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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  July 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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of route nine and about to head off of long beach island but still getting walked all the way down from harvey cedars to surf city. we flip the radar to storm velocity and the red you're seeing here rushing away from the lightning and the storm is that powerful wind, the straight line winds that have moved with this storm now pushing off of the coastline. we have another severe thunderstorm southern parts of delaware around dover and kent county. this also until 6:15, damaging winds, the major culprit with this. dover to canton bury you can see all the lightning, 118 in the last 15 minutes now pushing south and east of dover but again winds near 60 miles per hour. as this pushes over the bay you'll get that rush of wind heading towards cape play county with no friction over the water so this will be watch -- we'll be watching as it slides into southern parts of new jersey over the next half hour. monica when i come back we'll talk about the break in the heat and humidity for the next couple days and then another heat wave in that seven-day forecast. >> all right, thank you so
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much adam. in other news, the never trump movement had its last stand today at the republican national convention. "action news" anchor jim gardner and sarah bloomquist are live in cleveland ohio for us tonight. jim let's start for you inside convention hall. >> reporter: thk monica. let's set the stage this way. the delegates are now out having dinner spending their money the way the city of cleveland wants them to so there is a break in the action but about 4 o'clock there was plenty of action on the convention floor >> roll call vote. >> reporter: first day dustup a couple of hours ago when the anti-trump movement made a last gasp effort to bring a vote to the convention floor, a vote to change the rules and let delegates vote for any candidate not just the candidate who won the primary in their state. when the chair called a voice vote to approve those rules of the convention including the binding of delegates, the anti
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trump forces erupted in protest. >> the whole thing lasted for about 10 to 15 minutes and it appears that the anyone but trump movement has officially breathed its last breath. now, while this convention was getting under way, anti-and pro-trump demonstrations were going on within a half mile of each other. among the anti-trump protestors, black lives matter. and police report that some of the trump protestors were carrying guns and showing them. as we have been telling you ohio is an open carry state. there was no trouble with these protests this afternoon. at a pennsylvania -- the pennsylvania delegation has front row seats on the convention floor and the delegation is also getting top flight speakers. this is what happened this morning. the pennsylvania delegations breakfast this morning was an overflow crowd because one of the biggest names at this convention was the featured
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guest. house speaker paul ryan will also serve as chairman of the rnc and his presence this morning was another demonstration of how important pennsylvania is to the gop. everyone here is convinced that pennsylvania is absolutely in play and in fact, it has become a key ingredient a trump winning strategy. but political observers are well familiar with what has been paul ryan's discomfort with much of trump's rhetoric during this campaign. and this morning he mentioned trump's name only twice and both times to make this point. >> look, i know this is a tough primary, this is a tough election. this is a it is trump or clinton. that's your choice. we've sloane we've got the guts. we're shown we're willing to put our necks out on the line. many delegates in the room this morning seem much more emphatic in their support of
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donald trump. >> young people just swearing by trump. it's like a, uh -- sort of reminds you of the days of reagan in 1980. >> this is my eighth convention, jim, and i can tell you the energy here is palpable. the people are so enthused. they're so excited. they want to get out and get going. it's really remarkable. >> i think the most important issue that's facing urban america is jobs. he's been a builder in his life and i think he will be able to bring that kind of energy to what we need to eradicate some of the ills in our society. >> repr: back to paul ryan. he did have emphatic praise for a member of the national ticket. >> this is a man out of the conservative movement. this is a man who really does know his principles. this is a man who has the courage of his convictions. >> reporter: the speaker was referring to his former house
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colleague, mike pence. now in the dnc comes to philadelphia next week a lot of philadelphians will enjoy being in the national spotlight but frankly we have become used to this kind of big time attention particularly after the visit of pope francis but for cleveland, this is a whole new thing thanks to the republicans and lebron james. let's go live to "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist for more on that story. sarah. >> reporter: jim, t is the first day of the rnc. my fifth day here in cleveland as we have been out and about we've found people here in cleveland are absolutely pinching themselves. not long ago, yeah, they were home known as home of the rock and roll hall of fame which is just behind me. deathier known as nba champs and the host of the rnc. we talked to many people who feel this is a city that's only on its way up. >> cleveland is on the rise. >> reporter: we heard it again and again from the people of cleveland, this is a city on the rise. sure they're still basking in
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the flow of winning the nba title. >> we're a championship city now the fir te or 0 years so we're beaming right now. >> reporter: but it's more than that. once known as the mistake by the lake, cleveland is rebranding itself as the remake on the lake. >> 20 years ago i would say don't come to cleveland because it's bad and they turned the whole city around. >> i'm excited to see people downtown. just look around the ohio city neighborhood it's hip it's happening with all kinds of bars and restaurants. cleveland is emerging as a leader in the biomedical world and young people are moving here. >> i come in contact with a lot of people moving from places like new york and philadelphia and chicago. they're moving here because our rents are still relatively low compared to most places and we're -- we are a city that's growing and we have so many amenities now. >> reporter: and now the republicans are in town. yes, clevelanders are anxious about protests but convinced their police can handle it. >> i'm not saying nothing will happen but even if it does it will be land in a classy way.
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>> reporter: the they agree the convention will be good for their city. the people of cleveland are less sure if donald trump will be good for the nation. >> i like people who can show their opinions. i just think he could be a little more articulate and caring in the way that he presents himself. >> i said some friends if trump becomes president i'll probable have to move to canada but i can't 'cause i can't get my social security. [laughter] >> reporter: back here lake erie he is behind me. everything looks clean and green. hopefully philadelphians feel at least some of the civic pride that clevelanders hosts feel while they're hosting the rnc. live in cleveland ohio tonight, i'm sarah bloomquist. channel6 "action news. jim back to you over at the cue. >> reporter: thank you, sarah. this convention will shape up to be a family affair. the trump family. and we believe that the first night will belong to trump's wife melania and we think we're going to get our first look at donald trump as we
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expect that he will be introducing his wife to the throng here, the first night, prime time for this republican national convention. monica, that's the story here. >> it will be riveting at the very least. thank you, jim. our expanded rnc coverage at does include live streams for you from abc news along with images and highlights of course from the convention floor and we invite you to join the conversations on facebook and twitter. we are sharing constant updatesorourothe "action news" team there in cleveland, ohio. air force one made its way to philadelphia, not by air but by ground this morning. take a look. philadelphia police escorted a replica of the president's plane to the pennsylvania convention center. air force one the replica fuselage was installed inside the convention center itself. it is a centerpiece of what's called political fest an exhibit during next week's democratic national convention here in philadelphia. political fortunate is a series of nonpar san political
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exhibits around the city to engage convention goers tourists and residents. coming up on "action news" tonight afternoon thunderstorms are creating problems for folks across our region. we will survey some of the damage. and the eagles nelson agholor will not face criminal charges in that sex assault case filed against him. adam. >> monica the worst of the storms heading into southern nejeeylo t sre southernar of delaware and a couple of storms try to fire up parts of the lehigh valley. we'll track them on storm tracker6 live and talk about a break a-brief break from the heat and humidity in that seven-day forecast. >> all right, those stories and more when "action news" continues for you tonight. >> ♪
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>> thunderstorms and high winds caud ita t damage here along mckean nan's church road in wilmington. trees were uprooted, some fell across the road and brought down power lines. crews will to cut off the power in order to free the driver. "action news" reporter christie ileto live in havertown with some of the other problems brought on by the storms tonight. christie. >> reporter: monica, let's first off by saying that thankfully nobody was injured here at this store because this is where a 40-year-old silo was sitting, right here on this cement slab. over here to my left is what it looks like now. employees say that the storm came as quickly -- ended as quickly as it started. >> the lightning was going off, it was a little scary and then all of a sudden we just heard like this like this crackling noise and we looked
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and there was just like nothing there and then all of a sudden another bolt of lightning went and we heard this really loud rumble in the store and one of the girls said oh my god the silo just fell into the lane so we were just really surprised and we looked down and the wind was like blowing so bad that it just pushed the silo right over. >> so no one was hurt thank god. most important thing eve is safe. this can be rebuilt which we will do. >> reporter: now, crews spent the afternoon cleaning up the 40-foot barrel afte now many of the area saw snapped trees and downed power lines and according to peco nearly 12,000 peco customers are still in the dark. now back here live, this damage we're told will cost somewhere around $100,000 but managers say they're looking forward to rebuilding. reporting live here in havertown, christie ileto, channel6 "action news."
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monica. >> thank you christie. we are learning new information tonight about t plan who ambushed police in baton rouge, louisiana. today investigators are sealed that 29-year-old gavin long had spent many days looking for ways to specifically target officers. yesterday long used a rifle to kill three officers and wound three others. he was then killed by police during a standoff. long was a marine from kansas city he recently pledged himself to an antigovernment group. the attack in baton rouge is the latest concern for police departments in our area. >> i'm not going to say they're afraid. i'm going say they are definitely on alert. they are, you know, concerned about the things that's been going on. the target that's been put on the backs of police officers. >> philadelphia's police commissioner says his department will continue to patrol in pairs. police in warwick township bucks county investigating their first murder in 27
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years. last thursday a neighbor found 33-year-old edward dubinsky slot in the head -- shot in therinthe head. they believe he was involved in a love triangle. police are searching for jeffrey gould and his girlfriend naim: a new effort in delaware county to solve cold cases. the cold case homicide squad launched a new investigation it's dedicated to helping solve nearly 40 unsolved crimes. the families of victims hope the web site will make folks more comfortable speaking to police. we have a link there on nearly two dozen schools in philadelphia will be getting extra money and support from the city now. today mayor jim kenney and the schools district superintendent announced nine schools have been chosen to be part of a new community schools initiative. it will also provide moury sources and services for the
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schools in surrounding neighborhoods. schools in surrounding neighborhoods. in all mayor kinney wants to ♪ ♪
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apy here.r sports. phillies starting a newer is reese. >> they welcome the fish to town. they welcome aaron nola back to the rotation. his previous five starts it he failed to get out of the fifth inning and child a 13.50 era >> it's been a little while since i've been out there. i've like i've been having some good work weeks and some good sessions so i'm ready to get back out there. >> reporter: do you t sense that this break helped him. >> i think he o admit it. he's a true competitor and he wants to be out on that field competing. but i think any time you can get away from the fray and just kind of think about what you need to do and recall your mistakes and what you did
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right, i think it's important and i think he's rare to go go. >> reporter: eagles training camp gets under way next week. nelson aguilar will be able to focus on football. tea thorough investigation no charges will be filed against the eagles wide receiver stemming from an alleged sexual assault at cheerleaders gentleman's club back in june. aguilar's attorney maintained his innocence from the get go. jahlil okafor will join men's basketball select team fork workouts in las vegas. he will not be suiting up scrimmages against team u.s.a. okafor has been back in the gym but he's yet to participate in any five on five action. brian colangelo says he's not in the kind of condition to be able to compete at that elite level yet. it's that tim of year when our local baseball stars are advancing in baseball and little league tournaments.
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for a chance to win a trip to the world series. this home run helped them get there. marlton wins it eight to two. congrats to them. sometimes it's tough being a baseball fan especially when your team is the pirates who haven't won a world series since 1979. emotional rollercoaster of enduring extra innings. someone please get this kid a hot dog please. i feel bad for him. he's so sad. thank you for the hot dog. this little guy made it through to the 18th inning, yes, the 18th when the pirates home run gave them the home run and the win and look at the celebration. the kid couldn't believe it and then he couldn't believe his parents made him stay for all of it. oh the highs and lows of baseball. someone get in kid a nap. >> he's elated, exhausted, he's everything. >> and i am watching him poor thing. >> thank you jamie. adam joseph with there accuweather forecast and we'll be right back.
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>> adam joseph in for are we out of the clear for the storms. >> as we take a look at double scan live radar it's been pretty active this afternoon. we've had flooding rain damaging wind. a little bit of hail here and there but again, as you can see it is now off of surf city but approaching atlantic city to cape may and now south of dover. we close into storm tracker6 live double scan. no longer are any of the storms on the severe side but even though they're not severe, they're pretty strong from mays landing now approaching atlantic city, heading towards ocean city,
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margate, ventnor as well as atlantic city over the next 10 to 15 minutes there. ventnor you can expect it at 6:34. again it's approaching also sea isle city a pretty nasty storm over the bay heading towards cape play so again, no longer severe but expect strong winds vivid lightning and brief heavy torrential rain. as we head up into the lehigh valley a couple storms trying to pop here. most of these are just downpours at the present time but movg into areas that were hit very hard this afternoon with one to 2 inches of rain in allentown and more rain beginning to head in towards schnecksville approaching alntown a bethlehem. only one lightning strike in that cluster in the la15 minutes. here are some of the storm reports. pretty spotty. wilmington 54-mile wind gusts with trees down. south allentown 62 miles an hour wind gusts and haverford township tree limbs down there. 53 miles per hour wind gusts in fortescue and blackwood new
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jersey 47 miles an hour winds as the storms passed through. this does break an end to heat wave to number three for the year. it started on thursday. 96 degrees. we are at 92 on friday as well as sunday and today matching the first day of the heat wave of 96 well above the normal of 87. the numbers have come down but it is still very uncomfortable with the humidity out there despite many of the numbers are in the 70's because of the rain that has passed through. severe weather all the way from maine down to baltimore here as that boundary continues to wipe away the heat and humidity off the coast. so, for tonight those early storms moving away. it stays humid for the remainder of the overnight, 76 philadelphia, 72 in millville, up are 60's from the lehigh valley down to lancaster but fresh high pressure comes in tomorrow from the great lakes, dropping the temperatures to 89. we'll take it or at least it will be under 90 for most of us tomorrow with a very strong northwesterly wind and much lower humidity. you're going to feel the difference of how it feels
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when you step out the door here tomorrow morning but especially into tomorrow afternoon and a perfect day to put your feet in the sand or the water in new jersey at the shore, 85 degrees, the delaware beaches 87. there's no sea breeze because of that northwesterly wind, six to 12 miles an hour. a lot of sunshine and just a few clouds around. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 80's for the next two days. the humidity drops tomorrow and it stays very comfortable here on wednesday, but that heat and humidity, the combo comes right back on thursday into friday with that steam bath feeling returning, 90 on thursday, 95 on friday and the heat peaks over the weekend. 97 both days, extremely humid as well with some pop-ups especially on saturday and then for the first day of the dnc here in philadelphia it's not as hot but it's still 92 degrees with the scattered thunderorinheftno so if you t e next two days while that humidity drops, enjoy it. >> that's your chance. >> yes. >> thank you sir.
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dozens of children took a dip in the pool at the boys and girls clubs of mercer county. these yorseaed how to swim thanks to the trenton police and fire departments and the red cross. they partnered with the zach foundation which does work to prevent drowning. the water safety camp continues through the week. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next here on channel6. "action news" continut 100 tonight on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers. then join us for "action news" tonight at 11:00 here on channel6. for jim gardner cecily tynan adam joseph jaime apody ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. hope to see you at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, the drama unfolding, right here on the floor of the republican convention. >> the resolution is agreed to. >> suddenly, the outwraj on the convention floor. the last ditch effort to stop trump fails. and now, this crowd awaits donald trump and his wife, melania, just a short time from now. and tonight, our one-on-one with ivanka trump, who lashes out at establishment republicans, the bushes, the romneys, for refusing to come. the other breaking story tonight, the deadly ambush on police officers. the new and chilling images from baton rouge. late today, authorities say three officers were, quote, targeted and assassinated. one officer killed as he raced in to save another. and the gunman, a former marine what was his motive? the dangerous storms hitting in the east, from washington, d.c. to


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