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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 14, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, gun violence, race and policing, taking center stage at the espy awards. the powerful messages from lebron james and other nba stars. >> the racial profiling has to stop. the shoot to kill mentality has to stop. >> and president obama holds a marathon meeting with both law enforcement and civil rights leaders, so was there any progress? donald trump's veepstakes heating up. overnight newt gingrich saying the search has narrowed down to two people, himself and someone else. plus, where trump is scoring a zero in polling. it wasn't all serious talk at the espys. john cena brought many lighter moments. we'll take a look at his much talked about monologue and, of
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course, the fashion. not really dur what odell beckham was doing with the hair but he was coordinating. good thursday morning. let's start with policing and race relations taking center stage at the espys to the white house, as well and later today here on abc. >> so some of the nba biggest stars opened the show with powerful comments about gun violence and police reform. >> and just hours before, president obama tackled race and policing with members of law enforcement, civil rights leaders and black lives matter activists. >> all this comes as philando castile is laid to rest today. the 32-year-old was shot and killed by police in minnesota last week sparking protests across the country. >> abc's kenneth moton live with us in d.c. with details. >> reporter: president obama is preparing to have a national conversation about race and
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policing during a town hall tonight hosted by abc. the white house says the president is looking forward to this discussion after a violent week. this morning as the protests continue and racial tensions rise, four of the biggest names in the nba used the stage of the espy awards to make a powerful plea for change. >> we cannot ignore the realities of the current state of micah. >> reporter: they called for an end to all violence, the shootings in chicago, the police killings of black men, the deli attack on dallas police. >> the shoot to kill mentality has to stop but also retall yag has to stop. >> it's time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, what are we doing to create change. >> reporter: that was the focus. president obama spoke with law enforcement, civil rights leaders and black lives matter activists to find solutions to racial bias and policing. >> we have to as a country sit down and just grind it out,
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solve these problems. >> reporter: tonight the president's conversation will continue on abc with a town hall on race and policing. the issue is personal to one of only two black members of the senate. in a powerful capitol hill speech tim scott told how he had been repeatedly racial profiled by police even as an elected official. >> during the course of one year i've been stopped seven times by law enforcement officers. the vast majority of the time i was pulled over for nothing more than driving a new car in the wrong neighborhood. >> reporter: that abc town hall with president obama will take place tonight, again, at 8 p.m. eastern and pacific time hosted by "world news tonight's" david muir. president obama is meeting on community policing produced a number of priorities but the president admitted this nation is not even close to resolving the issues between police and
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communities of color. diane and kendis. >> a lot of us are expecting big things from that later today. thank you, kenneth. donald trump by the way plans to keep us guessing for one more day tweeting that he will announce his running mate tomorrow in new york. indiana governor mike pence and former house speaker newt gingrich huddle with trump and his children and chris christie met with the trump camp this week but it's now down to the final two. >> i think trump has two very good people he's looking at in a serious way. i think that he's also looked at chris christie and jeff sessions and others but my hunch is he's flying to california thinking about, you know, gingrich, pence, pence, gingrich, mike and i will both get phone calls and one of us will be packing our bags to go to new york and the other one will be going to watch it on tv. >> former secretary of state
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condoleezza rice reportedly just turned down an offer to be trump's vp. trump/rice ticket many say would have helped him with african-americans. a new poll has him at 0% in the swing states of ohio and pennsylvania among black voters. he filed a $10 million lawsuit against a former campaign consultant. it allegations sam noon berg broke a nondisclosure agreement and accused of telling "the new york post" about an alleged affair between corey lewandowski and his spokeswoman. he says trump is trying to bully him into silence. >> donald trump is finding unlikely allies in his feud with ruth bader ginsburg. trump is calling for ginsburg to resign after she bashed him in several interviews and now several publications are slamming ginsburg. "the new york post" depicted her
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as darth bader and criticized by "the new york times" and "the washington post." some details about next week's republican convention in cleveland are starting to leak. a list of speakers obtained by "the new york times" includes all four of trump's children as well as rudy giuliani and tim tebow. the convention's first night will apparently highlight the benghazi attack, the issues of border security and economy will be addressed as will former president bill clinton's infidelities. well, hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail and slamming trump as a polarizing figure accusing him of putting american against american. clinton delivered a speech in springfield, illinois, that by the way the same room where abraham lincoln gave his house divided address about the perils of slavery and said trump would do little to heal this country. >> this man is the nominee of the party of lincoln.
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we are watching it become the party of trump. and that's not just a huge loss for our democracy, it is a threat to it. >> well, she tried to present herself as a unifying force. she acknowledged she has to do better, as we. at least two are dead after powerful storms pounded parts of the midwest triggering massive flooding. in missouri trees were uprooted. wind speeds hit 70 miles per hour and knocked down power lines. nearly 100,000 are still out electricity in the greater st. louis area. some of those areas will clear out with drier, cooler weather but stormy conditions are heading northeast toward lake erie and lake ontario where heavy rain, gusting winds and lightning expected and that summer heat is building this morning, as well. looking at some of the numbers in the southeast, 100 in
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tallahassee. nearly triple digits from north carolina to new york and record-breaking temperatures possible in syracuse, as well. still ahead, pokemon go getting some ads. plus, you got to see the sparks during a high-speed chase overnight. the new video of how it ended coming in. what happens when a sudden landslide heads right towards a traffic jam.
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fire crews have stopped a brush fire that broke out late yesterday afternoon in lake sherwood near los angeles. the flames burned for more than four hours in the hills near a rochelle aytes community scorching 78 acres. fire crews will be on scene through the morning looking for hot spots.
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good news for air travelers. dozens more automated screening lanes coming to the nation's busiest airports. the tsa chief says up to 60 of those will be installed by the end of the year. automated lanes open in atlanta's airport and will go up in chicago at o'hare there, dallas-ft. worth, los angeles and miami by the fall. the lanes are said to make passenger movement up to 40% faster. volkswagen, their plan to recall diesel passenger cars has been rejected by california regulators. volkswagen agreed to spend more than $15 billion to settle lawsuits and allegations its diesel cars cheated on u.s. emission tests but those regulators called the company's proposal incomplete. volkswagen says it's working to resolve the impasse as quickly as possible. the sensation of the summer pokemon go will soon have sponsored locations. the developer says advertisers will soon be featured on the map in hopes of driving customers to
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their establishments. a developer created pokegone. it blocks all pokemon related content and demand is said to be high. the new prime minister of england is promising to make it work for everyone, not just a privileged few. buckingham palace released this photo. it's their second female prime minister and faces a tough task starting to manage britain's exit from the european union. may had been against leaving the eu in the first place. across the pond in france, there is outrage over hair after a report that the hairstylist for the french president makes more than $120,000 a year. that is paid for by taxpayers despite a pledge by president francois hollande to be a low-key head of state the government spokesman said everyone needs their hair done. >> everyone needs their hair
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done. >> even with a balding hairline my hairstylist could get paid $10,000. >> easy job. >> yep, exactly. when we come back, what a shot. down to the last second, the must-see buzzer beater. more from the espy awards, the fashion then the funny moments from host john cena. at pure leaf, we know that the best things in life are real. so we brew iced tea the way you brew it at home.
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cleanup getting underway in wisconsin this morning where heavy downpours broke some roads apart. conditions have cleared up. but forecasters warn rivers and creeks will continue to ride over the next few days. plan on plenty of trouble spots on the roads this morning. heavy rain and flash flooding possible from oklahoma and arkansas to tennessee and from southern kansas to louisville, cincinnati and cleveland. >> taking to the air you could have problems with delays in memphis, new york city as well as boston. but this morning in phoenix, police are on the hunt for a man they believe is a serial killer shooting at least seven people to death. >> they've released a sketch of the suspect who they say targeted victims at random in front of their homes. since april 1st eight people have been shot in similar crime, seven have died. the youngest victim was 12-year-old maleah eliciting in the car with her mother and friend just listening to music. >> by the car. >> reporter: by the car. they heard gunshots. >> they heard the gunshots and
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the others and the other daughter ran because she didn't know if when he was finished he was headed to the house. >> there's at least one reward of $30,000 for any information leading to the killer's identity. the orlando nightclub where 49 people were shot to death has been released back to its owners by investigators. the owner says she is glad to have it back but is still devastated by the attack in a place meant to be safe for lgbt members. the future of that particular building is unclear but the owner hopes to re-open the pulse nightclub perhaps in a new location. a vehicle chase in the los angeles area sent sparks flying down the freeway. a female carjacking suspect drove over a police spike strip which shredded the rear tire and that didn't stop her from driving but led to showers of sparks behind her truck and it lasted half an hour and in the end it ended when the suspect putted into a casino and was
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finally arrested. danger for drivers on the mountain roads in china. this was seen by a driver first, he saw rocks starting to fall so grabbed his phone and captured this huge rock slide. luckily no one was hurt, amazingly no vehicles were even damaged. so apparently it looks like preschoolers who stay up too late actually pay for it just a little later. preschoolers who go to bed by 8 p.m. were less likely to be obese as teenagers, some ten years later than those who went to bed after 9:00. researchers say kids with later bedtimes tend to snack on high calorie foods and sit around watching tv or using their phones late into the night. in case you're missing basketball because the season is over we offer this bit of march madness in july. it happened in the championship game of a charity tournament in boston. >> time running out a three-quarter shot goes in. you can imagine the wild scenes of celebration on the court.
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the crowd goes wild. the charity which promotes sports in boston's neighborhoods was also a big winner by the way. >> i would say so too. those kids are pumped. do it again. >> i love that. up next in "the pulse," carter meets carter. a cancer survivor gets his wish and meets a former president. and customers running scared after a giant lizard walked into a supermarket. how this ended. thank you. my advice for looking younger... longer? pam. this...this is pam's. try not to take things personally. all right. thank you pam. don't let the little things get to you. get your beauty sleep. and use new aveeno® absolutely ageless® night cream. with active naturals® blackberry complex. you'll wake up to younger looking skin in just one week. younger looking skin can start today. new absolutely ageless®. aveeno. naturally beautiful results® we know that the best things in life are real., so we brew iced tea the way you brew it at home.
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and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. ♪ time for "the pulse" starting with some of the highlights from last night's espy awards in los angeles. the show was hosted by john cena, the 15-time world champion professional wrestler. >> who knew such a tough guy and such a serious one had comedic chops. right off the top delivered a
4:22 am
hilarious monologue. >> here's the one place that the wwe has you beat, the one thing we have that you don't, vince mcmahon. a maniacal billionaire pulling the strings behind the scenes who uses every trick in the book to manipulate things to his advantage any way he can. something like that, that is way too crazy for real sports. [ laughter ] >> well, xina fsee cena was fea skits that got a lot of laughs. his timing was perfect. highlight, nba announcer craig sager received a perseverance award from joe biden. the vice president is heading a quest to find a cure to cancer and sager is battling leukemia. >> i will never give up. and i will never give in.
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i will continue to keep fighting, sucking the marrow out of life as life sucks the marrow out of me. >> sager is well phone for his brightly colored wardrobe, obviously last night's outfit did not disappoint on that front. wild print carried all the way down to his shoe, by the way. >> won the jichlt economy mmy v. >> the men turned heads. >> so let's start with steph curry who rocked things out here in this custom tailored sapphire velvet tuxedo jacket with black satin lapels and then a lighter moment earlier in the evening with chance, the rapper. >> did a little dance there. >> wondering what those moves are all about. also a lot of people wondering what peyton manning was thinking
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with this getup. robin's egg blue jacket and some gray shaqs, some brown shoes. >> he's retired now. what about odell beckham jr. who showed his sense of style it contrasting black and while all the way to -- what's with the hair? >> also tron surfacing black and white. >> just continues. all right, moving on from the espys to a wonderful moment. a 10-year-old new york boy who beat cancer was granted a very special wish. >> the boy whose name is carter got to meet another cancer survivor also named carter. former president jimmy carter, that is, the two carters shared a hug as well as a few cancer anecdotes. >> a wonderful moment. now to a chaotic scene at a supermarket in thailand land as it was invaded by a frightening creature. >> a giant lizard strolled in through the automatic doors like any other customer sending shoppers running. several brave workers there tried to push the roaming reptile out but refused to go without a fight.
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weather. pennsylvania has a budget and a way to pay for it. we'll tell you what it will cost you. "action news" is up next. may have met in the spring, not the summer, but now the breakup of calvin harris and taylor swift is heating up things. >> based on some ugly twitter
4:28 am
posts it's probably safe to say they are never ever ever getting back together the details now from abc's david wright. >> reporter: normally taylor swift writes songs about her e.xes, not for them. ♪ this is what you came for >> reporter: "this is what you came for" may be the exception. ♪ the lyrics for calvin harris' new hit with rihanna were originally credited to someone else but today's ex taylor swift said nils is a pseudonym for her. awkward. because the day the song dropped, ryan seacrest asked harris. >> will you do a collaboration with your girlfriend? >> you know, we haven't even spoken about it. >> reporter: a month later they split and swift apparently moved on with tom hiddleston, akaloki from "thor."
4:29 am
hurtful he tweeted for swift to try to make me look bad. if you're happy in your new relationship you should focus on that instead of trying to tear your e. boyfriend down for something to do, he tweeted. maybe there is a song lyric in that. i'm david wright for "nightline" in new york. >> and it is usually taylor swift airing dirty laundry about exes. interesting to see the shoe on the other foot. a remainder abc will hold a commercial-freetown hall with president obama tonight call "the president and the people: a national conversation." >> he will take questions from americans on race relations, policing and equality and begins at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc and espn. >> that's what's making news in america this morning.
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>> good morning, it is thursday, july 14, matt o'donnell is off, erin o'hern is joining us, here's what we're following for you. >> a discussion on race relations. president obama will hold a landmark town hall to discuss race, policing and gun violence. pennsylvania state lawmakers have sealed a new deal and we know what it may cost you. >> hazy, hot and humid, the temperatures begin to soar.


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