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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  July 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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because of the defect what that could mean for next weeks commute next on "action news". "action news", delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. saturday night i'm walter perez. big story on "action news" is tragic news from the jersey shore a father and son have
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been killed during an accident on the water. accident took place at 4:30 this afternoon in the patconn creek in summers point. initial reports are that two personal watercrafts collided. one victim was pronounced dead at the scene, other at shore medical center, third victim is hospitalized at this hour. no word on that victim's condition. new jersey state marine police and u.s. coastguard are investigating, as soon as we have more details we will pass them along. >> new to a story that could affect a lot of people come tuesday morning, septa has pulled one-third of the regional rail train cars out of services. that is because inspectors found a defect in those cars. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live from the rail yard in university city to explain why septa was forced to make this decision, jeff. >> reporter: walter, this effects the silver liner five the new model, the silver liner four, behind me, this isn't affected, by this recall. now septa isn't saying much until a news conference
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tomorrow, but a representative with the delaware val a so, of rail passengers says this could create significant travel problems, and that may not be resolved for weeks. regional rail services rolled along as usual for a saturday. passengers at suburban station say they could not tell a third of the fleet had been taken out of services. they fear returning to work on tuesday, however could be a different story. >> a their of the fleet? it is going to be chaos. that is what i say. >> a lot of the cars will be like more packed, worry about finding seats. >> reporter: septa has recalled all 120 silver liner five seen here from 2010 because of the significant structural defect discovered on friday. we're told there is a problem with the part under the car which needs to be manufactured, before the vehicles return to the rails. the passengers traveling in and out of the city for fourth of july festivities won't be affect but the car shortage will continue into the workweek and possibly all
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summer, according to transit advocates who warn travel will be difficult for commuters. >> it is reallies i and convenient, quick ten minute train ride but without 120 trains, it is not going to be good on monday. >> cars assembled at a plant in south philadelphia were placed with quality control and design problems. six years later is there yet another glitch which has commuters planning ahead. >> just in case to be on the safe side. >> reporter: and according to matthew mitchell, the association of rail passengers it has to to with the truck, the part under the train that hold the wheels and motors in place. that part has to be made. that is why it could take so long for the travel problems to be resolved. now septa plans to hold a news conference tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. to discuss this problem, and layout its contingency plans. we are live from university city, jeff chirico for channel six "action news".
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>> we will keep an eye on that situation, thanks, jeff. seventy year-old man was killed trying to chase down a bus this afternoon in west philadelphia. investigators say the man was at belmont and girard streets at 2:30 trying to catch a route 15 bus when somehow he ended up under the bus and crush by a rear tire no word on the victim's identity. he was pronounced dead at the scene. owners of the popular hoagie shop in delaware county were killed during an intense fire this morning. theodore and barbara fine own slack's hoagie house in springfield. fire started at 5:00 o'clock this morning on the 600 block of cedar street. officials say crew as arrived to heavier flames and started to put out those flames. investigators say source of the fire appears to have been a meat smoker outside of their home. the fine's are remember as a kind hearted couple. >> they were a key cornerstone in this community. there wasn't a time that you could not reach out to them in a time of need.
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>> and coming up in the next half an hour we will have have much more from the community and warning issued by fire officials for people cooking outside this weekend. demetrius williams has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and host of other charges in connection with the death of the four year-old girl who shot herself in the face and died. investigators say williams, the mother's boyfriend, was one who left behind a loaded handgun inside an upstairs bedroom of the home. little girl, sinai holmes fired a bullet into her eye while sitting inside the closet. holmes mother is also charged with murder. and alleged serial bank thief has struck again struck. fbi says straw hat bandit robbed pnc bank in north wales, montgomery county this morning. investigators say suspect showed a gun and ordered customers to get on the ground before taking the money. police suspect it is the same person who robbed ten other banks across montgomery and bucks counties over the past four years. in each case the thief is
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wearing etan hat and makeshift mask as a disguise. americans birthplace is starting the fourth of july celebration a little bit early. >> ♪ >> that is a u.s. army band called porschings own, performing in front of the pack crowd tonight. they played songs to the delight of the young and old and after the concert there was a patriotic fire works display. you will see fire works over the art museum, of course on monday night. the fourth of july fun, continues inside the national constitution center where visitors could go forward and learn with free admission all day to day. dozens of children enjoyed story time and got a free gift bag as well. it is all part of the wawa welcome america go forth and learn festivity. of course, the place to be tonight is the jersey shore. boardwalk here in ocean city was pack just a few hours ago. lot of families enjoying a comfortable evening, of course, with the trip to the boardwalk with ice cream and pizza.
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after folks fueled up it was time to hit the ride. hitting the goal, bumper cars, a perfect ending to a perfect day. and today was spectacular, spectacular day to hit the beach and that is what "action news" reporter trish hartman did at the jersey shore. she has more from long port. >> reporter: stars and stripes were every where on this perfect beach day in ventnor. when lunchtime rolled around what could be more american... then firing up the grill. >> you're allowed to grill on the beach for free without any permits. you can do gas or charcoal so we will do it every year. >> reporter: in years past grillers had to buy a permit but the not this year. beach tag holders can grill for free through the fourth of july. this family is getting ready for a feast and came prepared with multiple tents and two grills. >> steaks, chickens, shrimp. >> i have been waiting for my brother to get started with that grill. >> i told him i'm not cook to go day. >> reporter: in margate plenty
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of people were enjoying the waves but had to watch for a strong under toe. >> definitely pulling. >> reporter: life guards say they had to make more rescues then usual and asking swim tours stay close to the stand. >> it is really going that way toward the rocks, because it goes back out by rocks. so people get sucked over. >> the waves would pull you forward and then next thing they were pulling you back. >> reporter: life guard say they will be dealing with that under toe all weekend so they are encouraging swim tours pay close attention to the life guards and stay close to shore. reporting from longport, trish hartman for channel six "action news". in case you didn't notice, weather could not have been much better for the fourth of july weekend but will it continue? meteorologist melissa magee is live at the accu weather big board with the forecast, melissa. >> we had a picture perfect start to our fourth of july holiday weekend. but we are tracking some changes as we get in the second half of the weekend, and for that matter into the day on monday for the actual holiday. right now in philadelphia, really nice, comfortable. seventy-one in the city. sixty-eight in allentown,
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lehigh valley. zero seven in trenton. at the coast in cape may coming in at 73. here's satellite six with action radar, you can see high pressure starting to lose its grip across the region. there is some moisture out across the the west and you can see the cloud streaking eastward across this region this will be the case as we go throughout the rest of our holiday. so if you are at the shore, city, poconos tomorrow we have you covered. at the shore not the brightest of beach days, clouds and sunshine, high temperatures 76. eighty-two in the city tomorrow with partial sun. if you are north of philadelphia, north of that 95 corridor in the poconos tomorrow more in the way of sunshine with the temperature coming in at 75. so we will talk about what we can expect, humidity stays low for the rest of tonight, a few more cloud rolling in as we get into sunday and showers and period of rain all the way for the fourth of july on monday, we will let you know how that will impact fire works plans, details with the full, exclusive accu weather forecast, walter. >> thanks, melissa. "action news" has you
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covered on line and social media this holiday weekend. get live traffic, weather updates anytime on six and sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for any update this independent day weekend. hillary clinton was interviewed this morning by the fbi about her use of the private e-mail server for government business presumed democratic presidential nominee does not believe there is a likelihood that she will be brought up on charges. experts also think it is unlikely. in fact, with today's meeting may indicate that the just advertise department year long investigation is drawing to a close. we're learning new details about terror attack inside a cafe in bangladesh. three american college students are among the dead. this video was shot from nearby building as soldiers moved into end a siege. you can see soldiers lobbed grenade inside, 20 people inside that cafe were killed. among them 19 year-old american, a sophomore, at emery university, who lived in miami. her friend and fellow student,
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from bangladesh, and berkley sophomore taraji james from india were among the victims. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. eli wiesel, holocaust survivor and noble laureate has died. he detailed his experiences inside a concentration camp. that experience included the murders of his parents and sister, he and two other sisters survived. wiesel went on to write more than 60 books and was involved in many humanitarian causes around the world. he was awarded the noble peace prize in 1986. eli wiesel was 87 years old. much more to come on "action news" tonight, there will be no swimming in the ocean at some beach necessary florida this holiday weekend thanks to the green coating on the water. we will tell you what it is and how it got there. also a a real treat for music lovers tonight in center city, we will listen in on a special free concert by the area's most talented young people. and jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back.
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an evacuation order is in effect in southern california because of the fire. spokesmen for san bernardino county fire department says fire started this afternoon and then quickly spread to 10 acres. it has burned five structures and injured three people before fire fighters could gain the upper hand. the cause of the fire is under investigation. people vacationing in parts of the florida will not
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be spending time swimming in the ocean this weekend, that is because of the toxic allergy which has turned the normally blue waters in the green mess. four counties and treasure coast are under states of emergency. allergy came from the lake, after the army core of engineers released water from the lake to keep a dike from breaking. florida's governor says government toys blame for neglect to go make needed repairs to that dike. young man from delaware county is shot in the head and killed but person responsible remains on the loose. tonight his mother is asking for your help in finding his killer. here's rick williams with tonight's crime fighters report. report. >> yes, he was just always happy. to know him was to know a good person. >> reporter: towanda face on talks to "action news" about the last time she saw her son, alive. >> you know, we grabbed something to eat. he kissed me. he said, okay, see you later. >> reporter: wednesday march 9th he was in the area of the 4,000 block of green street in philadelphia's
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powellton section. just before 6:00 p.m. police were called for shots fired. when they got their call towanda and her husband rush to the hospital. >> they sent the chop lane to come talk to us. from that moment, right there, once again, i did the not know any details but i knew something wasn't right. >> reporter: lah teave was shot in the head. >> he held on for nine days, exactly. >> reporter: he died march 18th, the city of philadelphia is offering up to $20,000, as a reward for anyone who comes forward with any information that leads to the arrest and convictions of the person responsible. all you have to do is call the citizens crime commission at 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. towanda says very little is helping her during this very difficult time. >> i'm so many different things. i'm numb. i'm angry. i don't know. i just don't know how i'm
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with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, payment, withdrawal or transfer each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright... with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ ♪ >> hundreds of people enjoyed a free concert tonight in center city by the philadelphia orchestra. it took place this engine side kimmel center's verizon hall. special guests ny02 joined
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members of the orchestra which included talented musicians age 14 through 17. all right. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. we said it before. just perfect. absolutely perfect especially for july. >> yeah, low humidity, temperatures in the lower 80's, 70's in the region. the it stays nice as far as humidity is concerned but a few more cloud will roll in. not the brightest of the days for the rest of our holiday weekend. we will show you what is going on with storm tracker six double scan radar. it is dry. no issues with precipitation. gorgeous earlier today. still pretty comfortable outside tonight. we will show you pictures outside, action cam was outside earlier today, looking out, the sky there in center city, a beautiful picture there at sunset as we had beautiful colors and bright orange colors across the region. things are starting to calm down and a few more cloud rolling in as well. currently outside in philadelphia after a high today of 80, coming in at 71.
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dew point, really nice, anytime we have numbers below 60 degrees and 54-degree range, it is nice and please an. wind westerly at 8 miles an hour, that pressure 30.10, it is on the rise, ocean temperature coming in at 66. it is 66 in the poconos. sixty-eight in allentown. sixty-seven in reading. sixty-one in millville. at the coach in beach haven 72. cape may coming in at 73. here's satellite six with action radar. we have got a lot of activity off to our south and west. there is an area of low pressure in the nation's heart land and moisture breaking out that we're tracking and fair amount of cloud cover as well. the cloud will continue to build across much of the mid atlantic region. as we get into sunday and for this fourth of july monday. call from accu weather for next 12 hours it is partly cloudy, comfortable, 55 in the suburbs for overnight low, we will drop down to 66 degrees in philadelphia future tracker six monitoring changes for you
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at 9:00 o'clock in the morning tomorrow, we will see cloud starting to thicken up for the city and area south as well. for south jersey, also from delaware, and north and west at that time. as we go throughout 6:00 in the evening we will have a fair amount across the region but humidity will stay low. we are tracking that moisture as we get into sunday and monday, coming up from the southwest to northeast direction, for the fourth of july. we do have that rain, it looks to be heavy down across areas in dover. check this out at 10:00 o'clock tomorrow on monday night, you can see we have rape in the region. there could be an area or issue i would say with flash flood ago cross the region. this could have an impact on any fire works displays come monday night. down the shore tomorrow cloudy, breezy day at 77. cloudy on month with afternoon rain, developing in at 76 degrees. there is a a low risk for rip currents over the weekend so make sure you are swimming where life guard or on duty.
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in the poconos, not a bad day. the pleasant up to 75. cloud and some sun. monday 76 degrees. the rain will arrive for the poconos by day's end on monday. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast looks like this, sunshine, and those cloud roll in. high temperature of 82. mostly cloudy on monday, for the fourth in at 81 with those showers coming in, that rain does look to be heavy as we go throughout the evening hours, on monday, and tuesday, some sun, even an early thunder shower and then 82. we will warm up quickly on wednesday, 89. ninety on thursday and then lower 90's as we get into next friday and saturday, walter. >> thanks, melissa. good day to get a ticket, go off to the store and get a ticket. mega millions jackpot continues to grow. tonight, the estimated jackpot of 449 million-dollar. get your ticket. that is as a result of the 33 drawings with no one matching all of the numbers. it has grown to be seventh biggest of all time. next drawing is on tuesday.
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up next on "action news" phillies face royals once again tonight, they are coming off a four game winning streak but pitcher aaron nola has been having a really tough time. jeff skversky has sports when a "action news" comes right back.
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tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. jeff skversky has sports and aaron nola having problems. >> there is no guarantee aaron know lay will make his next start they are contemplating what to do tonight. watching aaron nola has been really painful. phillies starter is having the worst run of his career. get these numbers, nola has allowed 27 earned runs in his last five starts. phillies will talk it over whether or not nola will make his next start, another bad out ago begins kansas city tonight. second inning, danny duffy on the bunt, andre blanco no where to go. tied at one. merryfield in to right field, rbi inning is will.
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phillies down one. next batter, morales, oh, nola. three run home run and shot. nola has allowed 27 earned runs in his last 18 innings. phillies lose six-two. four game winning streak over. he does retire last ten batters he faced. while manager pete mackanin says he is encouraged, he will not guarantee nola will make his next start. >> we will see. like i said, we will talk tonight, either tonight or tomorrow morning, and then come up with a, you know, plan on what we will do, but like i said, he felt good about himself after those three innings and he wanted to go back out and i did not want him to. >> we will see where this goes. sixers coach brett brown told "action news" they would be throwing punches with the big boys and winning over some big free agents but as much as he loves restricted free agent harrison barnes, dallas plan to give him four years, 95 million, unless golden state matches the offer.
11:29 pm
sixers are also interested in four time all-star point guard raja rondo according to espn. rondo has been in the nba for a decade. he spent last season in sacramento after starting in boston. brown tells six abc if they can get one big free agent to add to those young stars the the sixers will be a big time attraction. >> you need a springboard reason for somebody to say, wow, you know, not only do they have these young guys, you know, you signed x, and it is a ripple effect. the players want to play with players. they want to win. and they want to play with talent. i think that our story of how we're going to tell it, grow it, say it, and show it over the next few years is really exciting. >> the celtics are not only making a push to land free agent kevin durant by having patriots quarterback tom brady in on the discussion but boston land alhorford, the
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former atlanta big man for 113 million-dollar over four years according to espn. all these 100 million-dollar contracts in the nba, they are just giving away money. sixers first round pick ben simmons misses his first summer league practice and his agent tries to finalize his contract. summer league games start on monday. we are just getting started. still to come in sports, michael phelps is swimming with the olympics on the line, we will be right back with more sports.


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