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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  July 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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sunday, july 3, i'm nydia han along with gray hall. >> here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," a third of septa's regional rail cars are out of service for major defects. we'll tell you what it means for commuters. a father and young son are
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dead after a south jersey jet ski accident. a brushfire races through a california neighborhood destroying a number of homes. first, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast with meteorologist david murphy. david folks at the shore woke up to rain, but it's cleared out now. >> reporter: it does look like it cleared out and now we have sunshine breaking through the high, thin cloud cover. satellite is showing the cloud cover is thinning out a little bit. areas close to the coast are starting to see sun. there are additional showers out at the west, they may take same at the areas of southern delaware and extreme south jersey. 75 in allentown. 75 in trenton. 75 in wilmington. 69 degrees in cape may at this hour. dewpoints also in the 50s in a lot of neighborhoods, so the humidity not all that bad. as we roll through the rest of the way, we're going for a high of 82. i could see us hitting that in philadelphia around 3:00 p.m.,
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and then this model has us still on or about 80 all the way to 6:00 p.m. we start to dip after that. if you're out late around midnight look for the terms to get into the 60s, warm, low humidity and comfortable out there today. a slight chance of a spotty shower down south in southern half of delaware and extreme south jersey. all eyes on tomorrow we're expecting clouds and showers and maybe a thunderstorm in spots. we'll have a brand new model run on future tracker 6 and examine whether we have problems with fireworks. one-third of septa's regional rail system is out of service and may not be up and running for many weeks. all the newest generation of cars have major structural defects and fixing them could take time. let's go live to and in center city. annie this could become a big
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problem for commuters especially tuesday morning. it is an alert septa employee that noticed the defect on friday, they pulled outline the cars out of service for inspection. septa has been working with local, state and federal officials to try to figure out a contingency plan for tuesday. suburban station is empty on a holiday morning. and that could be a good thing for septa. they are thinking how operate without their regional rail fleet. >> it's going to be chaos. >> i'm hoping they get their act together and do what's necessary and fix the problem. asap. >> reporter: friday, septa discovered a structural defect and recalled all the matheus sliva.
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the -- matheus silverliner v why were assembled at a south philadelphia plant there were quality control and design problems. it's been 6 years since the car hit the rails. we have no idea how long it will take for the part to be fixed. we're not sure they know how long it will be a problem if it will be a couple of weeks or through the summer or the fall. they will give us an update at 2:00 p.m. streaming live on our website at annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you. certainly something we'll watch. right now the holiday weekend is in full swing, the jersey shore is one of the best spots for fun in the sun today. the beaches in atlantic city are beginning to fill up this afternoon. as you see sky6 live hd as
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people flock to the beach after a rainy start. people enjoyed a break on the beach grilling on the beach in ventnor. we found families taking advantage of this, there were some who hit the beach fully prepared with tents and two girls. in margate, plenty of beach goers enjoyed the waves and hot summer son. they had to watch out for strong undertow. >> water is sucking that way toward the rocks. people are getting sucked over. >> the waves would pull you forward and the next thing you know they are pulling you back deeper. >> lifeguards say they have had to make more rescues and asked swimmers to stick close to the stands. philadelphia 4th of july party continues and there's fun for everyone. >> in the next hour a block
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party gets underway at independence hall. it will be complete with music food and games. tonight -- ♪ one of philadelphia's musical treasures, the philly pops will perform at independence hall. it features broadway and home grown broadway talent. if you want more on events go to along with times and locations for all the 4th of july festivities. a jet ski tragedy happened this weekend in somers point. a father and son were killed on the patcong creek that collided with another jet ski.
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new jersey state police and u.s. coast guard are investigating. an accidental fire is to blame for the deaths of a morton township community. investigators believe the fire started in a meat smoker outside, the fines owned slack hoagie shack in springfield township. they are remembered as kind hearted and generous. >> they were a cornerstone in this community. this wasn't a time you couldn't reach out to them in a time of need. >> fire officials warned this holiday weekend and anytime do not grill or cook on a deck within 20 feet of a home or any other structure. philadelphia police are looking for a killer after they found a man shot on a port richmond street after 5:00 a.m. the action cam was at the scene at jasper street. the body was lying behind two park cars.
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he was pronounced at the scene. no word from police on suspects or a motive. >> police say a serial criminal has struck again and the fbi needs your help to catch him. these are the latest pictures of the so-called straw hat bandit. he robbed a pnc bank in north wales yesterday morning. he wears a tan hat and makeshift mask. this time he showed a semi automatic handle gun ordering customers to the ground. police believe he robbed 10 banks in montgomery and bucks county in the last four years. the strike at trump taj mahal casino is in its third day. more than 1,000 union workers are on the picket line taj mahal management has promised its guests they will be well cared for despite the strike. they want healthcare and pension
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plans restored from two years ago. republican governor chris christie has i should an executive order -- issued an executive order to develop a plan this weekend to shut down highway projects. that move was christy's response to the senate rejecting a proposed gas tax hike of 23 cents a gallon. new jersey will continue to have the second lowest gas tax in the county behind alaska. that is for now. >> new at noon, crews are working on a broken water main that cut off water to homes in philadelphia. the action cam was at the scene, the 2300 block of arthur street in the rhawn hurt section of the city. the main broke overnight sending water and mud down the road. service has been restored to most homes. no word on what caused the break. you have a shot at not one, but two big payouts last week. no one matched the numbers in the powerball drawing.
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wednesday's jackpot is $257 million. the mega millions is $449 million up for grabs in tuesday night's drawing, if you're playing good luck. >> there's much more to come on "action news" sunday afternoon, the flour recall triples in size as an illness is linked to older batches. you'll get new jersey's results for the best beach. meteorologist david murphy will be back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast for a look at the fireworks forecast when "action news" continues. athletes five homes are in
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ashes and others damage after a brushfire in san bernadino, california. two firefighters and a person had injuries in a fire that was 50% contained by nightfall. the whole neighborhood was evacuated. firefighters believe the fire was intentionally set. holiday activities had to wait in castle rock, colorado while people cleaned up from a hail storm there. this is what the storm looked like from a security camera. one child described it as a helicopter shooting at the house. one man lost three back windows in his home and there was roof and window damage. quite the scene there. >> time for accuweather, improving conditions at the shore compared to this morning. >> reporter: we start the out with showers down there, as we check out storm tracker 6 live double scan, the showers are off the coast and moving away from us, there's a little bit of
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something down there, in extreme southern delaware by l. he -- lewis, delaware. we have sunshine mixing with high clouds. below that cumulus we have milky white cloud cover. we have sun getting through, it's not a bad idea to have sunscreen out there doing stuff outdoors as a lot of you are planning to do this afternoon. 78 degrees in philadelphia. the dewpoint is in the 50s which is an indication of not all that humid air. wind out of the south at so miles per hour. over the next couple of days we'll be returning more humidity into the picture. 735 in allentown. 76 in reading. it will be nice with low humidity and highs in the low 80s. 75 in wilmington. probably getting into the 80s in here. 70 in millville. 70 in cape may on the beach, as well. satellite shows you the cloud cover and radar with the rain that did sweep through for a while this morning. now we're getting into a lull
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where there is not a whole lot of precipitation going on. that will continue for the next couple of hours and there's additional showers that may creep across philadelphia operate on. if you're in southern delaware or extreme south jersey, you may be heading for cover from moderate showers. the farther north you are in the region, the better chance you have of seeing sunshine. down the shore, a lot of clouds around, there might be sunny breaks up north, the farther south you go, the clouds will be thicker. look for a high of 76 degrees. if you're at the shore and it's not raining get out an enjoy the next couple of hours and enjoy the showers. in philadelphia, sun and clouds, comfortable conditions out there, 82 degrees, low humidity and wind eventually turning a little more from the southwest 7 to 14 miles per hour. in a little while the phillies will be taking to the field with kansas. 80 degrees for the first pitch,
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81 in the 9th inning. we'll hit that high around 3:00 p.m. of 82. low humidity and nice day for baseball game. partly cloudy tonight, 66 degrees, humidity tonight staying on the comfortable side. and then comes 4th of july. it looks like we'll see the clouds gathering quickly. between 8:30 a.m. until noon, sprinkles and showers trying to pop up west of philadelphia. the big question is what happens when we get later in time afternoon for picnics. looks like there could be a sprinkle or shower around here or there. the model putting a steadier shower that will move through neighborhoods. we get up to 6:00 p.m. there's a better chance of some neighborhoods getting something in the way of light to moderate rain. the big question is later in the evening around 9:00 p.m. when the fireworks displays are starting to fire up. this new model run has scattered lighter precipitation.
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could be enough to delay fireworks or put them off. i can't guarantee that's going to happen everywhere. there might be slightly heavier cells mixed in here as well. later on in the evening and nighttime you'll see the heavier stuff moving through. tomorrow, increasing clouds, there's a chance of late day or nighttime shower maybe a rumble of thunder. check the forecast before you head out to fireworks show in case things are popping. model is still on the fence some of you might be okay. 82 today, low humidity. tomorrow, increase in clouds, afternoon rain possible 81 degrees the high there. ahead of that a light sprinkle or shower. tuesday, showers in the morning, drying in the afternoon, it's going to be warm and humid high of 85. after that it looks like a heat wave could be on the way of several days in the row highs in low 90s humid next week and spotty thunderstorms, too. >> thanks david. ocean city is tops along
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the jersey shore. it got the best overall beach in a survey sea grant consort youi. brigantine was number one in atlantic county. and cape may county, wild crest was runner-up to ocean city. a local company tries to stop pain killer abuse with out of the box ideas. >> and we have tips to enjoy your trip to amusement passion, passion -- parks, we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back hope you're enjoying this long holiday weekend, looking at the beach there, hope everyone is having a great time. 12:20, 78 degrees, we're looking
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at cape may, new jersey, one of my favorite beaches. check your kitchen cabinets general mills is recalling flour linked to e. coli outbreak. they have we called gold medal and signature kitchen and wonder flour. they expanded a recall the new list includes flour from early last fall that may be in some kitchen pantries. a local drug maker has on the market right now and another one made in the wings it's made with an irritant it will not bother someone who takes the drug properly. but -- >> if one were to crush the pill and snort it, the irritant would create a burning sensation in the nose and back of the throat, thus that you wouldn't want to try it again.
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>> a second drug is awaiting fda approval made with a new technology that makes it indestructible. if dissolves in the stomach, if someone tries to crush it in the bowl it will break the bowl first. amusement parks and holiday carnivals are trips that everyone takes, use sunscreen and drink water and sports drinks, avoid carbon carbonateed beverages. >> you'll bloat and when you feel your stomach going up and down that's when you get nauseous. >> try a summersault it could reset the balance is also in the inner ear.
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wear sneakers and socks. >> we'll be right back. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili
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could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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>> thank you for staying with us, one of physical's great tradition -- philadelphia's great tradition, the independence day regatta taking place started back in 1880. it was changed to the people's regatta. in sports this noon, phillies have one more game against the roils and the sixers top picks sign on the dotted line. all the details from jeff
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skeverski. >> reporter: sixers number one pick ben sill -- simmons signed his rookie contract late last night. he will be on the floor in utah. he is the first number one pick since alan iverson in 1996. watching aaron nola over the last month has been painful. the phillies' starter having the worse run in his career. they are talking over when he will make his next start after another bad outing against kansas. danny duffy brings in a run. rbi sings in a run.
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3-run shot. nola27 earned runs in the last 18 innings. phillies lost 6-2. nola retired the last ten batters he faced. while the manager said he is encouraged he will not guarantee he will make the next start. >> we'll see, like i said we'll talk tonight or tomorrow morning and come up with a you know, a plan on what we're going to do. like i said he felt good about himself after those three innings and he wanted to go back out. i didn't want him to. >> the union are in first place, they scored the most goals in the major league soccer. one major glaring issue winning on the road. union without a single shot on goal in the first half. andre blake is on the ball, what a save and a header n29th minute.
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95th minute, free kick as close as you get to a walkoff in soccer. union lost 1-nill. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski. have a great day. >> another half-hour of "action news" just ahead. >> here's some of the stories we're working on on for you, bomber it is take advantage of the ramadan and set off double bombs in baghdad. convention delegates find things to do in philadelphia after the convention end at night. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. >> happening right now on
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"action news," there could delays for tuesday commuters now that one-third of septa's regional rail cars are out of service. plus three students from american university die in the hostage attack in bangladesh. >> hillary clinton spends three hours talking to the fbi about her private from e-mail server. more on those stories in a moment, but outside we go for a check of the accuweather forecast with david murphy in for chris sowers. how is it looking david? >> reporter: it's one of those days, gray where you have milky white sky cover and not bright blue skies, but we're getting sunshine through and some of this is breaking out toward atlantic city. i got a tweet from a viewer down there. a facebook message about that.
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you see showers in southern delaware and jersey earlier. we have showers south of pittsburgh that may take aim on those areas again in the next few hours, 79 in trenton. the sunshine busting through the clouds to some degree. 75 in wilmington, 75 in allentown. the dewpoints are fairly low. most of us looking at dewpoints in the 50s which is means not very humid air. different story down near millville and cape may, but not too bad. the barbecue, 81 degrees by 2:00 p.m. cool drinks if you're working the grill. high of 82 around 3:00 p.m. by 6:00 p.m. we're getting into the upper 70s, so a toasty one today. by the way the high of 82 is not too shabby. it's five degrees below average. we're looking at an increase in cloud cover, gray and nydia. there's a possibility of
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afternoon sprinkles and showers and maybe more at night when some of us are trying to get fireworks displays in. i'll have a model run on storm tracker 6 live for now, low humidity and warm. thank you for the update. >> septa will hold a news conference this afternoon to give more details about a structural defect that sidelined a third of the system's regional rail cars. the agency said it has taken all the 120 silver liner v out of service. when commuters head back to work on tuesday, and perhaps the rest of the summer, fewer cars will be in service. >> i'll be leaving one hour earlier just in case. >> this is not the first time there have been problems with the model of rail car. back in 2010 when the first silverliner v went into service
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there were quality control and design issues. "action news" will be at the septa noonches -- news conference and stream it live on we'll have an updaten -- on "action news" at 6:00 p.m. hundreds of thousands of visitors at the jersey shore are carrying out the serious business of having a great time on this holiday weekend. ventnor for the first time is letting people grill on the beach without a permit throughout the 4th of july weekend. >> they are able to grill on the beach for free you can do gas or charcoal and now we'll do every year. >> lifeguards are warning swimmers to stay close to the beach. they have had to make more rescues than usual because of the powerful undertow. we have everything you need to know on this weekend online
12:34 pm
and facebook and twitter. >> 91 people are confirmed dead after a pair of bombings in baghdad iraq. isis has taken responsibility. the bombs exploded after midnight after the streets were filled after iraqi muslim broke their fast of rahm -- ramadan. the dead at the shopping center included 15 children and 6 police officers. bangladesh has begun two officials days of mourning for the victims of the terror attack at a cafe in dhaka. this morning, they said all the attackers were bangladesh. -- they said all the victims were from bangladesh.
12:35 pm
one from emory college. a teacher who taught her said she tries to not to think about the horror that took place inside the cafe. >> i remember the smile that she had. beyond why the world has to be that way. >> a second i i emory student d indian-born student at uc berkeley were killed in the attack. turkey run news agency said authorities have detained three new suspects from the attack at istanbul airport. 27 people have been detained including three foreigners. investigators believe a chechan extremist linked to two other attacks in turkey was the mastermind. a bizarre incident has sparked an merge response in new york city central park.
12:36 pm
witnesses tell police a man was injured when he stepped on something and it blew up. neither the man or the man he was walking with was carrying anything at the time. an nypd bomb squad is investigating. the world is remembering holocaust survivor and noble laureate elie wiesel president obama said he was a great moral voices of our time. hehe died at his new york city home. when he was 15 he was sent to the concentration camp. his father and mother and younger sister died there. his mission was to make sure that the horrors of the holocaust would be remembered saying to forget the victims meant killing them a second time. fbi are taking their final step into the investigation into hillary clinton e-mails. they have interviewed the
12:37 pm
presumptive democratic candidate. the 3 1/2 interview happened yesterday. the fbi is investigating whether the form secretary of state or any of her top aids exposed anything secret. the fbi is aiming to announce its findings before the democratic convention which begins in philadelphia on july 25th. the fbi could lead to her indictment or clear her of any wrong doing. donald trump, the presumptive presidential candidate reacted swiftly to the news that clinton was questioned by fbi. trump said would be wrong for the number not to recommend charges because what she did was wrong. organizers of the democratic convention are making plans for the delegates and of course it begins at night when the convention sessions are
12:38 pm
over. all eyes will be on philadelphia as the city of brotherly love plays host for the democratic national convention july 25th to the 28th. >> that's a reason to do it in philadelphia to expose philadelphia to media and people. >> reporter: the fun begins as the delegates and the attendees flock to the city. >> they want to see the hot places to go be where's the jazz, where's the cheese steak i've heard about. >> reporter: there is something for everyone, convention leaders say outside of private events most are too busy to attend, there is something planned for the delegates and their guests. >> we don't do that, we're free thinking people and folks want to find the great local restaurant and great spot. >> they will decide what specials they will offer or what
12:39 pm
ways they will attract those visiting. many are saying they are counting down the days and eager for the crowds the convention will bring. >> we look for that all the time, convention what's going on in town. it helps our business and pretty much makes our business. >> all eyes on philadelphia. there's a push to get lawmakers to push back last call at bars 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. if this passes each establishment would have to get a special permit. >> 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m., we'll see how that works. 12:39 much more to come on "action news" sunday july 3. florida's algae crisis brings out protesters. >> we have word on the shows at the mann center. taking outside penns landing sky6 live hd meteorologist david murphy in for chris sowers with the accuweather forecast. started off with a little rain,
12:40 pm
what about tomorrow? we'll have the details when "action news" continues.
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>> a small plane look at that crashed in a texas lake yesterday. it was caught on cell phone video. it shows the double wing plane hitting the surface of lake travis and flipping over. the three people inside the plane crowd out on their own. the algae bloom that closed popular florida beaches is sparking protest. 50 people want the state to buy the land around the lake and change the practice of diverting the water into the ocean. voters approve the purchase, so far nothing has happened. >> oh, boy, let's get you to our forecast. >> reporter: david murphy, rain. >> reporter: a little bit of rain, dry now down the shore, you can see it off the coast of cape may. there's a chance a little more
12:43 pm
comes in this afternoon, looks like we have another two or three hours before that happens. so get on the beach and enjoy yourself in the meantime. sky6 live hd that's the cloud cover you're looking at today. it's high and thin for the most part with fair weather cumulus mixed in. in most cases if all you've got is high, thin milky white you're getting sun through it. overall not a bad looking day, just not bright blue, but certainly a lack of thick cloud cover out there. as we take a look at the temperatures, 78 degrees currently. the dewpoint 53. that's an indication of not all that humid air, so that's nice, winds around the south at so miles per hour. over the next couple of days we'll see the humidity come back. satellite shows you we are in the lull rain wise. there are other sprinkles and showers look like they will be well south of delaware or south of kent county in our neck of the woods. there is additional shower activity out to the west south of pittsburgh, this is what
12:44 pm
we're watching for later in the day. if you're on the beach or down the shore and want to get out there and enjoy a few hours of dry conditions, go ahead, possible additional showers to the west make it through later in the afternoon. 82 is the high in philadelphia today. 80 in wilmington. 82 in allentown. 82 in trenton. looks like we'll get up to 83 in reading. mid 70s in toms river and millville and dover. on the beach, 75 in cape may. 76 up the coast in ac. we have an issue with undertow being a problem down there. difference in the rip current it's a surface flow that shoots you out there, you get to one side or the other. this is where a wave comes in at the surface, but the water underneath is taking you out or down the coast there. you want to be careful because we have had rescues along the beach as we've been saying this morning. 76 in rehoboth beach. 77 in bethany beach. you're getting a lull in shower
12:45 pm
activity now, but more coming later. kansas and the phillies start up in a little while. 1:35 p.m., sun and clouds at the stadium. dry for the game, 80 degrees for the first pitch, 81 in the 9th inning, high of 82. low humidity, nice day to be at the ballpark. 81 at 2:00 p.m. 81 by 4:00 p.m. the high 82 hitting around 3:00 p.m. 75 by 6:00 p.m. 75 by 8. a nice evening ahead with any showers suppressed to the south. tomorrow we'll start out with sunshine, but the clouds will tends to overtake us. by noon there might be a sprinkle start to build in from the west same story at 3:00 p.m., some of you might see a light sprinkle or shower that will temporarily hinder your outdoor plans. 6:00 p.m. there's a chance some of these might be more pronounced. as we get up towards fireworks
12:46 pm
time 8:30, 9:00 p.m., this latest model run doesn't have a downpour, but it has sprinkles and showers around and there might be heavier cells in a couple of neighborhoods. bottom line if heading to the fireworks tomorrow evening check with your storm tracker 6 live app ahead of time and check with "action news" in the evening. we'll let you know how things are looking. sun, high clouds today, 82. really nice day overall feeling good. increasing clouds tomorrow, late rain possible. high of 81. and then things start to change on tuesday, we wind up with a high of 85 on tuesday, warm and humid, morning shower, dry afternoon, getting stickier. looks like a possible heat wave. right now we have highs in the low 90s, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and starting thursday there's spotty thunderstorms in play. so temperatures are definitely changing and the pattern is changing with the soupy air coming back.
12:47 pm
hopefully we'll get the fireworks in tomorrow night. we'll tracker that right here on -- we'll track that on 6abc. >> remember to get the seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 live radar at when summer heats up, so does the mann center. summer concert series is sizzling. karen rogers has more in 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: the mann center is celebrating its 40th anniversary, july 9th the pittsburgh symphony orchestra takes audiences back to the future as part of the movies at the mann. it's celebrating 30 years with the magical score. >> reporter: the symphony takes the stage again with pokeman with the must see video game
12:48 pm
concert of the year. >> it's extremely popular. the original music is orchestrated for a live symphony orchestra. >> reporter: the summer season features a parade of stars from rock to raggae. >> from bob dylan to bonnie raitt, the list goes on and on. don't july 20th, the man present fire bird reimagined. >> reimagined through a south african lens. >> reporter: philadelphia orchestra will play a russian score as dancers bring pup it's to life. >> you will see special ervetle flying above the -- flying above the orchestra. >> reporter: the grammy award winning lady smith black mambazio. >> the man center 40th
12:49 pm
anniversary celebration runs through september. go to arts in or go to 6abc loves the arts for other area events. for 6abc 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers. ♪
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with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright... with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪
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in wisconsin, someone stole a trailer loaded with 20,000 pounds of cheese in a parking lot. the cheese was worth $46,000. police hope surveillance cameras will give them clues to the theft and maybe ones earlier this year in germantown and grand shoot, wisconsin, none of the cheese has shown up on the street. area known as a popular retail destination is getting bigger. the king of prussia mall is making it the biggest shopping center. reynaldothe big day is fast app.
12:52 pm
it's high end stores are up your fashion alley and you answer the question the same way,. >> are you a big shopper? >> reporter: i am. >> it may feel like christmas in a matter of weeks. "action news" got a hard hat tour of king of prussia mall new corridor that links the court and plaza. customers can walk from one side of the property to the other without getting wet or cold. that alone is a welcome change for moms. >> we don't have to go outside i have two small kids and strollers and just park once and go shop. >> reporter: once completed, the styleish edition will house high end brands. state-of-the-art parking and the food. >> dining pavilion which will have 6 unique farm to table little casual dining
12:53 pm
restaurants. >> healthy food is a bonus, for some customers, but you have to choose which is most exciting it's probably a new brainer. >> that's great, too. >> reporter: one thing you'll appreciate you have a cell phone is this, this is a charging station it will be installed throughout the connector which is set to open mid august of this year. reporting in king of prussia, i'm jeanette reyes. >> a teenager and her friend were fired from her job after the teenager asked about getting equal pay. the 17-year-old and and her friend jake were hired at the pizza studio restaurant him after she learned she would get a quart an hour -- quarter an hour less she was fired. jake was fired, too. >> probably what happened
12:54 pm
because they were teenagers, they didn't think to complain. >> reporter: the firing was illegal, the company offered the teens their jobs back, it fired the manager who fired those teens. >> we'll be right back.
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his >> recapping our big story on "action news," one-third of septa's regional rail cars are out of service right now. they will stay sidelined for weeks. inspectors found a serious defect in a crucial participant under the cars. septa is holding a news conference at 2:00 p.m. we'll
12:57 pm
stream it live at a bizarre incident has sparked an emergency response in new york city central park. part of the park is closed. witnesses tell police a man was injured when he stepped on something and it blew up. neither the person or the person he was walking with was carrying anything at the time. the man suffered severe injuries and possibly ample sayings to one limb. an nypd bomb squad is investigating. fine check of the forecast. >> reporter: okay. why not. >> [laughter]. >> reporter: we had rain down the shore earlier that's gone. there's more stuff to the west that might creep through areas, especially the southern delmarva. head to the beach if you want to beat that. we have sunshine shining through the clouds. temperatures are warm, 78. guys we're going for high of 82. low humidity, a nice one. >> thank you so much, david. before we go an iowa farmer decided if he built them they
12:58 pm
would come to his tennis court. take a look at this players from all across the country there it is, they came to the farm to play on a court perfectly designed to mimic the all england club at wimbledon. the court is closed right now while he is in london working as a volunteer court attendant at the real wimbledon. "fyi philly" is next. from all of us at "action news," have a happy fourth of july. we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> and i'm melissa magee. saturday/tonight on fyi philly. >> oooh, that is so good! >> we're getting ready for the 4th of july with tips from a barbecue champion. >> it's like a party in a pot >> who needs the beach? we're clam baking in the city! >> we're sipping and dipping. >> and hitting a neighborhood pool! >> that's been calling my name. >> we check out some outdoor dining options. >> spend the day at dorney park. >> that is so cool. >> and learn some hot ways to style summer hair. >> hi everyone and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are celebrating independence day with a picnic right here on our 6abc patio. >> and we've got a barbecue champion here manning the grill. >> kenny has been competing for more than a decade. >> he and his wife are the honey bears bbq team. >> so we hit him up for some tips to take our fourth of july feast to the next level.


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