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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  July 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> -- good afternoon, rick and sarah are off, i'm matt
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o'donnell. police identify a teenager who was shot and killed enjoying a barbecue while they search for the killer. septa regional riders need to prepare for a rough commute tomorrow. the story on "action news" this noon is the 240th celebration of united states of america. we'll look at the place where our nation began, independence hall our founding father declared on july 4, 1776 that the 1 colonies would rise against the british and become their own free and united democracy. what better to celebrate our freedom with a sea of red white and blue from head to toe on the young and old and four wheels and three. the jersey shore is a popular spot for friends and family to
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gather for the fourth, the sun, the sand and the fun capped off with fireworks. we have live team coverage on this independence day. meteorologist david murphy is standings by with the fireworks forecast. we begin with ali gorman live at independence hall with the ceremonies and celebration. happy fourth! >> reporter: happy fourth to you, matt. nobody does the 4th of july quite like philadelphia. the parade is still going on down chestnut street. the ceremony started at 10:00 a.m. at independence hall the same police it started 240 years ago. ♪ oh, say can you see >> reporter: the patriotism is palpable always bobby hill sings the star spangle banner. hundreds lined the lawn for
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america's builder celebration. >> it's amazing, it's cool and awesome to be here and see it up front. >> it's wonderful we're having a wonderful time. i'm so happy. >> reporter: the ceremony featured several philadelphia born and raise the celebrities including leslie odem junior from the broad way play hamilton. >> that all men are created equal. >> reporter: all this was a prelude to the annual independence day parade. and back here live you can see the parade going down chestnut street. hundreds of people are lining the streets to celebrate america's birthday. of course this is just one of the celebrations going on today. there will be many, many more celebrations throughout the day.
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but that's the latest for now, we're live in old city. ali gorman channel 6 "action news." matt? >> thanks ali. people lined the streets of bala cynwyd montgomery county this morning for annual independence day celebration. the proud tradition is still going strong in bala cynwyd today. folks in swatter -- swathmore, delaware county were up for the lion's club children's parade. >> two sky6 live hd cameras taking a look at two different spots along the jersey shore, one offers the hustle and bustle of atlantic city new jersey, the other the quiet tran -- tran -- tranquillity of cape may.
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meteorologist david murphy is outside with the details of a possible storm tonight. >> reporter: right now, matt, we've managed to break out sunshine from in between the gathering cloud cover. that's happening around i-95 and north an east. satellite shows you as you glance toward washington, d.c. we have an eye on the shower activity on the other side of washington that's aiming for us later on. 77 in philadelphia. 75 in wilmington. 76 in dover. 81 degrees up in allentown where the sun is having a better time getting through the clouds and 78 in trenton. dewpoints, well anything over 60 indicates noticeable humidity. i do want to point out in philadelphia we're a bit more humid than the last couple of days, worst in wilmington, and southern delaware where you see the dark shade of green on the contour that's indicating areas that are stickier, 69 in dover,
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68 in cape may, reflecting higher humidity. if you have plans to have a barbecue this afternoon. as we said on this morning's broadcast don't cancel the plans. we'll build in more and more cloud cover. there's a chance of a spotty shower this afternoon. 79 degrees by 2:00 p.m. 80 by 3:00 p.m. 78 by 5:00 p.m. it's later in the evening we'll have a better chance of problems, though. down the shore, mostly cloudy we'll allow for a spotty shower here or there, as well, especially the farther south you go along the coast into delaware. the high temperatures ranging anywhere from 75 to 78. while there's not a risk of rip currents we have not had issues with the undertow which can cake you out that is fast moving current of water beneath the surface shooting allong the beach after the wave comings in. we've had lifeguard rescues
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because of that. be careful of that. you can see the latest run on future tracker doesn't have a whole lot going on. the barbecues while cloudier mainly dry. anytime after 7:30 to 8:30 the new model run has showers coming. does this mean the model is right with the placement and time of this? not necessarily, there was another model that had this bands of rain holding off until later. there's a threat, and that exists given the latest model run with the showers move in by 8:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. tonightle we'll have more on future tracker 6 and more on what to expect and how to program for the this evening, if you have plans to go out. there's another weather story coming later in the week, it involves heat and humidity. >> share your 4th of july
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activities with "action news." e-mail us directly at join the action at other news this noon, we're following a developing story out of newark, delaware, authorities say a man tried to abduct two women overnight within a few blocks of each other. the first attack happened at 11:20 at the colonial garden apartments at 3:34 a.m. east main street. a 28-year-old student was about to get groceries out of her car and a man came up behind her and tried to put a chemical-soaked rag over her mouth. an hour later, a 61-year-old woman was attacked from behind once again with a soaked rag. shele fought the man and he ran off. we'll have more on the story in a live report in the next half-hour. police identified the 16-year-old who was shot and killed attending a cookout in the grays ferry neighborhood
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last night. asir brown was hit in the back and police say he was not the intended target. annie mccormick has more on the investigation. >> reporter: according to police, the shooting happened at the end of the holiday barbecue. police say it was in the back yard around midnight a drive-by shooting interrupted a holiday barbecue. 16-year-old asir brown was hit once in the back. a short time later doctors at the children's hospital of philadelphia pronounced him dead. the police found about a half dozen shell casings on the ground and you can see where the bullets shattered glass and riddled the sliding and doors. >> he feels a great football player and basketball player, always had a small on his face. >> reporter: coach joseph rose started the 16-year-old in
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football and basketball. he was playing point guard in summer league with the game set for next week. >> also played his hardest, worked for his teammates, never gave up. actually he was my future league and with my seniors, that's how good he was. >> reporter: police are looking for the shooter and reviewing real time cameras in the area. the about a barbecue was a family affair, after the shooting several family members and witnesses went to homicide to be interview. police have a vague description of the vehicle, it was a gray or dark-colored car. if you have any information contact philadelphia police. reporting outside police headquarters, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> police in camden have assembled an arson task force to investigate 13 straight fires in the city over the weekend. most of the fires are in vacant homes and all win a one mile
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radius. all happened in broad daylight. >> somebody probably saw something that was out of the ordinary, didn't appear that it was suspicious at that time. think back if you recognize something and you have a description of anybody because we have none at this point. (856)757-7042 call the tip line. we have that number at septa will roll out a modified schedule to handle the loss of 120 regional rail trains. silverlineer v cars have cracks in the suspension system which could derail if running at high speed. it doesn't expect a huge problem today, balls it's running on a holiday schedule. come tomorrow they will announce
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changes at a news conference you can watch it at or watch it happening through our 6abc app. >> the father whose little boy who was attacked and killed in disney world has a new theory of what happened. >> and help for children suffering from seizures, doctor is is have a new drug that's helping.
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money on the mind blew up an atm on lehigh avenue at 4:00 a.m. ment blast tossed atm parts across the street. it is unclear if any cash was taken. three vehicles including a taxi were involved in a crash on delaware avenue at penns landing. it happened at callowhill street at 1:00 a.m. investigators say the cab was hit so hard it spun around and ended up facing the wrong direction. several pedestrians were there when it happened they managed to scramble quickly and avoid the crash. nobody was hurt. nypd is trying to figure out who left a device in central park that left a young man
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maimed. the 19-year-old was walk winning friends when he stepped on the rock that was covering the explosive. he suffered a significant foot injury and lose part of his leg. police believe the expositive was a hobbiest experimental firework and not designed to hurt anyone. the father of the toddler who was killed by an alligator last month said two alligators were involved in the attack. he said he was attacked by a second alligator as he tried to reach his son. the body was found the next day, since the attack, disney world added signs warning people about alligators and snakes. disney is the parent company of 6abc. a plane going to australia
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from los angeles hit a bird. it's not clear how much damage was done to the plane. no one was injured. dehydration and drunken behavior at a kenny chesney concert put fans in the hospital. they got dehydrated before his concert at hines field in pittsburgh. authorities arrested 7 fans for disorderly conduct saying their behavior was fueled by alcohol. city officials are angry over the tons of trash left behind. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh...
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spacecraft is hours away from reaching jupiter. it is expected to orbit the gas giant tonight him they will learn if it has a solid core and why the great red spot is shrinking. the project ends in 2018 when it crashes into the surface. a family of a girl with disabilities is suing the memphis airport. shirleyly coen and her daughter was heading back from saint jude's hospital after undergoing treatment for a brain tumor. her mom said she is deaf in one ear and blind in one eye and gets confused. police say the 19 became irate and charged an officer pushing and punching him.
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he put her on the ground. the mom describes it differently. he slammed her head on the floor, i looked there was blood everywhere. hannah cohen spent a night in jail. the judge saw her injuries and threw out the charges against her. a marijuana based drug is scoring high marks in controlling childhood help e epilepsy. in testing it significantly cut the number of seizures in children when it added to their treatment. the fda has put the drug on the fast track or approval.
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9:00. some of the models are saying there could issues in some neighborhoods, don't throw the baby out with the bath water on that one. storm tracker 6 live double scan, we're dry for now. there's the shore in ocean city, we're squeezing out sunshine? ocean city and philadelphia right now and all the northern and eastern suburbs. the farther south and west you go across the region the better chance you have of seeing the cloud cover moving in quickly. 77 degrees in philadelphia. the dewpoint up over the 60-degree threshhold for humid air. winds out of the south at 5 miles per hour. 81 in allentown. 72347 -- 77 in reading. 75 in millville. down the shore in cape may. 76 degrees. there's breaks in the clouds extending from ocean city up through philadelphia. the farther south and west you go, the thicker the clouds are
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and we have showers on the other side of washington, d.c. about ready to pull out of virginia into central maryland and that is what we're watching coming in later today and especially this evening. up in the lehigh valley, lots of clouds, perhaps a late-day shower, 83 degrees is the high, better chance of showers later on in the evening hours up north. at the shore we're going for mostly cloudy skies that will build over the next couple of hours. i know you got the sun in oc right now. spotty showers are possible. i don't think there's a whole lot going on during the day, 78 degrees is the high there. as we head into philadelphia, 80. the clouds continue to build in the afternoon hours, again we'll allow for a spotty shower, i'll show you that with future tracker. winds out of the south southwest at 8 to 14 miles per hour. there's an afternoon basketball game, phillies welcoming the braves to town and hopefully kicking them out of the stadium with a victory, 79 degrees for
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the first pitch, 74 for the 9 inning. i would go if you have tickets, the chance of the shower is small during the 4 to 7:00 p.m. period. the latest run on future tracker 6, the clouds will get thicker and push farther north by 3:00 p.m. yes there's a chance of a light shower here or there, but it's few and far between even as late always 6:00 p.m., the model consistently showing not a whole lot going on. as we get into the evening hours between 8, 8:30 p.m., 9 around the time we get ready for fireworks. latest run has showers. i can't guarantee this is the way things play out, balls the models are -- because the model are going back and forth. fireworks time it reinforces the idea you want to check the forecast today before you head out tonight and you can track
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developing showers. some shows could get in, others rained out. showers possible in the 70s. tomorrow morning, more heavy downpours you want to tune in tomorrow morning to see if that hinders your commute. tomorrow, 80. clouds increasing and there's a shower chance in the afternoon and evening. warm on tuesday, thunderstorm, high of 88. look at the highs, 94 on wednesday, 95 on thursday, excessive heat with heat index making it feel like 100 degrees. >> triple digits. if you want to enjoy fireworks is the place to start, we have posted a list of broken events broken down by state -- events broken down by state and county. we'll be right back.
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>> hello, again, rick and sarah are off, i'm matt o'donnell. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news" at 12:30 p.m. the 4th of july from parades to parties to the fun down the shore we're capturing your holiday with live team coverage. a major flaw with 100 septa rail cars will effect commuters in and around philadelphia beginning tomorrow. police say a man in philadelphia carrying a chemical
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soaked rag tried to abdomin duck two women -- abduct two women hours apart. holiday fun is happening in the nation's birth. they gathered at independence hall honor you honoring our four fathers, a parade followed. benjamin franklin parkway will come alive tonight with a concert and fireworks show. the spring band was part of the parade in collingdale this morning. the 4th of july in collingdale will go off tonight around 9:00 p.m. happy independence day, the holiday events continue across the region this noon. so far the weather is cooperating. so far. let's take a live look at sky6 live hd center city, the sun is peeking through the clouds, we're h


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