup into a group of cyclists tuesday night and then running from the scene. five people were killed. he could face life in prison if convicted. >> something cool from iceland. a possible break through in the battle against climate change and pollution. a power plant there is the first in the world to turn carbon emissions into stone. yeah, the team took the emissions from the atmosphere, dissolved them in water and sealed them with basalt rocks managing to do so in just two years instead of thousands they originally thought it would take. basalt is available all over the world which means the method could actually be scaled up and put into wider use. some of us get a little cranky with the weatherman sometimes when things get rough. >> they get it wrong. >> you can yell at the tv sometimes.
3:39 am
but duke the german shepherd, he has a better reason for being vocal. the dog apparently loves to watch chief meteorologist steve caporrizo of our albany, new york, station. >> duke comes running as soon as he hears his voice and shows his enthusiasm for the forecast by barking along with the forecast. it's always great to have a fan bark back at you. >> i absolutely love that. we fostered a pitbull once. the people who adopted him sent meet a photograph i wish i still had. of course, i couldn't find. he heard me on tv once and they said he came running and perked right up and stared at the television. >> i have a little french bulldog that i dog sit once in awhile. when i used to pop on the tv in d.c., mia would come running to the tv. she's actually barking right now. >> she's probably so confused. what are you doing in there? come out and play with me. >> she didn't actually like me.
3:40 am
>> so maybe you were getting a different reaction. >> exactly. yeah, just about that. speaking of barking at somebody, bieber gets into a dogfight. a fistfight. >> uh-oh. >> that fight caught on video thankfully with a guy nearly twice his size. whoa. is it too late to say sorry? we'll have that in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by american advisors group. weather, brought to you by american advisors group.
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now to the growing backlash over the sentencing of a former stanford university swimmer
3:44 am
convicted of campus sexual assault. >> now vice president joe biden is adding his voice to the growing chorus of outrage as we larn some new details about that athlete's background. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: the vice president opened his letter echoing the sentiment of millions. writing, "i do not know your name, but your words are forever seared on my soul." the victim's letter, clicked on nearly 14 million times, describes in raw detail her sexual assault by former stanford swimmer brock turner. "i am filled with furious anger," biden wrote, "both that this happened to you and that our culture is still so broken that you were ever put in the position of defending your own worth." adding, "and while the justice system has spoken in your particular case, the nation is not satisfied." national outrage reaching a fever pitch. this banner hanging off an l.a. freeway. and a petition to recall the judge in the case signed by nearly a million people. all this as more details emerge about another side of brock
3:45 am
turner whose lawyers say he denied ever using any illicit substances. but in a sentencing brief submitted to the judge and obtained by abc news, the prosecution says texts and photos found on his phone show excessive drinking and using drugs including this photo prosecutors say is turner with a pipe. a second photo in the prosecution's brief which we misidentified yesterday as turner holding a bong was in fact, another student turner had on his phone. in one text sent the summer before of college, turner writes, dude, i did acid last week. the judge weighed all of that and still decided on that six-month sentence. we already know that turner will be out on september 2nd. that is after serving just three months of that six-month sentence. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. still a very heated case. you know, before it though, this judge had 13 years behind the bench without controversy. >> and as a result of all of this, now he's getting some
3:46 am
death threats. but there is that petition to recall him. i just checked. it has more than a million signatures. >> even the public defender on this case said despite what you may think about the sentencing which obviously he didn't agree with, he said that he doesn't think that the judge should be recalled. he says there can be public outrage but you don't want people recalling judges because they don't support the way that they do their job. he followed his job lawfully. >> yes, did he. and they decided not to appeal. >> when we can come back, what can president obama said to jimmy fallon about his new smartphone. >> how justin bieber got into trouble again with his fists. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny we have breaking news in "the skinny" this morning with president obama appearing on late night tv. >> the commander in chief appeared last night on the "tonight show" slow jamming the news and bemoaning the fact that he was once a hi-tech guy when he first got into the white house. >> the president said he was proud to be the first president ever to carry a blackberry and finally this year, the white house issued him his first smartphone. but it wasn't quite as smart as he was hoping. >> i get the thing and they're like, well, mr. president, for security reasons, there's a
3:49 am
great phone, state-of-the-art, but it doesn't take pictures. you can't text. the phone doesn't work. you know, you can't play your music on it. so basically, it's like does your 3-year-old have one of those play phones? it's like that. >> the president of the united states. >> it's got like the stickers on it. >> i'm going to call minnie mouse. i want minnie mouse. >> your imaginary friend. that's beak the phone i've got. >> president obama also said that the first thing he's going to do when he leaves office is get some sleep. >> oh. >> what's that? >> you would think he would get like a real iphone. >> that, as well. >> also appearing last night on the show was the queen of pop. >> madonna was apparently so thrilled to cross paths with the president backstage, that she found herself a little starstruck. she shared two photos of her encounter with the president on instagram captioning one of them "for once i'm speechless." >> that's a pretty cool moment. she did manage to find words for this one.
3:50 am
"a meeting of the leos." a cosmic convergence." >> talked about birthdays and everything. >> according to another photo she shared of the president and the first lady, the feeling is apparently mutual. look at them decked out. >> that is very cool. >> next up justin bieber gets in trouble again with his fists, again. >> bieber was outside a hotel in cleveland after game three of the nba finals when he got into shoving match with a guy that was five foot tall as mark said, twice his height. oh. so tmz obtained this video. the shoving match escalated into bieber throwing a flurry of punches and the guy almost effortlessly slamming him to the ground before bystanders pulled them apart. >> the guy's massive. >> some witnesses say bieber was getting bombarded with requests for photographs which could have sparked the fight. >> apparently trying to save face, the biebs posted his instagram picture the next day
3:51 am
with the caption "not a scratch on this pretty boy." >> on another photo is, he writes, "no hesitation." >> he's really good friends with floyd mayweather. i got to say in that five second clip -- >> his sense of boxing. > in that clip, he landed more punches than floyd and pacquiao did in that glorified fight last year. >> no one hitting anybody, right? >> no. >> the thing is, i wonder how many people just mess with bieber all the time? god knows what happened leading up to that and i can't imagine the patience level has to run thin at some point. finally to a much classier photo from across the lake. >> and this was certainly no instagram selfie. kensington palace released the final portrait in a series that was taken to celebrity queen elizabeth's 90 birthday taken by famed photographer annie liebovitz. >> just in time for prince philip's 95th birthday. we're seeing him pose with his bride of 58 years taken just after easter.
3:52 am
>> it's a big party weekend for them. >> and for the queen. this is their big weekend. >> sorry, glad you turned 95. still celebrating. wreaks havoc on your clothes thrashing them 3,000 times every wash. crushing them with 60 times the g-force of a rocket launch and baking them in a dryer that can get hot enough... cook ribs. detergent alone is not enough. add downy fabric conditioner... help protect clothes from stretching, fading and fuzz. learn more at moisture so i can get into it ao enhance mbit quicker. ral and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel.
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it instantly hydrates to plump and lift. ♪ so this week's headlines were dominated by two very starkly contrasting world views. >> yes, so you had the presidential front-runner under fire accused of divisive comments amid the passing of a boxing legends who leaves behind a legacy of bridge building. >> here now is our weekly "friday rewind." >> he was bigger than just a world boxing champion. he was a champion in life. >> he just wants everybody to be happy and celebrate his life, celebrate his legacy. not shed tears of sadness. shed tears of joy. >> he's a member of a club or society very strongly pro oisz mexican which is all fine. but i say he's got bias. i want to build a wall.
3:56 am
>> claiming a person can't do their job because of their race is the textbook definition of a racist comment. >> this is one of the worst mistakes trump has made. i think it's inexcusable. this judge was born in indiana. he is an american, period. >> we've reached a milestone. first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nominee. >> we are going to fight hard to win the primary in washington, d.c. and then we take our fight for social, economic, racial, and environmental justice to the philadelphia, pennsylvania! philadelphia, pennsylvania! >> i'm coming to you simply as a woman wanting to be heard. yes, there's plenty more i'd like to tell you about me. for now, i'm every woman. >> he ignored a jury and in my mind, ignored her. >> i could hear her screaming as
3:57 am
i backed up my patrol car, he tried to take my child. >> he was getting his butt kicked by mom. and that was one of the refreshing things that you saw in that video. >> it's not a mystery to me. the same thing that happened to my daughter is what happened to whitney. there's only one person that was around both occasions. >> you won't say his name. nick gordon is who you're referring to. >> i won't say his name. ♪ >> and next tuesday, presidential primary in d.c. >> and next monday, cupcake lovers day. >> how do you celebrate that one? >> i don't know. by loving cupcakes. >> okay. all right. >> a little awkward. the president and the former secretary of state will campaign in wisconsin next wednesday, as well. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades.
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this friday, june 10th, making news in america, president obama saying, i'm with her. official elizabeth warren what issing donald trump. >> he is a loud,s thatty, thin-skinned fraud. he will never be president of the united states. >> plus, the twitter war between the presumptive nominees. a massive manhunt is underway. authorities just released the alleged gunman's identity and that teenager is now on the run. >> remembering the greatest. muhammad ali laid to rest today. where the legend started his boxing career. we're live in louisville. and get ready for late night laughs. president obama opens up to jimmy fallon talking about his smartphone and all


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