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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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penn presbyterian to the applause and cheers of other police officers who had come to show their support. a procession from west philadelphia to folcroft passed up lined fire trucks and police cars and finally dorm plan arrived at the folcroft fire company where he was hailed as a hero. that's where "action news" reporter clad pradelli is live tonight and chad, what was it like there today? >> reporter:. >> reporter: jim, officer dorman grew up in folcroft was a volunteer firefighter here at the folcroft fire department as a teenager so he's well known. the community came in force to welcome him home. officer chris dorman received a hero's welcome at the folcroft fire department. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: dozens gathered.
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>> i would like to say thank you to everybody. everybody supported me throughout i appreciate it. >> reporter: authorities say dante island ambushed dorman friday morning as the 25-year-old was responding to a call of drug activity on the 1500 block of elmwood. dorman was shot seven times in the face, groin, chest and leg. here is how he explains how he survived. >> i'm lucky. >> i'm shot in the face. i'm shot in the face. [gunfire] >> shots fired, shots fired. >> i'm shot, i'm shot, i'm shot. >> reporter: his parents describe the heartache of hearing their son's dispatch call and seeing him unconscious in the hospital. >> i listened to the radio dispatch which i wish i hadn't done. it was the most horrifying thing i ever heard in my life. >> squeezed his hands told him i loved him and his eyes fluttered. i believe he heard me. >> reporter: dorman didn't wander to talk about details of the shooting but says he's ready to get back on the job.
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>> it's his heart. it's his life. >> reporter: more surgeries lie ahead for dorman but his father tells me he's expected to make a full recovery. i'm live in folcroft, clad chad pradelli. >> just as dorman was being hit with a hail of bullets friday and just as he was calling frantically for help part of the delaware county radio dispatch system went down. and dispatchers couldn't hear him at the time. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live at the county communications center in lima. john, you've got the details. >> reporter: jim, if this were an aviation incident we would call this a here in miss. while there's still plenty of questions it appears this was a computer glitch that involves a single console part of a much larger new dispatch system. >> that we were receiving back from our 911 personnel is that the computer basically went down. >> reporter: according to a time line at 9:56:12 there was
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a call in lima sometime in the next two minutes, 32 seconds that console shut down without alerting its dispatcher mario. >> there was no indication whatsoever. he didn't realized that that console that was rebooting it itself, it didn't indicate it, there was no light no, signal, no audible, nothing. >> reporter: at 9:58/44 folcroft officers including christopher dorman arrived on scene. but for minutes their radio calls including shots fire, officer down were not heard at the 911 center. only after reports came in from another police sector did staffers understand. though the 911 staff could not hear folcroft, officers on the scene could. >> at no time did it prohibit the officers from talking to one another. so they were still able to talk to one another, they were able to get the officer out of there. >> reporter: the new system replaced these older units only about six weeks ago,
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price tag about $800,000. an independent investigation lab ordered into friday's shut down. >> we need to have answers. this cannot happen again. >> reporter: there was a meeting this morning between the fop police chiefs and the county. another issue came up over the weekend in the darby borough area where hand held radios were not able to be used by police there. this has happened before in this region apparently has to do with atmospheric issues and a television station in boston that apparently has a frequency that can interfere with police bands up and down the east coast at times. they're working on a solution. they emphasize this is not part of the computer glitch that happened friday morning. >> our extended coverage of officer dorman's release continues on we have slide shows and videos of his hero's homecoming and
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you can go to our facebook page for more video and to share your reactions about his story of survival. police have arrested a montgomery county elementary school employee for allegedly having sexual contact with a student. marcus forte faces felony sexual assault charges tonight. police say that he met a 13-year-old victim when he worked in the i.t. department at gwynedd merls see academy. the alleged incidents took place in his school office and the girl's home in upper gwynedd township. forte is in jail on $500,000 bail. a man is dead tonight after a freak accident at a car wash in the bustleton section of philadelphia. it happened at the crews and clean car wash on krewstown road just before noon today. police say a 22-year-old employee was accidentally hit by a car while wiping the back window of another vehicle. and then he was hit by a second car that was driving
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away. the employee died at the scene. officials have not released his name. police and osha are on the case. philadelphia police are still in the process of charging 40-year-old paul kuzan. he is the man who allegedly killed his wife of nine days with a hunting cross bow last night in their northeast philadelphia home. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist is live at police headquarters tonight. sarah, what's the latest on this from police? >> reporter: well, jim, 40-year-old paul kuzan is being held here at police headquarters in the homicide division. police tell "action news" that he has given a full confession to murdering his wife, his new wife with a cross bow. we're told this is a weapon that might typically be used to hunter bears. as we've said the couple had been married for just nine days. >> i just heard banging on the door and my son screaming, you know, and someone saying help. >> reporter: margie maldonado and her son opened
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the door finding pamela nightlinger bleeding from the chest. she crumbled to the floor while they called 911 some she was on the floor gasping for air and she just -- it was terrible because, you know, blood poured all over the place. >> reporter: police say moments before nightlinger and her husband of just nine days 40-year-old paul kuzan had been arguing inside their home in the 3100 block of willis road when he went and got his cross bow loaded it and shot her one time, its arrow traveled through her chest. >> through her chest, through the seat she was sitting in and lodged into a wall. she then ran from the house and collapsed at her neighbor's house and he waited for the police's arrival. >> reporter: neighbors said they saw kuzan standing in the doorway nude ranting incoherently. he was taken into police custody without any problems. neighbors say there have been problems recently with police call to the home. >> last week i walked out and twice now it was cops down there. the guy, he's crazy.
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he was completely exposed. >> we thought it was his sister. we know it's his wife came out with a robe and said he didn't take his medication. >> crazy. it's just a sad, sad day. >> reporter: others said kuzan had a troubled past but they knew him to be a good neighbor. >> he has been a firecracker at times but he's been so good to us. >> reporter: the couple each had children from previous relationships. they were not inside the home at the time. nightlinger's family did reach out to "action news" to say that her two girls ages 13 and 16 are grieving the loss of their mother. they are surrounded by the love of family and friends. live at police headquarters, i'm sarah bloomquist, channel6 "action news. jim. >> sarah, thank you. the federal department of transportation is making plans to redesign parts of the vine street expressway in philadelphia. city leaders were joined by u.s. secretary of transportation anthony fox for the announcement today. the highway was initially
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built to connect i-95 to the schuylkill expressway but since the city has grown, it now divides surrounding neighborhoods including chinatown and callowhill. officials want to reconnect those communities and so they will take public input before determining exactly what this redesign is going to look like. the new jersey senate has passed a $34.8 billion budget. it happened today. the democrat led plan is just $300 million more than governor chris christie's proposal. the democrats called for $7.5 million for family planning services and $45 million in tax credits for seniors. the constitution requires a balanced budget by thursday. the assembly is expected to vote later tonight. coming up on "action news tonight, more than a dozen brides are left heading to the altar without the wedding gowns there they have bought. ahead the investigation into a delaware boutique that closed abruptly.
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and reaction tonight as former flyer eric lindros is flamed to the hockey hall of game. >> 24 hours as a front stalls over the region brings tropical humidity and brief heavy downpours. we'll try to time it out for you coming up on future track in accuweather. >> a big win at wimbledon by a tennis player rank 772nd in the world but he won't be for long. that and more when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> delaware attorney general's office is progressing with its investigation into an stash's bride at a slop in talleyville. the store has shut down and more than a dozen brides have been shut out. there is more from "action
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news" reporter jeanette reyes. >> reporter: ask any bride and most will tell you finding the dress is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. many like ashley experienced there unforgettable moment at anastasia's bridal with the owner. >> it was 10 percent if you paid cash and then 15 percent off if you paid in full in cash. >> reporter: she jumped at the better of the two. she paid $1,500 in full. four months out from the big day, she found out other brides who went to the same shop were not receiving their gowns. >> i did call the store. i left a message. sent e-mails to the store's owner. at that point their web site had been disabled so my heart was quickly starting to sync is. >> reporter: this bride just learned of the stunning closing less than an hour ago. the news brought her to tears. she's getting married in less than two months. >> if we paid in cash it was 10 percent off. and now here i am. >> reporter: she started this facebook page called
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anastasia's burned brides. the likes quickly grew. dozens of women with similar stories. but the response was not what she expected. >> a lot of brides have come forward girls who already got married offering their dresses. >> reporter: even though she has the dress. >> we had to pay for the dress again. a dress initially we paid 1500 for we've paid trouble. >> reporter: she realizes in the end she's got something money can't buy. >> try and focus on the fact there i'm marrying my best friend. >> reporter: and we did get a chances to talk to the shop owner's husband. he tells me that they cannot comment because of pending litigation. i asked them if these brides can expect a refund or their dresses. he wasn't able to tell me either way. but if you are affected by this and you want to know what steps you should take moving forward go ahead and visit our web site at reporting in woman ton, i'm jeanette reyes for channel6 "action news. >> and we have breaking news right now in burlington city.
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there has been a crash between a passenger vehicle and a light rail train from new jersey transit the river line of course. one passenger vehicle an light rail train. this happened at broad and wood. now, information we have is that there has been no life-threatening injuries. we do not know the extent of the injuries that happened but no life-threatening injuries. the area has been shut down and will be for an unspecified period of time so police can conduct their investigation. hundreds of local teenagers are getting ready to spend their summer working as interns. work ready philadelphia hosted an orientation today at thomas jefferson university. the program will help teenagers develop a career path by working with local businesses. cathedral kitchen in camden got extra help from members of the 6abc sales department today. they volunteered their time
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>> big news for a former flyers star and here's jaime apody. >> good things come to those who waiter. eric lindros waited a long time but his long wait for the hall of fame is over. it took six years to finally the flyers great will be inducted into the hockey full of fame. he has 865 points and only 760 career games his career cut short due to injuries mainly concussion. the big reason he was a question mark all this time. he was the m.v.p. in 1995. finished in the top 10, 10 times and he'll be inducted in november. >> great feeling a-great honor and i'm super happy. it was six years and it was a bit of time but i guess you can turn around and say that i'm in the hall forever. >> when eric played with us he was clearly one of the most dominant players in the league at the time and probably one of the most dominant ever for
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that -- for that period of advertisement he was -- he was a terrific player. >> joining lindros in the haul former flyers coach pat quinn who led the flyers to a 35 game unbeaten streak in 1979. he will be inducted posthumously. he died in 2014. down and out in the desert. let's hope not. the phillies and d-backs coming off walk off losses battle it out tonight out west. vince velasquez gets the start his first since being i hackie reactivated. play under way at wimbledon. women's side venus williams advanced and for the men two time defending champ novak djokovic was the winning as well as roger federer. marcus willis haven't heard of him? that's understandable. the british tennis player is ranked 772nd in the world.
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today beat 54th rank player in straight seven. one of the biggest upsets in history. willis is planning to quit the sport move here to philadelphia to take a coaching job but then he met a girl who convinced him to stay and give tennis one last shot. >> what it was, i was a loser. i didn't want to be it anymor anymore. get off my back and start working. >> i was very intrigued about his story. i think it's exactly what our sports and sport needs sometime, these stories where the guys come from nowhere. >> well, if you can knock offer federer that would be somethingly. >> we'll see about that. >> maybe that philly job is still waiting for him. >> children's advocates honored today for their efforts. the department of human services held the 17th annual children's crusader awards at philadelphia city hall this morning. the ceremony highlighted dls workers and community members who embrace the safety and well being of children.
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>> week ahead from accuweather. adam joseph. >> starts off a little unsettled. we smooth things out as we get into the end of the week and upcoming holiday weekend as well as we look at next weekend already, we just left one. storm tracker6 live double scan we have some much needed rain moving into the northwestern suburbs. it's not a lot of rain or heavy rain but at least it is watering some of the lawns and the guard in most of the pennsylvania counties here. a heavier batch in central and northern parts of montgomery county heading towards lansdale, the northeast extension, the blue route, the conshohocken curve around the schuylkill expressway right now getting a little on the damp side. a lot of it is falling apart,
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no lightning strikes, no thunderstorms. but this is just a front that's beginning to push in from the north and west that will stall over the region as we get into the lat parter of tonight and your tuesday. where it has been raining through much of the last hour or two, temperatures are in the 70's for allentown, reading as well as wilmington and lancaster. still 83 and dry in philadelphia. and cooler in new jersey because of a wind coming in off the water all day so that is sea breeze effect with an ocean temperature of 71. boundary pushing in right now. we'll put on the brakes for the next 24 to 36 hours until high pressure come from the west to kick this away and what it means is we are unsettled so there will be an isolated shower or even a quick thunderstorm late tonight in a few locations. otherwise it's warm and humid, 67 to 70. in fact the humidity truly spikes tonight and tomorrow to the oppressive level feeling very tropical out there and will help ignite some of the pop-up storms really at any time. 6 o'clock tomorrow morning it
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is cloudy across much of the area and again you see a downpour or thunderstorm here or there. as we get into the lunchtime also hour also seeing some of those scattered storms south of philadelphia. then in the afternoon, you can see it becomes a little more numerous once a little bit of sun break out during the middle part of the day. and northwest of philadelphia, north of the pennsylvania turnpike, there's a slight chance of some of these storms will turn strong with very torrential rain, some gusty winds especially towards the lehigh valley and the poconos. again, not everyone getting hit. it's not a washout tomorrow but as that front continues to slowly progress through painfully here, 10 o'clock tomorrow night we're still dealing with possibly a line of some gusty thunderstorms and again very heavy rainfall. so, as we take a look at how it's going to feel when you step out, very humid with dewpoints near 70 during the day tomorrow but after that front moves away, those dewpoints drop into the 50's for the most part going right into the holiday weekend, so very dry air moving in which
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means it will be comfortable and also that sunshine looks to dominate that second half of the seven day. so, down the shore tomorrow not the best of days to be on the sand, warm and humid, a lot of clouds and a spotty storm, 77 with moderate risk for rip current and a water temperature of 71. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast unsettled at times tomorrow, 84 degrees. then that dropping humidity on wednesday and beyond. wednesday itself sun and clouds, maybe a leftover spitting shower here or there but by thursday, friday, it is beautiful. sun and clouds, warm, uner 80's. humidity stays in check here as we go into the holiday weekend and right now every day looks to be pretty decent with temperatures in the upper 80's. there will be a southern system that may try to clip southern delaware, new jersey, saturday night into sunday morning but at this part we'll just kind of keep it dry and that system -- hope that system continues to slide to our south. >> can you believe it's almost july 4. >> which means.
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>> summer is almost over. >> go figure. >> more than 200 deserving kids enjoyed seeing the different animals including the bears and the zebras. the kids also got their faces painted, always a favorite. looks a little lion kingish there descent. part of the annual pal day at the zoo. peco has been sponsoring this event for the last 14 years. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rodgers then please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel6. for cecily tynan, adam joseph, jaime apody, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim guard intermittent hope you'ljim gardner.hope you'.
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tonight, the supreme court's historic decision. justice joefrs turn the restrictive laws. the most crucial ruling in nearly 25 years, impacting half the country. flood emergency. nearly two dozen dead. the search for victims swept away by rushing waters. thousands of homes and businesses damaged or destroyed, with more rain on the way. market aftershocks. wall street takes a new dive. millions of 401(k)s losing money. more fallout from the uk's stunning vote to leave the european union. trump slum. a new poll shows hillary clinton with a double-digit lead over donald trump. clinton and elizabeth warren joining forces. will she also join the ticket? and, plane on fire. the passenger jet that burst into flames. more than 200 peopl


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