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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  June 28, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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. >> rick williams is off. and here are the stories we are following. we are remembering a fan favorite and football coach in philadelphia. buddy ryan has died. millions of chests and dressers are being recalled by ikea half six children die after being crushed by them. we begin with your accuweather forecast and the chance for more rain. the action cam found people ready for the rain and they have their umbrellas in hand if their storms move through. lets look live now at sky 6 hd showing you the platt bridge, gray skies over there, not bad and feeling sticky today. lets get the latest from accuweather and karen rogers in
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for david. >> when you step outside you feel the humidity. the dew point 70 degrees when you hit over 70 it's oppressive and that is what we have today. and feeling moist. we had misting in the morning. 75 in philadelphia and 77 in allentown and 78 in millville and 76 in atlantic city. feeling warm and sticky, satellite 6 along with action radar showing in the overnight hours, we had rain that moved through the area and the city and got hung up in south jersey where we have the early morning rain during it's early morning commute. we are just starting to see a couple of cells beginning to fire up and a shower or thunderstorm at any point today. the area of concern is where the storm prediction center placed a slight risk for severe weather, that is in allentown, reading and mount pocono, you need to watch out for a storm that could be severe. we are looking for heavy downpours that could be flooding downpours and the potential for damaging winds, that doesn't
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mean everyone will see it. oppressive humidity and a thunderstorm and downpour at any point. with such humidity we can see it pop up. but we are watching for a cluster of them to form than will be late afternoon into the evening hours, we have the possibility of the severe weather north and west. have you to watch for that as you dry home this evening, you could be driving through storms. 4:00 p.m. 82 degrees, sticky and maybe a scattered shower or storm. 5:00, 80 degrees and by 6:00, it's 80 and holding at that. and by 7:00, 79 degrees. we'll get better news in the seven-day forecast in a couple of minutes. >> follow our team of meteorologist, and share pictures of what is happening where you are and check a developing story now out
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of pennsauken, camden county, where one person a man in his 70s was injured when this deck clapped. it happened just over an hour ago at the 8700 block of windham road. it took rescuers a half hour to pull the victim from the debris, there is no word on the extent of his injuries. recuse worker reese main on the scene and we'll have the developments on and later today on "action news." the nfl and eagles fans are mourning the death of former coach, buddy ryan, he was considered a defensive master find and he led the bears and jets to super bowl titles. in a statement eagles owner jeffrey laurie said that ryan forever left a mark on the eagles and his twin sons were successful coaches in the nfl. it was known a few years ago he
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had cancer but his cause of death was not revealed. he was 82 years old we are remembering ryan's legacy at, you can find photos and videos of his unforgettable time here in philadelphia and head to our facebook page to share your memories of the buddy ryan area. it's up to the new jersey senate to decide if the sweeping legislation approved by the state assembly will raise gas prices and cut sales tax across the state. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has more. >> the early morning assembly vote comes before new jersey's budget deadline. if approved you can see a price hike at the pumps. >> it could increase gas prices 23 cents per gallon immediately and cut the sales tax from 6% to
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5% over the year gradually. governor chris christie says having the sales tax cut will put more money in residents pocket. it's estimated the sweeping cuts will cost the state $1.3 billion in revenue and the gas tax will bring the same amount. we checked in with new jersey consumers. >> take two years to go down to 6% does that make a difference to you? >> it does because i shop a lot. i have three children and over time that adds up. >> the gas tax increase goes towards funding transportation ideally building a pod over three years and now it's up to the state senate for the vote. >> it will impact the daily driver, the price of gas has been so low, it's been great. now we are back to a couple of years ago.
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>> when i am in new jersey i get gas here it's cheaper, still it's cheaper than pa but i won't make a trip here to get it. >> will it change your driving habits? >> yes. >> what will you do now? >> take a bike. >> you can see the price hike as soon as july 1st. reporting in pennsauken, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> now to the 2016 race for the white house wrerks just 126 days away from the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. with the politicians and journalists there will be hundreds if not thousands of protesters, a group made their attentions known this morning outside of the office for special events. they want to stage the protests
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during events. reporter john rawlins will have more tonight on "action news" at 5:00. meanwhile, the presumptive presidential nominees are on the campaign trail today. democrat, hillary clinton, is in colorado and california, pushing her ideas of developing small businesses and propose allowing entrepreneurs to defer making loan payments as part of an economic agenda. polling show that clinton is leading donald trump from 46% to 42% with pennsylvania voters. and donald trump will talk about jobs and the economy today, he is rallying support outside of pittsburgh and trump is about to blast global trade deals which he has done throughout his entire campaign. trump will head to ohio for a rally there. for the first time since the bombshell brexit vote, stocks opened today with the do you up,
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following the biggest selloff since last summer. european markets are on the rise with continuing talks about britain's exit from the european union. >> reporter: investors looking for a recovery finally seeing green on wall street. stocks rallying after tumbling nearly 5.5%. the dow dropping 870 points and the retirement accounts shedding almost $5,000 in value over the last few days but traders are cautious. british prime minister, david cameron, is in brussels meeting with leaders. >> britain is leaving the european union but i want that to be as constructive as usual. >> it will stand despite 4 million people signing a petition for a revote. the uncertainty has investors
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nervous. >> especially during the month of august and september, that could be more quiet out here but we do see a lot of them throughout the whole year. >> the concern is florida, british travellers make up 15% of the state's tourism market. >> what we can hope is by the time we get to next january, their big booking season some of this will have settled down and that consumer confidence will be rebounding and that is our hope. >> in addition to tourism, investors say that this could affect jobs, companies and markets here in the u.s. for as long as the uncertainty in europe lasts. channel 6 "action news." furniture maker, ikea is recalling 29 million chests and dressers that pose a deadly threat to small children. it includes about 8 million molly dressers and other
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designs. six children were killed when they toppled over on top of them. customers are telling "action news" whether they are deciding to return it to the store. >> i am debate that with my husband, i have my 5-year-old, she is at risk. i may want to return it. >> customers with chests and dressers made after january 2002 can expect full refunds, if it's made before that date you could be eligible for partial store credit. more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, wildlife experts are trying to save a blue whale stuck in fishing nets off the california coast. and the area will cheer on a local swimmer in the olympics.
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police found the 20-year-old victim in the area of walnut street. he was rushed to the hospital and is now in critical condition. police want anyone with information about this shooting to give them a call. they are starting to tally the damage in west virginia. the flash floods killed at least 23 people and last thursday storms dumped 9 inches of rain in just 24 hours. the candidate for governor will stop his campaign to help victims. and now outrage for a fraternity member, that was charged with raping two women but got a plea deal from prosecutors. he was sentenced to a year of probation on a lesser charge. >> a former indiana university student accused of raping two women is free after spending just one day in jail.
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22-year-old john eknox is sentenced to one year prodation, both of the rape charges have been dismissed. >> there is no justice. a woman claimed he raped her at this fraternity house in april of 20125. according to court documents obtained with an abc affiliate. she said she was drinking at the party and blacked out trying to find a bathroom. she woke up to an unknown man having sex with her and when she became aware, she tried to push him off of her and told him no, but he continued. >> she is disappointed there is no real jail time. she is suffering. >> police used video from inside
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of the frat house to identify him. then a second victim came forward claiming she was also raped by him in 2013. >> it's a culture where everything is out of control, this underage drinking and this environment. it's not just indiana university but at other campuses. >> he could have faced six years in prison, the plea agreement gave him a much lesser sentence. that came on the heels of the nationwide outrage on what is known as the stanford rape case, where swimmer brock turner found guilty was given just 6 months in jail. >> another case standing alone gave sufficient evidence to prove rape. his attorney tells abc news, that his client didn't rape anyone and should never have been charged with these
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offenses. a rescue effort is underway to help a blue whale trapped in a fishing net off the coast of california. it was discovered off dana point, witnesses saw the 70 to 80 foot whale that appeared to have fishing line and buoys off its tail. they don't usually swim so close to the shore line, this is the second time a whale is trapped in fishing gear along the west coast. ahead on "action news" another check of your accuweather forecast. sky 6 hd showing you gray skies over center city. meteorologist, karen rogers with your update from accuweather.
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theugural project was created under the guidance of
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eric oakday, governor markell and the delaware national guard were on hand for the dedication. a south jersey swimmer is heading to the olympics in rio this summer. kelsey whirl from west hampton won last night, she finished in 56.48 seconds. this is the 21-year-old's first time competing in the olympics. >> that is great. someone local to watch, we'll be cheering. >> i bought my daughter a usa t-shirt. >> that is great. lets look at stormtracker 6 live double scan around the area, you can see we are mostly dry and can you see these little specs trying to pop up, i have a street level view, and it's not a big deal yet but it shows you
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this atmosphere, you get a couple near dover, a couple of showers trying to fire up and overall we are dry out there at the moment and we are expecting this to fire up shortly. lets go outside and see what is looks like right now, the action cam was out on the banks of the schuylkill river. we have more comfortable days that is for sure. the overnight hours is when we got the soaking in the city. warming up 73% is the dew point, and it's oppressive. the winds are light and not catching a break there. the ocean temperatures are warming up 71. satellite 6 along with action radar showing how slowly the downpours were to exit so a lot of you on the coastline were driving in that this morning. you can see how a couple of showers may fire up with a front nearby, at any point you can get a downpour or thunderstorm. this is future tracker's look at
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4:30, a couple of cells trying to pop up. had is 8:30 in the evening, it's closer to the city and the storms could be strong to severe to the north and west. and at any point, we can expect this. we have oppressive humidity today at any point a thunderstorm or quick downpour but the cluster will be later in the afternoon and into the nighttime for south jersey. and a possibility of a severe storm north and west of the city, the lehigh valley is still in that slight risk. for today you'll want to watch for a late day strong storm. 85 is your high temperature, you'll at least be clearing out before you will at the shore and a lot of lines move west to east. some downpours and that whole line of storms breaks apart before it leaves the shore, at any point you have a front nearby, expect a quick downpour. philadelphia 2:00, 82, lots of
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clouds and not a lot of sunshine. 4:00 p.m. 83 and a few downpours popping up and 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 the line comes closer and 10:00 pushing off the coast and 73 degrees. tomorrow high pressure moves in that is always our friend, things get better, 85 for your high temperature tomorrow and partly sunny skies and we'll see a lot of cumulous clouds bubbling up with the cooler air. but it turns legs humid in the afternoon and feels better than today that is for sure. here is your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, very humid out there, very uncomfortable, and misting with the low clouds too, a quick downpour at any time especially this afternoon and evening. 82 is your high. tomorrow turning less humid. 85 and a nice streak after that leading into the weekend. thursday warm and sunny and 88 and friday nothing more than a spotty storm, the rest of the day is dry. and the weekend looks great for the holiday, mostly sunny and 86 and an isolated thunderstorm at the end of the day.
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clouds will give way to sunshine, 86 and sunday looks dry and monday the 4th of july and we expect a spectacular 4th looking dry with 86 and sunshine. we just have to make it through today. >> we should have saved this outfit. looking patriotic today. thank you karen. topping the people scene, tim tebow is being praised for how he helped during a health care in the air. an older man was having heart problems and one other passengers postd this picture, showing tebow there in the hat comfort the man's family and praying with them. one the plane landed he received medical attention but news reports say he died at the hospital. (war drums beating)
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one final quick check of the forecast before we head out the door. >> i have stormtracker 6 live double scan showing starting to see a couple of little cells form there in south jersey and delaware. although most of the area is dry, we are watching for a pop-up storm at any point. you feel the humidity, it's oppressive today. a quick shower or thunderstorm in the at time. and we have the possibility of slight risk of severe storms to the north and west today. >> keep an eye out for that. thank you. finally this noon, a ride in downtown los angeles is taking thrills to new heights, a slide down the side of a skyscraper, it hangs off the tallest building on the west coast and riders suspended nearly 1,000 feet off the ground and it hold more than 10,000 pounds. gives me the chills, a look now at stories coming up on "action
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news" at 4:00. remember this viral video, it caused outrage this month and now the babysitter responsible for watching this toddler shares her story. hear what she has to say coming up at 4:00, and weird shaped fritos, that is coming up in big talkers. that will do it for "action news" at noon. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for the entire "action news" team i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon. i would eat them all. if you have medicare
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