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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  July 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and how long it will stay. >> this heat takes your breath away, we have air temperatures across the board in the 90s, 94 in philadelphia and 95 in reading and 92 in millville and wilmington 93 and you factor in the dew points in the 70s and this is the way it feels, it feels like 100 in philadelphia. and higher dew points along the shore. cape may point, 103 the same at the atlantic city airport in dover and the current heat index is 104 and that excessive heat warning for the areas in pink continues through friday evening, the heat advisories for outlying areas the areas you see in orange they do expire tonight at 8:00, tomorrow we will have a slight change in our air mass, the reason why, double scan live radar showing this complex of storms that actually clip northampton county with a tornado warning at 3:00, this
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will bring us a slight drop in dew points, but the heat will continue, i'll let you know how long coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you, lets switch outside to reporter gray hall continuing live in logan square. how are you holding up >> reporter: i'm hanging in there. there is no secret it's hot outside. the ac's working in overtime. and parents if you have kids look behind me, they want to head out to a water park to stay cool. >> it's so humid, the oppressive heat and humidity is here and boy can you fill it. >> it just smacks you in the face it's like walking into the wall, the humidity is gross out. riders at an equestrian camp at fairmount park say they want to get their training in until the heat becomes unbearable. >> sometimes it gets really hot and it's sad.
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>> they say with the extreme forecast they never let her leave home not prepared. >> they make me drink a lot of water. i pack two water bottles just in case. >> with a heat index of 100 plus, there is no escaping the temperatures. those that work in the temperatures the best thing they can do is stay hydrated and finding shade to cool off. >> we do this for a long time and we learn to suck it up and bear with it. >> the construction workers say a little laughter takes the edge off the heat. >> we saw others working in the heat and this crew was working on an art project on the parkway. we follow the heat warnings and everybody has plenty of water. >> water ice, you can only do this in philly right? new york? no. the solution philly is water ice. >> the best way to cool down on
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a day like today is to take a note from these kidded buying water to beat the heat. >> back out live, while the kids are having fun in the sun, we like to remind you that this heat can be extremely dangerous, if you go outside you want to stay hydrated and check on the elderly and please don't leave your pets locked in the car like today. you should never leave your pet in the car. the city of philadelphia enacted its heat line and you can find the information on our website at live in logan square, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you gray, if you know of anyone in the city of philadelphia that has a heat related issue, please call the number on your screen. they are manning the line all day today and tomorrow. we have more information at turning to more news tonight. donald trump's campaign says no
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vice presidential candidate was picked despite rumors that he made a pick. there are reports that he is leaning towards picking indiana, mike pence and newt gingrich and chris christie are also in the running. that announcement comes just three days before the start of the national convention, sara bloomquist and jim gardner will be heading to cleveland to cover the rnc, live reports from ohio begin tomorrow right here on "action news." >> meanwhile, presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton is vetting possible running mates. today clinton made a stone at the federal law enforcement's memorial in washington and laid flowers for the five police officers killed last week in dallas. a woman learns her fate -- britney young was sentenced to 12 to 24 years behind bars for her role in the shooting death
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of micah fisher shot in his hunting park home in 2013. young pleaded guilty to the crime and her boyfriend also involved and pleaded guildy last year remains behind bars tonight. today "action news" got an up close look at the small crack that is causing big problems on septa's regional rail and looking like most of the cars out of service will not be back up and running until after labor day. john rawlins is live in overbrook. good evening. >> reporter: evening, regarding the return by labor day that was an early target date we were given, the hope is now that some cars would be back, the numbers mentioned were 5 or 10 but the hundred plus cars like the ones up behind me, no date is given for those. and they are dealing with an engineering mystery and they hope that lab tests will give them answers soon.
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>> septa invited the media to see the cracks that forced the grounding of the rail cars. he pointed a flashlight deep into the inneringss workings of the undercarriage and there a crack. using special dyes they identified cracks in the wheel assembly and trucks of nearly every silver liner car. >> this is a full width of the beam, an inch and a half. >> two weeks ago an inspector noticed something bigger with a pair of cars. >> i saw one of the cars lean, that is nothing unusual. >> but nothing could explain it so the car was brought here. >> that is when they saw the cracks. >> rail riders dealing with crowded and delays rush hour trains, septa hoped that the
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fleet would return by labor day. >> we will not have the fleet back by labor day, we are shooting for labor day to have cars back in service but we want to make sure they are safe. >> well, the cracks are in a safety critical component, no doubt about that. they hope that the medical lab tests results expected next week could shed some answer -- light and give them answers. and what they need to do do go forward. back to you guys. >> john, thank you. in the meantime lets check the commuter situation in our "action news" traffic report. autumn marisa in for matt pellman on a thursday. >> reporter: hi monica and rick, we have seen an excessive amount of vehicles, this one on the schuylkill near 30 and street, they are waiting for penndot to arrive and the damage is done and taking you 50 minutes to go
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from the blue route to this point at the vine street expressway, speeds across the region nice and low and dipping to single digits on the schuylkill about an hour commute from 295, to the southbound lanes on the blue route because of an accidents around villanova, and an accident on the 42 freeway southbound past the black horse pike, we'll show you the delay, it's jammed from this point to the atlantic city expressway. we'll bring you an the next half hour. wild fires have sparked evacuations in new mexico. it has dried nearly a dozen buildings. and in health check it's connections between bedtimes and obesitys.
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a wild fire continuing to burn in new mexico is so intense it has damaged homes and trucks. hundreds of people have been evacuated in their home, about
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250 miles south of albuquerque, new mexico, no injuries have been reported. faith leaders and musicians delivered messages of hope at a funeral for a black minnesota man fatally shot by a police officer. after the service ended, folks lined up outside of st. 's cathedr cathedral. all seats were filled for philando castille's final farewell. his girlfriend live streamed the shooting on facebook. some pennsylvanians are on their way to washington, they were boarding a bus bound for d.c., they include cease fire pa and survivors of gun violence, they will join congressman john
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louieewis demanding action from lawmakers. a special town hall called the president and the people a national conversation airs tonight at 8:00 right here on 6 abc. then coming up tonight at 11:00, philadelphia is awarded a $43 million federal grant to secure the city during the upcoming democratic national convention and wendy saltzman is looking into how the money is being spent and why you should care. >> how are your tax dollars being used at the democratic national convention, we went to washington, d.c. to get answers, we are the watch dog for the justice department and we watch the money and see where it is going, the past controversies over the misuse of convenience money and if it is misspent philadelphians may have to pick up the bill. >> they will be required to repay it. >> i will talk to the inspector general about what his officer is looking for. tonight at 11:00. >> should be interesting,
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"action news" will have every angle of this year's national convention covered. we'll have crews inside and outside of the convention center, here tomorrow on 6 abc. health check tonight, pennsylvania officials are taking new steps to protect you and your family from the zika virus, the state department of health put together special kits for pregnant women, information about zika and how it spreads and how to avoid it, and standing water tablets to kill mosquito larva, they can pick up the kits for free around the state. >> a new study says that parents can help their children from becoming obese at an early age, and it has to do with their sleep patterns, preschoolers with bedtimes later than k p.m. appears to have be twice as likely to be obese.
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the success of philadelphia relies on a healthy and growing innovation community. that was the message from mayor jim kenney, rain standing for the regional infinity network. the rain network members helped to grow the area's eco system by helping startup companies and more. some underprivileged folks in the spring garden section have a way to link them to the lab. it's a nonprofit that partners with groups and churches to increase access to the cyber wall and today the recycling center donate aid full technology lab, 15 computers and table and chairs and an instructor station here at st. paul's baptist church on 10th street. very cool for them. this year's emmy nominations are out and some of your favorite abc shows could bring
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hardware. next at five, the snubs and surprises ahead of television's biggest night.
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the stage is set for televisions biggest night and several abc shows are poised to win big come september. the nominees for the 68th annual prime time emmy awards were announced today. we break down the snubs and surprises. >> you think you are some sort of big shot here? oh my god you are not a big shot. >> veep continues win over emmy voters earning 17 nominees. the nominations for outstanding comedy series are -- >> let me say it -- blackish! >> and silicon valley and unbreakable kimmy schmidt. and then anderson could not contain himself. >> whoa! >> hi mama, i know you are
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watching hi mom a. the blackish star is nominated with will fort a, and william h. macy for shameless and jeffrey tam borge for transparent. and julia louis-dreyfus for veep. and amy schumer and lily tomlin. and stars kit harrington and last year's winner peter h kyle chandler for blood line and mr. robot and better call saul and matthew reece, and kevin spacey house of cards and best
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actress, claire dans homeland and viola davis how to get away with murder and taraji p. henson and robin wright house of cards. we'll see who takes home the emmys right here on nbc. more to come on "action news" at 5:00, another check of the forecast for you. live outside a steamy day the accuweather forecast you'll have to put up with, we are live along penn's landing, cecily tynan has all the details from accuweather.
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time for a check of accuweather at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan has the latest on temperatures, it's still hot but today is the worst. dew points are dropping a little bit tomorrow. rick are you live -- listening to the forecast. this is a beautiful shot from easton, pennsylvania, seeing a good amount of sunshine, hazy sunshine out there, it's a great day to be inside of air conditioning, you look out and say it looks beautiful but
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doesn't feel that way. wind gusts of 25 miles per hour in philadelphia and 28 in allentown and the southerly wind is pulling up high temperatures. dew points in the 70s and the heat index the way it feels, 101 at the atlantic city airport. satellite 6 along with action radar showing this clip of energy in atlantic city causing a warning at 3:00 that is known as a dew point front. behind this system we are mixing in slightly drier air as we head through the day tomorrow. so the dew points instead of the 70s will be in the 60s. it's not as oppressively humid that being said tonight is sticky and warm, and partly cloudy skies and 77 in
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philadelphia and 72 in allentown and 75 in wilmington and 76 in cape may. future tracker showing the heat index at 10:00 tonight, it still feels like 90 degrees, we get a break overnight with the heat index but we are back feeling like 90 by 11:00 tomorrow morning. if you want to go outside and get exercise, we suggest you do it early in the day and dew points are rising in the mid to upper 90s, slightly lower than today but still this is oppressively hot and humid, you still want to take it easy tomorrow. down the shore mostly sunny and not as hot as inland. philadelphia 94 and the eight index 97, 98, and the poconos cooler at 84 degrees sun with a few clouds. the five-day at 5:00, the heat index not as intense as today. we drop down to 90 degrees and perhaps some late day
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thunderstorms, we get back into the heat and humidity on monday, 93 degrees before showers and thunderstorms move in on tuesday with a high of 89, meteorologist, melissa magee is on the hunt for good food what do you have there that looks great. >> they laid it out nicely for us, this is the spread at mike's seafood. we have corn and crabs and crab cakes and shrimp and snow crabs and everything under the sun that you want to eat. we are having a good time and we'll have the all important shore forecast and we are eating and having a good time. i promise you this is making it back to the station, we have tons of food. i can't eat this by myself. >> what time is she getting back. >> thank you melissa. meantime, breaking news
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sources confirm that donald trump has in fact selected governor mike pence as his running mate.
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we have breaking flus on the
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race for the white house, abc news is reporting that presumptive nominee, donald trump, has chosen mike pence as his running mate. he will be in new york with trump for the rally at 11:00 a.m. due to mechanical problems with the airplane they had an extended visit with trump's children, he was among the three main choices for the vp slot along with chris christie and newt gingrich. again abc news reporting that donald trump has chosen mike pence as his vice presidential running make. the official announcement is tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. >> in other news, racial tension escalating against law enforcement is president obama's focus of a town hall event. >> reporter: two funerals taking
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place today in dallas police sergeant michael smith laid to rest.> as a police officer we struggle when we don't feel the support that we so desperately need. and yet we sacrifice. and yet we sacrifice. and this was the ultimate sacrifice. >> while in st. paul, minnesota, philando castille's casket pulled bse drawn hearse. >> you told him to get his i.d. his driver's license. >> following the death of alton sterling in baton rouge, louisiana, five officers gunned down in dallas. >> the shoot to kill mentality has to stop. but also the retaliation has to
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stop. >> and from law enforcement as well. a pledge to join the president in improve america for all that live and serve here. >> we have to as a country sit down and just grind it out. solve these problems. the president's conversation with the people taking place right there, many of the conversations we heard them taking place right here on the streets of washington. reporting from outside of the president's town hall, lana zach, channel 6 "action news.." >> remember you can watch the president and the people a national conversation tonight at 8:00 here on 6 abc. speed may have played a role that killed two men in a crash. along the 1100 block of broadway they heard a loud bang and saw a car literally wrapped around a tree, two men were in that car and both of them died at the scene. authorities did not release their names yet and no other
5:33 pm
cars were involved. a family is rushed to the hospital after their suv flipped on its side in chichester county. in front of this home, along the 3200 block of media house road. it slammed into a parked car in the driveway and the driver and passenger and a child in a car seat were trapped for a short time. authorities are not commenting on the family's injuries. >> philadelphia police are looking for a man looking for a bandana on his face as he walked into a south philadelphia wawa armed with a weapon and a plan. this is surveillance video from inside of store early subjected morning. the suspect flashed his gun and demanded cash and cigarettes and the clerk handed over both items and the suspect walked off. a toddler is safe and his mother is facing criminal charges after he allegedly left him alone in a parked car. this is nicole ems of delaware.
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two people that called 911 told authorses that they saw the 12-year-old boy belted into his car seat and the temperature at the time outside was 94 degrees, they took the boy to the hospital to be treated for dehydrated. they determined that she took a prescription drug and may have left the boy in the car for more an an hour. >> if you are having a heat related issue call the number on your screen. 215-765-9040. members of philadelphia's corporation of aging will answer your calls. meteorologist, monica malpass, is in sea isle city with more on what is going on. a delicious place to be tonight it looks like >> reporter: that is right rick
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and monica, we have quite the spread here, and because we have so much food, fries and crabs and corn and shrimp and crab cakes, so many food. let introduce you to jennifer and daughter candace and her son aiden is hiding over there. in the meantime it's what is happening down at the shore. we are in wildwood and sea isle city check out what is going on. >> the 62nd annual night in venice sets sail in sea isle city on saturday. it draws spectator as long the route to tennessee avenue, this year's theme is destination america. the ice house restaurant in wildwood will once again host the new jersey state crab festival on saturday. from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., can you enjoy bushels of
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crabs and bloody mary's and there will be a live crab race. and kid friendly competition on the beaches of wildwood. the buggy board competitions get underway and boys and girls can participate. the contest starts at 10:00 and prices will be awarded. hope to see you this weekend down at the shore. >> reporter: so mike's seafood has been around for years and especially you know about it if you are from sea isle city, jennifer i want to introduce you to her this is jennifer her first time in sea isle city and having this food what do you think? >> it's amazing, nothing better than fresh seafood. >> you can't find this in minnesota. her beautiful son and daughter, we are doing this because of the
5:37 pm
new jersey state crab festival taking place in wildwood. the blue crabs are great and this is a peak time to go crabbing, i'll make a plate for you and tell we what you want, i have my shrimp. what do you think. >> i'll go shrimp and crab claws and a little corn on the could be. >> we'll take anything even know we won't see it. >> she brought us stuff back last week but we were gone. we have to know someone. >> cecily had it. she deserves it. to keep track of the rising temperatures go to, there is a seven-day forecast and view storm tracker 6 live and interact with our team of meteorologists. only a fraction of people make their voices heard at the ballot box. the naacp is teaming up with the black clergy and other groups to conduct a voter registration
5:38 pm
drive. the turnout between african-americans and latinos have dropped over the last decade. they want to assure there could be economical change if they vote. time to get a check of the traffic scene on a thursday night. autumn marisa is in the traffic center with an update. kind of busy out there tonight -- >> reporter: hi rick and monica, another disabled vehicle 95 northbound past girard and this one is not heat related. he seems to have lost his front left tire. taking a look at the speeds across the region, dropping down still into single digits on certain roadways, it's schuylkill expressway very slow and see single digits on 95 approaching the vine street expressway. few incidents to tell you about. this is on the blue route past saint david's, this san accidents taking out the two lanes and an hour delay from the schuylkill to 95. only 45 minutes to do the
5:39 pm
commute right now. on the 42 freeway past 168, the accident has not pushed off and that delay is getting much better. back to you rick and monica. >> meantime all drivers have had it happen one time or another. we are talking about road rage, new released figures may have you thinking twice about losing your cool behind the wheel. and a group of veterinarians learn what it's really like to treat animals from the professionals. it's high shot up to 96 degrees in philadelphia. making this the hottest day this year and the heat index climbed above 100. >> all right and in sports ducis rogers has sixers and filled phillies and the british open.
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road rage is growing among drivers and putting lives at
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risk of they found 80% of drivers expressed aggression or anger behind the wheel in the last year and 8 million drivers engaged in behaviors like ramming another car or confronting another driver. they say that anyone that finds themselves in a road rage situation avoid eye contact and don't make gestures, and call 911. ducis rogers is here. >> unicorns do exist. we are looking at this guy for quite sometime. dario is finally state side. the anticipation is that he will sign his contract soon. it's two years since the sixers acquired his rights on draft night. sarge is 6'4" and has been playing in turkey. jeff skversky is at the airport
5:44 pm
to greet sarge. >> how exciting is this to come join the sixers. >> after my nba draft in 2014, it's my first time here. i am happy, i promise after two years i would come here and i am happy because i'm here because i was joining this team. >> more from sarge coming up at 6:00. >> the phillies are back in action at home against the mets and the trade deadline just two and a half weeks away. >> it's about what i would have expected. and i know that some of the trades with other teams have been consummated and some activity has picked up but i would say if i was looking at this a month ago, if i was projecting forward we would be roughly in this spot now. and a lot of these trades, you know this, a lot of trades don't take place until the hours
5:45 pm
leading up to the deadline and i don't know why 2016 would be different in that. >> wait and see. round one of the open championship is in the books, royal was to be the star but it's 46-year-old phil mickelson. the par three is playing 167 yards and close would be nice and an ace would be better. bingo, a hole in one and now to mickelson, he scorches this course and this birdie puts him 8 under par. another birdie attempt, this would set the record for a low score in a major -- oh. his 63 ties the record, mickelson has a three shot lead under par. >> and nick cousins has accepted the teams qualifying offer.
5:46 pm
>> and there are obstacles at the tour de france like cameramen on motorcycles, he crashed and -- before getting on another bike. by the review with the officials they allowed him to retain the yellow jerseys. it's too narrow there. >> it's called cheating, whatever. >> high school students that want to one day be a veterinarian, they are part of the summer vets program in pennsylvania. today they took care of a of cats and the teens shadows doctors. with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee,
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the race was on today in princeton to be the best waiter, the annual event tested balance and speed and restaurant loyalty. the merchants association hosted the race and those that win get cash and gift cards and a free stay at the nassau in in princeton. >> was a waitress on a cruise ship in college. >> you could have won. >> no, i got fired.
5:50 pm
>> how is the weather? >> hot and brutal but this is the worst of it. it starts to get better as we head through the weekend. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing no rain out there to cool things off and the current heat index is really tough to handle. it feels like 100 in philadelphia and the heat index earlier this evening, 103, it feels like 103 at the atlantic city airport and 101 in wilmington and 104 in dover and cape may point the current index 94 degrees. the system that provides some relief in the form of lower dew points is moving into new england, this clipped northampton county this afternoon. what that will do it help to mix in slightly drier air tomorrow and we'll have lower dew points and the heat index is not quite as high as today. tonight is a warm and stuffy night under partly cloudy skies and 72 in the suburbs and 73 in
5:51 pm
center city and through the day tomorrow we look at again very high temperatures, 94 in philadelphia and 92 in allentown and millville 93 and cape may cooler as you get the sea breeze 86 and wilmington 93 degrees, dew points tomorrow will be in the 60s. what this means is that the heat hould stay south of 100 and it will feel hot out there. it feels like 93 degrees, it looks like we peak at 4:00 at 98 and feeling like 95 at 6:00, it will still be hot but not as oppressive as today. meteorologist, melissa magee, always finds good food. you have to hit it and whack that crab hard melissa. really hard! >> you know what cecily, i heard someone say once you'll get tired before you get full eating crabs because it's a lot of work
5:52 pm
trying to get one of these open. in the meantime we have a shore forecast as we head into the weekend, it stays hot, at the shore not as bad as it is in inland locations friday and we have a mostly sunny skies and a high temperature coming in at 87 degrees, on saturday it is warm with a late day shower or thunderstorm moving on through as the front comes on through, a high of 85 and partly sunny skies into the day on sunday and the ocean temperature 78 degrees, i have my buddy matthew with me, he is over with his family. i grabbed him, dig in matthew, what is your technique for eating this. i'm working on it, have some fun this weekend down at the shore. >> hit it really hard one last time. there we go. she got it. keep at it melissa. if you head to the poconos it's egrees and saturday a breathnd
5:53 pm
of fresh air with a high of 80 and sunday partly sunny with a high of 80. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 94 degrees tomorrow and feeling more like 97 or 98 and saturday we drop down to 90 degrees and sunday 91 and the humidity levels are moderate over the weekend and they spike on monday ahead of a cold front. 93 degrees and that brings us showers and thunderstorms on tuesday, behind the system seas are warm and 88 and we heat things back up on thursday way high of 90 degrees, everything is relative and brutally hot tomorrow and not as humid so at least there is some relief. >> rick has people to crack the crabs. >> hey nicholas break that for dad -- are you looking at the newest members of the newcastle police department. five officers and two clydesdale
5:54 pm
horses -- and they completed their rigorous training.
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does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today. we have this in from niece, france where they fear a terrorist attack happened. a vehicle has driven through a crowd and there are multiple fatalities possibly dozens.
5:57 pm
the crowd was attacked during bastille celebrations. the city is now on lockdown. we'll bring you the cleat report on "action news" and abc news at 6:30. right now jim gardner is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. we get a look under the trains for the problem plaguing tens of thousands of septa rail riders. >> it's harvest time for the sweet jersey blueberries, i'm nora muchanic in the south jersey pine lands with why they are working from sun up to sun down. >> for adam joseph, melissa magee, ducis rogers and monica malpass, and the entire "action news" team have a good night.
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"action news" delaware ding news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. it is thursday night and the big story on "action news" is the report by abc news a half hour ago that indiana governor, mikece is it. he will be introduced tomorrow by donald trump as his running mate. he called pence this afternoon and said lets do this. with those words the fate of the two men are now bound. pence emerges as the veep sweepstakes over chris christie and newt gingrich. it was yesterday when trump and his adult children paid a visit to the governor in indianapolis. there is word that members of
6:00 pm
the trump family and team trump lobbied for pence and this was the picture at teterboro airport in new jersey, across the river from new york city. we think that is pence's plane. a man with silver hair left the plane and got into ground transportation. and that we do believe is mike pence he will be introduced tomorrow as donald trump's running mate in new york city. i'll join sara bloomquist is cleveland for the republican convention, our reports continue through the final gavel next thursday. and hillary clinton campaigned with senator tim kaine in his home state and earlier today a luncheon on capitol hill she assu


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