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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  July 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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10 o'clock tonight strong winds hail isolated tornado is possible with some of these pop-ups that are developing. storm tracker6 live double scan shows it is here or there, there's no solid line, not everyone going to get hit but when you get hit it can be hard. severe thunderstorm warning for parts of burlington county around mount hole and and to the west of new egypt for the next half hour with 1 inch hail being reported with this storm. as we look at it closer you can see the intensity of the colors just to the north of mount holly with purple 38 lightning strikes as it's lifting to the northeast of route 38 right now and well north of route 70 heading towards georgetown and west of wrightstown so watch for hail is the biggest concern with this storm. there's another one behind it, no lightning near cherry hill but it's on its heels. popups in southern parts of new jersey near millville and fortescue hammonton and
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staying away at this point from the shore. what to expect with these pop-ups that occur between now and 10 o'clock. they're going to be very spotty but where they hit they will be severe, torrential rain the major threat, some wind and hail and there still could be an isolated tornado to try to develop in some of these storms. but as we move into the weekend as we rank the holidays, the best day will be tomorrow, low humidity, full sun, some high clouds, a close second for sunday and number three comes in for monday the fourth, a lot of clouds racing in and maybe rain by the end of the day. we'll chat about the rest of the weekend brian and take a look at the radar once again in full accuweather forecast. >> adam thanks. for so much you fourth of july weekend means a trip to the beach and shore towns are already packed with people looking to take in a summer day soaking in the sun or perhaps strolling on the boards. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes live in ocean city today which figures to be a popular spot this week, jeanette. >> reporter: it certainly is brian and you know it's no doubt that when you come to ocean city you're in for a
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treat but beachgoers made it very clear to me that you don't just come to ocean city, you have to prepare for it and this, all of this it's just the beginning. the good morning got off to a foggy start here in ocean city but that was no match for excited beachgoers. >> i really like it. >> reporter: what about the weather? the weather is kind of funny. >> yeah. >> doesn't matter. >> doesn't matter. >> you can still have fun it ice cream in hand little quinn couldn't wait to hit the boardwalk with his grandparents. >> hi, ocean city. >> reporter: and show his patriotism. >> happy fourth of july. >> reporter: from mini golf, to water parks and good music. >> the weather is supposed to be a good weekend, so we're hoping to have a nice crowd but not too long of lines. >> reporter: there's tons to do. you can fly a kite or ride bikes along the boardwalk. >> every day we've gone to the beach, we built castles, we boogie boarded, we've gone to
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the rides every night, mini golf. >> reporter: you may be wondering how do you take on an action packed long weekend. super mom of four jennifer has it all figured out. >> pack with purpose. make sure you have your sunscreen, any diapers that you need. >> reporter: and don't forget your appetite. trust me, you'll need it. >> pizza, pizzeria, and pizza fries. >> reporter: all of it sure to make for an unforgettable patriotic weekend. >> have good days, ladies. [laughter] >> reporter: and you are sure to have a good day as well. now, we haven't for goat 10 about the spectacular fireworks display here. there will actually be two in ocean city, one downtown, one uptown on monday and the comfort for each begin at 8 o'clock at night. reporting in ocean city new jersey i'm jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." back inside to you monica. >> looks like fun. thanks you so much jeanette. in philadelphia city leaders are stepping up security for the holiday weekend particularly for events that will draw often who crowds like monday's concert on the
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ben franklin parkway. chad pradelli live on the parkway right now with more on the city's plans. chad. hope to see chad in just a moment. >> reporter: chairs are in place the stage erected and security fencing is being constructed for monday's concert on the parkway. hundreds of thousands will be on hand and police will be keeping a watchful eye. >> every time we have these events we want officers to be seen so you'll see a visible presence of police officers out there. some will even be wearing the neon vests so they'll be easy to spot. but there will be officers you won't necessarily see. >> reporter: the attacks in orlando and turkey have heightened safety concerns. philadelphia police say no new measures have been put in place to deal with this year's celebration of our independence. >> there's no specific threat to philadelphia at this particular time but of course we're always, you know, concerned in a sense of making sure that we're abreast of what's going on around the country, around the world. >> reporter: the art museum
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was bustling with tourists this afternoon, the general consensus to be people are aware but living their lives normally. >> i keep in my mind and just aware of the situation where i'm at but it's not going to stop me from living my life. i think we need to continue on and do what we have to do. >> reporter: and a message from police this weekend, if you see something, say something. i'm live along the parkway, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you chad. here's a live look from sky6 at penn's landing where there will be a fireworks display tonight. the fireworks will light up the sky over the delaware river starting at 930 just one of many shows scheduled throughout our region this weekend. remember if you're looking for a show in your town this weekend just head to our web site you'll find a list of local events broken down by state and county along with the times and locations for the july 4th festivities. going to be fun. >> oh, yeah. as we have been telling you all week here analysting are expecting a record setting weekend on the roads. that could mean crowded
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commute. >> let's go live to autumn march vase in for matt pelman. >> hi, sharrie and brian. sure you want this one. >> yes. >> taking a look at the blue route approaching broomall. we have a 60 minute jam-up from the schuylkill expressway down to 95 right now. we had a disabled tractor-trailer taking out the right-hand lane so we only had one lane getting by down around springfield so really backing you up all the way back through the mid-county tolls now at this point. so, that's going to cause problems on all the other roadways because people are diverting from the blue route on to the schuylkill expressway right now. so, let's take a look at the big picture. schuylkill is definitely your best bet at this time. because of that long line and southbound delays but still a slow go. earlier accident on the westbound side of the schuylkill. they brought in a crew on the eastbound side right around conshohocken to clear that out so again a long line of vehicles there. let's take a look at creek road on the 42 freeway. we just had a downpour come here really halting traffic. there was a standstill. we were up to about a 20 minute delay from this point
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down to the atlantic city expressway but you can see starting to move now. really going to be pushing on those brakes as you are approaching the garden state -- yes, the garden state parkway though from about the a.c. airport to that point. talking about the area bridges, taking a look at the ben franklin bridge, definitely your best bet right now are you at a standstill on the walt whitman. we'll bring you an update in the next half hour. back to you brian and monica. >> sounds good. thank you autumn. "action news" has you covered online and social media. get live traffic and weather updates any time on and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for any updates this independence day. >> meanwhile there is trouble for one part of the jersey shore this holiday weekend. union workers at the taj mahal in atlantic city went on strike this morning. "action news" reporter john rawlins now live outside the hotel where casino employees have been picketing all day, john. >> reporter: hey, brian. 900 to a thousand hospitality
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workers bartenders cooks, housekeepers on strike. the taj owner icahn enterprises as in carl icahn the billionaire said in a statement it made a good faith effort to restore benefits. talks broke down last night. the first thing you notice the never ending loop of strikers. then the noise. a constant drum beat as holiday merry makers descend on the boardwalk these strikers outside the taj mahal will not get lost in the crow crowd. it was assumed the taj mahal would be the toughest challenge for the union. >> we're out here today fighting for what they took away 20 months ago. most important is our healthcare. >> reporter: four other casinos negotiated terms yesterday but taj workers entered talks farther behind the others. two years ago a bankruptcy court terminated their pension
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and health benefits payments pushing them their president says down the socioeconomic ladder. >> they've taken people who are working class and middle class and pushed them down to working poor and that's a traves city. >> reporter: the union says the taj ownership offered a high co-pay large deductible plan. some called it half baked. >> there's not even a oven there. it's not a solution. >> reporter: the taj remains opened but many we talked to think the crowds are down for a major weekend. >> i've only seen like one server on the floor for the drinks. i haven't seen any maid service going on. some of the restaurants are closed. >> reporter: a few hours ago it definitely some of the restaurants are closed. many of the restaurants are closed but people are pouring in there. i think they're going to be very busy this weekend. notwithstanding. no one from the company, though, was available to talk to us and answer any questions. in that statement that was put out one executive is quoted as saying the union bargaining
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committee is hell bent on trying to close the property and killing the jobs and livelihood of other taj employees. no new negotiations are scheduled at this point. live in atlantic city, john rawlins channel6 "action news news." >> john we'll no this weekends. thank you. pennsylvania governor tom wolf. wolf says the election to replace fattah will be tuesday november 8th. that's the same day as the general election meaning voters will not need to make an extra trip to the polls and the state won't have to spend extra money to hold a new election. it also means the winner will be able to take office immediately. that means they won't have to wait to be sworn in with the rest of the new congress next year. and still ahead here 4 o'clock today new details about the deadly terror attack in istanbul. what we learned today about the people who carried it out. >> plus the latest on a proposed gas tax in new jersey. while it will not go into
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effect for this holiday weekend it will have an impact on the roads next. >> a shooting outside a local woman's shelter. police are asking for your help to find a man who shot right through the front door there. >> ♪ ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! you all smell wonderful! i smell bad! if you're a parrot, you repeat things. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. squuuuack, it's what you do.
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only at longhorn steakhouse. >> ♪ >> we are following breaking news in bangladesh today where gunmen have attacked a restaurant and taken dozens of hostages. all of this is happening in the capitol of bangladesh. it is inside the diplomatic zone which is filled with foreigners. the attacks have been ongoing all afternoon. the attackers in a gun fight with police. two police officers have been killed thus far, at least 35 people are still trapped in the restaurant. witnesses say there have been several explosions in that area. of course we're keeping a close eye on this breaking news this afternoon. we'll bring you any updates as we get them. >> the chairman of the house committee on homeland security says the mastermind of the istanbul terror attack has now been identified. congressman michael mccall
4:15 pm
says a chechen extremist planned and directed tuesday's airport bombings. he is also known to be a top lieutenant in isis. his whereabouts right now are unknown. the cia and the white house declined to say whether they believe he was directly involved. and in response to the attack in turkey travelers are finding increased security in the u.s. on this busy weekend. extra patrols are visible at airports train stations and bus terminals. authorities say it's an added precaution of course for the fourth of july holiday. >> there will be so many security measures and personnel you will not notice including plainclothes troopers mingling through the crowd and observing the surroundings for suspicious activity. >> an estimate how wide million people are expected to fly today alone. that's a half million more than the average summer day. the t.s.a. advises that you arrive at the airport two hours before your flight. >> new jersey governor chris christie laid down the law today in the fight over transportation funding ordering the eventual shutdown
4:16 pm
of road work projects across the state. the move comes on the heels of the democrat led senate decision not to vote on a bill that would have increased the gas tax and continued funding for road projects. christie also slashed $300 million in democratic budget priorities. now all of that ramps up pressure on legislators as the debate resumes on july 11th. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch said today she regrets speaking with former president bill clinton on a phoenix airport tarmac earlier this week. that meeting came as lynch's department investigates hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. today in colorado lynch said it was merely a chance encounter with clinton's husband and the two only made small talk about grandchildren but she understands how people see it. >> i certainly wouldn't do it again . >> [laughter] and, you know, because i think it has cast a shadow over what it should not. it's painful to me because the integrity of the department of
4:17 pm
justice is important. >> now, lynch went on to say they she will not overrule the findings of any investigation into clinton's e-mails. >> federal regulators are launched an investigation into tesla after a driver died while using the company's auto pilot feature. the self driving vehicle crashed in willis ton florida when a tractor-trailer made a left turn in front of the car. tesla wrote in a blog post that the car's auto pilot system did not recognize the white side of that tractor-trailer against the brightly hit sky so it did not activate the brakes. tesla says this is the first known deadly accident in more than 130 million miles of self driving cars. now here sal look at the day's closing numbers from wall street. all three indices are in the green up. the dow closed at 17,949 up about 20. the nasdaq at 4862 up 20 as well approximately and the s & p 500 at 2102 up about four. >> someone could be heading into the holiday weekend with
4:18 pm
a fortune beyond their wildest dreams. the next mega millions drawing is tonight the and the jackpot is $415 million, 286 million if they take the cash option. the action cam was in wynnefield where we found lots of people buying tickets. we'll have the winning numbers tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> you could buy a lot of fireworks with that. >> love everybody out there but i hope it's mee. >> time to check the accuweather. >> meteorologist adam joseph with a winning weekend. >> storm tracker6 live double scan will show not everyone is getting hit but where you are you're getting hit pretty hard. some areas are getting hit over and over and over again. severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 4:30 p.m. for the northern part of burlington county, north of mount holly just to the west of new egypt. hail has been the biggest concern as this is passing through. many reports of at least quarter size hail with the storm that is moving north of georgetown. 30 lightning strikes from this
4:19 pm
vantage point. as that one storm continues to lift away north of wrightstown, another one developing near willingboro, rancocas along the new jersey turnpike, 295. that's moving in the same direction as the original storm so as -- if you're drying out, expect another storm with some hail possibly and then a third now developing south of that in cherry hill so they're moving over the same locations across that part of new jersey. also in southern parts of new jersey, this storm is beginning to fire up and intensify near millville, also one south of mays landing about 10 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes. at this point not moving towards the shore but watch this one just to the west of atlantic city and then another one potent storm not severe developing in southern chester county near oxford heading kaolin and parts of new castle county. they're popping wherever they would like and at times they're strong if not severe. this picture just tame into my twitter page from jackie in
4:20 pm
lumberton. she just got a new car as the hail is coming down looks like she threw a blanket on there to protects her windshield from some of that hail. pass along any photos to my twitter or facebook page if you do see any of the hail or wind damage. 76 in allentown, 83 in philadelphia, 77 in millville. it is extremely humid out there which is fueling the storm. there's a cold front coming from the west, severe thunderstorm watch up for the entire area until 10:00 meaning any storms could turn severe and even a tornado watch north of our area just west of new york city. future tracker at 6 o'clock again it's hit or miss around the region as they push through. by 9 o'clock it starts to quiet down as they lift to the north and to the east. maybe a leftover shower with the actual cold front pushing through philadelphia and midnight -- at midnight tonight and by 3:00, 3:30 tomorrow morning that front is off the coast and as you can see the clouds are long gone as well. so, your holiday preview as we get into your saturday, sunday, monday here, saturday at the shore, 80 degrees, a beautiful day, low humidity. 70's only in the poconos.
4:21 pm
'71 is looking great for both the shore and the poconos with lies in the 70's. the shore a sea breeze and then on monday it stays dry in the poconos, 77 but down the shore it looks like rain could try to rush in here by the end of the day on monday and your four day at 4:00 forecast will show here in the city, it's sunny with low humidity tomorrow at 84 degrees. and beautiful going into sunday, just a few high clouds around at 86 and it quickly turns cloudy on monday. that system i have been talking about all week to our south wants to rush in now so we could see some showers developing especially south monday afternoon of 86 degrees and warm with a scattered thunderstorm tuesday of 85, so the pick definitely saturday and sunday, monday is a little rocky and especially for the fireworks at night it could be wet. we'll talk more about it in the seven day and also any new storms that pop up. >> okay. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. coming up at 4:30 today, a problem with philadelphia police. we have a live report and new details on the issue that could affect hundreds of dui
4:22 pm
cases across the city. >> up next, a man opens fire outside a local women's shelter. what we know about the suspect and that incident and what led up to the gunfire next.
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>> ♪ >> radnor township police have arrested a nail salon worker and charged him with indecent assault and harassment. jamie chicken worked at the blooming nail salon in wayne. a female customer told meteorologist, david murphy police she was getting a manicure when he offered her a back massage. then he allegedly began groping her. they want to hear from any other potential victims. police looking for a man who shot at a women it's shelter in logan. they gave us surveillance video of yesterday's incident. you can see the suspect fired three shots right into the front door. police say he had followed a woman from a rite-aid back to the shelter. fortunately no one was hurt in this ordeal. the suspect ran off after the
4:26 pm
shooting. police want anyone who might have information to please call them. a man in port richmond was saved by his cell phone this morning after a shooting in the middle of the street. police say the 28-year-old was on the 2000 block of albright street when someone shot him -- shot at him but the bullet hit his phone. it ricocheted and hit him in the lip but he's expected to be okay. the shooter took off and police are still looking for him right now. >> hazmat teams in montgomery county spent the morning cleaning up a massive fuel spill. the action cam was at the mill run creek near valley road and coventry avenue in cheltenham township. neighbors called 911 about midnight when they started smelling gas. crews say the problem is on the philadelphia side of the creek but they have not found the source of the leak. no one has been evacuated. happier note. big happy birthday tonight to a centenarian in wilmington delaware. laura middleton is 104 years old and celebrating with family and friends here at the regency center on broom
4:27 pm
street. miss middleton is a july 4th baby and she enjoyed cake and smiles a little bit early today. we wish you a very good day and many more happinesses from all of us at "action news." >> and still ahead on "action news" today, allegation that is could impact hundreds of dui cases in philadelphia. we'll explain why breathalyzers are being called into question. >> hundreds of new jersey students take time to salute our troops ahead of the fourth of july. hear there are words of thanks coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> it is 4:30 now. "action news" continues with why bill cosby's lawyers are asking for some money back from his alleged victim. >> and missing for two years family members, detectives are holding out hope today that someone can help them find a delaware woman abducted from her own home. >> plus she told me that this is the first time she's ever been stopped, she never wears her seat belt. >> now the woman that police officers pulled over is crediting one of them with saving her life. find out why she is actually thanking him for writing her a ticket ahead in big talkers. >> but first here at 4:30 today we're starting offer the holiday weekend with a severe thunderstorm watch covering the delaware and lehigh valleys. >> strong storms have been moving through our area all afternoon. they will continue to do that into the night. let's get the latest now from meteorologist adam joseph at the big board with more from accuweather.
4:30 pm
>> that severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 10 o'clock again for the entire viewing area. the biggest concern has been hail along with some strong winds. still could be a chance of trying to have some rotation with some of the storms. we haven't seen that at this point. a watch means the potential is there for the storms that do pop up to turn to the severe side. at this point we're starting to see it kind of falling apart north and west of philadelphia. most of the action is happening i-95 to the south and east. again it is scattered in variety around the area. no warnings at this point but we're tracking some heavy hitters here where there was a lot of hail reported in burlington county near lumberton as these storms have passed through. there's one now heading towards florence, the one that had the original hail is now moving to the east of trenton but a second one coming in in florence, a third one near riverside moving north and east of philadelphia and also another one trying to fire up near gibbstown and woodbury so many areas getting hit one, two, three times while others are not seeing anything at all. southern new jersey a little
4:31 pm
flareup near salem. a thunderstorm near millville north and west of atlantic city. should be off the beach in atlantic city with a lightning strike just inland and also a pretty nasty storm in southern parts of chester county heading towards wilmington. just got this picture in from cooch in lumberton new jersey. hail about the size of an inch and a quarter almost a inch and a half as that passed through. what to expect with the storms, lightning high risk, strong winds high as well. pictures in on twitter as well with many trees snapped in and around burlington county as the storm went through. large hail and tornadoes on the moderate side. so, what to expect as we get into saturday. let's talk about a little good here. lots of sun for the shore, the city, the poconos. low humidity, a sea breeze at the shore, 80 there. the city tomorrow 84 and in the poconos just 72. we'll talk about more good weather as we head into sunday and a little eh on monday for the fourth now coming up in that seven-day forecast. >> eh. >> yeah.
4:32 pm
>> adam, thank you. >> okay. >> allegations of potentially flawed breathalyzers are putting huth of philadelphia dui cases in jeopardy. the concern stems from an overlooked expiration date. gray hall live at philadelphia police headquarters with more on the possible implications of this, gray. >> reporter: hi, brian, we will likely many people with duis will be contacting their attorneys. while this does not mean their cases will be thrown out, it could mean a lesser penalty. attorney joe kelly made a big discovery when it comes to dui cases in philadelphia. during research he found out that a solution used to test breathalyzer machines was expired which could affect hundreds of cases over the last six months. >> my estimation is about a thousands cases since january 16th of 16. >> reporter: kelly alerted police about this problem. he says state law requires machines to be tested yearly. the solution that determines the accuracy of blood alcohol readings. kelly adds that while the
4:33 pm
machines were accurate defense attorneys can argue that results should not be used in court due to the expired solution which could produce flawed test results. >> i'm not a physicist but i think that would affect -- if you use an expired solution the machine would be invalid because that violates regulations. the regulations say you have to have a valued solution. >> reporter: philadelphia police admit this was human error and they say all the machines were removed and retested the same day with an updated solution when they became aware of this mistake. officers say if you have a case impacted by this, it does not mean you're off the hook. >> by no means is this going to just automatically say that every case that was generated during that time frame is not -- is bad because, again, the machine itself is still accurately reading the calculations. >> reporter: attorneys say if the breath test results are thrown out each case could be different. kelly says it could mean less jail time no jail time or softer penalties. philadelphia police also had problems with breathalyzer
4:34 pm
machines in 2011 but that this situation is not the same. >> completely different situation in 2011 where the machines were not reading accurately. >> reporter: and back out live philadelphia police tell us there they are working really hard to ensure this does not happen again. meantime, the district attorney's office released a statement saying that it's reviewing hundreds of cases and will take appropriate action if needed once these cases have been reviewed. live in center city, gray hall, channel6 "action news." brian. >> gray, thank you. police have charged a driver they say hit and killed a man who was waiting in a northeast philadelphia bus stop. 24-year-old nicholas schinella from robbinsville new jersey was allegedly driving under the influence when he ran a red light along roosevelt boulevard at southampton road yesterday. witnesses say he crashed into another car. the collision reportedly caused schinella to jump the curb and hit 52-year-old stanley anderson. shrine nell la is being charged with dui involuntary manslaughter and related
4:35 pm
offenses. >> bill cosby is asking for money back from the woman who accused him of sexual assault in montgomery county. cosby's attorney want andrea constand refund some money cosby paid her to settle a lawsuit 10 years ago. cosby says constand violated their confidential settlement by speaking to police when the criminal case was reopened last year. he's charged with molesting and drugging couldn't stands at his home in 2004. >> the family of a long missing new castle county woman is pleading for information today. nefertiti trader disappeared two years ago yesterday in what police are calling an abduction from her own home. a witness told investigators trader was forced into a car at 4:00 a.m. back on june 30th of 2014. she's not been seen since and now her mom is hoping that someone out there can help. >> i mean, i could understand they may be afraid or whatever but put yourself in my place.
4:36 pm
how would they feel if this was one of their family members. >> the fbi has offered a $30,000 reward to for information. >> from our new jersey news room police in trenton and mercer county are asking for your help solving a deadly stabbing. they released this new video today showing two men they want to question. the pair is allegedly involved in the death of 27-year-old carlos olivo. he was stabbed to death on june 14th along hudson street in trenton. you're asked to call investigators if you know anything about these two men. >> a serial thief targeting unlocked cars in the chestnut hill section of philadelphia. detectives want people to be on the lookout for a man who has been seen breaking into and stealing from those cars. the most recent theft happened on the 100 block of mermaid lane last week. >> a new bridge is making travel easier for folks in lower providence bucks county.
4:37 pm
researchers opened the arc cola road bridge. state county, township and even penndot experts were there. this has been a long wait for the new bridge over the perkiomen creek. the old one closed in 2013 for safety reasons. >> more than circumstances hundred new jersey children are saluting our troops in honor of independence day. they each wrote a letter to thank the men and when i'm put their lives on the line to protect our freedom. trenton mayor eric jackson and other organizers displayed the cards at city hall today. one student shared his thoughtful message. >> i would like to thank you for doing what you did. you're the reason we can go to school, do our jobs and over all enjoy our life. you have protected our rights and our lives and for this i pray god will watch over you and your gleam that powerful letter and all the rest are now being mailed out. this is the third year the mayor has hosted this event. >> we are just weeks away from the start of the democratic national convention in philadelphia and now we're getting a better idea of what to expect later this month.
4:38 pm
new at 5:00 what we are learning from organizers coming up. plus, it is fitness friday and coming up in health check ali gorman will show us the workout meant to help you unwind and even jump start your weekend. >> this morning parents and children got a first look at the newest interactive program at the philadelphia museum of art. art splash is a 10 week summer adventure that let's families create their own works of art. there's an open studio inspired the creative africa exhibit which highlights all sorts of patterns and colors. kids ages 12 and younger always get into that museum free of charge. >> we went last year. it was a lot of fun. >> oh, good. looks like a good time. >> next on "action news" the famous nathan's hot dog eating competition traces its roots back to patriotic immigrants. that may be a stretch of the truth. >> orlando area police officers take on a new mission, one that spreads much
4:39 pm
needed smiles. >> and meteorologist adam joseph returns with that full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 comes right back. >> ♪
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4:41 pm
>> families of several mass shooting victims are suing the fbi. they accuse the federal government of errors that aloud dylann roof to buy the gun he used to kill nine people in charleston, south carolina last year. the victims were attending a church meeting at the time he. the fbi has admitted roof should not have been able to buy the gun because of a prior drug arrest. one of the most wanted women in the country was captured today. the fbi put 24-year-old shaniqua minor on their most wanted list on tuesday. she is accused of can killing a pregnant woman and her unborn child in milwaukee, wisconsin. this morning they got a call they had been waiting for. minor was arrested at a hotel in north carolina. >> big talkers now and it turns out the history behind nathan's famous fourth of july hot dog eating competition is a little bit mythical. the story goes like this.
4:42 pm
the contest started back in 1916 as a way for newly arrived immigrants to prove which of them was more patriotic. publicists are now admitting guess what they made that whole story up in the 1970's to get more attention for the hot dog chain. the former nathan's president says the first recorded contest was actually 1972 not 1916. it seems a little lie might have worked though because nowadays more than 30,000 people attend that competition and as you know more of them will be watching it on television on monday. a woman in california is thanking a police officer, yes, thanking him for writing her a ticket. rhonda lance even thinks that the ticket saved her life. you see rhonda never wears a seat belt. that was until officer luis venezuela pulled her over for the violation. well, she immediately changed her habit after that and just a few days later her truck blew a tire rolling over on the highway. well, she walked away with just a few cuts and bruises because for the first time in
4:43 pm
her life she was wearing a seat belt. earlier this week lance had a chance to thank that officer in person. >> thank you so much. if it weren't for you i would not be here today. >> luckily her decision to wear the seat belt saved her life probably. >> officer venezuela this says s is a first for him. the city of orlando has had a lot in recent weeks about which to grieve but today its police officers had a different mission. >> we're here for an important announcement today. i want to keep orlando smiling. keep dancing orlando. hit it. >> ♪ >> yes, that is the orange county sheriff's department, it is -- its own take on the viral keep orlando dancing challenge. hundreds of officers broke it
4:44 pm
down, strutted their as a show of unity and to bring a smile to a city that could desperately use it and if i may say so myself, mission accomplished. >> absolutely. >> good stuff. >> they deserve to smile. let's get another check on our roads locally tonight. >> autumn marisa standing by in the "action news" traffic center with another look an pretty good look behind you right there. >> yeah, we're definitely getting better out there monica and brian. this is the blue route. we had about an 84 minute there was earlier because of a disabled vehicle on the southbound lanes near springfield. that's cleared out of the way. so we're starting to get better. you can still see about 40 minutes but that's to be expected on a holiday weekend from the schuylkill expressway down to 95. but we are picking up speeds there. taking a look at the big picture, schuylkill expressway, eastbound lanes looking very good only taking about 25 minutes right now from the blue route down to the vine. it's definitely a better bet over the blue route. if you're looking at area bridges look at the ben right now instead of the walt whitman. that's definitely the way you want to go. we have a disabled vehicle just moved from the eastbound lanes of the vine so that's
4:45 pm
starting to move a little bit more smoothly now as well. here is one of our bigger delays of course. the 42 freeway here we are right at creek road. you can see that line of traffic starting to build. we'll start to see volume pick up even more as the evening goes on. very slow going though as you're approaching the a.c. expressway as well as the atlantic city airport down to the garden state parkway. that's where our biggest delays are. staying in new jersey, atlantic city -- the turnpike, rather, southbound approaching 206 we have an accident to report to you. moving along and showing you what's taking place on 55 northbound in vineland, we have a jackknifed tractor-trailer taking out all lanes. the shoulder getting by. we'll keep an eye on things and we'll bring you an update in the 5 o'clock hour. back to you monica and brian. >> thank you. freebie friday coming up. we take a look at some of the fun fourth of july events in our area. >> sky6 hd over cape may. a little hazy, maybe a little rainy. meteorologist adam joseph with the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast because that
4:46 pm
picture will change in a big way coming up next. >> ♪
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
>> meteorologist adam joseph with the accuweather forecast. a good weekend coming up but a few rocky hours to get through. >> over the next four, five hours, severe storms popping up across much of the area. as we look at storm tracker6 live double scan right now, not everyone getting hit but where you are it has been pretty intense at times. scattered especially through new jersey and parts of delaware. we do have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect now until 5:15 for southern parts of chester county and parts of new castle county near newark and just to the west of wilmington. inch size hail with this storm and winds near 60 miles an hour. the storm isn't moving that fast to the east at about 20's miles an hour but the most severe part of the storm right now is south of kaolin near
4:49 pm
pleasant hill headed towards route 141 and will pivot its way through 92 as well near arden. will wilmington be on the outlook for this storm with about 20 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes and a cluster of downpours and thunderstorms in and around mercer county, trenton, right now being poured on by heavy rain, gusty winds even a little bit of hail in parts of these storms along 95 to the north and west of florence, north of riverside you're hearing the thunder a little flareup southern montgomery county near jenkintown and also bucks county just to the south and east of doylestown and all of this also manufacturing off to the east-northeast so you can see trenton is going to be in the line of some heavy rain for some time the next half hour or so and also we have thunder and lightning near brigantine, atlantic city, vents nor, oceanville getting hit right now with some heavy rainfall and that extends all the way to millville. again training over the same locations while other areas are not getting all that much. we all are in the summer soup
4:50 pm
though as you can see that humidity, the dewpoints back into the 70's helping to fuel some of these storms. there is relief in the torment of a colform ofa cold front wesf pittsburgh that will push through here in the wee hours of saturday morning. until then severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 10 o'clock tonight meaning any storms that fire up, this is 6 o'clock showing them even some still to the north and west could turn severe with hail, some gusty winds there could even be rotation trying to form with a couple of these storms. 9 o'clock still a few around the region. at midnight we're waiting for that front to come through philadelphia but again it pushes off to the east early on saturday morning so at 7:30 saturday as you can see even the clouds are now beginning to push well off the coast. so, for the weekend, now to talk about the better part of the forecast, saturday and sunday, we're going to be soaked at the shore but in the form of sunshine here. 80 degrees on saturday. 78 delightful on sunday with a sea breeze both day. monday now looks very cloudy and the fourth of july even
4:51 pm
some showers developing in the afternoon so get in your beach time here saturday and sunday with a low risk for rip currents. if you're heading to the poconos, beautiful there. low 70's for highs, very comfortable, lots of sun and on monday, the system we're watching is to the south so just a few clouds at 77 degrees. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, low humidity, beautiful both saturday and sunday in the city. mid 80's. for the fourth itself, here is a snapshot of future tracker at lunchtime on monday. you can see the clouds are pushing in and rain is not too far to the south and west. really going watch to see if this rain tries to rush in monday afternoon especially for monday evening into the night unfortunately for any fireworks, severe fireworks over the weekend looks dry and great and on tuesday warm, a thunderstorm possible of 85 and then behind that system we are heating it up here, near 90 on wednesday. and then into the 90's thursday and friday. turning more humid as well and we'll continues to monitor, our meteorologist melissa magee in the next half hour,
4:52 pm
will monitor the radar for you because those new warnings that tend to be popping up around the region. >> adam thank you. >> lots going on. freebie friday next here on "action news." we'll take a look at a jam packed weekend full of free activities to celebrate for your fourth of july. we'll be right back. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady. works like your body's insulin. when my schedule changes... i want something that delivers. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ i can take tresiba® any time of day. so if i miss or delay a dose, i take it when i remember, as long as there's at least 8 hours between doses. once in use, it lasts 8 weeks without refrigeration... twice as long as lantus®, which lasts 4 weeks. tresiba® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis,
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>> ♪ >> all right, let's do it. freebie friday. before we get into the fourth of july activities we've got two other really good freebies for you. >> first up for parents right now. gymboree play and music is offering a free class to new members. >> the david's tea store in king of prussia is offering a free cup of too. hoof tea. no purchase necessary. >> now to our independence day events. starting tonight you can head to penn's landing by 8 o'clock to hear a free performance from the philadelphia orchestra followed by a
4:55 pm
fireworks slow overlooking the delaware river waterfront. gorgeous. >> on saturday the whole family can learn about our nation's history free of charge. the national constitution center is waiving ticket prices all day. admission will also be free on monday. >> finally independence hall will be surrounded by a block party on sunday. there will be live entertainment a new interactive area for kids and activities for folks of all ages. festivities start at 1:00 until 8:00 p.m. for more details on all these freebies and the fourth of july lineup for the parkway head to our web site at >> we would love to come along with you this weekend so share your july 4th holiday with "action news." send us photos and the videos from our holiday weekend. just use #six action action or e-mail us at finally at 4 o'clock an unusual love story on this friday. a little dog seems to have fallen in love with a fish. >> okay. >> the french bull dog named daisy is so enamored with a
4:56 pm
koi fish named frank she just can't stop kissing him. the two washington state sweeties are inseparable. the owner says when frank sees daisy races over for a pooch. she is perched at the edge of the pond and puckers up too. this post has been shared thousands of times on social media. >> borderline x rated right there. my ifness. [laughter] >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. hope you'll join me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> "action news" continues next at 5:00 the deadly hostage situation happening right now in bangladesh days after that terror attack in turkey. >> plus with a record breaking travel projected for the holiday weekend, how officials are beefing up security in philadelphia and around the country. >> and meteorologist melissa magee tracking the threat of that severe weather in our area. we'll have another look at the accuweather forecast next at
4:57 pm
5:00. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:58 pm
geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪
4:59 pm
>> looking live outside rider now, accuweather is tracking a system bringing storms to the delaware valley. we're live at the jersey shore and some of those storms could pack a punch for many folks as severe thunderstorm watch is in effect into this evening. friday night, rick is off, brian taff joins us. the big story on "action news" is that threat of severe weather for our area. >> all right, let's get right to meteorologist melissa magee tracking the storms in the "action news" big board tonight. hi there melissa. >> hi brian, hi monica. we're tracking the showers and storms because of the building warmth and humidity across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys and an approaching cold front as well. a severe thunderstorm watch has been posted for the entire region. the only place not in that watch is lancaster county so this will stay up until 10:00 p.m. tonight. the biggest concern will be some heavy rain, wind, hail and the possibility of an isolated tornado. you could see storm tracker6 live double scan radar and things are starting to fire up along that 95 corridor especially for areas to the south and east as well. what we are tracking is some activity south of philadelphia
5:00 pm
and just to the north and west of wilmington as well. there is actually a severe thunderstorm warning posted right now it's just for northern new castle county. this will stay up until 5:15 as we could find an inch of hail, the storm system is moving to the east at about 20 miles per hour, heavy gusty winds associated with this and also quarter size hail as well. we'll show you what we are tracking on street level with storm tracker6. this is a cluster to the west of wilmington. it's got about 31 lightning strikes associated with it within the past 15 minutes. again, this will press its way to the east as we go throughout the rest of the afternoon hours until that advisory and until that warning expires. now, there's also another cluster that we are tracking down across areas in south jersey bringing some very heavy to moderate rainfall. so, downpours and storms what we are tracking the key time now until about 10:00 p.m. they will be spotty but where they hit they will be severe. torrential rain wind and hail a major concern and we cannot rule out the risk of an isolated tor


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