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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 17, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. rare and deadly heat and raging wildfires rip through the west torching thousands of acres. hundreds evacuated. the highway shut down as 800 firefighters and aircraft battle the flames, now 16 states facing heat alerts this morning. also this morning donald trump takes on the president after the president visits with the orlando shooting victims. >> he's blaming gun s as and i' going to save your second amendment, folks. >> john mccain says obama's policies are directly responsible for the mass shooting. breaking overnight, on stage scare. singer meat loaf collapses m midperformance. his crew and fans racing to help. >> i'm a paramedic. >> reporter: the singer rushed to the hospital. the latest on his condition.
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>> alley-oop to james. >> how do you like me now, king james in control claiming his court as steph curry gets ejected flinging his mouthguard hitting a fan and the stage is now set for a game seven showdown. >>. and good morning, america. i'm told, david, it was an incredible game last night. >> how do you like me now. >> you saw. >> look at all these people who look so tired. >> i know. some of us got some sleep but look at that. i'm lacking at the playback, pretty incredible. the cleveland cavaliers beating the golden state warriors tying it up last night forcing game seven. >> game seven. >> it's not going to be any other way. >> lebron scoring 41 points but as you know everyone is talking about steph curry. mvp fouling out then ejected after he threw that mouthguard and apologized to the fan but a lot of folks wondering if he
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could be suspended for that final game. >> mrs. curry took to twitter. >> she went to twitter. she's been known to do that. she'll do it again. >> it's been deleted. >> upset. >> it's a teaser. first we want to get to breaking news. wildfires from new mexico to californ california, our team is on the ground as the west faces deadly heat, ginger with all the latest on that. good morning to you. >> good morning, amy. you know we've had one heat-related death and could happen again. you see excessive heat watches from burbank to savannah, georgia. it's really the kansas city, oklahoma city east that's going to be early this weekend and then later in the weekend early next week for the areas in the southwest. the heat is it just building and building, phoenix, for example, has only seen 120 degrees as a high three times in recorded history. we could do it again and so we could make history as we go into the end of the weekend, tart of the week, could be deadly. careful with pets. all of those things apply, dehydration, keep it in mind. much more coming up. to amy now. the wildfires burning out of
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control out west. the fast moving flames near santa barbara, california threatening homes. hundreds already forced to evacuate and jim avila on the scene with all the latest. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, amy. that's the fire line right behind me. for the second day in a row this raging wildfire has shut down u.s. 101, the main coastal route between northern southern california, firefighters unable to get a handle on these flames. overnight, winds picking back up and the fire spreading, 1200 acres, small but intense, fueled by thick drought dry brush and 100-year-old oak trees. firefighters torching backfires and playing the odds with the winds holding the perimeter but forced to evacuate nearly 400 families and visitors from the canyons. 20 miles north of santa barbara. >> we're at the mercy of the weather. this is rough country. a lot of wind last night. >> the whole thing is just very scary causing a lot of anxiety
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and when you're so far away from the ranch and can't be there and but we don't want to be there and get in anyone's way and obviously put your lives in harm as well as the firemen. >> reporter: her ranch hand able to evacuate the livestock. >> when we left out here last night we loaded 65 head of horses. >> reporter: there hasn't been a fire up in this canyon in more than 60 years which means the fuel is ready to burn. more than a thousand acres so far. air taskers including converted passenger jets, dc-10s, helicopters and hot shot ground crews trying to stop the fires rushed to the east. so far no structures have been damaged but it's going to be hot again today and the fire is not under control. david. >> yes, searing heat across much of the country. our thanks to you as well. in meantime, we turn to the race for the white house. bernie sanders still in the race telling supporters overnight defeating donald trump is a priority. as trump now takes on the president, even as the president visits orlando to meet with the victims' families the president
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now calling for action. his tenth visit to a community after a mass shooting pointing out the children of newtown would now be finishing the fifth grade. abc's jonathan karl has the latest. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, david. national mourning over the orlando massacre is giving way to political finger-pointing over who or what is to blame. >> one year, the escalator, one year, this is the one-year anniversary. hopefully we'll make it a worthwhile year. >> reporter: on the one-year anniversary of his campaign donald trump attacked president obama for calling for gun control after he paid his respects to victims in orlando. >> i held and hugged grieving family members and parents and they asked why does this keep happening? and they pleaded that we do more to stop the carnage. >> it's a tough situation. but he's largely to a large extent he's blaming guns and --
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[ booing ] >> and i'm going to save your second amendment many, folks. >> reporter: but on capitol hill there are signs of possible agreement on one gun issue. >> of course, no one wants terrorists to be able to buy guns. >> reporter: after nearly 15 hours of outrage on the senate floor wednesday, the senate plans to vote next monday on several gun control measures. democrats want to ban anyone on a terrorist watch list from buying a gun. but republicans have instead called for a three-day waiting period to make sure the buyer is not actually a suspected terrorist. but the two sides are still far apart. >> the republican amendments are laughable written by the nra and make this country less cespedes. >> reporter: senator john mccain even said president obama was directly responsible for the orlando attack although later he said he misspoke, was not talking about the president personally but about his policies. >> the president's failure to address the threat of isis has led to attacks on the united
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states. >> reporter: meanwhile, back on the campaign trail, trump is feeling new heat as he lags behind hillary clinton in the latest polls and one poll clinton up 6, in another she's up 12 points. and now bernie sanders says he stands poised to join forces with clinton pledging in a livestream address he'll work to take trump down. >> i personally intend to begin my role in that process in a very short period of time. >> reporter: now sanders did not formally drop out of the race, concede or endorse hillary clinton, instead he said he plans to continue fighting to transform the democratic party all the way into the democratic convention and beyond. >> all right, jon karl with us live, jon, thanks. right to our political analyst matt dowd because, matt, as you know you have people on the terror watch list able to buy guns and donald trump signaling he wants to meet with the nra, now democrats and republicans signalling they'll hold a vote next week.
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what are the chances there will be a vote and could there be change? >> well, it seems like the greatest opportunity since the '90s to actually do some commonsense regulation. as you know i'm a gun owner and live in texas. most of us want something to happen. donald trump has an opportunity like nixon to china to bring the nra to the table to compromise but maybe he's just going to bring the nra to the table and confuse the situation. it's really up to donald trump how he handles that. >> you know, in the meantime, matt, you saw the polling there in jon karl's piece showing that hillary clinton is pulling ahead of donald trump. a lot of this was after the shootings in orlando and my question to you, was this a test for donald trump in appearing presidential after such a tragedy in this country and if so, how did he do here? >> well, this has been a test and there's been a series of tests since he clinched the gop nomination and hasn't done well. the biggest problem for donald trump is he is in a basketball game where it's one-on-five against the president, against hillary, against joe biden and that's the situation even steph curry couldn't win a game when
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it's one-on-five. >> all right. steph curry has a game seven and we have to go all the way to november on the electric. matt dowd with us. matt, have a great weekend. now to new questions about whether politics are behind a terrible tragedy overseas. a rising political star killed on the streets of england, the world mourning the loss of 41-year-old jo cox, a mother of two, abc's terry moran has the very latest outside of parliament. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, amy and this morning britain is in shock, hearts are breaking here at the houses of parliament right across the country from a horrifying crime that's not supposed to happen here. a bright, young politician gunned down in the street. she was just 41 years old, a mother of two young children. >> listen to me, there was once a banana and it was a cheeky -- >> reporter: her life cut short. police and emergency vehicles swarming the scene of the attack in a quiet yorkshire town. eyewithins describe the horror
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which happened in broad daylight. >> i saw him pulling the gun out then he went like that, you know, with it and fired one shot. >> reporter: jo cox was shot and stabbed. rushed to a hospital where she died shortly after. minutes after the attack police take down a suspect, a 52-year-old man identified as thomas mair who reportedly has a history of blinks no neo-nazi groups. >> the words i heard him say britain first. >> reporter: jo cox was a rising tar in politics. >> we are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides her. >> reporter: her murder plunging britain into grief. >> for this to happen is just. >> reporter: her husband brendan tweeting this photo and issuing a statement. she would have wanted two things above all else to happen now, one that our precious children are bathed in love and, two, that we all unite to fight against the hate that killed her. and this morning, word from buckingham palace, her majesty
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queen elizabeth reached out to the family writing a private letter to brendan cox who now must somehow go on with those two little children and without his jo. david. >> terry moran with us. thanks. back here at home we turn to the investigation into the orlando massacre. authorities are trying to determine if they missed warning signs as a gun store owner now says his employees alerted the fbi about a suspicious man weeks before the massacre and they're now convinced that man was omar mateen but they say the fbi never paid them a visit. abc's brian ross is tracking this. he's got the latest. >> reporter: good morning, david. troubling questions for the fbi because the agents never showed up at that store to check it out. [ sirens ] >> reporter: in the wake of the deadliest terror attack since 9/11, the fbi has pleaded with the public to report any suspicions. >> if you see something, tell us. so we can look at it. >> reporter: but the owner of this florida gun store says nothing happened. when his employees called the
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fbi to report a suspicious man five to six weeks ago. they now identify him as omar mateen, who they say wanted to buy bulk ammunition and body armor including plates like this one that can stop armor-piercing bullets. the store's owner robert abel says his employees were immediately suspicious about the man's request and a phone call he made. >> he had a conversation in a foreign language that was more concerning. >> reporter: the store refused to sell mateen anything and called the local fbi office immediately after he left. >> we did contact authorities and let them know we had a suspicious person in here and there was nothing that become of it. >> reporter: the store did not have mateen's name but they did have his image on a grainy surveillance tape which they say the fbi never came to see and has since been recorded over. earlier this week, the fbi director said his agents had done all they could have. >> i don't see anything in
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reviewing our work that our agents should have done differently. >> reporter: but mateen was someone who had already been investigated twice by the fbi about possible ties to terrorism. so far this morning, david, no comment from fbi headquarters. >> and, brian, we know authorities remain laser focused on the wife and now cops word possible text messages during the massacre. >> mateen's wife noor seen here on her wedding day with her parents and independent's father have been placed on the no-fly list amid reports that mateen texted his wife during the report. pierre thomas reports that mateen asked his wife have you seen the news? she at any time seem to know where he was. they expressed their love for each other and that's part of the investigation. >> but the no-fly list means they're not going anywhere. >> they're not going anywhere. now to the latest on that deadly alligator attack at a disney resort. the autopsy results now in as abc's parent company announces it is adding new safety messages and signage, gio benitez has the
7:14 am
latest. good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. it took 48 hours for disney world to change its policies hoping this tragedy never happens again. this morning, disney world announcing it will add signs warning of alligators after that little boy, 2-year-old lane graves, was suddenly killed at disney's grand floridian resort. autopsy results now released saying he died of drowning and traumatic injury. disney saying in a statement we have closed all of our beefs and have made a decision to add signage and we are also conducting a swift and thorough review of all of our processes and protocols. >> i think it's a responsibility of a resort or even state legislation there be signs. >> reporter: as officials say five alligators have been caught and euthanized so far and they will keep searching until they can confirm that the gator that killed the toddler tuesday night has been caught. the 2-year-old was playing in ankle deep water. >> we're going to look at the
7:15 am
five alligators we've already taken and compare things like bite marks. there is a good chance we already have the alligator. >> reporter: this photo taken of another child by another jennifer venditti sending chills across the internet. her boy standing in the same spot where little lane was attacked. less than an hour before the accident. >> we're in florida. every body of water needs to be assumed there is an alligator in there and all alligators are dangerous. >> the family releasing a statement saying "words cannot describe the shock and grief our family is experiencing over the loss of our son. we are devastated to all of the local authorities and staff who worked tirelessly these past 24 hours, we express our deepest gratitude." and back out here live at disney world we should tell you that we don't know exactly when those new signs will be in place but those beaches will remain closed. amy. >> all right, gio, parents everywhere will change how they act and interact with those beaches in the state of florida. thank you.
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lara, you have the story everyone is talking about, how much sleep did you get. >> i couldn't look away. dramatic game steph curry ejected as king james led the cavaliers to victory trouncing the golden state warriors tying the series 3-3, so now they are headed for the game seven showdown. good news for abc's t.j. holmes who is in cleveland with more. t.j., how about you? any sleep? >> just a little bit but we can't believe what we're seeing right now. for the first time in 50 years a team has come back from 3-1 down to force a game seven in the finals and saw lebron james become the fifth player to put back-to-back 40-point games in the final and steph curry got kicked out of a game. we ain't never seen that before. >> rebound. and a foul on curry and curry is going to hit with a technical. >> reporter: the two-time mvp simply lost it. steph curry was ejected in the fourth quarter of game six of the nba finals after tossing his mouthpiece hitting a fan.
7:17 am
>> i had some stuff i wanted to get off my chest after the game and how it went and that was it. >> curry can't get it to fall. >> reporter: it was a frustrating night from the start for curry as lebron james had another huge performance for the cleveland cavaliers. >> alley-oop to james. >> reporter: scoring 41 but also defending and doing a little jawing at curry. >> says to the two-time mvp, get it out of here. >> reporter: the cavs once down 3-1 had tied the series at three games apiece to deciding a game seven in oakland. >> i'll take it. don't matter to me. i told you guys the other day, two of the greatest words in the world, that's game seven so i'll play it anywhere. >> reporter: curry who upset about foul calls did go over and apologize to the fan he hit with the mouthpiece but curry's wife ayesha was also apologizing after the game for sending this tweet in which she suggested the
7:18 am
quote was absolutely rigged for money or ratings. now, she did ale po just for that tweet and deleted it and said she was in the heat of the moment. i do need to address, do not worry there is no chance they are going to suspend steph curry for that toss of that mouthpiece. there is precedent for this and probably get a fine but the nba is not crazy enough to suspend steph curry for game seven against lebron james. >> that would not have gone over well. >> nba according to t.j. holmes. and we like it. >> thanks, t.j. >> he's got the best gig in the whole -- we last saw him four weeks ago when this all started. >> all right. >> you can see by the way game seven of the nba finals, i can stay up, sunday night, oh, no, it's sunday night on abc. yikes. now to ginger. we've got severe weather to talk about the in the east and storms moving. >> a lot of folks that couldn't watch because their power went out.mid atlantic without power s morning, you can see why damaging winds, more than 250
7:19 am
severe storms report. let's get the weekend getaway brought to you by target. >> reporter: hey everybody, with a an update from accuweather. we have showers, but they are continuing to push farther south out of cape may county and down through southern delaware aa little bit more along the western new castle county in delaware. we have sunshine come up over the coming. we have a high of -- the
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edwards, 7:23 here friday, june 17. let's go over to matt pellman he is starting with an accident on the the northeast extension, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, tam we're talking about the end show two pups trucks lansdale, occupying the left lane, as you come north of mid county and limp -- plymouth meeting as you come through the area from lansdale. southbound you're doing okay. douglass township a crash at holly southbound side at industrial drive. i-95 just a little bit sluggish southbound from allegheny to girard. much better than a normal morning. admiral wilson boulevard
7:24 am
sluggish through the eastbound work zone. mass transit, new schedule coming to septa this weekend. >> we'll take a short break and come back to accuweather. >> reporter: hey everybody we
7:25 am
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are off to a somewhat cloudy start, storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you there are still showers in southern delaware and extreme south jersey. they are continue to go push to the south and cape may county almost done with that rain. as we take a look at temperatures, we're comfortable enough, 65 degrees in philadelphia. the humidity is on the lower side. this afternoon sunshine will continue to build and we'll get a nice high of 82. weekend looks great, sunny, 84 saturday, father's day, 87 warm and nice and great for the gary pappa run and walk in the morning. gets hotter and humid on tuesday. tam. >> looking forward for a lot of
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people coming out for the walk run. thank you, david. we'll be back here in 30. that detergent was like half the price!
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get a free lowe's gift card when you spend $200 or more on char-broil® grills and accessories. ♪ get the chains out welcome back to "gma." look at that. our big party in central park. everyone is there because demi lovato is performing live and they can't wait for that. neither can we. we'll all be there in just a bit. >> is she going to throw punches like that on the stage. >> i hope so. >> she's confident. >> she's confident. that was good. also coming up the west raging wildfires this morning happening right now torching thousands of acres. hundreds evacuated and now, of course, rare and deadly heat moving in. 16 states facing alerts. we're tracking that searing heat coming this weekend coast to coast. ginger on that. today is decision day for the olympics and learn in russia's athletes will be banned from the games or not after that doping scandal. we're tracking it all. also this morning we want you to take a look at this. what made little prince george do the old face palm. we'll have that story coming up,
7:31 am
amy. >> a lot to look forward to. christina grimmie, the world is remembering "the voice" star after ha tragic shooting at her concert. mara schiavocampo has the latest on the investigation. good morning to you. >> reporter: amy, good morning. grimmie's funeral being held tonight near her hometown in new jersey. this as police continue to learn more about her killer and try to piece together a motive. the big unanswered question is still why? ♪ make a change >> reporter: she was a rising pop star. ♪ >> reporter: unexpectedly gunned down. this week, hundreds gathering at a vigil for former "voice" contestant 22-year-old christina grimmie, killed in a senseless shooting last week. >> i'm at great peace. she's in a better place. >> reporter: new information about the shooter, 27-year-old kevin loibl, police say he traveled two hours to orlando with the intent to kill the
7:32 am
singer. ♪ oh baby >> reporter: the up and coming singer was fatally shot at a meet and greet after this performance in orlando friday night. >> the four gunshots were pop, pop, pop, pop. >> i was traumatized. >> reporter: without warning loibl who was armed with two guns and a knife shot grimmie. when her brother tackled him to the ground police say loibl then shot and killed himself. >> it's going to be two patients. the female patient and the shooter. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> reporter: even before she went on "the voice" -- >> what is up? >> reporter: grimmie was an internet sensation. ♪ >> reporter: more than 5.5 million people watching her cover of adele's "hello ♪ ♪ hello from the other side >> reporter: this was her last post. >> i'm a huge fan of doing
7:33 am
fund-raisers. i'm a huge fan of giving back in general. >> reporter: following the news of her death justin bieber and selena gomez -- >> i'd like to dedicate this to christina grimmie. >> both breaking down in tears while performing tributes to grimmie. ♪ when i look into your eyes >> reporter: adam levine her coach on "the voice" tweeting he was, quote, absolutely devastated and heartbroken. a go fund me page set up by grimmie's manager has now raised almost $180,000 and that will go to the family. this has been such a tough week for orlando. the venue where grimmie was killed is just a few miles from pulse nightclub. amy. >> it was tragic in some ways for so many people. mara, thank you. we want to turn abc news chief legal analyst dan abrams for more. we've obviously seen stars like john lennon, rebecca shaver and christina grimmie who have been killed by obsessed fans but in this case were there any warning
7:34 am
signs that this guy was following her. >> there may have been some signs with regard to conversations that he had with colleagues but nothing where the law can step in because when you're talking about stalking laws you need actual conduct. you need him to have followed her, particularly if it happens repeatedly. harassed her for the law to step in. just someone saying in retrospect, for example, oh, you know, he used to talk about how obsessed he was with her all the time you can't really get the law involved at that point. >> there was to paper trail. he had no apparent arrest record in relation to her at all. >> yeah, look, there are ant anti-stalking laws on the books. this is taken seriously by the authorities in the wake of sadly incidents like this having happened before. i mean the lapd has a whole unit devoted to stalking of
7:35 am
celebrities. >> speaking to that, i mean, stalking is a big issue for celebrities and noncelebrities alike but even with the stalking laws in place how difficult is it to enforce? >> it's really important to think about it. this is a big domestic violence issue. you see it a lot in domestic violence cases ex-boyfriend, husband, wife, can stalk the ex and the challenge is after someone reports it how do you then enforce the requirement to stay away? that's where some people get very frustrated with the system where they say, i reported it, there was a warning and we couldn't do enough to stop it. so, look, it's just really important to stay focused on these laws and it's a really good thing that people now recognize around the country how much of a risk there really can be. >> dan abrams, we appreciate it. thanks so much. lara, i know you have some frightening moments for another superstar. >> breaking story overnight. health concerns, serious health concerns for meat loaf after he
7:36 am
collapsed on stage during a concert in canada. ♪ fans weren't sure what was happening. if you see a closer look here, some fans thought it was part of the show until the music stopped, his crew, people in the crowd running to help him. meat loaf who is 68 had canceled two concerts earlier this week citing poor health. he did not elaborate on his illness. he was rushed to the hospital overnight and still no word on his condition. >> because when he fell to the ground he kept singing. >> yeah. >> it was remarkable. he was still trying to finish the song. >> trying so hard, it appeared and no word on how he's doing and we're thinking about him. on the big board to donald trump embroiled in a lawsuit with a celebrity chef now. then why you could be paying more for sugary soft drinks and the nba series tied after a fiery night on the court. here's a question, will steph
7:37 am
curry be suspended? t.j. said no. >> he says no. >> but we have insiders in addition to t.j. purina believes it can. inspecting every ingredient for quality? that's big. being confident that your pet's food is 100% safe? that's big, too. spending more healthy years with your best friend? that's amazing. big is exciting... daring... for everyone. pets don't just make life better - they make it bigger. purina. live big. this is our promise. farmers of fairlife, we start with delicious, creamy, real milk that's then ultra filtered so fairlife has more protein and and only half the sugar. and never any artificial growth hormones. at fairlife, we believe in better. wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. unbeatable protection helps prevent early skin aging and skin cancer
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time now for our big board. >> my first big board. >> get ready. buckle up. our team of insiders ready to weigh in and first up donald trump gets to pose in a case against chef geoffrey zakarian pulled out of plans to open up a restaurant with him over his disparaging comments about mexican immigrants and jon karl joins us to weigh in. what do you make of his decision to pick a fight in the middle of this presidential election? >> reporter: amy, it seems a little nuts. he's going to fight not just with one but two celebrity chefs on this issue. he also sued chef jose andres for the exact same issue and so here you have a presidential candidate taking time from the campaign trail giving hours' worth of depositions and, remember, this was trump's
7:40 am
choosing. he is the one who sued here. he is the one who picked this fight. but if you talk to trump about this he says it's a matter of principle. he has no regrets going forward. >> matter of principle and business but what happens if he's got all these lawsuits and gets elected. will it get in the way of being president? >> this is a guy who has had more than 3,000 lawsuits, david, over the past 30 years. there's 70 new lawsuits since he started running for president a year ago. 50 of them still active. it's hard to see how they won't remain a distraction. but we're told he actually kind of likes giving depositions. he actually likes this fight and likes to go in and win. >> you know what he has more of than lawsuits, tweets but hillary clinton is trying to up her game. this tweet this morning, there was a tweet overnight, quoting trump saying, you tell me, who is better for the gay community and whose better for women than donald trump? hillary clinton retweets with one word, hi. >> she has clearly upped her
7:41 am
game and borrowed a few pages out. the trump playbook. the instant response on this. the use of humor, the taunting, the trolling. she is definitely picked it up but it is something to hear donald trump now in speech after speech talk about being a big advocate of lgbt rights. i never heard him talk about that during the course of the primary, not once in how many retweets did hillary get on that. >> it was like 38,000 likes, 18,000 retweets. both campaigns know the power of social media. >> yeah. >> a few months left of those tweets. >> just a few. we turn now to the next thing on the big board. >> bill gulps. beware after 40 failed attempts to pass a tax on sugary drinks philadelphia becomes the first to succeed. get's get to rebecca on this. they tried to stop this but philadelphia's mayor was really -- he really pushed for this. are other major cities watching closely. >> so closely. this could be a game changer because you have san francisco,
7:42 am
four other cities in the country that are looking at similar proposals and two other states, alabama and illinois looking at similar proposals, the fact that philadelphia after all of these years was able to do this, they expect to raise $400 million in tax revenue over five years, this could really be a game changer for the full industry and what's really interesting here is how the mayor of philadelphia attacked the issue. they came at in this time with a new strategy saying, we just want to raise money. we want to raise more money for the city. they didn't look at it as much as a health risk and that's part of the reason that they were able to pass it but, of course, the mayor says we still want ourty to be healthy and an added benefit here. >> you know, a lot of people don't like these nanny state laws, nanny state taxes so what are people saying? what's been the public reaction to this. >> very strong feelings on both sides of this, amy. of course, the beverage industry is outraged. they don't want to pay more taxes. they don't want their consumers to face more taxes, they have
7:43 am
been facing really depressed sales over the last couple of years. you've seen those soda sales drop to 30-year lows in the last couple of years here, so that's a big issue and there are some consumers who are going to say, hey, we don't want the price of our drinks to go up. on the flip side, cities are benefiting. they see more of that tax revenue, those services come out, a lot of people benefit from that too. >> we'll see if other cities and states follow. thanks, rebecca. now to the nba finals where lebron and the cavs are on the verge of making history. forcing game seven with the warriors after trailing 3-1. steph curry melting down ejected in the final quarter and jalen rose former mlb finalist and current espn analyst joins us now live. all right, so jalen, talk about steph curry. he fouled out then freaked out and threw his mouthpiece into the stands. tnl homes says no way is he going to be suspended for game etch seven. what say you? >> he will not be suspended for game seven.
7:44 am
being in the arena, i initially thought that not only he threw his mouthpiece but he threw it in the direction of the official. if that had happened, yes, he would be suspended. he did unfortunately hit a fan but that will not lead to a suspension. there will be a hefty fine, probably $25,000 but steph curry will be in uniform for the two best words in sports this sunday on abc. >> game seven. >> game seven. >> wait, jalen, so it depends on who he was throwing it at like that determines whether or not he's suspended? >> well, if you are throwing it at an official it's viewed a lot different. of course, you would have rather him keep it in his mouth first and foremouth. second if you get upset maybe throw it at the ground but if you do throw it at a fan, unfortunately, if you are a cavs fan that will not lead to suspension, it's going to be a great game. great theater for the nba finals. >> if you're a warriors fan, you just save it.
7:45 am
here's a question for you, steph curry not going to be suspended but will his wife ayesha who sent that tweet out last night, she said the game is rigged for money and ratings and since deleted the tweet but it made a lot of headlines. >> who isn't emotional for their mate? okay. this is high intensity, it's the nba finals and i will say this, she's staying true to character. it's not like she's been the mate that has not been tweeting, that has not been on television, that has not been outspoken about everything that happens with the golden state warriors so i'm not surprised she got upset that steph fouled out for the first time this season, got ee jeged for the first time ever. she was in the building. it was an emotional time. she deleted the tweet. she will not be suspended. she will not be fined and more importantly she will not be playing this sunday. >> okay. >> that's true. >> good to know. >> speaking of playing let's talk about lebron james. what do you think the chances
7:46 am
are he makes history? >> there's a very good chance. how about this? lebron james is the first player in the nba finals to lead either team in these statistical categories, points, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals. he's been dominant. regardless of which team wins, he's going to be finals mvp in my opinion but i tell you what, for this team to be able to force a game seven, it almost seems like the momentum is headed in the cleveland cavaliers way. >> there goes that mouthguard. if he's watching this morning. >> we'll all be watching sunday night. rebecca, jalen and joplin, thanks for being with us. >> thanks a lot. >> i mentioned we can all see game seven of the nba finals sunday night at 8 p.m. eastern right here on abc. >> you can stay up on sunday night. >> i think i can. >> we'll be here monday morning and carry you through. what made prince george face palm. what people are doing with queen elizabeth's outfit and the big concert in the park.
7:47 am
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7:49 am
all right, we are back now with this morning's hot shot and today it's the green screen queen. there she is. >> wait a minute. >> is that the wall -- >> what she's wearing and after wearing a bright green suit on her 90th birthday citizens turned into their own green screen. take a look at some of the results. 9 queen wearing one of her beloved corgis. here she is wearing a pepperoni pizza. >> oh, no and, of course the world's biggest fan of her grandson, prince harry, the entire outfit -- that's actually william, isn't it? >> that's william. >> look at shy guys. we couldn't resist coming up with one of our own, tah-dah, there she is wearing the "gma" logo. >> look at her. thanks so much, graphics department. you rock. also making headlines for this moment, telling prince
7:50 am
william to stand up. that's what she's -- >> oh. >> yes, she is the queen. >> then the reaction. that would be where we get the face palm. >> people obviously have a lot of time. i applaud your creativity, everybody. i do have one quick story with ten seconds to go. do you remember when i wore green in l.a. on the green screen and i was a floating head. >> it was cute. >> oh, it happens, people. so much more coming up. so much coming. >> she hasn't gotten over it. >> i'm not over it. we'll be back. ♪ it's time to get the chains out ♪ coming up "gma's" summer concert series presented by king's hawaiian. irrestible since 1950. bill's family went to lowe's
7:51 am
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7:54 am
and back here on "gma" we are just chilling in the king's hawaiian vip area. are you having a good morning? are you having a good morning? that means yes. she can't even hear us it's such a good morning. let's start with a look at southwest california where there are some advisories not only for wind but waves. as hot as it's going to be just keep this in mind when you go to the beach, long beach, newport beach, waves up to eight his a
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by cosequin joint health supments available at vite theirians and pet aisles nationwide. >> good morning, i'm tamala
7:56 am
edwards, 7:56 friday, june 17. still trouble out on the the northeast extension. let's go to matt pellman good morning. >> reporter: pleasant morning for the drive, tam, except for a few spots, like the northeast extension heading northbound a crash involving two pickup trucks involving lansdale. speeds in the 20s and teens coming north of plymouth meeting. watching a crash in coatsville along business 30, lincoln highway blocked off at first avenue. reportedly the crash involves a police cruiser. stick to 372 to the south or the 30 bypass. on the schuylkill expressway we're seeing volume eastbound from the boulevard into he girad heading toward center city. a truck flipped over in gloucester county on the the
7:57 am
ramp southbound to exit 322. that ramp is partially blocked. tam. >> let's go to sky6 live hd take a live look out across center city. it looks a little bit gray out there david. >> reporter: it's cloudy overhead early. down south on storm tracker 6 live double scan we have showers down by dover starting to move away from cape may, though, as expected we're looking at drying quickly. 68 degrees in philadelphia. the numbers are climbing. this afternoon we are going to transition from mostly cloudy skies to mostly sunny skies, high of 82. should be nice today. the weekend looks great, 84, sunny on saturday, warm and nice on sunday, 87 low humidity and great for the gary pappa run and anything you want to do with dad in the afternoon. >> philadelphia police arrested a sports car driver overnight they say the 34-year-old man struck two teenagers on a bike at north broad and wallace street. one is in critical an, --
7:58 am
condition and the other has a broken leg and is in stable condition. coming up on "g.m.a." they have demi lovato. we'll see you in 30.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. massive wildfires burning out of control in the west. hundreds of people on the run evacuating in at least three states, the latest from the front lines. also prince william following in his mother's footsteps carrying on diana's legacy, now tackling a tough new issue. >> as a parent myself, i was appalled. >> to protect his own family and so many others and his fears now for george and charlotte. ♪ the final countdown >> madness. it all comes down to this. >> it's on, lauren. i'm going to make the most epic ever. >> they have nothing on me. i'm going to win this. >> our two finalists in one sizzling showdown. more than 240,000 submissions, so who is taking home the crown? ♪ cool for the summer
8:01 am
>> we're getting cool for the summer. demi lovato is here live. >> get ready to party with me in central park, america. >> we're confident you'll love it. as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> hello, america. did you see that crowd right there in central park this morning all for demi lovato and there she is, walking on the stage. we cannot wait to see her perform live coming up. she has some pipes on her. it is always a pleasure to listen to her. >> hot for the summer. >> yeah, i agree. >> and confident. >> well, i mean i couldn't give you the only line. anyway, challenge, right? >> yeah. >> so we'll continue that all in central park celebrating taking times in our booth so now we're down to the final two, lauren and cameron will go head-to-head. wait till you see what they've create snider so talented. >> you got a high profile
8:02 am
meeting of the mines here. >> a real freaky friday if you will. amy schumer, anna wintour trading lives for a day. anna tried her hand at stand-up. take a look. >> that's my time, but, remember, winter is coming. [ cheers and applause ] >> i love that. that's not an anna wintour you normally see. >> not typically seen but seen here. >> yes. >> across america. that was really fast, amy. that took you eight seconds to get over there. >> my heels are particularly difficult to walk in this morning but thank you for adding the extra time for me to get over here. good morning, again, guys and the big story this morning, president obama's policies in the middle east coming under fire. this time from diplomats at the state department. more than 50 diplomats have signed a memo urging the president to launch air strikes against syrian dictator bashar al assad claiming little progress in five years of war.
8:03 am
that comes after john brennan issued a dire warning to congress. brennan says even though the u.s. coalition is beating isis on the battlefields in syria and iraq, the terror group's capability to carry out attacks on the west remains stronger than ever. his warning in stark contrast to the more upbeat assessment offered by president obama earlier this week. well, the other big story this morning, a major wildfire growing overnight near santa barbara, california. now burning at least 1700 acres, heavy winds fanning those flames forcing hundreds of families to evacuate their homes and abc's jim avila is there. >> reporter: good morning, amy. that is the fire line right behind us. this is the second day in a row that this raging wildfire has actually shut down u.s. 101, the main coastal route between northern and southern california. so far there have been no structures damaged here but some 800 firefighters and all kinds of aircraft and choir equipment have not yet been able to get this place under control. >> a tough situation, jim, thank
8:04 am
you for that. meanwhile, large fires also burning in new mexico and arizona where people are bracing for a rare and dangerous heat wave where temperatures could hit as high as 120 degrees. well, there are new details now in the orlando nightclub shooting investigation. he exchanged text messages with his wife during the rampage asking if she heard about the shooting it is alleged. sources say omar mateen's wife did not seem to know where he was or what was going on. meanwhile, a florida gun shop owner says his staff alerted the fbi weeks ago about the shooter but the agency did not follow up. well, this morning disney world says it will be adding signs warning guests about alligators following the death of a 2-year-old. lane graves died from drowning and traumatic injuries after being dragged by a gator into that lagoon. bernie sanders is not giving up. he spoke with supporters online last night and promised to join
8:05 am
forces with hillary clinton to defeat donald trump. but sanders did not concede the race and he did not formally endorse clinton. and there was panic inside this walmart in arizona. you hear why. shoppers ran when they thought they were hearing gunfire but you can see it turned out to be fireworks that caused extensive damage. several employees had to be treated for respiratory issues and police are now searching for three suspects who deliberately lit those fireworks. we all want to hasalute all dads out there especially one dad in philadelphia who showed off his multitasking skills during last night's philly game. take a look. a foul ball goes up for grabs and while holding his daughter in his lap -- >> there's unbelievable. >> whoa. >> -- he makes the one-handed catch reaching out oweut we are and, in fact, a lot of the folks
8:06 am
watching the game said it gave philly fans the only thing to cheer for. >> they need to sign him up. >> he's like so cool. yeah, i did that. >> she was just like -- she was taking a nap just what just happened? anyway, glad he caught the ball. >> and notch chos remained intact. well done, dad. "pop news," i'll tell you what's popping. we're going to start with amy schumer on the cover of "vogue." the new cover looking so great. and the magazine also released a video of schumer switching jobs for a day with "vogue" editor in chief anna wintour, the sunglasses hard to see those sweaters. here's a look. >> which one of these do you prefer? shouldn't be a big decision. >> are those not the same? >> no, no, not at all. >> yeah, i know, i just didn't know if you knew. >> it is really funny. and the normally stoic anna
8:07 am
wintour in the open walking in amy's shoes doing stand-up and killing it and you can check it all out in the issue of "vogue" hitting newsstands on the 22nd. so funny. and there's a lot of talk these days about social media etiquette, an 86-year-old in england has nailed it with her polite googling. her grandson was at her house and opened her laptop. he noticed grandma was doing a google search in which she asks could you please translate these roman numerals. her grandson thought it was adorable. what does this mean? he took a picture and tweeted it. well google saw it and tweeted back, dear grandma, no thanks necessary. smiley face then posted this photo of his now famous nan. grandma thought that an actual person answers each and every google search and that by being polite she thought her search might get answered a little bit quicker. >> it never hurts to be polite. >> agreed. that is the lesson. >> a person at google does that?
8:08 am
>> i totally thought there was. so sweet story there. then finally, a pitch perfect new study on this beautiful summer concert morning, researchers at oxford university resealing that the simple act of dancing together, i don't know what that was, there you go, can help children break down barriers moving to music actually makes kids feel warmer and more connected to one another in group settings, even if they might otherwise be divided by socioeconomic or cultural factors, something that all adults should remember in these turbulent times, looks like happy feet might just translate into happy hearts. >> that makes total sense. ♪ i can't turn. >> by the way, the queen has just weighed in, remember how we -- the pepperoni thing. she has sent in this video here. she just wanted to show you -- >> oh. >> apparently -- >> oh. >> remember --
8:09 am
>> oh, my god. >> lara, lara, that's a great necklace you got there. >> i lost so much weight. [ laughter ] >> you have never blended into a room before. >> that really happened, america. >> that was amazing. >> really happened. it was before we went on the air and james goalsteen then executive producer was like, lara, you may want to change your top. >> yeah, well, apparently we saved it. >> thanks for that, guys. here's what's coming up on your "gma morning menu." prince william on a mission following in princess diana's footsteps, what he's saying about being a parent and bullying and our big challenge finale down to the final two. they are battling it out. coming up, guys, all these fans getting on our party bus, why? demi lovato performing live. we can't wait to join her in central park. you can too. all coming up on "gma." live in central park. come on, guys.
8:10 am
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8:14 am
welcome back to "gma." take a look at our party in the park. everyone there for demi lovato. she is performing live just moments away. but first this morning, prince william making headlines keeping his mother princess diana's legacy of helping others alive taking a stand against bullying as part of a wide-ranging campaign on mental health. alex marquardt is at buckingham palace with more on all of that. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, amy. that's right. prince william coming out speaking strongly against the subject of bullying, a subject he clearly feels very passionately about particularly now as the father of two young children. this as he makes history this week doing something that no royal has ever done before.
8:15 am
>> as a parent myself i was appalled. >> reporter: he may be the duke of cambridge but first and foremost he's a dad. >> as catherine and started our family a few years ago i was alarmed about the increasing reports of online bullying around the world. >> reporter: prince william launching a task force with internet leaders from google, twitter, facebook and snapchat to fight online abuse and cyberbullying. fearing his own children nearly 3-year-old prince george and young princess charlotte could someday be targets. >> social media and messaging have transformed bullying from something that was not only the torment of the classroom and playground but something that followed you home, as well to the one safe haven that children should have. >> reporter: william charting his own course but carrying on princess diana's legacy hoping vulnerable children, drawing attention to homelessness and tackling mental health with kate and prince william? let's change the conversation.
8:16 am
>> william and harry are very keen to make sure princess diana's legacy is kept alive and you can see that in nearly all the work they did. times have changed since princess diana and william is aware of that. william is keen to take on the themes that his mother tackled but also address them in a way that's relevant to today's society. >> reporter: earlier this week william making history as the first member of the royal family photographed on the cover of a gay magazine speaking out against hatred and homophobia. following in his mother's footsteps famously fighting the stigma against aids and hiv. a poignant message coming out this week in the wake of the orlando shootings. no one should be bullied for their sexual or any other reason, he says. amy. >> an important message indeed, thank you very much. coming up in ex-here on "gma," our finalists are going head-to-head for our big finale.
8:17 am
who will win? we'll find out next. music: "pretty woman" with roy orbison ♪ of course you go all out for date night... ♪ ...even if you're just staying in. ♪ walgreens has all the beauty products you need for whatever makes you feel beautiful. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. now buy two select skin care products, get the third free. in stores and online.
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to find him the perfect gift for father's day. they have all the brands that dads love. i'm last and i wish mikey put in a little more effort. get a free kobalt® 38-piece tool set with purchase of this 24-volt max combo kit. ♪ what's wrong with being what's wrong with being what's wrong with being confident ♪ >> we are back on "gma" with our
8:21 am
"gma" challenge finale. more than 244,000 submissions and this is it. >> this is it. so much participation in the challenge. we've got our two finalists here, cameron and lauren and they have the ultimate assignment. they had to make a to demi lovato's "confident" right here in new york city for the chance to win tickets to one of her concerts on her future now tour with nick jonas but before we can show you their masterpieces let's first find out how they made the videos. ♪ our two finalists took nyc by storm. >> trying to get to the ceiling but nothing else. >> i think this "hamilton" stage is really awesome. >> reporter: tasked with the ultimate challenge by superstar demi lovato. ♪ cool for the summer >> send in your to "confident." ♪ what's wrong with being confident ♪ ? because what's wong with being confident? >> reporter: 16-year-old lauren godwin from houston, texas. >> you bring the camera up and it shows the sky. >> reporter: wanted her video to
8:22 am
pop. >> i was inspired to film it in times because of all the colors i was thinking it would just yell new york. >> reporter: 17-year-old cameron mcleod from redwood city, california. >> i'm going to put my shoes on and do those turns so i land in a spot on broadway. >> reporter: decided on the theater district as his backdrop. >> i'm a dancer and broadway is a place that i want to be. i think that a really good story line can express a lot. >> reporter: of course, lauren and cam cameron are not going home without a fight. >> it's on. i'll make the most epic ever. >> yours has nothing on me. i'll win this. >> reporter: would will be called the winner of the most epic challenge ever? their final videos revealed now live. >> good morning, america. choo chmerkovskiy. >> good morning, america. >> you both look very confident. see what i did there. >> yeah. >> it's time to show the world your musical.lys.
8:23 am
audience, you'll vote by cheering and start with lauren. are you ready to do this? >> yes, i'm so confident. >> you were born ready and confident, america. let's roll her ♪ what's wrong with being what's wrong with being ♪ what's wrong with being confident ♪ ♪ uh-huh ♪ what's wrong with being what's wrong with being what's wrong with being confident ♪ >> all right. what did you guys think? pretty good. [ applause ] >> whoa! all right. cameron, she just dropped the gauntlet. she set the bar. you feeling nervous at all. >> i'm pretty nervous but let's do this. >> let's do this, he says. it's time. show cameron's ♪ what's wrong with being what's wrong with being what's wrong with being confident ♪ ♪ what's wrong with being what's wrong with being what's wrong with being confident ♪ ♪ uh-huh >> i don't know. what do you guys think? [ applause ] >> all right, all right, all right.
8:24 am
now it's finally time, audience. you're going to cheer and you're going to vote. we got our cheer-o-meter ready. cheer now if you think it was lauren. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. all right, all right, all right, all right. you got quite the applause. that's got to make you feel good. >> yes. >> amazing, all right, audience, now it's cameron's turn. cheer if you think it was cameron. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right, all right, guys, that is really close. and i i have to go to our control room. they have to tell me who they think won because that was tight and i'm being told they're in a control room. our "gma" challenge winner is -- cameron is our winner! [ cheers and applause ]
8:25 am
cameron, lauren, such a fantastic -- guess who's here to congratulate you. demi lovato. >> thank you. >> herself. >> good to meet you. >> we have smiles all the way around. cameron, lauren, you did an unbelievable job. got to come to new york to see demi lovato right here in central park. fantastic job. everybody smiling here. let's go to somebody else who smiles all the time. ginger for some weather. >> oh, my goodness, that was so it is not comfortable and steamy in so many places in the u.s. i want to take you to the maps. the numbers will go well above 100 as far as heat indices. 103 jackson, when it compounds heat becomes dangerous, avoid it if you can. the storms are moving southeast along the cold front. that's the big picture, let's look closer to home. >> reporter: the showers continue to go south of cape
8:26 am
may. southern delaware is dealing with just a bit. we have had clouds, but the sunshine is coming back as we go through the morning and the afternoon. temperatures in the 60s going up to 82 with clouds and sun. the weekend looking great, sunny on saturday, 84. father's day, sunshine and 87. monday, summer arrives high of 89 there. e. we've never -- >> this might take a while. >> look how slow he's going. >> -- be more uplifted. >> you're mistreating this young man and ought to cut it out. >> and blown away. >> nobody agrees with you. >> than what happened in this grocery store. >> come here. >> tonight when you see what happens next. >> thank you very much. >> you'll want to stand up and cheer on the premiere of -- >> "what would you do?"
8:27 am
>> tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central on abc. >> good morning i'm tamala edwards, 8:27 friday, june 17. let's head to matt pellman this time he is starting on the 30 bypass. >> reporter: speeds are down in downingtown because a vehicle ran off the 30 by pals. this is approaching -- bypass, this is approaching business 30 if you're approaching the cracker barrel getting biscuits. use the turnpike or business 30. in coatsville you don't want to use business 30 there's a crash involving a police cruiser at business 30 and first avenue. use the bypass through the coatsville area this morning. northeast extension northbound approaching lansdale, a crash long gone, but still recovering.
8:28 am
a crash on the new jersey turnpike southbound exit 2 to 322. that ramp is partially blocked. >> let's head outside to david murphy with accuweather. >> reporter: we have a fair amount of cloud cover, but we have breaks in the clouds. storm tracker 6 live showing the showers down south have disappeared from cape may county and pushed away from the southern region. 68 degrees in philadelphia. starting to warm up a little bit. this afternoon we're looking at clouds and sun, 82 is the high. weekend looking problem free other than leading sun block and cool drinks we're in good shape. sunny and beautiful on saturday, 84. beautiful on sunday, humidity low on father's day. getting hot and warmer for the official start of summer. 89 degrees, tuesday, hot and humid, 92. wednesday and thursday, the
8:29 am
humidity lowering. >> "g.m.a." has demi will a have demi lovato and we'll see you in 30 for the final updates.
8:30 am
♪ it's time to get the chains out is your tongue tied up ♪ >> welcome back to "good morning america." friday, look at the size of this crowd in central park. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ all i need tonight ♪ you say i'm complicated [ cheers and applause ] >> multiplatinum chart topping singer/songwriter here. i know you have been singing her musical.lys throughout the day about confident well, how about we hear the real thing? >> yes. >> here is demi lovato singing "confident." ♪ what's wrong with being what's wrong with being ♪ ♪ what's wrong with being -- >> i need to see all of you clapping your hands. come on. ♪ come on!
8:31 am
♪ ♪ it's time for me to take it i'm the boss right now ♪ ♪ not gonna fake it not when you go down ♪ ♪ 'cause this is my game and you better come to play ♪ ♪ i used to hold my freak back now i'm letting go ♪ ♪ i make my own choice yeah i run this show ♪ ♪ so leave the lights on no you can't make me behave ♪ ♪ u hum ♪ so you say i'm complicated that i must be outta my mind ♪ ♪ but you've had me underrated rated rated ♪ ♪ what's wrong with being what's wrong with being ♪ ♪ what's wrong with being confident ♪ ♪ what's wrong with being what's wrong with being ♪
8:32 am
♪ what's wrong with being confident ♪ ♪ it's time to get the chains out is your tongue tied up ♪ ♪ 'cause this is my ground and i'm dangerous ♪ ♪ and you can get off but it's all about me tonight ♪ ♪ tonight ♪ you say i'm complicated that i must be outta my mind ♪ ♪ but you've had me underrated rated rated ♪ ♪ what's wrong with being what's wrong with being ♪ >> come on. ♪ what's wrong with being confident ♪ >> let me hear you sing. ♪ what's wrong with being what's wrong with being ♪ ♪ what's wrong with being confident ♪ oat oh whoa oh whoa ♪ ♪ whoa oh whoa oh
8:33 am
♪ you say i'm complicated ♪ but you have me underrated ♪ yeah yeah ♪ what's wrong with being what's wrong with being what's wrong with being ♪ ♪ what's wrong with being what's wrong with being ♪ ♪ oh yeah ♪ what's wrong with being what's wrong with being ♪ ♪ what's wrong with being confident ♪ ♪ what's wrong with being what's wrong with being what's wrong with being confident ♪ ♪ confident [ cheers and applause ]
8:34 am
>> wow! i think that deserves a yay with a lot of ss. we're giving her a lot of ss on that it is father's day weekend d you all get your dad something, they are like totally, i got that, we have father's day cities to show you. san padre island if you're checking out the forecast, so much heat, be extra careful get the pets inside. let's get a check closer to home. yeah! >> reporter: we have showers beginning to sink to the south away from the area. we're looking at sun breaking out, 82 a good looking afternoon. 84 tomorrow under the sun. 87 on father's day, also sun and warmer on monday and tuesday. p
8:35 am
foundation summer stage. david. >> i'm right here. ty burrell is a friend of the family. always makes us laugh on "modern family." now everybody is excited about "finding dory." [ cheers and applause ] right on cue getting big latches on the screen too getting them on the big screen and juju chang actually sat down with him to reveal how he made the transition. >> that's it, pity party is over. >> reporter: ty burrell knows a thing or two about modern families. >> i know you're talking about me, destiny. >> reporter: only fitting he would jump at the chance to sign on to "finding dory." >> when i heard i was getting a call to pixar i answered yes i'll do it, who is this? >> reporter: it's a tale with a modern twist on what it really means to be family. >> i think "finding nemo" set that tone in not having to look the same to be a family. there is a strong theme in the
8:36 am
movie about people with flaws and that you can kind of make each other whole through friendship. >> i hit pie head very hard. >> reporter: he voices bailey, a beluga whale who at first loses confidence. >> i know you're talking about me, destiny. >> reporter: what do you relate to it? >> i relate to a lot which is telling. he's neurotic. >> you relate to being neurotic in in a way, oh, now i'm home. now i'm home. >> reporter: burrell says he brought that neurosis to his character and then some. >> one, two, don't move! >> what did you do to prep to be bailey? >> the echo location thing, i was practicing in the car and i'm making these sounds trying to come up with an echo location and i can tell people in the cars around me, basically they feel like when i'm pulling up that there's like a clinically depressed ambulance somewhere in
8:37 am
the vicinity because i'm going ewwwww. >> reporter: and the results -- >> ewww, i feel stupid. >> reporter: see for yourself. >> now i know you're talking about me. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, los angeles. ♪ >> thanks to juju and thanks to ty burrell and by the way, "finding dory" hits theaters -- >> all: today. >> that's right. today. coming up next a special guest performing with demi lovato. [ cheers and applause ]
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ it's time to get the chains out is your tongue tied up ♪ >> all right, we're back now with superstar demi lovato rocking central park. so happy to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> you have the best smile ever. great way to start the day. and thank you all for coming out. what an awesome crowd we have. and why wouldn't they? "confident" just went platinum. congrats on that. >> thank you. >> did you see that coming? did you know when you were making that song. >> i actually found out right now. >> you just found out. >> did i tell you. >> you told me. that's amazing. thank you. that's awesome. >> "confident" went platinum. whoo-hoo! >> congratulations.
8:41 am
>> thank you. >> the other big headline, of course, you and your pal nick jonas. >> yes. >> who is -- wow. wildly talented, not bad to look at. future now tour coming up what are you most excited about. >> i think we're both most excited to see our fans and be able to perform new music. [ cheers and applause ] new music together. >> what's it like you have known him for a long time. what does it feel like when you travel together and share that experience. >> we always have -- we toured together before several years ago so we've done this before and now we get to do it again and both so excited. we work really well together and, you know, we're business partners now. we own a label together called safe house records. >> wow. >> yes so it makes a lot. sense. >> you two young kids tearing it up. you work well together with a lot of people. one of whom you were kind enough to surprise our audience with. >> yes. >> country superstar brad
8:42 am
paisley. come on out. [ cheers and applause ] one of our favorites. whoo! [ cheers and applause ] >> how you been? >> hi. always so happy to see you. two of our favorites here on "gma." and you guys are working together. a couple songs, i understand. >> yeah, we've got one on the country chart right now, how is that for you? >> so cool. >> i was asking backstage, demi vibe across the country. >> i'm enjoying the country thing i might put a little on my album. my next album. you never know. [ cheers and applause ] >> brad, i want to ask you does she have country chops? >> she's from dallas, so -- she's born with it. yeah. >> it's in my blood. >> well, i believe that we are going to hear a song right now and it is entitled "stone cold"? >> yes. >> hit it. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:43 am
♪ ♪ ♪ stone cold stone cold ♪ you see me standing but i'm dying on the floor ♪ ♪ stone cold stone cold maybe if i don't cry i won't feel anymore ♪ ♪ stone cold baby god knows i try to feel happy for you ♪
8:44 am
♪ know that i am even if i can't understand ♪ ♪ i'll take the pain give me the truth me and my heart ♪ ♪ we'll make it through if happy is her i'm happy for you ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ hmm mm-mm mm ♪ stone cold stone cold you're dancing with her ♪ ♪ while i'm staring at my phone stone cold stone cold ♪ ♪ i was your amber but now she's your shade of gold ♪ ♪ stone cold
8:45 am
baby god knows i try to feel happy for you ♪ ♪ know that i am even if i can't understand ♪ ♪ i'll take the pain give me the truth me and my heart ♪ ♪ we'll make it through if happy is her i'm happy for you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i wish i could mean this but
8:46 am
here's my good-bye ♪ ♪ i'm happy for you know that i am ♪ ♪ even if i can't understand if happy is her ♪ ♪ i'm happy for you [ cheers and applause ]
8:47 am
>> brad paisley, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] "gma's" summer couldn't ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it
8:48 am
♪ ♪
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] all right, who is ready for some more demi. >> i am, absolutely all are. that's a rhetorical. question. here she is with the first single off her album "confident," this is "cool for the summer." [ applause ] ♪ ♪ tell me what you want what you
8:50 am
like it's okay ♪ ♪ i'm a little curious too tell me if it's wrong if it's right ♪ ♪ i don't care i can keep a secret can you ♪ ♪ got my mind on your body and your body on my mind got a taste for the cherry ♪ ♪ i just need to take a bite ♪ don't tell your mother kiss one another die for each other ♪ ♪ we're school for the summer ha ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ♪ take me down into your paradise don't be scared 'cause i'm your body type ♪ ♪ just something that we wanna try cause you and i we're cool for the summer ♪ ♪ tell me if i won if i did
8:51 am
what's my prize ♪ ♪ i just wanna play with you too even if they judge ♪ ♪ i'll do the time i just wanna have some fun with you ♪ ♪ got my mind on your body and your body on my mind got a taste for the cherry ♪ ♪ i just need to take a bite ♪ don't tell your mother kiss one another ♪ ♪ die for each other we're cool for for the summer ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ♪ take me down into your paradise ♪ ♪ don't be scared 'cause i'm your body type ♪ ♪ just something that we wanna try 'cause you and i ♪
8:52 am
♪ we're cool for the summer hey ♪ ♪ we're cool for the summer we're cool for the summer ♪ ♪ shhhh ♪ got my mind on your body and your body on my mind ♪ ♪ got a taste for the cherry i just need to take a bite ♪ ♪ take me down take me down into your paradise ♪ ♪ don't be scared don't be scared 'cause i'm your body type ♪ ♪ just something that we wanna try 'cause you and i you and i we're cool for the summer ♪ ♪ take me down we're cool for the summer ♪ ♪ don't be scared 'cause i'm
8:53 am
your body type ♪ ♪ just something that we wanna try 'cause you and i you and i ♪ ♪ we're cool for the summer ooh ooh we're cool for the summer ♪ [ cheers and applause ] everybody's running to blinds to go's summer shade sale,
8:54 am
going on now. hurry in and take 20% off all shades!
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save on roller shades, cellular shades pleated, wooven wood, roman, solar and cascade shades did we mention huge savings on shades? blinds to go. blinds for life. know what else is cool? blinds to go's summer shades sa, going on now. take 20% off all shades! roller, cellular, pleated, woven wood, roman, solar and cascade shades don't blink. sale ends soon. blinds to go. blinds for life.
8:56 am
>> all right, so exciting news, next week's concert is brad paisley. and guess who's coming back to sing with him? >> all: demi lovato! >> before we say have a great weekend, demi is going to perform "for you." >> you sound amazing this morning, demi. >> thank you. >> that means so much. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> demi lovato, come on now. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> thank you guys so much. >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards, 8:56 friday, june 17. let's head to matt pellman he is taking a last look at i-95 good
8:57 am
morning. >> reporter: after a long week we're trying to wrap up the situation on i-95 where a vehicle ran off the northbound side of street road. the tow truck is on the scene, they are getting ready to pull you tell on it of there. the crash that ran off the 30 bypass westbound in downingtown cleared, as well. they pulled the vehicle out of the woods there. the lanes are open sluggish coming west of route 100. the crash on the northeast extension is long gone, but you're looking at speeds at 11 miles per hour. use 309 instead. the delays linger on the admiral wilson boulevard eastbound, the construction will be with us next week. things to look forward to there, tam have a good weekend. >> let's outside and see what the weekend will look like with david murphy. >> reporter: the weekend looking good, today, 71 degrees and high
8:58 am
of 882 the degrees, warm on saturday, and 84. and sunday, good for the gary pappa run, 87. summer arrivals organ monday, 89 tuesday, hot and humid, 92 and better on wednesday. >> police made an arrest on the hit-and-run in spring garden. we have the latest on the driver now in custody. "live with kelly" is next on 6abc. i'm tamala edwards. have a great friday you
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> from the beach house, it's "live! with kelly." today, academy award-winning actor matthew mcconaughey. and from the hit comedy, "veep," tony hale. and we're serving up burgers from the beach house grill. and mark consuelos is kelly's co-host for the day. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are kelly ripa and mark consuelos! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: hi! hi, babe. thank you. have a seat.


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