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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  July 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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over police and racial injustice in america. walter perez is live at police headquarters in philadelphia with the story. walter. >> reporter: hey, guys. commissioner ross says as far as he knows this morning's protest did not have a permit for that protest and police say they had no idea that they were going try and block off traffic the way they did earlier today. all this he says at this point there needs to be much more communication he says between the protestors and the police for everyone's safety. this morning's protest was held by a group called surge which stands for showing up for racial justice. the organization is new but the mo was the same as it has been over the past several days, blocking traffic at several intersections in center city during the monday morning commute. police commissioner richard ross says of course the city fully recognizes the protestors right to assemble and exercise their right to free speech but he also wants to communicate it's the department's responsibility to protect those protestors and keep their officers as safe as possible along the way.
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impromptu protests like the one this morning make it difficult to do either. ross adds while most of the protestors over the past few days have been respectful, they do not appreciate the ones screaming epithets at the officers working on the scene to keep them safe. >> the lines here of our protestors and demonstrators are peaceful. we thank them for right. they have every right to protest what they believe are injustice and that's okay but to have someone in your face an inch from your nose calling you everything under the sun, you don't go through training and magically become a robot. >> reporter: and commissioner ross says he's fully aware of social media posts threatening massive protests when the democratic thank falcon vince comes to town later this mom he says all this really serving as a prelude of things to come. reporting live from police headquarters, walter perez channel6 "action news." alicia. >> thank you. in dallas today the police department is planning to hold a vigil later tonight for
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those five police officers who were killed in last week's ambush. and as the investigation into the attacks continues the police chief today is opening up about how he believes that we as a nation need to move forward. >> we're asking cops to do too much in this country. we are. we're just asking us to do too much. >> a raw and honest press conference from dallas police chief david brown. he says they are all simply emotionally drained in the aftermath of the shooting that claimed the lives of five officers he says while police in our country work hard to keep everyone safe, lawmakers also need to do their jobs. >> greater knol role in policy makers. there's too many things we all agree on on both sides of the aisle that we haven't gotten done and we just need to get it done and quit asking cops to chime in and do it for you. we got a full plate. >> today investigators are learning more about the gunman
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sniper micah johnson. investigators say he had bomb making materials in his home. >> person obviously had some delusions. this person also was very committed to killing officers. >> for the first time we're also hearing from johnson's parents speaking out with an interview with the blaze. >> i loved my son with all my heart. i hate what he did. >> today stories of heroes and hope. taylor telling abc news how the actions of several officers saved her and her son. >> and the officer asked again a little more aggressively and he says is anybody hit and i said yes, sir, i am and they went into action. they surrounded us. >> and again, tonight in dallas a candlelight vigil for the five victims, the police officers and the display of love unity and hope amongst that community it is being called dallas strong. now be sure to stay with "action news" and for the very latest from today lambs you can join the ongoing
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conversation about this tragedy on our facebook and twitter pages where you can of course find continuous updates. brian. >> alicia thank you. meanwhile the protests and recent violence both by and against police have today of the a long shadow on the upcoming political conventions but marches and rallies won't be the only thing happening outside the wells fargo center. vernon odom live outside the union league in center city hosting political fest. vernon. >> reporter: brian, democrats claim these events will be of a nonpartisan nature just to engage folks who have no credentials to get into the main event. if you are not a delegate to the upcoming democratic convention later this month in philadelphia, or don't have a vip ticket to get into the wells fargo center where the elite will meet and core ron 98 their nominee the party is setting up multiple attractions at venues to make you feel a part. the constitution center is the hub. beginning friday july 22nd.
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>> we are encouraging every one to start here. headed to the white house exhibit followed by our main stage theater where we're going to be having live interviews political speeches and our games, political trivia and political feud so it should be a lot of excitement. get started here and then move out to the other venues. >> reporter: it will be called political fest nonpartisan exhibits and displays designed to engage resident and convention attendees alike at seven unique locations around town from the liberty museum on lower chestnut street to the library of philadelphia at 13th and locust. tickets will be free for veterans and convention attendees. >> convention week is going to be really fun for philadelphians even if you're not a credentialed guest and you you can't go to the wells fargo center. there's a ton really fun open to the public activity and events that the host committee has planned. >> reporter: brian, sharrie, i'm standing outside the union league here in center city. it's a landmark here on south broad.
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of course it will be another venue used in the festival in a couple weeks. there will be others around town including a food feast in olde city and a massive happy hour down in center city, too. ticket prices will be $15 for adults. the tickets will be purchased or must be purchased on line. live in s-i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news." >> a lot on plan -- on deck vern thank you. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> a lot of happy hours out there today. meteorologist cecily tynan in for adam joseph. picture perfect day out there cecily. >> it is gorgeous brian and sharrie. we got rid of the oppressive heat and humidity from last week. kind of a breath of fresh air. temperatures running slightly below normal for a change. 83 degrees in philadelphia right now. normal high is 87. it is warmer down to the south, washington, d.c. 86 but new york city even cooler than we are, currently 79 degrees and satellite6 along with action radar showing good amount of sunshine. we are seeing some fair
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weather cumulus clouds popping up right now. they to in the contain any rain and tonight should be a pretty comfortable night. taking a look at the next 12 hours, temperatures will be dropping down into the 60's overnight and the humidity levels will stay relatively low. so, all in all, pretty comfortable. don't get used to it, though. changes are on the way. i'm tracking the return of humidity as well as heat. looks like late in the week temperatures will soar into the 90's. could have heat wave number three. and it's also going to get unsettled with some afternoon thunderstorms. i'll talk more about the timing on that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. sharrie. >> all right, cecily, thank you. septa is trying to ease the regional rail troubles. today the transit agency began an interim weekday schedule with the addition of cars and locomotives on loan from companies like amtrak and new jersey transit. that means 1700 more seats are available compared to last week when a third of the regional rail fleet was taken out of service to fix serious
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cracks. but even with today's changes riders say there's still a big shortage. >> i don't know that it's going to be significant. i think it will help, of course. more trains, less crowded. it was very crowded. >> it's going to be a long haul. we've dealt with this before with strikes but it's always been a week, maybe two weeks at the most but this is going to be a couple months. >> and you can find a list of septa's interim schedules on our web site >> of course the ongoing issues with septa continue to make for a rather messy commute. as we turn our attention to the "action news" traffic report today. >> let's see if matt pelman can help clean it up for us in the "action news" traffic center. >> i'll at left tell you about the mess how about that. good afternoon shar regional rail welcome back brian. yes, we are keeping our eyes on those septa rearms once regis once again. the problem is last week we started way shortage of this evening thousand seats.
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that means we're still down over 11,000 seats and that's why throughout the day today we have been seeing big delays once again on the septa regional rails. this afternoon at this point our worst delay is about 25 minutes on the paoli thorndale line but you're seeing a lot of delays between 10 and 15 minutes once again a lot of crowded trains and we'll keep you posted as the afternoon progresses. it's crowded right here on the schuylkill expressway. westbound side from girard through this point at city avenue this truck broke down. it was blocking a lane for awhile. now it's off to the side but that delay of course continues on out to near gladwyne. have a broken down vehicle as well on the pennsylvania turnpike in bucks county. it's westbound past the delaware valley interchange taking out the right lane so that's the reason for those speeds in the teens as you can come in from new jersey. and there was a trash truck fire earlier this afternoon right on the bucks county-montgomery county line here along county line road westbound at the 202 parkway. you can see the right lane and the turn lane are out of commission. and on the new jersey turnpike southbound near hyattstown watch out for an overturned vehicle in the outer drive.
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let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this monday afternoon. hope you enjoyed your week. in the lehigh valley watch out for a crash along 22 westbound in fullerton. eastbound you see just 9 miles per hour so we'll keep tabs on all of these fun situations, brian and sharrie, in the next half hour. >> fun if you say so. >> i know, right. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00 forbes releases its list of the world's highest paid celebrities and a local star took home the top spot. >> plus, turns out the united kingdom is getting new leadership sooner than expected. what we know about david cameron's plans to stepdown who will replace him. >> it's a game that's sweeping the nation but it's doing more than just getting people talking. how pokemon go may be saving the company that made it. >> ♪ she can use fios to download the movie "up in the air"
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takbbq trophies:hese best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... >>yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy?
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♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. >>best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. >>well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today. >> the united kingdom is getting a new prime minister a lot sooner than expected. david cameron says he will resign wednesday.
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cameron will meet with the queen to formally offer his resignation. the move comes seven weeks earlier than expected. that clears the way for new prime minister theresa may. may is the only candidate left in the party. the change in leadership comes in the wake of the uk's vote to leave the european union. >> the united states military is sending hundreds more threw troops to iraq. defense secretary ash carter was in iraq today to announce 560 troops are on the way to help establish a newly recaptured air base that's a staging hub for the battle to retake the city of mosul. defense department officials say it's not clear when u.s. personnel will start accompanying iraqi forces closer to the battle front. >> at midnight pennsylvania will have a state budget even though lawmakers say they have no agreement on how to pay for it. govern 12 i tom wolf is allowint to become law without his
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signature. lawmakers say they won't protest despite having no deal to fund the $30 billion plan. letting the budget become law means the money keeps flowing to state programs. leaders in both parties say they're committed to working on an agreement to fund the budget in full. >> starbucks is giving all its store employees a big raise this fall. starting in october all store workers and managers will get at light traffic volume a 5 percent bump in pay. employees with at least two years of service also be eligible for double the a.m. of stock rewards those are distributed every november. ceo howard schultz explained the changes in an open letter to employees. the company says it pays above minimum wage now in every market. look at the closing numbers on wall street today. green arrows to start the work week, the dow up 80 points to close at 18,227. the nasdaq up 32 points the s & p 500 also rising just about seven and a quarter points on the day. the hot new game pokemon
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go is turning into a huge money maker for 910 dover. the company's stock soared 25 percent in tokyo today. that came after a 9 percent jump on friday. the new smartphone game has people exploring their real neighborhoods trying to catch pokemon and it could be the start of a turn around for nintendo. that company has been struggling since its last game console wii u flopped. >> they are the bank accounts most of us could only dream of. money of the start. here's a look at the 2016 forbes celebrity 100 list and while kim kardashian got the cover photo she did not take home the top spot. turns out when it came to paychecks this past year a local starlet is reigning queen on this one, wyomissing's own taylor swift earning the number one spot. home grown superstar brought home $170 million in 2015 alone. no blank spaces there. her massive 1989 world tour
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helping her fill in the blanks. it was so successful as a matter of fact that she smashed the rolling stones north american touring record. couple that with her endorsements and she is breaking her own financial records. hey, another philadelphia star also made it into the top 10, actor comedian kevin hart came in at number six with 87 and a half million. the 37-year-old north philly native also having a very big year. he's as you know also a writer, a producer, a whole lot of everything and a whole lot of success. now, back to kardashian. the cover model here. if you were wondering where she came in on the list she's number 42 with 51 million. not a bad year for her either. the full list comes out tonight. if you're just wondering just how much these celebrities make. sharrie. >> pretty mind blowing. >> any way you slice it that's a lot of loot. >> sure is. >> some young hospital patients and their families had a chance to spend some time with superheros today. window washers from jenkintown
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building services dressed as spider-man and captain america outside of chop specialty care center in king of prussia. the company has been surprising the patients at chop's main location in philadelphia for years but this was their first time at one of the hospital's care network sites. that has to be fun to see. >> that is pretty awesome. good stuffily. >> outside the window today lots of blue skies. >> and that's good news for monday. let's head over to meteorologist cecily tynan in for adam today. hi, cecily. >> hi, sharrie and brian. i went to the park today and it was packed with people wanting to exercise in very comfortable conditions. we are live on sky6 taking a look at the center city skyline. blue skies. some of those fair weather cumulus popping up in the heating of the day but as far as the heat, it's not that bad but some areas really could use the rain. since may first, it's really a story of the haves and the have-nots as far as rainfall. areas south of philadelphia have been doing pretty well with rain. atlantic city running 7-inches
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above normal the. wilmington more than 3-inches above. philadelphia we're pretty close to normal. but trenton running close to 2-inches below normal and allentown close to 3-inches below normal. so, the drought monitor which is issued every week on thursday will show that you we really do have areas north and northeast of philadelphia abnormally dry, kind of in a short-term drought and there is a moderate drought in parts of new england, a severe drought up to the north and the east. so we could use more rain. not going happen today, though. today it's warm, dry, comfortable, 83 degrees in philadelphia. wilmington 85. allentown 82. trenton 80. you can see you get that sea breeze along the beaches. temperatures only in the 70's. cape may .79 and beach haven 78 degrees. we have dewpoints in the 60's with that marine influence right along the coast but inland it's feeling pretty good. dewpoints generally in the mid to upper 50's so that's pretty comfortable. dewpoints, though, will be trending higher as we head
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through the week. satellite6 along with action radar showing again just some of those cumulus clouds popping up this afternoon. they'll be clearing out once the sun sets and tonight is going to be a very comfortable night. mostly clear, low humidity, dewpoints kind of inching up into the low 60's. temperatures 68 degrees in philadelphia. allentown 62. cape may 67 and trenton 65 degrees. so, the day planner tomorrow showing you you'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine. it's going to get warmer. it's going to get a little bit more muggy tomorrow. at 8 o'clock, 72. by 2 o'clock, 85. by 5 o'clock reaching that high of 88 and by 8 o'clock still 80 degrees and the four day at 4:00 showing that trend to warmer more humid air will continue right through the week. 88 degrees tomorrow. on wednesday, we bump it up to 89 degrees. could have some thunderstorms developing and here we go. back in the soup on thursday. behind a warm front, the high 92 degrees. you add that humidity, it will feel closer to 100, some
4:21 pm
thunderstorms. friday 95 degrees, perhaps more thunderstorms and it looks like this could be heat wave number three. i'll talk about what to expect as we head into the weekend coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. we should be used to it by now. it shouldn't be very long, though. that's the good news. >> good stuff. thank you. police looking for man who has been stealing packages right off the front steps of people's houses. they say he's using a rather unusual vehicle to make his get away. >> from homeless veterans to workforce ready. the program that helped a dozen local vets get back on their feet today. >> and a now global movement for peace started right here in sicklerville, new jersey. we'll show you all about it can coming up in big talkers and tell you how you can get involved. and remember "action news is about interaction with you. follow us on social media for the latest headlines, accuweather and breaking news and to communicate with us on facebook we're 6abc "action news." on twitter we're @6abc. join us and be a part of "action news."
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keep on scratchin'. >> ♪ >> police in center city say a man on a bicycle who stole a package off someone's front steps actually struck twice. they gave us this video from the 600 block of addison street. it shows the man taking the package and riding off on what they believe is a rental bike. we told you about a similar theft the same day three hours later. this happened on the 500 block of south 26th street but video seems to show the same man. police want anyone with any information to please call them. >> 12 military veterans reached an important milestone today in center city philadelphia. the men and women graduated from the peco exelon training and employment program which is now in its sixth year. the program helps local veterans many of whom are homeless to find a fresh start. they learned various skills that will allow them to reenter the workforce and reestablish themselves in the
4:26 pm
community. there is a new space to stay fit in camden and it's opened to anyone. horizon healthy camden kicked off its series by unveiling this pop-up fitness area at roosevelt plaza park. the series focuses on bringing outdoor health and wellness opportunities to families and the events are also meant to be fun like this one. users create power by pumping the step machine there which then activates the jets of the fountain. >> some local golfers used a rather unusual club from their bags today. the action cam was on the sunnybrook golf club in plymouth meeting. 100 golfers using hockey sticks to try to get their ball closest to the pin. it was part of simon's fund which races awareness for sudden cardiac. jake voracek donated $10,000 to that fund. >> breaking news out of michigan where there has been
4:27 pm
a shooting at a courthouse. >> plus a battle is brewing on the boardwalk in seaside heights as a parent tries to find out what to do with hundreds of feral cats. >> new details about a murder in delaware. police thought they were responding to a car accident and then they found a teenager shot to death. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> we have breaking news that we have been following here at 4 o'clock and we want to update you, at the time of this accident breaking news coming out of berrien county
4:29 pm
michigan where there's been a deadly shooting at a courthouse there this afternoon. abc confirmed two bailiffs were killed and also the suspect is dead. a fourth person is said to be injured. >> state police have not confirmed those numbers nor the status of the shooter just yet. but again, abc reporting the shooter is dead. michigan governor rick snyder tweeted that police have secured the scene of the courthouse and have now begun their investigation. >> a crash in bucks county tied up traffic on i-95 for part of the afternoon today. chopper6 was over the wreck in the northbound lanes in bensalem. the four vehicle crash happened around 2 o'clock this afternoon and you can see the huge backups on the road as crews try to clear the wreckage. we're still working to find out if anyone was seriously hurt. >> a neofficials in seaside heights estimate there are hundreds of cats in a 16 block area. they say that's too much in too small a state. nora muchanic has more from
4:30 pm
both sides at a live on the boardwalk. hi, nora. >> reporter: hi there, brian. well, the borough administrator says some morning there are so many cats out roaming on this boardwalk it looks like a disney movie but this is reality, not fantasy and local officials want to control a feral cat population they say has just gotten too big. seaside heights is just 16 blocks long and five blocks wide. but the borough administrator estimates a feral cat population between five and 600. >> they roam off the properties where they're being fed onto other people's properties and they're defecating, urinating. >> reporter: that says some homeowners have been complaining and others have been raised health concerns about the colonies of feral cats who live under the boardwalk. >> as long as they're safe and healthy, but no one wants cats doing their business near them on the beach. >> reporter:. >> cats are unpredictable creatures. it could be something that hurt -- i was afraid that it jumped out at my daughter.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: the borough has broken ties with the local animal welfare group that would trap neuter and release the feral cats and is now considering an ordinance that would put the local animal control officer in charge of moving those cats to a shelter or sanctuary. it would also require anyone who wants to care for feral cats to get permission from their neighbors. the head of the seaside heights animal welfare organization objects. >> you can't put a feral cat in rescue. they're usually not socialized and they can't be adopted. those cats are going to a shelter and after a seven day hold they're euthanized. >> reporter: she manages a colony of feral cats at her home that is down to two. she thinks the proposed regulations are too restrictive. >> it's a problem trying to find out who i would have to get permission from and whether they would give me permission and if they wouldn't what would happen to my poor cats? >> reporter: back live now those sharp photos of the cats you saw were taken by one of the members of the animal welfare group early in the morning. that's when you see so many of the cats roaming here on the boardwalk. clearly not everyone likes
4:32 pm
those cats. there's a public hearing on this ordinance july 20th. it's going to attract a lot of attention live on the boardwalk in seaside heights, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." brian. >> all right, we'll be following it nora. thanks very much. from our delaware news room at a, police in new castle county are investigating a murder in rutledge. the victim malcolm evans was found shot to death in his car early saturday morning. at first police thought they were responding to a car accident but they found the victim suffering from a gunshot wound. he later died from his injuries. police have not released details about the suspect. meanwhile police in milford delaware say they've arrested two people for breaking into the first baptist church of milford on the 6,000 block of old shawnee road. police say christopher willy and christopher carter broke into the church and took money from the safe. the burglary happened in april but police just made an arrest. >> new at 4:30 a former philadelphia elementary school principal will not go to prison for her involvement in a cheating scandal. today a judge sentenced evelyn
4:33 pm
cortez to 10 years probation and 100 hours of community service. in february, cortez pleaded guilty to charges of perjury and tampering with public records. she and several other teachers at cayuga elementary are accused of changing students' answers on the state psfa exam. >> this is the kind of summer day we dream of. >> yes. >> but we're about to get back into the heat that we've grown accustomed to. >> exactly. humidity is going to creep up, the heat will creep up but today is gorgeous. >> yeah. >> get outside and enjoy it if you can. once you're done watching the news. taking a look at philadelphia international airport you can see blue skies, excuse me, a temperature of 83 degrees, that dewpoint is 56 so the heat index, the way it feels matches the air temperature so that shows that it's a pretty comfortable air mass. this is a great shot. this is the nature -- nurture nature center and i always get that wrong in easton and you can see we have some of those fair weather cumulus clouds,
4:34 pm
very comfortable there, 82 degrees. that dewpoint 57. little bit breezy there. winds out of the north at 10 miles an hour and this is a live snapshot in ocean city where there are a lot of folks on the boardwalk, on the beach just fantastic, the temperature 78 degrees. the dewpoint is a little bit higher there since you're close to the ocean so the heat index makes it feel like 81. but i am tracking heat indices again around 100 degrees as well as some unsettled weather later in the week i'll talk about that in the accuweather 7-day forecast but today is so nice. >> yes. >> savor the moment. >> exactly. >> cecily thank you. one local doctor pushing lawmakers to pass a bill that could help treat people with rare diseases. monica malpass with the details on this. >> that piece of legislation is called the open act and coming up tonight in health check, we'll explain the doctor who faced his own brush with death and that person is now leading the fight to get people with unusual diseases the help they need. also, new at 5:00, a new poll coming out of new jersey
4:35 pm
that shows support is waning among garden state voters to expand any casinos outside of atlantic city. we'll have those stories and much more coming up on "action news" tonight at 5:00. sharrie, we'll see you guys then. >> sounds good, monica. thank you. it is graduation day for the newest members of the philadelphia fire department. the latest group to complete their dispatch training was welcomed to the department today. the fire equipment dispatchers took a pledge of service during the ceremony which was held at the fire administration building and commissioner adam peel also offered marks of congrats. she is only nine years old but a little girl from lower merion is already soaring in her career. eva teraski was recently named the national winner of first lady michelle obama's healthy lunchtime challenge and today her success kept on going. she had the chance to make breakfast for u.s. senator bob casey and award winning chef mark vetri.
4:36 pm
she cooked up her award winning sunny's omelette right there in front of an audience inside vetri's kitchen. >> cool. my dad is almost just as excited as i am. i mean as excited as i am. >> proud parents, right. they share in these moments. safe have a's dog shaped mushroom and spinach omelette was flamed for sunny, one of the first family's dogs. >> i made omelets this morning but hers look better. a mural representing growth and resilience was dedicated today in south philadelphia. artists nathaniel lee created this papering to celebrate the lives transformed at the gad tend ya' house on washington avenue. the program helps people. they dedicated the new mural in partnership with the philadelphia mural arts program. >> it is one of the hottest games and it's only been out for a week. we're talking about pokemon go but players on th are feeling rl
4:37 pm
world pain. the warning police are putting out today. >> and thousands of people were forced from their homes after this massive wildfire. now two people are under arrest for starting it. >> ♪
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
>> ♪ >> two men are now charged with felony arson for their role in a destructive wildfire. police say the alabama natives left a camp fire smoldering in
4:40 pm
boulder county colorado saturday. the flames flared up and spread into the hot windy conditions. several homes burned and 2,000 people had to be evacuated. police arrested both suspects at an evacuation shelter. it has been two weeks since we saw images like this one here of devastating flooding in west virginia. as people there continue to clean up, the pennsylvania spca is helping rescue several dogs. the ps cpa has taken in seven dogs from a shelter in west virginia. the dogs arrived here this weekend. they will be housed and quarantined for two weeks prior to being available for adoption. >> ♪ >> big talkers now and in the wake of recent events from the police shootings of two black men to the deaths of five officers in dallas, now a home grown movement for love unity and most importantly empathy is spreading globally and it started right here in sicklerville, camden county. it's called pics for peace.
4:41 pm
a now viral idea born out of a candid conversation between these three men and the guy right here, their local police chief. andre folks and his friends nigel newman and eric grant say they just wanted a and open honest chat about what's happening and how we can all work to fix it. they got that from winslow township police chief george smith. folks posted this picture from their impromptu meeting on facebook writing in part "not every black person is a thug he says, not every white person is racist and not every police officer is dirt too. it's a simple fact that sometimes people do really bad things for no good reason. so, there's a plea that came along with that post. take a picture with a random person, anyone of a different race or even a police officer and posted it with the #pics for peace. >> if you build a friend from a different race and understand their race and their culture or a police officer and understand what they go through or with an
4:42 pm
african-american understand what they go through or any other race, every race has their own struggles. if you're understanding each other's struggles that's all we're really hoping for here. >> guess what? it's now going viral across the globe with tens of thousands of people and counting like the two cuties in this picture sharing their #pic for peace. all right. pokemon go it is the latest mobile craze. are you on the bandwagon? it's only been available in the u.s. since thursday and over the weekend it became a complete phenomenon. listen up. there have already been some safety issues and police are all over this already. now, this may be an augmented reality game but people are already finding themselves in real life trouble. over the weekend suspects in some other cities who used the two track and rob people playing the game by luring them to a fake poke stop or location. and police are also saying please do not lurk around the police station in your area
4:43 pm
looking for these monsters and this can just get very dangerous. don't do it. also no playing while driving. that, of course, should go without saying but they're saying it anyway. and finally, flying can be scary for anyone but a southwest airlines employee is being praised for helping ease the fears of a nine-year-old. erica tells us she was flying with her daughter gaby and two other younger siblings this weekend. they were coming from orlando up here to newark, new jersey. gaby has severe anxiety when she's on planes and she has type one diabetes but one of the flight attendants named derek made it his mission to help comfort gaby. he sat with her for 30 minutes when the flight experienced turbulence and even brought her juice when her blood sugar level started dropping. erica says it was such a big help she took to facebook to thank him. southwest responded by calling gaby a brave little girl. we love these stories. many stories of kindness being shared and that's what it's
4:44 pm
all about at a, you guys. >> good stuff, good stuff alicia. >> and pokemon monsters, too. >> i still can't figure that out. >> we're not into that just yet. >> me, neither. >> let's get another check on the roads right now there matt . >> as people try and head home we have delays across the board once again brian and sharrie on the septa regional rails as we have been getting used to new schedules today, those schedules giving us a little bit more service but still it's definitely not enough. so a bunch of delays across-the-board this afternoon. the worst i've seen at this point is slight over 20 minutes so it's not as bad as it was this morning but you are seeing delays once again as you head home this afternoon. and we're seeing delays here on 422 westbound side coming out of king of prussia through this point at route 23. have an accident involving these trucks taking out the left lane so everybody's merging over to the right as they pass 23 and head toward trooper on 422. and oh, yes, it's plenty crowded here in center city on the vine street expressway in both directions.
4:45 pm
this is just normal afternoon volume. vine closures overnight return this week but not tonight. they'll return tomorrow night, tuesday night at 11 o'clock after we had off last week because of the holiday. we have traffic light troubles this afternoon in hatboro. one of the intersections impact is there warminster near byberry road. turnpike troubles are clearing out. the broken down vehicle on the westbound pa turnpike is gone and on the southbound new jersey turnpike south of exit eight the overturned vehicle has cleared. but elsewhere in jersey we've got some jams. one on 38 in maple shade because of a crash near lenola road by p.j. whelihan's. big jam on 70 eastbound because of an accident at springdale road by camden county college taking out the three left lanes. instead of 38 and 70 might want to stuck with 41 and church road. stay local this afternoon. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the 5 o'clock hour. >> all right. sounds good, matt. thank you. of course lots of people turning on their grills this summer and some are even choosing to go meatless.
4:46 pm
coming up we put more than a dozen veggie burgers to the test. >> stepping outside sky6 hd looking live over atlantic city. meteorologist cecily tynan has that exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast coming up. >> ♪
4:48 pm
longhorn's grilled tastes of summer. our new smoky pepper crusted filet. our new hawaiian salmon. and our famous outlaw ribeye. but hurry, summer doesn't last forever. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. >> cecily let's talk about the week to come and it's going to get hot. >> it is. going to get hot, going to get humid but today it's fantastic. you guys get outside. >> i'll be going back. >> go ahead. i'll have dinner alfresco on dinner break. action cam taking a look along the schuylkill river trail where a lot of people did get outside do some exercising under the blue skies and the sunshine and this is one of those days you do want to take advantage of because it's not going stay quite this comfortable as we head through the week. storm tracker6 live double scan showing we are rain free
4:49 pm
out there right now but as we head through the week, we will get very unsettled and we'll likely see some pop-up showers and thunderstorms and we do need the rain especially areas north of philadelphia. 82 degrees right now in allentown, 83 in philadelphia, 85 in reading and wilmington. notice, though, down the shore you're getting that sea breeze. cape may 80 that ocean temperature pretty comfortable 74 degrees. satellite6 along with action radar showing lots of sunshine today. a few fair weather cumulus are popping up here or there but once the sun sets they will be running out and that means tonight's going to be mostly clear and pretty comfortable. 62 degrees in the suburbs, 68 degrees for center city. dewpoints will begin to climb slightly around 60 degrees and then as we head through the day tomorrow, this high pressure that's right over us right now will slide to the east. so we get that return flow out of the south so it will get warmer, it will get more humid with a high of 88 degrees. pass a pop-up thunderstorm generally -- perhaps a pop-up
4:50 pm
thunderstorm generally south of us. wednesday this warm front lift northeast of our region. so we're in that soupy air mass muggy high of 89 degrees, pop-up showers and thunderstorms. best chance will be philadelphia and areas to the west and then that heat will intensify as we head to thursday. so, if you're down the shore tomorrow enjoy it. sun with a few clouds. it will be on the muggy side with winds off nine will the of. temps in the jersey beaches in the upper seventies, the delaware beaches about 81 degrees so all in all looking pretty nice down the shore tomorrow. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast tomorrow it gets parmer. it's slightly more humid with a high of 88 degrees and wednesday the humidity increases even a little bit more. 89 degrees. and future tracker showing that we could get again some thunderstorms breaking out around lunchtime. looks like best chance will be west of the i-95 corridor. thursday will be oppressive.
4:51 pm
the high 92 degrees but the dewpoints close to 70 so that means it will feel closer to 100. kind of a repeat performance of last thursday. late in the day some thunderstorms. on friday we keep that hot and steamy air mass bump the temperature up to 95 degrees. again, that heat index near 100 and then saturday looks like we'll hold in the 90's. 91 degrees, three days in the 90's officially heat wave number three. some thunderstorms late in the day and sunday a cold front moving through. that will bring us a round of showers and thunderstorms 87 degrees and put an end to our heat wave and monday partly sunny and warm with a high of 89 degrees. so, when you were talking about heat indices around 100 degrees, looks like this heat wave will be three days, not an extended one. >> coming up in what's the
4:52 pm
deal, how about meatless choices on your grille.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
>> meatless monday is a trend happening across the country and as parts of that 25 percent of americans say they serve veggie burgers more than once a month, many eat them several times a week. so clearly veggie burgers are having a moment here and as consumer reports tells us they've come a long way. >> people think of veggie burgers as flavorless or rubbery or something to pass over but we found plenty that were delicious. >> wendy's is testing a black bean burger and white castle now has a veggie slider on the menu but how do supermarket veggie burgers fare? consumer reports put 17 veggie burgers to the test with surprising findings like the fact that not all veggie burgers are low in calories. while light life smart patties have only 100 calories each every sunshine burger has 360. but many are tops for
4:55 pm
nutrition and taste. if you like your veggie burgers to mimic meat, these morning star farms grillers original come closest to the taste of a regular burger with 130 calories and these boca all american flamed grilled burgers do taste grilled and a little cheesy with 120 calories. if you prefer the taste of grains, seeds and veggie's amy's california light in sodium burgers have just 110 calories and big mushroom and nutty flavors they are tasty but have half as much sodium. you have plenty of good choices if you're looking to say make mine meatless. >> consumer reports did not factor protein into its nutrition ratings because most americans get plenty they say but among those consumer reports recommends both the morning star farms grillers and the boca all american flame grilled. each has 15 grams of protein. sharrie. >> more options for your
4:56 pm
grille. thanks leash sharon nasa says the hubble space telescope has made a stellar discovery. it found this star like cluster which is actually a dwarf galaxy situated about 14 million light years away from us. nasa says the dwarf galaxy has a reservoir of gas that could be used to make stars but so far it refuses to make any. it turns out that's because it is stealing gas from another nearby dwarf galaxy. nasa says that is preventing new stars from being born. >> pretty picture nonetheless. >> still pretty. >> that will do it for "action news at 4:00 for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli cecily tynan adam joseph i'm brian taff. join me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what's ahead at 5 o'clock. >> thank you. coming up next on "action news" at 5 o'clock we're following breaking news out of michigan where at least three people are reportedly dead
4:57 pm
following a shooting at a courthouse. also, the new information coming out of dallas tonight about last week's deadly ambush on police and why officials say it could have been much worse. >> plus, septa's new schedule gets put to the test. what riders are saying after the agency made moves to lease some other trains from around the northeast. we'll have those stories and more up next at 5:00.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> we begin with breaking news tonight out of southwest michigan where three people are dead including a suspect after a shooting at a courthouse there. happened less than three hours ago at the berrien county courthouse in saint joseph michigan. that's about 200 miles west of detroit. two of the people killed are court bailiffs. a third court employee is in the hospital at this hour. that courthouse still on lockdown as police try to sort out exactly what happened. we'll bring you updates throughout the newscast and online at >> i think about it every day. and i'm able to save those
5:00 pm
cops when they came here that night. it weighs on my mind constantly. this killing, it has to stop. >> the shooting in michigan comes amid more pleas for peace and unity in dallas texas. tonight a candlelight vigil will be held for the five officers killed last week and now we're getting some new information about the attack officials say it actually could have been much worse. >> this as we're hearing for the first time from one of the victims wounded in the chaos. abc has more from dallas texas. >> reporter: rick and monica dallas police detectives balancing this intense investigation while honoring their fallen brothers and sisters on the force hosting memorials throughout the day and a candlelight vigil for later this evening. at the dallas police department, a moment of silence for the fallen. dozens of police academy cadets who will one day put their lives on the line paying their respects. the investigation continues into the deadly mass shooting and so do the threa


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