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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  July 3, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. new overnight, hillary clinton's fbi interview. answering questions about her prove e-mail server. whether classified information was mishandled. what she's saying about the meeting. could it change the shape of the presidential race? terror attack. three students from american universities among the 20 hostages killed in the bloodbath at an upscale bakery in bangladesh popular with foreigners. who was behind this? how the terrorists decided ho would live and who would die. kid crime fighters. the siblings caught home alone when burglars broke in. rushing into a closet to call 911. >> what happened? >> they just came into my parents' room. >> police speeding to the scene. the little superheroes telling
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their story this morning. and the huge upset at wimbledon. american sam querrey pulling off a stunning victory. serving up ace after ace. >> novak djokovic is out at wimbledon! >> defeating the world's number one player, novak djokovic, to end the champ's 30-match winning streak. the biggest win of his career. hey, good morning. happy third of july, as the fourth approaches, the celebrations are already beginning. >> we want to thank you for joining us. on your holiday weekend. look at this convoy of antique farm tractors parading down south street in illinois near springfield. fireworks at the phillies game overnight. and at a nascar event in daytona. and right here in new york this morning, they're prepping for the big fireworks display which
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is tomorrow night, which is the fourth. >> yes, you're so good at math. we're celebrating with tips for your barbecue as well as holiday-themed cakes. milkshakes, ridiculous outfits. i suspect somebody -- i don't want to name any names, but her initials are sara haines. she may be wearing some of the aforementioned outfits. >> and you'll be grilling? >> i'll be learning from somebody who knows how to grill. now with a new twist to the story that has really been dogging hillary clinton's campaign for months. >> clinton sitting down for what she calls a voluntary interview with the fbi. it involves her e-mail server while she was secretary of state. >> this morning, clinton is speaking out about the investigation, as you might imagine, so is donald trump. mary bruce is in washington with much more on this story. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning. clinton agrees her interview was civil and businesslike. it could also be politically damaging. that interview giving her e-mail scandal new life.
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it's a 3 1/2-hour sitdown that could change the shape of the presidential race. hillary clinton slipping out of her d.c. home saturday for that long-awaited interview at the fbi about her use of a private e-mail server when she was secretary of state. saturday night, clinton seemingly at ease during a phone interview with msnbc. >> i've been eager to do it. and i was pleased to have the opportunity to assist the department in bringing its review to a conclusion. >> reporter: the voluntary interview is part of the fbi investigation into whether classified information was mishandled. and whether charges should be filed against clinton. >> i've said many times, if i could go back, i would do it differently. i know people have concerns about this. >> reporter: clinton has denied any wrongdoing and turned over more than 52,000 e-mails. 22 of which were later deemed too classified to be made public. the controversy has dogged her campaign from the start.
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and this morning, the findings loom large as clinton gets set to accept her party's nomination in just three weeks. donald trump pounced. tweeting it is impossible for the fbi not to recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton. what she did was wrong. the outcome of the fbi probe ultimately rests with attorney general loretta lynch who sparked a political firestorm when she met privately with bill clinton last week. >> i certainly wouldn't do it again. >> reporter: lynch said she will accept whatever recommendations are made by the fbi and lawyers investigating the case. the end of the investigation is near. it's not over yet. agents and prosecutors will now compare what she told them with all the other evidence gathered to determine if any lawing were broken. >> mary, thank you. our team at "this week" is getting ready for a big show this morning.
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martha raddatz is joining us with more. good morning. >> good morning. >> hillary has been interviewed. that happened yesterday. it was the final piece of the puzzle. where does the fbi investigation go from here? >> well, it's exactly what mary says. they compare the evidence they have to what secretary clinton said. and how all that fits together. she was probably the last witness or at least one of the last witnesses. then they see what kind of case they have. it's a pretty high bar for prosecution of anyone. it's expected it will be completed fairly soon. >> i know recently you spent time in some critical states. ohio, pennsylvania. what is the sense there and how the investigation is affecting clinton? >> the voters i talked to this week truly echoed the polls. even people voting for hillary clinton don't seem to trust her. even though the investigation into benghazi was completed this week without any new wrongdoing discovered. the e-mail situation. it's resonating. she knows she has a trust problem.
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what she's going to do about it is unclear. >> as we just heard from mary, donald trump calling for the fbi to recommend criminal charges. where is he getting the most traction right now? >> he's getting traction in the same states. ohio and pennsylvania. but he has a trust issue, as well. yet, the voters there seem so angry, they're willing to vote for him. one democratic mayor told me that trump is saying what people want to hear. and he might get his vote. very interesting out there, paula. >> very interesting dynamic. anger driving a lot of the voters this year. martha, thank you. have great show. i know you have a busy morning. so we're going let you go. martha will have more on the hillary clinton meeting with the fbi. and she'll talk to ohio senator sherrod brown. and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. this morning, new details on the attack in bangladesh. the chilling 12-hour siege inside an upscale bakery that left 20 hostages dead. three of the victims were
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students at american universities. jennifer eccles is on the job in our london bureau this morning. jennifer, good morning to you. >> reporter: hello, dan, indeed, heartbreak this morning for the youngest victims of the bloody siege in bangladesh. as we learn about three undergrads at american universities who are among the dead. overnight, dramatic new amateur video of the moment commandos stormed a restaurant besieged by militants. the terrifying stream of gunfire ending a nearly 12-hour siege that killed 20 civilians. >> it's a very long time to have that kind of standoff. especially when you're dealing with a terrorist group. >> reporter: the attack targeting foreigners. among the dead, three college students studying in the u.s., including 19-year-old miami native abinta kabir. her former teacher, stunned. >> it is so hard to believe hat she was there. and she was suffering for 10 or 11 hours. i don't even want to think about it. >> reporter: the emory university sophomore was
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visiting relatives when islamic extremists attacked a spanish restaurant, taking kabir and dozens of others hostage. her fellow student and friend, faraaz hossain, reportedly died trying to protect 19-year-old berkeley student tarushi jain. they were both killed. survivors report the terrorists ordered hostages to rekrit verses from the koran. those unable to do so were killed. >> they'ring look to kill as many people as possible and they're prepared to die for their cause. >> reporter: isis and al qaeda have taken credit for several brutal killings this year in this majority muslim country once praised for religious tolerance. this morning, police released photos of five of the terrorists. they say all are from bangladesh. and known to authorities as members of a banned extremist group and not isis. another attacker remains in custody while the country begins two days of mourning. paula?
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>> still some uncertainty about the claims of responsibility. jennifer, thank you. we want to move to florida on what should be a busy and bustling holiday weekend, many beaches have been dealing with this. a green, toxic, and foul-smelling invasion. officials scrambling to deal with the algae bloom. eva pilgrim is in jensen beach. this is incredibly thick, isn't it? >> reporter: oh, paula. thick doesn't even describe it. an unwanted visitor is here at florida's coastline this holiday weekend. i want to show you this toxic algae. it is curdled as you described. thick. sludge. and it has the absolute worst smell. like a thousand rotting eggs. you can see this fish here has washed ashore. it has died. as you can imagine, this toxic sludge is keeping people out of the water. this morning, sunny south florida beaches and waterways are being invaded by a foul
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stench and toxic sludge. >> it's unbearable. >> reporter: the culprit, a wave of poisonous algae. and it's driving away florida tourists trying to enjoy the long holiday weekend. >> it's not even healthy to breathe. it's letting off the toxins. it will make your sick. >> my deck hands can't touch the dock line. >> reporter: florida's governor declaring a state of emergency in four counties. green and blue goo temporarily closing beaches along the treasure cove. stuart, the hardest hit beach. floridians and visitors alike warned to be on the lookout for science of the offending gunk along the shore. >> if you see the algae, just stay away from it. >> reporter: officials say the guacamole-thick growth may be unavoidable for wild liflife, l this manatee. effects like fever and rashes to more extreme. scientists pinning the blame on water dumped out of lake
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okeechobee to prevent flooding. protesters demanding an end to the releases. >> what do we want? >> all: clean water. >> reporter: the discharges have been slowed in response. the army corps of engineers say it will help but it won't solve the problem. and for now, local officials have canceled the annual fireworks show, which is usually right out here on the water, because nobody wants to get in it. dan? >> hard to blame them. v vea, thank you. we're going to move to passing being felt around the world. elie wiesel who transformed himself from an orphan liberated from a german concentration camp at the age of 16 to perhaps the loudest and most eloquent voice reminding the world never to forget the horrors of the holocaust. he was a storyteller, an activist. to millions of admirers, now mourning his loss, he was known as a one-man testament to bravery and survival.
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>> i would like to show the -- of a person who is not only a victim of his own sickness but of injustice. >> reporter: his book, "night," thrust him on to the world stage. it told the story of his experience in a german concentration camp to which he and his family were sent when wiesel was just 15 years old. in it, he writes, never shall i forget those things, even were i condemned to live as long as god himself. never. his commitment to making sure the world never forgets the systematic killing of 6 million jews earned him accolades, including the nobel peace prize. in 1986. >> it is with a profound sense of humility that i accept the honor. the highest there is, that you have chosen to bestow on me. >> reporter: president obama, who walked the grounds of the former concentration camp buchenwald with wiesel issued a
8:13 am
statement saying that elie never gave up on humanity and on the progress that is possible when we treat one another with dignity and respect. >> we refuse to be silent. remember. silence helps the killer, never his victims. >> incredible life and after being liberated from the concentration camp at the age of 16, he went on to write as many as 60 books. his most famous book, "night," sold more than 10 million copies around the world. he died right here in new york city. he was 87 years old. elie wiesel. >> what a legacy, though. let's move to ron and check in on some of the stories. congratulations on 30 years. we celebrated yesterday. >> and three days now. but who's counting? good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news overnight of a devastating terrorist bombing in iraq. iraqi officials saying 78 people were killed and 160 wounded in a car bombing this morning at a busy shopping district. the blast happened as
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people were in the streets after breaking their ramadan fast. and back here at home, five people, including a child were killed in a bus crash in florida. another 25 people hurt when their bus collided with a tractor trailer and then burst into flames. authorities say the bus ran a stop sign. and fast-moving brush fire tore through a hillside, destroying homes and forcing evacuations in california. five houses burned. 20 other residences were evacuated. park officials in alaska are on the hunt for a grizzly bear that attacked a woman. it scratched and bit the woman. she survived by playing dead. these photos show the same grizzly approaching people last month before being scared away. they say the animal has been behaving erratically. in texas, a dramatic plane
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crash caught on video. the plane crashed into the lake and flipped over. all three people on board made it out safely just before the plane sank a minute later. finally, this fourth of july weekend, rescuing a bald eagle. army veteran jason galvin spotted the bird caught if a rope and dangling from a branch 70 feet off the ground in minnesota. he called for help. the police and fire department said they knew about it already. they couldn't come rescue the bird because of safety issues. so galvin took out his rifle, shot out the rope. >> you're kidding. >> freed the bird. the bird was taken to a rehab center and is expected to be okay. 2459 that eagle has been named, agila. it means freedom. >> did the rifle shot give him a heart attack? he survived that? >> he managed to survive it. how about that? like buffalo bill shooting out the rope. >> he's got a good shot, for sure. >> yeah. very good. happy ending.
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>> yes, very happy. we hope everybody has a happy ending to the fourth of july weekend. we have to remind everyone about the dangers of setting off fireworks on your own. last year, 12,000 americans were injured by fireworks. some of those were deadly. marci gonzalez is on the story for us this morning. hi, marci. >> reporter: hi, paula. more of those accidents are happening every day. this morning, we're hearing very real reminders of those dangers. on the eve of independence day, a man's hand is ploun off. >> reporter: that man in florida losing his happened this week whend police say a firework he was lighting exploded early. a similar accident happened this week in chicago. >> i remember looking at my hand and there was no hand there. >> reporter: the consumer product safety commission demonstrating the dangers. saying there were more fireworks related injuries last year than in the past 15 years.
8:17 am
11 people killed. nearly 12,000 hospitalized. including new york giants player jason pierre paul. >> keep fireworks away from kids. >> leave professional fireworks to the professionals. >> reporter: he's out with a new public service announcement after losing a finger and injuring the rest of his hand after lighting a professional grade firework last year. >> the second one blew off my whole hand. it's right there. >> reporter: only use fireworks designed for consumes. never try to relight fireworks that don't seem to work at first. or just leave it to the professionals, putting on more than 14,000 shows like this across the country this weekend. and the biggest of them all happening tomorrow night right here in new york. more than 3 million people are expected to come out to watch. dan and paula? >> i think i might watch from the couch, marci. it's the safest place. >> mm-hmm.
8:18 am
there's going to be rain across some fireworks displays, the good news if you're off your own it's safer when it's raining. where am i going with this? >> it's safer if you put up or own in rain. >> reporter: be careful out there, and happy birthday america. wichita, kansas, 5.7 inches of rainfall. that's a record for a day. in some cases 6 inches. most of the rain has moved out. look at the flood watches east of cincinnati now into west virginia and along the stationary boundary, it will bring moisture in this general direction. thunderstorms across the ohio river valley. 10:00 p.m., which is prime time for fireworks wet weather across pennsylvania and the mid atlantic. some of this will be heavy. 3 to 5 inches of rainfall as the
8:19 am
front moves slowly. severe weather threat today from oklahoma city to paducah. that's the national outlook, here's what's going on locally. >> reporter: all right rob, we have showers down south, they are starting to lighten up in milltown, delaware. taking a look outside, cloudy skies in cape may on sky6 live hd. not exactly a downpour there. as we take a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, nice day over most of the region, more sun to the north, more clouds to the south, low humidity and high of 82. spotty shower activity down the shore. tomorrow, increasing clouds and afternoon and evening rain possible. we'll see you in about ten more minutes. >> want to repeat. do not take rob's safety device seriously. he does have detailed instructions on running with scissors on his website. >> blindfolded.
8:20 am
>> why don't i save you for once, dan harris. >> okay, fine. >> reporter: there's a new darling at wimbledon. america sam querrey serving up a big victory and sending the number one tennis player in the world home packing. >> novak djokovic is out of wimbledon! >> reporter: a stunning defeat and shock on the court at one of the greatest spectacles in tennis. top seed novak djokovic knocked out on saturday in the third round. the backhanded surprise coming at the hands, or racket, of american sam querrey. >> djokovic frustrated. >> reporter: the former reality star ranked 28th at wimbledon. the marathon match interrupted because of rain delays. >> fortunately, for me, we got another rain delay. i got to regroup. >> reporter: querrey, dealing the defending champ his earliest grand slam exit in seven years. >> the opponent was playing very well.
8:21 am
>> reporter: today, all eyes are on the women. serena williams back on the court, fined $10,000 after this outburst and a close call on friday. the six-time wimbledon champ says she's ready to focus on her opponent. >> i'm ready for it. i'm ready for any challenge. >> reporter: catch all the tennis action on espn today. >> i bet novak djokovic knows how to say sam's name now. >> yes. >> in the post game press conference, he referred to him as the opponent. >> my nameless opponent. the guy who beat me. >> you don't want to get too personal. >> dehumanizing. the first step. >> thank you, sara. >> thank you, sara. appreciate it. much more coming up. all alone during a frightening home invasion. three scared siblings hiding in the closet while strangers break into their house. they're telling their story this morning. it's incredible. drama for a home improvement reality star who bought a fixer upper. why she's getting hammered by angry neighbors. and later, expert grilling tips for your fourth of july barbecue. even for vej teenagers.
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this sunday, july 3, i'm nydia han. sky6 live hd taking live look at atlantic city right now. i know there are lots of people down the shore, it is gray right now, very cloudy and we've seen rain moving through, what can the hundreds of thousands of people visiting the shore for the 4th of july weekend expect for the rest of the day.
8:28 am
meteorologist david murphy outside with the details. >> reporter: the farther south you go along the beach today, nydia, the better chance you have of shower activity. it's all the way up to atlantic city. back to the west of smyrna and chester town, that line is moving south. 69 degrees and some sun out in philadelphia right now. your seven day shows a high of 82. showers down south, but pretty good everywhere else. >> that's it for "action news," we'll be back in a half-hour. i'm nydia han. stay tuned for more "good morning america." ♪ keep on track with dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies, made with low-fat yogurt and real fruit blended into feel-good flavors like new wildberry.
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hey, welcome back to "gma" on a sunday morning. happening right now, hillary clinton speaking out about what she calls her voluntary interview with the fbi, saying she was happy to assist in the investigation into her e-mail use. donald trump insisting, however, that criminal charges should be filed. also right now, the reopening of a new york boardwalk decimated by superstorm sandy. the newly restored walkway at rockaway beach is open for the first time since being washed away four years ago. the wood has been replaced by concrete anchored with steel pilings. >> great news for that part of the world. >> excellent news. and an army mom trying to break a guinness world record for the most consecutive tennis matches. she's trying to provide scholarships to military
8:31 am
families. maybe she should call up novak djokovic because he's suddenly available. >> bam, paula. >> that is cold. >> maybe he'll remember her name. that's a great cause. coming up, why the star of the hgtv show "rehab addict" who paid just $2 for this house may now be in danger of losing it. first, the brave kids who took action when burglars showed up at the house. >> their quick thinking led to the arrest of three robbery suspects. the riveting 911 call tells quite a story. lauren lyster joins us with more from our los angeles bureau. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: hey, dan, and paula. this morning, three siblings, 6 through 16, are recovering from a home burglary horror. what they did may have saved them. >> they're coming, they're coming, they're coming, they're coming, they're right next to the door. >> reporter: this dramatic 911 call capturing the moment these three children were caught home alone during a home invasion. >> just stay on the phone with
8:32 am
me. okay? >> okay. when i really think about it, it's like this happening, right now. like right, right now. >> reporter: 13-year-old indigo, her 16-year-old sister and 6-year-old brother hearing three thieves breaking into the house. through a window. the siblings quickly springing into action. running upstairs to the parents' bedroom, hiding in the closet. all the while, zahoria is on the phone with 911. >> they're in the house, they're in the house, they're in the house, they're in the house. all you hear throughout the house, they're loud, there's doors slamming. you can tell they're closer and closer. >> reporter: father kenneth is on the phone with indigo, rushing home from work while the robbers get close to the closet where they're pressed up against the door. >> what happened? >> they just came into my parents' room. >> i'm trying to get there. attempting to break the sound barrier at any point. it was the worst feeling in the world. >> reporter: in minutes, police
8:33 am
arrive and catch two suspects red handed. loading up their loot. a third caught hiding nearby. their arrest, thanks in part, to the quick thinking of these superhero kids. and the noel parents say the lesson here is to make sure families have a plan for these kinds of scenarios. the kids say this episode was all about their own, on the fly, fast-acting plan. dan and paula? >> those kids quick on their feet. thank you, lauren. it all had a happy ending as well. >> they're amazing. also very cute. very happy ending. let's check the forecast with rob marciano. hey, man. >> hey, it's july. time for steamy weather, especially across th big time heat advisory from west texas to south carolina. it's going to be steamy for the next couple of days. take it easy if you're working or playing outdoors. 107 in dallas. 1050 in little rock and near 100 in atlanta, georgia. severe weather a threat north of
8:34 am
that from oklahoma city to paducah, kentucky. east toward cincinnati. ohio, west, we're looking okay. tomorrow, 4th of july. independence missouri should stay dry. liberty new york, 79 degrees, a chance for showers, flag, arkansas, pay treat indiana and freedom california. 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. this is the problem area, nashville to new york city, this is where fireworks displays are in jeopardy. that's a specific forecast, so let's draw it down. here's the local forecast. >> reporter: showers around south jersey and southern delaware, they are starting to break apart a little bit. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, down south by the shore, some spotty shower activity. dry everywhere else, low humidity, high of 82. singular.
8:35 am
>> i think it's adorable when you try to speak yiddish. schvitzing. schvitzing. sweating. yiddish for sweating. thank you for being so inclusive on this sunday morning. >> you're all nuts. >> yes, we are all nuts. >> your turn. >> i should be reading on the tell prompter? coming up on "gma." such a deal. $2 for a house. now neighbors are complaining that the reality star who bought the home is not keeping her promise. you know what she's doing now? she's schvitzing a little bit. >> she wants her $2. do you remember the reference? and july 4th, by the numbers. how our celebrating all adds up. >> you want me to take it from here. >> what is that a reference to? here. >> what is that a reference to? so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right.
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nicole curtis made a name for herself renovating homes on the reality show "rehab addict." >> but she's under fire for one of her latest projects. neighbors say she didn't live up to her end of the bargain to fix up a home she bought for just $2. the reference was from a movie "better off dead." give me my $2. i bet adrienne bankert knows that reference.
8:40 am
>> she's too young for that. >> right over my head. >> see? >> let's talk about this story here. this home makeover becoming a war of words on facebook. curtis and her loyal fans saying she's done nothing wrong. some neighbors and city officials disagree. >> i just want brick. >> reporter: this morning, nicole curtis, star of hgtv's hit show, "rehab addict" under fire. neighbors and minneapolis city officials claiming she's failed to follow through on her promise to ren knn renovate thi abandoned home. >> the facts are that she did stop working on it. the workers walked off. nothing has been done. >> we have some issues. >> reporter: the home restoration personality. >> i don't just renovate -- i restore old homes to their former glory. >> reporter: -- reportedly bought the place back in 2012 for only $2. the deal? within one year, curtis had to improve the property, which had a long record of violations
8:41 am
before her involvement. including pild up garbage and criminal activity. neighbors say she hasn't he held up on her end of the deal. they're infuriated. >> she could have been well meaning in the beginning. now it's gone to the point where she gets property and it just sits. >> reporter: officials saying the deadline has passed. now the city is considering its options, including legal action and possibly taking back the home. >> the neighbors don't deserve this. >> reporter: curtis defended herself on facebook. writing the neighbors are like a swarm of wasps and have been since day one. stating that she hired a contractor in 2014 that kept pushing back the work, leaving two sites in shambles. >> i'm addicted to rehab. >> reporter: in her hgtv show, curtis is known for buying and flipping older houses. as for the minneapolis property, the host says she's already sunk $80,000 into the project. reminding her critics it sat vacant for 20 years. and it's in better shape now than it has been.
8:42 am
curtis says she's paid up on all insurance and taxes for the home. we did reach out to her representatives, but did not hear back. dan and paula? >> her message is maybe just a little patience? right? >> yeah, and i think, too. she says she's committed to the community. she hosted a fund-raiser at the house for a patient with cancer. some of the neighbors were questioning that. hopefully, they can mend fences. >> thank you very much. coming up here on "gma," what i learned from a grilling expert. tips for your holiday barbecue. and this intriguing question, can you really cook your salad? spirit fingers, kids. sara and ron are taking patriotism to a whole new level in "pop news." this is going the be their wardrobe from here on out. you guys look spectacular. >> ron, you're going to get paid extra today. >> i better!
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it's the perdue way. time for "weekend download." to state the blazingly obvious, this is a huge grilling weekend. i have my new friend, jake dixon from dixon farmstand meats. right here in chelsea market in the heart of manhattan. what do we have here? >> a few different things from chelsea market's new cookbook. a grilled hanger steak. with compound butter. grilled spare rib. dpriled romaine hearts. grilled sausages. >> while i greedily take the sausage, tell me how you prepare the ribs. >> we have a little bit of spanish smoked paprika rub on them. we also put some brown sugar in it. go heavy on it. i like to use the brown sugar because it will caramelize nicely. don't make as much of the mess as i did. >> if you have somebody in the house willing to clean, make a mess.
8:47 am
>> over indirect heat. put the ribs on the other side of the grill that's not turned on. close the lid. they'll take about three hours. glaze them with the favorite barbecue sauce. put them on a high grill right before you serve them. >> they look ridiculously delicious. everybody knows that you can grill corn on the grill. you're grilling salad? >> i love doing the grilled romaine hearts. salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar, olive oil. char them over a high grill. make something simple and everyday into something different. >> i love it. you're the man. happy fourth. >> thanks for coming. happy fourth. >> thanks for coming. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix.
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8:51 am
♪ any time i wonder about the deep seriousness of this job, i show up on july 4th and here we are. >> you're put in place, right? >> uh huh. time for "pop news" with sara haines.
8:52 am
who is going to elevate this whole show. where we going? >> you're welcome, is all i have to say. on this fourth day of july eve, we've got the food, we've got the costumes. so, cue the music. ♪ proud to be an american ♪ where at least i know i'm free ♪ >> not with food in your mouth, rob. youtube is out with your fireworks play list. the most popular song is "god bless the usa" by lee greenwood. i love that one. coming in second place, another country star, courtesy of "the red white and blue" toby keith. third, fourth, and fifth go to "the star spangled banner" sung here on "gma" on friday. by star swain. followed by "god bless america." and "yankee doodle." >> rob looks like yankee doodle. >> what about to neil diamond "america"? >> katy perry.
8:53 am
>> who does dan look like? >> one of the guys they throw up in the air -- the male cheerleaders. >> it's male cheerleader moment for him. which we might be doing at the end. >> ron, stretch out. >> you guys feeling limber? >> mm-hmm. >> it won't weigh that much, i promise. >> i shouldn't bring toys for you guys. here's the 411 about the big bash at the white house, which couldn't possibly top ours. president obama and first lady michelle selected the entertainment for the official independence day barbecue. according to politico, "tightrope" singer, michelle monet. who recently lent her voice to "this is for my girls" will appear at the event on the south lawn. it honors military families and military members. not to mention, kendrick lamar. "how much a dollar cost" was the president's favorite song of last year. >> a serious lineup. michelle monet is incredibly talented. >> and president obama has good music taste. and he has two young daughters to keep him hip. hip to the 411, get a daughter, dan.
8:54 am
>> i have a 1 1/2-year-old. all i know is "wheels on the bus." >> go round and round. >> which just brought your stock down lower. >> as if that were possible, sara haines. >> oh, stop. >> exactly. what about the celebrations going on in backyards across the country. here are some numbers for you. according to wallethub, 1 out of 4 americans will buy patriotic merchandise. clearly, we bought the whole store out, for the july 4th holiday. 65% will attend a barbecue or picnic. this is surprisingly the top beer-drinking holiday. >> really? >> yeah, i could have thought of a few others. like maybe st. patrick's day. 42.6% will watch a fireworks celebration in the weather holds out and we'll be eating 150 million hot dogs. >> and one. paula? >> cheers. here, rob, cheers. >> so good. >> nathan's hot dogs. nothing more american. >> i don't know. this shake with a piece of cake on top of it is pretty good. >> the first time dan has ever eaten on the show. >> speaking of the hot dogs.
8:55 am
eat your dessert first. a great many of those hot dogs will be eviscerated tomorrow at nathan's hot dog eating contest. in brooklyn, new york. defending champion, matt stony, who downed 62 dogs last year, looks to extend his winning streak against, rob, joey chestnut, euroyou were talking t him earlier. he's won eight consecutive titles. both of them looking fierce in this staredown, "relishing" the competition. empire cake bakery. now a dan harris favorite for these cakes. black tap craft burgers and beer for their incredible holiday milkshakes. and tip the elves for the cool duds. you outdid yourself, really. >> honestly. dan, one more bite. >> anybody want a piece of this cake? >> oh, i'll serve some. sure. wait. oh, my -- dan. >> dan, what is it with you and cakes? you're like a 5-year-old.
8:56 am
>> it's not a wedding. >> we gotta go. i'm in trouble. >> dan. good morning, i'm nydia han along with gray hall. there's a problem with septa rm rm -- regional rails, why a third of their trains have been brought to a screeching halt. plenty of people are enjoying the jersey shore this weekend. >> reporter: guys we have showers that are bothering folks in south jersey and delaware,
8:57 am
farther north we have sun out, it's looking like a good day. what about the 4th of july? i'll have that coming up on what about the 4th of july? i'll have that coming up on "action news" at noon. life's morning multitasking for a growing family, and drawers with many layers, to show exactly what you need. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
8:58 am
okawhoa!ady? [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity.
8:59 am
>> good morning, it is 9:00 a.m. on this sunday, july 3. in the news out of service, a third of septa's regional rails are off line after a structural
9:00 am
defect was discovered. details on what this means for travelers. >> fun in the sun, the 4th of july holiday weekend is being celebrated along the jersey shore by thousands of people. >> but for some the long holiday weekend is off to a bumbley start weather wise. day two of our 4th of july holiday weekend is starting out as a soaker for parts of the delaware. sky6 live hd is looking live in atlantic city where it is raining lightly. will it rain on your picnic later today? that's the question. meteorologist david murphy in for chris and has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: yes it's going to be a little wet down the shore at times, storm tracker 6 live double scan shows that to you in a moment. sky6 live hd shows you in and around philadelphia we have sunshine breaking out, and that spotty shower activity down the shore is the only place we're looking at rain. in fact things are


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