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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 16, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. the investigation right now into the alligator that attacked a 2-year-old boy at disney world. the child's body found 15 feet from shore. the resort beach now closed as we learn new details about that terrible moment when the alligator attacked. breaking overnight, the dramatic marathon effort in the senate. nearly 15 hours long. the emotional fight to stop terrorists from getting guns as the president and vice president head to orlando to meet with the shooting victims and their families. exclusive new video reveals the horrifying moments in that nightclub bathroom as the gunman attacked. >> shhh. >> people hiding trying to keep the wounded alive and new questions this morning. were warnings from a gun shop owner ignored about the shooter weeks before the massacre. deadly heat warning. a wildfire blasting through the west.
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a state of emergency as temperatures reach up to 120 degrees and heat alerts from the midwest to california this morning. and good morning, america. it is another busy news morning. we have more fallout from that massacre in orlando. >> that dramatic scene on the floor of the senate. democrats going past 2:00 a.m. battling for action on gun control. >> that was connecticut senator chris murphy and could have votes as early as today. we begin with that deadly alligator attack at disney world. this morning we are learning more details about the family of that 2-year-old boy right there, lane graves and what happened in the moments leading up to the attack. abc's gio benitez is in orlando with the latest. good morning, gio. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. the family learning just over 12 hours ago that the boy's body was found intact just yards from the shore.
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after a desperate 16-hour search by air and boat, the heartbreaking news. 2-year-old lane graves found dead. six feet under water at disney's goril grand floridian resort. >> we used sonar. >> reporter: the alligator's attack taking less than a meeting as the boy played at the water's edge. 9 p.m. tuesday. lane's parents and 4-year-old sister were relaxing on the beach. lane was in ankle deep water when the alligator grabbed hold and dad rushing to save him but it was no use. the incredibly strong gator pulling the boy into the water. a witness says the scene which sounded like a fight unfolded in the dark. the mother frantic running back and forth across the beach. five gators captured at the lagoon wednesday. >> we'll look at the five alligators we've taken and compare things like bite marks. there had a good chance we already have the alligator. >> reporter: the seven seas lake has a no swimming sign but to
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sign warning about alligators. disney saying it will review the situation thoroughly. >> disney has a wildlife management system that is in place. >> reporter: the company saying they look into gator sightings and in some cases remove or euthanize the animals. a gator did bite an 8-year-old in 1986 but there's never been a death until now. but guests have seen gators there before. >> an alligator. >> an alligator. >> this video shot just two weeks ago of a gator in that same lagoon. the family did not notify disney. this morning the president of the resort telling abc news there are no words to convey the profound sorrow we feel for the family and their unimaginable loss. we are devastated and heartbroken by this tragic accident and are doing what we can to help the family during this difficult time. on behalf of everyone at disney we offer our deepest sympathies. and the graves family -- >> they do appreciate all of the prayers that have gone forward
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to allow those of us -- >> reporter: bob iger spoke with the family and also said this in a statement, as a parent and a grandparent my heart goes out to the graves family during this time of devastating loss. my thoughts and prayers are with them and i know everyone at disney joins me in offering our deepest sympathies. george. >> we do all join in on that, bep. more questions this morning. we know the beaches there are closed. what's the scope of that closure and going forward do you expect to have more explicit warnings about alligators at the disney resorts? >> reporter: that's right. george, a big question because as we know right now there are no alligator warning signs so right now disney tell us they'll review that and look into that for the future. i can tell you all of the beaches here are still closed, george. >> gio benitez, thanks very much. >> i think that warning will be heard loud and clear. so many of us walked on that beach never thinking our
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children could be at risk. we turn to the other big story in orlando, the president heading there this morning as the fbi now investigates that deadly shooting. they have released this poster asking the public for information about the gunman as new terrifying video shows the moments in the nightclub in a bathroom stall. abc's linzie janis is in orlando with more. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: we've heard so many horrifying stories from inside that nightclub and now for the first time one survivor sharing with us a video he took from inside the bathroom where he was hiding. >> chris, chris. >> shhh. >> reporter: this morning, new video from inside the orlando nightclub massacre. >> so i ended up in the bathroom. the shooter started saying everyone come out, everybody is going to die. >> reporter: instead miguel says he and dozens of others hid in
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the stalls huddling together for four hours. the footage obtained by abc station wplg shows them passing around a cup of water and trying to keep the wounded alive. >> chris, chris. >> reporter: also this morning, for the first time the voice of the killer. >> good morning. do you have a badge? >> reporter: a disgruntled omar mateen seen in this documentary called "the big fix" working as a security guard at the site of the 2010 bp oil spill. >> no one gives a [ bleep ] -- everybody is just out to get paid. >> all about the upon, right? >> reporter: years later his behavior would cost him his job at a florida courthouse. >> there was made about his allegiance to the ft. hood shooter and those comments brought immediate alarm to my staff and their supervisors at the courthouse. >> reporter: the incident triggering one of two fbi
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investigations. both concluding he was not a threat. and just last year a local police academy rejected mateen's application, inside mateen admits he was dismissed from another job at the florida department of corrections, that he had used steroids and had a criminal record that was sealed or expunged. authorities say mateen filed a complaint claiming he was turned away because he was a muslim. and right now the fbi is aggressively investigating mateen's wife noor salman who lived here with him. they are looking into her life with as much scrutiny as her husband's. amy. >> all right, thank you for that. we are learning new details about a missed warning sign. a gun shop owner reported him weeks before the attack. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here and, brian, we always hear the phrase if you see something, say something. a lot of people said something. >> that seems to be the case.
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the owner of the gun shop in jensen beach, florida, told abc news mateen tried to buy body armor and bulk ammunition from his store but he turned him down because he seemed suspicious. the owner says he then notified authorities about his suspicions of mateen. that was almost three weeks before the shooting, amy. no immediate comment so far from the fbi or local authorities. >> certainly we expect to hear one soon. in the meantime, there are reports of new isis threats against tourists in europe as well as gay nightclubs everywhere. >> that's right. authorities in europe are sorting through reports that new teams of isis fighters have been dispatched from syria to europe. this comes at a time of high anxiety because of the ongoing soccer championships being played out in france so far, though, the only problem some raucous violent fans. >> summer travel season. >> there is a travel warning out for u.s. tourists going to europe. >> thank you. the political impact of this right now. overnight, senate democrats took over the senate floor to force action on gun legislation.
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and donald trump says he's going to meet with the nra to discuss ways to deny guns to people on the terror watch list. jon karl has all the latest. after that talk-a-thon we could see new votes as early as today. >> reporter: absolutely, george. quite a movement in the senate and it was one year ago today that donald trump officially announced he was running for president and while he is in the midst of a bitter battle with hillary clinton over how to respond to the orlando massacre, there is now one issue where they appear to be at least in agreement. overnight, democrats spoke for nearly 15 hours on the senate floor hoping to shame republicans into having a vote on new gun control legislation. >> having come through the experience of newtown, i've had enough. it's been four yeerars and nothg has been done. >> reporter: meanwhile, hillary clinton continues to hammer donald trump over his response to the orlando massacre.
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>> so not one of donald trump's reckless ideas would have saved a single life in orlando. >> reporter: but now there may be one idea that two bitter rivals actually agree on. trump proclaimed in a tweet, i will be meeting with the nra who has endorsed me about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list or the no-fly list to buy guns. that's a position clinton has long supported. >> if the fbi is watching you for suspected terrorist links, you should not be able to buy a gun with no questions asked. >> reporter: democrats proposed the so-called no-fly, no buy bill arguing if you are on the terror watch list which includes the tsa no-fly list you shouldn't be able to buy a gun. >> i want to meet with the nra. we'll be discussing it. a number of people have brought this to my attention and i understand why we should be discussing it. >> reporter: but the nra along with most republicans ha opposed to banning gun sales to those on
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watch lists saying law-abiding americans are often included and should not lose their right to purchase firearms. the nra responded to trump's request for a meeting saying, quote, we are happy to meet with donald trump. the nra's position on this issue has not changed. instead of an outright ban, george, they support a republican measure that would require a delay for anyone on a watch list so they could first be checked out before buying a gun. >> they could vote on that as well today. let's talk to bill o'reilly, anchor of "the o'reilly factor" on fox news. thanks for coming in. a lot of movement on guns. do you think something will happen. >> i think congress has to debate which kind of weaponry is available to the public and which isn't very specifically and that's a worthy debate and should do it. beyond that, i hate to see this war on terror politicize because that's what's going on. >> that's exactly what's happening and one of the things we're seeing is donald trump seeming to try to urge the nra to do something on this terror watch list.
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do you think they're going to move? >> well, look, i mean they have to have a specific law that if you're under suspicion you can't buy a gun but you can't just do that now. there has to be a law because the guy, mateen, he was clean. he didn't have any arrest record so you can't deny him the right that florida gives its citizens to do whatever they want to do. but if you pass a new law that says if you're on a federal watch list, then you're denied this, this, this and this, it can happen. >> we'll see what happens today. you talk about the politicizing of the gun debate. you've seen president obama come out and hillary clinton come out. you've seen donald trump come out and the initial days, it seems like donald trump is kind of doubling down on the same strategy he had during the primaries. >> of course. >> will that work in the general election? >> who knows. he's got two issues, he has two issues only. the economy and terrorism. that's it. social issues don't matter this year and he's not strong on them anyway so he'll hammer those two issues every time he's in the public forum. >> one of the things you see happening with that, it's causing a fair amount of
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discomfort this the top ranks of the republican leadership and seemed to get fed up last night. >> style over substance. >> let's take a look. >> the republicans honestly folk, our leaders have to get tougher. this is too tough to do it alone but you know what, i think i'm going to be forced to. i think i'm going to be forced to. our leaders have to get a lot tougher and be quiet. just please be quiet. don't talk. please be quiet. >> sounds like he's suing for divorce right there. >> he's right. the republican party, the reason that he's even sitting there is because the republican leadership is weak. come on. let's face it. americans look to the gop, the grand old party to protect them and look for very, very strong national stands. you're not getting them. kate a law which i have wanted to advance was basically scuttled by the republican leadership that would protect americans from violent aggravated foreign felons who defied depore take and people
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know that. that's what trump is even here. >> see, that's part of the dilemma he's facing or one of the reasons he got the nomination. you're right. he took on the republican leaders. he was an outsider. >> they're wim schlwimps. >> he is going for the populist vote and not running as a republican but as a populist and try to get as many people who are angry and disassociated with the government to vote for him as possible. it could work. that's his only shot because the democrat collision is organized and most of those folks are either going to stay home or vote for hillary. i think there will be a low voter turnout. >> one thing we saw was high voter turnout in the republican primaries. trump as he said won more votes than anyone else in history. >> 6the primaries are the primaries but a narrow sliver of the general populist. >> where does he find those votes? one thing we've seen since he
7:15 am
secured the nomination it appears hillary clinton opened up a little more of a lead. >> oh, but that's -- those poll, they go week by week. next week trump is going to be back because of the terrorism and this week, hillary -- >> you think this is working for him right now. >> the terrorism issue, oh, are you kidding me? people are furious. furious. they don't want to hear about gun control. isis savages confronted they want. that's what everybody is talking about outside of new york and georgetown. people are fed up with president obama not saying who the enemy is and dancing around and outsourcing the fight to the kurds. come on. these are involve sajs, they're killing americans. go get them. >> i was struck by a cbs poll showed more than half of country disapproves of the way trump responded on this. >> because i just said the words, it's style over substance. don't like his style. okay, so trump's style is what
7:16 am
holds him back. and i've told trump that. i've known him for 30 years. some of your ideas are good but if you say that's mexican is bad nobody will listen to anything else. knock off the personal politics and get into the issues on how you're going to beat these people. >> we will be watching. we'll watch your series "legends and lies." >> this sunday night on fox. "legends and lives" of patriots. we beat the british because everyone was armed and that has made our difficulty of regulating guns that much harder. >> get the history lesson from bill o'reilly on sunday night. let's head to ginger with that deadly heat warning. millions now facing alerts as a wildfire blasts through the west and a state of emergency declared in new mexico.the heatn arizona it's only going to keep climbing as we go through the weekend. the wildfires are burning.
7:17 am
look at this video santa is an , california. the heat advisories are immediate for the center of the nation, houston, dallas, st. louis, omaha. the numbers will rise above 100. it will feel like 110. 97 for nationalville this afternoon. by this weekend, phoenix 120 one of the hottest temperatures ever on record. it's a big headline this morning about the risk for babies whose mothers contract the disease in their third trimester. abc's dr. richard besser is here with the latest on that and, rich, tell us what this study found. >> yeah, so very important study out of columbia by cdc and the colombian ministry of health and followed tens of thousand s affected by it. almost 600 women infected with
7:18 am
it during their third trimester none had a baby born with microcephaly. this is very encouraging. >> good news there but does it change what pregnant women should do. >> it doesn't. if you're pregnant, you shouldn't go to a place where zika is transmitting. if you have to go or you're living in one of those place, do what you can to prevent mosquito bites and sexual transmission because we just don't know about risk earlier in pregnancy. >> i was going to ask. third trimester infections. do we know about women who contract it earlier? >> in the same study they're following over a thousand women who fall into those groups. by the end of the year we'll have the answer to that question. >> we know you'll be on top of it. ginger, we have rain here in times square and more storms moving east. >> several spots had severe storms including hamilton, ohio, the video of the damage and that into parts of virginia and virginia west of washington, d.c. could see damaging winds
7:19 am
and hail. the heat index brought to you by kohls. >> reporter: showers and a couple of thunderstorms popping through the region this morning. you can see decent downpours in eastern chester county pushing into areas west of philadelphia. that's a thunderstorm pushing away from wilmington and another one north of dover and another cluster to the west. stepping outside damp in spots and certainly gray in philadelphia. temperatures right now in the 60s for the most part. 74 is the high. we'll have a damp start and later in the afternoon after
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or more on char-broil® grills and accessories. >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards, 7:23, thursday, june 16. let's head to matt pellman taking a look at 422. >> reporter: tam the grass and the trees, love the rain. the driver not so much. it is wet and slow on 422 on the eastbound side from past 29 from this point to route 23. westbound through pottstown watch out you watch out for a crash vehicle into the barrier and midday construction expect restrictions and delays 422 westbound through the pottstown area. morrisville there's police activity blocking bridge street. route 1 or the super highway or market streets the alternate. a tree came down on the boulevard northbound side by adams avenue. i-95 northbound is open, southbound is heavy with speeds
7:24 am
in the teens. we're seeing delays on the admiral wilson boulevard eastbound approaching the airport circle. you know what that is, it's construction now through next friday morning. unfortunately, tam. >> thank you, matt. we'll take a break and come back to accuweather.
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there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. with the laughing cow's nine flavors of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. everybody, we're standing with the umbrella on the terrace with lots of rain. take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan steady rain highlighted in yellow. down south of philadelphia. a thunderstorm in new castle county, delaware. 64 degrees in philadelphia. it's wet. this afternoon, 74. rain should die down around 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, 78. tam. >> thank you, david.
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coming up on "g.m.a.," new bombshells 0 out of the oj simpson trial. we'll see you in 0. 30. bill's family went to lowe's
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welcome back to "gma." you are looking at the lake outside disney a grand floridian resort where authorities are searching for the alligator responsible for that deadly attack of a 2-year-old boy. we'll have much more on that investigation coming up in just a bit. that is coming up. also right now senate democrats pushing for changes on gun control after nearly 15-hour effort overnight they are now set to vote on it as early as this morning as president obama meets with the victims of that terror attack. millions in the midwest facing heat alerts. warnings temperatures could top you? ex-wife nicole and the most important piece of evidence that bloody
7:31 am
glove coming up on our big board. we begin with the alligator attack in florida and questions this morning about just how common they are and what you should do if you encounter a gator. abc's lauren lyster went out with one of the trappers who helped search for that 2-year-old boy and joins us from orlando. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, amy. you know, here in florida they are everywhere. an estimated 1.3 million gators lurking in the lake, rivers and canals across the state. here at gatorland they're in captivity. this is a theme park. this is fencing to use livestock in and works with alligators but you need an eight-foot tall fence to keep them away. a familiaring is reeling after an that tack that claimed the life of their son. while alligator attacks are rare, alligator appearances aren't. residents here in florida dealing with alligators turning up anywhere from their front stoop to the swimming pool, even
7:32 am
the golf course. >> we have a lake behind our home and we see alligators all the time. >> reporter: but what about these prehistoric predators is so dangerous? >> he's going to come out of the water at speeds upwards of 20 to 30 miles an hour. >> reporter: at jungle adventures ryan showed me how their speed and weight can overwhelm their prey. >> 1600 pounds of total pressure together. >> reporter: why do they attack? >> sometimes mistaken identity. twilight and dusk is when they hunt. if something is splashing that says wounded animal to them. easy prey. >> reporter: out with alligator trappers including one who helped in the search for the missing boy at disney world gators are expected and easy to spot. why in swimming pools? >> with that the gators are coming through pipes and local
7:33 am
canals. >> reporter: trappers are called when the animals show up when they shouldn't be. >> caught in a barstool in somebody's backyard. >> reporter: what do you think people who live in florida that know about alligators that tourists don't. >> you need to respect the gator. all you need is one. go down on the water then you pay for it. >> now, the likelihood of being seriously injured by a gator is 1 in 2.4 million. the most dangerous time of year is now. summer month, breeding and nesting seasons are in play. the time of year when gators are particularly aggressive. amy. >> all right, lauren, thank you for that. as we turn to jack hanna of the columbus zoo in ohio, disney is the parent company of abc, we should note. we heard that report from lauren. but with more than 1 million alligators in that state of florida, can you tell us a little about their behavior? >> well, this time of year is breeding season.
7:34 am
the gator can move a great distance walking down roads, through pipes, through channels, i know they do a great deal of work controlling them but only can do what they can do. disney is the safest place in the world. i have no stock in disney. i say after been there the size of a county and control all these gators which are there is very, very difficult. and what's happening here is as far as the family is very bad. >> it's awful, jack. and we talk -- we've been talking about how common alligators are in that area and yet attacks like this are extremely rare. what made this situation different? >> right. well, you got to remember something, the gator has been around for tens of -- how many millions of years we don't know. again, when a gator comes out of the water it's like a bullet and they can outrun any human being on earth in the first 20, 30 feet like a bullet going off. the child's vibrations could be
7:35 am
heard or felt by the gator up to one mile away underwater, this he say, so that said this is just a splashing going on. this gator comes up there like a bullet and the father, god bless his soul, had no chance. once he clamps down it's the most powerful of any animal in the world. it's one of these things that happen that is just a terrible, terrible accident. >> i know now anyone who's visiting the florida area or alligator country in general is going to be concerned and one of the biggest pieces of advice you have, not to feed them. it sounds obvious but a lot of people do, correct? >> yeah, people -- it's amazing people -- you can't get within 50, 60 feet away if you want to take a picture. if they're on the road just don't move them. sometimes on the road because the asphalt is hot and laying there. not dead or been hit by a car. some might go up there and most will run from people. when i film them, 90% of the time they'll run away quickly.
7:36 am
however, if they're around a nest, for example, nesting season, some people don't know that. the gator will go through a brick wall to get you if they're around their nest, trying to go there. if you know there's gators and you're swimming just stay away from the area. that's all. there's certain things you can do to avoid it. neighborhoods as you said built with beautiful lakes around them and houses are there and gators are up on the basics and had the dogs and they go get a drink of water and they have to keep that dog an a leash but that does happen. >> a lot of people are now looking to see what could have been done, what should have been done. were those no swimming signs posted along that lagoon enough to prevent an attack like this? >> well, here's the thing, i'm right now in montana. right near glacier park. when you enter it says beware of the bears. just last week we had a bear in our backyard come right down the beach there which hasn't happened in 21 years over here where i am at the farm we had a bear living here, oh, about five weeks, we didn't get near the
7:37 am
bear but the one over here, the point i'm getting at, yes, there are signs at fwlasher park, are there signs around outside the park. that's the analogy i'm saying. they did have a no swimming sign. okay, there were gators there but not have been gators there for years so i can't blame it myself on disney. obviously the poor parents didn't know the gators were there and so how do you say just like i said there's signs about grizzlies but right now they're walking around out here as well and there are no signs here. >> it's an unfortunate and tragic wake-up call to a lot of people about the access gators and have just the interaction that happens in a state like that. all over the country with animals we're living in their home so an important note. jack, we appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you. >> all right, let's head now over to lara. >> thank you. coming up on our big board why the judge in the stanford sexual assault case is being pulled are an upcoming trial. startling revelations in the
7:38 am
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time for the big board. team of insiders ready to weigh in on today's story. t.j. right here and we'll talk to him in a minute about the cavs and warriors but first up judge aaron persky. you know his name. that controversial judge who presided over the stanford sexual assault trial and another coming up facing backlash as well. let's talk to sunny hostin, our legal analyst. sunny, you have the d.a. in another case trying to get him removed from the case. they succeeded and said we lacked confidence he can fairly participate in this upcoming hearing in which a male nurse sexually assaulted a female annesety sized female patient. >> when i was a prosecutor i
7:41 am
never asked for another judge. i never advised anyone to ask for another judge. it just doesn't happen. the reason it doesn't is because prosecutors are repeat customers of these judges. you're in front of them day in and day out so the message from this d.a. is very clear. he wants this judge off the bench. he wants to be done with this judge and this judge now is in a lot of trouble. his position is just really compromiseed. >> sunny, i want to ask several potential jurors have refused to work with this judge. they were dismissed before he was pulled by the d.a. how effective do you think he can be moving forward. >> the bottom line is the judge is the captain of the ship, right? the judge is the leader in the courtroom. when the judge loses the confidence of his team, it is game over. it happened in the o.j. case. i know that pie good friend jeffrey toobin is up at bat next. judge ito lost control of the courtroom. guess what, game over. t.j. holmes is up next talking about the cavs, talking about golden state. imagine if steph curry doesn't
7:42 am
listen anymore to steve kerr, game over. this judge has got to get off the bench, game over. >> wow. >> good analogies. sunny, we thank you. teeing us up for our next two topics we'll talk to toobin. the compelling abc, espn documentary, "o.j.: made in america" on his double murder trial author of "the run of his life: the people v. o.j. simpson" jeffrey toobin featured prominently in the documentary. jeffrey, you literally wrote the book on o.j. but say there are things in the documentary that surprised even you. >> absolutely. and let me give you a real important example. the length and intensity of o.j.'s abuse of nicole. there's an interview in this documentary with o.j.'s -- with nicole's roommate when she went on her first date and she came home with all her clothes torn. all of us knew, of course, that o.j. had been convicted of domestic abuse once.
7:43 am
but it was so much more than that one incident and that is something that is a very chilling, chilling fact that comes out of this documentary. >> that is chilling. you know, last week i was talking to gil garcetti and he said he learned that o.j. deliberately didn't take his medication for arthritis so his hands would swell and he wouldn't fit into the glove. it's a real focus of the documentary and the defense implicated mark furman planted it. he is a big part as well. what is your impression. >> mark is not an appealing character at all. my original story in "the new yorker" talked about his history of racial abuse of african-americans and he is not a sympathetic -- he doesn't really give any apologies in the -- in long interview that he gives in the documentary. however, what he does is he shows that the defense theory that he planted the glove and framed o.j. simpson is simply absurd.
7:44 am
that it is not technically possible that he could have done it and that, again, is another piece of evidence that at least in my viewpoints to o.j. simpson's guilt in all this. >> i want to talk about the bronco chase. everybody remembers where they were. do you remember where you were. >> i was at my girlfriend's house in high school. >> you were? >> yes. i was a little just out of college working at news 12 and ironically at a bar so i remember watching it on tv. do you remember where you were? >> i was spiking in northwestern that night and i was with a buddy after it watching it on tv. >> you're much too honorable than mine. we're hearing al cowlings' 911 call. anything new for you here. >> you know, the cowlings call explains in part why the prosecution did not introduce that evidence at the trial because he talks about how o.j. is so distraught, that o.j. wants to kill himself because
7:45 am
people think he did something wrong. and the prosecution made a lot of mistakes in this trial but i actually think they were right not to introduce it and this jury wasn't going to convict anyway. >> thanks very much. t.j. sitting right here. i guess you're on your way to cleveland for game six of the nba finals tonight. >> yes. >> cleveland absolutely golden state and it'll be such an exciting game. heartwarming spot, craig seager, giving him a chance to call it. >> you don't see this kind of collaboration where talent is loaned to another network but craig, you see him, beloved member of the nba family known for crazy jacks and just an icon really but never gotten a chance to call an nba finals game because he works for tnt. tnt doesn't have the right to the finals. he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2014. out for about a year. it was in remission. now it's come back so espn reached out and invited him to do this and it's just a great
7:46 am
collaboration. he's going to get to call his first finals game. guy, if it hadn't gone to game six he wouldn't be able to do it because he's going through chemotherapy. if it would have ended in five he wouldn't have been able to do it. >> meant to be. >> yes. >> as for the game the cavs took game five and golden state, warriors all star dram monds green is back. another key player out. >> andrew bogut. yes. >> what does it mean. >> sunny, do you want to take this. >> seems like you wanted to do the reporting on the game. >> you know i like basketball, t.j. >> yes. >> but, no, draymond green, all eyes on him. he was suspend for a dust-up with lebron james and took a swipe at his man region, if you will. draymond is back for this game and we shall see but they can get it to seven games and being going back to oakland possibly for the two best words in sports, game seven. >> game is tonight.
7:47 am
thank you t.j., jeff, sunny. game six 9:00 p.m. on abc. coming up in just two minutes our hot shot of the day. buddy, the rescue dog. he is so cute. 50 million views and counting. we'll hear from his owner coming up next on "good morning america." y to look at relapsing multiple sclerosis? this is tecfidera. tecfidera is not an injection. it's a pill for relapsing ms that has the power to cut relapses in half. imagine what you could do with fewer relapses. tecfidera may cause serious side effects, such as allergic reactions, pml, which is a rare brain infection that usually leads to death or severe disability, and decreases in your white blood cells. the most common side effects are flushing and stomach problems. tell your doctor about any low white blood cell counts, infections,
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liberty mutual insurance. ♪ we are back with the hot shot. they say dogs are man's best friend. for buddy it looks like it's his ball catcher. getting more than 50 million views. 20 million hits just in the last 4 hours. there he is doing his happy dance. so cute. he's completely in love with that self-fetching toy. i need to get one of those. we got to talk to buddy's owner rennie berchard, take a listen. >> once he learned how to play with it and use it himself, he just became very excited by it. he's just thrilled that he can do it on his own and i think that's the overall excitement
7:50 am
for him. >> i'm going to say the owner probably is a little thinked that she doesn't have to keep throwing it. his dog will come back and drop it. he can play for hours by himself. i know rennie is hoping this video will do some good and it will help more dogs like buddy get adopted. you can just see the joy they bring you. >> so fantastic. >> you could watch him do that forever. >> how many times have you got the slimy ball put on your lap. >> all about the self-fetching. >> i love it. coming up next in our next hour, oprah on "gma" opening up to lara about her new role. weight watchers and her secret to living your best life. >> she was in a great mood. >> all right. oprah. right, did she say hello there. >> and tory with "deals & steals" for your summer travels. >> "deals & steals" time. tory coming up. aloha breakfast presented by king's hawaiian. irresist tibble since 1950. why do so many businesses
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7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by ford. we go further so you can.
7:56 am
>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, 7:56 on this thursday, june 16. let's head to matt pellman right now he is looking at i-95. good morning. >> reporter: the rain is coming down good in spots leaving the speeds way down enough to feel a little bit down on thursday. it's slow on i-95 southbound side from approaching academy to cottman, the whole way into girard, the southbound travel time is three times what it should be. down tree on the boulevard near adams. in morrisville there's police activity blocking bridge street, route 1 or union or market are the alternates. there's a crash in mount laurel blocking the ramp getting on to 295 southbound. pennsauken, eastbound admiral
7:57 am
wilson boulevard jammed solid coming away from baird boulevard. we go outside live look across the delaware. let's go over to david murphy and talk about what's going on with accuweather. >> reporter: steady rain falling on the terrace. storm tracker 6 live double scan philadelphia is almost out from under this latest band of rain. thunderstorms in south jersey and delaware and thunderstorms west near gettiesberg. 64 degrees, this afternoon's high, 74. we'll look at a damp start most of us us will be drying out and we might see sun after that. tomorrow, morning rain in delaware and extreme south jersey, otherwise clearing and 78. >> philadelphia city council is expected to give final approval to 1.5 cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks and diet
7:58 am
beverages. advocates say it will help preschool and rec centers, opponents say it will hurt the poor and the industry. coming up on "g.m.a.," steals and deals. we'll see you in 30.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. we have the latest on that deadly alligator attack in disney world. the search to identify the reptile as the body of the toddler is found 15 feet from shore. the resort beach now closed down and new details are coming out about the horrible moments when the alligator struck. breast-feeding backlash. the mom blasted for nursing at target by another customer. >> that's when he started yelling at me. he was just like telling me how disgusting i was. >> 6 million views of the facebook video that captured it all. thousands of you weighing in. now the mom and the shopper who defended her speak out. ♪ new overnight taylor swift caught on camera with a new man on the beach just weeks after her surprise split, were the telltale sign of it this dance?
8:01 am
filling the blank space in her life. ♪ and we've got oprah. >> life is good. >> life is good. >> she's got something super special to share with you right here dishing on her brand-new role, weight watchers and the secret she's sharing to living your best life as we say -- >> good morning, america! wow, break a glass moment there from oprah on her good morning, america. you had fun with her. >> she was fantastic and always has wonderful words of wisdom coming up. >> she does. you know what's wonderful. did you watch "ugly betty"? i was a huge fan. guess what, the cast is back together for the first time. look at that, america ferrera, emotional and hilarious reunion. can't wait to share it with you and even though us at home have
8:02 am
been dealing with we've been talking about it and there's a reason why. >> absolutely. this morning we are announcing our finalists in our "gma" challenge. we got more than 240,000 submissions, thank you all so much. the latest round to brad daugherty's "without a fight" and revealing who gets to battle it out in our epic finale? you'll find out. >> 240,000? >> amazing. >> a lot of feed many back. the morning rundown from amy. the big story this morning, a deal on capitol hill for a vote on new gun restrictions. this in the wake of the orlando nightclub shooting and it follows a dramatic filibuster in the senate. it ended around 2:00 a.m. democrats led by chris murphy of connecticut held the floor for nearly 15 hours pushing for new regulations to stop people on the terror watch list from buying guns and to expand background checks. senate leaders have now agreed to vote as early as this morning on two proposals. president obama and vice president biden are visiting orlando today to support the
8:03 am
survivors and to meet with the families of the orlando shooting victims. this as new video shows dozens of people huddled together in one of the bathrooms of the pulse nightclub during the attack. senate investigators have turned up facebook posts from the gunman in which he rages against what he calls the filthy ways of the west and there is word of another missed warning sign. a florida gun store owner says he refused to sell him body armor and ammunition three weeks ago because he thought mateen was suspicious and he says he alerted authorities. well, there is a new warning from the director of the cia about isis. today john brennan is expected to warn congress that while the terror group continues to lose more territory in iraq and syria, it will likely step up attacks overseas and send more fighters to the west. he says the isis branch in libya may now be the most dangerous. and now to that deadly alligator attack at disney world. instead of enjoying their family vacation the parents of that
8:04 am
2-year-old boy dragged away by a gator are now preparing to bury their son. abc's gio benitez is in orlando with the very latest on the investigation. good morning, gio. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. the little boy's body was found intact after a 16-hour search of that lagoon. he had been playing in ankle deep water when the gator snatched him at 9 p.m. tuesday night. five alligators have since been captured. now, there are no swimming signs at the resort but they do not have any alligator warning signs. an issue disney will be reviewing for the future. meantime, bob iger, charel and ceo of disney, our parent company, spoke to the family and also says this in a statement. as a parent and a grandparent my heart goes out to the graves family during this time of devastating loss. my thoughts and prayers are with them, and i know everyone at disney joins me in offering our deepest sympathies. amy. >> we do, indeed, gio, thank you. in california a fire near santa barbara exploded in size overnight. more than a thousand acres have
8:05 am
burned forcing the evacuation of homes and campgrounds. and there is a state of emergency now in new mexico because of a wildfire just as that region now braces for a record heat wave. in upstate new york a man was getting foo his car at a gas station when an explosion threw him onto the pavement as the car burst into flames. he survived by rolling on the ground to put out the fire on his clothes. police say he had just put a full can of gas into his trunk. and overseas a shocking headline in the wine industry. take a look at this chilean red wine just been named best in the world beating out 16,000 others in a global competition. but here is the best part. this malbec sells for $6 a bottle and it's only available at a british supermarket, unfortunately. 6 bucks. that's all it takes. finally i love this story. an eighth grader near chicago who loves politics earned hi standing ovation for his middle school graduation speech you're about to see why.
8:06 am
jack aiello has been following the presidential election so closely he decided to poke a little fun at the candidates with some spot-on impressions, first jack did a great trump impression. >> and let me just tell you by the way that if we have an entire team of mr. craigs who by the way is fantastic, he's terrific. [ laughter ] if we have an entire team of mr. craigs, we will win and we will win and believe me, we will win. [ laughter ] >> what a ham. >> it was his impression of bernie sanders that got the most laughs. you got to listen to this. >> let me start with the lunches. they are delicious. some of the best cinnamon rolls i've ever tasted. i do have one improvement for them, though. we need to make them free! what we need is a cinnamon roll revolution! >> so i love this, jack says he'd either like to be a cast
8:07 am
member for "snl" or run for office. >> move over, larry david. come on. that was great. >> thank you. i like the malbec story too. a good newscast. "pop news." here we go, everybody. we'll begin with a whole lot of love for orlando. some of broadway's and hollywood's biggest stars rallying together to support the lgbt community inspied by the "we are the world" charity track, a galaxy of stars including adieen nina menzel, w gold berg recording a cover of a song i love. 1965's "what the world needs now is love sweet love" evacuate." sara bareilles sharing this video of the packed recording studio. she didn't include the audio, no spoilers here but 100% of the proceeds if you buy the song will go to the lgbt center of
8:08 am
central florida. >> fantastic. >> that's awesome. i love that. can't wait to hear it. >> i will spare you my singing it and i would recommend buying it. great cause. also in "pop news," taylor swift knows how to shake it off. two weeks after she and deejay calvin harris called it quits pictures have emerged of her kissing tom hiddleston. "the sun" publishing a picture of them canoodling in front of dozens of onlookers and shared an instant spark after dancing, there they are, during the met gala in may and a source tells us that tom, who by the way is in the runnings for the next james bond has been courting taylor ever since. meantime, ex-boyfriend calvin harris has been busy deleting all signs they were ever a couple on instagram and twitter and taylor deleted all photos of her ex. we think it's safe to say these two are never ever ever getting bag together. >> delete on twitter and instagram. >> we are so done, george.
8:09 am
you don't have to cut anybody out of a picture. just delete. then finally in "pop news" harrison ford fans we have lean for you to celebrate this thursday morning. there's the music. the fifth install of "indiana jones" is a very much in the works. steven spielberg even sharing a major plot point telling "the hollywood reporter" not to worry, indy will definitely make it out of the film alive. that, of course, welcome news to ford fans who recently endured the ultimate ender for another iconic harrison ford character, our lightsabers haven't shined quite as brightly since that happened. i don't want to say it if you haven't seen the movie, most of us have according to the box office numbers, the new "indiana jones" isn't due in theaters for three year, july 19th, 2019. >> i think you sealed the deal for harrison ford on this movie. >> did i when i said he wanted to play indy before he turned 80? it's all on me. thank you. >> that's my favorite character. i just think --
8:10 am
>> cannot wait to see it. >> we have to wait three years? >> that's insane. i apologize. i'll have malbec and think about it. i have to do -- i do. time for me to go. all right, where is it? there we go. "morning menu" and breast-feeding backlash mom berated while nursing at target now speaking out. i went one-on-one with oprah. what she has to say about weight watchers and new project and how you can live your best life. then come this way because tory johnson is here, "deals & steals," hi, tory. >> hello, baby. >> beautiful dress. >> thank you. >> fabulous bags, that's just the start of it. hi, everybody. hi, everybody. high five. $4? are you serious. i'm tuning in. i hope you are too. "good morning america" live in times square.
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i'm really -- >> are you okay? >> i'm okay. i'm fine. i'm sorry. >> we love that show. welcome back to "gma." "ugly betty," the reunion, just ahead. first, though, we have that mom at the center of a firestorm over breast-feeding. she is speaking out and abc's mara schiavocampo has her story. >> reporter: this morning one breast-feeding mom fed up. >> because i'm feeding my baby this man is going crazy and i'm shaking. >> reporter: this video going viral. 37-year-old jesse maher fighting back after she says she was verbally attacked at a connecticut target store simply because she was feeding her 4-week-old baby girl. >> that's when he started yelling at me.
8:16 am
he was telling me how disgusting i was for feeding the baby. he kept saying, can't you cover up. like what's wrong with you. >> reporter: that's when she started recording. soon others came to maher's defense including target staffers. >> i do not feel ashamed. >> reporter: even another shopper. >> why? okay, don't look then. >> i would write to her and to block her just so her and her baby wouldn't be hurt. >> reporter: but that wasn't the end for this mad momma. she posted the video to her facebook page racking up more than 6 million views asking for help in identifying the man. >> a breast-feeding mom is sitting there defenseless. she's holding her baby and feeding them. you can't just jump up and react. >> reporter: public breast-feeding can generate heat debate. alyssa milano got backlash for posting pics like these on social media.
8:17 am
target employees eventually ushered the man out. target telling abc news, "guests who choose to breast-feed in public areas of the store are welcome to do so without being made to feel uncomfortable." >> i can't even tell you the amount of messages i've had on facebook since this has come out. but more than anything it's other breast-feeding moms just saying, thanks for looking out for us. thanks for sticking up for us. thanks for, you know, giving us a voice. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> and joining us now ericka souter at the parenting blog it seems like it's happening more and more. >> a decade ago a lot of moms felt uncomfortable breast-feeding in public but advocates have worked hard to normalize it. we should feel comfortable feeding our kids wherever we are and not cowering in a public bathroom or having to stay at home. >> or feeling shy about it. it's natural and doctors say it's good for your baby.
8:18 am
what do you do if you are a mom out there and this happens to you? you're trying to feed your child. >> it's really important to remember that there are no u.s. laws prohibiting breast-feeding. it is your right and you shouldn't be treated like a criminal if you decide to breast-feed in public. number two it may make people uncomfortable. we have a right to feel uncomfortable but they don't have right to stop you from doing it. you don't have to engage with them. you can tell a store manager or just ignore them. >> would you say to the mom just, you know, use a blanket or what is your advice tot mom who needs to do it? >> a lot of mops choose to use blankets to cover up, two scarfs but a lot don't want to cover their baby's faces and don't have. the bottom line is women can breast-feed in public and the world just has to get used to that. >> bottom line. >> bottom line, ericka souter, we thank you. it feels like it comes up quite a bit. >> and it will keep coming. stay works though. really good "deals & steals" like $4 coming up next on "gma."
8:19 am
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♪ if it's thursday "deals & steals" time. tory johnson here with some big savings for the vacation season.
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different colors to choose from, super soft fleece. what's amazing, it's adjustable for everybody so you can sleep comfortably, get rested so you are awake when you need to be. really good deal, normally $30, slashed in half, 15 bucks. plus free shipping from turtle too and last but not least burt's bee's. our biggest selection for every skin type. normally starting, this is the one, $8 to $30 everything slashed in half really starting at 4 bucks. >> 4 bucks. >> tory, thanks to all these companies for providing the deals now out to ginger. >> huddled on a rainy morning in new york city. severe weather moves east today and flood watch including washington, d.c. that's the big picture, let's check closer to home. >> reporter: a line of showers and thunderstorm moving to the southeast of philadelphia. a lot of new jersey and delaware being inundated by this. there are more scattered showers
8:26 am
coming out of the northwest around reading they will come into philadelphia later on. take a look at the great outdoors, not so great this morning. kind of wet, the ben franklin bridge underneath the clouds. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we move from the 60s to a high of 74. a damp start on and off hours and we may end up dry with sun coming back. good morning i'm tamala
8:27 am
edwards, 8:27 out there on a rainy morning let's see what it means for your commute with matt pellman. >> reporter: you're not expecting a quick ride i would hope not. it's slow in most spots on this wet thursday morning like the schuylkill expressway here by the boulevard. headlights stacking up westbound from past montgomery out to near gladwyn, eastbound a 30 minute travel time double what it should be. the westbound is slower. seeing delays on the admiral wilson boulevard as you come out of the camden and head toward pennsauken because of the on going construction the eastbound side is jammed coming away from baird boulevard. in hammonton getting word of downed wires shutting down 206 at columbia road. use white horse pike.
8:28 am
expect problems with highway southbound it's firefly down in dover this weekend, 90,000 people heading down there. all your best friends. >> yeah, all right. let's head outside to david murphy. david it seems as though the rain has let up a little bit. >> reporter: i needed an umbrella out here a half-hour ago, the main band is moving away from philadelphia and south jersey. central parts of south jersey and new castle delaware being bothered by downpours and thunderstorms and another batch through reading that may pop through philadelphia later this morning. 64 degrees is the current temperature. this afternoon we'll see improvement. you'll see the spotty on and off bands of showers coming through up until 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. after that we expect drying and late day sun. high of 74. tomorrow look for heavy downpours in southern delaware and maybe cape may early and then it turns into a nice afternoon, tam. >> that's it for "action news"
8:29 am
right now we'll see you back here for a last update in 30.
8:30 am
>> all: good morning, america. >> can you believe it's six years since the finale of "ugly betty"? it has been but back together right now for a big interview. we have that coming up. >> i love them so much and loved that show. didn't miss an episode. >> looks like i party i wish i was invited to. a morning. some of your submissions for our "gma" challenge. wow, people went all out. it is time to reveal the finalists and for that we turn to a champion. >> one and done. one and done. >> yes, you are bar none the best. >> i got lucky, one and done. drop the mike. drop the phone. this has been an awesome challenge. you all knocked out round three of our challenge with your best ones to brad daugherty's "without a fight." here's a look at who's making it
8:31 am
to the finals. ♪ i want to want me >> reporter: our challenge is heating up. now heading into the finals. ♪ hello friday >> reporter: across three challenges from jason derulo, no ride da and brad daugherty. over 244,000 entries submitted garnering more than 12.5 million likes from users everywhere. ♪ i got a crazy idea." >> reporter: this had over 20,000 smigs. >> show me how you're knocking out this challenge. >> reporter: it's time to meet our two finalists. 17-year-old cameron mcleod from wedwood city, california, trended right from the start. ♪ girl you're the one i can't to want me ♪ >> submitting a dazzling trio beating out the competition through three rounds. ♪ i thought maybe tonight >> reporter: 16-year-old lauren
8:32 am
godwin was a round two wild card pick. ♪ hello friday >> reporter: after trending huge on the florida challenge. ♪ i got a crazy idea. >> reporter: this set to "without a fight" left us wanting more. cameron and lauren are now coming to new york city for the ultimate challenge finale out to prove they're not going home without a fight. ♪ i thought maybe tonight >> reporter: so what's their final challenge? find out now live. ♪ without a fight >> two worthy finalists. >> yeah, now you don't look so good in thanks for making me look bad. we wanted to say congratulations. our two "gma" finalists joining us via skype. congratulations, guys and, cameron, i want to start with you. you've been in the competition since the very beginning. how do you plan on really bringing it here in the finals. >> you know, this is such a dream come true. i've been doing this competition from the beginning and i can't
8:33 am
wait to go all the way. you know, i'm just going to head up there and dance my heart out. that's for sure. >> i believe that. right. i believe that. lauren, you were a wild card in round two so what are you going to do to bring it in this next round? >> you know, just yesterday i was like wondering if i was going to make it or not so it's so unreal to be here in new york, but definitely to keep my momentum i'm just going to do what i love and experience -- enjoy the experience. >> all right, guys. now it's time to reveal your challenge. for the finals and got a special message from demi lovato. take a look. >> it's time to be the boss right now and dance. ♪ cool for the summer >> reporter: send in your to "confident." >> ♪ what's wrong with being confident ♪ >> because what's wrong with being confident? >> and nothing -- confidence something they don't lack. very, very good so you've heard demi. our finalists are going to make a to her new hit
8:34 am
"confident" for a chance to meet her at our "gma" summer concert and win tickets to a show on her future now tour with nick jonas. >> even if you're not a finalist we still want to see what you have at home so send in your best for fun with the #gmachallengedemi and may make it on "gma." >> cameron, lauren, ready to bring it for the finals. >> yes, let's do it. >> of course. >> can't not wait to see these musical.lys. keep making me look bad. george's, i'm still waiting to see. >> disappeared. >> don't hold your breath, jesse. something else right now. big reunion for "ugly betty," the cast back together at the atx festival hosted by "entertainment weekly" before the orlando shooting they sat down to share memories about their groundbreaking series. take a look. >> what was your first impression of me? >> aah! >> reporter: six years since their final show. so for america ferrera and the
8:35 am
"ugly betty" cast, this reunion was emotion filled. >> it's a family. we love each other and it's just so special. i knew that i was going to cry. >> reporter: before "ugly betty" made its debut on abc in 2006. >> tah-dah. >> reporter: no one had seen anything quite like it or her before. >> i heard about it from selma hayek, our executive producer. she's full of heart and she gets a job at a fashion magazine and she's a fashion train wreck and she has braces and glasses. >> i can't imagine a more amazing place to start nye career than meade publications. >> it felt like lightning through my body like this has to get made. i have to be this character. >> everybody understood betty? we've never had a show like this before with a latino family at the center where 80% of our audience was non-ethnic. >> reporter: at home and on her job coping with bfs, bffs and them cease. her scrappy indom thatability
8:36 am
captivated so many then and now. well, everybody sees it on hulu. eric, you must realize everybody is still watching these shows. >> not to slag other shows but they seem entrenched in a type of selfishness that our show was the antidote to all right like vanessa williams' fashion doyen wilhelmina slater and macc played buy michael urie. >> she's like, you marc? and i was like, yes. >> i think what is so special, everybody has such an inherent sense of fun. >> give it to me, momma. >> i'm going to give it to you. >> playing softball with naomi campbell and i had to learn how to pitch and make sure i didn't hit her for real. >> i used to ride a bike that was bought for me by vanessa williams. >> reporter: the show's groundbreaking commitment to diversity in many fors brought moments of true feelings as a
8:37 am
gay male. >> you're confused. >> no, no. >> when my character came out to his mother the easy path would be to her accept him anticipate she never came back which is very true to a lot of people's stories. >> i think that justin helped me in ways that i could never imagine to be gay and to be proudly out. the way that i am now, i suppose, would never be if it wasn't for that character and for these people. 100%. >> i remember having interesting conversations with your mom about that, how she said you were going to be able to help kids doing this role. >> we know you're gay and that's okay! >> reporter: the beating heart of betty suarez remained the show's rock and why cast and fans still hold it dear. >> she was the one that was representing the kind of humanity that we all long for. this could come back in a heartbeat and people would love it. >> i was reading malala's biography and mentions watching "ugly betty" in pakistan.
8:38 am
what else is there to be proud of than to have that kind of impact on people all across the world? >> for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, austin, texas. >> miss that show. >> bring "ugly betty" back. please. >> i remembered how much i loved that show. >> ben sherwood, if you're listening, please bring back "ugly betty." we miss it. >> we'll see if he's listening. outside to ginger >> that's fun we can make let's start with the wildfire outside is an in a -- santa barber. excessive heat warnings go into effect this weekend, burbank 1 oh, 4. las vegas, 112. phoenix could see one of its top five hottest temperatures on monday sunday, monday.
8:39 am
cooler down around here, ginger, but we have rain to deal with. showers pushing away from philadelphia, more in south jersey and today's high, it will be 74 a damp start drying out after 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. up, about her next chapter. first an exclusive look of the new movie "storks" with jennifer aniston, andy samberg, i like says "storks" opens nationwide september 23rd. a sneak peek right now. >> ah. seriously? >> i'm not talking to you. i'm mad at you. >> oh, no, really? >> aaagh. i'm going to devour this thing. >> this tastes like flowers. >> this tiny thing is now a wolf, everybody. >> i want to teach it to walk around in circles before it lays
8:40 am
down. that's my favorite thing to teach. >> aaagh. >> grab the baby. let's go. >> you're probably asking yourself how a stork, a girl and a baby wound up in this situation. let me go back and start at the beginning of the story. you know why i built my office entirely out of glass even though birds can't see glass? >> i do not. >> power move. i'm getting out of babies and into package delivery. >> all new phones. >> very cool. >> monday it'll all be yours barring any monumental crewup. >> junior, orphan hurts my heart. >> a quail, emu, chicken, they cannot fly. >> she's helping us achieve our dreams. >> this is going to be great, guys. >> what is that? >> a baby. >> ah ch. >> storks don't deliver babies
8:41 am
anymore. >> if they find a family maybe i can find mine. >> you'll find your family. >> you think? >> for sure. >> this is crazy. we are delivering a baby. >> if anyone finds out about this i am dead meat. >> powder, baby powder. have you seen a red-headed lady and a stork. >> i don't know what you talking abo about. >> i wilt not be your friend. >> sorry. i thought we were vibing. >> we're going to destroy the whole room? >> we have to replace it with a slide for when storks deliver my baby brother in what he said. >> dads are fun, moms are mean. >> i heard that. >> moms are fun too. whoa! >> put down that baby. >> shhh. ♪ >> aagh. ♪ >> are you in love. >> i am in love. >> are you in love. >> i'm in love too. >> i agree, i agree, i agree.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
sure, we've seen a lot of amazing things on "what would you do?" but we've never ever -- >> look how slow he's going. >> -- been more uplifted. >> you're mistreating this young man and you should cut it out. >> nobody agrees with you. >> than what happened in this grocery store. >> come here. >> when you see what happens next. >> thank you very much. >> you'll want to stand up and cheer on the premiere of -- whitn "what would you do?" >> friday on abc at 9:00. oprah winfrey returning to the small screen, no, not a talk
8:45 am
show but she'll be acting in a brand-new drama "greenleaf," the tale of a scandal-filled family running a memphis megachurch and the queen gave ee a sneak peek, now i'm giving it to you. >> not one thing to be sick, it's another thing to go walking around peacocking about it. from what i remember in my bible that kind of prancing is reserved for satan. >> how did it feel gets into mavis' continue and acting. >> it felt a little like stepping into maya angelou's skin if she ran a bar and loved the blues and was the sort of the mother of the neighborhood in a blues joint. >> and i liked one thing i read, it's all about a megachurch and, yeah, this is a family that prays but they also know how to break a commandment or two? yeah, otherwise you don't have a tv series. >> that's right. >> otherwise, you have a sunday morning church service so i love the fact that we are able to tell stories, you know, i'd love telling stories my whole life
8:46 am
and now i get this platform of being able to create a drama to tell some of the same kinds of stories and themes. my whole thing is always being able to say something that drops a little bit of light into people's lives so that they feel like, wow, i watched that, that was really fun. that was entertaining but, hmm? made me think a little. >> just a little. >> changing subjects i want to ask about politics if you want to talk about it. eight years ago you threw your weight behind barack obama. in this election, will you get behind one of these candidates? >> i'm with her. i have to say i'm with her and i would also say that regardless of your politics, you cannot be a woman in the world and not see that this is a monumental time for women breaking the ceiling. talk about breaking the ceiling. >> how is life otherwise? how is weight watchers? you have your hands in a lot of different projects. >> sometimes i'm like speaking somewhere and somebody will do a resume, read from my resume and
8:47 am
they'll talk about, you know, all the stuff you've done and the 25 years of television and all that and i often think, nobody ever says, wow, she is so content. she has so much peace. she has so much happiness, so i'm at a point in my life where i actually for years in the magazine, "o" magazine talked about balance and living your best life, i actually am doing it. i actually -- i really only do what i want to do when i want to do it. >> what a gift. and "greenleaf" airs wednesdays nyes on the oprah winfrey network. she is an executive producer and that's after a two-night premiere on june 22st and 22nd. thank you,
8:48 am
8:49 am
this week marks the first ever national hawaiian foods
8:50 am
week anticipate jesse you're helping us celebrate courtesy of our sponsor king's hawaiian and i said where's the food. >> it was a post tape yesterday. no food for you but i got to cook meanwhile, with chef roy yamaguchi who's credited with creating hawaiian fusion cuisine bringing a hawaiian twist to some breakfast dishes. take a look. chef, thank you very much. we've got our leis on. >> aloha. >> aloha. a huge fan of yours personally. tell people at home what is hawaiian fusion cuisine. >> it's about, number one, we like to use all the ingredients from hi high because if you have great farmers, you know, growers, ranchers, fishermen so using that is number one but, of course, you can use other items like macadamia nuts or, of course, using the hawaiian sweet bread to be in that mood and feeling for hawaiian fusion but, you know, we want to promote all the great things that we have in hawaii and the bounty of produce and fish and of course meats. >> it is all good.
8:51 am
you're about to make a sweet bread pudding here using traditional hawaiian flavors and ingredients. help me out here. what do we got? >> so, okay. >> i'm working for you. >> yeah, yeah, so we whisk the eggs with sugar so creaming the eggs and what we want to do is scald the milk and with this we have the hawaiian vanilla beans and, of course, cinnamon and then once we get that done, what we'll do is butter, ramekins and that's good right in. and then, of course, after you get scald the milk pour that in and whisk it all together. >> and vanilla. >> whisk that. >> oh, yeah. >> that becomes the baste, the cream and to that what we do is get ramekins and have hawaiian sweet bread that we have toasted, butter ramekin. >> i just had this normally and it's delicious. >> you know what, this bread is just great as it is. >> some of the best bread in the world. >> we put mangoes in here and
8:52 am
mangoes in the sweet bread and we pour the cream mixture that you've done right into the ramekin. just like this. >> beautiful. >> okay. >> and then -- >> soaking the bread. >> soaking the bread. what we want to do is build it so this is a steamer and pour some water and then what we do is put this in the oven at 350 and they'll tart to bake. >> is this is the finished product? you have breakfast items like an avocado bacon sandwich. >> this is the hawaiian sweet bread. >> sweet bread toast. >> toast. >> incredible. so what gives these two dishes their hawaiian flair? >> we have a lot of ingredients and macadamias -- again, we want to use, macadamia nuts and stuff like that but using all these great products and sweet bread is what we like to use because it has flavor and it's going
8:53 am
back to the hopper. a lot of great flavors within the bread itself. not like eating an ordinary piece of bread and, of course, a great sandwich and great sandwich to make because we have avocado, chipotle sauce and some sausage we can use if you like spam, i suggest -- >> why not? for this dish. >> enjoy it. chef yamaguchi, it was a pleasure. i was saying i cooked with him and was just whisking eggs with him. >> you did get to eat. >> i did get the food. can y you can get all these on on yahoo! >> we'll be right back. "gma's" aloha breakfast presented by king's hawaiian. irresistible since 1950.
8:54 am
you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices.
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and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do.
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lara is going to make this the best ten seconds of your life. >> uh-huh, nine, eight, seven -- >> take it all in. >> demi lovato tomorrow. >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards, 8:56, thursday, june 16. let's end the morning with a look at i-95 and matt pellman good morning. >> reporter: i'll tell you what
8:57 am
we've got going on and what we have coming up, tam. i-95 southbound busy from cottman to girard and starting in a few minutes, southbound at academy and this point at cottman, the bridge inspectors are coming to visit taking out a lane until 3:00 p.m. the schuylkill expressway expressway, they are going to block the right lane here in just a little bit. eastbound is heavy heading into center city. a bad crash delco, glen riddle road at martins lane. slowing continuing on the northbound side of the blue route, 476. and downed wires block columbia road at 206. use 30 instead. no problems reported there. >> let's go outside to david murphy. how's it going with the rain? >> reporter: we have rain coming through, take a look on the wide view, we have showers and thunderstorms over south jersey and more from the north and west. future tracker 6 showing you
8:58 am
between now and noon we're looking at that on and off. later in the afternoon we'll clear out. tam we'll look at a high today of 74 degrees so not as warm as its been in the past. the showers breaking apart after 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., sun coming back potentially late today. >> coming up today on "action news" at noon, president obama will fly to orlando, florida to offer condolences to the nightclub attack survivors and the victims families. plus, city council is expected to final vote on the sugary drink tax we're live at city hall with the latest developments. "live with kelly" is up next. i'm tamala edwards. have a great thursday!
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live with kelly." today, television, film, and broadway star, martin short. and from the comedy series "lady dynamite," ana gasteyer. and it's wedding season, so be prepared and take our wedding etiquette test. plus, "central intelligence" star kevin hart is [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now here are kelly ripa nd kevin hart. [applause]


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