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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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floor to stage a sit-in. the house session was then recessed by paul ryan, and they say they will continue to protest until the republican leadership permits a vote on gun control, they are still at it at this hour. live in the satellite center tonight "action news" reporter, christie aleto this comes four days after any of four gun control bills failed to pass in the senate. >> reporter: that is right and republicans call this a publicity stunt but democrats are not budging and are prepared to protest as long as necessary. >> rise up democrats and rise up americans. >> strong words and a strong stance by house democrats today. dozens took to the floor to stage a sit-in that the republican held household a vote on a gun control measure. congressman, john lewis organized the day's demonstration. now is the time to get in the
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way. >> the time to act is now. >> we will be silent no more. >> moment at the sit-in began house speaker, paul ryan declared a re says and that means audio and cameras were shut off. >> i don't know what they are afraid of, it's ridiculous, how many people are going to get killed and they will do another moment of silence, why do they need automatic weapons and multiple clips? >> new jersey congressman, donald nor cross posted this photo with his colleagues and corey booker used the hashtag, hole the floor. >> and on periscope senator elizabeth warren is seen sitting with house colleagues while hundreds tune in to the live
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stream. >> democrats are prepared to say in d.c. well into next week, reporting live christie aleto, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. world news tonight with david muir have have more on the gun protest at 6:30, that is next after "action news." delaware lawmakers close what they are calling a dangerous loophole, federal regulations allowed them to complete a transaction even after the instant background check is not processed. they gave final approval giving $25 for the background check, it pass without a single republican vote for it and governor jack markell signed the bill into law in dover. we continue to follow a developing story from burlington county. chopper 6 hd is over a brush fire in browns mills that has people evacuated the area.
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crews were called to this area on pemberton browns mills road this afternoon. you can see how intense the flames were lake shore mobile homes and several other houses in the area are evacuated. we have a crew headed to the scene at this hour. and look for updates at and our facebook page and of course twitter. in cape may county the cleanup job begins in the wake of yesterday's storm. wildwood and north wildwood sustained significant damage as did lower and middle townships. and trees were toppled in neighborhoods throughout the county, utility crews are working hard to restore power to thousands, 5,000 customers are still out. gray hall is live at the public works building in wildwood. good afternoon gray, good evening. >> hi jim, the national weather service says this is no tornado and many people said it sure felt like one.
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take a look jim you'll see the intensity and strength as the roof ripped off the building to the public works building. severe weather left its mark on cape may county. crews spent the day cleaning up and assessing the damage. >> forever, it felt like a very long time. >> it was like i never saw wind blow that hard that long. >> wildwood mayor says the intense wind and rain lasts about 25 minutes, strong wind called a micro burst is responsible for the damage, probably the most frightening scene was here in wildwood at the public works building. the wind ripped off the roof like it was a child's lego piece. >> it lifted the roof and spun is 90 degrees and laid it down. the heating units are still on
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it. >> it uproot said trees like they were twigs. the system had them scrambling for cover. >> i was wonder if there would be a tornado or not and it was scary and i could hear the winds. >> we were underneath the dining room table because the wind was so bad. >> it was no match for mother natures fury and much of it was blown to the groubd. >> the second and third floor. >> nicholas and his family are vacationing across the street and is still in shock about how powerful the wind was. >> pretty violent i got hit with a plastic chair while sitting at my friend's house. >> back out live as you can see a lot of cleanup underway for cape may county and the good news in all of this, no lives lost or serious injuries reported at the height of this storm. some 39,000 customers were out power at last check and less
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than 4,000 customers were waiting for their power to bee restored. >> thank you gray. more storms are expected to hit the area tomorrow. we ask you to visit for the latest updates and there you can view an hour by hour forecast and stormtracker 6 live double scan radar and be sure to follow our team of meteorologists. who put that in there? on facebook and twitter. fire engulfed an apartment building at 76 east logan it took an hour and a half for views to get control of the blaze and fortunately nobody was hurt and there is no word yet what sparked the fire. a family from chester is safe tonight. thanks to an alert 7-year-old and an assist from firefighters, a fire broke out at yarnell
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street at 2:30 this morning. the girl ser inity awoke her parents. they made it to the fire escape and were rescued by firefighters. the red cross is helping four families displaced. and the teen admitting to setting a fire at school is spending 52 weeks at a juvenile detention center. he was remorseful and apologized this morning in court. the damage to the school is estimated at $800,000. the teenager is ordered to pay $10,000 restitution the amount of the school's insurance policy deductible. police in voorhees want you to know that someone is handing out phoney parking tickets. new jersey correspondent, nora muchanic has that story. >> it's annoying when you get a real parking ticket, that is really annoying.
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that is what happened to a resident at the club of main street in voorhees, a nurse practitioner says she found this fake ticket on her car last weekend after she parked in front of the dumpsters by her apartment. >> i am on call overnight and i can't park far away. >> voorhees police went on social media to warn residents about the phoney ticket zbrz it's fictitious and not from our department or our township. and it's under investigation as to created the ticket. >> whoever made the fake ticket could face criminal charges, he doubts it's a scam to get money because it directs the receiver to call the real police department phone number. >> sometimes it's crowded and you have to park on the street but nobody ever gave out ticketed. >> these are what real tickets look like. the club is the only place the fake ticket appeared but if you
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get one on your car they want to know about it. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> still to come on "action news" tonight, it is moving day for the democratic national committee. we'll have an update on progress ahead of next month's convention in philadelphia and we go live to new york, jeff skversky with a preview of tomorrow's nba draft. a beautiful day in the lehigh and delaware valleys, more severe weather firing up in chicago and parts of the delaware valley and could clip parts of our area. >> those stories and more. selfies are cool.
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we are getting closer to the democratic national convention, the last week of july in philadelphia. today marked a milestone, the staff of the democratic national committee officially moved into the wells fargo center and "action news" reporter john rawlins has the story. >> staffers checked in to temporary quarters, construction started a month ago outside of huge tent like structures that house the press are coming together and they are reconfigure youring for tv at the time yorks and 3500 seats have been removed where there was bear concrete the set team will create a stage. and still to come behind the scenes, caucus rooms and offices and spaces designed to secret service specks. >> to house anyone from six protectees perhaps more.
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>> could this be done in a little over a month. >> we are ready to go and we start to execute right away, we are on time on task and budget and maybe a little earlier. >> the dnc is trying to get a-list entertainers to appear including the star and cast of hamilton. the ceo responded. >> without getting in specifics of our program which i'm not going to do. this venue has hosted a power packed lineup of entertainers of the years. >> june 1 it was reported that the host committee was $10 million shy of fundraising. asked about that? they did a press conference and kevin washal said they would meet the goal and it's not impacting us here. >> no concerns about money or the timetable with 33 days left, as they say around here they are on time and on task and on
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budget. at the wells fargo center john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." this is graduation day for students at park city high school. graduating seniors walked down the center aisle in german town to receive their diplomas, the young ladies were in white and the men were in red. proud family members looked on and took lots of pictures. it's a view like nob other in philadelphia. tonight two women will enjoy it in style. rachel crawl and her sister will spend the night at this new luxury pop-up hotel room at the 1 liberty observation deck. crawl's name was chosen from 33 thousand entries.
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what about 25 hours? until we will know.
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but we pretty much know now. >> unless they throw us a curveball. but it should be ben simmons and the sixers will likely draft simmons first overall. at most they will wheel and deal for more than that top pick. the nba draft will end up being a great night for the sixers organization. jeff skversky is live with more in new york city. >> reporter: ducis ben simmons says today that the sixers have not told him whether or not they will pick him number one overall in the nba draft. whether you believe him or not. even simmons admits he would be surprise if the sixers do not take him. expect it to be simmons number one overall. here is simmons talking about becoming a number one overall draft pick. the lsu forward worked out for the sixers yesterday and the only team he has done that for
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after putting on a sixer's jersey the 19-year-old can envision a future playing with nerlins noel. >> once coming together i had a good feeling working out there and good vibes and i'm looking forward to it. it felt good to have an actual jersey on, the last time i played was three months ago, and it felt good. >> did it feel like home, did you feel like that is home for you? >> it felt pretty good. pretty good. >> brandon ingram will go number two and is not slighted if he goes number two overall. >> i always had a dream to make it to the nba and i didn't know if would come this fast and i never knew i would be credited
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as a number one or number two top pick but just to get drafted i'm just happy about that, being a number one or number two pick it doesn't matter to me. >> sixers are not making a mistake if they take simmons? >> it's all about preference. >> right now the sixers preference to have everybody, they have three total first round picks, one, 24 and 26 and it's no secret they are trying to move parts. we'll see if it works out. jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the sixers are still studying players they can snag in the later part of the draft and that includes quentin dekeysy, the former templestantout had a workout this morning. he was a three year starter with the owls and he describes what he has to offer. >> my versatility, i can shoot and hit other players and
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defensively, i can switch one through three and one through four, i'm just a versatile player. >> the knicks are reshaping their roster, they inquired rose from the bulls. >> at some point the losing has to end right. the phillies face the twins again. aaron morgan is on the mound and nola lasted just three innings and gave up eight runs and the losing streak stands at 8 and the nhl awarded las vegas a franchise. >> thank you ducis. the team that brought a lot of pride to the philadelphia area earlier this year has another feather in its cap today. the villanova wildcats mens basketball team was awarded the 2016 john wanamaker award. they accepted the award at the
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crystal tea room and mayor jim kenney on hand today and jenkins the player of course that sank the three point buser beater
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. today was a splashing success at the max myers rec center in northeast philadelphia. the city's annual pool season kicked off today and dozens of youngsters took the traditional first dip and mayor jim kenney was on hand to welcome everyone. he resisted the temptation and over the next few days 70 pools will open in the city of philadelphia. we could have unsettled weather
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come tomorrow but hopefully nothing like yesterday? >> it shouldn't be as bad as yesterday. we had the bad weather yesterday and sunshine today and more unsettled weather tomorrow in parts of the area. some cumulous clouds kind of dotting themselves around the area. and severe weather concerns for tomorrow, mainly southern delaware and southern new jersey much like the area yesterday and the core of the severe weather developing in the ohio valley could be further south of this, something we continue to monitor, as we get closer to thursday the models keep pushing the system farther and farther south that is good news. a wide range of rainfall for tomorrow, there may be a few drops of rain north of philadelphia and reading and allentown and trenton and close to a .10 inch in philadelphia and the farther south you are the better bet you are of seeing
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heavier downpours and gusty winds. it's presently 85 in philadelphia and allentown and trenton and the shore with the westerly wind and at times northwesterly equally as warm at the shore and 83 degrees, and you felt the winds through much of the day, and it's warm if not dry, hot wind from the westerly direction and 18 miles per hour in philadelphia and 14 in millville and 14 in wilmington and 10 miles in the mountains. as we look at satellite, a few ribbon of low cumulous clouds, any of the wet weather is to the virginias and carolinas, but what is happening now is storms are beginning to fire up near chicago and cincinnati. and this could be a tornado watch issues shortly in the ohio valley. you can see the direction of this moving to the south and west and that is the way it should remain. the storm prediction center looks at the country and rates
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what type of severe weather is expected. a moderate chance of rain through the overnight hours and it trails off and sinks to the south here as we go you the jeefr night hours. it's cloudy and the air is still relatively dry and you can see not much happening north tonight and most of the it is to the south and in the morning hours and as we get into the afternoon it's rather cloudy and could be spotty showers or a downpour around, but if anything was to occur it will be if the first part of your thursday. most instability is to the south and severe weather threat in delaware and new jersey and the biggest concern is strong winds as the storms pass through and some areas will only see a couple of showers north of the city on thursday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast again the improvement tomorrow afternoon of 80 degrees, and then setting up for a sunny streak into the
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weekend and 85 on friday, climbing to 90 on friday and staying hot on monday and it's a dry heat but not as humid into the weekend and warm with a stray pop-up storm tuesday and wednesday afternoon as we back off into the 80s. you don't want severe weather but at least for our weather it looks like it should sink far to the south. >> adam thank you. abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rogers. then please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, adam joseph, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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at this hour, millions now bracing for major storms. from the midwest to the east, tornadoes tearing through neighborhoods, rooftops ripped away already. time lapse video shows this supercell. flash floods rushing into the subway. and now, tonight, 67 million at risk from minneapolis to the east coast. and the wildfires this evening. our team right there on the front lines amid fears heavy winds will whip up the fires again. also breaking, the dramatic and very rare sit-in on capitol hill at this hour. a civil rights icon leading lawmakers, demanding action on guns. several hours in and counting. donald trump takes aim. >> she's a world class liar. >> and after our one-on-one with donald trump, who weighed in on hillary clinton's faith and religion, what clinton has to say about that tonight.


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