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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 14, 2016 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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kitchen. >> reporter: okay, this is how i do. ladies and gentlemen, i have smelled what the rock is cooking. >> i'm starting to buy into this thing that you know what you're doing. >> reporter: his signature dish, pancakes with one special gre t ingredient. more on that later. when she's not flipping flap jacks, he's on the hit show, ballers. >> reporter: play a former dolphins player who retired. you have to transition to life
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after football. >> i never played a character that is so close to my heart. i lived that like. i know what it's like to transition out of football like my character where i wasn't ready to give up football. >> reporter: being around these players, does it make you make football? >> yes. i can make some calls. >> reporter: he's not just a baller in front of the camera. with 60 million instagram followers, he's also the king of social media, posting everything from workout videos to family photos. one particular post caught my eye. >> reporter: you shared on one of your posts about being president. how real was that? >> the idea of me being president one day has become a legit thing to some people. if it is an overwhelming positive, strong, we want you to run for president, and if i felt that i can step up to the plate and become a tremendous leader and make a difference and change, i would do that. >> reporter: that sounded so presidential. i'm like, put the ballot out there. >> thank you.
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>> reporter: among all the other things we talked about, now you have your own youtube channel. >> yes. >> reporter: rock the pro moe. >> do you ever become about becoming a wrestling star? >> reporter: if i were to send in the romo, what would be my wrestling persona? >> what's your thing? >> reporter: the gap in my teeth. >> okay, maybe it's time to give somebody the gap. >> reporter: got it. i put you to sleep. they call the move the gap nap. >> the gap nap. yes. >> reporter: put you to sleep. >> come on. look at that. >> reporter: i'm all over the youtube channel now. i just need to come up with the move now. >> i like that. >> reporter: with all these things going on, the one thing i love most about you is you really value family. >> sure. >> reporter: and you have two daughters. >> yeah. >> reporter: you have a teenager and then you have a newborn. >> yeah. >> reporter: how are you balancing all that? >> i had my beautiful 14-year-old daughter who
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continues to be a balancing anchor in my life, just an amazing young girl. the relationship i have had with simone over the last 14 years has led me to become the father i am today for jasmine who is our 7 month old baby who rocks my world. >> reporter: they have you wrapped around their if i thinker? >> there's all women in the house. only one other man, my dog, oh hobbs. just two dudes. two dudes. >> reporter: come on, hobbs. >> come on. >> reporter: i need another man to hang out. two things you're passionate about? food and fitness. so i want to know, what is one thing i need in my diet? >> i think the number one thing people become adverse to -- carbs are your friend. carbs, good carbs. >> reporter: all right. you say that, i got something for you. we going to go in the kitchen and see what the rock is cooking.
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on today's menu, pancakes with milk chocolate and bananas. is there anything secret? >> what's in this is love. love. >> reporter: that's good. >> come on. >> reporter: that's really good. if you can corner him in the kitchen, make him cook you breakfast. >> i'd be happy to cook with you, no, i won't. >> reporter: with love. were nightline, michael strahan in atlanta. >> i think i know my move would be. the d mac smack, and i can do the rock eyebrow. huh? huh? >> nice. nice. i feel threatened. what would that move entail? >> i haven't gotten that far. >> but you have the name. >> i just tried to think of mana something involving my name.
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♪ so one of the biggest hurdles to incorporate. >> i americ it's hard to find the time to exercise and one of the issues that many say is how regimented it can feel. >> now we're checking out rational fitness. it's about focusing on how you feel rather than how many calories you're burning. let's see how this plays out.
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>> reporter: working off that do donut on the treadmill in we've all done it, working out to work off what we've eaten. now a viral post by kelsey miller says stop using exercise as a punishment and start using rational fitness. what is it? >> it's basically the common sense way to exercise. we're taking guilt and shame out of the equation. we're not punishing ourselves. we're not counting calories. instead we're focusing on activities that we enjoy doing and have fun doing. >> reporter: that's right. no rules and no calculations. just focusing on health and feeling good. >> it's about focusing on the wonderful things that exercise does for you. so it makes you healthier. it helps you sleep. it gives you less pain and a better mood and makes you live longer. >> rational fitness rule number
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one? there are no rules. anyway you move your body counts whether it's throwing a frisbee, a quick stretch, throwing a ball around, or anything else that makes you feel good. >> if you are a freak like me who loves burpees, you can do them all day. >> it's a way to enjoy movement instead of feeling like it's something you have to do. >> yes. >> reporter: and a better mood. >> yes. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> i guess it's an interesting concept. >> i like the idea of going out and doing things that you find fun anyway, but they're also active. >> like going to a bar. you're walking there. >> i don't think that's the way it works. >> no? >> no.
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this morning on "world news now," superstars of the sports world come together to try to spark change. >> the powerful moments at last night's espy awards including four of the nba's biggest names with a plea for peace in america's streets calling for an end to police brutality and retaliation against officers. we'll have that and all the other memorable moments just ahead. >> and president obama brings together round table of leaders trying to solve the nation's issues involving race and policing. this as senator tim scott delivers a stark message about being profiled himself, even refused access to high profile events. >> ruth bader ginsburg not backing down. she's caused a debate. should a sitting supreme court
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justice be politically outspoke snn. >> and we're used to hearing taylor swift talk about her breakups. this time it's her exairing plenty of dirty laundry. hear by a collaboration with rihanna is sparking a twitter feud on this thursday, july 14th. >> from ab this use, this news, "world news now." >> good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. >> let's start with the espy awards. >> you had nba stars on stage issuing a call to action. they told their fellow pros to get more involved in attempting to heal the nation's racial wounds while renouncing all violence. >> and joe biden honored craig sager who is battling cancer, and sager wore a brightly
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colored outfit. >> we cannot ignore the realities of the current state of america. >> reporter: a call to action. >> alton sterling. philando castile. this is also our reality. >> reporter: four of the nba's biggest names using their star power to address recent violence between police and black americans. >> the shoot to kill mentality has to stop. but also the retaliation has to stop. it's time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, what are we doing to create change. >> reporter: then they turned to celebrating the biggest sports moments of the year. hosted by wwe star, john cena, the show included laughs. and inspiration including a message from president obama as part of the arthur ashe courage award. >> zaevion gave his life to save
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someone's. >> reporter: zaevion dobson was honored. the teen athlete died in december shielding others during a shooting. other big moments, retiring athletes, kobe bryant, abbie wom woman back and others. and best male athlete. >> lebron james. >> reporter: abc news, los angeles. >> happy to see stuart up there. >> happy to see lebron james take home the trophy. and my bff won for best nfl player. >> your bff? >> i don't think he knows i exist. >> the ambush in dallas was a big topic at the espy awards last night. today marks one week since the police officers were gunned down and the city remains in deep
3:04 am
mourning. >> we have more now. >> reporter: an outpouring of solidari solidarity. law enforcement officers from across the country paying their respects to three of the five dallas officers killed by a sniper during a peaceful protest last week. >> i truly leave that lorne would want us to celebrate his life by taking care of one another and watching out for each other. >> reporter: special tributes made from loved ones, the spouses, partners q a, and chil. >> this act of violence hurt law enforcement as a whole, however, good will always prevail. though i'm heart broken and heart, i'm going to put on my badge and my uniform and return to the street along with all of my brothers and sisters in blue. >> reporter: it was just days ago when rapid transit officer, brent thompson, senior corporal, lorne ahrens, and sergeant michael smith were among the law
3:05 am
enforcement officers ambushed in downtown dallas. as final good-byes were made, president obama convening a round table at the white house. the task force comprised of top administration officials, police chiefs from around the country, and civil rights activists. the purpose, developing a plan to keep streets safe while also supporting law enforcement who protect it. >> as we saw so painfully this week, that this is really a hard job. we're not there yet. we're not close to being where we want to be. >> reporter: funeral services and memorials will continue throughout the week. michael crow's funeral is set for friday, and police officer's patrick z ease funeral is on saturday. >> our thanks to ray there. overnight we learned the time and place for donald trump's v.p. announcement. >> he tweeted he'll go public with his pick tomorrow morning in new york. and mike pence and newt gingrich each met with trump and his
3:06 am
family yesterday. chris christie also met with trump this week, but last night gingrich told fox news that only two people are still in the running, pence and himself. >> well, just days before the republican convention j trump has found himself locked in another public feud. >> he's calling for ruth bader ginsburg to resign after she bashed him. politicians and publications are weighing in including this morning's new york post cover depicting ginsburg as badarth vader. let's get more. >> reporter: sides are being taken in the battle of the titans. the 62 billionaire versus the 51 supreme court justice, and the justice started the fight. ginsburg saying trump is a faker. he has an ego. she slammed trump in three
3:07 am
separate interviews. in another saying i can't imagine what the country would be with donald trump as our president, joking he'd have to move to new zealand. >> trump saying ginsburg embarrassed all by making bum political statements about me. her mind is shot. resign. the white house lining up with ginsburg. >> she didn't earn the nickname for nothing. >> reporter: they rarely weigh on anything political. that's why she's drawing some unusual criticism. t"the new york times," usually one of donald trump's largest critics, saying he's right about justice ginsburg, saying she should drop the name calling. really extraordinary criticism of a supreme court justice from the new york times. jonathan karl, abc news at the supreme court. >> hillary clinton was back on the campaign trail slamming donald trump as polarizing. accusing him of pitting
3:08 am
americans against americans. clinton delivered a speech in illinois in the same room where abraham lincoln gave his house divided address about the perils of slavery. she said trump would do little to heal this country. >> the man is the nominee of the party of lincoln. we are watching it become the party of trump. and that's not just a huge loss for our democracy. it is a threat to it. >> she tried to present herself as a unifying force. she acknowledged she has to do better as well. turning to the weather and powerful storms in the northwest, triggering flooding that killed two people. this crushed the roof of a home in the city of independence. winds gusted more than 70 miles
3:09 am
per hour at times and knocked down power lines. this morning nearly 100,000 are still without electricity in the greater st. louis area. crews are working to try to restore power to so many of them. and then in wisconsin, this is what they're left with. cleanup underway. heavy downpours causing flash flooding that washed out roads and the wind scattered debris. although conditions are clear, rivers and creeks will continue to rise over the next few days. >> here's a story about 90 million years in the making. that's how long researchers say a previously unknown species of dinosaurs roamed the earth. they unveiled the skelskeleton. >> they call it gaulecho. they say it was a meat eater with decent speed. >> a truck accident was one of the reasons they named it that.
3:10 am
the dig was cursed by other problems as well. hence the name. >> apparently that truck rolled partway through j straight through the excavation. they say luckily no one was hurt. the truck was totalled. >> i can tell you one of the places i won't be going. >> speaking out about racial profiling from the top levels of the federal government. >> tim scott with a deeply personal message on the state of race relations in the u.s. we'll hear from him after the break. >> and later, taylor swift's issues with her exis spilling over to her work. they're at odds as harris spills the beans on social media. >> our pics are on instagram. you're watching "world news now." >> important message for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now,
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health officials in texas are confirming the state's first state of a baby born with the defect linked to zika virus. the baby's mother traveled to latin america where she was likely infected. neither the mother for the baby are infectious, and there's no risk to the public. >> the rick of zika virus transition will be low at the games.
3:15 am
cooler dryer weather in rio will reduce mosquito populations. the cdc says pregnant women should not travel to places with my transmission risk. >> race and a powerful speech on the senate floor delivered by the only black republican senator. >> tim scott spoke about his experiences, including the number of times he's been stopped even as a senator. >> please remember that in the course of one year i've been stopped seven times by law enforcement officers. not four, not five, not six, but seven times. in one year as an elected official. was i speeding sometimes? sure. but the vast majority of the time i was pulled over for nothing more than driving a new car in the wrong neighborhood, or some other reason just as
3:16 am
trivial. i recall walking in to an office building just last year after being here for five years on the capitol. and the officer looked at me with a little attitude and said, the pin i know. you know, i don't. show me your i.d. i'll tell you, i was thinking to myself, either he thinks i'm committing a crime impersonating a member of congress, or -- or what? well, i'll tell you that later that evening i received a phone call from his supervisor, apologizing for the behavior. mr. president, that is at least the third phone call i've received from a super visor or the chief of police since i've
3:17 am
been in the senate. so while i thank god i have not endured bodily harm, i have, however, felt the pressure applied by the scales of justice when they are slanted. i have felt the anger, the frustration, the sadness, and the humiliation that comes with feeling like you're being targeted for nothing more than being just yourself. >> i'm surprised it's taken this long for him to speak up. we flew back to d.c. together after walter scott's funeral, a man shot by an officer in south carolina. and we were in the baggage claim and he said that could have been any of us in our conversation. >> powerful words, especially coming from a republican. i'm curious to see how this conversation continues.
3:18 am
>> absolutely. >> and abc will be holding a landmark town hall with the president tonight. >> president obama will take questions from americans all across the country and david muir will moderate. it begins tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. it will be on tv on abc radio, free form as well as espn. coming up in our next half hour, the hottest summer craze since the ice bucket challenge. pokemon go, now holds the top spot as the biggest mobile game in u.s. history. the distractions it's causing range from traffic accidents to robberies at gunpoint. what you need to know before you go. >> and first, the breakup between calvin harris and taylor swift is taking an ugly new turn on twitter. the love story that's gone sour, you could say. we'll give you more, next.
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♪ >> we really need a glow stick if you're going to play those songs. you get into it. they may have met in the spring, not the summer, but the breakup of taylor swift and calvin harris is heating up. >> twitter proves the two are never, ever getting back together. see what we did? >> reporter: normally taylor swift writes songs about her exs, not for them. this is what you came for may be the exception. ♪ the lyrics were the new hit with rihanna were originally credited to someone else, but today
3:21 am
taylor swift says it's really a pseudonym for her. awkward. the day the song dropped, ryan seacrest asked harris, will you do a collaboration with your girlfriend. >> we haven't talked about the. >> reporter: a month later they split and she moved on with chris hidl ton. today the embarrassment of it all struck harris like a thunder bolt. hurtful for her to make me look back. if you're happy in your new relationship, focus on that instead of trying to tear your exboyfriend down for something to do. maybe there's a song lyric in that. >> oh. >> and people are loving this. normally taylor swift airs the dirty laundry. the best part might be katy perry's response. >> calvin harris brought up katy perry. >> here was her response. >> no words just simple -- i'm
3:22 am
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if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. okay. of course the craze of the summer is pokemon. it's been around pokemon, go, it's been around for a week. there are a lot of haters all over the place. this web developer has now created poke gone. it's a software that once you put it on your google browser, it will block all the pokemon content that's opinion dribeen crazy. >> does that mean our show is being blocked? >> that would be half the shows. it will take care of the stuff you've been tired of. it will stop your eyes from seeing grown adults raving on
3:26 am
about pokemon. >> a good result of pokemon, an animal shelter in indiana has figured out that all these people walking around can be put to work. they are walking dogs for the shelter. that is the director of the shelter. he came up with the idea. >> that is a great idea. >> and ever since he pitched it, they have seen a surge in volunteers. people are walking around anyway, and they need people to walk the dogs. they figure tell people they can catch more pokemon walking around with dogs. >> do you think the dogs can see the characters? >> they are looking at them. >> it's kind of weird. >> maybe that's the secret. >> everybody is getting into this pokemon go craze. and everything is getting into it. what else would -- >> i'm afraid to download it. >> oh. why? >> maybe, maybe i should -- >> what else would explain why this happened in thailand here? >> is that a pokemon character?
3:27 am
>> no, but it's a giant lizard in a super market. i wandered in through the automatic doors and stood in the middle of the door just kind of impazi gazing around, wagging the tail. >> do you think he was playing pokemon? >> he's like it was a lure. it was chilling feeling the air-conditioning there. >> no need for a pokemon lure at this restaurant in oakland, california. they have now made the spaghetti grilled cheese. apparently the owner started playing around with leftovers and decided to put two pieces of garlic bread around some spaghetti, sauce, cheese. they put it on instagram and it's become the restaurant's most popular sandwich. >> that looks amazing. >> same
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" donald trump announcing overnight when he will reveal his running mate. so does proposed timing of the event tell us about who that pick may be? details ahead. >> a new video shows a deadly police encounter with a young suspect. the fresno police department released images showing the encounter and the decision not to comply. >> the pokemon craze has taken a dangerous turn. >> kids of all ages try to catch them all. the dangers of the app keep multiplies. is a warning necessary? >> in the world of politics, fashion, entertainment and sports, all coming together last night in los angeles for this year's espy awards. we'll have a wrap up of the big night and the winners and the outfits. the big moments in the skinny.
3:31 am
it is thursday, july 14th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> was it rainbow paisley? >> it was very colorful. i think maybe we could work on that. >> thank you. a fan of my clothes. >> i'm good with the black and blue, i think maybe you could bring a little for color to the desk. you know. >> think? there's a lot of color on the desk right now. wow. get here a few months and then she's asking for john muller to be back. should we move on? let's talk about running mate, shall we? >> sure. we begin with the anticipation surrounding the donald trump campaign as he prepares to announce his running mate. >> newt gingrich says he's narrowed the field to two finalists saying he and mike pence are the only ones still in the running.
3:32 am
both men did meet with trump yesterday as well as children and some of his top advisors. last night trump tweeted he'll unveil his v.p. pick tomorrow in new york. in the meantime he seems to be enjoying the guessing game. we have more now. >> reporter: donald trump building the drama in his search for a running mate, saying the grand finale is near. >> i'm narrowing it down. i'm at three, potentially four, but in my own mind, i probably am thinking about two. >> reporter: sources tell abc news, mike pence is likely a finalist. trump was at the governor's mansion and almost like a scene out of the apprentice, the trump children also showing up to size up pence. >> it was just very warm, and one family meeting with another. >> reporter: trump in true reality tv fashion ramping up suspense. >> you'll be calling up mike pence. i don't know if he'll be your governor or vice president. who knows.
3:33 am
>> reporter: a plot twist. campaign sources saying mechanical problems grounded the billionaire's jet in indiana. newt gingrich, another v.p. hopeful flew to indiana. >> i'm not saying it's newt, but if it's newt, nobody is going to be beating him in the debates. that's for sure. nobody. >> reporter: also in the mix, new jersey governor, chris christie, trump's very public test drive of potential running mates, a true break with tradition. in 2008, mccain surprised the world with sarah palin. >> i love the hockey moms. they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? lipstick. >> reporter: after taking elaborate steps to keep his search process top secret. donald trump is now in the middle of another court case, this time with his campaign. he's suing a former campaign advisor alleging he break a nondisclosure agreement by leaking a false story about
3:34 am
corey lewandowski having an affair with a female staffer. this former advisor says he never leaked that story and is asking the court to drop the case. >> so who will it be? >> well, so here's the thing. >> the conspiracy plan. >> pence has to notify indiana by tomorrow at noon if he is going to run for governor. so the timing of this announcement, 11:00 a.m., my money is on pence. >> would indicate that he will notify indiana in time that he's not running for governor but running for v.p. >> right. >> interesting. >> those are the thoughts here. >> you're going with pence. i think i'm going with pence too. i'm thinking it will be pence. now, as for hillary clinton, we'll get on that one. she returned with a fresh round of attacks against trump, accusing him of pulling the country apart. clinton spoke at the old state capitol in illinois where there
3:35 am
abraham delivered his house divided speech. she accused trump of sending an ugly dangerous message to america. >> a day after flying to dallas, president obama hosted a four-hour conversation on community policing and criminal justice reform. he met at the white house with law enforcement leaders, civil rights activists and black lives matter organizers. they came up with a list of priorities, including confidence building and more police training. >> as we saw so painfully this week, that this is really a hard job. we're not there yet. we're not close to being there yet, where we want to be. >> abc is holding a landmark town hall with president obama tonight. the president and the people, a initial conversation. moderated by david muir. the president will take questions from all over the country. it's tonight at 8:00 p.m. >> fresno california, video released showing a traffic stop that turned deadly.
3:36 am
swre we have a warning about the video. some of you might find the images disturbing. after pulling over a truck driven by dylan noble, police say they asked him to step out and show his hands, and that's when they say she appeared to reach for something and shouted to them that he hated his life. the officers fired four shots at noble. they later found that he was not armed. the district attorney and the fbi conducting now separate investigations into that case there in southern california. mourners gathering in st. paul for the funeral of philando castile. the black man shot by a police officer. his girlfriend live streamed the aftermath of the shooting. he had a permit to carry a gun. his girlfriend said the officer opened fire while castile was reaching for his i.d. >> near los angeles, flames burned for more than an hour in the hills near a residential community. firefighters stopped it late last night.
3:37 am
they'll be on the scene looking for hot spots trying to prevent it from reigniting. two people have died in the flooding from storms in the midwest. fraefrt -- forecasters warn rivers and creeks will continue to rise over the next few days and in the greater st. louis area, crews are working around the clock to restore power to nearly 100,000 people who are still in the dark. scattered storms linger across parts of the midwest this morning. >> cam tran has the thursday forecast. cam, good morning. >> good morning. we have a cold front that's pressing in from the north that could bring up strong to severe thunderstorms across the central plains including much of kansas into missouri and northern arkansas. ahead of the cold front, scorching heat and humid conditions. speaking of the heat and humidity, that's the big story. the other than part of the country, we have hot and humid weather. temperatures, many spot in the
3:38 am
90s. when you factor into the humidity, it will feel more like 100s. that's why there's heat advisories from miami to newark. >> the new british prime minister is promising to make her country work for everyone, not just the privileged few. buckingham palace released this photograph of theresa may kissing the hand yesterday. >> the 59-year-old may is britain's second female prime minister. and she faces a tough task. starting to manage britain's exit from the european union. may had been against leaving the eu, but has said that britain will stage a successful exit. >> so that is theresa may. yeah, with an h. now the other teresa may from the uk. an adult entertainer who spells her name without the h, and that features the new prime minister's name. >> oh, well, there's been some confusion, as you can imagine. this teresa may sought to clear
3:39 am
up. she has an influx of new followers. she added in the description, i'm a uk glamour model, not the new prime minister. >> i encourage you not to make >> i've gone to her twitter page and clicked on the media. i encourage you not to make the mistake on her page. >> wasn't talking about british policy? >> not at all. >> virtual reality slamming into reality with millions of americans caught up in the summer's pokemon go craze. many are facing themselves and others in immediate physical danger. >> and last night's big moments and the few surprises from this year's espy awards. coverage ahead in the skinny. you're watching "world news now." skinny. you're watching "world news now."
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3:43 am
this was the scene on the campus of florida international university earlier this week. it's not a mass walkout. demonstration or a pep rally. >> what is it? >> the students were all in search of the elusive squirtle. that's a character on pokemon go. >> way to be proud, parents. >> this is what you're spending your division money on. >> exactly. apparently the quest to catch them all as has fans wondering through virtual reality and slamming into the dangers of actual reality. >> the distraction is raising concerns about public safety. >> reporter: authorities are sounding the alarm on the summer criticize. pokemon go.
3:44 am
at issue, crooks are snatching phones out of gamer's hands as they're distracted. police say the car in this video has two gunmen inside following gamers. >> they were robbed at gunpoint. >> reporter: it's not just robberies. it's injuries too. this girl was hit by a car while crossing a busy highway after playing the game. and serious car crashes. incredibly the driver wasn't badly hurt but told police he was playing pokemon go. the nypd tweeting out don't catch them all and drive. it now has more than 21 million daily users, pulling in $2 million a day, and nintendo, part owner saw a sudden and steep rise in stock. all to catch these little guys. someone even caught in the act on live tv. >> got a pokemon? she's looking for a pokemon right now. >> reporter: interrupting the forecast. and the makers of the game are saying now that every time you open the app there's a warning to be aware of your surroundings and be alert at all times.
3:45 am
abc news, new york. >> clearly it was arms day for him. >> the biggest moment of last night at the espy awards. >> and the new record that salena gomez just set without trying, she says. "the skinny" is next. gomez just set without trying she says.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ >> time for "the skinny" starting with the biggest night of the the year for sports or at least when no one is actually playing sports. >> well, it certainly was for lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers who extended their winning streak scooping up several awards including best male athlete, best nba player and best team. >> the night kicked off with four of the nba's biggest names calling for an end to police brutality and retaliation against officers. >> the racial profiling has to stop. the shoot to kill mentality has to stop. but also the retaliation has to stop. the endless gun violence in places like chicago, dallas, not to mention orlando, it has to stop. >> enough. enough is enough.
3:48 am
>> president obama taped an >> anti-gun violence message for the awards ceremony as the vice president presented the jimmy v perseverance espy to craig sager. despite a bone marrow tra transplant, the 64-year-old revealed his cancer is no longer in remission. >> perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the night came when host john cena hit the stage. >> the 15-time wwe world champion wrestler stunned everybody with his opening monologue. he roasted everyone from steph curry to roger goodell. >> here is the one place that the wwe has you beat, the one thing we have that you don't. vince mcman. a billionaire pulling the strings behind the scenes who uses every trick in the back to manipulate things any way he
3:49 am
can to his advantage. something like that is way too crazy for real sports. pressure lal o, [ laughter ] >> and there you thought his movie was the funniest thing he's done. also turning heads last night was sierra in her first event since getting married. >> she was stunning in a beautiful gown. she showed off her sparkly silver cross necklace as well. but wilson isn't looking too bad either. and as far as the rest of fashion of the night goes -- >> yes. >> the men, they turned some heads. >> let's start with the light skin brother, steph curry. rocking this obviously custom tailored velvet jacket with black satin lapels. >> is that velvet? >> yeah, and really showing it off during a lighter moment earlier in the evening. with chance the rapper who performed. >> a dance lesson?
3:50 am
>> uh-huh. pretty cool. >> odell malcolm junior had contrasting black and white. and sergeant elizabeth banks -- >> are we referring to his hair? >> he coordinated everything. >> and here's elizabeth banks. she -- marks, excuse me. she suffered serious injuries in iraq. she just competed in the invictus games. she looked stunning in this satin and lace gown. >> hands down to some, the best dressed last night? sports caster craig sager in one of his trademark brilliant blazers in a theme that carried through down to his shoes. >> where does he get these blazers? >> look at those shoes. huh. interesting. >> we need to do a whole red carpet just with craig. that's it. >> that would be great. >> let's move onto salena gomez
3:51 am
person on instagram with 89 million followers. >> one of her most liked photos is this sipping a drink through a straw. 4 million likes. >> she insists she doesn't have a social media consultant or a special method behind her backstage pics. she said it was never her goal to become instagram's most followed but she admits it's her favorite social media platform. and it's official. missy copeland is joining the nutcracker live movie project. >> she's going to play the lead ballerina in the film. the nutcracker in the four realms is based on the 1916 -- 1816 nutcracker story. >> she took to instagram saying i'm thrilled to be part of this amazing project with disney. >> welcome to the family. >> and coming up, jennifer aniston versus the tabloids.
3:52 am
>> the new details coming in on the objectification of women and her stance. >> the new details coming in on the objectify kags of women and her stance. introducing new k-y touch gel crème.
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this turned out great. cascade. ♪ power anthem for the ladies. jennifer aniston made international headlines with her powerful op ed which is published in the huffing ton post. >> this morning we're hearing from a former celebrity magazine insider. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: at first blush the front covers of gossip magazines lead many to think jenner the ju r jennifer aniston is pregnant, but spoil er alert, she's speaking her own post writing for the record, i am not pregnant. what i am is fed up. in a deeply personal op ed, the 47-year-old actress rips into tabloids for obsessing over her stomach and body shaming her
3:56 am
saying the reality is the stalking and objectification i've experienced going on decades now reflects the warped way we calculate a some woman's worth. the normally private star opens up about what she calls a painful awkwardness when her friends congratulate her over her fake pregnancy. >> now i'm in this play. >> i'm mommy in this play? >> reporter: she said in 2013 the constant speculation is frustrating. i was in the grocery store and i was laughing. you're on the cover. >> am i pregnant? >> reporter: you are. what is it like to be the focus of so many rumors? >> i'm not a fan of it. >> reporter: after more than 20 years in the spotlight, all the speculation finally has her speaking out. >> she's finally speaking up
3:57 am
about this. she's enlightened about how women and celebrity are meshed and she wanted to call it out. >> reporter: aniston says it's time to change the narrative to empower young women, not objectify them, writing, we are complete with or without a mate, with or without a child. we get to decide for ourselves what is beautiful when it comes the our bodies. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> positive message. >> so happy she did that. >> we never had that conversation about george clooney who took forever to get married again. >> it doesn't happen with male stars the way it does with females. >> derek jeter. when is he going to get married. >> it was the opposite. off the market. >> exactly. good for her. >> i'm sure many men felt that way when jennifer aniston got married. >> as if we had a shot. >> maybe. a dapper gentleman like yourself. >> this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. dapper gentleman like yourself. >> this is abc's "world news now" p?p?o?gv
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning, gun violence, race and policing, taking center stage at the espy awards. the powerful messages from lebron james and other nba stars. >> the racial profiling has to stop. the shoot to kill mentality has to stop. >> and president obama holds a marathon meeting with both law enforcement and civil rights leaders, so was there any progress? donald trump's veepstakes heating up. overnight newt gingrich saying the search has narrowed down to two people, himself and someone else. plus, where trump is scoring a zero in polling. it wasn't all serious talk at the espys. john cena brought many lighter moments. we'll take a look at his much


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