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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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chaotic moments in washington. and a filed wire burns hundreds of acres in burlington county next. "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. the rebellion continues on capitol hill. it's been going on since 11:18 this morning. democrats staging a sit-in on
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the floor of the house demanding a vote on gun control. and the democrats accuse them of political cowardess, the republicans say it is a publicity stunt. because it was suspended when the democrats began the sit-in the tv cameras were shutdown and this is a live image on parascope. relying that and social media to see what is happening in the chamber. it erupted in protest when ryan appeared an hour ago to look at a bill with financial advisors giving good advice, not exactly what the democrats had in mind.
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"action news" reporter christie ileto is keeping track of the situation from the satellite center. what's the latest? >> after this unrelated vote, the house went back into recess, but that didn't stop the democrats from continuing their chants "no bill, no break." the democrats' chant drowned out paul ryan and republicans as they returned to finish house business. surpassing 12 hours of a staged sit-in the democrats continued their fight on a vote on gun control measures before the week-long recess. the push for background checks on blocks for gun purchases for those already on the terror watch list took center stage on social media after house republicans declared a recess early on forcing the cameras to go dark. >> the people watching the screaming are in the majority and you can help us win this battle, america. >> and john lewis led the charge. >> we have been patient. we've waited too long, been
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silent too long, and we will continue to engage in peaceful, nonviolent. >> this is just a publicity stunt. and two it has been already voted down in the senate. and brady argued this is common-sense legislation. he spoke to "action news" by phone. >> i don't know what they are afraid of. it is ridiculous, how many people will get killed? we can't get it on the floor to vote. if they vote it down, fine. but get a vote on it. >> and it went viral. and norcross mosted this. and the democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders came to the well to rally his support. and on instagram the commander in chief posted this video to americans. >> we need our kids to hear us speak up about the risks that
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guns pose to our community, and the status quo that doesn't make sense. >> the republicans in a committee meeting and could return to the floor one more time tonight. reporting live, christie ileto channel 6 "action news." >> christie, thank you. convicted congressman chaka fattah offered a letter of resignation, but an effective date on the letter says october 3, wrun -- one day before scheduled to be sentenced. and he was convicted yesterday and he can no longer vote, but doesn't have to resign until he is sentenced, october 4. but house speaker paul ryan called on fattah to resign immediately. a 52-year-old road rage suspect accused of punching an off-duty officer in her face tonight in northeast philadelphia. the cop says an altercation happened at 6:30 when they both pulled over and had words. >> she was involved until a road
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remaining dispute with this male. they both executed their vehicle and were talking, and that's when, according to this off-duty officer, that the 52-year-old male punched her in the face. she about have a bruise on her face. >> investigators say that the man then jumped back into his car and the off-duty officer chased after him while calling philadelphia 911. they all caught up with the suspect on the 2800 block of willet street and he was taken into custody. the firefighters battle a range fire in burlington county expanding to 215 acres tonight. the authorities ordered a number of homeowners to evacuate and they are paying close attention at mdl. live in pemberton is "action news" reporter dann cuellar. what is the current situation? what is the threat level of the blaze? >> very little right now, jim, because the winds have died down and there is high humidity,
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which the officials say is good for them. so all the factors are working in their favor. the fire is contained to 215 acres on the joint base as we speak right now. sunset over pemberton, new jersey and firefighters still battling the wildfire at a training range on the grounds of the joint base mcguire-dix-lakehurst. >> there is a range that the troops use for training. >> was there training going on at the time? >> that's unclear at this time. >> using a 300-gallon bucket to scoop water from nearby mirror lake going back and forth to the scene. and also using bulldozers to draw a containment line to keep the wildfire from spreading. and residents of the trailer park started evacuating. >> so far they are volunteer. some carried things to vehicles to get ready to move just in
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case. >> you can't bring everything. >> and saying her family's house burned down when she was 9 years old, she doesn't take chances with a fire a mile away. >> just several hundred yards off the back. >> what do you do? >> pack and get ready to go. the animal stuff and a couple of days of stuff in my car and ready to go. >> others keeping a nervous eye on things. >> i'm going to keep an eye on everything because it's so smoky i am a little scared right now. >> now the authorities urge them to stay alert. >> get the windows closed. if you have a respiratory problem, don't go outside. >> the scene from chopper 6 hd live, still unclear how the fire started. firefighters will be working through the night. they were successful in digging out a perimeter aren't the fire.
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the humidity is high and winds low, helpful factors in keeping the wildfire in check. live in pemberton, new jersey, squa dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." and we do not expect anything like yesterday, but weather could be unsettled and some areas can get significant activity. the latest from accuweather and cecily tynan at the big board. >> hopefully we don't get another microburst like in cape may county. lots of wind dangerous. seeing worse than that in the midwest. tornado watches from west of chicago through south of columbus. about a dozen of reports of tornadoes. and dewpoints in indianapolis mid 70s. that is very humid air. we have spinning winds and the system fortunately will not make a direct hit for our region.
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but it is a little too close for comfort. at 2:00 tomorrow morning, you can see it south of cleveland. and this entire system will really be diving down to the south. it looks like it will be focused over baltimore by late tomorrow morning. but it could just brush our southern areas, really the same areas that got the severe weather yesterday. so this is what to expect tomorrow. all of the activity really centered on the morning into the mid-day between about 7:00 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon. just brushing our area, mainly the southern zones. if you live in the northwest suburbs you likely won't get rain. you actually need the rain. and severe storms again to the south and details on what it means and what to expect in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. homeowners and workers in parts of the jersey shore spent the day cleaning up after yesterday's storms. wildwood and north wildwood sustained significant damage as we have shown you, as did lower
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and middle townships. for some the damage limited to branches, maybe trees, too. more others it will be a long time before things are back to normal. the winds ripped the roof off the public works building. >> it lifted the whole thing and spun it 90 degrees and laid it down. the lights still on it and heater units on it. >> and this home was under construction. it was three stories tall yesterday morning. by last night, one story tall. lawmakers bidding on a gambling expansion to balance the budget. in a vote the house backed a plan to authorize slot machines at airports, online casino-style gambling and other sports betting. and a final vote can come as soon as tomorrow, but no guarantee it will pass the senate or that it will be accepted by governor wolf. the budget deadline is in a week
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and a half. a local eagle scout accomplished a feat that few scouts ever have. shaun allen has earned all 140 mer merit badges that the boy scouts of america have to offer. he was presented with the final one at troupe 129 in pottstown. and only need 21 to earn an eagle scout, but shaun has gone above and beyond, learning all kinds of things that he never thought he would, such as animation and even playing the eage bugle. >> it is a lot of work, but it helped me test out a lot of things and fully see what i like, what i don't like, as well as kind of things i am probably never going to do again. >> shaun earned so many badges he had to modify his s afshatch
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making it longer so it would fit. and they have only done this three times in the past 50 years. the latest on a rescue mission at the south pole. after rain and thunderstorms in part of our region early tomorrow, tracking the return of really hot weather. all of the details coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> and betting on pro hockey in vegas, and a preview of the sixers' number one pick tomorrow that and more when "action news" continues.
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>> a high-risk mission to rescue two sick workers from a south pole research facility is being called a success. after two days of flying, a plane landed at the remote research station to evacuate the crew members. the temperature at the time, 75 degrees below zero. this time of year the region is in complete darkness, virtually 24 hours a day. the mission, just the third of its kind in 60 years. ♪
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hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency. >> well that set the tone for donald trump's blistering attack against hillary clinton today, on her record and character. two days after firing his campaign manager, trump is trying to reset his campaign with a more disciplined speech that stayed on point, and that point today, to take on his opponent. >> she believes she's entitled to the office. her campaign slogan is i'm with her. you know what my response is to that? i'm with you, the american people. hillary clinton's try-out for the presidency has produced one deadly foreign policy disaster after another. >> several hours later clinton spoke to a rally in north carolina answering a few of trump's charges and detailing
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her economic plan and philosophy. referring to trump's speech saying he is going after her personally because he has no answers on the substance. the last-minute campaigning in britain sin -- is intense. they will divide to legal the european union or decide to stay. and the two sides are almost dead-even. and leaders of the movement says it is time britain break away from what they call a dysfunctional european union. and others say the european economy is recovering and the largest single market in the world. a fundraiser held tonight to raise money for those injured in the orlando massacre. a tradition of supporting the performing arts in the lgbt community, and tonight helping the medical costs of orlando
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victims. and the oldest latino non-profit organization has a new executive director. it held an welcoming reception for him tonight. he is a north philadelphia native and says that growing up in the city has helped him understand the history and needs of philadelphia's latino community. philadelphia mayor jim kenney spoke to a group in old city tonight to help raise money for ardella's house. and it helps woman with criminal history find work and rebuild their families. in the process of refurbishing a house to be a home base for women recently released from prison. and the class of constitution high school with the commencement ceremony at the appropriate site, the national constitution center. the founding fathers and mothers looked on with pride as their
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sons and daughters received their diplomas. and break underway for the children as they left the school this afternoon. it let out at 2:00 while the rest of the elementary schools dismissed at 3:00. call this purchase timing since the city pools just started opening up to give the kids somewhere to go this customer. mayor jim kenney onhand to welcome the youngsters taking the traditional first dip at the center in northeast philadelphia. 70 pools and water parks open between now and july 1. over the course of the next few days it is going to be hot enough so those pools willful. it it is getting to 90 degrees, so it will be hot. and a pretty comfortable night. no rain falling from the sky, and this evening, what a sunset
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this is a great drone picture captured by ray from pennsylvania. showing just enough cumulus clouds to add dimension as the sun was setting after 8:30 tonight. temperatures generally in the 70s. philadelphia 78 down from 87, 2 degrees above normal. the low humidity, it felt pretty nice. allentown 71, trenton 74. the airport 74 and at slight 6 and action radar showing we are pretty clear right now, but clouds are building across ohio. and we have a pretty active severe weather situation across the midwest. all of the red boxes, lining up and expanding south and east from ohio. those are tornado watches. already a report of about a dozen tornadoes. this is diving south and east.
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the good news, where it shows the risk of severe weather, the bulk of this will be missing us to the south. but it is too close for comfort. futuretracker showing 8:00 tomorrow morning, the clouds are here, some showers developing out to the west. and then as we head around 11:00, this is when the situation really starts to fire up near baltimore with the threat of severe thunderstorms. and then the pretty active thunderstorms will be clipping across the coast by about 2:00 in the afternoon. after that, it looks like we'll have mainly cloudy skies as we head into the evening hours. so really the main threat with this will be between about 7:00 in the morning and 2:00 in the afternoon. and location is key. most of the instability will be south of philadelphia. so that severe weather threat, delaware and south jersey the same locations getting severe thunderstorms yesterday. and like yesterday, strong winds will be the main concern with this. and we found out it doesn't take a tornado to cause a lot of
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dama damage. the microburst winds can cause a lot of damage. and watching that to the south. north of philadelphia you may not see a drop of rain tomorrow morning. height 80 degrees, out of here friday. and heading to the weekend the summer warm account back on saturday, 87 degrees and you may want to find the pool on sunday, high of 90. and touching 90 on monday and a little unsettled tuesday and wednesday as the slow-moving cold front heads our way. both days can get a pop-up thunderstorm temperatures in the mid to upper 80s, and david murphy tracking the showers and thunderstorms as they head our way on "action news" beginning at 4:30 tomorrow morning. again, it is all about location. social media buzzing over the sighting of a black bear in new jersey because this is smarter than your average bear. it walks upright on two legs. the bear first caught on video
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last october. joey espozito posted new video ever pedals spotted this week. and they believe the bipedal walk is an adaptation probably because of an injury to the front paws. and at her well-deserved tomorrow in the spotlight, the star of the stand up for students comedy show in university city. it raises money for students who are in need of emergency financial assistance. ♪
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unless the sixers are pulling off the biggest fake-out in the history of the draft, ben simmons will be -- well, he has to sign a contract, but he will be a sixer tomorrow night. >> he will be very surprised if he's not taken by the sixers tomorrow a few weeks ago a big debate, ben simmons or duke's ingram. the sixer will put it to rest tomorrow in the draft. >> ben simmons has been dreaming about playing in the nba since he was only 4 or 5 years old. in fact he wrote down the dream when he was a kid on a piece of paper. he still has the piece of paper and the dream, and it will become a reality tomorrow when the sixers are expected to make him the number one overall pick. >> i do want to be the number one pick and they have a chance to pick me. >> ben simmons said he would be surprised if he wasn't picked
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number one overall by the sixers. he is not quite sure what his emotions will be like thursday night when thinks name is called. >> this is my job now, you know, so i am not really nervous. excited, anxious a little bit. honestly wouldn't know until i get my name called. >> and simmons is not expected to fall past the sixers. and after wearing their jersey he envisions a bright future. >> i had a good feeling when i was working out there. a lot of good vibes. it felt good to it have an actual jersey on. the last time i played was three months ago. to have that on felt good. >> did it feel like home when were you at the sixers? >> it felt pretty good. >> simmons says he feels more comfortable with the sixers than any other team because he has known the head coach brown since he was born. his dad played for brown when he coached in australia. at the nba draft in new york, jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." to baseball now. the free-falling phillies in
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minnesota tonight, and the losing streak stands at eight games. rain delay at the start of this one, that doesn't affect blanco. the fifth inning the single and missed-played ball. and the phills eventually lead 5-2. the bottom of the fifth inning, unfortunately returning the favor in right. and escobar credited with a 2-run triple. right now we are tied at 5-5 in the seventh inning. with the start going well. and he says that he feels good. and he is working his way back from a bicep injury. still ahead, the nhl expanding. plus, one union player gets hot against the chicago fire. okay, ready?
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the nhl has awarded las vegas a new franchise. it comes with a $500 million fee. the team will begin play in the 2017-2018 season of the franchise doesn't have a name yet. my vote goes to the las vegas blackjacks. >> you like that? >> yeah. the wild one between the union and the fire. in chester roland alberg with the hat trick. and the villanova team presented with an award and the head coach wright and others accepted the honor.
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>> thank you. tonight, a celebration of the best the city has to offer tonight at the free library of philadelphia. the winners of the readers awards. they chose some favorite places including entertainment, food, fitness and shopping. and nydia han was on hand to help honor some of the winners tonight. as always, the best. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by night light. and "action news" continues at 4:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night.
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight bill hader, from "lady dynamite", maria bamford, and music from dnce, and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] >> jimmy:ing thank you very much. thanks for watching. thanks for coming out to see us. welcome for those of you who are


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