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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  July 8, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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drenching thunderstorms possible. saturday muggy but not as hot. excessive heat warning won't be there. sunday is day that will be better. we will detail that in the exclusive accu weather seven day, matt. >> we have had plenty of problems in the traffic and transit front this week. david, arguablably the biggest of which is problems with the septa regional rails. i just checked train view there are no delays reported so far this morning but we expect those delays to crop up likely in about an hour. usually between 6:30 and 7:00 we will see the delays. again earlier train are the ones that tend to be on time, tend to be less crowded. earlier you can get to your station and further away from the city your station is, the better off you will be be. we will keep watching the septa situation again this morning. meanwhile we are watching a new situation on the roosevelt boulevard extension. expressway coming northbound just north of the ridge avenue on ramp, it is a new accident, emergency crews on the scene including ladder truck and they have got all of the north bound lanes of one block now.
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here on the roosevelt boulevard coming away from the schuylkill expressway aspen dot zooms in. we are looking at those emergency crews tending to the victims of the crash. hunting park avenue is better bet or northbound lincoln drive but northbound boulevard blocked at a the moment because of the crash. the meanwhile in center city we are looking much better on the vine street expressway, no overnight construction just building volume, but otherwise, looking pretty good, construction closures do resume on the vine next week on monday night. in cheltenham watch out for a crash on limekiln pike at mount carmel have avenue by jack frost lunchnet. also a crash that brought down a pole in horsham so county line is block in both directions. street road or moreland avenue are alternates around. that coming in on 422 this morning we have construction debris eastbound approaching 29, collegeville and westbound there is construction taking out a lane until 9:00 this morning near sanatoga. also a crash to watch out for in salem county on 295 south on route 48. right lane blocked. we are seeing slowing there
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now on this friday morning. matt and erin. >> lets get to our breaking news story. we will continue to follow tragedy out of dallas texas. snippers fired at officers during a police brutality protest, 11 officers were shot and at least five were killed. >> the at least three suspects are in custody and fourth person engaged authorities in a tense standoff. >> "action news" reporter catherine scott's gathering latest development live from the satellite center, catherine. >> reporter: matt and erin, the president is in poland and just addressed those attacks on the police officers in dallas. he says he has been in touch with the mayor of dallas and offered any federal support that they needed. protests had been peaceful, hundreds gathered in downtown dallas last night to protest deadly police shoot initial louisiana inn a minnesota. then came the gun fire shortly before 9:00 p.m. central time. >> i'm still kind of startled, shaken up, because as you know being in the front it is like gun shots were coming at us. >> i was screaming run, run,
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run, active shooter, run, run, run. >> reporter: two were snippers who fired ambush style from the elevated position. they were in a long standoff negotiating and exchanging fire with the fourth suspect in the downtown parking garage. that fourth suspect told negotiators that there were bombs planted all over downtown dallas and then more officers would be hurt. bomb squads are searching the a area. this was the deadliest single a tack on law enforcement since 9/11 when 72 officers died according to the national law enforcement officers memorial fund. the president addressed the violence from overseas this morning. >> i believe that i spoke for every single american when we say that we are horrified over these events and that we stand united with people and the police department in dallas. >> reporter: gap, five officers have been killed, six more were shot and wounded. one civilian was also shot,
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the president also said that the fbi has been in touch with dallas police. the we are live from the satellite center catherine scott channel six "action news". >> we have more breaking news, word of another police involved shooting overnight. police in toms river, new jersey shot a man touring a search of the wooded area. no officers were injured. the shooting happened around midnight on the 100 block of haines road, neighbors had reported seeing a suspicious vehicle there. police are looking for a second vehicle described as a tark colored suv. man who was shot is being treated at a nearby trauma center. tensions between police and public have been reaching a boiling point in the wake of the two deadly shoot initial a matter of days. the lets turn to "action news" reporter annie mccormack live outside police headquarters with the local protests and officer reaction to the unrest, annie. >> reporter: many of the protest, erin, across the country were in direct response to the killing of the two men by law enforcement, within recent days. that happened in separate parts of the country.
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that included here in philadelphia where it was a peaceful protest, many of the protesters having no eye tea what was about to happen in dallas. here in philadelphia, thursday night, local activist and leaders in town for ame church convention walked city streets voicing their concerns protesting peacefully. shooting deaths of the philano castille and 37 year-old alton sterling happened days apart and both were reported. castille was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop in minute so the a his girl friend streamed the aftermath live on facebook. in louisiana day before police responding to a 911 call about a man brandishing a gunshot and killed sterling. afterwards police pulled a gun from his pocket. >> whenever you have what happened in baton rouge and what happened in minneapolis you have to do something. >> did you ever think you are that department that cannot be impact by that? that is your worst misstatement. you just hope that if
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something tragic happens in your department thaw establish relationship that whip stop unfortunate incidents throughout your neighborhood. >> reporter: president obama said last night, before this press conference that he just had, in warsaupoland that the department of justice will be investigate nothing baton rouge and they are closely monitoring the one in minnesota. you have to wonder how philadelphia police moving forward will be handling a lot of the protests thaw see downtown in center city, that is something we will ask the commissioner later this morning. for now reporting live outside philadelphia police headquarters, annie mccormack for channel six "action news". >> that will be a very big concern, thanks. delaware county police officer who survived an ambush on the job spoke exclusively to "action news" about his brush with death. police say daunte island shot folcroft police officer chris dorman seven times last month as the 25 year-old was responding to a drug call. dorman managed to get on his
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radio and call for help. >> one through my nose, came out my cheek and then i didn't know it the at the time but one hit my chest here where my badge is, on my shirt. >> there are more surgeries ahead for officer dorman but he is expect to make a full recovery. dorman says he loves being a cop, despite the dangers. we wish him a speedy recovery. >> absolutely. one more, and tomorrow muggy but not quite as intense. storm tracker six live double scan right now shows we are drying taking a look outside sky six and we are seeing some sunshine trying to break through cloud early on looking over ben franklin bridge from center city but it is another warm, muggy day, building this morning and hot and humid this afternoon. seventy-eight is your current temperature in philadelphia and to point is still up over that 70-degree threshold for oppressively humid air. wind are light out of the west southwest at 5 miles an hour. future tracker six showing we are dry in the morning, sun
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mixing with some clouds and then we will get in the afternoon and then this unfailed humid air mass with feature coming through. there is a chance of the pop up then are storm that could produce a drenching downpour. we saw this action yesterday, and quickly after the noon show began. then by three or four or five or 6:00 o'clock more is filling in. it is not every where all at ones but where it does hit it could feature some drenching downpours. lots of lightening. maybe even some gusty wind. in fact as you take a look at the severe storm prediction center's placement of the slight risk category for thunderstorm today, it extend out to the west through the state of pennsylvania if you we're on the eastern edge of that and our north and western suburbs. allentown, reading, lancaster, even a good portion of the chester and montgomery county of a slight chance of thunderstorms forming and producing those damaging wind gusts. day planner forecast the big story will be heat and humidity. we will go up to 94 for a high today. it will feel like 100 in urban
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centers and away from urban centers it will be uncomfortable. ninety-four in philadelphia. ninety-three in wilmington. lower 90's in will allentown, reading, trenton and millville and 80's down the shore probably mid 80's in most spots. uv index running high, very humid on the beach. keep the cool drinks going but obviously you can still get relief by the ocean today. future tracker six then picking up saturday story and this is morning into midday there is a chance of more drenching thunderstorms. maybe gusty too. that is because of a front coming in and ahead of that it will still be very muggy and humid and unsettled. by 3:00 o'clock we will see more of this stuff. it is not every where but some will get hit by it. by 6:00 o'clock is there only a little bit left over's then by 9:00 o'clock at night we are better, up in the poconos this weekend, it will be mug toy day, muggy tomorrow, tomorrow an isolated storm, a storm today and then sunday a cool breeze and feeling much nicer. same story at the shore, humid to day, 85, sun and cloud.
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humid with a thunderstorm possible saturday but then sunday partly sunny a and feeling better. your exclusive seven day forecast shows more and more oppressive day in philadelphia high of 94. afternoon storms as you just saw. tomorrow, the heat warning will be gone because we're only getting to a high of 88 but it will be very muggy with some of those storms i showed you. then again sunday is where we will recover, breezy, much nicer, high of 86. monday and tuesday are nice summer day but tuesday does look hotter and by wednesday and thursday the heat and humidity are back, full force. >> thanks. 5:40. coming up on "action news" more gunfire erupts in wilmington delaware. we will have the details. new jersey governor chris christie's cell phone was at center of the court hearing on the bridge gate scandal, matt. one lane squeezing by on the northbound side of the roosevelt boulevard north of the ridge avenue on ramp but it is causing delays. we will talk bay situation as well in croyden today, when "action news" continues this
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morning on this friday morning.
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and clinical tests show that it only provides about a half-shade of whitening. new colgate optic white high impact white is different. it contains hydrogen peroxide, ha profesonally recommended nt. whitening ingredient. it goes beyond surface stains to deeply whiten. it whitens four shades, and that is a visible difference in whitening. colgate optic white high impact white toothpaste. we continue to follow breaking news at least five police officer are dead and other six wounded in dallas texas. police say two snippers opened fire during protests over police brutality last night. authorities say they are also in a standoff with a gunman in the downtown parking garage,
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and there has been a exchange of gunfire. three other suspects are in custody. hundreds of people are gathered in downtown dallas to protest deadly police shootings in baton rouge, louisiana and st. paul minnesota. president obama called the attack vicious, calculated and despicable during a news conference in poland. certainly will keep you updated on that story throughout the morning but lets head over to matt pellman with the latest on your traffic. >> we have been updating own a crash on the roosevelt boulevard extension here this morning matt and erin a now we know it involves a motorcycle in the northbound direction just north of the ridge avenue on ram in east falls. at this .2 right lanes get by. each time things get better but we have the right lane blocked off, because of that motorcycle accident. so coming off the schuylkill north bound on the boulevard you can expect slowing, if you want to avoid it, use hunting park avenue or lincoln park north bound and alternates. for those coming out of the suburbs with the suburban traffic report early on this
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friday morning we have good news in cheltenham township glenside that crash we haddon limekiln pike at mount carmel after new by jack frost lunchnet, has cleared out. everything reopened. there we have a down pole along county line road in horsham, that is block off and instead of county line would i stay on street road or moreland avenue as alternates. they still have not moved construction debris on 422 eastbound by route 29 in collegeville. watch out for that traveling toward oaks and king of prussia this morning. traveling westbound towards pottstown there is construction going until after the rush until 9:00 a.m. we have a lane block out there near san towing a my friend kevin on facebook lives in croyden bucks county and said today there will be a funeral for a fire fighter from the croyden fire company, held at the firehouse from 11 to 3:00. wanted to let you know there could be extra volume, extra traffic in that area on state road, cedar avenue and christie avenue there in croy ton. we have overnight construction just wrapping up on the new jersey turnpike southbound at
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burlington county. that should be out of there shortly. 295 southbound in salem county with the waze app we are seeing a crash. some slowing heading toward the delaware memorial bridge, erin. >> thanks very much, matt. wilmington police are investigating three shootings that happened within hours of one another. latest gunfire broke out the in the 400 block of east 12th street right across from the howard career center late last night. police were investigating an earlier shooting. twenty-seven year-old victim is in critical condition no arrests have been made. three hours earlier, officers were flagged down to help a 26 year-old shooting victim. two men ambushed him at his front door in west third street, victim was struck once in the back of the leg and is now stable. the two suspects fled on foot. the attacks in dallas will undoubt thely increase concern over protest that is will take place during the democratic national convention in philadelphia later this month. this map released yesterday shows impacted area have south
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philadelphia, surrounding the sports complex. road closures start saturday the 23rd from packer avenue down to the navy yard. unlike the papal visit all major highways will remain opened to pass eveninger cars but there will be restrictions for commercial vehicles. the secret service is allowing people hoff credential toss visit the area around the wells fargo center. protesters will be direct to fdr park. bill cosby's sex assault case in montgomery county will head to trial. the cosby's defense was unable to convince a judge they have a right to cross-examine the accuser andrea constand before trial. constand says that she was sexually assaulted by cosby at his cheltenham home in 2004. cosby lawyer believes the state supreme court will reverse the decision. 5:47. coming up on "action news" talk about the ultimate wedding singer. >> john bon jovi is one lucky couple the wedding gift of all wedding gifts, david? nothing showing on storm tracker six live double scan this morning but this
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belt out a version of the living on the prayer. that is because john bon jovi was sitting front and center. bon jovi, from new jersey was a guest at the wedding. after a while he decided it was best for him to take the mike. >> ♪ >> in no time the entire wedding party and guest were in a giant sing along. >> gracious dude. >> yes. >> good idea to say your prayers before you head out on the road this morning.
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we have big problems, including a motorcycle contrary crash on northbound side of the roosevelt boulevard just north of the ridge avenue on ramp at top of the screen there. it is still blocking the right lane. then further north on the boulevard at whittaker there is a broken down vehicle in the inner drive. over in spring house, montgomery county we have had a couple of broken down vehicles on this off ramp from 309 northbound to norristown road. it looks like they have cleared it out. everything is reopened on that ramp. so that is good news. regional rail front so far we have been doing okay but airport bound trains, 405 running eight minutes late. at this point that is worst delay we are seeing. undoubted those delays will get worse over the next hour or so, david. on the big board, temperatures in the 70's across the region and so are the dew point as cross most of the area and in these upper 60es a up north an indication that we are looking at oppressive humidity. anytime you get 70 or better that is what the indication is with those dew points. oppressive liz humid.
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eighty-one by 8:00. eighty-seven by ten. another morning where you have to get out there and get errand done early better than later. later this afternoon we will go for a high of 94. it will feel like 100 in urban centers. we have a chance for spotty, drenching downpour producing thunderstorms. >> good time to get on it your smart phone and desk top computer and go to six abc abc/weather. happening today show boat is back in business. former casino is reopening as a hotel with no gambling. the show boat shut its doors in 204. philadelphia developer bart blatstein bought the property in january. there are 852 rooms, restaurant, bar, and a coffee house.
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welcome back, on this friday at 5:55. we are taking a live lot ben franklin bridge. pretty look at the sunrising, it is another hot one today, so make sure you drink a lot of water and try to get that activity in the mornings before the temperature really gets up there. a motorcyclist was killed in an accident yesterday afternoon in chester. it happened on route 291 near parker street at 4:15. police have not said what caused the crash or identified the biker. it is a murder mystery in burlington county, last night where 45 year-old woman was found dead in her lumberton home. authorities have not revealed a motive or how they believe
5:56 am
shannon o'rourke was killed and an acquaintance discovered her body in the living room yesterday. neighbors described the victim as a gentle person with no known enemies who work at a print shop and ran a pet sitting service. police released new video of an attempted abduction. officers believe man seen on this surveillance outside main towers housing development could be a suspect. man grabbed a woman there early monday morning as she was getting out of perfect car. just hours earlier police say another woman was grab in the nearby colonial gardens. she said a man tried to put a chemically soaked rag around her mouth. both were able to getaway. a judge in new jersey's bridge gate scandal has ruled governor christie's former allies cannot get access to his cell phone as part of the pretrial preparation. one former official has already pleaded guilty in the political scandal that closed the george washington bridge in 2013. two others are facing trial later this year. governor chris christie says he to not know about the
5:57 am
scheme. this is new a houston man learns his fate for a highway wedding propose willal. drivers were outraged when the man, stopped traffic on interstate 45 in december, to pop the question to his girlfriend, he was charged with misdemeanor obstruction on the roadway, you can hear people shouting at him. judge has agreed to dismiss charge if he completes 32 hours of community service, is not charged with the crime for a year and apologizing publicly. 5:27. our breaking coverage of the police ambush in dallas continues next. president obama has just issued a statement on the tragic attack, we will have that plus latest on the investigation in texas when we come right back. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back
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good morning at 6:00 o'clock on this friday, july 8th, tam's off, erin o'hearn joins us. we will continue to follow breaking news out of dallas texas. >> somebody turnaround and you hear boom, bam. i hear boom, boom, boom. >> gunfire erupted during a police protest in dallas and five officers are dead and other six wounded. >> full coverage of is what happening coming up in a few moments but first a prehe view you of weather and traffic with david murphy and matt pellman filling in for karen. >> good morning. we are off to a warm, muggy start in the region. take a look one more day for excessive heat warning. it is expect to fire at 6:00 o'clock tonight but between now and then we are building heat and humidity again in the central counties in particular and heat index will make it feel like 100 in urban centers this afternoon. satellite showing a lack of real significant included cover so we have boiling sun early, and then cloud will thicken up. we have eyes on possible thunderstorms developing later this afternoon. 78 degrees is your current temper


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