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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. central park blast. an 18-year-old severely injured after stepping on an explosion i have device. >> i don't know what happened. there was a small explosion. >> then dust. >> then dust. >> the bomb squad on the scene. an investigation under way. the country on edge as security ramps up for the fourth of july. weather washout. flash floods and severe storms slam the midwest. a twister tearing through oklahoma. and now severe weather moving east as millions prepare to travel. state of emergency. toxic algae spreading through florida. people warned not to go swimming. they're wearing masks to avoid the poisonous stench. now fourth of july celebrations are canceled and there are new concerns about how long this will last.
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♪ good good djokovic is out of wimbledon. >> what an upset. an american hopeful takes down the top seed at wimbledon as serena williams crushes the competition and closes in on a record. so will the americans claim grand slam glory? ♪ and good morning, america. happy fourth of july to you. a lot of celebrating here and across the pond. all eyes on serena williams and sam querrey. they call it manic monday at wimbledon. they are down to the final 16 and all of them have matches today. >> the sam querrey story is incredible. he looked like he surprised even himself. >> of course. the unbeatable. >> absolutely and he's playing again today. we'll see if he can keep the hot streak alive. a record number traveling for the holiday taking plane, trains and automobiles. traffic control center in new
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york and d.c.'s train station and airport. >> then police are also keeping a close eye on holiday crowds. security ramping up across the country and new york is on edge after that mysterious explosion in central park. that was very scary. >> mysterious and very scary. investigators are investigating after a 18-year-old tourist was injured. they're saying it was not an act of terror. mara schiavocampo is at the park with the latest. mara, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. that explosion actually happened right behind me here injuring that college student seriously. now police actually just left the scene moments ago. they continue to gather evidence as they try to piece together exactly what happened. an explosion rocking new york's central park. >> i was running around the pond here. there was a very loud explosion. >> reporter: an 18-year-old virginia tourist severely injured after stepping on an explease sieve device and partially severing his foot.
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>> we don't know what happened. there was a small explosion and then -- >> dust. >> then dust all right the nypd rushing to the scene. the bomb squad and homeland security officers investigating the blast. saying it was not terrorism related. >> the explosion that could have been an experiment with firework or a homemade explosives. >> reporter: the victim's grandmother unsettled. >> we're all sad. i mean, this wonderful, wonderfully active young man, somebody did it. i don't know who. >> reporter: new york city already on edge. ahead of the holiday deploying a new critical response team mobile cameras and so-called vapor dogs being used to sniff out bombs like the ones used at the boston marathon bombing in 2013. across america, police forces stepping up security for the fourth of july. in washington, d.c., a strong law enforcement presence ahead of festivities on the national mall.
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>> we have a pretty tight security plan for the fourth of july with our partners. >> reporter: in boston increasing surveillance cameras where the iconic fireworks spectacular will take place and in chicago, police working around the clock with more than 5,000 officers on street patrol. now as for that victim here in new york he reportedly has had part of his leg amputated. officials say they don't know who that device may have belonged to but he and his friends are not suspects. lara. >> mara schiavocampo, thank you. so scary. the country's also on alert for wild weather. severe storm, flash flooding causing major washouts and some travel headaches. ginger is with us now for the latest. >> this is not what you want to run into when you're doing your holiday travel. southern illinois, 3 inches falling quickly in hours. the radar this morning, there are flash flood warnings in place in parts of missouri.
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this will stretch all the way into west virginia, cincinnati is included in that flash flood watch looking for easily 2 to 3 inches falling very quickly in some of these places and that's why our alex perez is in cincinnati with the very latest. >> reporter: hey, good morning, ginger. that's right. they are on high alert here in cincinnati and across the area for flash floods. at times it seems the rain here would not let us. this holiday weekend severe weather slamming the midwest. relentless hail hammering colorado blanketing the ground with what looked like snow in july. in kansas torrential downpours on sunday obscuring the road for drivers in wichita. winds ripping through this fireworks stand. nearly 9 inches of rain caused flash flooding on saturday. more flooding in the region swamping the streets of this small town in illinois. in oklahoma funnel clouds looming over this neighborhood.
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this twister touching down in stillwater. severe wind whipping at 60 miles per hour in warwick, oklahoma. and in south dakota motorists were stopped in their tracks by hard-hitting hail. this is not over yet. this storm now making its way towards the mid-atlantic. ginger. >> yes, it is. it's moving just east of you. rounds of storms you can see that flash flood watch extends to virginia and time it out through the afternoon. see how it happens round after round an at 9:00 when so many folks are looking for fireworks from philadelphia up through new york city, the threat of rain exists so keep that in mind. the other thing i want to mention is west virginia has that bull's-eye of heavy rain so anywhere that's saturated the river is heavy still at this time, dan, we'll be watching. >> we know you will. thank you. out on america's roads today the forecast calls for traffic. millions of us will be on the move. here's a live look inside the
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traffic war room in new york city where they will be watching for trouble spots throughout the day and abc's linzie janis is out on the new jersey turnpike. hey, linzie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. an estimated 43 million americans are traveling this weekend. that is a record and most of them an estimated 36 million are driving on the roads. many of them headed home today. as you can see now the roads are clear but, of course, it's just after 7:00 in the morning and most people are going to want to squeeze every minute they can out of the holiday weekend. accords to waze, the navigation app traffic won't actualably peak until tonight at 10:00 p.m., that's after people see those fireworks display, dan. >> back to that number, 36 million the record, is that because of the low gas prices? >> that's right, gas prices are at an 11-year low, $2.27 a gallon. that's the national average and that is about 50 cents cheaper
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than it was this weekend last year. dan. >> linzie janis out on the road, buckled up before the traffic hits. thank you. over to you, lara. millions hitting the skies and security as expected ramping up at airports across the country after those terror attacks overseas. abc's gloria rivera is at regan national airport in washington. good morning, gloria. >> reporter: good morning, lara. that's right. so many folks flying in to celebrate the fourth of july here in our nation's capital. you can say it has been epically busy and authorities of course, putting a priority on security in the wake of last week's attack at the airport in istanbul. you will see more armed officers, more canine units. what you won't see all the undercover agents keeping an eye on things. officials are reminding people if you see something, say something. the airlines booked an amazing 11 million seats this weekend. that means you will have a wait. tsa says the longest lines are
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at 10:30 in the morning. the shortest lines 5:30 in the afternoon and if you have questions, you could ask tsa directly yourself on twitter. their handle ask tsa. >> the other major headline the horrifying trio of terror attacks. three deadly strikes all with possible ties to isis in less than a week in baghdad more than 160 people killed by a suicide bomber. the deadliest single bombing there in nearly a decade after 44 died at the attack -- at the istanbul airport and 20 hostages were killed in an upscale bakery in bangladesh. abc's alex marquardt is in our london bureau. alex, is this isis hitting back after experiencing some losses on the battlefield? >> reporter: good morning, dan. well, in baghdad and istanbul, this is isis proving they can still wreak havoc in the middle east despite losing ground. in bangladesh, they're showing their influence around the world is growing claiming responsibility for this attack, the deadliest that country has
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seen in a recent wave of islamic extremist violence. a fuller picture emerging of the deadly 12-hour standoff at an upscale restaurant in bangladesh's capital. at least six gunmen stormed this place on friday night taking dozens hostages armed with guns and explosives made no demand as they separated the foreigners from the locals. the police telling local media today that the victims were italian and japanese and killed in the first 20 minutes of the attack. the siege ending only when bangladeshi troops stormed in killing the terrorists and taking one person into custody. among the at least 22 dead was 19-year-old american college student abinta kabir in town visiting relatives. her cousin posting this message on facebook. she is my cousin. my sister, she went to that bakery to meet up with her friends but she didn't come back
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alive. those friends killed, as well were tarishi jain a 19-year-old who studied at u.c.-berkeley and faraaz hussein. the gunman offered to let him go but refused unwilling to leave his friends and paid with his life. we're learning more about the attackers. all young men in their teens and 20s, several of whom came from upper class well-to-do families and had good education, not the kind of profile we usually see for people who have been radicalized. lara. >> alex, thank you. the race for the white house and hillary was grilled by the fbi this weekend over her use of a private e-mail server and donald trump on the attack but facing some backlash for his latest online posting. abc's mary bruce is in washington with more. good morning, mary. >> reporter: hi, good morning. well, this is an interview that could change the shape of the presidential race as the fbi now inches closer to deciding whether hillary clinton
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mishandled classified information and whether charges should be filed. this morning, all eyes are on the fbi and when it will announce the findings of its investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. after being questioned for 3 1/2 hours clinton is looking to put the controversy behind her. >> i'm eager to do it. i was pleased to have the opportunity to assist the department in bringing its review to a conclusion. >> reporter: clinton slipping out of her d.c. home saturday heading for the fbi as they investigate whether she mishandled classified information on her private e-mail server. "the new york postthth" out this with holiday headline calling it the grillary. she says it was businesslike but the damage may already be done and has plagued her campaign from the start fueling criticisms about her trustworthiness and trump tweeted it is impossible for the fbi not to recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton. what she did was wrong and
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suggesting she sent bill to have the meeting with the usag referring to a private discussion last week between her husband and the attorney general on a phoenix tarmac. but it was this trump tweet using the jewish star of david to label clinton the most corrupt candidate ever that raised eyebrows and swift rebuke and he later changed it to a circle. he's been under fire for lack of planning an the convention and hopes to turn that around wednesday when he's expected to unveil the list of speakers at the convention. >> interesting run in cleveland. mary bruce, thank you for your reporting and we move to florida where they're in for a mess is holiday sad to say. a state of emergency has been declared there because of a green slimy smelly and flat out dangerous invasion. green algae spreading in the water and ruining many people's july 4th plans. eva pilgrim is in jensen beach looking to see how long it will
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last. >> reporter: it's not looking at the any better. it spread further out and that awful smell has also spread. if you spend any time near here you'll need one of these. this is giving people headaches and making it hard to breathe. this morning, a state of emergency across parts of southern florida. toxic blue green algae invading some of the states. >> it smells like rotten eggs and interferes with your breathing. >> it started two weeks ago when polluted water was dumped out of lake okeechobee to prevent flooding. >> reporter: florida's governor declaring a state of emergency. they're closing several beaches. stuart the hardest hit and now
7:15 am
investigating if the tox exwater is to blame for some reported infections. some residents complaining of headaches, respiratory issues and rashes since the algae arrived. senator marco rubio touring the area calling the damage catastrophic. >> this is beyond just an ecological disaster. it's an economic disaster with long-term implications. >> i'm totally grounded and have had to turn everyone away. >> reporter: we took a boat to see one of the most blanketed air whats up close. residents finding the sour smells overwhelming. >> blue green algae. it releases toxins as it dies and you're obviously smelling it right now. >> that's why you have the mask on. >> yes. >> reporter: the florida health department installing signs warning boaters of the algae and one beach closed. several of the ones open warning beachgoers not to swim even if the water looks okay. >> when people ask me i tell them this way, i am not going to
7:16 am
go swimming in the water. >> reporter: and they still don't have a cleanup plan in place. to give you an idea what's it's like, curdled green. they keep guacamole-like, not a great combination. thanks for your report. i would like to turn to big winners at wimbledon. the number one player in the world, novak djokovic taken down by an underdog, not news gentlemen underdog but an american and serena williams crushes the competition on her path to the title and crosses a huge milestone along the way and kendis gibson has more. >> reporter: well, lara, good morning. six americans are playing today at wimbledon, the most to get this far in the tournament since 2004 but these two in particular that has everyone talking. the yanks are on a roll at the all england club taking center
7:17 am
stage serena williams who won her 300th grand slam match kroushing the competition in less than an hour. >> game. >> reporter: the historic win propelling her into second place for all-time career major victories. >> it gives me a lot of confidence. i know what it takes to win these tournaments and it's just about now just doing it. >> reporter: the reigning champ looks to be back on form after a rough outing friday. williams was fined $10,000 for slamming her racket which landed on a tv cameraman's lap. >> frustrating. >> reporter: on the men anticipate side wimbledon is still buzzing over the shocking upset of top seeded novak djokovic at the hands of american sam querrey ranked 41 in the world. >> djokovic is out of wimbledon. >> reporter: the 28-year-old california native was previously best known not for his killer serve but for his off-the-court exploits on "millionaire matchmaker." >> what's your celebrity crush.
7:18 am
>> probably taylor swift. >> reporter: he's hoping to prove his win over the defending champ was no fluke. >> as it progressed i was serving and holding and we were going back and forth and gained more confidence with every game. >> reporter: well sam querrey has a girlfriend but he was looking for an all-american girl that likes watching him play. many are saying it's our patriotic duty. >> he's playing today. i hope he continues the streak. that was a big one. you can see all the action on espn and streaming live on watch espn and the espn app. i was going to say i hope taylor swift is watching for sam's sake. main threat today much of kentucky from bowling green to raleigh there, keep an eye out later that were and evening. local weather in 30 second.
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>> reporter: good morning, happy 4th of july, looks like the showers are beginning to die away in cape may county anticipate parts of the upper delaware bay. as we look outside we have snipe early and the clouds are getting thicker today we'll wind up damp at times with spotty showers later. temperatures in the 60s currently. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 80 this afternoon and clouds will be on the increase, a spotty shower during the afternoon and evening, check out radar before you head out to fireworks. ear-old golf phenom
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caught in the middle of her parents' fight. it could keep her off the course for a year. the new technology that could make roads safer preventing semi trucks from deadly rollovers like this one on "gma." ♪
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12 months free at >> good morning i'm matt o'donnell, 7:23 on this monday, july 4. happy independence day, here's meteorologist david murphy. >> reporter: we are starting out with sun and clouds, matt. storm tracker 6 live double scan we had sprinkles and showers down south earlier. they appear to be drying out. 69 in philadelphia. 62 in allentown. 68 in cape may. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 80. clouds thicker as the day goes on. chance of a spotty afternoon shower or evening shower. if you have plans to have a barbecue or head to fireworks keep an eye on the radar in case something heads in your direction. >> we'll check traffic after the break.
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for karen and has traffic. >> reporter: happy 4th of july. can't go fourth here i-95 front and bridge street. there's a sweep truck on the ramp. they have the ramp blocked, go south to broad street anne loop around to the walt whitman bridge. in wilmington there's a cash in the worker zone 495 at edge more road. you can get by in the center. use i-95 instead. in hamilton township mercer county there's a vehicle fire blocking the ramp from 295 southbound to 195 eastbound. exit at arena drive to get to 195. nothing to get around 42, nice light volume if you're going to or from the beach at this point. problem-free ride. septa is finalizing a contingency plan to enhance the loss of 120 rail trains.
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go to to find out about it when it is released.
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welcome back to "good morning america." you are looking live at the washington monument in d.c. a spectacular fireworks display will happen there tonight, of course, to celebrate the fourth of july. and happy fourth of july to you all. >> happy fourth, everybody. those fireworks will happen if the weather cooperates. ginger. >> i didn't want to interject. >> wah-wah. >> security ramping up across the country. new york city on edge after that explosion in central park. they're investigating right now after an 18-year-old tourist was severely injured from a blast. he is recovering this morning and millions on alert for that severe weather we were just discussing as a record number of travelers hit the road and the sky, this holiday, facing flash flood, flash flood watches from oklahoma to maryland. ginger, as we mentioned tracking it all determined to ruin the
7:31 am
holiday for everybody. >> no. >> i'm just kidding. >> we always blame her. love you, girl. sara haines in, doing a little "pop news." >> happy fourth. >> happy fourth. >> this is an unbelievable story. we have a really great hot shot. an army vet who rescued an eagle trapped in a tree using all of that excellent military training and that story is coming up sure to inspire. >> nearly gave the eagle a heart attack. we'll tell you about that coming up but first here a bitter custody battle over a 10-year-old golf prodigy. in a new ruling the judge sidelined this female phenom for the next year. no tournaments and a severely scaled back practice schedule. the girl's father who is her coach is calling it a major setback for this rising star and t.j. holmes is here with more? good morning. like you just said the girl is only 10 years old but get this for the past seven years of her life her parents have been fighting over her in court. this latest court order mentions things like schedule, visitation
7:32 am
you'd expect to see, the part that is getting attention the part she says she has to stop playing competitive golf. this little golfer can't compete for now. the 10-year-old was ordered by a judge to stay away from golf tournaments for the next year. that decision is part of an ongoing custody battle between her parents that now lasted seven years and comes at a time when her dad mike vechery says her talent and career are flourishing. >> just happens -- she's won i think 23 out of 33 tournaments in the last three years. >> reporter: vechery who coaches her said he bought her plastic clubs when she was just 3 and has developed into a promising prospect. >> as far as her skill level, she's in the top 10% in the nation. she's ready to obtain a scholarship to college and here she is only 10 years old. >> reporter: but the judge's custody order says among other things like who she spends
7:33 am
holidays with she shall not be perpendiculared to play competitive golf for one year and not allowed to take lessons with any golf pro. her mother who did not comment on the for has sole legal and physical custody for the child and the order doesn't lay out why she can't compete for the next year but vechery believes the judge thought she was playing too much golf. >> i think the judge thought she's playing five or six hours a day golf with me and that's completely false. >> reporter: vechery is appealing the decision hoping she won't have to take a year off and slow a career off to a stellar start. according to the judge's order she can play some golf. not competitive and allowed to play at least one round a week or five hours whichever is greater but, dan, in a situation like this, a nasty custody dispute so much emphasis on the golf. some would argue there are much bigger things than shorts at play. >> this little girl caught in the middle. thank you. let's bring in abc's senior
7:34 am
legal correspondent sunny hostin. good morning. >> good morning. >> some are critical of the judge. you suspect there's more going on. >> there must be more because the legal standard is what is in the best interest of the child. this decision came after a full hearing and so and a trial so my sense is there's more to this story we haven't heard from the mother even though we've reached out for comment and i suspect the judge was trying to do what is in the best interest of the child, which is really what the standard is so we don't really know why the judge was so restrictive in this ruling. no competitive golf for a year. the mother now has sole legal custody and didn't have that before and the father has to take anger management classes. that tells me there is something going on here. >> a lot of smoke perhaps. the father does say that his daughter loves to golf. will the daughter be consulted by the judge. would that likely have happened >> that's the other interesting thing. she's 10 years old but typically kids have attorneys representing them in these cases, guardian ad
7:35 am
litems. the judge must have consulted and perhaps the child doesn't want to play five and six hours a day and maybe she doesn't want to compete in these tournaments. i suspect there is something more at play that we don't know about and the bottom line is don't we want kids to just be kids? i mean she is 10 years old. even if she's this phenom or prodigy we want our children to have childhoods. >> i couldn't agree more. sunny, i appreciate it. over to you. >> so true. we are going to switch gears as millions of americans are hitting the roads this fourth of july, they will be sharing it with massive trucks that could roll over with deadly consequences. now, though, there is technology designed to keep everybody safer. we're going to go back out to alex perez with more. >> reporter: within seconds a massive semi truck can lose control. causing chaos on the road. >> look at that. look at that. >> reporter: for millions of drivers sharing the road with these heavy beasts it can turn
7:36 am
deadly for them too. in april a new jersey teen was killed when a semi rolled over on to her car. in 2014 the d.o.t. reports more than 410,000 accidents involving large trucks and that includes rollovers. >> overturned semi. >> reporter: one technology that helping to preepts schemm is electronic stability control that helps truck drivers maintain control during extreme steering. the government recently making this technology mandatory and heavy-duty trucks manufactured on or after 2017. emi who makes this equipment says even more can be done giving "gma" exclusive access to a rollover simulation to show how it's technology called rolltech can make them safe. >> they roll over frequently. in this case it's the driver that we're trying to protect and save their live. >> reporter: they strapped a dummy in the seat installing crash sensors and rigging the
7:37 am
course with 29 cameras. >> stay behind the first set of barriers. >> reporter: watch as this speeding semi swerves as to avoid a car and then flips. that would-be driver cushioned from the impact by a side roll air bag. and from above you can see the aftermath. the tractor trailer completely flipped on its side. >> i think rolltech is a good step in the right direction in the sense it is intended to move the occupant away from the roof and provide a side curtain to prevent partial ejection. >> these type of accidents occur and impact everybody. >> reporter: for those millions of drivers on the road to stay safe experts say they should find a road with fewer trucks and take it.
7:38 am
keep an eye on swerving and speeding and avoid passing trucks on narrow roads. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, converse, indiana. >> and coming up on our big board will hollywood be saying good-bye to its lavish oscar parties? the new academy rules calling for a crackdown. one of the biggest lottery jackpots in u.s. history is up for grabs on tuesday night. can you increase your odds of winning? and back on the court at wimbledon, today serena williams with her 300th slam win, now fighting for her next big win. we'll talk about that and the american superstar. a lot coming up on or big board in just two minutes. on... not anymore. i'm with sprint now, because guess what, it's 2016 and every network is great. in fact, sprint's reliability is now within 1% of verizon. and sprint saves you 50% on most verizon,
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welcome back. time for the big board. our team of insiders here to take on today's top stories and going to begin with new rules that could mean the end to a lot
7:41 am
of those oscar parties that happen in hollywood. the academy is now cracking down on events that are meant to woo oscar voters. joining us is larry hackett, former "people" magazine editor in chief. larry, will these rules work? >> i don't really think so. here's what goes on. winning an oscar is a political campaign, no different than running for office. starting in the fall studios start to have brunches and lumps and cocktail parties attached to screenings to make sure people see their movies. for some reason the academy has decided they don't want any undue influence and banning people not only from going but getting invited to these parties. i find it mystifying. no suggestion anywhere anybody's vote has been bought in the past so seems strange to do when so much more attention should be paid to the idea that the academy has hundred of new members that will make it more representative of the country. >> lara, you have said this because it'll cut down on your pigs in a blanket quotient or -- do you think there will be fewer parties or people will ignore
7:42 am
the rues. >> i don't think they'll ignore them. any studio doesn't want to yep diez what's going on. the idea of what the academy will do is uncertain. i don't think they'll police it but begin later and make or for low key but look around and say, are you having champagne and salmon at your party? so will we. the idea that the ackley will stop this seems highly unlikely. >> one of the rules said you had to show the movie. >> right. >> awe by lot of times, larry, i have seen you at parties and people might catch up with friends, have a pig in the blanket and skip the screening. >> because "a" they've seen the movie already or want to pete with friends. will they have police at the door to make sure you've seen the screening. i think what they want to do is slow it down for fear it could get out of hand as years went on. >> larry, thank you very much. best of luck to you in this minimized party environment. i know it'll be a hardship. >> i'll do what i can.
7:43 am
now to the growing mega millions jackpot. the jackpot for tuesday's drawing is an estimated $449 million. joining us now richard lustig author of "learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery." you have won lottery games seven times. what's your advice to win. what's the first thing you should do? >> the first thing you should do if you're fortunate enough to win a big grand prize is don't go out and party and buy fancy cars and spend money like crazy. the first thing you should do is clear up all your debts. take this seriously. so pay off your house, pay off your cars, pay off your credit cards. clear yourself completely of debt and then get yourself a financial adviser that is experienced and has a good track record and have them set you up an investment program so that when you retire you're not living in a refrigerator box under a bridge. you know, you're living in a fancy old folks home and they're
7:44 am
taking care of you. >> let's not put the cart before the horse. let's talk about how to win. you've written a book and the odds are staggering. what is it like 1 in 259 million chance of winning? >> yeah. >> you have a lot of tips in your book and one of these tips is whether or not it's better to go in on a pool or be a lone wolf? tell everybody -- >> absolutely be in on a pool. okay, it's common sense that a person that buys 100 tickets is going to have a better chance than a person that only buys ten tickets. if you're in a pool you're buying in volume. buying in volume increases your chances of winning but just make sure that you check out the pool. that it's run properly, that everybody is informed of what's going on because there's a lot of lottery pools out there that are run very poorly. >> yeah, great advice. richard, we thank you very much. got to get thousand to my favorite story of the morning, yes, wimbledon. it's called manic monday today
7:45 am
because 16 rounds of 16 matches all being played today. serena williams looking for her grand slam match win number 301. to talk about that and so much more our pal patrick mcenroe. thanks for being here, patrick. >> lara, we miss you over here. could you buy me a lottery ticket. i can't do that over here. >> i will hand it to you in person when i get there. you've seen some great stuff. she made history with her 300th slam match making her second only to martina navratilova. how do you think it looksy is she going to go all the way? >> well, it seems like every grand slam we pick serena so why not? i'm going to pick her here. this is wimbledon. she loves the grass and had a very tough match over the weekend against christine ma mchale the young american but in dominant form and taking on svetlana kuznetsova so it could be a test but i love the way
7:46 am
serena is looking. i'm predicting that she'll win number 22, her 22nd career grand slam singles title that would tie the great steffi graf. >> unbelievable. let's talk about sam querrey, the american who upset novak djokovic. so many talking about it. what happened? >> well, i think sam had obviously the greatest match he's ever played. he's ray guy that struggled in big matches early in his career and was an underachiever on the men's tour. when he came out he went for his shots serving huge and something wasn't quite right with novak djokovic. the match halted with a two-set lead for sam querrey and stopped because of rain, darkness, a lot of rain delays throughout the match. djokovic won the third set easily. it looked like he was going to get it to a fourth set but get this he ran out of challenges late in the fourth set. that really cost him and sam querrey held his nerve a lot better than did djokovic in the fourth set tie-break. after the match djokovic said
7:47 am
something wasn't quite right with him but he would not elaborate so his run to try to win the calendar slam ends early on the grass at wimbledon. >> shocking news and today i know you'll have much more to report. we thank you so much. patrick. >> you can see all the action at wimbledon today. >> on espn and espn. >> streaming live on espn and the espn app. our thanks to patrick, richard and larry. coming up, our hot shot of the day. one eagle-eyed veteran helped to save a bald eagle. keep it here.
7:48 am
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because in a world where nothing went wrong, your state farm agent will still be right here. helping make life go completely right. just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make summer magic. chex party mix. it's what summer is made of. ♪ time now for our hot shot this morning. the perfect story to share for the fourth of july. a bald eagle rescued by a veteran over the weekend. jason galvin and his neighbors in rush city, minnesota, saw it dangling from a tree and his leg was stuck in a piece of rope wrapped around the branch leaving him hanging upside down. it had been caught up there for two days but when they called
7:50 am
for help everyone said there's nothing we can do. not giving up the army vet used his military training to untangle the eagle shooting down the branch the eagle was caught on, the rescue was emotional for him saying there were a lot of tears and when it came down it was breathtaking. it was a beautiful moment. of the eagle is now healing at a nearby medical facility and picked up the nickname appropriately so freedom. so now everyone is just hoping and waiting to see freedom fly again. it took him 90 minutes and 150 shots. >> 150 shots. >> and as dan likes to say it might have given the eagle a heart attack. >> it might have but it was worth it. otherwise they were just going to leave the bird there. >> the fallout question. did someone catch the branch? >> i'm not sure, i can follow up. it kind of dangled down and did not hurt -- 70 feet falling straight down but eating and drinking. >> freedom. let freedom ring. >> or fly. >> yes. >> both. >> exclusive look at wwe
7:51 am
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7:54 am
back here on "gma" the kendall fire proving you don't have been to a big fire to destroy homes. four homes destroyed and
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by the all-new mazda cx-9. as with
7:56 am
>> >> good morning, i'm matt o'donnell, happy 4th, 7:56 a.m. matt pellman is here with a look at the roads, karen rogers is off. >> reporter: volume is nice and light on all the major highways. they are trying to clean up the accident involving a sweeper truck on the ramp i-95 southbound on to front street. traffic is squeezing by, that's good news. this ramp is closed in hamilton township mercer county because of a vehicle fire. use the ramp at arena drive to get to 195 instead this morning. in the neighborhood lots of fun stuff going on today. we have the firecracker 5k in haddon heights and the parade is in audubon at 8:30. you'll see local street closures saturday mass transit on a
7:57 am
holiday schedule, that means a sunday schedule. >> taking live look at cape may, new jersey. lots of spots open on the beach right now, here's meteorologist david murphy with accuweather. >> reporter: we're starting out with sunshine mixing with clouds, matt. as you look at storm tracker 6 live earlier sprinkles and showers down south appear to be done. 68 in cape may. perhaps a tad humid this morning. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 80 today with increasing clouds. there's a chance of spotty shower around this afternoon and evening. there might be steadier rain arriving tonight. we're hoping to get fireworks in, but you want to check out with radar if you're heading tout to barbecues this afternoon or fireworks tonight, matt. tomorrow, warm and humid with rain ending early. a 16-year-old boy was shot to death at a barbecue in the city's grays ferry section. someone fired 11 bullets at the home on south 31st street. police believe the boy was not
7:58 am
the intended target. we have a list of fireworks displays across the region at ♪ keep on track with dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies, made with low-fat yogurt and real fruit blended into feel-good flavors like new wildberry. american runs on dunkin'.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and a holiday travel alert. severe weather and flash flooding as millions hit the road this fourth of july. we'll give you the best times to drive. ♪ i'm going to stand by you family first. the top executive stunning the business world leaving behind a billion dollar company to take care of her sister. >> since my sister was diagnosed we've been in this journey together. >> expert advice for the millions of americans facing caregiving questions right now. ♪ i got this feeling and we are america. an exclusive first look at john cena's powerful message this fourth of july. >> this year patriotism shouldn't be just about pride of country, it should be about love. >> the new campaign uniting americans this morning. ♪ good to be alive right about now ♪ and we're kicking off the
8:01 am
holidays with "dancing" host tom bergeron as we say -- >> oh, good morning, america. how are you? ♪ ♪ fireworks come on let your -- >> got to love that tom bergeron. >> who was he imitating there. >> sounded like gilbert godfrey. >> such an original. happy fourth of july, everybody. if you're having a party today we've got the perfect spread for you. sandra lee is sharing her secret recipes for delicious barbecue from corn to cake to ribs. >> cake? i'll stick around. >> i like cake. >> me too. also this morning the big "ugly betty" reunion. the cast back together sharing more behind-the-scenes secrets. what you got? >> must try summer hacks. everything to keep your kids happy, healthy and entertained this summer from outdoor crafts
8:02 am
to sunburn solutions. easy diy tricks coming up. >> can't we just call them tips? >> yes. >> instead of hacks? >> it's just hipper. >> hip per. >> techier. >> how to get sunscreen on a squirming 1 1/2-year-old. if she can tell me how to did that -- >> i know your trick, calling your wife. >> thank you for that. i appreciate it. sara will not be on the rest of the show. we're going to do the news now before we boot saar ralph the big story, the fourth of july travel, record move. a major reason for the increase in travel, low cost and abc's linzie janis reports in now from one of america's busiest highways. hi there again, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, dan. an estimated 43 million americans are traveling this weekend. that is a record. most of them an estimated 36 million are on the road, many of
8:03 am
them headed home today. one of the reasons driving is so popular this year gas prices are at an 11-year low, $2.27 a gallon. that is an 11-year low and also 50 cents cheaper than it was this time last year. now, when it comes to what time you should leave, well, right now the roads are clear but it's 8:00 a.m. so might want to wait till later. be prepared for travel. according to waze, traffic won't peak until 10:00 p.m. tonight wherever you live and thosely because people will leave the fireworks displays at about that time. >> drive safely. in australia a united flight was forced to return to sydney after a bird strike during takeoff. a passenger on board posted this video of the plane dumping fuel over the ocean before its return. the passenger said it was, quote, a tad unnerving to witness. but everybody was fine. an orangutan flirting with
8:04 am
freedom forcing a zoo in kansas city into lockdown. she climbed to the top of the wall surrounding her exhibit and she returned on her own. this incident comes two days after an orangutan escaped its enclosure at busch gardens tampa before it was tranquilized. these boaters captured this moment a large mako blasted out of the water and did a backflip. they were he static then it started biting the ship's propeller. less of a positive sign. no one was hurt. less menacing, a hot dog you won't see. this dachshund going viral. the name skeeter and skeeter is enjoying the benefits of an industrial fan which is at the bottom of your screen. he is appearing to fly. his paws moving to the music clearly enjoying himself even flashing a smile or what may be
8:05 am
a wind-induced smile at times. 9 look on his face tells me -- >> he's trying to get away. >> please put me down. >> i thought it was a dramatic beyonce fan. >> i think that was the idea. >> that was the idea. skeeter. >> thank you, dan. "pop news" with sara. >> we've got lots of fireworks in this morning's "pop news" in honor of the july 4th weekend and a message of love and inclusion on this holiday. remember this groundbreaking love has no labels campaign from the ad council. now in a "gma" exclusive we reveal the new video from that group with wrestling icon john cena. the megastar delivers a moving message delivering patriotism for all americans with stars and stripes. >> this year patriotism shouldn't be just about pride of country but about love, love beyond age, disability, sexuality, race, religion and any other labels. because the second any of us judge people based on those labels we're not really being
8:06 am
patriotic, are we? >> the wrestling ring strongman sharing a strong message for had all-american holiday. i loved that commercial with the skeletons had they come out. >> and the people's reaction. >> makes you emotional. >> yeah, and john cena is so great. >> also great in "trainwreck." >> that's one of your favorites. >> you quote that a lot. >> we have to work on that. >> amy schumer and i are tight. the ultimate july 4th party at the beach in westerly, rhode island. taylor swift splashing in the surf with supermodels. carly class and gigi hadid and a lineup of taylor's pals but these are the pictures everyone is talking about. taylor and new beau tom hiddleston up close and personal in the water. take a look at what tom is wearing. a heart tst-shirt. >> that's tuttle. >> initials taylor swift.
8:07 am
blake lively and ryan reynolds dipped into the soiree. >> they were there too? >> yes. no one was missing. >> feeling fomo. fear of missing out. >> blake is showing off that baby bump and looking beautiful. >> she is ridiculous beautiful. >> both are adorable. dan has an i love hs shirt i wears on weekends. >> harris has no such shirt. >> no more storys? >> no, no, we do. one more, a happy one. now to the happy story of the bachelor -- i got sidetracked. the bachelor who became a husband and now a proud father, sean lowe fell in love and were married on live tv. well, on sunday they shared their most wonderful news yet, the birth of their first child, samuel thomas lowe.
8:08 am
catherine posting this photo. my boy and me and catherine's mom and sister will stay for the first month helping the new parents. i would extend that to a couple more months. get some more time out of the in-laws but wish them every happiness. >> bachelor success story. congratulations. ginger is somewhere with the "morning menu." >> outside. >> we have quite a crowd on this independence day. what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." the top exec and mom leaving behind her career to take care of her sister. that inspiring story this morning. we've got the up and coming teen sensation, right here with us, forever in your mind here live with a big performance for your fourth of july, plus the super summer hacks to keep your kids and these kids entertained all summer. s'mores, crayon, all coming up next on "gma" and the best crowd in america, the party starts and stays right here. ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new nexium,
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8:13 am
there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ welcome back to "gma." right now an inspiring story. an executive at the top of her game stepping down from a billion dollar company to take care of her sister. she spoke with abc's juju chang about her tough decision and how she's helping others facing that same choice. >> reporter: she was a rare bird, a woman at the top of a billion dollar corporation on the fast track but she walked away from it all leaving some in the business world stunned. >> i still very comfortable as the day i did making the decision. >> reporter: christi shaw has held many lofty title, wife,
8:14 am
mother, the middle of three sisters and president of a massive pharmaceutical company but this summer she's embarking on her biggest job yet, caregiver. 2 1/2 years ago her sister was diagnosed with bone cancer. following that bleak diagnosis a sliver of hope sherry was admitted into a clinical trial but the treatments far from her home would require full time care. >> since my sister was diagnosed we've been in this journey together. >> reporter: with that in mind a nearly 30-year career that reached the pinnacle of success was put on pause. >> it wasn't a difficult decision. my mother unfortunately had breast cancer and my older sister took eight weeks caring for her. this decision was a logical step from a family perspective. >> reporter: so at 49 christie started a new path taking care of her sister. the so-called sandwich generation, unpaid care givers
8:15 am
for other adults, it's a role taken on by nearly 40 million americans, 60% of them women. >> i actually feel very lucky that i'm able to take this time because many times we go through life and we just keep doing what we were doing because that's what we've always done. >> reporter: these ate first to admit her work now will take getting used to. >> sitting still is not something i'm great at. waiting an hour and a half for a doctor's appointment i'm working on e-mail and being in the moment. >> reporter: while her future career track is still a question mark this job is leaving a lasting impression. >> i'm not sure if going back to work will be more difficult. i know that i've had a great career. but if i look back, the place that i need to be right now is with my sister. >> reporter: of course, her sister says when it comes to family she hit the jackpot. >> i'm just very, very lucky to have you as a sister in my life. >> ditto.
8:16 am
>> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> and joining us now with pore on what to consider if you are becoming a caregiver dr. robyn silverman, robyn, good to see you again. i thought it was so inspirational. there must be an emotional toll to pay. here she is, she's made it in the business world and, you know, the stats show it is, if fact, more women who end up becoming the caregiver. talk about that emotional toll. >> women are known for stuffing 25 hours into a day. we try to do it all, right? we try to do it all. for some this is going to be a very easy choice for them. for others there is a question if this job feeds their soul. their passion or their family. they may be wondering how long can i take off and how long might i have with this person? it's an emotional toll. >> it sure is. >> and wrapping your head around it can feed my soul but in ray very different way. it can define me. >> absolutely.
8:17 am
>> but in a positive way. that's a real trick when you've been working and in her case in christie's case at the top of your game. >> yes, exactly. it's true. these people, not everybody is going to be in that same financial position that she is and she's very fortunate and i'd say to our viewers, even if you don't think you can take the time off, talk to your boss and on a human level. ask your boss is there something i can do here. what are my option, is there a way to secure my position in the company? and just ask on that human level. there's also some great budget teals that they can use if it turns out that they need to take some time off. >> i bet. talking to a boss on that human level, that expression is critical. maybe one day from home. just so you can spend a little more time. >> exactly. can i work from home? is there a way for me to reduce my hours. for a shorter period of final. you may not get all the time you want but you can get some time.
8:18 am
>> and just lastly, any advice for people who are going to do this to be the caregiver. >> every supporter needs a supporter so make sure you get that friend, can they pick up your kid? can your spouse pick up some slack? make sure you're taking care of yourself. it's the first thing to go and make sure you stay healthy. can you eat healthy foods, drink enough water. blow off stress in productive ways. we need to be healthy if we're going to help others. >> a lot will face exactly this. robyn, thanks so much for being here. we're going behind the scenes with "ugly betty." we all love the show and they are back together just for us. ♪ i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra... can be a sign of existing joint damage...
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8:22 am
hey there, back now with that big "ugly betty" reunion. the cast together hosted by "entertainment weekly" sharing more secrets behind the groundbreaking series with abc's chris connelly. >> feels like no time has passed at all. everybody just stepped in where we left off really. >> there's been a promise of drinking and dancing tonight. is that right? [ laughter ]
8:23 am
>> reporter: last month's reunion at the atx television festival done on behalf of the available on hulu series found this cast looking back on four seasons of "ugly betty." a life-changing time that began in 2006. >> such a special job for all of us. we were in different places careerwise. >> it was a show that was really important to all of us. i mean i grew up with these people when i was a child -- >> i grew up on the show too with betty and these people and i can't talk without crying. what's wrong with me. >> reporter: nothing was wrong with america ferrera as betty suarez keeping it real with her latino family in queens and adroitly swimming with the sharks at her magazine job. >> what did you think of me when i first arrived. >> i hated you of course. >> reporter: the bleeding heart energy bringing it to broadcast tv.
8:24 am
>> since i was 5 i felt like i was dropped in the wrong skin. >> reporter: like rebecca romijn's scheming sibling. >> i think it was the first transgender character in primetime television and now we have laverne cox and it's open -- i am obviously not a transgender person but it was an honor to get to play that role. >> reporter: no one made the "ugly betty" plot spoil like wilhelmina slater. >> it's almost scary how easy this is. >> you are evil. >> reporter: but vanessa williams, it turns out was a last-second edition to the cast in the read through i got a call it's not working out. we need you tomorrow. >> reporter: what comes to mind for you at the way "ugly betty" broke ground. >> every piece of advice betty gave to everybody else was the wisdom of the sages. >> if i was 10 or 12 or 15-year-old girl that would be the show that could save me so from the get-go i was doing it for me. my little self who didn't get to
8:25 am
see characters. >> reporter: for abc news chris connelly, austin, texas. >> outside to ginger. >> hey, let's go right here to n something, that would be the weather. this morning in dallas 50,000 customers around dallas without power, wind gusts 60 miles per hour. the stationary/warm front going to bring severe potential from bowling green into north carolina and minneapolis gets into it tomorrow. that's the big picture, let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: dry for for you, heading outside we have early sunshine breaking through the clouds at the shore and elsewhere. clouding up overall, there goes a seagull. temperatures in the 60s and pushing into the 70s.
8:26 am
high today in philadelphia, 80. there's a chance of spotty shower activity if you plans to head to a barbecue or fireworks tonight check out radar in advance to make sure one of the showers isn't heading your way. solutions to the perfect s'mores, very exciting and sandra lee sharing a delicious fourth of july barbecue. >> good morning, everyone, i'm
8:27 am
matt o'donnell, 8:27 the 4th of july. karen is off, matt pellman is anyone going to work today? >> reporter: not a whole lot, a couple of them, like us, some of them will be going to the shore and as you surely we'll see dels coming back from the shore. we have a display in wilmington on 495 northbound a crash that's in the construction zone edgemore road. the work zone has the right lane blocked, the crash has the left lane blocked. you can squeeze by in the center, but stay on i-95 northbound instead. this is i-95 no delay by girard, the off ramp by the walt whitman bridge is completely reopened.
8:28 am
there's a crash in up begin i had township line road -- gwynedd, township line at audubon drive. mass transit is on a holiday schedule that means a sunday schedule. >> let's turn to david murphy. >> reporter: all right, matt, we're looking at sun and clouds. the showers are gone from areas of south jersey and delaware. we're up to 71 degrees in philadelphia. feeling slightly humid. the afternoon call, high of 80. clouds increase and during afternoon and evening there's a chance of spotty showers around. if you're heading to a barbecue or fireworks tonight keep your eyes on radar to make sure the showers don't pop into your direction. hopefully we get the fireworks in tonight and good deal of them. tomorrow rain in the morning and spotty shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. it's going to be warm and human tomorrow, 88. excessive heat starting wednesday. >> "action news" is awaiting word from septa how it plans to
8:29 am
handle tomorrow's commute without dozens of regional rail trains and service. details will be posted as they come in at america runs on dunkin'.
8:30 am
good morning, america. whoo. [ cheers and applause ] >> are you getting choked up? >> barbecue. >> we're celebrating big here in times square on the fourth. here's a behind-the-scenes look at our desk. we're having fun on the fourth of july snapchat. >> you don't look like you're having any fun. >> that's her newsman face. >> i disapprove of sara's face. and the band forever in your mind is here performing live just ahead. there they are chowing down on some s'mores. >> yes. >> unfortunately, went down my windpipe. i'm back. another one from "dancing with the stars" is tom bergeron
8:31 am
leading a star-spangled capitol fourth. tom bergeron, what is that look. >> this is an old reference. it's more jack benny. thank you very much. >> of course, we all know him as host of "dancing with the stars." but also hosting a huge birthday bash for our country. it's called "a capitol fourth." i love the show and you've been doing it for a few years. >> the fourth time i've done it in five years. the fourth on a fourth. a synergy thing and it's amazing. a live show on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol and a star-studded lineup and great fireworks. it's one of my favorite stages to walk out on. >> i know you've said in your book live tv is one of the most relaxing things you do. >> i do. >> you get offered a lot of shows. why this one. >> well, this one is apart from the fact that it's live tv it is
8:32 am
a celebration of who we are. it's a wonderful time to remember that we may be a dysfunctional family but we are a family and that just underscores that even at the birth of this nation it wasn't a bunch of guys in powdered wigs singing "kumbaya." it was tough. >> you appeared 0en "gma" in a very large giant life-size mirror ball which we saw you sneaking your drink and tried to bring that back today. we were not able to do that in i felt like human jiffy pop. >> you work with great people among them peta and maks. so excited to hear they're having a baby. i can't imagine her pulling that off. >> she was at the end of the season if you just said hello to peta, she'd start weeping. >> i remember feeling like that. >> and you got to know that kid is going to look good. >> oh, my gosh.
8:33 am
>> that's going to be a good-looking kid in and do a look down memory lane. we like making fun of you whenever possible. >> i know. i'm game. >> i did not know that you were part of this show. roll 'em. >> yeah. >> oh, that's me? >> what do you call that? >> spice. >> the war lords use it to test their courage. >> you sure you won't have some? >> my courage doesn't need testing. >> i did not know that you were on "star trek." >> yeah, a couple of times. that was because of my friendship with whoopi goldberg. rick said you watch it. you want to be on it? it was that easy. >> never a dull moment from tom burj ron. see him, of course, on "dancing with the stars" but do not miss "a capitol fourth" airing on pbs. always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> we have to get over to sara. >> thanks.
8:34 am
time for super summer hacks for every family here with nacia ting started with these lanterns. >> these are super fun, easy way for kids to show their creativity and artwork but have a way to keep the bug as way. a mason jar, empty one, any kind of constrainer you had aoing do? >> just like what you're doing down here and plaster them all over the glasses and have this beautiful but functional thing you can display in the home and it is so great. >> you have four kids. >> i do. >> you're fairly an expert. one thing that's tricky is getting sunscreen on kids. >> all that stuff can be tough but this is a simple way to east those pains. we have these fun little shapes
8:35 am
and buy them at any store, an ice cube tray that's plane or an airplane. pop in the aloe vera gel. >> it's aloe vera. >> put it in the freezer and then you can put it on your kids and they have a fun way to soothe their pains and, yeah, it's just an easy way. >> inevitable burns come -- >> absolutely. >> i see something delicious over here. >> okay, so you cannot have summer without s'mores, right? >> yum. >> it looks like we have some wayward marshmallows. >> this is a lazy man's technique. >> what not to do with your children. >> yeah. >> but if you're trying to roast s'mores take it to the park or the beach and simple idea. take a terra-cotta pot and line it with tin foil and add in your charcoal and light it away. an easy way to roast them but
8:36 am
you don't need a huge fire. >> yeah. >> our dad here had a question. >> i'm not the craftiest person in the world. is this for anyone? >> absolutely. you know, the best thing about all these hacks is most of the items you have them at home and can use them very easily or you can pick them up at a local drugstore or dollar store, so, yes, you don't have to have a master's degree in art to be able to do it. >> you have to be smarter than dan harris to make it work. >> you do. >> low bar. low bar. >> i would not suggest doing that in a science one -- >> yeah. >> very colorful. i think every parent has a drawer or box at home with crushed up crayons in it that haven't been used in a while. >> stubby ones. fun way to repurpose them and learn about them as well. take the crayons that are broken up and lay out a cookie sheet with cookie cutters and pop in all the colors and leave it outside. all the crayons will melt
8:37 am
together and when you take it out you'll have this fantastic shop. >> kids can take out their aggression on the crayon and members together. >> go from a solid to a liquid back to a solid again and great way to learn science too. >> nacia, thanks so much. for all of these go to on yahoo! i'll send it over or back and around to ginger. >> i'll carefully walk over to this beautiful paint that these kids are doing. doing the artwork with the squirt guns and i'll stay far forecast we want to get to the fireworks forecast eventually, let me bring you into the heat advisory in texas. it is going to feel like 110 in corpus christy. there's the fireworks forecast time it out for you the mid atlantic up to new york scattered storms as we head into
8:38 am
fireworks time. let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: all right, ginger, storm tracker 6 live double scan we're dry for now, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows increasing clouds today, this afternoon we'll see a high of 80 degrees. you see the showers coming at us, it's a possibility it will be coming through at fireworks time tonight, so keep an eye on radar. crispy. now the other side of the planet to all the excitement for shanghai disney, the resort that robin was at recently for the spectacular grand opening and a look at how chinese culture is coming to life inside of the park. ♪ >> reporter: take the wimzie and wonder of disney, mix it with a rich vibrant chinese culture then put them together and what do you got? the shanghai disney resort where
8:39 am
classic disney fairy tales are viewed through a spectacular chinese lens. it had to be just a village to make this all come together. >> yes, of course, when we made a decision that we would built something authentically differedisney and chinese, we had to turn to them. one is a tarzan show and the entire show is performed to music from disney's "tarzan," great phil collins music combined with acrobats from "mulan." >> every detail of the resort artfully designed to appeal to mul multigenerational families. like the gardens of imagination. tailored to the chinese people's love of gardens. here 12 large mosaic murals showcase the signs of the chinese zodiac with a disney twist. >> we converted and expressed all of the chinese zodiac
8:40 am
animals with chinese characters. >> reporter: the wandering moon teahouse is a nod to chinese culture. ♪ >> reporter: on stage disney's favorites like "the lion king" are translated into mandarin. ♪ towering at 24 feet tall these murals represent art themes interpreted through disney characters and the carousel. this one of a kind fantasia ride was created with 62 magnificent horses that symbolize the chinese family unit. >> creating an experience that last a lifetime. [ cheers and applause ] >> you can preview the shanghai magic and experience the rides right now in virtual reality. go to for a 360-degree tour. fire up the grill. sandra lee is heaping up your
8:41 am
fourth of july there's one place where america's pastime is preserved for all time. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ discover something one of a kind in new york. ♪ new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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8:43 am
a great crowd in times square. i'm with the girls wondering your favorite thing to eat at a fourth of july barbecue.
8:44 am
>> fried chicken. >> ribs. >> oh, i love it. i just love a good old steak. right now for your fourth of july feast, jesse went one-on-one with our friend sandra lee and has the secrets to making that perfect spread. >> if there are any procrastinators who still haven't gotten your fourth of july act together we brought in celebrity chef sandra lee. >> thanks so much. happy fourth. >> happy fourth. as well. >> happy fourth. >> is a table skate. >> these are red plastic cups that everybody doesn't know what to do with. little tiny clothespins with name cards make perfect place settings. >> fourth of july synonymous with ribs. show us your recipe. >> you can use it for chicken. whatever it is. we'll start off with the sauce. tomato sauce with italian herbs and you have it in your pantry,
8:45 am
sloppy joe mix. >> lots of great flavors. >> mesquite steak sauce. >> nice. >> brown sugar. >> i see what you're doing here. >> and some garlic. >> beautiful. >> now you get to whisk that up. >> i'm held helpinliling you. >> month yacht steak sauce and pour it over the top of this. >> oh, yeah. >> go, baby. >> ah, yeah. smother it like that. yeah. >> take your aluminum foil into the oven, 325 for about two hours and slow cook them. yum. mm-mm. slow bake them. after it's done they get put on to the grill for just a couple of minutes to give them that nice crispy smoky exterior. baked beans, you want to just cook off some bacon, leave the fat in there, then you'll put in molasses and salt and pepper and
8:46 am
some hot sauce. fabulous. take it off. grilled corn. that is just lime and butter on there. easy, easy. this is amazing. this is our fourth of july cake. blue velvet cake and -- >> yeah. >> lime or cherry in there. >> cocktail. >> cocktail time. this will be an orange vodka with some strawberry juice. >> say no more. this is a happy fourth party. you can get all these recipes at on yahoo! >> happy fourth. [ cheers and applause ] >> awesome, jesse. thank you. you can get her recipes and tips for creating your fourth of july bash at on yahoo! coming up a little music now. we fed you. now we feed your soul. for everyone, forever in your mind. ♪ i go crazy ♪ everything t ♪
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i have new friends and they make me look younger. thank you, gentlemen. back with teen sensation forever in your mind just released their debut record call eed fil eed a hear to perform your latest "hurricane." you're running around in my head. with a thunder no one will forget ♪ ♪ you got the rules that is driving me insane ♪ ♪ going up in flames dreaming in the dark make my head go round
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8:51 am
♪ let it rain let our hearts pour out ♪ ♪ you got me till the sunburns out like ooh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ we felt right where we both be in love ♪ ♪ dynamite when you're in my arms you and i make thunder storms like ooh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ooh ♪ walking on clouds away way up here together ♪ ♪ not coming down we could say
8:52 am
up here photographer ♪ >> let me here it, "gma." good morning, america. ♪ hurricane when the lights go out ♪ ♪ let it rain let our hearts pour out ♪ ♪ you got me till the sunburns out like ♪ ♪ till the sunburns out baby ♪ we felt right where we both be in love ♪ ♪ dynamite when you're in my arms ♪ ♪ you and i make thunderstorms like ooh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ whoa hey i have asthma...
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>> you know what these boys need, a middle age man who parts their hair. what do you think? >> yes. >> happy fourth of july. >> good morning everyone, 8:56 on this monday, the 4th of july,
8:57 am
happy independence day everyone. karen rogers is off, here's matt pellman with traffic. >> reporter: matt all is fine on the vine and outline the other major -- all the other major highways. of course nearby the benjamin franklin parkway is closed both drives in both directions because of the welcome america festivities. by the independence mall chestnut street is blocked because of the parade. we have a parade in prospect park. there's one in clifton heights. in audubon parade underway making its way to the high school and in haddon heights one starts in a couple of minutes making its way to huff park. there was an accident 495 in delaware, near edge wood road. have a good fourth, matt. >> david murphy has the accuweather forecast, david. >> reporter: a little bit of cloud cover starting to move in.
8:58 am
72 degrees, sunshine coming through in philadelphia. muggy this morning. this afternoon we're going for a high of 80. clouds increase this afternoon and evening there's a chance of some showers popping through rat times. if you have plans to be out at a barbecue today or fireworks tonight you want to keep your eyes on radar just because the showers are a potential problem. we have showers again and downpours overnight into tuesday morning. thunderstorms tomorrow, warm and muggy tomorrow and getting hot after that. >> coming up on "action news," we'll get you ready for 4th of july celebrations. sky6 live hd showing independence hall right now where a special ceremony takes place this morning, join us for live team coverage at noon. "live with kelly" is next. i'm matt o'donnell. happy 4th!
8:59 am
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announcer: it's independence day, and you're invited to "live's" fourth of july party. today, all-american actor zac efron and last-minute party tips for your holiday festivities courtesy of katie brown. of our studio audience will be competing for cash in our fourth of july games. also cedric the entertainer joins kelly as co-host of today's holiday party. all next on "live"! and now, here are kelly ripa and cedric the entertainer! [cheers and applause] [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] cedric: hello, hello! it's coming off.


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