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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  July 2, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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former atlanta big man for 113 million-dollar over four years according to espn. all these 100 million-dollar contracts in the nba, they are just giving away money. sixers first round pick ben simmons misses his first summer league practice and his agent tries to finalize his contract. summer league games start on monday. we are just getting started. still to come in sports, michael phelps is swimming with the olympics on the line, we will be right back with more sports.
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and while i was telling you about the book, i downloaded a song. oh, and full disclosure, when we were just chatting about that song thing, someone arranged a date. guilty. the point is, life is digital. so, carmax, created a site where you can reserve a car online. come in when it's convenient, your car will be waiting. just another thing to make buying a car better for you... reads this tweet that i just posted. oh, that appears to be trending. lol. union are in first place and they have scored most goals in soccer. but if there is one major glaring issue right now, winning on the road. union only 1w away from chester this season. in houston tonight union without a single shot on goal in the first half. good thing andre blake is on the ball. what a save off the header. wow. twenty-ninth minute. it stays scoreless 95th houston free kick, madonna,
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the former union player as close as you will get to the walk off winner. union lose, one to nothing. michael phelps, look a lit bit more excited you are first man to qualify for olympic swimming team five times. phelps in what is his last competitive race in the united states, wins the 100-meter butterfly in the olympic trials tonight, phelps is heading to rio, he has already won 22 olympic medals in his career and look at his wife, going nuts tonight. >> that guy is not human, incredible. >> coming up at 11:50 a local voorhees girl qualifying for the olympics, her story coming up. >> looking forward to that, thanks, jeff. much more to come at 11:30. high speed chase may have been something you have seen before but who was behind the wheel that makes this the most surprising chase we have ever seen. also, one for record books, how about two, these talented young athletes have in common that could be a first on the field. that and more when "action
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saturday night here's is what happening. casino workers hit the picket line in atlantic city during one of the busiest weekend of the summer season.
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also a high speed chase with the driver who could barely see over the wheel. the amazing speeds and heart pounding misses. minor league team that is shattering glass ceilings how this group of athletes in callus changing the face of baseball. but first tonight owners of the popular hoagie shop in delaware county were killed, during an intense house fire this morning. theodore and barbara fine, own slack's hoagie house in springfield. "action news" reporter jeff chirico has the details. >> reporter: fire fighters rush to the scene of the raging house fire in the six hup block of cedar lane just after 5:00 a.m. police a arrived first and tried to rescue one people inside. >> while doing so they found two victims just inside at bottom of the steps. >> reporter: morton rutledge fire chief dean kemp said he prevented police and fire fighters from reaching the husband and wire. they have identified as theodore and barbara fine both 58 and owners of the slack's hoagie shop in springfield. >> my belief is that they got down to the first floor right
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inside the front door way and then got a lung's breath full of super heated gas and smoke and at that smoke were rendered unconscious. >> reporter: kemp says fire started in the rear of the house where meat smoker was operating ahead of the planned weekend picnic. one propane tank ruptured and likely fueled the fire. neighbors and fellow business owner remember the fine's as a kind hearted couple who supported their community. signs inside their sandwich shop from local groups thanked the couple for donating to various causes. >> they were good to the high schools and they were, they were real nice to the people that came into the shop all the time. >> our goal in the shop to get food all the time. she like as you lot. she would come here to get her nails done here. she would bring food in here. things like. that all the time. very nice people. >> reporter: couple has two adult sons. their impact on the community was not lost on those who tried desperately to save them. >> they were a a key cornerstone to this community. there wasn't a a time that you could not reach out to them,
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in the time of need. >> reporter: jeff chirico for channel six "action news". southwest philadelphia a today a man crashed his car after suffering a heart attack. it happened at 2:30 at intersection of the forty-sixth street and wood land avenue. witnesses tell "action news" it certainly appears that the 25 year-old man suffered some sort of a medical condition, before he collided with the other vehicle. they say in the end they found him unconscious, inside of his lock reek will. >> we tried to open up the door, i tried to open up the door and it was still in drive. i got on my radio and radioed my department to call 911. 911 responded and they broke the glass and got the guy out, laid home out, he was kind of blue in the face. they resuscitated him? medics do say it was a heart attack. he is hospitalized tonight but no word on his condition. new castle county police are investigating a homicide in claymont. officers were called to the 200 block of chestnut avenue
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at 9:00 on reports of the the women screaming. when they arrived they found a woman and a man both suffering from gunshot wounds. would the man was pronounced dead at the scene. the man was taken to the hospital in grave condition. no further details have been released at this hour. police in new hanover township montgomery county are investigating a string of vandalism cases, each time police say vandals are using gold spray paint as you can see in this photo of the fence there. vandals attacked during the overnight hours on thursday, in the area around willow brooke lane in pottstown. police say they are asking for anyone with any information to please give them a call. for a second day employees the atlantic city trump taj mahal casino picketed outside the building. >> no contract. >> no peace. >> no contract. >> no peace. >> no contract. >> no peace. >> reporter: more than 1,000 union workers went on strike yesterday, fourth of july weekend is historically a busy time for the city. taj mahal management urged guests to come to the property promising they would be well cared for.
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employees are demanding a pay raise and health care benefits. casino was opened by donald trump who now belongs to karl icon. now to a surprising police chase outside houston. vehicle hit speeds topping 100 n and out of traffic but wait until you hear who was behind the wheel. abc's gloria riveria has more. >> reporter: it is high speed chase in texas where race car driver pull off by a preteen. behind the wheel, a 12 year-old girl with her five-year old sister inside. >> i just could not believe it. >> in dash cam recording a police car hitting 119 miles per hour in pursuit still unable to catch up. duo flying up to 110 miles an hour in their grand mom's chevy cruz, taken police say while she slept. barely missing cars left and right. >> it is one of the most serious chases i have ever seen. >> reporter: with at least three police cars chasing her watch as the girl blow past
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this interest section weaving through two lanes of on coming traffic. investigators say she covered more than 40 miles but just sideswiped two cars no one was injured. >> i cannot imagine that this was the first time driving experience for her. >> reporter: with the road ahead block police used remote technology inside the car, to disable it. >> that was gloria riveria reporting. the incredible story. three young siblings were able to stay calm and get help, while trio of burglars broke in their home. knoll siblings age 16, 13, six were home loan when they heard burglars breaking in. they immediately ran upstairs and locked themselves inside the closet with the crooks not far behind. >> the one thieves kick in the door but kid state calm. police quickly arrived and caught two of the suspects red-handed. third suspect was hiding nearby wearing the six
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year-old mickey mouse watch. kid parents say they had spoken to the children about which doors to lock and where to hide if anything like this ever happened. how about that. much more to come on "action news" tonight, legendary marion anderson is being remembered this independence day weekend with a unique celebration at her home in center city. we will take through. meet 29 young women breaking town barriers one baseball game at a time. melissa. walter, it is a comfortable night but we're tracking more cloud that will roll in into sunday and rain is likely for the fourth of july, we have details coming up with full and exclusive accu weather forecast.
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banner honoring a hometown hero went up in new castle county delaware. action cam on the scene at kirk wood highway and tamrack avenue in elsmere as town's first banner was dedicated honor of new castle county police lieutenant joe szczerba killed in the line of duty five years ago. members of the szczerba's family along with his brothers and sisters in blue were there for the ceremony. >> ♪ god bless america >> the national marion anderson residents museum is celebrating independent day with cup cakes and designs. they were able to tour miss anderson's house in center city while listening to live performances and looking at dresses legendary singer once wore. marion anderson was a famous opera singer and civil rights activist. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee.
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did i mention today was perfect. >> yes, you did. >> i mentioned it a few times. >> you can repeat it again. it was gorgeous outside, walter. we had low humidity. it stays low tomorrow. a few more cloud rolling in and maybe rain for fourth of july, something to track closely. here's storm tracker six live double scan radar. it is dry. no issues with precipitation. we will show you the picture outside, action cam outside earlier tonight looking there at the skies above and during sunset it is a gorgeous color. nice color of orange and even some darker shade in the sky. partly cloudy for rest of tonight and it looks like those cloud will continue to drift in as we get in the day on sunday. you can see we're dry right now, temperatures right now in the upper 60's, lower 70's. seventy-one in philadelphia. seventy-two in cape may. out to the west in lancaster 66. 71 degrees in beach haven. dew points really comfortable in the upper 40's, lower 50's
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in the region. no humidity to speak of. really we will stay dry for the rest of our weekend at least until sunday. if you had to ranked days coming in at number one a close second is sunday. it is dry but those cloud are really moving in. you will notice it as early as tomorrow morning especially in the city and points to the the south. number three is actually the fourth of july on monday because there will be an opportunity to find some afternoon and evening rain that could dampen any of your plans to watch the fire works come monday night. here's satellite six with action radar. cloud are starting to build and thicken in our region. high streaking eastward. we have low pressure out a cross the nation's heart land and that nation breaking out the in the area of that low pressure. we are fining those clouds moving n call from accu weather over the next 12 hours. partly cloudy, certainly not a bad night. fifty-five in the suburbs for overnight low. we will drop down to 66 in philadelphia the here's the setup on our sunday. sun to cloud, humidity stays low. high temperature in
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philadelphia, it is 82. eighty-three in allentown. eighty in lancaster. at the coast in cape may 77. down in dover, tomorrow, coming in at 78. and the phillies are at home once again tomorrow afternoon and at citizens bank park taking on kansas city royals. partly sunny, low humidity. first pitch temperature 80 degrees. the once we get in the ninth inning coming in at 82. here's future tracker six, at 8:00 in the morning it is mostly cloudy for the city and points to the south and east. we have a sharp cut off, north and west, however, brighter skies might prevail for first half of the day. 6:00 in the evening we will notice mostly cloud a cross the region. as we get in the day on monday you can see by the afternoon 3:00 o'clock those showers fire up from southwest to northeast direction. it continues by 9:30, 10:00 o'clock on monday night. we will track the rain some of which looks to be heavier the at times. certainly could impact fire works display as cross the region. we will monitor that very
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closely. accu weather forecast looks like this, sun, afternoon cloud. high of 82. cloudy on monday. eighty-one we are track ago this rain by days end on monday. some sunshine around on tuesday, high up to 82. thunder shower still likely early in the day on tuesday. then warm up quickly wednesday 89, 90 on thursday, hot and humid. ninety-two on friday as we get into next saturday a temperature of 90 with sunshine. clouds tomorrow. then we will track that rain on monday. that is dicey for fire work. >> thanks melissa. it was a weekend of breaking glass ceilings for talented young athletes in california. for the first time a minor league baseball team has signed two female players. here's abc's ron clay born. >> reporter: it was 25 year-old stacy, on the mound and kelce wittmore in left field, boys of summer make way for the girls. >> i'm so excited. very honored to be out here. >> reporter: two women played
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their first game friday night for sonoma stoppers a professional minor league team in northern california. >> to get a chance to continue to play as a woman means a lot to me. >> reporter: just like any other ball player they drew attention of the young autograph hound and fans in the stand. >> they said there was one and then they said there was two. said that is so cool. >> reporter: until now women have been relegate todd all female baseball, depict in the movie a league of their own. kelce and stacy says their male teammates have been welcoming. >> it is great. >> they are like brothers. >> you can't get undressed where you usually do, that was different, but everything has been fine. >> reporter: stoppers ended up losing eight-four but that seemed less important then what happened on the field where a barrier was splinterd, like a broken baseball bat. ron clayborn for abc news, new york.
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i'm yes skversky with sports. ben simmons, the sixers, number one overall pick, signs his nba contract tonight, finally, right. here's the sixers number one pick he should be on the practice floor tomorrow in utah. they is signing that contract tonight. he is the sixers first number one overall pick since allen iverson in 1996. now the sixers are interested in a four time all-star, it is point guard rajo rondo. he has been in the nba for ten years, mostly for celtics but he spent last year in sacramento. moving on to the phillies, some trouble brewing for aaron nola. phillies have talk about not only shutting down aaron nola until after the all-star break
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but even sending him back down to the minors. it is and option. they will talk more about it tonight and, of course, tomorrow morning after another ugly outing. phillies fanatic, well, he has been in the slump too but they have a replacement ready to role for him. i'm just kidding. phillies spot nola a first inning lead, miguel franco off danny duffy's glove. ball gets a run in but high five end there. another painful start for nola. 's allows five runs in the second. adding up to 27, over his last five starts. phillies lose six-two. afterward manager pete mackanin says he is encourage by nola who retired his last ten batters but he is still struggling. >> he was just missing location. i think that is what it is all about. he missed a lot of pitches. you can see where kitchen set up and he missed. i think he is probably over throwing, trying to make too good of a pitch. >> voorhees native english
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gardener says she want to be the fastest woman in the world. well, track and field star is on her way in the olympic trials. gardener in lane six wins first heat of the 100 meters easily to advance to the semi finals tomorrow, gardener went to eastern high school is trying to qualify for summer olympics for the first time, it is just me, it is hardest thing i have ever done. nervous, hands shaking, you know, really just trying to stay as calm as possible and try to use my confidence to level out those nerves. >> and if gardener is nervous now, can you imagine her nerves if she makes it to rio and summer games. >> nerves is fuel. >> what a story. >> back to you. woman from philadelphia celebrated a real milestone birthday today. geraldine smith celebrated 100 years of life this afternoon right there in the springfield country club in delaware county. she was born in philadelphia, in 1916 and was the first in her family to graduate from
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upper darby high school. friend, family called her jerry and she said she enjoys sewing her own clothes and active member of her church. happy birthday geraldine. castle is next here on channel six. "action news" continues at 6:00 tomorrow morning with nydia han, gray hall and chris sowers. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. have a good night. we will see you right back here tomorrow. >> ♪
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