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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  July 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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6:00 and sharrie williams is joining us. >> it's only day two but there is plenty of controversy including last night's speech from melania was plagiarized. sara bloomquist has more on that. >> reporter: this day when the gop wants to be talking about jobs, they were asked repeatedly about melania trump's speech. accusations of plagiarism is dominating the news and members of the gop brushed it off focusing on her message. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> there were plenty of words said but a few said before 10:30 that had everyone talking. >> your word is your bond is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise.
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>> your word is your bond and you do what you say are you going to do. >> melania trump is accused of plagiarizing a speech that michelle obama made in 2008. local delegates we spoke to brushed off the claims. >> she borrowed photograph two from michelle obama and par graph four. >> we are talking about michelle obama. >> but there is so much can you talk about. >> i look at things that were similar, they weren't the same, there is only so many ways can you say something. i think it kind of came out that way. >> trump's campaign chairman is denying plagiarism, saying it was part of a much larger speech. >> we think her speech was a great speech and the fact that the speech is focused on words that includes and's and
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the's is ignoring the facts of the speech itself. >> and the campaign manager stood by melania and that a speech writer to be to blame. >> if there was a mistake it's at the staff level. and they should be held accountable. >> the theme tonight is make america work today. trump's son donald jr. and youngest daughter, tiffany expected to speak tonight. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." u. > d ts reminder, jim gardner and sara bloomquist are in cleveland for the entire republican national convention, tune in for their live reports throughout the week here on "action news." >> we are less than a week away from the democratic national convention kicks off in philadelphia. the entire "action news" team will bring you every angle and
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our live coverage from the wells fargo center starts this friday. turning to the accuweather forecast now, today we enjoyed slightly cooler temperatures and lower humidity. sky 6 hd showing you how people enjoyed the weather down the shore. in cape may here unfortunately the low humidity is not here to stay. meteorologist, adam joseph is in for cecily live with the details. >> it's too much of a good thing here that we finally have it, but it won't stick around. temperatures 88 so far in philadelphia, right now 87 degrees, very comfortable with that low humidity, 89 in washington. 92 is the heat down towards roanoke, virginia, and even more comfortable air just lurking to our north from buffalo to binghamton, only in the 70s. the biggest difference is the dew points, yesterday they were in the 70s. that is now down in richmond and we replaced it with 50s across the area and that is why it is bone dry out here and feels nice when you step out the door, the
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cold front pushed way down to the south and that is where the severe weather is firing up and they remain to the south and throughout the day tomorrow and by the end of the week we could see an impulse bring more wet weather our way for friday. as we look to the accuweather forecast another beautiful day tomorrow and the 90s return on thursday and the worst heat of the air arrives over the upcoming weekend. sharrie we'll talk about the numbers and another heat wave and how long it will last coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> we'll be standing by for that adam, thank you. >> meanwhile, the cleanup continues at this hour in delaware county. after powerful storms knocked down trees and damaged properties, chopper 6 hd surveyed some of that damage and a number of trees ended up on top of cars and houses. "action news" reporter, jeanette reyes is live in havertown with the details. >> reporter: hi sharrie, with it's sunny skies we are seeing today it's hd to imagine storm
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packed winds strong enough to knock down this massive tree, it's one of the reasons why still hundreds of customers are without power even fow. >> instead he chirping birds and the occasional sound of a lawn mower, many in havertown woke up to this -- saws leaf blowers and wood chippers. >> the workload is three times what it normally is. for our territory here in havertown. >> fire wood. it's 95 degrees but you know what it's going to get cold. >> residents were hard at work picking up and making the best of what mother nature left behind. >> it was brutal, 10 minutes, maybe 15 tops of the most intense winds and rain i have seen in a long long time. straight line winds brought down the old swift wood farms silo. >> it was iconic, you always drove by the swift farms silo.
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that is how you knew where your. >> i came down yesterday and i saw it i couldn't believe it. i said i can't believe this happened. it's been around a long time. 30 or 40 years. >> this massive three down the road was no match for the strong gusts. >> i was sick. i felt so bad because i grew up here from a child, and that tree was always there. >> just as special and also damaged is bill's ford explorer. >> my wife called me and said the tree crushed the cars. >> the tree left him and his family unharmed. but left him with regret. >> i am going to try and get someone to take a look at it. hindsight is 20/20 right? >> that last car owner will tell you it's not a bad side yeah to check on your front yard trees
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to prevent something like this from happening to you. still nearly 600 customers are still without power and they hope to get it restored throughout the night. reporting live back inside to you. >> thank you. en dover, delaware are investigating a murder suicide tonight. after a male pedestrian was hit and killed at route 13 at webs lane, when they went to the apartment to notify the next of kin, they found a 25-year-old woman dead inside. police say the couple's 2-year-old son was inside and not injured. philadelphia police need your help tracking down the suspect in this video. they say he burglarize aid home on north 29th street, taking a wallet and laptop and jeep grand cherokee and was caught on camera using a stolen credit card in a nearby store. >> police in hope well, new
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jersey have an arson situation on their hands. someone tossed bird houses in a fire pit kills birds nora muchanic has the story. >> reporter: these are the survivors five small birds called purple martins being cared for at the mercer wildlife center, their lives were nearly snuffed out when vandaled tore down and burn aid group of purple martin bird houses, tossing them to a fire pit when there were birds enside. >> it's despicable. that someone would woman out here and killed the birds. >> it's horrifying and pointless, i can't understand why it would be fun for someone to do that. >> a scorched patch of earth marked where it happened. the greenway trust that maintains the preserve cannot believe someone would do this to living creatures, up until now
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this is a model of preservation, we are shocked that someone would not respect the wildlife on the property. >> police are trying to who would commit such an ac of cruelty. >> the survivors were just days old when they were rescued and didn't have feathers, they are recovering well and have a tremendous appetite. each devouring 60 meal worms every hour of every day. >> we are going to move them into an outside flight cage and give them flight time and continue to feed them out there and give them a week before we let them go. >> police are asking for information about who is responsible for the fire and when they are caught they will face arson and criminal mischief and animal cruelty charges.
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there is a new focus to fight crime in pottstown, the district attorney wants the help of every day residents. kevin steele announced the new community prosecution unit today. the hope is that residents can be a and make an impact on crime. this began in 2014 and brought down two gangs in pottstown and lowered overall crime. time for a check of our "action news" traffic report tuesday night. lets go live to matt pellman. >> hi guys, since last we spoke major action developed in the conshohocken area along the blue route northbound side where an suv flipped over about 25 minutes ago. they are in the process of loading the suv on to the tow truck and the ambulance and ladder truck just left.
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the northbound side of the blue route is locked up from north of villanova to the scene at ridge pike. think alternates, the delays also spilling back on to the schuylkill expressway and come ridge pike or locally stick with fayette street or butler pike or 23 through bridgeport. but the blue route is a mess. and an accident along bridesburg and police activity in center city along walnut and 12th? >> and delays continue on the regional rails, most of them are 20 minutes or less. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. much more to come on "action news" tonight. there are worries about a possible norovirus at the republican national convention, what officials are doing to prevent delegates from getting the highly contagious bug. and a park in center city
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doesn't open until tomorrow but we take you inside
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a new target is opening tomorrow in center city and today "action news" got a sneak
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peek, it's located at washington square at 11th and chestnut streets, a compact store that offers fresh groceries and baby and kids products and the merchandise iscatered to the area. >> we have done studies in the area and looking at the people in the community and a hospital across the street and 1112 apartment address above. >> store officials tell us that the sports goods section will include plenty of eagles and phillies merchandise. amid the events at the republican convention now officials have a health concern to worry about. >> registered nurse and reporter, ali gorman is here with the word on a stomach virus. >> reporter: the exacug is not confirmed yesterday but it sounds like the norovirus that can spread easily. we know that 12 organizers are all staying at the same hotel
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they came down with the symptoms they are from california and traveling with 32 organizers and anyone with symptoms are tested and asked to stay put in their rooms, norovirus vomiting and diarrhea, the virus can live on surfaces for days and it only take a small amount to make someone sick. the eerie county health department is handling the cases and no delegates have reported symptoms. in other news the number of cases of prostate cancer that spread to other parts of the body has skyrocketed according to a team at north western university. they found a 72% increase from 2004 to 2013 with the biggest jump in men 55 to 69 years old. the doctors say that two factors may be no blame. fewer men getting screened because of lax guidelines or
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that the disease itself is more aggressive. they say that the guidelines need some definite fine tuning, and if you drink fruit smoothies for breakfast. there is something you need to know, it may be better to skip the blender and just eat the ingredients, abc becky worldly ate a breakfast of ban nana and yogurt and apple juice and they drank a smoothy with the same ingredients, after the smoothy they spike the right away and then dropped barely an hour later that caused her to crave eating more snacks and when you eat fruits the fiber slowing down the digestion. >> fiber is like a mesh netting so it slows the sugar absorption down and it's not going rushing in. >> but when you drink a fruit
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smoothy you miss the first step. only pick one or two fruits and add vegetables such as a leafy green and add protein, a protein powder or nut butter, and that will also help to keep your blood sugar more stable. >> back over to you. >> chocolate chips, that helps, you have to add more protein. >> more kale for you. >> still to come tonight, find out how high nintendo stocks climbed since the company released pokemon go. and you could get fined for feeding the seagulls in
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time now for accuweather at the "action news" big board. adam is in for cecily. >> the humidity dropped big time from yesterday and taking a live look from philadelphia international airport and sky 6 hd bouncing a bit but no weather woes here today with a crystal clear blue sky and a few puffy cumulous clouds and no storms in the delaware or lehigh valleys. 87 in philadelphia and that is the change the dew point down to 51 and yesterday it was in the 70s that is a measure of the moisture in the air, winds from the north 16 and the heat index the same as the air temperature, if are you at the shore the ocean on the cool side of 66 degrees, at the shore no sea breeze temperature as long the shore equal to inland locations
5:26 pm
in the mid to upper 80s, 85 in reading and 87 in wilmington and dover 86 degrees, at light and radar shows the cold front way to the south and a few puffy cumulous clouds to the north and a few storms developing south of washington and the clouds are blow ago way from the storms with the west-northwestly wind and you can see high clouds pushing into dover because of storms south of washington but no effect from storms in our immediate area, if you have the cirrus clouds around it could create a spectacular sunset and speaks of sunsets, it's at 8:25 p.m. but one month from today we lose about a half hour of daylight in the afternoon and evening and two months from now in september, that sunsets as early as early as 7:0 tonight moonlit sky and 59 in
5:27 pm
reading and 62 in mill shrill and right around 70 at the shore and if you put off mowing the lawn, in your lawn is still growing and not completely brown, the best day of the week tomorrow is low humidity and get out there and enjoy a breath of fresh air with temperatures of 86 degrees at 5:00 in the afternoon and if you don't do it tomorrow, it will be pretty tough to get out there, especially with the humidity increasing by the end of the week and the weekend, only one more comfortable day, and not only do we have the humidity that will spike, the temperatures will get to dangerous levels by the weekend and you don't want to be doing any outdoor activities here going into friday, saturday and sunday. 86 tomorrow and 90 on thursday, and some thunderstorms friday afternoon at 95, and then blazing sun saturday and sunday, and 97 and 98 with the heat index between 100 and 105 degrees and the heat will go even higher into next week, we'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast, in the next half hour.
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rick get out and mow the lawn -- >> it's already mowed. i think. i
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"action news" connues with adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again monica will be along at 6:00 and sharrie williams is joining us tonight. donald trump clinching the republican nomination should be the talk of the convention but the speech given by mrs. trump continues to steal the show, we are live in cleveland with the latest. and at the start of the national convention, the city is ready for all the action. and one of the most dangerous roadways in the city may be slowing down in several lawmakers have their way. all right it's day two of an already fiery national convention, we'll take to you a live look at quick enloans arena in cleveland in a few minutes and tens of millions of dollars spent will come to fruition tonight when donald trump officially clinches the
5:31 pm
nomination for president. jim gardner is live now inside of the arena with more on that. it's loud inside of there jim -- ♪ ♪ >> reporter: thank youhaie they are about to bring to order this second night of the republican national convention but i want to go right to video, i want to show you the first big assembly of protesters in what they call public square here in cleveland. there may now be or there was about 1,000 protesters including black lives matter and the westboro baptist church. there were hundreds of police, maybe 300 to 400 but there was no confrontation. there was all kinds of things written and things spoken about the potential for violence this week in cleveland but to this point there has been a notable absence of protests and now i'm
5:32 pm
being told just now that black lives matter has left the scene, we don't know whether they are simply dispersing to dinner or marching to another destination, we'll keep an eye out on this for you. tonight's agenda, the role call of states that will nominate donald trump and speeches by donald trump jr. and tiffany trump and the theme tonight is make america work again, but this convention has fallen victim to a major distraction and the trump team is not happy about it. melania trump the focus of the tension last night, when she gave a well received speech about the personal side of her husband, within a couple of hours it was revealed that portions of the speech bore a striking resemble, a remarkable
5:33 pm
resemblance to the speech michelle obama gave to the democratic convention in 2008. here are two examples. >> barack and i were raised with so many of the same values, like you work hard to what you want in life. that your word is your bond that you do what you say you are going to do. >> my parents impressed on me the values, that you work hard for what you want in life. that your word is your bond, and you do what you say and keep your promise. >> that you treat people with dignity and respect even if you don't know them and even if you don't agree with them. >> that you treat people with respect, and show values and morals in their daily life, that is the lesson i continue to pass along to our son and we need to
5:34 pm
pass those lessons on to the many generations to follow. >> i'm here with david eisenhower, a fellow at the university of pennsylvania. the son-in-law of former president nixon and grandson of former president quite eisenhower. an unusual situation with melania trump's speech, the word plagiarism is being used was this plagiarism was it that serious or something else? >> i think for you and me and people old enough to remember, there was a similar episode involving vice president biden about 30 years ago and these things happen, the question i was asking myself last night and i saw it live, was a very simple one can melania trump represent the united states as a first lady? can she deliver a speech, can
5:35 pm
she go out in front of a crowd like this on national television and perform on television and boy did she. i thought she was fantastic. >> she did, and there are obviously people around here that say but the words were michelle obama's not melania trump's or even the speech writer. >> how many ways can you say i love my husband. i understand how they happen, and these become the grist of stories at avonvention and that is what we are doing here. we have a team of students. and we'll see in philadelphia next week, out looking for this very thing because these are all tests of campaigns. the larger thing i was watching television last night and i have been saying, can this person go
5:36 pm
before a u.n. conference overseas and represent america and i was tingly watching it, i thought she was very, very good. >> david eisenhower thank you for being with us. >> chris christie will take the podium, new jersey governor, we could point out that new jersey, the delegation is in the front row. perhaps showing some deference, a favorite of governor chris christie, perhaps the first well known public official to endorse donald trump during the primary campaign. new jerseyans have the good seats. we'll be back at 6:00 where more from the republican national convention. >> thanks jim. front row seats and a lot happening. meantime the republican national committee is firing back at the band queen, saying they played the licensing fee to pay the popular song, we are the champions. after the band slammed donald
5:37 pm
trump accusing him of playing it without permission. ♪ ♪ last night donald trump walked out at the rnc to we are the champions. the remaining members of queen fired back online tweeting, an unauthorized use at the republican convention against our wishes, current front man, adam lambert, went a step further and he posted this picture, if your political party spends decades treating gay people as second class citizens, guess what you don't get to use it as your convention. >> they announced they paid the licensing fee that allowed them to play the song and it's recommended they get permission from the artist to play it, it's
5:38 pm
not required. and go to and see slideshows and live streams and more. on facebook and twitter check out our live video updates from the "action news" team and make sure your voice is heard by joining the conversation. >> all right, in less than six days democrats from around the country will descend on philadelphia to endorse hillary clinton for their presents. the list of politicians expected to speak, they asked real americans to share their stories as well. four of the speakers are from philadelphia and vernon odom caught up with a couple of those speakers today. he is live outside of the wells fargo center with their story. >> reporter: good evening rick, physical preparations for the convenience here next week remain very much a work in progress as you look at the wells fargo center. the democrat party officials say not to worry, it will come together on time.
5:39 pm
this is hillary's convention managers as they release more names that will speak here next week. >> it's overwhelming but exciting and i'm just so honored to have been chosen. >> child advocate lawyer, kate burt on got the call that the clinton campaign called her to speak at the democratic convention to emphasize the secretary's early public service career. >> we are highlight hillary work in the juvenile justice system and my own small role and throughout the country. >> exciting and i was speechless. anton moore was picked to highlight the other top issues. gun violence. >> police violence and inner city violence right now, it's in our community and trying to bring everything together and get a sense of understanding of
5:40 pm
what is going on, that is what we try to do. as they work on their convention remarks, and some 500 union workers from philadelphia are furiously working on infrastructure, that kicks off monday, a key supervisor says they will complete their work on saturday. >> because of the experience in 2000 with the republican national convention we were abe to get a head start and instead of coming in a month or so educating them on what this is, they were able to come with some plans and say hey we should think about doing this. it gave us a good head start. >> rick, convention officials say tonight they will not even give us a peek of the stage and podium for use until friday morning. live in south philadelphia. i'm vernon odom, channel 6
5:41 pm
"action news." >> all right thank y vernon. we'll be there friday morning. sharrie over to you. >> thanks rick. hillary clinton did not waste an opportunity to take a jab at donald trump's dramatic entrance. today she spoke to an american federation of states, county and municipal employees in las vegas, trump's movie minded her of a movie the wizard of oz. >> there were similarities that appeared to me. >> lots of sound and fury and even a fog machine, but when you pulled back the curtain it was just donald trump with nothing to offer to the american people. >> while in nevada clinton picked up the endorsement of unite here a labor union to represents workers in the hotel and gaming industry. the democrats are coming, 6 abc is ready to bring you it's action in the democratic
5:42 pm
national convention. the special coverage begins this friday. in the meantime, tuesday night, we'll get a check of the "action news" report, rick and sharrie, the traffic is moving on the schuylkill westbound and that is saying something. it's pretty much a solid line through the roosevelt to conshohocken to the blue route, it's the earlier overturned vehicle crash on the northbound side of the blue route at ridge pike and the crash is now gone and left us with the big delays and speeds like 10 miles per hour on the westbound schuylkill, just 17 on the eastbound side and 15 miles per hour on the northbound side of 47 6 it's gone but we are to recover. this is the vine street expressway in center city, jam packed in both directions with afternoon volume but here is the bit of good news, penndot announced they are not closing the vine tonight or anymore nights until after the democratic national convention
5:43 pm
next week. so the closures resume the first week of august and will not shut down tonight. watch for a crash in tinicum township, and one along 89
5:44 pm
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5:46 pm
jammy is here and phillies are finding offense taking on the marlins. >> learn how to hit rick. >> if they ask me to go down will. >> take two, against the fish. they struck out 18 times in an 11 lynning loss. vince valesquez is hot. 14 of their strikeouts came against hernandez. a 3-2 loss they now dropped three of their last four. now, it's time to bounce back. >> they are playing good baseball and you need a short memory for baseball. the way you play every day, you forget about it and come out and do what you need to do tonight. aaron nola pitched six
5:47 pm
scoreless innings before being taken out after being hit in the shoulder by a line drive, what is the key to bouncing back for him the way he did. >> stay positive. you know, people -- it's easy to say but once you go through it, you experience it and see for yourself. i just think positive and believe in yourself, tonight definitely felt good. for the first time in his career, tiger woods will miss all four majors, he announced he is done for the season, he pulled out of the pga championship set to be played in springfield, new jersey. he is recovering from back surgery. finally we know that baseball is a sport full of superstitions, stay away from a pitcher playing a no-hitter and tap home plate a certain number of times before an at-bat and
5:48 pm
fix your hat. and they kiss terry francona's bald head and he kissed santana's bat in return. the only down fall is that francona's lips are really, really chapped. >> they do what they have to do. >> you do anything like that for the newscasts? >> you do anything like that for the newscasts? >> we don't work together every fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds,
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tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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meteorologist adam joseph is here fow with a check of the forecast. we are not out of the soup completely? >> we have the temporary break and then it's back with a vengeance, as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan yeery h storms that broke the heat and humidity, but right now nothing going on on the radar and we look at the action cam down in rittenhouse square, and it was packed and the breeze was blowing nicely with the dry air invading the region be not sweating all that much going out. as we take a look at philadelphia's high today. it was 89 degrees, just below
5:52 pm
the 90 degree threshold, so the heat behave that was five days long has officially stopped here and we go into our fourth heat wave on thursday and normal high is 87 and the low temperature this morning was 73 degrees. low 80s at the shore and mid-80s towards beach haven and 87 in philadelphia and beautiful in the poconos, the temperature of just 74 degrees. cold front is now down to the south, you can see the storms firing up in richmond with severe storms up there. high clouds breaking in, with storms for delaware and new jersey and a few patchy clouds drifting in from the north and west. for tonight get out and there is a moonlit sky and it's the buck moon. tonight the buck begin to grow their new antlers around this time of year and that is why the name was given to this particular moon in the month of
5:53 pm
july. way, way, way back. very comfortable tonight and 58 in the suburbs, 68 in center city and another beauty on tap here for tomorrow. mostly sunny on wednesday and low humidity once again and temperatures will be a couple of degrees cooler inland locations than today and a sea breeze kicking in tomorrow at the shore today we baked in the upper 80s and tomorrow upper 70s with an easterly wind 7 to 14 miles per hour. and then high pressure is off the coast and that mean a return southwesterly wind and more humid at 90 degrees and then the heat continues to build in the plains, heat indexes there by thursday, well over the century point and this will break off and move to the east, and yes it will come our way by the weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecastunny and pleasant and 86 for tomorrow. slightly humid here and hot on thursday at 90 degrees, add 5 degrees on friday and the humidity spikes up and we could
5:54 pm
see strong storms coming in friday afternoon with a weak front and then the blazing sun takes control on saturday. and 97, and record heat on sunday and heat indexes of 105 with a scattered storm and more record heat with the dnc beginning monday with and brutal heat and 99 and if we hit 100 somewhere on monday for an air temperature it will will he the first time in four years in philadelphia. >> i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
5:55 pm
who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know,
5:56 pm
when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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right now the "action news" team is standing by with these stories and more at 6:00. an "action news" exclusive. police break up a burglary ring that targeting high end homes and pricey items across the delaware valley. and the speech that is the talk of the nation, did melania trump plagiarize michelle obama. "action news" anchor jim gardner take a trip to oak harbor, ohio to talk politics. now for meteorologist, adam joseph, cecily tynan, jaime apody, sharrie
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. >> tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and other valuables swiped from homes in several towns, the burglary spree came to an end when the police got ahead of one suspect. i'm melissa magonica malpass an story the burglary ring that targeted homes across the delaware valley. chad pradelli is live now with the "action news" exclusive. >> reporter: three of thur suspects in custody were
6:00 pm
captured behind me, according to authorities they were attempting to burglarize a home what they didn't know they were being tracked by police. >> anthony jones's front door is boarded up and out tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry and other valuables. >> jones was in london for work when authorities say that sean lender shown here on the door bell cam broke into the house on the unit block of gray stone in marple. >> i didn't know if they had an inside tip and knew where my safe was. >> it was behind a door. >> a month earlier a home on the 400 block of newtown street road was also burglarized. they caught linder and james allegedly trying to break into this home in whitpain last night and they are trying to connect them to dozens of break-ins across the tri-state area in the past year, they


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