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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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and riders need rescuing from atop a stuck roller coaster. and that's next. the scene was the unit block of east walnut lane in germantown section of philadelphia. the elements are a recipe for disaster. a group of children playing with a gun. the gun discharges.
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within a half-hour, doctors declare a 13-year-old boy dead. it is wednesday night. and the the big story on "action news" tonight is deadly gun play on the streets of philadelphia. "action news" reporter christie ileto is live at the scene. christie, what have you found out about what happened there >> reporter: well, neighbors say they heard what 93 thought were fireworks were actually a gunshot. but the big question many people are asking tonight is where did this gun come from and why were these teens playing with it? >> i was the first one to walk back there. >> reporter: he relives the moment after he says he found his friend's 13-year-old son clinging to life after being shot in the face. >> it was gore, very graphic. i just -- words is unexplainable. he was too young to die. he don't deserve it. he mind his business, go to school. >> reporter: detectives combed through the backyard of this home where the 13-year-old and
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several friends were believed to have been playing with a gun before it went off. the teen died at the hospital. "action news" was there as family members processed the grim news. >> then i heard like a fireworks sound, one time. >> it was unbelievable. personally for me you think it's -- i think it's the first time i ever heard somebody got shot. >> reporter: so far, there's no word on how the teens got the gun or why they were even playing with it. but many are asking -- >> what was the gun doing in the backyard? you know what i mean? it's just so irresponsible. you know what i mean? you going to ask the question,where was the parents? but at the same time you got neighborhood thugs stashing guns and stuff around. you don't know where your child is. you don't know, they out to play innocently and they get their hands on these fire weapons, and next thing you know they hurt. >> reporter: still, today's shooting only illustrates that even the city's youngest are not immune to the undercurrent of gun violence.
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and police sources tell "action news" that the alleged shooter turned himself in but because of his age, no further details could be given. now philadelphia ceasefire says they're planning to hold a stop the violence event here on this block tomorrow evening at 5:00. reporting live in germantown, christie ileto, "channel 6 action news." jim? >> thank you, christie. it appears the final death toll in turkey was 42. 148 people were injured, 100 of whom are still in the hospital. authorities are convinced this was the work the isclamic state. authorities are describing how three gunmen who arrived in a taxi improvised their plan when they couldn't get past the security perimeter of the international terminal. they took out their weapons and just started firing. two of the terrorists then went inside. this is a picture of one of them. despite the warm summer temperatures, he was wearing a jacket apparently to hide his
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explosive vest. the two terrorists set off explosives as panicked travelers ran to the outside. the third terrorist waitingout there, blew himself up and took dozens of victims with him. remarkably, it took only three hours to get the airport up and running again. when a similar attack happened in brussels this past march, the airport remained closed for 12 days. president obama was at a north america summit in ottawa when he insisted that isis would be defeated. >> they'll be defeated in syria. they're going to be defeated in iraq. and they are going to be on the run wherever they hide. and we will not rest until we have dismantled these networks. >> the director of the cia delivered a stark assessment today about the islamic state's terror ambitions. john brennan says that he would be surprised if isis is not plotting attacks in the united
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states and cautioned that the country is not, quote, hermetically seemed. he also said despite the seemingly of violence we should redouble our efforts to stop them. and hours after these pronouncements, the u.s. followed up with action. we are following developing reports that at least 250 isis militants have been killed. that in a series of airstrikes in iraq. one took out a convoy of vehicles as they were leaving a neighborhood in southern fallujah. at least 40 vehicles were reportedly destroyed there. meanwhile, in radnor, township tonight, citizens took part in a tough but invaluable demonstration, what to do if you encounter an active shooting situation. live at radnor police tonight is "action news" reporter trish hartman. trish? >> reporter: more than two dozen
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people showed up here tonight. radnor township wanted to host a forum to help people prevent and survive active shooter situations. tonight's program included a simulated attack that participants say felt very real. it started with gunshots and screaming from the hallway at the radnor township building. [ gunshots ] then a man with a gun burst into the room ranting about taxes. >> these are my taxes! >> reporter: after about 90 seconds, officers respond and took down the shooter who was played by a detective. even though participants were warned this simulation would happen, they say it was still shocking. >> i felt my blood pressure go up, but it was very real, and it was helpful to know what to do. >> and i looked in the front to see if there was an exit. that was my first reaction. and i thought, okay, there's no exit there, but ho would i get to the back? he's standing almost in front of me. >> reporter: from there police talked about causes of active shooters and how to recognize the signs of self-radicalation. and preparation.
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superintendent william coolroomo addressed the school shootings and warned about ads for bulletproof backpacks and binders calling them scams. >> for a child to think to go get a school ago and hold it up to his or her head when they run away is total nonsense and it's not going to work. >> reporter: after the pulse nightclub shootings in orlando and the recent attacks at the istanbul airport, police and citizens say it's hard not to think about situations like these. >> it's a crazy world out there and it seems to be getting even crazier. >> sadly, some people reduce this because it's almost a common day occurrence. that's not acceptable in the law enforcement community. >> reporter: police gave out these cards as people left tonight with tips on how to survive an active shooter situation. in a nutshell, run, hide and fight. run if you can, hide if you can't run, and be prepared to fight off the attacker as a last resort. reporting live in radnor township, trish hartman for "channel 6 action news." jim? >> thank you, trish. well, the hunt continues tonight for a man who stabbed a camden cab driver during an
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apparent holdup last night. the cabby, 50-year-old juan fortuna, is recovering. he was running away after the cab crashed into a parked car. fortuna's family says the cabby did that on purpose in hopes of getting attention and help. wilmington police are investigating an armed sexual assault near the brandywine river on the 800 block of south park drive. tonight detectives released this surveillance image of the suspect. the victim says the man showed a weapon, forced her into a secluded area at 9:30 yesterday morning. the new jersey senate votes tomorrow whether to dramatically increase the gasoline tax. the price of gas would go up by 23 cents a ghl or about $100 a year for the average driver. the money would go to improving roads and bridges and mass transit. governor chris christie told the media today that the gas tax increase would be a accompanied
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by a decrease in the sales tax from 7% to 6%. but the fact is that would be phased in over a year and a half, and it wouldn't start until january. the gas tax hike could begin this friday. but christie says it's fair. >> they're going to see $100 increase per driver. in the gas tax they'll see a $400 plus savings from the sales tax cut per family. that's why we're doing that. and that's why it's called tax fairness. >> christie said that the plan has been endorsed by antitax crusader grover norquist. the main casino union is planning on going all in with a strike this weekend. today they learned how to mantane orderly ticket lines. 6500 workers are threatening to walk out to walk out of the bally's, ceasar's, harrah's, the
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tropicana and the trump taj mahal. dealers aren't part of this union. they would remain on the job. the union is demanding pay blak for concessions that it made when caseenios were in worse financial shape five years ago and it wants a $3-an-hour hike over five years. the casinos say they want a fair contract for both sides. the pennsylvania senate took quick action on a house budget today passing an altered version of the $31.6 billion spending plan with bipartisan support. the problem is with just a day to go before the deadline, both chambers disagree on how to pay for it. and it's not as much money ooze governor wolf requested. the plan calls for a 5% increase in spending driven primarily by pension obligations, prisons, and human services and $200 million in new funds for public schools. meanwhile, delaware lawmakers tonight gave final approval for a $4 billion budget that is slightly less than what governor jack marquel had
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requested, but it's still 4.5% more than spending over the current year's budget. if you have ever taken the river line, did you know that you were being overheard? you're being listened to. today new jersey transit says it is ending its controversial use of audio surveillance systems on board the light rail trains that travel between trenton and camden. the agency says the decision came after an internal review that weighed security benefits against privacy concerns. the victims of the orlando nightclub shooting were remembered tonight in pe pennsauken. camden county freeholders hosted a march for love to celebrate the county's diversity. marchers wore rainbow colors to show solidarity with orlando and the pulse nightclub. they also held a candlelighting for the victims of all hate crimes. two new chases of fire cadets have now become professional firefighters. "action news" was at temple
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university's hall tonight for the philadelphia fire department graduation by a commissioner adam theel thanked -- adam teal thanked -- adam thiel tacked families for their training in years ahead. the video of an officer's alaltercation of a worm compelld a prosecutor to charge the cop but tonight monica malpass joins us with a bombshell legal development. and the coaster stopped rolling trapping seven kids high in the air. adam? downpours and thoorms have been temporarily suppressed down to the south and you they'll move back in before we head into the fourth of july weekend. i'll have the timing in accuweather. and scrf jeff with former philly lenny dykstra making some very serious allegations against his old teammates. that and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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tonight, a reading police officer has been cleared of all charges after a shocking incident last april when he punched a woman driver. monica malpass is here with an update on this story.
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what have you got? >> reporter: a bombshell, jim. district judge thomas zafios dismissed all charges against four-year veteran jesus santiago jesus. the driver is upset and says she does not understand our system of justice. this was the officer walking out of court today with his lawyer after the charges were dropped. >> you were driving. you don't have a valid driver's license. >> reporter: this is him last april confronting a driver along 800 glenage street in reading. the officer pulled 30-year-old marslineav garcia over for reportedly not using her turn signal. even though later, surveillance video shows she did. then he discovered she doesn't have a driver's license. he tosses her cell phone when she won't hand it to him while she's recording and punches her. she needed stitches after hitting her head on a pipe. >> i'm upset right now. >> she don't know how the law works around here. like, pretty much he just got
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away with it. >> reporter: the driver and her passenger were both shocked today when they heard the charges were dropped. after the incident, she was rushed to the hospital for treatment and sat in jail for three days until charges of assault and resisting arrest were dropped. the district attorney at the time was outraged enough to charge the officer with oppression and tampering with. >> efd this interaction between police and citizen was etculated by the police behavior. >> reporter: no comment so far today from the d.a. except to say he and his staff will review the scwas decide whether to refile charges. adams originally said the system depends on the truthfulness of police and that it's yeper dided when an officer fabricates the truth. the police chief is still conducting an internal investigation of this incident before deciding the officer's future. but it is officer jesus' second brush-up with the law in four years. last summer he shot two teenagers after a pursuit on a dead-end street. but the d.a. and police
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department cleared him on those charges as well. >> and there's been no explanation as to why these charges were dropped. >> not so far. they can be refiled. >> thank you. donald trump told a relatey in bangor, maine, today that he will bring back jobs and protect american workers. he also hit back at the u.s. chamber of commerce which normally backs republican candidates. chamber says trump's economic plan will cost jobs. said trump, why would the chamber of commerce say we should leave everything the way it is when i can make a you better deal? hillary clinton was in san francisco tonight digesting two new polls. she leads in both, one is very tight. the quinnipiac poll has her leading trump by two points, 42-40. and a new fox poll has her leading trump by six points, and that is a seven-point loss for trump since the middle of may. what goes up must come down. but this roller coaster in oklahoma city didn't get the memo. eight people were stranded when the silver bullet got stuck at
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the top of a hill. seven of them were children ranging in age from 7 to 15. firefighters had to escort them down a catwalk one o at a time during what was described as a meticulous rescue. the fda has asked the makers of hand sanitizers for new studies to determine how well they work and the agency wants to know what they're absorbed into the body. officials are particularly interested in the effects on pregnant women and children. it is part of the agency's review of hundreds of products which came onto the market without being thoroughly vetted. vice president joe biden upped the pressure on researchers and drug companies today to speed the progress toward cancer cures. at a cancer summit in washington, biden threatened to pull federal funding for studies which failed to publicly disclose their results. he said the current culture in research is stifling advances. work is underway inside the wells fargo center for the democratic national convention
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and now the transformation is beginning in center city. today, the 2016 host committee began hanging banners along market street. we also learned how camden will share in the festivities. a concert will take place at the bb&t pavilion, featuring lady gaga, lenny kravitz, and d.j. jazzy jeff. dnc delegates will attend. however, ticket also be invitation only. that's the story of that concert. the story here in the weather is beautiful. >> beautiful. >> we'll spill into thursday. >> and how about the holiday? >> looking okay for the most part. in for the most part. >> let's take a look right now at stormtracker 6 live double scan around the area. it is comfy. it is clear out this. we kind of wiped the humidity away. and, again, it's going to remain that way into your thursday. 85 was the high today in philadelphia. the normal is 86 degrees. and when you look at the number of days we should hit 90 or
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above for a high temperature in the city of philadelphia, to this point in the year, we've had eight so far. and normally with the 30-year average, we have eight to this point. so it has been very typical so far for this late spring into early summer season. 71 in trenton right now. refreshing 60s to the north and west. wilmington at 69. millville at 66 degrees. and the poconos at 64. some of those numbers dropping to the 50s by tomorrow morning. the front is now way to the south. can you see these downpours and thunderstorms erupting had north and south carolina stretching down to atlanta. the boundary is going to slowly progress back to the north. this time tomorrow night into friday and again that humidity will flood back up. eastern seaboard. for the morning rush tomorrow, open the windows. it is clear. it is comfy. a light breeze, 67. at 6:00 in the morning. at 8:00, 69. weak high pressure still in control. it's warm. yeah, at 87 degrees.
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but that humidity level is still in check and low. warm front to the south, lifts to the north thursday night into the day on friday. at the same time, we're going to be tracking a cold front from the west so we first had the warm front friday morning. cold front to end of the day. so between the two, it is extremely humid with those pop-ups occurring both in the morning and again in the afternoon. it is not a washout here friday but just be on guard that anything could pop at any time. down the shore tomorrow, sea breeze in the afternoon. 80, surf city. 70s stretching from ocean city to beach haven. high uv and hecks and equally as nice, sea isle city, cape may. low 80s nor rehoboth. and beach temperature at 74. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 87, perfect here tomorrow. then on friday, muggy, unsettled at times. here's a snapshot future tracker early in the morning. some of those pop-ups already developing. on and off throughout the day. but that cold front will wipe it all away in time for saturday
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and sunday. refreshing, sunny, with temperatures between 86 and 87. and then on the fourth, we start with sun and then clouds increase. we've got to watch to see a southern system, how quickly it wants to come in late on monday for the fourth at 86. and it sticks around tuesday with showers and storms. and then turning hot and humid on wednesday at 90. that system continues to speed up. it seems every day. so maybe tomorrow it will slow back down. >> that storm system is just declaring its independence. on monday. there you go. all right. sorry about that. there is nothing like seeing a classic philadelphia movie right where it was filmed. hundreds came to the steps of the art museum tonight to watch "rocky." the free screening part of the welcome america festival. if you miss the tonight's movie they'll be showing "national treasure" tomorrow night at penns landing and "minions" friday night. ♪ hey!
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that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. phillies try to salvage a series, and looks like they actually did it. >> what a series. 21 runs, 44 hits. >> on the phillies' part. >> just on the phillies' part. >> extraordinary. >> for a team that couldn't hit. sometimes, you just need to get away. and for the phillies that is oh-so true. even manager peter mackanin admit when they left philly, they became a different team. he's right. the phillies are winning. wild game in arizona. phillies playing catch-up all day.
11:28 pm
even in the field, freddy gaffis catches up to it. herrera to third. jake lamb boots it. phills take an 8-7 lead in the inning. doesn't last long. bottom eight. back on the diamondbacks. ball doesn't leave the infield. they still tie it. blanco throws it away. 8-8. stays that way until the tenth. pinch-hitting runner at third. that will do it. phillies win on a sac fly, 9-8. it's their first sweep in more than two months. >> we all love to win. when you get some exciting wins like that, it buildings to the next day. we're excited to keep it rolling after the off day. lenny dyke who was any good on that 1993 phillies team was taking steroids including himself. dykstra says it was his way of making $30 million. in his new book "house of nells," he says he's not proud of taking performance enhancing drugs but he had to stay on the
11:29 pm
field every day and it allowed him to make millions of dollars for his family. he also claims he paid private investigators to dig up dirt on umpires so he could use it against them. dykstra who later went to prison for fraud is trying to learn tofrom all those mistakes. >> so i learned -- i learned a lot. i learned humility. i learned about how to treat people. now, i'm not suggesting people go to prison to learn these things. but when you're in a cage for two years you kind of have a lot of time to think. >> lots stories in that book. still to come in sports we go one-on-one with sixers coach brett brown. find out what big men could be the odd man out as they still look to make a trade. more sports next. ♪
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sixers coach brett brown sees what you see, way too many big men right now. so brown tells "action news" today, the sixers are still looking to trade jahlil okafor. or nerlens noel. he admits he feels very connected to okafor and noel but they're desperate for a point guard. and look, they can't possibly play with all these big men, can they? >> no. you're not. and we've talked a lot about it freely. i talk with my players freely about the logjam that we have with all of our bigs, and somebody asked me on record the other day, like, do i expect a trade to be made? i would be surprised if there wasn't one.
11:34 pm
i talked to my own players about that same thing. it's -- it's pro sport. it's real. if you thought eagles' defensive tackle fletcher cox got paid, did you see what colts' quarterback andrew luck gets today? six years, 140 million. luck scores the biggest deal in nfl history. the union taking on red bulls in open cup play today. pick it up. tie it up. chris ponte scores. 60th minute. his second of the game. union wins, 2-1. they advance in the open cup. they will play new england next. >> brett brown, one of the good guys in sports. >> i hope it works out for him. he's a great guy. >> thank you, jeff. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline." guests tonight, zach everron, music from melanie martinez. "action news" continues at 4:30 and for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner.
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good night. dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." with cleto and the cletos. and now, simply put -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to each and


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