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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 21, 2016 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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eventually he's gonna feel safe enough to let you in. yeah, i'm not waiting. this is the anniversary of his dad's death. i'm gonna crack that son of a bittoday. (chuckles) sweet. yeah, that is sweet. i know the perfect photographer, and i'm sorry i was being jerky earlier. i'm on this new birth control pill, and it slows down your cycle so much that my time of the month only comes, like, once every 12 months. seriously, i feel like i'm about to get yeariod. (inhales deeply) catching my breath... and we keep walking. look, i'm just not loving the idea of some random ass dude taking slutty pictures of me. buddy, boudoir photos are classy. plus, you don't have to be completely naked. i sent a photo to this guy in iraq, and my junk was completely covered by a real stuffed eagle. so patriotic. all right. here we are. well, hello there. hey, want a sneak peek at my valentine's day gift for my houseboy benicio? (gasps) whoa! whoa! ohh! (chuckles) i know. i keep it long in the winter.
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show's over, kittens. (chuckles) ta-ta. promise me this won't get creepier. (sighs) honey, i promise. should we start with a glass of sherry before you get undressed? okay. i was wrong. there's so many great pictures of your dad in here. wow. what was he like? he was pretty cool. you two look so much alike. you must see him eveday when you look in the mirror. not really. want to watch tv? yeah, or we can watch your parents' anniversary video. okay. ohh. look at your dad dancing with your mom. oh, you just see the love they have for each other. hey! it's just oozing out of the screen like... warm honey. (sighs) and now he's gone. (whispers) gone forever. gone-zo-roonie. (normal voice) how can this not crush you?
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my mom bea died years ago, and if someone even gets stung by a bee, i start crying. so i'm trying to make this the perfect valentine's day for you, and all you want is for me to break down about my dad dying? don't twist this around like i sound like the weird one. (chuckles) i mean... ohh. i can't take a sexy picture. shirtless, i look like one of those hairless cats. (laughs) your mother wants me to open up emotionally. (chuckles) i'd rather touch my tongue to a car battery. (mouths word) my friend nezzie did that on a dare. now she just sits around watching game shows with a lady that helps her go to the bathroom. ellie won't let me do anything! i'm a showman! (plays chord) what's a showman without a show?! (chord stops playing) just a man. at least you guys have people that love you! god! you make me so angry! whoa. what-- (singsongy) yeariod. roger that. (chuckles) she's right, though. you guys are lucky. i'm alone tonight. no, you're not. you're gonna take me to a fancy restaurant and then fake-dump me so that i can get a free meal.
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the ol' bitch and ditch. i'm in. you both have been extremely helpful. guys, if you want to be happy, just give the women what they want. ♪ and always give the women ♪ what they want (chuckles) oh. that's good. places! (door closes) hey. why aren't you dressed up? i thought we were going to a nice restaurant. instead of going out, i thought we'd stay in, and i could talk about my dad, let it all out... if that's what you want. ♪ always give the women ♪ what they want let's do this! (andy) okay. i poured the champagne. i bought you something nice to wear, and then we're gonna go do the town. andy! i told you that i-- i wasn't talking to you. i love this coat. so you bought another man clothes? check the pocket. ooh. a penny! for penny can tonight. and look at the date. "1969"! (chuckles) i get it! (laughs) (laughs) yeah! good lord.
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(camera shutter clicks) travis! don't be nervous. it's just a picture. i just don't even know how to stand or-- okay, okay. let me show you some of my favorite sexy poses, okay? this is warming my butt by the campfire. this one... (husky voice) yeah, i sit backwards on a chair, 'cause i'm a rule-breaker. seems natural. (normal voice) if you do have the courage to go totally nude, this is my showstopper. here i am! dewith it! how about i lose a button? here's your tissues and your wine. now if there's an art to pouring your guts out, i'd be picasso, so if you have any questions, just ask. can the tv be on while we do this? no. now you're gonna wrap yourself up in this cuddly blanket, because we want you to look all small and vulnerable. now don't feel weird if i start to cry along with you, because it's just gonna happen. super. let's get this party started. well, my dad's name was gil. he spelled it with one "l." his dad was also named gill, but he spelled it with two l's.
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let's fast-forward a bit, shall we? um, i happened to jot down a couple of questions to get us on our way to breakdown city. um, were you with your dad when he passed? since he's in heaven, do you think that he's met my mom yet? oh, my god. i'm having so much fun already. (chuckles) when i was a kid, my dad always used to say... i can't do this. what? your dad couldn't do what? (gasps) hug you? say "i love you"? throw things away? oh, was he a hoarder? no, jules. ♪ always give the women what they want ♪ i can't do this. ♪ unless you can't ah. and we're out! ♪ if they want it, then do it, if they don't, still do it ♪ ♪ 'cause women don't know what they want ♪ ♪ 'cause it's reliable they're unsatisfiable ♪ ♪ you can never give a women what they want ♪ oh, my god. i'm out. i'm sorry, jules. i'm out. ♪ you can never give a woman (sighs) quitter!
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hey! tom. does jules know you're here? i assume so, since i just... murdered her. i made a joke. laugh! tom's always wanting to spend time with the crew, so i invited him in for a glass of wine. it is just so nice to spend time with someone who's not afraid to--to share their dreams and their fears. speaking of dreamyou were in my dream last night. i needed a makeover, and you were like edward scissorhands, except that your hands were all lipstick tubes and mascara wands. i would love that. you were in my dream, too, jules. oh, what was i doing? we were making love. attaboy, tom. have a good one, jules. actually i might not have been completely asleep, but i fell asleep shortly afterwards. time to go, tom. (sighs) i get too excited when i'm here. oh, god. (gags) i know it's corny to ask you this on valentine's day, but... karen...
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(clink) (both clenching teeth, singsongy) penny can! (clink) yeah! i have been calling you for 20 minutes. why isn't your phone on? you told me it was rude to leave my phone on during a date. when i said i didn't want to do anything tonight, it didn't mean i wanted to be alone while you acted like you just got a rose on the gay hillbilly version of "the bachelor"! it's working. great. hey, guys! can i get my penny back? it's 1969. (laughs) (laughs) he gets it. (laughs) (clicking) you know, i'm glad my date got cut short. yeah, this is a great father-son moment, but why does laurie have to be here? what? she shouldn't miss out on this just 'cause you got embarrassed. before, when he was posing, he just wasn't owning it, okay? he needs to pull the camera's pants down with his eyes. this couldn't get any worse. cue my entrance. (chuckles) i was listening outside. (high-pitched voice) kill me. (laughs) okay. take one for me. (slaps leg) has anyone seen grayson? uh, he decided to go in to work. that jerk!
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(clicking continues) honey, try to make your mouth a little bit pouty-er. wh--you can see through the blindfold? no. i'm just a little psychic. (pops) you came to work on valentine's day? looks that way. hey, i'm sorry for pushing your buttons today. look, why are you always trying to change me? i love you the way you are. i don't try and change you. well, that's because i'm not annoying. you really want to open that door? nope. you see all these couples here? we could've had a nice, romantic, normal evening, just like them. after you clean the pool, i'm gonna shave every inch of you. (clink) (sighs) that is not a classy toast. i know you want me to be some emotional girlie man who loves talking about his feelings, but that is never going to happen. i'm not an idiot. well, then what do you want from me? i just want you be a littldifferent with me than you are with everyone else. well, you ruined a perfectly magical evening.
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i hope you're proud of yourself. i am. do you even know why you're mad at me? nope. i begged you to let me wow you for valentine's day, and you said no. it was one of my crazy nos, like when you ask me if i want you to get me dinner, and i say i'm never eating again. andy, you're just supposed to know what i want, even when i'm saying crazy, stupid things that i don't mean, especially when i think i mean them. i mean, like now. i-i don't even know what i'm saying. (voice breaks) i really feel crazy. come here. (normal voice) where? we're gonna go outside. for the love of my life, cham-pahg-nee... your best friend, who shouldn't look sad... sorry. and finally... bobby, showtime! (switch clicks) happy valentine's day! you took down everyone's christmas decorations for me? and the goldsteins' giant inflatable dreidel, whatever the hell that is. i figured we'd drink a little and then burn everything. (clink) it's perfect.
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national convention as ted cruz riled up the crowd, refusing to endorse donald trump. >> cruz only mentioned trump once, to congratulate him on winning, and then that sound you heard was him being loudly booed after encouraging americans to vote for conscious. some delegates were so angry they started to approach cruz's wife, and she had to be escorted out of the arena.
3:02 am
>> donald trump responded saying wow, ted cruz got booed off the stage. didn't honor the pledge. i saw his speech two hours earlier but let him speak anyway. no big deal. marcy has more. did it seem like a big deal there? >> reporter: it did. the crowd was in an uproar. trump's running mate got a warmer reception. the man the gop hopes will help unify the party behind donald trump taking center stage. >> we have but one choice, and that man is ready. this team is ready. our party is ready. >> reporter: indiana mike pence accepting the vice presidential nomination. marco rubio -- >> after a long and spirited
3:03 am
primary, the time for fighting each other is over. >> and ted cruz addressing the party. >> i want to congratulate donald trump on winning the nomination last night. >> reporter: but still not endorsing trump. booed by the crowd as trump walked in to watch his son speak. >> dad, you've once again taught us by example. you are my hero. you are my best friend. you are the next president of the united states. >> reporter: trump, meanwhile, defending his wife and the speech writer who has apologized admitting she was behind what many claimed to be plagiarism in melania trump's speech. >> i think it was terrific. she said it was a mistake i made, and she thought it was unfair to melania. >> reporter: now onto the final
3:04 am
night of the convention when trump will be introduced by his daughter, ivanka, and then he'll formally accept the party's nomination. all right. there's going to be quite a few fireworks as well. i'm curious. there were other speakers along with ted cruz tonight overall, who got the biggest reaction? >> reporter: definitely ted cruz got the biggest reaction, but other than him, this was meant to be and it was, mike pence's night. the crowd seemed fired up during his speech. at times he was interrupted with the crowd screaming usa. the other chant, lock her up. it's become a popular anti-clinton chant here. and mike pence had the opportunity to highlight his apparent capabilities, at least in trying to unite the party. >> there didn't seem to be as many protesters inside today. was it the same for those there, and what was going on with the
3:05 am
protests outside as well? >> reporter: yeah. we didn't see any protesters inside, but outside things were a bit more heated than over the past few days. at least 17 people were arrested. some of them accused of trying to burn the american flag. others arrested for failing to disperse, and then a few of them for hurting several police officers. we're told two police officers were assaulted. we're told they have minor injuries. >> all right. day four, a showdown. let's get back today one, and the melania trump speech gate controversy. >> the story that never ends. >> apparently there is an end, an update to it? >> reporter: there is an update. so a trump staff writer came forward and admitted it was her mistake. she says that she had a with ma lawn in a trump about the kinds of messages she wanted to be in this speech, and that melania trump mentioned some parts of mrs. obama's speech, and so the
3:06 am
speech writer says, quote, i wrote them down and later included some of the phrasing in the draft that ultimately became the final speech. she says she tried to resign, but it was rejected. and donald trump talked about that last night, and he said that he really appreciated that she admitted that she made the mistake, and that's why he wouldn't let her resign. >> finally answers as to what took place on that first night. marcy live for us in cleveland. thank you. >> the convention wraps up tonight focusing on unity with the theme make america one again. >> before donald trump takes the stage, we'll hear from his daughter, jerry falwell, and reince priebus. we'll have a special report tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. >> and now to our other top story this morning. the extreme heat and humidity hitting most of the country with no relief in sight. experts say the best solution?
3:07 am
find yourself a splash park, swimming pool, or even a bathtub to bring your body temperature down. >> heat advisories in effect for more than a dozen states. actual temperatures are going well into the triple digits. the heat index could make it feel as much as 20 degrees warmer. the heat is fueling wildfires in parts of the west like this one. this is in utah. it started in a field, and the wind blew it into a neighborhood destroying at least ten homes in a trailer park. fire officials are looking into whether it may have been set intentionally. breaking news to tell you about from south florida. a murder suspect who escaped from a courthouse last friday has been recaptured. he was captured late last night at a hotel in west palm beach county. he eluded unarmed deputies, slipped out of his jump suit,
3:08 am
shackles, and dashing out of the courthouse. five people were charged for helping in the escape. >> officials in florida are working to investigate a possible case of home grown zika. the patient had not travelled to any country with the ongoing zika virus. there needs to be at least two nearby cases of zika not due to travel or sexual contact. more federal is being sent to that state. and a major recall of hot dogs and corn dogs about fears about listeria. bar s hot dogs is recalling products. so far in illnesses reported. for more information on what's being recalled go to >> it wouldn't be a day without a pokemon update. an unfortunate incident in
3:09 am
baltimore being blamed on playing while driving. he was trying to catch them all early monday morning when he crashed into a police car. >> that's unfortunate. >> it happened when the officer was standing on the sidewalk. the guy was heard saying, quote, it's what i get for playing this dumb game. >> lucky he didn't hurt somebody else. >> yeah. try explaining that to the cops. >> you don't understand. i was playing pokemon. zblen. >> and the officer is like that's why i was on the sidewalk. i was trying to catch the same thing. >> san francisco, this scene. >> it's thousands of poke monogo players on the move in an organized pub and good crawl put together one game lover who wanted to combine playing with eating and drinking. i like the eating and drinking. >> the chasing monsters, not so sure. >> coming up, did cruz snub trump.
3:10 am
>> and the high profile musicians shaking things up at the convention and striking a cord with their rage. what is their message. >> and why this year's mr. world has made global history. >> and check out our behind the scene pics. you're watching "world news now." ♪ susie got all germy
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♪ there's a roster of speakers at the republican national convention, but one speech triggered a lot of reaction from delegates on the floor. >> i think the first name starts with ted. as we mentioned, cruz's address started out well, but then it took a turn. adrienne bankert joining us with new details we're learning right i right now. >> it depend on who you ask? >> it was the most moving point of the convention so far, possibly. it was emotional, unifying up until that point. then some in the crowd turned to boos, an awkward moment, an angry crowd for the senator for not making it clear that he endorsed trump. >> if you love our country and love your children as much as i
3:15 am
know that you do, stand and speak and vote your conscious. vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the constitution. >> some cheers and a lot of booing. the tipping point there, delegates shouting endorse him, do it. country first. others shouting give to endorsement, ted, and pledge. as the tension mounted cameras showed donald trump walking into the arena. at the same time, heidi cruz was escorted out of the arena. >> people from my own delegation were physically approaching her while yelling at her. >> yeah. >> newt gingrich speaking later, paraphrasing cruz's commentary saying voting for someone who will back the constitution mean vo voting for trump. someone else saying it was an awful, sell fish speech, fr.
3:16 am
>> coming from chris christie, that's something. >> trump said i saw it and let him speak anyway. have other republicans weighed in? >> twitter is ablaze saying cruz guarantee nod future success. he was walking out saying, i think it went well. it was fun. then upon arriving at his hotel, the texas delegation saying we're behind you. he again said i appreciated the warm welcome inside the arena, and i think it went well, so it appears that he's trying to keep away from saying donald trump's name at all. he said that he was talking about whoever the next president could be, and that it was clear that he wanted them to back the constitution. >> and he initially tweeted out some praise for the speech, and then those tweets have since been deleted.
3:17 am
it's kind of an interesting reaction. >> roller coaster. adrienne, we always appreciate you coming on. >> thank you.
3:18 am
>> a little too early for that. >> never. raging against not just the machine but against just about everything. it is the super group performing in cleveland this week. >> they sprouted the seeds of anger from some of society's most marginalized groups. they're bringing the message of rage to the republican's doorstep. >> reporter: these are the prophets of rage, a brand new
3:19 am
group coming together for 2016. out of three of the angriest bands in rock and roll history. from public enemy, two members, from cypress hill, a rapper, and from rage against the machine, a guitarist, drummer, and base player. >> we're an elite task force of musicians who have come together during this troubled time to let our message be known. >> reporter: most of their sole judges come from a different aura of rage. public enemy's best known song
3:20 am
"fight the power" goes all the way back to 1989 and the movie "do the right thing" about racial tensions in brooklyn. >> fight the power. >> reporter: "insane in the brain" came after the rodney king beating and the riots. police brutality at a boiling point. and rage against the machine, in the fire. the band was featured storming the stock exchange. all the themes, racial justice, police force, and politics. >> these are tumultuous times. the world isn't going to changist. that's up to you. >> reporter: they are bipartisan in their criticism. they don't like trump or
3:21 am
clinton. >> she's a hawkish democratic centrist in the worst sense of the word. she's participated in decisions that have caused countless deaths. she's wall street's number one. >> people want change but not something disguised as change with the same old rhetoric. >> reporter: rock music has amplified the voice of the counterculture, to the prophets of rage have taken their power cords to cleveland. >> we're not going to create riots. we're going to create riots in the mosh pits and musical mayhem. >> reporter: raging in the mosh pit of democracy. i'm david wright for night line in new york. >> they don't like clinton and they don't like trump. >> prophets of rage voting for gary johnson. >> and the green party, they might be there. >> coming down to those two.
3:22 am
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you ever play the game where is waldo? a destruction worker in indiana has put a whole new spin on the game. and he's using it to cheer up children in a hospital. he's working on this building right next door to the hospital, and he came up with an idea with the help of his daughter, created an 8 foot cutout. every day he puts it in a different part of the building, and the kids are able to see waldo, and they try to find him every day. once he's found, he moves waldo to a different location. they started a facebook page where the kids can show their findings. he and his daughter are now working on minions. >> it will be depressing once the construction is over.
3:26 am
>> maybe waldo will pop up in different windows. >> let's hope construction is delayed to bring happiness to the kids. >> a first in the world competition of mr. world. i know you follow this competition closely. meet the new mr. world and you see what's different about him. from india, and he's the first mr. world from asia. that's a big deal about it. the mr. world competition is two to three weeks where they compete on fitness challenges as well as a bit of style. >> where is the swim suit. >> there you go. >> there's the eight pack abs. >> you ever note you see funny flavors of things when you buy chips. lays, the variety of international flavors are now
3:27 am
bringing them to the united states. they say people are getting more and more adventurous with their tastes. this is greek. >> this smells. >> what do you mean? >> it smells authentic. so this is -- >> i like it. do you want to try some? >> this is the brazilian. >> i love it. >> i don't know what it is. >> it's a steak. >> okay. a kind of meat. >> here's -- j. >> you love that one. >> no. >> this one is interesting. let's see. >> they're finding with the olympics -- >> the weird thing is i'm full right now, but in ten seconds, i'll be hungry again. >> with the olympics they're trying to get people excited about trying flavors of the p?pv
3:28 am
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this morning on "world news now," cheers and jeers in cleveland over night. tense moments on the floor of the republican national convention as ted cruz refuses to endorse donald trump. how can crowd, including donald trump, responded. >> in florida an unarmed black man shot by police while he says he was just helping a man with autism. the video just released. we'll hear from the injured man and why police say they shot him. and in this half hour, the next place where pokemon will soon be popping up. >> how about a theater near you. what we're finding at the pokemon movie. >> there are 2472 of them, but what do we know about all the delegates at the republican national convention? you're about to find out on this
3:31 am
thursday, july 21st. >> good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson. i guess if you miss any night of the republican national convention, you're in for a shocker. because, wow, what a responder resounding job from ted cruz, get ing booed off the stage after refusing to endorse donald trump. >> there was an explosive night overall. night three of the republican national convention. cruz infuriated some people with his speech. all words were pretty much drowned out once the angry delegates realized that cruz was not going to endorse trump. >> the speech left the crowd so unsettled it overshadowed the keynote address by mike pence. let's get more right now from dan harris. >> reporter: loathing on the floor of the convention, the target of the anger? texas senator ted cruz who ran against trump in the primaries
3:32 am
but refused to endorse him, even as the crowd loudly urged him to. >> i appreciate the enthusiasm of the new york delegation. >> reporter: enough was enough for trump. it was time to upstage him. trump walking into the room and draug the drawing the cameras away as cruz was still at the podium. >> by standing for liberty. god bless each and every one of you. >> reporter: it really got ugly here in this room as the delegates turned their anger at cruz's wife, heidi who had to be escorted out. the uproar may have overshadowed what was supposed to be the main event. >> i accept your nomination to run and serve as vice president of the united states of america. >> reporter: the prime time speech of trump's vice presidential pick, indiana
3:33 am
governor, mike pense. >> i'm a christian, conservative, and republican, in that order. >> reporter: trump strode out on stage to congratulate his guy and give him an offered air kiss. a day started with another dramatic entrance for trump. here he's touching down in his chopper. we saw him walking alongside his adult children, but interestingly, not his wife, melania. the last time we saw her here it was right after giving that now infamous speech with those striking similarities to michelle obama's convention speech from 2008. an employee of the trump organization released a letter taking the blame saying melania read me some passages from mrs. obama's speech as examples. i wrote them down and later included some of the phrasing that ultimately became the final speech. this was my mistake. left unanswered, why did melania herself not recognize the
3:34 am
similarity to the passages she had personally shared. she said she offered her domina following in the footsteps of his siblings, eric trump taking the stage. >> vote for the one candidate that does not need this job. >> it's ivanka's turn. she'll introduce her dad for what will be the most important speech of his life. >> dan harris there. >> and hillary clinton immediately pounced tweeting coat your conscious with a link to her website. >> chris christie was furious, calling cruz selfish, and trump took a swipe at cruz for not honoring the pledge to candidates made to support the nominee, but he said it was no big deal. let's get more now from marcy gonzalez. take us back to that moment toward tend of ted cruz's
3:35 am
speech. >> reporter: yeah. the crowd absolutely erupted in boos. it was the loudest we've heard the crowd so far in this convention. once they realized that cruz was not going to endorse trump. he made one mention there in the beginning of the speech, congratulating trump in getting the nomination, but then never mentioned his name again. as you heard there, highly cruz, and cruz's father were getting yelled at and heckled. they were brought out. and trump, as you mentioned, tweeted he didn't honor the pledge to endorse the nominee, saying i saw his speech earlier and let him speak anyway. cruz was at his hotel and greeted from cheers by his delegation. he was asked why he didn't endorse trump. he gave a vague answer. he said i laid out a simple standard for a president who be faithful to the constitution. i hope very much that is who the next president will be.
3:36 am
i'm not sure what that means? >> many people calling what he did political suicide. what's ahead in the final day? >> we know ted cruz has an event with the texas delegation in the morning. he will be asked about that again. but then it is onto the final day of the convention. the theme is make america one again, and it's all about donald trump. he will be introduced by his daughter ivanka and then formally accept the nomination. >> all right. that's marcy gonzalez for us live from cleveland. thank you. >> a high pressure system that forecasters call a heat dome is suffocating a lot of the country, and experts say it's not moving away any time soon. >> that heat dome is pushing conditions to their hottest points. so far this summer. paul williams joining us with the details. >> good morning. we have a dominant high pressure system that began picking a fight with everybody in the
3:37 am
midwest with heat that houston and the gulf up toward north and south dakota and the great lakes. this spreads like a wildfire, and this heat will expand as the high pressure system goes toward the northeast. widespread heat hitting thursday and friday in areas where they're not used to it. triple digits everywhere, even as far north as the most northern tip of wisconsin going into minnesota. this intense heat will continue to grow, but with that in mind, around it we have a bit of a ring of fire. scattered showers on the outer fringes. in here is the various heat warning and watches. >> thanks to paul. a terrible nightmare for people trying to fly southwest airlines. a nationwide ground stop blamed on technical issues. people couldn't check in or check their flight status. last night the airline tweeted it was still manually checking
3:38 am
in passengers. >> police in north miami florida are under scrutiny following the shooting of an unarmed black man. videos show the man with his hands in the air, laying on the ground. the person sitting next to him is an autistic man he cares for. he was trying to get the autistic man back to the facility after he wandered off. you can see one police officer. he can be heard saying he for his patient had a gun as his patient was apparently shouting shut up. the officers then apparently shoot three shots, hitting him in the leg. >> i said i got shot. i said why did you shoot me, and his words to me, he said i don't know. >> the officer who fired the shot hasn't been identified. and has been put on administrative leave. kinsey's family said they want the officer punished. they say they were there at the scene responding to reports of a man with a gun. >> also caught on camera, a man
3:39 am
in southern california setting brush fires. a photographer live streamed the whole event. the man running around lighting fires and screaming. he suffered some second degree burns and was arrested for arson. the fire grew to more than a dozen acres and charred a couple of power poles. >> in southern california officials are hoping to reopen miles of pipeline in l.a. after a spill of 2 million gallons of raw sewage into storm drains. they feed the los angeles lans river. tests tuesday show no excessive levels in beaches. >> whales are having a field day -- wow, with folks looking for a little recreation on the water. this kayaker was out for a day of fishing on half-moon bay when he was nearly up ended. not the type of catch he expected.
3:40 am
>> earlier this week in roughly the same spot, a paddle boarder had her own close encounter with a hump back. it was just a few days before that we saw hump backs in a feeding frenzy. >> half-moon bay is very popular with whale watching. >> understandably so. >> this is a little bit closer encounter than we're used to. >> maybe a little too close. >> coming up, what we're learning about mike pence. america got a crash on who he is and what he stands for. >> and the next place you'll soon be finding pokemon. hit characters. we'll have details coming up in "the skinny." you're watching "world news now." "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you by life alert.
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one of the biggest unknowns in donald trump's run for the white house. that is until last night. >> quite a few americans hadn't even heard of governor mike pence. what did we learn about pence that we didn't know before? >> joining us, adrian. >> there was a formal introduction for all of us as well as to the republican party. indiana governor, mike pence, who hit it out of the park for trump and the gop. humbly recounting his childhood. the son of a korean war veteran. he spoke about faith and family. his children in the crowd.
3:45 am
his son is training to be a marine pilot. he also spoke about how he was originally a democrat. his heros, jfk and martin luther king junior. he switched parties during the ronald reagan era, and he was ready to join the campaign for trump in a heart beat saying the country needs a common sense policies of trump. one of the most touching moments when he recognized his mother in the audience. >> my mother is here. [ applause ] >> would you join me in welcoming the light of my life, my mom, nancy? >> and he spoke about his mother. he spoke about his father who has since passed away. his wife of 31 years, karen, and we mentioned the kids earlier. they were there joining him on stage. pence later acknowledged trump's children, saying you can't fake good kids.
3:46 am
which i think everybody would agree with, and i think a lot of people have put the focus on trump's children. ivanka specifically who we know will introduce trump tonight. >> later tonight. >> many people looking forward to that and finally seeing trump speak as well. >> it was great. he did a great job. it was wonderful seeing his family there on stage. he didn't answer one question that's been lingering out there in the internets for the last five days. >> oh, kendis. >> i'm obsessed with this. did you see this photo we're talking about? this is a photo. he's in new york. >> this is what's on kendis's mind. no not policy. voom pyres -- vampires. >> there are chilies. you see his wife. and that's charlotte. there's a mirror on the other side. where is she in that photo? >> she's shorter and leaning back so you don't see her reflection. >> you see the reflection of everything else. the kid on the other side, mike pence. you don't see charlotte. the internet has been obsessed.
3:47 am
>> could this with air brushed? >> two possibilities. either it's the angle or she's a vampire. >> don't mess with kendis's head. >> always good to have you. >> thank you, guys. the. >> we'll be right back. coming up, what's next for pokemon. >> and guess who a supermodel, miranda kerr just said yes to? "the skinny" is next. miranda kern just said yes to?
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪ >> topping the skinny, big news for pokemon fans. the app, it's a huge hit surpassing 30 million down loads as of yesterday. now pokemon in a new form. >> there have been 20 theatrical releases based on a pokemon video game, but they're all animated. >> now the first live action film franchise that will start out with a detective pickachu movie. >> details are being kept under wraps. they say the films will be fast tracked start next year. there's another reason to be
3:50 am
happy for a supermodel and young billionaire. they are now off the market. >> >> we're talking about miranda kerr. >> the supermodel is now engaged to snap chat co-founder, evan spiegel. they met and have been dating a little over a year. >> you may recall she was previously married to orlando bloom with whom she had their five-year-old son. they divorced in 2013. she was also briefly linked to james packer who is linked to mariah carey. >> a source close to spiegel tells e news that it was his nonhollywood vibe that appeals to kerr. >> you often here that. >> or his soon to make billions vibe. that will work. >> in a that might help. >> next romance going to another victoria's secret model.
3:51 am
>> and it comes from a warning. >> leonardo dicaprio with a supermodel. they were spotted frolicking on a beach. >> agdal's grandmother has a warning. saying he'd better be on his best behavior or he has her to answer to. >> they were first romantically linked in 2014 only while they were seeing other people. their relationship seems to have blossomed. >> the grandmother is probably the same age as leo. >> can anyone imagine sex in the city without sara jessica parker? >> apparently it almost happened. she had serious misgivings about being in the series. she was worried about the nudity and being misunderstood. her agent convinced her this was
3:52 am
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♪ >> as we reach climax of the republican national convention, we're finding out more about the people on the floor. >> there are 2472 delegates. many of them first timers. t.j. holmes got to know three of them. >> reporter: georgia delegate, katie frost, the trip began with an emotional fair well from her sisters. >> getting ready to board the bus. >> next a 14 hour bus ride from north carolina. and for henry of texas, it's a family affair. joining his mom who is also a delegate. the privilege doesn't come cheap informal delegates pay their way. a price tag that can reach into the thousands.
3:56 am
and it starts at fund raising sites. >> i have all my dresses and the proper shoe collection. >> for some, enthusiasm is paired the worry. >> my family and friends are praying for me. they're scared of the protests. >> we sot down in a hot spot cafe to talk about their motivation to be delegates. >> i'd like to use platforms to show there are young people in the republican party. >> reporter: only 18 of the nearly 2500 delegates is african american. henry is hoping to change the face of the gop. >> part of what goes on inside is recognizing that if we really want to make a difference, we have to hear what's going on outside even if we don't agree with it. >> reporter: as the convention opens, a contentious attempt to block donald trump's nomination. these delegates recognize the challenge of supporting a divided gop. >> reporter: who at this table from the very beginning, donald trump was your guy? >> he became my choice after my first choice was no longer
3:57 am
available. >> i think the delegates are going to have to work a little harder to become cheer leaders. we have to be enthusiastic about making sure, well, it can't be hillary clinton. >> reporter: the party may be underway, the delegates know there's a lot of work to do on the road to election day. >> so with 18 out of the 2472, that's roughly less than 75%, .75% of the delegates are black. >> that delegate said he's trying to change it. we'll see how he does in the coming years. when you read through the process to be a delegate, it's interesting. there are even three kinds of delegates that get there a different way. >> and then you have to pay to get there on your own. the parties are worth it. >> this is abc's world news now, informing insomniacs for two decades. abc's world news now,
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, a chaotic scene in cleveland as ted cruz speaks at the rnc but refuses to endorse donald trump. the crowd erupted in boos. his wife heidi was escorted out for her protection. overnight trump responds. another dramatic entrance from trump with a glaring no show. his wife melania not with the rest of the family following plagiarism allegations. george stephanopoulos going o one-on-one with trump to sank about the staffer taking blame. lingering problems for one of the nation's biggest airlines after a computer outage. what you need to know. a murder suspect who made a daring escape captured. how police tracked him down.


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