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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  July 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> but before that can a happen they are dealing with the fallout from monday. sara bloomquist is live now from the convention. >> reporter: that is right sharrie and brian, donald trump returning to cleveland this morning. ahead of an evening that will feature his choice for vice president indiana governor, mike pence. trump's helicopter landed at 2:15 this morning. trump and his family joined pence and his wife for what is billed as a friends and family rally. friends will address the convention, a big introduction for him to the nation. and the fallout continues about melania trump's fiasco, today the speech writer that helped her with the speech, that had similar language to michelle obama's speech. she says that while working on
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the speech melania brought up passages of the speech and it made it into the draft and then the final chief. i did not check mrs. obama's speeches and this is my mistake and i feel terrible for the chaos i caused melania as well as the trumps. >> trump rejected it and said people make innocent mistake and we learn and grow from the experiences. >> and now from someone that was not fired to someone that was. philadelphia edwards own aaron elmore heard the famous words on the apprentice, today she is a prominent national spokesperson for the candidate she considered a mentor and friend. we caught up with her at the convention. >> we met up with philadelphia's own erin elmore after the gop
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nominated donald trump for the president nominee. they first met on the reality tv program the apprentice. >> i knew i would be a supporter. >> this villanova law graduate and mother of a young son says her new job as a surrogate for trump is an unlikely turn for her career path. >> if you told me i would be heavily involved in republican politics, i would say wake up. every day is different and you meet so many people from so in walks of life, everybody has a good story and is interesting. >> do you take flak for being a supporter. how do you defend it. >> pennsylvania is pretty darn blue and i have taken flak, but every single friend i have remained my friend because they are grateful for the opportunity
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i have been given. >> what is next for the gop's erin elmore. >> maybe i'll end up in the white house or on the abc the view as their conservative view, if my adventure with politics stops tomorrow, i have lived and learned and had a blast. >> reporter: it was a pleasure to meter rin, clearly she has big dreams and is on her way. tonight our local delegates are looking to hear from donald trump's vice presidential pick, mike pence we'll hear from them coming up not long from now at 5:00. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> another big night sara thank you. of course sara's reports continue throughout the evening and coming up at 6:00 we'll check in with jim gardner and tune in to 6 abc tonight at 10:00. following by "action news" at
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sec. and visit to learn more about this campaign's main issues. can you see slideshows, and live streamsp much more and on facebook and twitter check out our live video updates from the "action news" team here and in cleveland. and make yourself heard by joining the important conversation. well, here in philadelphia the democratic national convention is just days away and local businesses are in the spirit. everything is coming up donkeys and images of hillary clinton are filling store front windows. on 13 and street they created a custom soap showing a donkey kicking an elephant and a fine art gallery up the street that has a convention themed display called the election collection. and they are adding extra supplies and extra employees and working extra long hours for all
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the guests we expect here in town. tens of thousands of them. and as for where everybody is going to stay there are still hotels available. >> i suspect that center city will sell out. people want to be close to the convention and close to the action. >> as for local business, that were disappointed by low traffic during the papal visit during september. the city says this kind of event proves to be a good one for local businesses. now, speaking of our local businesses, many are offering special deals just for the dnc, we'll break them down coming up later in our show in what's the deal? and we have more on the democratic convention here in philadelphia. look for special live reported starting friday here on "action news." >> going to be a busy time no doubt. it's time for a first check of the accuweather forecast.
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>> i suspect any business with air conditioning will do well. meteorologist, adam joseph, is standing by with the first check. a good place to be is outdoors, low humidity and sun and clouds and a nice afternoon, philadelphia is just 4-degrees, and below average this afternoon. 82 in allentown and 83 in trenton and 82 in dover and low 80s for the shore communities with the ocean at 70 degrees. how much moisture is in the air? not much. we are in the comfy zone today with dew points in the 50s and the dew points soar into the 70s over the next few days. for the next 12 hours, temperatures slide back into the 70s and a clear sky overnight. sunshine is breaking over the horizon at 6:00 tomorrow morning with the temperature around 69 degrees. feeling the comfortable air it's over and notice the heat building in the deep south, and
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all of this expands and pushes to the east and we'll talk about dangerous numbers ahead in the accuweather forecast. and some of the hottest temperatures we have seen in four years in just a little bit. >> thank you adam. police have a new clue today in the search for a man they say sexually assaulted a woman in port richmond. we first told you about the attack earlier this week. janet reyes is live with more. >> reporter: well, sharrie that is exactly right, several days ago we told you about the brutal murder of a woman in kensington and today philadelphia police releasing surveillance video showing a man who might be behind that and a series of other attacks including a sexual assault. >> i'm not very surprised. but you know it's unnerving. >> erin just started her new job working in the kensington
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neighborhood on jasper street. news of a sexual and violent assault last week sent shivers down her spine and is not shocked it happened here. >> i carry mace with me. >> be aware of my surroundings walking down the street. >> just past midnight on july 12th a woman was approach bid a man and choked her unconscious and sexually assaulted her she was found naked with head injuries. another attacked later and this time the victim was killed. >> 35-year-old ricky morgan was found covered in blood along the highway here. they set up a memorial in her memory. >> police responded to reported of screams on jasper street and found morgan completely naked and covered in blood on the
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sidewalk. new surveillance video released today shows this man, police believe he may be behind both crimes. >> we hope someone may have seen this individual, and recognize this person, from the neighbor seen him around and can provide us with information. >> he is described as a black man possibly in his 30s with a full mustache and beard and a two tone jacket and backpack and a baseball cap with a v shaped logo on it. and a black mountain bike with a reflector on it. and initially police were holding off on talking to the media, because they thought they had big leaded talking to two individualed but that turned out to be a dead end and they are now counting on the community to give them information however minor you think it might be that may lead to a break in this case.
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reporting live, channel 6 "action news." >> all right lets hope the tips start coming. it's time now for a first check of the "action news" traffic report. >> lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. not a lot of movement behind you matt. >> reporter: no, no one of our favorite days of the week but a least favorite situation on this wednesday afternoon is a crash on 95 southbound side in the work zone at girard avenue, taking out the right lane but it doesn't look to take out the right lane more much longer, they just had movement on the southbound side and they are getting ready to tow away the minivan involved. the right lane is blocked at girard so stop and go from academy to this point at girard avenue. also, watching a vehicle into a pole near blue bell, plymouth road and morris road, and an overturned truck took down a
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pole in gloucester county and 40 hardy highway is closed. a crash at 352 in harrison township, that is not slowing thicks down. but slowing in mercer county on the northbound side of the new jersey turn took, there is an accident approaching 7 a taking out lanes of the indrive. expect the speeds in the 20s. elsewhere many mercer county a crash in west windsor southbound of route 1, just 6 miles per hour approaching the accident scene. we usually like the number 6 but not in this case. still ahead this afternoon. he created one of the most pop par tv shows of all time. today the entertainment world is mourning his loss. and philadelphia police take
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time off patrols to get up close with the communities they serve. they hope the block party will build bridges with neighbors. and a fire ripped apart a mushroom farm.
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there is a lot of focus these days on the relationship between police and the neighborhoods they serve. so today some philadelphia cops spent the day with kids in the community with hopes of building a relationship. "action news" reporter vernon odom takes us to today's block party in kensington. >> reporter: in kensington today the 25th police district a four hour block party for local families and especially the children, throwing the party, the police athletic league and the cops that work daily in this high crime section of philadelphia. >> we have a lot of stress in the neighborhood and we wanted to bring some fun for the kids to do for the day and come out
4:16 pm
safely and not have to worry about needles left in their front yard. >> they isolated streets and bringing young people out to show that people care, that there is more to life than ducking and hiding from people doing bad things in their neighborhood. >> there was joy and approval and an understanding of what it is about and the potential to create goodwill. they would have to do this in times of strive and trouble. >> i like it. >> it's a good thing? >> yes, i don't think cops are that bad. >> he want them to have fun out here. you know, we are all having a good time. i don't see no negative vibes. >> powell is 70 years old now, and reaching out to the mean streets trying to have an impact on their lives, trying to build better relationships with the
4:17 pm
cops and the community. >> they see the police officers are a person they can go to for a safe haven. >> there were no protesters here today only the hope that the promise comes true to make this an annual event. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." here at the big board, today the film and television world celebrating the life and work of legendary director, gary marshall, also a writer and producer, marshall had an uncanny ability to make america laugh. he pass add way overnight at the able of 81. he wrote and directed the hits in the 70s, happy days and laverne and shirley. and directed pretty woman and overboard and beaches. marshall worked in hollywood for more than half a century. he passed away from complications of pneumonia following a stroke. today the stars remember him on social media. stars say he changed their lives
4:18 pm
for the better. >> bette midler who worked with him on beaches, called him my wonderful hilarious big hearted friend. >> john stamos said without you there could be no me. my heart is breaking. and henry winkleer, the fonz on happy days, says rest in peace thank you for your loyalty and friendship and generosity. many people remembering gary marshall today. the mega merger with dupont and dow chemical is moving forward now. the action cam was outside of the headquarters today where shareholders approved the deal in a meeting and the companies will merge in december in a deal valued at $62 billion, and regulators still have to approve the plan making the biggest
4:19 pm
combined chemical company in the world and they plan to break it into three separate companies within two years time. a look at the closing numbers. the dow is up 36 points today closing at a new record high. and the nasdaq soaring 54 points and the s&p 500 up just about 9.25 points. we are bracing for what could be extreme heat and the timing the convention comes not ideal. >> not at all. we are looking at the potential for dangerous heat. lets head over to meteorologist, adam joseph. >> reporter: enjoying it. enjoying the sea breeze and riding breakers here as they roll in on sky 6 hd in atlantic city. that is the place to be to beat some of the heat at least to throw yourself into the water here as we go into the end of the week and the upcoming weekend, 84 in philadelphia, you can see the sea breeze, keeping
4:20 pm
temperatures down all the way up towards trenton and wilmington. 81 cape may point and 82 in the lehigh valley and winds out of the northerly direction but we continue to have that very dry air in place. as we look at satellite and radar not looking at a whole lot. a few wispy clouds breaking out of the flow and that will not come out of northwest eventually and turning from the south sound west and that becomes the dangerous heat pump especially this weekend into next week. for tonight another comfortable night, clear as well with a gentle breeze. near 70 in philadelphia and upper 60s for the shore and millville sitting at 63. tomorrow the temperatures do go up quite a bit here, the humidity is going to rise a little. but it's not going to be unbearable here on thursday. 73 degrees at 8:00 in the morning, already jumping to 87 at 2:00.
4:21 pm
topping off at 90 in the middle part of the afternoon and 84 with a lot of sun and clouds. we look to the west right now, anywhere you see the pink those are heat warnings, excessive heat warnings from bismark north dakota. from springfield, missouri, and advisories extend into the deep south and extend to us every singing day and future tracker 6 heat indexes well above 100 and 112 for des moines and montgomery, alabama 98 and friday that heat expands to the east. kentucky already 110 for a heat index and montgomery, alabama 106 and we see heat indexes here well above 100 as well. the four day at 4:00 forecast. tomorrow the temperatures hit 90 once again as another heat wave is on the way and heat indexes near 100 on friday and you feel the spike in humidity with stray
4:22 pm
storms in the afternoon at 95. a heat index of 100 on saturday and 98 for the high and 98 on sunday with a heat index of 103 degrees and even worse into next week and it will be the consecutive days of heat indexes over 100, it will wreak havoc on our body no matter how conditions we are. >> thank you. students from our area are about to go on a once in a lifetime trip to represent philadelphia. >> and up next a massive fire rips through the national mushroom farm what we know about how it starts. >> ahead of the dnc coming to town, local businesses offering deals you just can't pass up. we'll break them all down coming up in what's the deal? i approve this message.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves!
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thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. two men disguised in ski masks took another man's life in
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front of his home in the park side section. the 22-year-old victim walked outside to meet a friend when the killers shot him several times at 2:00 this morning. >> when the victim collapsed in the 4200 block of viola, both of the shooters stood over the victim and continued to stand of his body and fire shots from point-blank range. >> the shooters later ran into a vacant lot and left the man to die on viola street we are still working to find out the victims name. a massive fire ripped through a mushroom farm this morning. huge flames scorched the modern mushroom farm. the fire was raging at 1:30 this morning crews say it started in bales of hay. we are looking into how badly
4:27 pm
the farm was damaged. no reports of injuries. students in chester county are spending their summer giving back. six students held their 12th annual field day celebration in westchester today. 200 campers spent the summer raising money for the special olympics and today gave the organization this check for $1200. the academy raised more than $12,000 over the last 15 years.
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"action news" at 4:30 continues. >> it is 4:30 and we continue with a local community coming together to thank the police officers that protect their neighborhoods. plus, a stern warning from a delaware man severely burned when a battery exploded in his pants pocket. and from happy hour to taxi services, philadelphia businesses are cashing in on the dnc and you can too. we'll show you how coming up in, what's the deal? >> and a plea for justice for a delaware college students gunned down on his way to work. malcolm evans was shot to death 11 days ago and the person that killed him is still on the run today. bob brooks is live outside of the newcastle county headquarters with more on this family's request for help.
4:30 pm
>> reporter: brian, i can tell you this family is desperate for any kind of information that can help lead them to the person that did this to their son. as is it stands there is no suspect or motive. it's a family that has been broken. their son malcolm is dead shot earlier this month. this is the public plea from the newcastle police tonight a last digit effort to find his killers. >> my name is terry evans and malcolm evans was my loving, sweet humble son that i just can't tell you the hole that we all have in our hearts. >> his dad kevin says he was a student at delaware state and his goal was to be a doctor and that is why malcolm was a listed organ donor and saved three
4:31 pm
people after his death. >> he saved four lives at one time. >> the teen was gunned down on his way to work at fedex at 4:00 a.m. >> i miss him dearly and i just can't believe that one of my beautiful sons will not be with us anymore. >> detectives say that malcolm's car was found crash of the road of country path drive in rutledge, they discovered a single shot was fired in his car striking the teen in the chest. >> he cried out and it was for the public to focus on getting this person off the street. >> so if you can in any way, ease this family's pain pick up the phone. >> we are trying our best malcolm, we are trying to find justice and we love you and miss y you. >> reporter: such a sad story
4:32 pm
there, the family telling us he saved four people with his organ donations, donated his kidney, live and heart. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> lets hope the family gets some answer, bob thank you. we have brand new video from west philadelphia that shows the moment that bullets shattered the door of a donut store hitting a man inside. you see the shooter outside of the fresh and tasty donut store on lancaster avenue, he tries to open the door and then opens fire, the view from inside of the store shows the victim who appears to be trying to hold the door shut. he was hit three times and treated at an area hospital. it happened sunday morning and so far there are no arrested. investigators are looking into what caused a fire that damaged a chester county home. flames were shooting through the roof when firefighter as rived
4:33 pm
at yellow springs road. we are told that the house was vacant at the time and is in the process of being sold. >> a much needed show of appreciation happened in wildwood. american legion post held a brunch for the wildwood police department and they received a certificate for protecting the community. they will be honored tonight during the post weekly bingo event. not the calm before the storm but the comfort before the oppressi oppressiveness. >> it's extreme here, it starts tomorrow and the humidity goes up a bit and it's friday and beyond with the temperatures to get to dangerous levels as we take a look now in center city. just a few clouds out there. pleasant and 84 degrees, low humidity dew points in the 50s and the dew points are the key as we go through the next few days as they start to jump back into the 60s and 70s and the heat index is the same as the
4:34 pm
air temperature a great night for baseball, clear and comfy, 82 for your first pitch and by the ninth inning a pleasant 76 degrees, address we take a live look in easton, the nature nurture center. the heat index not far off the air temperature sitting at 84 degrees. we are looking at another heat wave and what looks to be the worst heat behave we have seen since 2012 around here and it's something we are not acclimated to and we'll talk about the numbers in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you adam. a popular summer program is back offering fresh produce to those in need in philadelphia. the city's corporation for aging was handing out vouchers for senior citizens that qualify. participants can get $20 worth of fresh fruits and veggies.
4:35 pm
>> they get cucumbers and peppers and carrots and all of their salad. and i think it helps them and shows them how to choose better and eat. so many senior citizens are on a fixed income. >> the corporation for aging says this program helps more than 35,000 low income seniors every year. the celebratory spirit at the republican convention is felt by most. but one group is quarantined in their hotels tonight. rick williams has that story. >> that is right for one group of republican staffers in cleveland, well it's turn nood an unforgettable experience but for all the wrong reasons, they contracted a virus normally seen on cruise ships. coming up at 5:00 ali gorman will be here to tell us what
4:36 pm
happened to the staffers in cleveland. coming up at 5:00 tonight the past few months have been touch on police officers across the country and one deputy in texas second guessing his choice of career, he needed a sign or even a miracle and boy did he get one. that story and more coming up on "action news" at 5:00. lets go back to the studio, sharrie we'll see you later. >> thank you rick. 60 hard working teenagers are parking their bag for a trip of a lifetime but first some of them were honored today at city hall. the students were chosen to go to egypt and see the pyramids and other contributions from their ancestors, it's a reward from graduating from the african institute where they learned about african history for the last two years, this are grateful and excited to explore another culture. >> we would like to thank the city of philadelphia for your
4:37 pm
support and thank you for choosing us to be ambassadors for the great city of philadelphia. >> they take off for a 10 day trip. >> great experience for them. a couple is keeping their late son's memory alive through his favorite game. the lehman's started a basketball camp to honor their son after he died of a rare form of epilepsy, he loved basketball and would have loved if other kids learned how to play. >> keeping their son's memory alive. >> next on "action news" at 4:00, an incredible rescue is caught on camera, the group of good samaritans managed to flip an upside down car saving the man inside, hear from the driver up next. >> plus, a favorite childhood game is bringing a mile to those that need it most. because of a creative construction worker, we play
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where's waldo in big talkers.
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the grieving parents of a toddler killed by an alligator at disney world have no plans to sue them. a gator pulled lane graves into
4:41 pm
the water during a family movie night in june. they did not say if there was a financial settlement that was reached. disney is the parent company of 6 abc. a man from bear, delaware is recovering from injuries he received when his electronic cigarette exploded in his pocket. he want to warn you that some of the images we are about to show you are a bit graphic. george was smoking a cigarette and it burned through his pants. he is suing the manufacturer and store where he bought the e-cigarette. saying nobody ever warned him about the risk. >> flames were coming up past my face and i just dropping everything and trying to swat at it and put it out. i don't want to see this happen to anybody else. >> the store involved delaware vapor has no comment about the case at this time. "action news" has reached out to
4:42 pm
the manufacturer, lg kim america but has not heard back. big talkers now and a dramatic rescue that was caught on cell phone video, in kentucky the guy behind the wheel of this red car -- car flipped of three times, a convertible three times but it's the way he survived. jonathan janson was alive but buckled in and trapped. that is when he got a lot of help and i mean a lot of it. a team of goodans helped to get him out. >> i did not expect to see that many people standing there and watching and one lady was praying throughout the whole thing.
4:43 pm
and people were giving me hugs -- janson says for everyone that stopped and helped everyone that stood by and played he is grateful and knows for certain there is good in this world and it does prevail. >> and if you love the story that we have been giving you that give you reasons to smile. here is another one. that is exactly what is happening in this viral story out of indiana. construction workers out of childrens hospital is bringing smiles to some of the smallest patients that could really use is. jason haney one of the construction workers there and his own daughter constructed the eight foot cutout character of where's waldo, he hides it around the hospital for the kids to fine. it's a big hit it makes them happy. >> every day for that four daytime, she woke up and said where's waldo and that helped
4:44 pm
out too. she was more focused on that than the treatments and the pain she was feeling at the time. >> the parents appreciateding it there. >> haney is working on new characters including minions. just a way to get those kids to smile and like mom said take their mind off what they are going for for just a bit. >> alicia thanks. lets get a check of the r d roads right now. >> it's pretty easy to find the traffic troubles because there are so many out there this evening. we were watching delays on 95 southbound by bridge street and then an accident popped up here in the camera, southbound side near bridge street, it looks like the two right lanes are out of commission and this happened five minutes ago and police were on the scene and we were already delayed here on the earlier crash down around girard and that is long gone, 95 southbound at bridge street, it looked like they are in the process of
4:45 pm
getting it off to the side at cotman avenue. >> an accident along the route 1 media bypass at 252, and in media state street closes in 15 minutes for dining under the star. new construction closure in schuylkill township chester county and route 29 state road for the next couple of weeks stick with charles town road. a crash to watch out for near blue bella long plymouth road at morris road and the lehigh valley one on the eastbound side of 22, and single digit speeds from the northeast extension and westbound there is a gaper delay. and one more issue in mercer county, a crash on the southbound side of route 1 at washington road and lanes blocked and traffic jam there as well. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you. coming up meteorologist, adam joseph, has a look at the
4:46 pm
exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and the details on the heat heading our way.
4:47 pm
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adam you are talking about the heat. >> it starts tomorrow with the humidity coming up a little bit. it doesn't start until friday afternoon and saturday and sunday and one thing is ourselves and also the flowers, look at the action cam in chestnut hill thriving here in the pot but definitely get out there to water some of your gardens in the next few days, but you'll want to limit your outdoor activities. stormtracker 6 live double scan no showers whatsoever just a few clouds at times but they fall apart once the sunsets.
4:49 pm
temperatures are uniform across much of the area, a little cooler at the shore by a degree tore two. and that ocean jumped from 64 yesterday to 70 today at the gulf stream waters, 82 allentown and 83 in reading and the same for wilmington. high pressure is to the north and west. supplying the beautiful weather and the low humidity, the same highs break down and allow the heat in the midwest, moving into the mid-atlantic region. for tonight clear and comfy, a gentle breeze and 69 degrees for center city. as of right now, the jet stream is in canada in the midsection of the northern plains, the ridge of the heat is bubbling up here from houston and little rock arkansas up to the dakotas, this jet stream continues to push to the north here late in the week and that allows for the heat to expand to the east here along with the humidity affecting places like new york
4:50 pm
city and philadelphia all the way down into the deep south and that continues into the weekend. so when we look at the impact scale for the heat and the humidity moderate here on thursday, jumping to high on friday and saturday, and the peak of it comes in on sunday and monday and it will turn extreme. what to expect here -- the hottest temperatures we have seen in philadelphia in four years, the heat index between 100 and 105, and record highs are on jeopardy especially on sunday and monday. and with that cumulative affect on the body of day after day with the heat indexes, it will really be on the dangerous side and out of any weather element in the country, when you talk about thunderstorms and tornadoes and hurricanes, heat is the number one killer across the united states. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 90 and sunny and hot on thursday, and 95 with a heat index of 100 and maybe an isolated thunderstorm in the
4:51 pm
afternoon. the humidity will drop a little on saturday with the air temperature going up to 98 and heat index is at 100, and then the heat index goes to 103, it increases again on sunday, record high on sunday and record high on monday. the heat index of 106 with storms possibly developing on monday afternoon, and then it's still hot with thunderstorms around on tuesday, 94 and the heat wave continues into wednesday at 92 degrees. record temperatures and extreme humidity, this is something we have to follow day by day. can't say it enough, heat is the number one killer in the country year by year. coming up discounts related to the dn clxt. stay with us.
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tens of thousands of visitors are descending on philadelphia for the democratic convention and a way to welcome them and a special treat for residents that live here, local businesses are offering special deals just for the dnc. >> this is a wonderful opportunity for the city to showcase all we have to offer but our spa, the little oh aceis in the city. at the rittenhouse spa, they are offering packaged deal that are 25% off with patriotic titles like the 1600 penn. >> with the reference to the white house this is our latest package for a 60 minute massage and pedicure and manicure for her and this is the perfect lady's package but fis for a president. >> those are available now and last through the end of the month, every day new offers from local businesses are popping up
4:55 pm
and populating local media. while the convention is in town, waffles and wedges at 15th and pine is offering this deal, four waffles and four toppings for 20.16 celebrating the election year a popular one. and the special dnc menu on instagram. food specials for $20.16 and patriotic drink specials with names like presidente. parents get primped while the kids play so the delegates and the rest of us can get some r and r and back at the rittenhouse those packages come with access to the pool and sun deck. >> it's going to be hot? >> yes it will. >> this is your hashtag, dnc
4:56 pm
deals, check it out and follow it on instagram and twitter, if you wonder about getting around town, the car service app lift is offering the dnc deal get the credit with the promo code deal dnc 2016. keep your eyes open. >> i want that massage. >> we are showing you the painted donkeys around town, starting tomorrow they could help you win big, the donkeys are now part of a scavenger hunt. it's a challenge where you earn points for chances at a lot of prizes, the grand prize here is a two night stay at the philadelphia bellevue and tickets to a game for each of philadelphia's major sports teams. all you have to do is download a free app called scapify. we have a link of all the
4:57 pm
information on our website at >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph, i'm brian taff. >> now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what is coming up at 5:00. >> hi there, coming up on "action news" at 5:00, republican vice presidential candidate mike pence is set to take the stage at the rnc. >> and a florida resident contracts zika and it's obviously causing concern, what is different about this case compared to the others. and an infuriating moment for a delaware county community when they woke up to find the tires on their cars all slashed. we are live with the latest. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. day three of the republican national convention, tonight the nation will hear from donald trump's running mate indiana governor, mike pence but his speech is being side tracks with
5:00 pm
the ongoing drama since the first day. today a speech writer is apologizing for melania trump's speech scandal. >> just a few hours ago donald trump makes his grand entrance by air into cleveland. on the tarmac he was greeted by his children along with mike pence and pence says he believes what begins in cleveland will end at the white house. >> sara bloomquist is live in cleveland with what local delegates are expecting. >> reporter: the republican national convention gets back underway in just under two hours from now, yes tonight is the big night for donald trump's vice presidential pick, indiana governor, mike pence, his big introduction to the nation. we caught up with the delegation to get their thoughts on this evening. >> i want to hear governor pence


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