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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  July 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the terror fears amid chaos and gunfire. the pictures coming in right now from overseas. reports of a vehicle plowing into a crowd celebrating bastille day. and now fears there could be dozens dead. was this terror? also tonight, breaking news on donald trump. his big announcement on the way, and tonight, campaign sources telling abc news all signs point to indiana governor mike pence. the tense standoff. >> stop. >> we have new video of police shooting an unarmed teen. the tension building during a traffic stop. why officers say they opened fire on the young driver. severe storms on the move from texas to maine tonight. powerful winds blowing over trucks on the highway. and where the storms are hitting in the coming hours. and prince harry, following in his mother's footsteps. the groundbreaking moment. the medical test he was willing
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to take live on facebook. good evening. and as we come on the air tonight, there is breaking news from overseas. and the french city of nice. that city is on lockdown tonight, and authorities have just revealed they do believe this was an attack. let's get right to the images coming in. people running and screaming. it comes on the national holiday of bastille day. after a truck reportedly rammed into crowds watching holiday fireworks. authorities ordering people to shelter in place, and abc's alex marquardt with late details coming in now. >> reporter: this white truck plowing into a crowd as people gathered tonight along the french riviera for france's national holiday. chaos as people flee the scene, running down the main streets. yelling, objects crashing. these people in the panicked crowd pushing a baby stroller. >> i heard loud noises and
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people started screaming and shots being fired up in the air. >> reporter: police helping someone lying on the ground. a senior local official saying possibly around 30 dead and as many as 100 wounded. the former mayor of nice tweeting to citizens, "the driver of a truck appears to have killed dozens. stay at home." moments earlier, he had tweeted photos of fireworks bursting in the air for bastille day. france has been under a state of emergency since the isis attacks that killed 130 last november. the country on high alert as it hosted the euro soccer championships that ended a few days ago without incident. >> and alex marquardt is with us live tonight from london. and alex, we did learn there, as we came on, that authorities are calling this an attack? >> reporter: yeah, david, details are still coming in about this horrific incident. this is the height of the summer holidays at one of france's most
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famous tourist destinations. it is also been called a criminal event. officials have confirmed that the driver of the truck is dead, but so far, there is no indication of who is behind this. david? >> a criminal event in france tonight. thank you, alex. let's get right to abc senior justice correspondent pierre thomas, as the pictures come in. pierre, france has been on high alert since the attacks last year that killed 130 people. what are you hearing from your sources tonight? >> reporter: david, i just spoke with a senior intelligence official. he said the u.s. government is aware of this event and trying to get more details. obviously, there is concern that this could be terrorism, but there's a lot they just don't know yet. as you know, david, france has been in a state of emergency since the paris attacks last fall, and they were starting to feel more comfortable. just today, the french president said that france's state of emergency would be lifted later this month for the first time since those attacks. but if this turns out to be terror, they will have to stay on alert and prepare for the chance that more could be coming. i can tell you, david, this happening just days before the political conventions will have everyone's attention here at
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home, they're going to want to know every detail about what this turns out to be. david? >> all right, pierre thomas live with us tonight, as well. pierre, thank you. the other developing story as we come on the air tonight involves the race for president. abc news has learned that donald trump will choose indiana governor mike pence to be his running mate. the decision comes after the two met several times this week, trump even flying his children out to indiana. a family affair. a new national poll tonight showing trump in a dead heat now with hillary clinton. the official announcement of the vice presidential pick comes tomorrow morning, but abc's tom llamas has the new reporting right here tonight. >> reporter: you're hired! tonight, donald trump teaming up with indiana governor mike pence as his running mate. >> you have to make a pick, and eventually you just sort of, okay, let's go this route. >> reporter: tonight, pence landing in new jersey, jumping into a motorcade. this moment coming after pence pulled off two big victories. first, nailing his public audition with trump. >> you know, donald trump understands the frustrations and the hopes of the american
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people. like no other american leader in my lifetime since ronald reagan. >> reporter: then, sources say, winning over the trump children. >> it was just very warm, and just one family meeting with another. >> reporter: pence is a 57-year-old born again christian. a first-term governor. and a congressman for 12 years. also, a former radio and television talk show host. trump hopes he'll reassure skeptical republicans. >> it's no secret i'm a big fan of mike pence. we're very good friends. >> reporter: but on some key issues, pence and trump part ways. on trump's proposed muslim ban. >> i found it both offensive and unconstitutional. >> reporter: and on trump's attack on a mexican american judge. >> of course i think those comments were inappropriate. >> reporter: and when we pressed pence on trump's border wall, he ducked. >> governor, do you support the wall? along the border of mexico? >> i think as president, ronald reagan said, a nation without borders is not a nation. >> reporter: pence beating out former house speaker newt gingrich, spotted taking out the trash this morning, newt revealing he told trump the
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two of them together are pirates. >> i told him quite directly that i thought that he had a choice between having two pirates on the ticket, or having a pirate and a relatively stable, more normal person. >> reporter: gingrich sounds at peace that he's been passed over. but new jersey governor christie? >> listen, i'm a competitive person, so, i'm not going to say it won't bother me if i'm not selected, of course it bothers you a little bit. >> tom llamas with us live tonight. and tom, when we will see the two out together? what are you learning tonight? >> reporter: well, we know for sure we'll see them at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow when they make the big announcement. and we know that governor pence will be here, very close to trump tower, overnighting in midtown manhattan. david? >> tom, thank you. and to a victory of sorts for donald trump tonight, after a supreme court showdown. an apology from supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg tonight, admitting her attacks on donald trump were, quote, ill advised. she is the most liberal justice on the high court, but people from across the political spill trum said she crossed the line.
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justice ginsburg called trump a, quote, faker and full of ego, prompting trump to call for her to resign. meantime, hillary clinton tonight, she's out auditioning a potential vice presidential pick of her own today amid a new attack on donald trump, involving the faces of children. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: hillary clinton with a vp audition of her own today. virginia senator tim kaine, his spanish speaking skills on display. >> estamos listos para hillary? >> reporter: and clinton, loving it. >> i really loved what tim said. >> reporter: today, clinton also testing out her newest attack line -- donald trump is scaring america's children. >> not a day goes by when i don't hear from a mom or dad or a teacher about how to talk to kids about trump. >> reporter: the same dig on display in her latest ad. scared children watching trump's
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most controversial comments. >> and you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn't lose any voters. okay? it's, like, incredible. >> reporter: clinton painting donald trump as a bad role model. >> and we need to make sure that they can be proud of us. >> reporter: and hillary clinton's campaign is now deep in the search for a vp. tim kaine is among those being vetted. and an announcement is expected next week, but unlike her republican rival, this search process for hillary clinton is a closely guarded secret. david? >> cecilia gavega, thank you. now, to minnesota, where hundreds gathered to bid fa farewell to the man shot by police, his girlfriend livestreaming the moments afterward on facebook. castille's casket was carried to st. paul cathedral. 1,500 people were there to pay his respects, including his girlfriend, diamond reynolds there in the black hat. she captured those moments on
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her cell phone. meanwhile, in dallas tonight, the third funeral for a police officer, targeted by that shooter, sergeant michael smith, a 27-year veteran of the force. hundreds of officers from around the country there to pay their respects after the loss. and overnight, a rare moment. several giants of the sports world, standing together and demanding change in front of millions. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: front and center at the espy awards, a call for action. >> not seeing the value of black and brown bodies has to stop. but also, the retaliation has to stop. >> reporter: a night dedicated to celebrating sports overshadowed by these nba giants aiming now to lead the nation in conversation. >> it's time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, what are we doing to create change? >> reporter: change is much needed, according to the latest "new york times"/cbs news poll that found 60% of americans say race relations are getting worse, up from 38% just a year
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ago. republican senator tim scott doesn't need a poll to expose the discrimination he says he experiences on a regular basis. >> in the course of one year, i've been stopped seven times. by law enforcement officers. >> reporter: today, at one of the fallen officers' funerals, dallas police chief david brown called for unity. >> no more racial division. in heaven. >> reporter: since last week, when the dallas police chief said that one way to bring about change is to join the police force, the department says they've been flooded with calls of people wanting to apply. david? >> linsey, thank you. these issues will be front and center in a town hall tonight right here on abc. the president and the people. families of police officers and the families who lost loved ones during police encounters, all in one room with the president. so many questions and moments including the video seen by millions now on how to survive a traffic stop. the president in a landmark town
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hall, on race, police and bridging the divide. and the conversation turned to this piece of video posted, giving instructions on what to do when you're pulled over by the police. >> you have to have your i.d. pulled out before the cop gets there. because if you are reaching down as he walks up, you could be pulling a weapon, which is going to compromise his safety which is going to make his adrenaline go up. >> reporter: the video show seen 35 million times. and the man behind it with a question. >> so, my question to you, mr. president, is, have you ever been pulled over and what was your experience like as a driver? >> well -- the answer is yes, i have been pulled over. >> the majority of the time, the president said he deserved to be pulled over. but then he revealed a moment when he was a boy when he noticed something. >> and i still remember when i was 10 years old, walking into the elevator, and there was a woman who, i thought, knew me,
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and as soon as i walked on, and she lived on my grandparents' floor. when i walked on, she got off. and i was puzzled. i said, do you want to come up? and she said no. and then i went up, and then i saw the elevator going back down and i just kind of peeked out the peephole and i could see she came right back up, but was just worried about riding an elevator with me. >> reporter: tonight, families of loved ones who have been killed in police encounters. families of police officers who did not come home from work. and the little boy who stood up and revealed his plan to the president. that was an inspiring moment. so much heart ache in one room. there were calls for change on all sides. the president and the people, a national conversation. the president taking difficult questions about police officers putting their lives on the line. if this country has their backs. about black lives matter, versus all lives matter. and about what we can do to find
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common ground. i'll be moderating as the president takes those questions from americans all over this country. it begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern, right here on abc, on espn, on freeform and on abc radio. and it all comes amid a new headline, newly released body cam video showing the troubling decisions police officers face. it shows a tense standoff between two fresno police officers and a 19-year-old who defies their repeated shouts to show both hands. instead, coming toward them with one hand behind his back. the officers shot him repeatedly. he did not survive. tonight, the fbi is investigating whether it was justified. next here this evening, to severe weather on the move, from texas to maine, and extreme heat warnings and advisories for much of the east. some of the most dangerous weather in new york city a short time ago. take a look at this storm from over manhattan not long ago. abc's gio benitez on the severe weather and the scorching heat. >> reporter: tonight, severe
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storms hitting hard in the northeast. downing trees, forcing a ground stop at jfk airport. here in new york city, we are getting those ferocious winds, that rain, that lightning, that thunder. this is what has been moving all across the country. blinding rain in kansas. a semi overturned in wichita. firefighters struggling to rescue the driver. more than 400 severe weather reports in the past 24 hours. a water rescue in lancaster, pennsylvania. even cows are forced to escape the rushing floodwaters. they got out. outside st. louis, a man electrocuted by a downed power line. this, as straight-line winds up to 100 miles an hour hit cincinnati neighborhoods. you can see the roofs have been almost completely torn off of two units. >> reporter: more than two dozen residents out of their homes. >> i heard a big whoosh of wind and the next thing you know it was blowing out our windows. >> reporter: and in d.c., extreme heat. the heat index reaching 104 degrees. and david, here in new york, those storms have moved through
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and now here comes the heat. tomorrow's highs will feel like the mid 90s. david? >> gio benitez with us tonight. let's get right to chief meteorologist jiginger zee, tracking the system on the move tonight. >> reporter: david, the heat advisories go from north carolina to new york city. you can see the excessive heat warnings for philadelphia and northern delaware. that's because we're not going to cool down overnight. heat day after day, morning after morning, that is what we're dealing with. feels like 81 when you wake up in virginia. and the afternoon comes and it feels like it's above 100 in a lot of spots. we'll finally break the heat, david, as we go through the weekend. >> all right, relief on the way. ginger, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this evening. road rage nation. millions of americans admitting they drive while angry. we have seen driver s cutting each other off. what's behind the soaring numbers? also, there are new developments this evening in the hunt for a serial shooter. police with a new image of the suspect just revealed and they are now asking for your help at this hour.
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next tonight, the new study, road rage nation. this new report revealing that nearly 80% of americans admit getting angry behind the wheel. letting tempers get the best of them while they've drooiving. abc's david kerley looks at what's causing so much anger. >> reporter: road rage at the extreme. a florida driver irate with a motorcyclist. in oklahoma, a tailgating truck appears to run a car off the road. drivers leaving their cars, coming to blows. it happens a lot more than you think. tonight, a new aaa survey estimating 8 million people ram another car or get out of their vehicle in a fit of rage to confront another driver. and nearly 80% say they've exhibited aggressive driving behaviors, including tailgating, yelling at or honking the horn at another driver.
6:49 pm
that's four out of five americans that say, i did something outle of rage on the road. >> absolutely, and we found that very very shocking. >> reporter: it happens the most in urban areas, especially the northeast. and young males, the biggest offender, three times more likely than females to confront another driver. >> people are so quick to rage when they get behind the wheel, because stress levels are at an all time high and it causes more aggression to come out. >> reporter: three best tips to avoid road rage? >> take your time. don't tailgate. be forgiving to other drivers. if somebody is angry at you, just don't respond. >> reporter: maybe most alarming, a majority of americans believe road rage is getting worse, and 90% believe they're safety is threatened. david? >> david kerley with us tonight. david, thanks. and when we come back here, prince harry's live medical test. it's already been viewed by millions. also, the urgent manhunt for that serial killer, the new headline coming in tonight. there's also news this evening about the pulse nightclub in orlando. the new police investigation under way amid this question --
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people, and partners to help companies be... local & global. open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t. to the index tonight. new developments in the urgent manhunt for a serial shooter in phoenix. police just today releasing two new sketches of the suspect. he's wanted for killing at least seven people in eight shootings, including a 12-year-old girl. police are now offering a $30,000 reward for his capture. the scene of so much heartbreak already, and tonight, news of a break-in at the pulse nightclub in orlando. police say someone pried open the door wednesday night. it happened shortly after police returned the club back to the owners after their investigation. no word on what's been taken. the mayor calling the break-in, quote, disturbing, tonight.
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the breaking news in nice france this hour. dozens feared dead after what authorities call a criminal event. alex marquardt is standing by with the latest. alex? >> reporter: david, the french president has just announced that he's on his way to an emergency meeting. this is now believed to be the scene of the deadliest incident since those isis attacks in paris last year. a white truck plowing into a crowd, celebrating france's national holiday tonight, along the water of the french riviera. local officials saying at least 30 people have been killed. around 100 wounded. authorities on the scene immediately responding, as crowds fled. officials have confirmed that the driver of that truck is dead, but so far, there has been no claim of responsibility. david? >> all right, alex, thank you. and thank you for watching here. we hope you'll join us for that town hall tonight with the
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- a law clerk from philadelphia, pennsylvania... an attorney from new york, new york... and our returning champion, a medical coder from madison, wisconsin... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. there was nobody more surprised at sue baker's victory on yesterday's program than sue baker herself. [ sue laughs ] but today, she's the returning champion. so you have to feel very confident. -no. -right? no? [ laughter ] oh. well, that's good news for ellen and ken, your challengers.


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