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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  June 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning it is 6:00 a.m. on this sunday june 19 here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." searching for survivors, rescue crews in boats and helicopters scours the delaware river after a minivan plunges into the water. we're learning about the living conditions inside a bucks county home where a dozen girls were rescued. there she is a new new jersey has been crowned. first let's go to chris sowers with a check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. another gorgeous day, right. >> reporter: yesterday was beautiful, temperatures in the mid 80s, it's going to be
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hotter, at least we'll see sunshine out there today. speaking of sun we're seeing it now, that's the view over atlantic city, nice and comfortable on this sunday morning, just a couple of high clouds that's about it. starting out warm, 66 degrees in philadelphia. 60 in allentown. trenton, 61. millville, 65. even the shorepoints climbing into the mid 60s. sat lit and radar just like yesterday high pressure in control over the next few days, we're not expecting much in the way of cloud cover. lots of sunshine from start to finish. if you're heading to the gary pappa run expect numbers to climb quickly. 9:00 a.m., 74. 10:00 a.m., 79. look at this, 11:00 a.m., 83 degrees. the forecasted high this afternoon is 90 on the dot. i've seen forecast guidance come in over the last 45 minutes that
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suggest it's going to be 91 or 92. mostly sunny, humidity levels nice and low. when i come back in just a few minutes it will be hotter in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. i'll have those numbers coming up. >> we have details this morning in the discovery of 12 young girls rescued from a bucks county home. police brought in cadaver dogs to search for any remains in the home in feasterville. we learned how the girls lived before authorities moved in. jeff chirico with the details. >> reporter: chopper 6 hd was over the home on old street road as investigators returned to look for evidence. cadaver dogs went through the property and detectives comb through the house. it is where 51-year-old lee kaplan lived with 1 girls raging from 6 months to 18 years. >> they were living in the basement and hiding in the chicken coop. >> reporter: investigators found musical instruments and
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elaborate train set in the basement. kids were living in the basement on air mass stresses. i guess they were home schooling the kids because there was homework down there. rntle the children are in the -- the children are in the care of bucks county children and youth. >> we have not hahn opportunity to -- had an opportunity to talk to the children in detail. >> reporter: police arrested kaplan thursday and charged him with statutory sex all assault. they say he father's day two children with a girl who was gifted to him when she was 14. other neighbors say they reported strange behavior at the home for years and never got a
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response. >> if it was a child abuse call we would have responded. >> reporter: kaplan would turn off the lights and turn them away. it's unclear how many call also they received and how many times police responded. we are told the dogs did not find any remains in the backyard, kaplan and the stoltzfus are locked up on $1 million each. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> you can find more at, we'll continue to update the story both on air and, as that new information comes in. breaking news at this hour, search crews have pulled a minivan from the delaware river in south philadelphia after it went into the water overnight. the action cam is live on the scene at the packer marine terminal. a minivan was pulled from the water an hour rag.
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"action news" has learned the windows were apparently kicked out of the vehicle. this unfolded at 2:00 a.m. when two people told police they saw a minivan drive into the river. investigators have not said if the witnesses said how many people were in the vehicle. so far there were no signs of anyone getting out of it. >> ran the light at the intersection, a car comes flying by, silver, not sure of the model, not paying attention, i heard a crash, i think it crashed into another car, i seen a gate missing and i heard a splash, i told my friend like yo, somebody went into the water. >> reporter: that witness said when he ran to the end of the dock, all he saw was part of a fender. the car disappeared in the water. he said nobody came to the surface for 15 minutes or so when it took police to arrive.
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one window was apparently kicked out. a man was injured after losing control of his car and slamming into a utility pole snapping it in half on browning road in pennsauken, camden county at 2:30 a.m. the driver crawled out of the wreckage of the car and treated at the scene and refused to go to the hospital. there's no word on what caused the man to lose control of the car. >> 6:06. happening today a special mass will be held at the cathedral basilica of st. peter and paul to honor the victims of the orlando nightclub shooting. funeral services continue to be held for the victims of the nightclub shooting. hundreds of people from across the country paid their respects to christopher linen, people faced down the westboro baptist church who came to protest.
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corey can was name a firefighter. >> corey we are proud he is an honorary firefighter. >> the department presented his family with a helmet and a badge. from our new jersey newsroom, students and their parents may pay more tuition at rowan university. the school announced 2% raise hike, that's $244 for a total cost $13,108 for the academic year. a gloucester county woman is the toast of the garden state this morning after she took the crown at the miss new jersey pageant. >> 2year-old gianna wick beat
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out 29 other members. >> wick will go on to represent miss new jersey in september. the audience and the contestants paused to remember a former miss new jersey, mccullum died after a car crash this year. >> firefly wraps up today, today's headliner is mumford and son. today is the last day, other performances include blank 182 and l.a. king and earth wind and fire. happy father's day. >> thank you. it is a day when we
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remember our beloved colleague gary pappa who lost his battle with prostate cancer 7 years ago. the gary pappa run kicks off in a little more than an hour, it run raises money for prostate cancer it was started in 2009 after gary pappa lost his 6 year fight against prostrate cancer. it kicks off at 7:30. >> amoeba members of our "action news" family will be there. it's a great day for it, it's a wonderful way to start father's. still to come on "action news" sunday morning. >> if you suffer from sleep apnea and are not getting treated it could cause problems for your health. >> two homes are badly damaged when trees knocked over from
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>> thank you for waking up with us, the time 6:12, new video coming in from japan, tens of thousands of people protested against the presence of the u.s. military in oak -- okinawa.
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this comes after an american contractor and former marine was accused of raping and killing a local woman. okinawa's governor attended the rally and apologized for failing to protect the woman. people in alabama are cleaning up after storms brought large trees down. the homeowner was able to escape through a back door. another home was crushed by falling tree. that homeowner was not home at the time, thankfully. tens of thousands of people were left without power following the storm. time for accuweather, another gorgeous day, a little hot if you're by the pool or at the beach. >> reporter: a little sunscreen. let's get you outside, it's going to be another beautiful day, yesterday was beautiful. low humidity and lots of sunshine. with the highs out of the
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south/southwest, the highs will be in the 80s or 90s depending on your location. it will be one of the hotter days this year. double scan live showing we're not expecting any precipitation today. some models showing pop-up thunderstorm west of philadelphia. most of the models keeping us dry. temperatures 66 degrees, dewpoint, 59. we're on the border here. pressure holding steady, wind out of the south at 8 miles per hour. the uv index on a scale of 1 to 11 is all the way up to a 9 which means you could get a burn in 20 minutes. if you're out and about between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at least between an extended period of time, hydrate and keep yourself cool. reading, 63. trenton, 61. millville, 65.
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atlantic city, 63. with high pressure dominating the weather pattern there's hardly any clouds out there. we have clouds across the northern portion of the ohio valley and the great lake states that's about it. the high is sitting here, you can see we have this huge area, this huge circle where there is nothing going on, that he is the high right there. the frontal system all the storms will stay well west of the city of philadelphia today and tomorrow. that front collapses toward the area as we get into tuesday, from now until then looks like the weather will stay dry. surface maps for today, frontal system well to the west, lots of sunshine, we'll call it toasty on father's day, highs close to 90 degrees, tomorrow it's hotter as the winds begin to strengthen out of the southwest and more humid, as well. high temperatures right now we're forecasterring a high of 93. i've seen model guidance as high as 95. mostly sunny hot today, 90. winds out of the south,
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southwest 5 to 15 miles per hour. gary pappa run looks good, temperatures are cool at this point, late morning hours climbing quickly. 67 degrees by 7:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m., 70. 9:00 a.m., 74. fairly low humidity levels, lots of sun, 10:00 a.m., 79. by 11:00 a.m., already up to 83. forecasting high high of 84 in e poconos today. mostly sunny and warm. low humidity levels expected. jersey shore, humid, ocean temperature up to 68 degrees, mostly sunny conditions expected out there today, high of 80 around lunch time, the high pulls back into the mid 70s during the after. be on the look out for rip currents pay close attention to the lifeguards on duty today. happy father's day, looks good, sun an clouds, 90 degrees, monday, mostly sunny and hot, more humid, the 92 will feel like 94, 95. tuesday the cold front comes in early in the day, maybe a shower
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or thunderstorm with it, 89. wet weather thursday, temperatures, otherwise stay nice and comfortable. nydia? >> celebrity was on hand as the philadelphia zoo was presented with a generous gift from a local company. ryan green presented the zoo can $25,000 check part of a special team green party and celebration. employees and business of sorpts sorpts -- associates and friends of green were on hand and beverly johnson, the first african-american woman to ever appear on the cover of vogue. we'll be right back. where we going? it's the answer to the question baby! silverado. oooh that's cool. it's truck month. qualified buyers get 0% financing for 60 months.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, happy father's day, 6:23 a.m., we're down in cape may. 65 degrees with a dewpoint of 60. it's slightly humid the slightest breeze out of the west at 5 miles per hour. one concern down the jersey shore. we have a moderate risk for rip currents, the chop is a little rough. yesterday we had seas of 3 to 5 feet. today they are subsiding somewhat. high tide occurring now, officially in atlantic city. winds are light out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. it should develop a sea breeze later on the rip current is moderate from low to high, right in the middle. forecast for the shore, 80 degrees by lunchtime. the numbers pull back into the mid 70s by afternoon. philadelphia, 90 degrees, poconos looking good, 84.
6:25 am
>> phillies hope to turn things around when they face the diamondbacks at citizens bank park later tonight. >> will the cavaliers become the first team in history to win it all after come back from a 3-1 deficit? here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: the phillies have been playing baseball for 134 years and never, not once have phils pitchers been this bad. the phils have given up a franchise worse 20 homers in the last five games. franco has not given fans much to cheer about, but a free bobble head. phils up 1 diamondbacks home run derby.
6:26 am
phils 20 homers, the last five days. franco, meanwhile, has not had a hit since his homer last sunday. phillies lost 4-1. they lost 22 in the last 28 games. they are the worst in the majors. >> we have to work on it. >> everybody is taking a deep breath and trying to do less that might be laughable to the public eye, how can can we do less, but sometimes less is more. >> there's been only one major sports championship here in philadelphiaing over the last 34 painful years, as bad as it's been and as hard as it is to stomach, in cleveland there's been zero over this span. in fact their last parade, 52 years ago.
6:27 am
labron james and the cleveland cavaliers can end the drought for the city, the nba finals for a win in game 7 at 8:00 a.m. willlabron are you feeling the pressure to finally win a title for the city of cleveland. >> you say pressure, because that's the whole world, that's the word everybody likes to use in sports, pressure. i don't get involved in it. i guess it's the lamest term for everybody, it's an opportunity for us to do something special. >> game 7 tonight. can you wait on of abc at 8:00 p.m. labron against the golden state warriors, can't wait. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a great day. a western pennsylvania police department have a creative and effective way to get kids to wear their helmets. in white haven they are
6:28 am
patrolling the streets and stopping kids and give them tickets. >> if they are being safe and doing the right thing, we cite them. these citations are in the form of free ice cream. the kids get a token and it is traded in for summer treat. the initiative is working and it is helping to build a positive relationship with police officers, a win/win right there. 6:28 we have much more coming up on "action news." >> we'll be right back. we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto® and warfarin compare in
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ask your doctor about xarelto®. morning about how a dozen young girls were living before they were rescued from a bucks county home. changes are coming to septa's schedule, details on what you need to know before taking the bus or trolley. a picture perfect start to father's day. things are warming up before you celebrate dear old dad. chris sowers is here with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. dad is he going to be happy with you? , -- chris. >> reporter: it's hotter, but it's a dry heat. don't you love it when they say that out in vegas? >> reporter: it's a warmer day,
6:31 am
you can see the breakers waves 2 to 3 feet, they are expected to build 2 to 4 feet later on that could increase the risk for rip currents. if you're down the shore that's the only issue. otherwise it's a nice day a sea breeze and temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. 60s north and west, 58 in martins creek, 65 in lathe ton and fleetwood. saint david, 61. center city leading the pack 66. gandys beach, 61. nice and warm on the delaware bay where they are pulling out weak fish right now. sea isle city, 65 degrees, on the boards in atlantic city, 68. satellite and radar, high pressure in control keeping it high and dry as the saying goes for today. gary pappa run looks good, lots of sunshine, don't forget the sunscreen, 8:00 a.m., 70 degrees, 10:00 a.m., 79. 11:00 a.m., 83. if you're heading to the bank,
6:32 am
arizona diamondbacks with the philadelphia phillies, temperature in the upper 80s, low 90s. we have the details about the man who was accused of holding 12 girls in his southampton home. chopper 6 hd was above the home as the dogs went through the properties. they have not found any remains. the girls living in the house with lee lee kaplan were betwee6 month and 18 years old. kaplan fathered two children with a 14-year-old girl who was gifted to him. >> what kind of call did they call, that they saw amish people. that's the calls we got, we didn't get child ray abuse calls. if we got child abuse calls, we
6:33 am
would have responded. >> this morning, kaplan is in jail on sex abuse assault charges and other charges and the parents daniel and savilla stoltzfus are in jail. you can find more at, we'll continue to update the story on air and as new information comes in. >> this morning, police in chester county are searching for a suspect in the beating death of a woman inside her own home. the body of 52-year-old denise burger was found friday morning in the home of the 900 block of heather stone drive. barger was a widow whose husband passed away a few months ago. harry loud junior was captured inside a home on middlesex street in gloucester. the homeowners called police after waking up to find laute in
6:34 am
the bedroom. he was found to be in possession of property that was allegedly taken from the 400 block of hudson street. a former vanderbilt university football player has been found guilty in the rape of an unconscious woman. yesterday, jury find brandon vannedden guilty for raping the unconscious woman. he now faces up to 25 years in prison when he is sentenced. >> it has been four years since a young man was beaten to death inside his home in south philadelphia. today police have no suspects in custody. the victim's family is pleading for your help to find those responsible. rick williams has more in the crime fighters report.
6:35 am
>> reporter: we haven't learned anything new on the case. it's been nearly four years since michael fox was taken from his family. >> your emotions go all over the place, you become angry now because you want answers. >> reporter: about midnight on friday, 201 the, police were called to the 900 block of 8th street in south philadelphia. they found the body of 30-year-old michael fox in his third floor bedroom beaten to death. police say he was dead for two days. >> we're hoping when this airs it will trigger someone's memory. we truly believe if not one person more than one person knows what happened. >> reporter: the citizens crime commission is administering 1,000 reward and the city is posting $20,000 reward for an arrest and conviction of the person responsible. call 215-546-tips.
6:36 am
all calls remain anonymous. >> we have a scholarship to keep his memory alive. we walk around the city on his birthday, and put posters up, he is missed, he is greatly missed. >> reporter: for crime fighters, i'm rick williams. disploonchts -- a chicago singer who was on the mexican version of the voice was shot and killed. he was killed on the southwest side when a gunman demanded he get out of the car he was in the with friends. the gunman shot him three times in the head. so far police don't have any suspects or motives. thousands of soccer fans in orlando florida took part in a pregame vigil for the victims of the nightclub massacre. they sang the national anthem
6:37 am
together while many waved rainbow flags for the lgbt community. >> this is what the community needs, we need to come together and he'll and move on. >> organizers tied balloons to empty seats to honor the victims. pulse nightclub shooting and to honor christina grimmie who was shot and killed in orlando. there was a call to ban all military style weapons in delaware county. that rally was held at the springfield friends meeting house yesterday. a moment of silence was held for all the victims of the gun violence including those who died in the orlando nightclub massacre. they marched along sprawl road to pat meehan to deliver a call for action on the federal ban on assault weapons. gun violence was a focus on the campaign trail.
6:38 am
donald trump weighed in on the shooting during a recall in las vegas. trump insists the outcome in orlando would have been different if more people be armed. >> if one of the people in that room happened to have it, goes boom, boom, you know what, that would have been a beautiful beautiful sight, trump. >> trump said he is open to make changing gun laws, to make sure people who are related to terror cannot guns. hillary clinton agrees no guns for those tied tore terrorism. >> if the fbi is watching you for suspected terrorist linkses you should not be able to buy a gun with no questions asked. >> the senate will vote on four separate bills on gun control, however, none are expected to
6:39 am
pass. download the 6abc app to stay on top of all the information as we head toward the general election. the 6abc news app is a free download for your mobile devices. george bengal started the pennsylvania humane society humane law enforcement department and headed up the branch for ten years. bengal was a military veteran and former police officer was a life long animal advocate. he was diagnosed with terminal carnals. he died yesterday at holy redeemer hospital with his wife and daughter by his side. >> happening today, there are some new schedules going into effect for septa. the agency is making adjustments for the summer season. a track renewal project will
6:40 am
mean buses for the routes ten and 15 trollies. there's a new route for the route 17 bus additional service to delaware avenue and louis streets. before you head out check the schedules. >> more to come on "action news" sunday morning. the king of the jungle is hurt when the door camps its tail. on the run, we'll tell you how a young orphan is making a name for himself on the running courses. >> reporter: sky6 live hd will take you outside on this father, a beautiful picture, happy father's day, meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we see you after the break. >> wildfires burning out of
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
control in southern california have grown to 7800 acres. firefighters have the sherpa fire are 45% contained. no homes have burned, but 270 homes and ranches are at risk. campgrounds have been evacuated. the fire is expected to be fully contained by thursday. if you're just waking up with us, why not take dad to the beach today. >> reporter: the beach, water ice. it's going to be close to 90 degrees. as we look outside live, we're looking over the camden
6:44 am
waterfront. humidity has stayed nice and low. that's the bonus this weekend. even though temperatures were expect to do rise from saturday to sunday we're not expecting much in the way of humidity. that would hold this afternoon. you may see a slight increase in humidity, but it's manageable. 90 degrees, that's 6 degrees above average. cape may, 65. atlantic city, 63 degrees. dewpoints are nice, most location are in the 50s, the exception cape may, sitting at 60. when you reach 60 degrees that's when it becomes a little humid you start to notice somewhat of a change. 65 you notice it becomes humid, above 65 it feels like new orleans or miami places across
6:45 am
the deep south. we'll get out of the 60s and into the low 60s. we'll call it slightly humid with temperatures close to 90 degrees, it will feel like 91 or 92. not too bad, but you'll notice the change later on. satellite and radar, high pressure right there, look at all the bone-dry air forcing its way to the south, pushing the cold front down into the gulf of mexico. that will keep things dry along the eastern seaboard. smarveght we're not forecast -- as a matter of fact we're not forecasting any rain until this front right here slides through. the good news with the frontal system is the fact it will be pushing through during the morning hours we're not expecting severe weather with it. it's going to be a line of showers and thunderstorms. future tracker 6, combination of sun and clouds, the model is hinting toward one or two isolated showers, accuweather will keep it dry. monday, hazy, hot and humid, temperatures in time low 90s. combination of sun and clouds,
6:46 am
maybe a quick-hitting isolated shower. tuesday morning, 6:00 a.m., this is the cold front pushing through. as you can see there's not much moisture associated with it. maybe one or two areas pick up a quick downpour, otherwise it's sun and clouds throughout the day. temperatures later on, 90 degrees in philadelphia. upper 80s for everybody else, most locations in the 80s and low 90s. 90 degrees today, 90 for just about everybody. 91 in reading, allentown. 91. lancaster, 90. millville, 89. we'll call it mostly sun and hot. poconos, 84 degrees, sunny and warm. jersey shore you'll manage a high at 80 degrees at lunchtime. the numbers pull back during the course of the day as the sea breeze kicks in.
6:47 am
it will be more humid on the sand than yesterday, a moderate risk for rip currents. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, beautiful father's day, 90 degrees, 93 for tomorrow. hazy, hot and humid, mostly sunny conditions feels-like temperatures close to 95. it's also the first day of summer, summer officially begins at 6:40 p.m. warm tuesday, maybe a shower or storm, 89. wet weather expected thursday, high of 82. on a scale of one to ten, i have to give today ten? >> nice. >> perfect, thanks chris. >> remember you can get the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and track storm tracker 6 live radar at >> 6:47 if you're just waking up with us, a philadelphia police officer has completed his journey across america on a bicycle. officer anthony kay from the 22nd district if i finished his
6:48 am
3,000-mile trek. he was inspired after his colleague sergeant wilson iii was shot and killed in the line the duty. he started his journey in venice beach california yesterday afternoon he reached the atlantic at the land shark bar. i started out i thought it would be a once in a lifetime experience, but it ended up being a life changing experience. >> he was looking to raise $5,000 for the survivor's fund, so far he raised $17,000. congratulations! >> there are new rules on the
6:49 am
6:50 am
road for pennsylvania parents. any child under the age of two will need to ride in the rear-facing car seat. the new law is to keep children
6:51 am
safe. >> she is too big to face backwards. >> reporter: for those tots under the age of two who have not outgrown the requirement of the car seat manufacturer. they have to be in a rear-facing car seat. it's the pennsylvania law. the direction was never set in stone until now. critics specified the child under four be strapped into the car seat leaving every everythie up to the parents discretion. new jersey is one of three states with the law. >> the child is five times less likely to have a severe or fatal injury traveling rear facing under the age of two than they would be forward facing. >> reporter: toddlers bones are
6:52 am
still soft and not have harden. several parents say they still welcome the change. >> i think it's for the better, as long as my kids are safe. >> reporter: the driver will only be cited with the warning, it goes into effect in 60 degrees, reporting in center city, christie ileto channel 6 "action news." >> the king of the jungle is cf his tail at the zoo. parents caught the incident. he entered the pen for a training dhongs at the zoo in portland, but his tail was caught by a hydraulic door. it was thought that the lion was okay, but the tail was bleeding.
6:53 am
she -- he needed a surgical procedure, and is doing okay. >> he is back with his girlfrienden and doing okay. >> the tuft of tail is gone forever, and will never grow back. the officials are suspecting the type hydraulic door to insure the incident never happens again. a minnesota between who
6:55 am
faced up hill battles most of his life is now conquering hills of a different sorts. 12-year-old marcel ask an orphan who is waiting to be adopted.
6:56 am
he turns head when he runs because he is a barefoot runner. >> my feet was hurting coming up the hill, i took my shoes off, i ran barefooted down the hill and back up. he competed last week in a half marathon. he made history by becoming the youngest competitor in the race. now he is focused on his next journey finding a family and permanent home. >> 6:56 for many athletes reaching the olympic games is a dream of a lifetime. one local athlete in south jersey will be rio representing the u.s.a. jeff skeverski shares his story. >> i was not always the top athlete in the country. >> reporter: look at him, now, joe malloy will not only represent his country, but south jersey in the olympic games in rio, as one of the top athletes
6:57 am
in the country. >> my dream was to represent my country and family and friend and school. >> reporter: malloy's journey started 6 years ago when he quit his job as swimming coach at boston college when he moved to philadelphia and chase his dream, the olympics. >> i work hard. i put my head to the stone and go for it. >> reporter: he will go for it, he is one of only three american males to compete in the olympic triathlon. an american male has never won this event but malloy is determined to become the first american. >> i'm not one of the fastest runner or biker, i think i can outlast all the other guys, the you triathlon is an endurance event. it's about to is the last to
6:58 am
quit. >> reporter: jeff skeverski channel 6 "action news." >> a great story. >> reporter: it is father's day and if you're still looking for something for dear old dad. how about some freebies. the academy of natural sciences at drexel university is offering free admission and dads can get a cup of frozen yogurt at tcyb. that's on me. >> there's more stories straight ahead. visual art meets the ballet. we'll take a look at new works from a local ballet company. why a popular candy may no longer be found in your favorite shakes at fast-food restaurants. plus, meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we'll be right back
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been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready.
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the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ 7:00 a.m., sunday, june 19. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news" searching for a survivor, rescue crews search the delaware river after a car plunges in the water. we're learning about the living conditions inside a bucks county home where a dozen girls had to be rescued. runners gearing up for


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