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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 18, 2016 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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headlines. police in louisiana say a 29-year-old former marine was the lone gunman who killed three officers and wounded three in a confrontation in baton rouge. authorities there in the hometown of kansas city are piecing together his life, trying to search far motior a m. >> the republican national convention opened in cleveland today. donald trump will accept the nomination on thursday, but he may take the stage a little early to introduce his wife tonight. >> about 600 people under arrest in turkey. funerals were held yesterday for nearly 300 people killed. >> russia may face the agony of
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defeat before the summer olympic game. today a report released on claims of doping by the russians in the games. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." we begin with the search for answers in baton rouge, louisiana, following the shooting deaths of three police officers. >> the scene where the confrontation took place has been reopened after being washed down by authorities. they are now looking into the life of the 29-year-old former marine from kansas city, missouri. sources tell us he had two firearms, an assault style rifle and a semi automatic pistol. we have details from baton rouge. >> reporter: target blue, again. >> one subject, all black.
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>> reporter: officers responding to a gunman dressed in black, found themselves suddenly in his sights. >> shots fired, officer down. i've got a city officer down. >> reporter: walking into the line of fire. >> i'm hit. >> reporter: two down back here. >> trying to leave the scene. he was running. >> reporter: as reinforcements arrived, a fierce gunfight breaks out and the gunman goes down. >> officers engaged the subject at that particular time, and he died at the scene. >> reporter: but not before killing three officers. bad garafola, montrell jackson, and matthew gerald. federal officials say the shooter was a 29-year-old, an african american ex-marine. authorities in kansas city, missouri, scouring his home for clues. >> we as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing
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justifies violence against law enforcement. >> reporter: video of an event along with the shooting of philando castile in minnesota set off nationwide protests. authorities now believe that long acted alone. two people they had previously been questioning were released without charges filed. but authorities still caution they don't know what his motive was. reporting from baton rouge, abc news. >> donald trump and hillary clinton both responding to the attack on the officers in baton rouge. >> trump is poised to take center stage at the republican national convention this week. he appeared with mike pence, a day after officially adding him to the presidential ticket. let's get more now. >> reporter: from donald trump this message. we grieve for the officers killed in baton rouge today. and we are trying to fight isis and now our own people are
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killing our police. our country is divided and out of control. the world is watching. and this week the world will be watching trump. >> it's a wonderful day, oh. >> reporter: kicking off his convention after the rocky rollout of his running mate. >> if you look at one of the big reasons i chose mike, and one of the reasons is party unity. >> reporter: trump speaking for nearly 30 minutes, mostly on other topics. >> back to mike pence. >> reporter: but pence ever the loyal soldier. pence and trump have big differences. for one, pence called negative campaigning wrong. >> lying ted. little marco. >> reporter: on 60 minutes he was asked about trump's tone. >> what do you think about your running mate's campaign and the tone and the negativity of it? >> i think this is a good man who has been talking act the issues the american people talk about. >> what about the negative side in he apologized -- >> we're different people. i understand it. i'll give you an example.
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hillary clinton is a layer. i call her crooked hillary. i didn't ask him to do it. but i don't think he should do it, because it's different for him. >> reporter: his mission now? selling the trump/pence ticket as a solution to the turmoil in this country. hillary clinton's team working to counter the message. today's devastating assault on police officers in baton rouge is the an salt on all of us. there's no justification for violence, for hate, for attacks on men and women who put their lives on the line every day in service of our families and communities. the campaign tells me speakers will be sensitive to the attacks that just happened in baton rouge, but they'll hammer the point that trump is the law and order candidate. abc news, cleveland. >> at this hour, there are
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nearly some 6,000 delegates in cleveland ready to hear from dozens of speakers. >> tonight's theme is make america safe again. they'll focus on the benghazi attack. abc news is covering every minute of the convention. we'll have a full report every night. you can also find a gavel to gavel live stream on >> other news, the father and son victims of the nice truck attack have been remembered near their texas home. more than 100 people attended the service for shawn and brody copeland. the rest of the family has not returned to the u.s. but sent a message to those back home. they say they continue to feel the love and support from all and it helps to ease our shattered hearts. the identity of a third american victim has now been confirmed. he was a student at the university of california berkel berkeley. he was one of 85 students taking
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part in a program in nice. he was originally from the san diego area. >> there were scary moments for hundreds of passengers on a hawaiian airlines jet. eight tires blue out at an airport in japan earlier this morning. the emergency was triggered when a display indicated a problem with the hydraulics. nobody was hurt, but the plane was stuck on the tarmac for hours as the tires were changed. >> the head of tesla motors is promising improvement. the system has been blamed for several crashes including one fatality. now elon musk says he's talked with the company that makes the radar for the auto pilot and significant improvements look possible. no word on when those updates might happen. in the meantime, elon musk, his other high-tech venture is equipment at the international space station. not only a successful launch earlier this morning. there was also the first stage
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rocket booster brought back to cape ka-and-a-hacanaveral. that means it can with used again. that's an amazing feat. >> whales are known for being intelligent animals. we now have video that seems to show one whale asking for life saving happened. >> that happened off of australia. a whale tangled in fishing rope swims up to a group of kayakers. st starts nudging them. one of them jumps in the wear, gets the rope off the whale's fin, and then the big mammal eventually swims away. >> love me a happy ending. >> and many wildlife officials are trying to gfind the whale t get the rest of the rope. bravo for that whale. >> apparently they have some neurons that aside from rest of the animal kingdom, only humans
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have them. they try to compare the way they think to the way we think. you wouldn't always picture a mammal that looks so different thinking so similarly. >> big brains. >> police in cleveland are or high alert ahead of the republican national convention as thousands have officers con ver verge. the city is also destroying an army, building kind of a fortress to protect the convention. >> in the meantime, what are voters saying on the way of the convention. a sharp divide. first, here's a look at today's temperatures.
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reporting shots fired in baton rouge, louisiana after police say a lone gunman launched an attack on law enforcement. >> when the gunfire was over, three officers were dead, three others injured. a 29-year-old former marine was killed at that scene. another witness basically said she was too close to the violence for her own comfort. >> i was actually kind of waiting for a bullet to hit me. it was -- the bullets were that close. i have never, ever heard of seen anything like that. i'm not supposed to be here. i'm really not. >> the scene where the shotout took place has been washed down by authorities and reopened. the authorities are looking into his cell phone and the social media footprint. >> it's forced police in cleveland to force their security into high gear ahead of the republican national convention. they're being joined by officers
2:44 am
from across the country. we have the latest. >> reporter: cleveland is deploying an army and building a fortress who protect the republican national convention. it's not lost an law enforcement officers that they have a target on their backs. that ambush in dallas, protesters running as snipers take aim. police plunging into the chaos to save lives. officers losing their lives. and it was just days ago that president obama sat down for a national town hall meeting on policing and race. >> we have to have police that are respected and we have to recognize the fear that their families go through every time they walk out that door. >> reporter: law enforcementsauruses say they're facing the most volatile and complicated things in history. >> there are thousands of police
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officers in this city, including many of bikes. the goal is to be flexible, to get to anywhere quickly, and the cameras throughout the city to give complete situation awareness. >> all of this taking place in ohio, an open carry state. they can carry in open spaces without a permit. even outside the convention center. but even this second amendment advocate warned people who support it should not bring their guns when the convention starts. >> i don't encourage anyone to come down here tomorrow or during the events carrying if you have no need to. >> and coming up, voters along the road to the convention. >> we talk to voters about their hopes in this election year, next.
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that is drone footage of the quicken loans arena in cleveland. it was home to the cleveland cavaliers. now the republican national convention and getting there has been quite an adventure for one of our own. >> that's right. martha raddatz has been
2:48 am
traveling the whole way through what many believed to be a completely red state zone, and she's talking to voters. what some of them said might surprise you. >> five days, 1,500 miles from dallas to cleveland. a week in the life of america. or it's statement felt, of many americas. >> i fete pulled over, assaulted, these police are scared of black men. >> from what i see on tv, there's a lot of angry people. >> i've never been stopped by a cop and feared for my life. >> reporter: on our first day, i met this family who lives in a tine n dallas suburb. >> we found ourselves turning off the tv multiple times the last couple of days because even though my daughter can't read, i don't want her to hear gunshots. >> reporter: they started to frame the presidential election in the stark language of physical safety. but not how you might expect.
2:49 am
>> who will keep your kids safe? >> i think it's going to be hillary. >> reporter: you never voted for a democrat? >> i have not. you're right. i feel like i am at an impasse. >> reporter: from dallas we drove to ferguson, missouri where the shooting of michael brown was a catalyst for black lives matter. this man lives nearby. >> black don't trust them. i'm 50 years old, and it's been like that for so long. i mean, i had all kinds of experience. i had the bad ones, but i had good ones. >> reporter: wdo you know who you're going to vote for? >> probably hillary. >> reporter: do you rust htrust? >> i don't trust none of them. >> reporter: we heard it again and again. this is a mexican immigrant we
2:50 am
ran into in missouri. >> i'm an independent. nobody has convinced me yet. one is too aggressive, and the other is too controversial. >> reporter: do you want to tell me which is which? >> do you want to guess? >> reporter: we went to illinois, a state with a big urban rural divide. in springfield, the town that launched barack obama's career, we wandered into abe's old hat boutiques. are you a hillary clinton supporter? >> i am. >> reporter: why? >> because, number one, the other choice would be awful, and number two, i'm a lifelong democrat. >> reporter: let me ask you about the e-mails. the fbi director said she was extremely careless. >> should she have known? yes. >> reporter: there were some full throated defenders of their candidate. a gun range in rural illinois was a good place to look.
2:51 am
raise your hand if you're a donald trump supporter. okay. that's unanimous. and why? >> he's pro gun. >> reporter: in westfield, indiana, last stop on the tour, the mayor. and you trust trump? >> i trust especially mike pense because i know him. >> reporter: do you trust donald trump? >> i'm still figuring that out. >> reporter: that's the view from westfield. now to the main event. i'm martha raddatz. >> that's what we call a winning endorsement. >> apparently the latest polls are showing some most voters are dismayed with the two main choices inspect they say clinton as too willing to bend rules, and they think trump is biassed against women and minorities. >> you have johnson who is getting, governor johnson with strong support as well as a
2:52 am
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k-y touch. of course you know what that music means. time to open our world news now inbox, checking out the feedback from you, our viewers. >> it always gets interesting in this segment. this morning some heart felt words of thanks. >> you may recall, i don't remember if you remember the story in the mix about tommy norman. a patrol officer in arkansas who uses social media to promote positive policing. he was unknown until he rendered this social media about him. launched all these videos, and the videos of them interacting with community members went viral. now norman has given us a
2:56 am
shoutout saying thank you abc and abc "world news now" to help inspire others across the globe. >> it was a nice moment last week when we saw him and brought his story. thank you for recognizing us recognizing you. >> and thank you for allowing us the opportunity to give good news. >> and we realized we're not as good as dancing as you. >> next, a bit of a calling out of -- um -- >> this one. you might remember. >> myself, i guess. >> i checked out beatletle housn new york city. they sent us a couple of cheese burgers. they're delicious. few a few viewers noticed that kendis never actually took a bite. >> i didn't. >> and one said have some respect for the chef. he was not happy with you.
2:57 am
another one said i don't like the way he wasted that delicious burger. >> i don't appreciate that. >> the burgers did not go to waste. when food shows up on a set, it -- >> it disappears. i think one guy call med some other names were not eating it. later on in the week we got a little bit of love. >> you might recall this light hearted moment with kendis wearing a helmet. >> lucy kite wrote, great teem, you two. you two are great to watch, great match. >> and someone who couldn't resist, sliding in one snarky remorse, someone said strahan never wears helmets. >> throwing it down. please continue to s
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this morning on "world news now," another deadly attack on police. >> three officers dead after a shootout in baton rouge. police sht and killed the former marine. investigators are looking for a motive. we'll bring you the latest developmen developments. >> the republican national convention opens today. donald trump hopes to unify the party and grab attention with a high powered group of guest speakers. we'll have the break down of today's big events. >> a nationwide alert after a murder suspect escaped from a florida courtroom. his alleged accomplices have been arrested but police say the dangerous suspect is still on the loose. >> and pokemon overload. the popular app servers have been crashing leaving players
3:01 am
frustrated, yearning for more monsters to catch. the mystery on this monday, july 18th. a multistate investigation underway, looking into an attack on police officers in baton rouge. we learn the identity of the officers and the gunman. >> montrell jackson was 32, a member of the baton rouge police department for a decade. 41-year-old matthew gerald was with the department less than a year, and ga raf low was. >> from kansas city, mo. authorities say he acted alone, and they're unaware of a motive. >> long spent five years in the
3:02 am
marines. his deployment ending in 2009. >> reporter: baton rouge reeling after a man opened fire at a gas station. >> a lady came up and said he was walking with a coat and assault rifle. >> reporter: reports of a man dressed in all black with a rifle just a mile from police head quarters. brady was on his way to work. >> when i looked to the right, there was a man running in my direction away from the body. as soon as we got eye contact, he stopped in his tracks and turned around and started sprinting the other way. >> reporter: police cars speeding to the scene. s.w.a.t. teams moving in. >> shots fired. officer down. got a city officer down. shots fired. >> reporter: the horror captured on camera in this car, caught in the chaos outside that
3:03 am
convenience store. >> reporter: bullets flying as the police are drawn into a gun battle. officers are shot. then officers locate and kill the suspected gunman. >> we got eyes on him. he's behind that transformer. at this point it appears the scene is secure. >> reporter: at first law enforcement not sure with the gunman acted alone, urging residents to stay inside. choppers swirlingover head. >> there was a shooting. one suspect is deceased. multiple officers were shot. we have some that have been killed. that's what i know for sure. >> reporter: when it's over, three officers killed, three for injured, one of them in critical condition. authorities reassuring residents. >> we don't believe or have any
3:04 am
shooter held up in the baton rouge area. >> reporter: officials in baton rouge asking for prayers. >> until we come together as a nation, as a people to heal as a people, if we don't do this and this madness continues, we will surely perish as a people. >> reporter: police say they shot the lone gunman on the scene. they don't think there were any other suspects at this hour, and they say it's no longer an active shooter situation. abc news, louisiana. thank you, and the deaths of the officers in baton rouge came less than two weeks after the shooting of alton sterling by police at a baton rouge, convenience store. sterling's family released a statement by the despicable act of violence. they said they wanted their community to have piece. >> it's become a familiar sight.
3:05 am
this was the 17th game president obama addressed the nation. >> he called on the nation to te temper our words and open our hearts. he also issued a warning saying careless accusations should not be thrown around to score political points. >> hillary clinton called this an assault on all of us. she says there's no justification for violence, hate and attacks on men and women who put their lives in the line of duty. she's urging everyone to reject violence and stand together. >> donald trump says the country is a divided crime scene and it'll only get worse. he says the enemies are watching. he blamed the shooting on a lack of leadership in the country. >> police are on high alert in cleveland where the republican national convention is kicking off. protesters took to the streets to rally against donald trump and police violence. so far things have been
3:06 am
relatively calm. authorities are bracing for the worst. mar marcy gonzalez is there. >> reporter: anti-trump protesters marching through cleveland, a peaceful demonstration ahead of the republican national convention. with police here on alert, especially following the deadly ambush on officers in louisiana. donald trump tweeting we bereave for the officers killed in baton rouge today, and we are trying to fight isis. now our own people are killing our police. this is cleveland's police union raises concerns over ohio's open carry through which allows citizens to have firearms in public places without a permit. >> the union sending a letter to the governor asking for emergency executive action to ban open carry in cleveland during the convention. kasich saying in a statement,
3:07 am
ohio governors don't have the power to arbitrarily suspend federal and state constitutional rights or state laws as suggested. >> and the theme of opening night of the convention is make america safe again. it was chosen before the latest attack. organizers said it's now especially fitting. >> all right. thank you. and now to politics. the republican national convention beginning tonight. we're hearing from the men at the top of the ticket. donald trump and mike pence appeared on 60 minutes sunday night. pence now says he's all in with trump. >> talking with him, in private settings, i love the words he used. because this man is out with the american people and not intimidated by the world, and donald trump is a good man. i believe he'll be a great president of the united states. >> i love what he just said.
3:08 am
>> no surprise there, right? governor pence said he's honored to run with trump, saying he embodies american strength. trump says he chose pence because the governor is a quality individual. >> this man is great. yes, i agree with you. so here's what's happening today at the convention. you see the list of speakers. melania trump, governor rick perry will also be there. the focus will be on the benghazi attack and immigration. among the speakers will be rudy jewgiulian giuliani. >> and abc is cover it every night. you can find a live stream on and in cleveland, there are likely to be unusual sights on the street. among them, snowplows in july. it is cleveland. they'll be used to clear
3:09 am
highways, apparently of crash during the convention. >> the state highway department nationed 13 plows around the city and promises they'll be staffed around the clock. a truck spilling a load on a highway could cause major pa backups. trucks are there to clear it up. >> i don't know if i buy that. >> it might be a security in case something happens, it's one way of blocking the roadways. they have other snowplows in downtown to help with security. >> if it's for security and roadblocks, why not say that? >> it's a roos. it's so you think all is fine, and no, this is our first layer of defense. >> hopefully they don't get any snow to put them to work. >> you never know. >> coming up, the latest on the investigation in baton rouge and some details from washington
3:10 am
where an officer was shot as well. >> also ahead the failed coup in turkey. the turkish president going after anyone who tried to overthrow his government. >> a man hunt is underway after a murder suspect's brazen escape from a courtroom. police across the country are on alert. >> you can get our updates on facebook at the worst thing about toilet germs? they don't stay in the toilet. disinfect your bathroom with lysol bathroom trigger... ...lysol power foamer... ...and lysol toilet bowl cleaner. they kill 99.9% of germs including e. coli. to clean and disinfect in and out of the toilet... ...lysol that.
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we have new information this morning about the police officers killed in baton rouge, louisiana as well as the gunman who killed them. sources say he had two firearms with him when he opened fire on police. those weapons were an ar type rifle and a semi automatic pistol. there's no known motive. it's believed he rented a car in kansas city and drove more than 700 miles to baton rouge. and police in milwaukee working in two person teams. an officer was shot in his squad car. his vest protected him from more serious injuries. police say the shooter, an 18-year-old man later killed himself. >> an american student confirmed to be among the dead from last week's terror attack in nice. nicholaslessly was a student at the university of california
3:15 am
berkeley. he was one of 85 berkeley students taking part in a program in nice. he'll be remembered later today. two other americans, a father and son from texas, also died in the attack. turkey rested more than 6,000 people, many of them military personnel in the wake of the failed coup attempt. yesterday turkey's nearly 85,000 mosques blared out over loud speakers a prayer for martyrs. >> a nightwide alert more an inmate who bolted from a courtroom in florida. >> he carefully planned his escape from alleged accomplices ready and waiting. >> reporter: it was daring and bold, and it was planned to a t. 22-year-old shedding his jail jump suit and racing from the courthouse to a waiting car.
3:16 am
>> he took off his clothing. >> reporter: >> the accused murder is on the run. few people who helped him escape, nabbed. police say two of them, 17-year-old twins, went into the courtroom with a cell phone. on the other end, a dwogirlfrie and a friend in a get away car. >> one or both of them coughed into the night. they signalled when he jumped of the of the jure box. >> he was whisked away. police warning he's armed and dangerous. >> the strange -- as if that's not strange enough. the sheriff was saying he was shackled at the waist and handcuffed. the question is how did he get out of all that. the sheriff was saying there's only two weeks to get out of
3:17 am
those handcuffs. either they weren't put on tight enough or he had a key. >> which, yes, he did have some help. that gives aceps th-- >> but don't believe anyone helped him. so many questions around this, and how he managed to do it. the biggest question is where is he? you're talking about somebody suspected in a murder. he's probably facing a death penalty. they were looking to charge him with death penalty. his lawyer felt good about what was going to happen at the hearing. he thought they could knock the death penalty out of that case. he found the timing unusual. >> they're on the lookout for him. >> that's right. coming up in the next half hour, two games for the rice of one. in washington d.c. yesterday, in
3:18 am
the 90 degree heat, people weren't so thrilled with deal when one game went to 18 innings. >> first, the nation's red hot hoke mon go sensation cooled down really fast over the weekend. what we're learning about the crash that forced players who full themselves away from the smart phones. you're watching "world news now."
3:19 am
♪ >> that's what i recognize this song from. a play in love, actually. >> the kids are dressed up. >> i don't remember the movie. it was one of those movies --
3:20 am
>> i've seen it a few times. >> nobody was catching anything for a time over the weekend on pokemon go after a server crash brought the game to a screeching halt. >> they had to talk to their friends and it got awkward. a group called poodle core claimed responsibility. they suggested another attack on the game is on the way. here's lorne lister. >> reporter: with millions of down loads, the app is taking the u.s. by storm, but also crashed and burned in the same day. >> it's frustrating when you come out here to catch pokemon and you can't. >> it crashed saturday on the heels of a european expansion. there were 26 countries added to a list that includes the u.s., uk and germany. technical problems leaving fans hooked on finding the digital screeches stranded in real life. wandering without pokemon to
3:21 am
catch. what was your reaction? >> we were shocked. >> it was anger and frustration. i was nerd raging about it. >> reporter: the game maker saying the issues have been identified. trainers should be able to search for pokemon fen. but the problems might not be the mobile game's fault. a hacking group seeming to take credit on twitter. >> the servers are going down all the time. for a hacking group to take it credit, you have to take it with skepticism. >> it's spread, battles taking over pizza parlors and real life mma rings. >> wow. >> reporter: abc news, los angeles. >> you've played pokemon go, were you devastated? >> i gave up. i couldn't find a lure. i went to central park.
3:22 am
>> in a had nothing to do with the server being down? >> no, just genius. introducing new k-y touch gel crème.
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for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. hey spray 'n wash is and even better. it's powerful formula removes everyday stains the first time. which is bad news for stains, and good news for you.
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spray 'n wash. back 'n better. time for the mix. we start with kind of an intensifying celebrity feud. >> it's been going on in the overnight hours. >> you might remember when kanye west came out with the song "famous". there was a controversy about some of the lines in the song about taylor swift. >> that he made her famous. >> and calling her not nice names. >> and taylor came out at the time and said she never gave approval. she went on the grammys and went on about how people will take credit for your fame. >> kanye said she approved it. >> kim dropped the mike.
3:26 am
>> i feel like me and taylor might still have sex. >> i appreciate you telling me about it. that's really nice. >> oh, yeah. i just had a responsibility to you as a friend. >> so that is kanye telling taylor swift about the lyrics and taylor saying, i really appreciate you saying that. >> however, taylor has responded now. >> very quickly. >> saying that she gave approval for that one part of the lyrics, because kanye said it was meant to be favorable. the rest would be about how they would be friends. what she didn't give approval for is when she said he called her the b word and said not nice things. she's calling his bluff and saying they're picking a selective part of the conversation. >> i don't know. kim k put her on blast. it will continue. let's move onto cool scenes. this paddle cordborder is in
3:27 am
florida. at first she thought the manty was a rock until it started to grab on. >> we all know i love animals. i have now found my spirit animal. check this out. the dog doesn't pay attention to anything until -- >> you want something to eat? >> noah apparently does not respond to just about anything until you mention food, and then -- >> and then it's like, hey. >> then you have her undivided attention. i get it. i'm with you, nella. >> it was world emoji day yesterday. the top three tweeted emoji is the face with tears of joy, and the face with heart eyes, and
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
now, fallen officers remembered. what we're learning about the praif police officers killed in baton rouge as new details emerge about the suspected gunman, a former >> across the midwest, high winds and heavy rain have collapsed homes and leaving some people trapped inside. the and the storms threatening to put a damper on the republican national convention. >> as the rnc gets underway, swre the lineup of speaking guests with melania trump getting the prime sometime spot. there are other notables ready for the limelight. we'll tell you who to look out for. >> does this guy look like a young harrison ford? he's been cast to play a young version of han solo. details coming up on this
3:31 am
monday, july 18th. >> good morning, i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. at this moment authorities in kansas city, missouri, dallas, as well as baton rouge are trying to piece together what led to the deadly shooting of three police officers? >> a 32-year-old was a 10-year-old veteran. matthew gerald was 41. and 45-year-old brad garafala. >> a former marine from kansas, authority says he had two weapons, an assault rifle and a semi automatic pistol. >> authorities responded to a call about a man walking around from the rifle. initially officers didn't know where the gunman was. >> after several minutes he was located and killed at the scene. not only were those three
3:32 am
officers killed. three others were injured. police say the gunman act aid acted alone, and they're trying to figure out why. >> president obama went to the briefing room to condemn violence against police. this is the 17th time he's addressed a mass shooting. >> everyone focus on words and actions that can unite this country rather than divide it further. we don't need inflammatory rhetoric. we don't need careless accusations thrown around to advance an agenda. we need to temper our words and open our hearts, all of us. >> and speaking this morning in australia, vice president biden called the violence a despicable act and said it's an attack on america's way of life. >> sources say indications are that the gunman would not have been prohibited from buying or
3:33 am
poesz possessing a firearm, and we know he was awarded several medals during his military service, including one for good conduct. more from abc's brian ross. >> reporter: federal authorities identify the shooter as 29-year-old gavin long. police say it appeared to be a well-planned ambush. >> one subject, all black, carrying ar. >> reporter: in the wake of the police shooting of alton sterling in baton rouge and then the deadly attack on police in dallas by a man who wanted to kill everything blue that moves. law enforcement in baton rouge have been put on alert last week by the fbi and homeland security for a possible attack. >> these threats are very viable, and they're very real. >> reporter: this fbi bulletin from the new orleans office obtained by abc news showed images from social media and warned, multiple groups are calling for or planning riots and/or violence against law
3:34 am
enforcement in baton rouge, louisiana, and shreveport, louisiana. >> i've been involved in law enforcement for over 30 years. i have never seen an environment this dangerous and this polarized as it relates to police in this country. >> reporter: brian ross, abc news, cleveland. >> this latest attack in baton rouge has police officers on edge across the country, especially in cleveland where republicans a gathering for the republican national convention. >> ohio's open carry law allows citizens to have firearms in public spaces without a permit. the police union asked the governor to temporarily ban it in the city. kasich said he doesn't have the power to arbitrarily suspend constitutional rights and state laws. >> anti-trump protesters are vowing to come out in full force this week. they got an early start yesterday. hundreds of demonstrators marched where republican delegates will gather.
3:35 am
despite loud chanting, things remained peaceful. >> trump's wife is slated to speak. there's word she may be introduced by trump himself. each night will have a theme playing on his make america great slogan starting tonight with make america safe again. joni ernst of iowa will be among the first headliners and trump's four adult children will each get a chance to speak before he accept's party's nomination. >> we will have live coverage from the convention, including a full report at 10:00 p.m. eastern, 9:00 eastern. all the events will be streamlined on abc news digital. >> and republican convention goers may be greeted by a severe thunderstorm. the storm system that plagued iowa yesterday is moving east. a house collapsed in cedar
3:36 am
rapids collapsed on four people. a woman and her children escaped. rescue workers had to free a man. other homes were also damaged. severe storm, and also this in central north carolina. the raleigh durham area got just over six inches in rain in just a few hours. first responders rescued people from cars and hopes. several creeks overflowed, sweeping away parked cars. no injuries reported. >> that's good news. here's a look at your weather for today. there will be more storms in the south this afternoon including in raleigh. severe storms are likely from iowa to the northeast. parts of the southwest will also see monsoon like storms today. >> despite the rain, an eastern third of the country, temperatures in the 90s. the thermometer topping out in the upper 80s but only in the 70s on the west coast. >> the epic baseball game that lasted 18 innings. why did it take so long for the pirates to close out the game yesterday against the nationals in the blistering heat?
3:37 am
>> it looks like not that many people waited around. >> and the republican national convention, a number of people getting ready to take the stage. hollywood heads to cleveland, and we have the details just ahead. you're watching "world news n " now." ♪ your heart loves omega-3s. but there's a difference between the omega-3s in fish oil and those in megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body... ...which makes your heart, well, mega-happy. happier still, megared is proven to increase omega-3 levels in 30 days. megared. the difference is easy to absorb.
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>> this scene this morning, the louisiana governor mansion. right now lit up in blue to honor the officers who were killed and wounded by a lone gunman yesterday morning. police and the fbi are looking into his past, trying to
3:41 am
establish a motive. the shootout took place less than a mile from the police head quarters. three officers were killed and three injured. sources say he apparently rented a car in kansas city and ended driving more than 700 miles, ending up in baton rouge. >> a hostage situation in in a burger king in baltimore ends peacefully, and now an armed rape suspect is in custody. a man held four people, more than five hours inside the fast food restaurant. one of the hostages was a seven-year-old girl. the suspect surrendered around 5:00 sunday afternoon. charges are pending. police in central florida say a double murder in a hospital appears to be a random attack. a worker and an 88-year-old
3:42 am
patient are the victims. patient. investigators say they don't know of any immediate connection when the suspect and the victims. >> turkish people are working to rid their country of what they call a virus. at least 60 0 people have been arrested. funerals for many of the nearly 300 people killed were held yesterday. turkey is demanding the u.s. extradite a cleric. saying he was behind that attempt. and john kerry says there's a concern turkey will crack down on democracy. he warned them not to take action outside the group. today the secretary attends meetings on syria and yemen. >> this morning we're learning a third person was taken into custody in connection with with the truck attack in france. a 37-year-old man was said to be part of the attacker's entourage. according to officials there, an american student has been identified as one of the victims of the attack. lindsey janice is in nice.
3:43 am
>> reporter: french investigators looking for accomplices questioning seven people, including a couple who one source says french officials say provided the nice attacker with the fake weapons found in his rented truck. dozens hospitalized, including this california dad. when that white truck barrelled through the crowd, he was on the walkway with his wife and daughter. the truck running over his foot. a stranger taking him to the hospital. we're there as he checks in with his daughter who is also recovering after breaking her ankle in the chaos. >> all right. honey, you're being strong. i love you and i'm proud of you. keep doing what you're doing and know daddy is doing to be soon. >> reporter: he says he's desperate to find the good samaritan who saved his life by driving him to the hospital. so he can say thank you. >> more fallout in britain. to leave the european union.
3:44 am
some eu citizens, as many as 3 million living in britain may have to leave. the brexit secretary says he hopes there will be a generous settlement for those already in the country. >> the eu has bragging rights today. >> one of the members is the new british open champion. stenson won against phil mickelson at royal troon. he took the title by three strokes. he finished at 20 under 264. that's the lowest shot total ever in a major tournament. the win is his first since september of 2013. well, to baseball now. after about six hours of baseball, starling marte decided enough was enough, and it was time for a home run. so the pirates left fielder hit one out of the park to break a 1-1 thrilling tie in the 18th inning. it was enough to give pittsburgh a 2 -1 win over the washington nationals. as tired as marte and the other players were, 18 innings was a
3:45 am
bit too much for some fans like this little guy. look at the roller coaster of emotions when they tied the game in the ninth inning. the boy was dejected. >> wait all that time. and then they wake, the victory. makes a low scoring game worthwhile. >> i think it was more celebrating the fact that this thing was over. >> for the adults it was probably easier to take because the stadium comes with giant beers. >> he did down a hot dog at one point. look at the roller coaster of emotions. >> i like that, playing with his water bottle. not even paying attention to the game anymore. >> it was a 1-1 game, folks. >> when we come back, the rock star who escaped last week's
3:46 am
terror attack in france. >> and the celebrity star power set to dazzle the crowd at the republican national convention. you ready? star power set to dazzle the crowd at republican national convention. p?p?o?gv
3:47 am
you you ready? warmed up. >> sure. warming up our tunes. >> all right. time now for "the skinny." we start with kind of a serious story.
3:48 am
we get a harrowing tale of barely escaping the terror attack in france. >> we're learning bono was relaxing in a nearby cafe in nice when the truck was driven into a crowd. >> the 56-year-old says he and other terrified diners were ordered to hide and remain calm. while restaurant workers shut the doors and windows. eventually they were all rescued and rushed to safety. >> since the attack he posted on u2's twitter account, a picture with the guitarist, edge, and the message that love is bigger than anything in its way. back at home we're hours away from the start of the republican national convention. some high profile will be there. scott baio will speak. a request he says was expected unexpected.
3:49 am
he calls trump a man i believe in and is shooting down the haters criticizing him for supporting trump. >> i think trump is a fan of anyone who has charge as part of their vernacular. >> that's a good point. >> scott baio will be joined on stage by fellow actor? >> yeah. >> okay. actor. antonio sabato junior. he says it's refreshing to have a candidate like trump who is so honest to his feelings. >> and the star of duck dynasty will take the stage. e en -- he endorsed trump in january. he's been a fan for a while. >> there was a little talk about whether tom brady or tim tebow. tim tebow was on the special list. he woke up and was like no, no, that was news to me. someday i'll get into politics, but for now i want to deal with my foundation, but -- >> no tebow at the convention.
3:50 am
as far as we know. >> or he knows. >> by the way, i used to have scott baio is hot and a little heart written on my trapper keeper. >> do you still have it? >> i don't think so. >> are you saying he's not hot anymore? >> i'm saying i don't own the trapper keeper. >> we're singing the entire theme to charles in charge. >> still know every word. >> the casting of the man who will play a young han solo. >> the 26-year-old alden is playing han solo. >> the plot of the movie is set to go around chewbacca and han solo. >> wlahatever it's about, you'l
3:51 am
have to wait nearly two years to see it. >> the movie is set to be released may 25th, 2018. >> so much anticipation. >> i think it's a thursday. yeah. >> wow. >> i don't know. >> really doing the math, huh? put it down. put it on your calendar. >> finally, the celebrity superstar who just got her driver's license and got pulled over by the cops. >> that didn't take long. >> lady gaga, she probably showed it off two weeks ago on social media. then she had her first run in with police on friday. >> she was driving her red pickup truck and explained it's because she didn't yet have her new plates. >> new vehicles in california are allowed to have temporary permits until they get their physical license plate. they're still forced to show proof of ownership. >> and she didn't realize that, i guess, as well. >> right. so she got pulled over, but it doesn't sound like she broke any laws. coming up, would you ride your bicycles six hours to get to school?
3:52 am
>> no. some guy did. we'll tell you why. your bicycles six hours to get to school? >> no. some guy did. we'll tell you why. the worst thing about toilet germs? they don't stay in the toilet. disinfect your bathroom with lysol bathroom trigger... ...lysol power foamer... ...and lysol toilet bowl cleaner. they kill 99.9% of germs including e. coli. to clean and disinfect in and out of the toilet... ...lysol that.
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olay. ageless. it's a class four operation. >> that's okay. she seems peaceful. >> i am a doctor of particle physics. >> that stuff went everywhere, by the way, in every crack. very hard to wash off. >> the movie is equally hard for ghost busters who wash out the competition at the box office coming in second behind a bunch of animated four-legged friends. >> that's right, the secret life of pets finished in the number one spot taking in more than $50 million.
3:56 am
the ghost busters reboot take in second at 46 million, and swinging into third place, tarzan with just over 11 million. >> i hear tarzan swings both ways. >> flexible. >> not everyone had movied on their minds. >> for one man in georgia, figuring out how to get to class was an epic adventure. that's about to change. >> reporter: fred is full of gratitude to those who think he's full of promise. 19 and homeless, he had no way to get back to gordan state college in georgia for his second semester. >> i didn't have a ride here. my little brother handed me a bike. >> fred road six hours in the summer heat so he could register early, but he had nowhere to live until his dorm room covered by his college loans opened in august. police found him in this tent. officers paid for two nights in
3:57 am
a motel room and then a good samaritan helped him get a job at a pizza joint. >> he made it clear he wanted to do it on his own. >> reporter: next the community rallied. a go fund me page raising money for him, more than $150,000. fred promised to keep up his grades and save money for medical school. he had this wish for the day he graduates. >> hopefully you're all there and i'm waving to you all. i love you all. >> reporter: abc news, washington. >> apparently he told the officers he road his little brother's bicycle six hours to try to get to class and along with the bike he had two bags that contain all his worldly possessions. >> with all the conflict between police officers and others, it's great to hear that story. >> that's right, don't miss our updates at
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, dramatic new video captures the shoot-out in baton rouge that left police officers dead and more injured. we're live with the latest on the officers, the gunman and the multistate investigation. the republican national convention kicking off hours from now donald trump hoping to rally the party together. plus trump and his running mate gave their first interview together since the big announce. see what happens when eight tires blow out on a passenger plane with nearly 300 people on board. extreme weather. severe storms overnight spawning tornadoes and the dangerous heat settling in. good monday morning,


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