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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  July 12, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning, it's 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday july 12th. matt o'donnell is off, nydia han is joining us. >> counter terrorism crews are investigating a suspicious substance after they were called to a southwest philadelphia home overnight. >> homeland security agents are trying to figure out why people were on top of a high end center city hotel with smoke bombs. >> protestors marched through our area, some supporting police and others sending a message against police brutality. >> first up though let's find out what you can expect. dave murphy has accuweather and karen rogers has the late of the in traffic. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. it's another decent day but a little bit more humid. you'll feel that as you roll through the morning and afternoon. satellite shows you a sweep of clouds trying to come down from the north but i think they're thin enough where we're going get some sunshine through those clouds for the most part. we're at 68 degrees right now in philadelphia, 63 in allentown, 64 in millville, 64 in dover, still holding onto 71 degrees in cape may. i still think there's a chance you go down to the 60's before
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you turn it around. excuse me. dewpoints are in the 60's. yesterday we were in the 50's across the region with those dewpoints which meant it wasn't really that humid. anything over 60 is the other way around and obviously a lot of us are seeing that right now. it's going to be warm this afternoon. 86 degrees. your high today will be 88 degrees. excuse me. i got something in my throat there. and that's going to be at about 4 o'clock this afternoon and a little more humid than it was yesterday. gets even stickier tomorrow and then oppressive heat and humidity returns for thursday. karen rogers i'll have details on that coming up. >> all right david, sounds good. let's talk about septa right now and the problems we expect. we're looking at the regional rails. new schedules took effect yesterday. they have about still 11,000 seats that they're short. you're going expect crowded trains, you're going to expect situations where some trains are just passing you by but we do want to warn you about that. the new schedules took effect so go ahead and grab a new schedule. for some they've added some extra trolley and subway service. i know that's not an option for everybody but if that works for you you you might
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want to try that. expect big delays especially after about 7 o'clock in the morning. let's hit the roads right now and talk a problem here. this is the schuylkill westbound at university. we had an accident involving an overturned truck. it was blocking all lanes. the truck has cleared. the westbound lanes have reopened at this point. both lanes and ramps there. but we do still see some emergency worker on the scene so watch for that schuylkill westbound at university. also here in hamilton township, we've got 33 eastbound blocked between olden avenue and nottingham way. this is paving work that will happen until about 6 o'clock this morning. so, dealing with this for another hour. stick to hamilton avenue as your alternate. tam and nydia. >> okay, thank you, karen. this is breaking this morning. police are investigating a substance at a southwest philadelphia home. police and hazmat crews were called out around 1:30 in the morning to the 1700 block of wheeler street. residents said they received a suspicious package way white substance in the mail. as a formality philadelphia
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police brought in officers from their counter terrorism unit to investigate. so far though there's been no injuries and no evacuations. and there are breaking new details in a triple shooting in southwest philadelphia. police say a 15-year-old boy died overnight. he was one of three teenagers shot after they left a basketball tournament last evening. police say the teens were ambushed on the 6800 block of baltimore avenue. coming up in our next half hour, "action news" reporter katherine scott will have a live report with more on what may have sparked that deadly shooting. >> ♪ >> happening today, president obama is expected to attend a memorial service in dallas for the five officers who were killed by a sniper last thursday. the ambush came on the heels of recent police involved shootings that have now become a tipping point in the national debate about race and justice. protestors marched through wilmington last night to rally against the killing of black men by police officers. karen mcdole walked for her bother jeremy who was killed by police officers.
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in may the justice department ruled no charges would be filed. a rally was in reaction to all the antipolice hate and violence against officers. a handful of preachers and reverends also prayed for a divided nation's healing and for an end to all the turmoil. meantime homeland security officials and the fbi are investigating a threat against philadelphia police on facebook. the threat says someone would blow up the second, sixth and thriveth district with a bomb disguised as a baby. philadelphia police said they are taking this threat seriously. police have been on alert since the deadly shooting of those five police officers in dallas. >> it is now 5:04a volunteer firefighter was killed in southern delaware where he fell from a helicopter. this happened during a training exercise put on by the delaware heiress cue in georgetown yesterday evening. officials say the firefighter
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stepped off a ledge of the chopper and fell. the 46-year-old was rushed to bb healthcare where he was pronounced dead. >> new castle county police are looking for the killer who gunned down a delaware state university. student. malcolm evans was found shot to death in rutledge on saturday morning. detectives say the 19-year-old was headed to work when a single gun shot was fired into his car. he crashed his car and later died at the hospital. a witness saw several males in immediate area but they fled. if you have any information, please contact new castle county police. former philadelphia elementary school principal evelyn cortez has been sentenced to 10 years probation for her role in a cheating scandal. cortez was arrested in may of 2014 following allegations that she and teachers at cayuga elementary school changed student's answers on the state psa exams. she pled guilty to charges of perjury and tampering with public records. >> time to turn to dave murphy. sounds like today is the day
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to get outside if you have something to to. >> yell really yesterday was the day. today a little more humid. stickier on wednesday and oppressive by thursday. your exclusive look at storm tracker six live double scan and you can see that there is a lack of precipitation out there. as we take a look outside we have sky6 and there's the sun getting ready to come up over the horizon. down the shore you can see the sky getting pink and does look like we'll have a fair amount of sunshine today, perhaps mixing with a few more clouds than what we saw yesterday but still fairly bright. 68 degrees to start out in philadelphia this morning, 69 in wilmington, 63 in allentown, 64 in reading, 65 in trenton and 71 in cape may, new jersey. satellite and radar in the meantime shows you that we do have some clouds sweeping down from the north but looks like they're high and thin enough where we'll still see some sun and once they pass through again a sun and clouds mix today but fairly bright. up in the lehigh valley, sun and clouds, more humid than yesterday with a high of 88. also a little bit warmer. so definitely a cool drinks day. not that yesterday wasn't but
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even more so today. down the shore u.v. index will be running high. other than that a little bit more comfortable with high temperatures in the upper 70's up to about 80 or so. upper 70's down in cape may and sea isle city and down in rehoboth beach and bethany beach it looks like low 80's today. 70's in the water again. pretty nice week at the shore. today sun mixing with clouds in philadelphia, a bit more humid, a high around 88 degrees. winds out of the south at five to 10 miles per hour drawing up that humidity out of those humid southern reaches. and then overnight tonight partly cloudy, a bit on the humid side. we'll drop to 70 for an overnight low again with a light south wind in play. tomorrow it looks like high pressure is continuing to pull away from us and that clockwise flow around the high will continue to circulate a southerly flow in off the ocean. that's going the make us even more and more muggy tomorrow. it will still be warm with a high of 87. and in the afternoon in particular there is the possibility of some thunderstorms, although when you look at future tracker6 it does look like the best chance of this is probably first of all in the afternoon.
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you see very little going on in the morning and mainly north and west of philadelphia. places like allentown reading lancaster probably have the best chance of this. chester county may pick up a little bit of it at times as well. and you can see that it's kind of out of the picture as we get later into the evening hours. 88 degrees is today's high, and your exclusive accuweather 7-day a-bit more humid but not too bad today. very warm and more sticky tomorrow with that high of 87 and those northern and western thunderstorms. thursday a high of 92, it's going to feel like 100 degrees at times in the afternoon especially urban centers and there could be some strong thunderstorms around, at least in some neighborhoods later in the day and evening. friday still very hot and humid, a high of 95. very likely still feeling like it's about 100. and then for the weekend on saturday, it's hot, probably on the humid side, a high of 91 and it does look like there's a spotty shower or thunderstorm around during the day on saturday. the late of the model projections for sunday is that we could start out with some showers and maybe a thunderstorm in the morning.
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however, there's the channel of some drying and sunshine in the afternoon and a high of 89 degrees on sunday. >> okay, thank you david. >> uh-huh. >> thanks. >> we want to turn to a suspicious incidents in center city. >> police were called to the rooftop of the hyatt at the bellevue. they found people with smoke bombs suspicious equipment and camera equipment. >> good morning, annie. good morning, nydia and tam. looks like the two people that were on top that of roof are here now at central detectives being interviewed by investigators from homeland security. they're trying to figure out exactly why they were on the roof and if they were doing anything criminal. we are told that they were detained by investigators because they had unauthorized access to the roof. well, take a look at this video. this is video from chopper6 hd over the bellevue in center city last night. that's where philadelphia police began their investigation at the bellevue.
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around 7:00 last night police were called to the building for reports of people running on the rooftop. when they arrived they found at least two people with smoke bombs, a suspicious liquid and camera equipment. now, what appears to look like smoke bombs i should say. a man and woman were then taken into custody by police. now, back out here live sources are telling us that both of those people, a man and a woman, were then taken here to central detectives to be interviewed by investigators from homeland security and like we said, there have been no charges filed. they're still trying to figure out whether or not what they were doing was criminal but they were taken off of the roof and detained because they had unauthorized access to that roof. for now reporting live outside of central detectives, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> annie, still so many questions here. it is 5:10. new this morning parents rally together to get a billboard about addiction prevention taken down. we'll explain why they did that coming up on "action news." >> if you don't plan on getting into the democratic
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national convention in south philadelphia, don't worry, organizers are planning exhibits for you around the city. we'll explain. karen. >> we're looking good on i-95. the overnight construction has cleared so no problems just yet here at cottman. we'll check that construction at 422 coming up. >> and what it took to win the home run derby when "action news" comes back.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. this is always such a pretty shot, isn't it? sky6 hd taking a live look at the commodore barry bridge. it is 5:13, 68 degrees. if you're trying to plan your week, beware starting thursday it's going to be pretty oppressive around here. >> all right, let's go over to
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karen rogers. you know the septa stuff has had a lot of people going through changes. what does the commute look like this morning. >> such issues with septa. don't forget the new schedules went into effect with the regional rails yesterday but we expect big problems like yesterday with overcrowding. let's look at the roads and talk about there suburbs right now as we go on outside live i promised you a look at 422 and here it is. looking pretty good here at 23 as you head towards king of prussia you're going to see no problems or delay. the overnight construction on 422 is clear so that's some good news heading out. over here on the maps we have an issue here in folsom atlantic county blocked at route 54 and that's because of bridge construction. it's going to last until about 6 o'clock. so with the black horse pike blocked you've got to stick to 73 or jackson road and it will take i was little bit longer as you're heading out. in burlington county right on the new jersey turnpike southbound between exits five and four the construction cleared early. last time we talked it was blocking two lanes. expected to be out there for a little bit but it cleared so
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that's some better news right there on the new jersey turnpike. let's go to the commuter traffic report. we had daily tv, trvlr talking about an object on the road in river road in tinicum township so watch for that and thanks for being up and reporting that on the waze app. let's look at the temperatures right now. it's 59 in martin's creek, 64 in warrington and chester. 68 degrees right now in center city. not a bad start to the day. it's a warm one today, 62 in hammonton 64 in dover delaware going to feel a bit more humid under partly sunny skies with highs in the upper 80's, tam. >> thank you karen. great britain about to get its second female prime minister. margaret thatcher of course being the first. home secretary theresa may will take over by tomorrow evening. she said there will be no redo on the brexit referendum and even though she was against it she says they're going to make a success of it. may will take over for david cameron who announced yesterday morning he will be leaving 10 downing street by
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tomorrow. >> the democratic national convention kicks off at the wells fargo center in south philadelphia in less than two weeks and organizers hope one of the attractions will be just as popular as it's been at past conventions. political fest will display nonpartisan exhibits around the city designed to engage convention goers and residents. the concept debuted during the republican convention here back in 2000. >> we are end can couraging everyone to start here, head to the white house exhibit followed by our main stage theater where we're going to be having live interviews, political speeches and our games, political trivia and political feud so it should be a lot of excitement. get started here and then move out to the other venues. >> sounds like a lot of fun. and we will have more from the campaign trail including a expected endorsement from bernie sanders coming up in the next half our. >> odubel herrera will represent the phillies in the all-star game and mike trout will represent the angels for the american league. trout is a two time all-star
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game m.v.p. marlins slugger won last night. two of his blasts were estimated to go as far out as 497 feet. stanton hit 61 homers in all. and happening today, philadelphia flyers top prospects take to the jersey shore for the trial on the aisle. fans are invited to be part of the prospect's final day of development camp. events are planned from 9:00 to 5:00 in stone harbor. they include team exercises a free clinic for youngsters and an autograph session. trial on the aisle wraps up with a beach volleyball session. >> retailers joining amazon for a day of deals. >> a phenomenon lights up new york streets. >> we'll be in the mid 70's by 10 o'clock. i'll be back with your day planner forecast and we'll get you to the airport for those
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>> new on "action news" this video from last night shows the phenomenon. man hasn't hench creates a brilliant ray of light between the buildings gorgeous. >> wow. that is pretty. beautiful shot of the schuylkill now. [laughter] >> it's not beautiful but let's take a look anyway. here we are. this is the schuylkill expressway at university. we had that accident involving an overturned truck westbound. now, both lanes have reopened but the ramp from the schuylkill westbound to university avenue is blocked again. they had opened it and then blocked it. we're looking live. doesn't that look like they're kind of sweeping up some of the debris there as you watch that truck kind of move backwards very close to that guy sweeping. watch for that. the ramp is still blocked at this point from the schuylkill westbound to university, even though that overturned truck has cleared, dave. >> all right karen.
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a lot of action going on there on the schuylkill. 70 degrees by 7 o'clock. by noon we'll be at 82. sun mixing with occasional clouds. your high today is going to be 88 degrees but we probably won't see that until about 4 o'clock this afternoon, still holding onto 86 by 5 o'clock. a warm one and the other thing about today it will be a bit more humid than yesterday. at the airport we're hoping for all green aircraft on the big board which would indicate no major delays in our big travel destinations. that's what we have and i'm also not seeing any sign of precipitation from here to chicago down to atlanta or orlando at this hour. nydia. >> all right david thank you. the affordable care act is often called obamacare and the president himself has penned an article on it. it was published yesterday in the journal of the american medical association. eight page article mostly touts what president obama sees as a lot of its accomplishments but also addresses the need for more progress with americans still lacking coverage or struggling to afford doctor's visits deductibles and prescription costs.
5:22 am
obama's article lays out a blueprint for the next administration and urges lawmakers to reconsider a government run public option. "action news" will be right back but first here's america's money. >> black friday deals about five months early. >> today is amazon's prime day with lower prices on thousands of products for prime members but lots of other retailers are also getting on board with sales of their own. >> among them target best buy and macy's wal-mart is offering free shipping on all orders. toys r us offering 50 percent off regular priced items. >> taylor swift has scored another number one but this time we're not talking about a hit. she has earned the top spot among the world's highest paid celebrities. >> swift raked in $170 million. one direction was actually on this list, number two with 110 million. >> denny's rolling out its new pancake recipe. the they will be made with fresh buttermilk eggs and vanilla. >> they replace an old mix that was made from a powdered
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>> time for the buzz. first up this billboard. it's controversial getting a lot of attention in frederick maryland scheduled to be torn down today. the billboard says addiction is preventable. parenting is prevention. critics said that was sending
5:26 am
the wrong message and doling out unfair blame on parents. they started a petition over the weekend to get the billboard taken down. it got more than 2500 signatures in less than a day. the local health officials said they never meant any harm? you have the to highlight the power of observant parenting. a russian balloo balloonist launched his balloon from a town in the australian outback. he hopes to complete the journey which he will be spending in a cramped gondola. the team has been preparing for this challenge though for nearly a year. here she comes. a familiar face will return to the boardwalk hall for this year's miss america competition. chris harrison the host of the bachelor will be back to host this year's pageant and joining hum for the first time will be espn's sage steel. 52 women will compete for the crown in atlantic city on sunday september 11th and you
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can watch that action right here on 6abc. nydia. >> all right, tam. it is now 5:26 and we are following breaking news overnight. flames engulf a popular south jersey restaurant that was the scene of a devastating fire a few years ago. plus the state of pennsylvania has a new budget this morning but there's a catch. those stories and more when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> developing now on "action news," two people are facing questions after they were reportedly caught with what may be smoke bombs on the roof of a center city hotel. >> new overnight, bullets fly near a philadelphia basketball court. one of the young players is dead. >> happening today, president obama meets with the families of the fallen dallas officers as the city comes together to pay tribute at a public memorial. good morning, 5:30 now on this tuesday july 12th. matt o'donnell is off. nydia han is joining us. let's head over to meteorologist, david murphy and to karen rogers for accuweather and traffic. good morning. >> good morning, everybody.
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we are starting outer in pretty good shape this morning. satellite imagery shows a little bit of cloud cover beginning to sweep down out of the north but it's high and thin enough where i think we'll get sunshine through and overall we're going for a mix of sun with and occasional clouds. this morning is cool. 68 degrees in philadelphia but just 63 in allentown. 65 in trenton, 64 in millville. still at 71 in cape may. maybe we won't get down into the 60's down there. it's close. 69 in wilmington and 64 in dover. the dewpoints, however, are higher today. remember yesterday it was just so comfortable, really the last three days, saturday, sunday, monday but we talked about how today was going to get a little more humid. when you get dewpoints over 60 that's an indication of it. so a little stickier especially if you're moving around doing your run this morning. be a little bit sweatier this morning than yesterday. not a bad day overall. 70 degrees by 7 o'clock, 76 by 10 o'clock. a bit more humid and still warm this afternoon, 87 by 3 o'clock and your high of 88 probably slots right in there around 4 o'clock before we settle back to 84 by 6:00.


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