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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  July 20, 2016 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. it is tuesday night, and the big story on "action news"
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tonight, it is history made here at the rnc, in cleveland, and donald trump is now the official nominee of the republican party for president of the united states and he spoke to the delegates tonight by remote from the trump tower in new york. >> what we did getting the party's nomination i'll never forget it. it is something i will never, ever forget. >> eighty-nine votes donald j trump. >> this is the way it looked as trump's home state of new york cast their ballots and put their man over the top. donald trump becomes the first private citizens since dwight eisenhower to be nominated by a major party. it has a remarkable urine you since declared in june 2015a it as an effort marked by controversy and regardless of what happens in november, the trump candidacy has already earned a unique place in the american history.
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"action news" reporter sarah bloomquist is on the convention floor as the climatic moment. >> we are here on the convention floor, donald j trump has just secured the republican nomination. i'm here with the pennsylvania delegation, tell me what is this moment like. >> it is a great moment for done will old trump, should be a very interesting election season. i think he will do very well. >> donald trump earned it. we were concerned from the beginning even though wow win majority of the vote he wouldn't get the delegate race. that is why we ran. we ran a trump delegates and we were proud to be here to cast our vote. >> i got the chills because it was just something that we have been waiting for, for a very long time and we have been working tirelessly for mr. trump, in the south east. >> reporter: is what the feeling. >> it is great. great thing for the party. fact that pennsylvania was able to be there and new york put him over the top is fantastic. >> it is excite ago this nobody predict this and he is right, it is a movement not just a campaign anymore.
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exciting moment. >> reporter: very big night on the convention floor as delegates sealed the nomination for donald trump. now work to generate more excitement in the coming days, the final two days of the convention, leading up to thursday night when donald trump takes the stage to accept the nomination. in cleveland, ohio i'm's sarah bloomquist for channel six "action news". we want to show you our three states, announcing their votes, in the roll call tonight. >> pennsylvania, all home of the pat toomey, home of the 13 republican congressman. >> new jersey, 51 delegate, 51 trump, delaware, 16 delegates with the balling bound delegate, 16 trum. >> later in the tonight chris christie welcomed the chance to play one of his favorite rolls, that being asiana tack dog and his target is hillary clinton. >> in the past few weeks we have seen the justice
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department refuse to prosecute her. over the race eight years we have seen this administration refuse to hold her accountable for her dismal record as secretary of the state. so lets a's do something fun tonight, tonight as a former federal prosecutor i will welcome the opportunity to hold hillary rodham clinton accountable for her performance and her character. >> chris christie who had hoped to be on the podium tonight as candidate not lieutenant, going after hillary clinton mercilessly for her job as secretary of state, for libya, for benghazi, and, of course for the e-mail scandal. at the end of the second day of the convention a unquestionablely the big story the nomination for donald trump for president of the united states. remarkable day, a remarkable night, here in cleveland. monica? >> thanks, jim. of course, we invite you all
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to visit six often to the convention to expand your understanding of the issues and to see slide shows, live streams and much more, on facebook and twitter, check out our live, updates from the "action news" team and make yourself heard by joining, that conversation. and we are less than a week until the democratic national convention begins here in philadelphia where hillary clinton is is set to accept her party's nomination. city is rolling out red carpet or in this case a multi colored mural. artist began installing a mile long mural a licensing south broad street median, called 14 movement, a symphony of color and word. it was designed by matt demessco. pallet of the colors runs from city hall to washington avenue. democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton spent her day wowing the labor vote in las vegas and criticizing the rnc. it the is actually comparing donald trump to the business air of oz movie. >> there were similarities
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that appeared to me, you know, lots of sound, fury, even a fog machine but when you pulled back the curtain it was just donald trump with nothing to offer to the american people. >> clinton then addressed 6,000 members of the as me and later rallied supporters of on you unite here. they are workers from hotel food service is. nevada is i a top battle ground state and part of the voter mobilization effort to register 3 million new voters. our live dnc coverage from the wells fargo center starts this friday. entire "action news" team is poised to bring you have angle and, of course, we hope you join us as you our city is in the national spotlight. community took part in the town hall today about issues impacting latina voters this election year. this discussion was sponsored pie althea news and held at kimmel center tonight. the panel discussed what motivates female voters a and what it means to have the
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first, female presidential presumptive nominee. we have breaking news right now of a dangerous discovery during a traffic stop by philadelphia police. officers say they found a stick of dynamite in a vehicle and bomb squad has now been called in. the scene 20th and champlost in the germantown section. that is where "action news" reporter christie ileto is live with breaking details, christie, what do you have. >> reporter: well, monica, moments ago the bomb squad left with those homemade explosives that were apparently discovered in that white minivan just down the street. now, parentally this started as a traffic stop when officers spotted the van, which was double parked, just before 10:00 o'clock. now when the officers walk up they could smell a very strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. that is when they spotted 31 year-old driver and two, three years old a boy and girl in the back seat and explosive, in plane sight. >> this was some improvise explosive device in the
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vehicle. they found two, what a peers to be about two quarter sticks of tine -- dynamite. they are homemade. they have no manufacturing markings so they believe they were improvised devices. >> reporter: now fortunate thely none of those explosives detonated. the bomb squad removed them. tapping out here you can see a lot of children living in that area. that 31 year-old is facing reckless endangerment of children and narcotics and explosives charges. reporting live from germantown, christie ileto for channel six "action news". monica. thanks, christie. tolls are going up on the pennsylvania turnpike for both cash and e-z pass customers. 6 percent hike initial to effect january 8th of this coming year. the turnpike commission says that toll increase is needed to fund a recent lay proved ten year spending plan which does call for reconstruction and widening of the turnpike. by the way this hike will not be the last, in fact, turnpike commission expects more toll
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hikes every year for the next 27 years. meanwhile the roosevelt boulevard could be getting speed cameras, a proposed state law would take its speeders $150 if it is driving at least 11 miles an hour over the limit. the fines could be sent to the car owner in the mail. the boulevard already has red light cameras at several intersections but advocates size 61 traffic deaths in the last five years as the need foreign more reform. an excited group of target employees and shoppers watched tonight as mayor jim kenney cut the ribbon on a new center city store. 19,000 square foot location is at 11th and chestnut tonight washington square neighborhood. it offers groceries, clothing, electronic and pharmacy. officials say is further proof obvious how many people live in center city now, not the just work there. in fact there are apartments above this store. the new item ploys 60 people. another center city target is
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undercover trucks eight blocks away at 19th and chestnut. still ahead on "action news", deadly confrontation caught on camera as a high yakker lunges for an officer's gun. plus, pokey stop, the virtual world gets physical when a driver is distracted by the hottest new video game. a heart warming tore friday children's hospital, about the latest folks in our area they will go to make things right for a young cancer patient who was also, the victim of a crime. adam? temperatures remain we low 90 degrees in philadelphia today break in the heat and humidity will not last long, it the will build and send its way back up the easterne board n fact, pretty intense this next go round. we will talk bit in the accu weather forecast. plus jamie apody with the phillies taking on the marlins and sight we all need after very tough weeks in news, the annual baby parade at the shore when "action news" continues tonight.
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investigation underway into what caused a construction accident at one of the country's largest infrastructure projects. today a giant crane crashed down on the tappan bridge in new york and created a traffic night more and more than 100,000 vehicles use that bridge evidence and no cars was hit and no oneath strua bus hijacker and a police officer last month on june 24 when a 42-year-old suspect rushed an oklahoma officer going for her gun as you can see and wrestling her to the floor of that bus. another officer came on board and killed the hijacker, all the passengers had been ordered off the bus beforehand, that suspect was reportedly fleeing a carjacking. the police captain in kansas kansas was killed in the line of
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duty today. he is the fourth officer murdered nationwide since sunday. officials say 46-year-old captain robert melton was searching for a suspect after responding to a report of shots fired and opened fire before melton could even get out of his vehicle, three suspects were later arrested, melton had been with the force 17 years. in baton rouge, louisiana dozens of officers sworn in as temporary deputies to help assist the force today, three officers were killed sunday as you know and a fourth remains in critical condition. today president barack obama wrote an open letter to law enforcement across the country praising their valor and also called on congress to increase funding to police departments for additional active shooter training and even more bulletproof vests. montgomery county putting support for police up in lights and county courthouse is in blue tonight in memory of baton rouge, dallas and all other
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fallen officers and county commissioners pray that respect and tolerance will overcome violence. the head of fox news could soon be out amid a sexual harassment controversy and roger ailes accused of harassing carlson and meghn kelly and sued him for sexual harassment earlier this month and murdoch and 21st century fox are investigating and his spokeswoman says he is negotiating a departure from fox. >> not inside his patrol car. >> the baltimore police department released this video today showing the dangers of the reality game called pokemon go, a police officer's body camera was rolling when a car crashed into their cruiser, police said the driver admitted he was playing the game. they hope the video reminds drivers everywhere to please pay attention. an area toddler fighting
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leukemia has two police officers to thank for making her days brighter, the little girl plays on an ipad to help her through rigorous medical treatments but when it got taken her parents were at their witts end and action reporter dan has more. >> reporter: this is 21st month old stricken with a rare form of leukemia she is at children's hospital under going rigorous treatments to keep her alive. >> hard to look at her everyday and see her struggling, knowing there is nothing we can do. >> reporter: her parents matthew and katrina say the real sense of joy their little girl gets is from her ipad. >> face timing our family and face timing our dog to remember and meant a lot to her. >> reporter: being moved from one room to another it went missing and cooper and james tried to track the ipad through the internal tracking device but it was to no avail.
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>> heartbreaking to see what the child was going through and we have to do something better and i agreed and we got together and made it better for her. >> reporter: james gave the little girl his own personal ipad and gave it to her on one condition. >> you have to come return that to me when you turn 20. she got a kick out of that so hopefully i'll see her when she is 20 and bring it back to me. >> reporter: at this moment in time when the nation seems split? fragment ms over policing and law enforcement policies this family was moved by the officer's generosity and kindness. >> wanted to broadcast another side of the police, not everything bad going on do you know what i mean? and we hardly have time to watch t.v. because she is literally fighting for her life. >> i couldn't stop crying and didn't know their names. i made him go chase them so we could get their names and they get the recognition they deserve because they went above and beyond. >> thank you from the bottom of
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our hearts and she thanks you. >> wants you to know how much you meant to them and their little girl. >> happy we touched their hearts and they touched ours. dan with action news 6, let's check the accuweather forecast and can we get two in a row on sunshine? >> we can sunshine, low humidity but we will change on thursday. take a look at the tracker six live it's quiet and we have cluster storms developing by baltimore, washington and a little blip that blossomed there on state landing on new castle and kent county heading over the delaware river toward the bay side and parts of new jersey, no lightning with it but kind of one little area that decided to kind of just bubble up here this evening. most of us it's crystal clear and comfortable and many have gone out to check out that full buck moon. this is from sky six in atlantic city, a pretty beautiful shot
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there and again get out and enjoy the next let's just say 18-24 hours. as we look at the numbers philadelphia 77 degrees right now, 72 for allen town as well as trenton, 75 reddening and warm in wilmington and the shore and long beach island of 74 to atlantic city airport and 69 cape may, 71 degrees. looking at satellite to the north and west earlier this evening we had cumulus clouds that developed and quickly fell apart and a little cluster to our south and west that blossomed near baltimore washington and lightning most of it missing us to the south and scrape southern sussix county and high and dry through the rest of the overnight hours, 86 the high tomorrow. one more very comfortable day with high pressure in control. wall to wall sunshine. looking at the day planner here and in the middle of the week,
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8:00 tomorrow morning 72 degrees and stay ing this the 70s through much of the morning hours. it's not really until lunchtime we break into the 80s here and top off only in the middle 80s in the middle part of the day and you can see that full sunshine here and 8:00 tomorrow night sitting at 81 degrees. if you are at the shore there is no sea breeze but tomorrow you will catch it here with that easterly wind. upper 70s for highs, the ocean 67 degrees watch the uv index high and not long to burn, 78 cape may and with the ocean waters warmer off the beaches in delaware better there and 80 at the beach, 81 bethenny booet and uv index high there. heat wednesday and tomorrow afternoon from kansas city and little rock to baton rouge over 100 and expands and intensifies
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and des moines 116 and we have to watch this because the core of the heat heads eastbound in the weekend and early next week. exclusive accuweather seven day forecast it's pleasant here of 86, slightly humid and hot and humid on thursday, hot humid with afternoon storms popping here, some could be strong on friday, 95 degrees then the sun will blaze and cook us here this weekend. 97 on saturday, 98 with the heat index of 105 on sunday with pop-ups and with the dnc in town a lot f people will be around, hydrate and stay in doors on 99 on monday and record breaking with heat well above that and storms in the afternoon on monday too. thank you so much adam and it was a pint sized centennial celebration and children were there for the 100th year in a row to 44th of the boardwalk and came in costumes like lobsters
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in a pot and alice in wonder land and hermits in a cage and a rock star and an eagle and music bag pipers to top it all off. a red carpet opening at the center for a special movie screening equity, a movie about women on wall street and produced by women and shot in philadelphia and one of the stars thomas is a native and equity will be released next month. and jimmy kimmel, 11:35 with a preview of the show. >> hello philadelphia look what we made just for you, let's begin the flopping here we go, three, two, one. [laughter] wow. >> i'm a little nervous. don't worry. you're in good hands. ♪
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breaking news out of hollywood and famed actorro dueser gary marshal has died and also known for creating the 1970 sitcom
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happy days and directing pretty woman and died from complications of pneumonia and survived by his wife since 1963, marshal was 81 years old and marlins drop two in a row here. >> four of the last five and someone fix the bats and philly had four hits and extra innings and five hits in the same. the poke go phenomenon has hit the park and fanatec is obsessed and distracted, watch out that is the umpire and what is happening and looking for the fourth straight win and no distraction and galvez and hernandez with a double play and kristin in the fourth and gave the marlins a 1-0 lead. but he was pretty good other than that. bottom of the fourth tommy joseph look at this deck 13th of
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the year and homered two nights in a row. move to the 10th and daniel on the hill. yelich with another rbi and he accounts for both marlin runs and all the fish would need ap reel it back 2-1 in 10 and fellys dropped four the last five. >> we are if in that hitting funk again and just not swinging the bats, too many bat at bats and not grinding out the bats and we need to do that. too many call it third strikes with men in score position is a pet peeve of mine and we will address that. >> moment earlier today as they visited st. christopher's hospital and playing pin the tail on the baseball player and brought the big green guy with him and not playing pokemon go, just offering up some smiles. look at that little guy's face. i think it's important to come and spend some time with the kids and break up their day a little bit, keep their minds off
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the treatments and while they are here we are able to shed light that is the most important thing. >> in sports when is the next time we will see tiger woods on ♪ trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes ! so don't wait...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪
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for the first time in his career tightel woods will miss all four majors and tiger pulled out of the pga championships 95 miles
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from here in spreing field missouri and he has not played since back surgery and baseball has superstition and home plate a certain number of times and don't change your hat and they are playing really well they claim it's because of a pregame ritual where carlos santana kisses his bald head and he smoochs his back in return. and santana passed the home run over the past year and cleveland has a 5 1/2 lead in the division and working and they both have very chapped lips but other than that. >> whatever works. >> right. >> i tap the desk. >> good ritual and american red cross has more than 25,000 tonight additionally to help save lives and there was a check with no more fire deaths and provides fire safety education for folks in and around philadelphia and smoke alarms
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and packed 2000 fire safety bags to hand out in neighbors and jimmy kimmel is next followed by night line and action news continues at 4:30 with palm and o'donnell and murphy and karen rogers on traffic and now for jim gardner and cecily tynan and ducis rodgers, make it a good night tonight. it's the celebration of the year!
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