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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  June 15, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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gets ahold of a little boy. >> and five have been wounded in wilmington. police are still sorting out the details of the wild shooting. one victim could be as young as 13 years old. >> the focus of the orlando terror probe comes to the gunman's wife. >> we'll get to all of that in just a moment. right now let's go over to dave murphy and to karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. and we're off to a decent start this morning. humidity still on the low side. there are a few more clouds that are trying to dig through the region. but i do think we're going get a fair amount of early sun. later in the afternoon the clouds get thick and we'll keep our eyes on the showers out by pittsburgh and south central pennsylvania. it's possible some of those pop through. i think most of the day will be dry and anything that makes it east should be on the light side and fairly brief side. 62 degrees in philadelphia, 59 currently as you step outside in wilmington. so pretty comfortable out there. 56 in trenton, 54 this morning in allentown. similar to the last couple mornings. excel on the boards in cape may. maybe a few trees cooler for your morning stroll next to
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the ocean this morning. 67 degrees by 8 o'clock. and then by 10 o'clock, 75. 80 by noon and we actually are going to get a high -- where do i want to write this, how about here, a high of 82 degrees and that will be fairly early in the day around 2 o'clock. we'll still be holding i don't and to the upper 70's by 6 o'clock, dinnertime tonight. we are looking at the arrival of some rain in the overnight hours and there could even be some thunderstorms in time for the morning commute. karen i'll show that you on future tracker6 and we'll start looking ahead toward the weekend. >> all right. so trouble for tomorrow morning's commute but not this morning. we're looking okay at least weather-wise out there and we look live here, we have lots of construction going on. this one is going to be causing problems on the admiral wilson boulevard approaching route 130 watch for construction that blocks the two right lanes out there. also 38 eastbound past 130, two right lanes blocked. that's been causing big problems for the morning commute and expect major delays coming up later today as well. no delays just yet on the vine street expressway. it was closed overnight construction but you see it's opened right now so westbound, eastbound moving okay. but crews will return again tonight at 11 o'clock and shut
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the vine down in both directions. how about the schuylkill expressway? the scene so many headaches yesterday morning. this morning no accidents, just yet so you're looking okay but expect delays tonight because the phils game at 7:05 and dolly parton concert at 8 o'clock so lots of reasons to come out and you'll see some extra congestion there. it's at the mann music center. we have a problem here with construction in berks county. that shut down i-78 but now it has reopened and that's between exit 45 and 49 so they've been shut down overnight, reopened that construction now. things are moving better now that those crews have left the scene. one more issue out there. a building fire in lansdale. you want to avoid the area of fifth and mitchell. just stick to third and cannon as your alternate and construction on the northeast extension has cleared. tam and nydia. >> okay, thank you, karen. at least three juveniles are said to be among victims of a shooting that wounded five in wilmington last night. the latest in the city hit hard by recent months of youth violence. "action news" reporter annie
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mccormick has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, tam. according to wilmington police there are five shooting victims several of them juveniles, at least one just a 13-year-old girl. take a look at this video. this is video from the scene many scene last night. we're told this all happened around 9:15 when officers responded to elm street and south van buren street. we're told multiple calls of shots fired came into 911. now, officers found three shooting victims on van buren and two others on nearby harrison. police say the victims are juveniles. one victim as young as 13. that young girl and the rest of the victims discovered were transported to area hospitals and are in stable condition. now, back out here live, on monday night, there was a shooting not far from where last night's shooting was where a 24-year-old man was wounded after he was shot in the shoulder. he is in stable condition. now, that shooting is still under investigation. but at this time police do not think that the two shootings are connected. for now reporting live in
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wilmington, delaware, annie mmccormick channel6 "action news." >> problems with the water supply hampered efforts to fight a fire in lansdale montgomery county. the flames broke out on the 800 block of west fifth street at the clemons uniform rental company. the business was closed for the day. no one was inside and there are no reports of injuries at the scene. but it took crews an hour and a half to contain those flames. >> ♪ >> now to a developing story and it is a heartbreaking one. search teams have spent all night at a disney world resort looking for a toddler dragged away by an alligator. "action news" reporter katherine scott is gathering the latest information for us live in the satellite center. the parents the everything they did to try to seay their little boy but they were no match for that gator. >> reporter: nydia, that alligator is anywhere between four and 7 feet long according to witnesses and yet those parents went in the water after it trying to get their little boy but they were unsuccessful.
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this morning teams of law enforcement are still out on the water trying to find him: the search stretched throughout the night for the two-year-old boy from nebraska who was dragged in the water by an alligator at disney's grand floridian resort and spa right in front of his family. >> they were just simply relaxing out in the area and wading just in the water there along the lake's edge at the time that the alligator attacked the child. >> reporter: the father went into the water trying to rescue his son. the mother went in, too, but they couldn't get him. law enforcement personnel, two marine units were dispatched. chris pacula from north wales watched from his nearby hotel room. >> all of a sudden we saw the search helicopter search with a bright search light over the lagoon. all that you can see are boats and helicopters. >> reporter: the attack happened in the area of the seven seas lagoon were no swimming signs are posted. disney which is the parent company of 6abc is cooperating with authorities. >> everyone here at the walt
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disney world resort is devastated by this tragic accident. our thoughts are with the family. were are helping the family and doing everything we can to assist law enforcement. >> as a father, as a grandfather, we're going to hope for the best in these circumstances but based upon my 35 years of law enforcement experience, we know that we have some challenges ahead of us at this time. >> reporter: and law enforcement personnel say they plan to continue this search until this little boy is recovered. we're live from the satellite center, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." tam. >> katherine, i just can't imagine. our hearts go out to that family. now to the new details on the orlando massacre. investigators are now focusing on the wife of the shooter and whether or not she had information that could have prevented this tragedy. officials now allege that noor salman accompanied her husband omar mateen to the pulse nightclub where that massacre unfolded as well as went with
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him to a florida gun store where mateen purchased weapons and ammo. but salman is reportedly arguing to the fbi that she tried to talk her husband out of harming anyone. investigators are also pouring over mateen's cell phone looking for connections to the gay community through contacts and dating apps going back as far as a decade. >> presumptive gop nominee donald trump has lashed back at president obama's criticism of his comments on muslims, the orlando nightclub attack and immigration. speaking at a rally in north carolina trump said the president is "more angry at him than the gunman in the massacre." obama said trump's loose talk and sloppiness could lead to discrimination and targeting of ethnic minorities. trump has a rally in atlanta georgia. hillary clinton says her talk with bernie sanders led to a positive discussion. they met where clinton has won the hours earlier in washington, d.c. they reportedly talked about unifying the party and stopping donald trump.
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clinton heads to virginia today while sanders will address supporters in a live video stream tomorrow night. >> time now to turn to dave murphy. can summer just look like this all summer long. >> i know, i've been getting a lot of facebook and twitter traffic from people saying i've been able to get yard work done, exercise. i had a nice walk yesterday and did a little yard work myself. you can get that done for the most part today as well. we're dry. heading outside we've got some sunshine coming up over the horizon. there will be thicker clouds as the day goes on and we can't rule out a passing sprinkle or shower but most of the day looks dry and nice and humidity is also still behaving itself so fairly comfortable. your temperatures 62 degrees, the dewpoint in the 50's. it's a little higher than the last couple of days. but still not all that humid. might feel a little bit sticky later this afternoon but i still think it's going to be a pretty decent day and sorry about that graphic but winds are calm and ocean temperature 65 degrees, getting a little bit better down the shore as well. satellite shows you how the clouds are a little bit more
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in place today than yesterday and there's certainly thicker stuff out to the west. there are those showers. a lot of these will probably fall apart a bit as they head to the east. we have to look out for a passing sprinkle or shower today. overall it's just another warm one. clouds increase as the day goes on. 67 by 8 o'clock with partly sunny skies there. by 10 o'clock we may still be squeezing out a decent amount of sun with a temperature of 75 but the clouds will have a tendency to get thick as the day geese on. it will get warm later, a high of 82 probably around 2 o'clock and then still holding the upper 70's by 5 o'clock. mainly try during the daytime hours. high temperatures 82 in philadelphia, a little warmer over to the east and north, 85 in trenton, probably getting up to about yes ick toda 86 tods river. 70's in wilmington, dover and mid 70's down the shore, a little bit milder on the boardwalk today than yesterday. blue jays in town after we played two in toronto. they're here for two now and it's mostly cloudy skies tonight, very likely dry, maybe a little drizzle drop late in the game but i think
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you're probably dry. 77 for the first pitch and 70 in the ninth inning. overnight tonight after midnight, that's when we will be looking at some showers developing and in fact during the morning broadcast tomorrow morning by 5:00 latest model run does have not only some showers but also some thunderstorms coming down through the northern and western suburbs and right through the i-95 corridor during the morning rush hour. we'll be on top of that tomorrow for you. don't know that it's exactly going to evolve just like we showed you but the idea is that there will be some showers and thunderstorms possible during the morning. then in the afternoon we expect drying and some clearing. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, today's high is 82, increasing clouds. most of our rain overnight into tomorrow morning. 76 then tomorrow afternoon. 82 with maybe a shower early on friday and some sun later in the day on friday. and then the weekend is looking good. 83, sunny on saturday. and that concern we had yesterday of a coastal storm may be dishing more clouds then on sunday, that's now off the models and all along it was only on one model anyway so that disan period. that means lots of sunshine on
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sunday and a high of 87. good for dad which means good for me. monday and tuesday we heat up, low 90's by tuesday guys, hot and humid an thunderstorm around. >> all right. >> makes its way in here. >> uh-huh. >> thank you david. >> five -- >> go aed. >> 5:41. still ahead on "action news," new details on the woman who was found handcuffed stabbed and shot in fairmount park. >> and a gym goer hailed a hero after a dramatic river rescue that was caught on camera. karen. >> we're live right now taking a look at route one at 413 in langhorne where we are clear and dry. we're going to check 422, see what's happening there coming up. >> ♪ >> plus, the house in the classic father of the bride movie could be yours. that's a little later when "action news" continues.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back on this wednesday. it is hump day. we're halfway through the week. it is 5:44, 62 degrees. sky6 hd taking a live look at a beautiful shot of of the sunrise over the ben franklin bridge. >> sometimes you go, uh, i got to get up and go to work but when you see a shot like that it gets you excited to get out of bed and start the day. >> i can usually count on a few facebook followers to show me pretty pictures of sunrises which i like. keep doing. that let's check the suburbs right now. as you're headed out, we're going to go ahead live right now, this is 422 at 23. we can see traffic moving nicely. eastbound traffic headed towards king of prussia.
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overnight construction on 422 has cleared so if you're coming from limerick orphean mike'sville looking pretty good slooking -- or seenin thi in thiorphoenixville. let's look one more time over here. street road westbound is blocked here in southampton township in bucks county. they've got some construction here it's blocked at stump road. stick to bustleton if i can to get around the closure there. let's can check these temperatures. it feels good out there. a little cool to start you off. just barely 50 degrees in quakertown and pottstown. better in saint davids. 62 in center city. in the suburbs in new jersey mostly in the mid 50. 54 in ewing, 55 in ham month and ton, 55 in dover delaware. we've got a nice high of 82 degrees but we are going see increasing clouds today and chance for a shower so morning commute dry but chance for a shower late shower later . 82 for your high.
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get out there and enjoy it. tam and nydia. >> thank you karen. philadelphia police identified the woman whose body was found in fairmount park near the mann music center. the remains long to 26-year-old to toy charda bryan of chester. she was found handcuffed stabbed and shot to death. investigators say it appears she put up quite a fight but they still don't know where the murder took place. police believe bryan's body was dumped in fairmount park about 10 feet off the road on monday night. >> new on "action news" a north injuries see man is talking about how he rescued a woman from her sinking suv. the vehicle crash landed in the passaic river yesterday morning. jay moss was on the other side of the river at his gym and without hesitation he jumped in the water and pulled the driver out of that suv. >> as soon as i realized no one was coming, it was a scary moment looking at someone unconscious in the car thinking that if i can't get it opened she's probably going to die. >> moss carried the 50-year-old woman safely back to the river bank. it's unclear what caused her to crash into the river in the first place but for now she is
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expected to be okay. >> three crew members are okay after their navy helicopter crashed near newport news virginia. the chopper went down in the james river during a routine training mission yesterday. thankfully boaters were nearby and helped rescue them from the water. the crew was later transferred to police and fire boats and taken ashore. >> it is now 5:47 and still ahead on "action news" run away plane. >> emergency crews try to stop a plane without a pilot and the whole situation is caught on camera. david. >> 82 is your high today. close to average. but how do we get there. i'll have your progression of temperatures in your forecast coming up next.
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>> the house that played a starring role in those father of the bride movies is on the market. the alhambra california property can be yours for 1.998 million dodges i guess if they say that rather than 2 million maybe it sounds like a deal. the home is just over 4300 square feet. it even features the original basketball hoop that the star of the movie steve martin uses in the film but just to note the directors the use a different home for some of the establishing shots. that house is actually in nearby pass tina. >> it is beautiful. >> buy i've got to watch that movie again. >> it was a great movie. >> that's right it was. >> let's take a look at your roads. we have a new problem coming in to us in delaware county. this is the route one media bypass northbound at 476. we have a medical emergency out here. we can see an ambulance, several police officers on the scene. they're all blocking the right lane. we just saw that truck go through so traffic is getting by. you just want to watch for that headed out. in new castle county newport road closed at old capitol trail. this is the bridge construction until mid august. stick to stanton road to avoid
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the problem. they've. >> all right karen. we've got cool numbers out there this morning in the 50's in the northern and western suburbs, 57 in chester. across the river in south jersey a lot of up are 50's in cinnaminson, glassboro and we're still in the low to mid 60's down the shore. looks like mid to upper 50 up and down the state of delaware so cool comfortable not all that humid as you head outside. not very breezy, either. 67 degrees by 8 o'clock for those of you getting out to run those errands early on. 75 by 10 o'clock. it does get warm later with a high of 82. that will be right in there around 2 o'clock actually it's already on this graphic and then by 4 o'clock, 79 trees. clouds will increase today. there's a slight chance of a spottspotty pop-up shower. >> david, thank you. you can find that seven-day forecast and a live look at storm tracker6 double scan radar any time of day on our web site. just led to surveillance cameras recorded quite a scare during the morning rush in new york city. a silver sedan jumped the curb
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taking down scaffolding and slamming into an empty hair salon. this happened yesterday. a witness said he instincts tiffly ran over and pulled out the bleeding driver. there's no word on her condition this morning or whether or not she will face any charges. a pilot in kansas had to call 911 when his plane tried to take off without him. the single engine aircraft was spinning in circles in a field when emergency crews arrived. this kind of plane can be started from the outside. officials believe a back wheel got stuck so it suddenly started spin. responders were stumped as to how to stop the plane so they just waited until it ran out of gas. [laughter] >> it is an interesting image. >> yeah. >> it is 5:52. up next a determined beetle the size of a rice grain is drilling into new jersey's trees. >> plus, facebook is going to start tracking your off line purchases. details at 6:00. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> and we're following some breaking news. the action cam is live at the scene of a multi alarm fire in trenton. this fire broke out on south clinton avenue and butler street at 4:30 this morning. it quickly spread. the fast moving flames have damaged three homes. so far there are no reports of any serious injuries. a teenager is in critical condition after being stabbed five times in west philadelphia. the 17-year-old was knifed in the chest ribs and thigh. the attack took place in the 4900 block of walton avenue yesterday afternoon. police were able to transport the teen to a nearby presbyterian hospital.
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the suspect described only as a plan in his 30's remains out there on the run. a judge has ruled that a police interview is admissible in the brendan creato case. david creato allegedly told police his 17-year-old girlfriend at the time resented his son. part of the hour long interview was played in court yesterday. >> she doesn't really like the fact i have a kid. she has a prob memorial with the fact that i have a kid with another person and she's always fighting with me. >> the prosecution alleges that david creato killed brendan left him in a wooded area last october to appease his girlfriend. the defense argued to have the video suppressed saying creato was not read his miranda rights. however a judge ruled creato gave that information freely so it can be used as evidence. the race is on in south jersey to stop some destructive insects before they spread further. more than 1,000 trees have recently been cut down in lakewood due to an infestation of the southern pine beetle. it is the size of a grain of
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rice and bourse into a tree's back to feed and breed injecting a fungus that starves the tree. park officials in ocean county are trying to create a buffer around the infestation. they're experimenting with targeted spraying. >> it is 5:57 and pressing their luck. the planned reopen of the revel casino seems to be a bust. find out what forced the owner to fold at least for now. >> we're continuing to follow a developing story out of disney world where a family vacation has taken a tragic turn after a terrifying encounter with an alligator. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning, it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday
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june 15th. i'm tamala edwards here with nydia han. matt has the morning awfully we're working on several developing stories. >> the search is on for a toddler snatched away from his parents by an alligator at a disney resort. we are live with the latest. >> a shooter is on the run after firing a barrage of bullets into a crowd in delaware and that left several young people hurt. >> happening today, students will remember their young classmate who was killed in the orlando nightclub shooting. >> we'll get to all of that in just a moment but first up we've got dave murphy outside to tell you what to expect today in accuweather and karen rogers of course is trying to make sure your commute is smooth. good morning. >> i hope we can keep that commute smooth. a few clouds around. want to quickly point out to you on storm tracker6 live double scan that way out to the west of us and south of us there are some showers that are developing west of baltimore. for now they're kind of diving down to the south but there is the chance of a spotty sprinkle or shower popping through during the day. we're also going to transition from partly sunny skies in the morning to more clouds during the rest of the day and there


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