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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  July 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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latest from "action news" reporter, sara bloomquist. >> reporter: rick and monica that is right. donald trump is up tonight. tonight is the night he takes the stage, he needs to tell the nation what he will do for the nation. and meantime today we did catch up with local delegates to talk about the moment last night when senator ted cruz got booed off the stage -- irate delegates screamed at ted cruz when he flat out refused to endorse their nominee from the stage. instead telling the gop to vote their conscious. >> the delaware republicans told us they were not surprised. >> i didn't think he would endorse but i think he would have been more focused on unifying the party and calling the party to vote for the nominee. >> it doesn't matter to me,
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because we are still going to vote for trump. i don't think it affected trump's win but i was disappointed. it's boos they came because people reacted to vote your conscious. and your conscious should vote for trump. >> this convention at times controversial and cries of plagiarism. this afternoon donald and his daughter checked out the stage where they will address the nation. and i think he will touch on the traditional values of the party and touch on certainly the platform he has laid out and the party has laid out as well. >> i think he will be himself tonight and i think tonight is really exciting. and i think the crowd is excited
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now. >> ted cruz did tell the texas delegation he simply could not endorse donald trump for the attacks on his family specifically his wife and father. tonight is the big night donald trump will close out the night. he did promise an unconventional convention and it's delegates are expecting and hoping for fireworks. live in cleveland, ohio, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> our expanded coverage of includes details information about the day's events and live streams and slideshows, and on facebook and twitter check out our live updates from the convention floor. as the republican national convention winds down the democrats are gearing up for theirs here in philadelphia. the big question remains who will be hillary clinton's running mate. here is what we know so far, the
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announcement is expected to happen tomorrow or saturday during clinton's campaign event, she will be in tampa tomorrow night and miami on saturday. the clinton camp does not plan to text her supporters the news first but there is a good chance it could leak out before then. the people considered is tim kaine, tom vilsack and tom perez. while the excitement is rising though so are the temperatures, the delegates coming to the dnc have to prepare for some of the hottest weather in four years. we talked to everybody. janet reyes is live at city hall. >> reporter: we talked to everyone in the scorching heat, if you don't today you won't like monday. temperatures soar into the 90s and feel even worse but while you can hang out in the a.c., or stay cool in the shade.
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for other people their passion or job is forcing them into the outdoors. the struggle is real today in the sun, the humidity isn't pro pressive but the discomfortable sends even the bravest souls inside. >> just the thought of today's temperatures made him break a sweat. >> perspiration is my immediate reaction. >> he and about 30 other dedicated demonstrators marched down jfk boulevard to protest police brutality. >> so heat or no heat you'll be out here? >> i'll be out here. >> in the days leading up to the democratic convention you'll see the temperatures rise and the number of demonstrations increase. the city has granted 21 protest permits and an additional six is penning.
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police connectionner richard ross worries about the protesters and the officers protecting them. it's heat is excessive. i'm concerned about everyone the police officers standing on the lines as well as the protesters some of whom may overestimate their abilities to walk in the demonstrations, each day the city drops off three pallets of water in demonstration areas where it's not readily availableable. and two listing locations are set up. with or without the city's resources though, his mission comes with no vacation dates. >> it's justice. justice does not take a day off. >> residents and tourists are not exempt from the dangers coming our way. that is why the city is providing cooling areas for other people to stay safe season of course cool down and maybe a little comfortable during the
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high temperatures. janet reyes, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. so what can convention aten es expect for the week next week? meteorologist, adam joseph, is outside with a check of the accuweather forecast. >> it will be down right dangerous and brutal this weekend especially into next woke with the cumulative effect day after day of this heat, we look at the numbers now 90 degrees for allentown and reading and 99 in philadelphia and 85 in millville and a little better along the immediate shore with the sea breeze. but we have to look forward to the temperatures south and west those are moving our way. 95 the heat index in cincinnati and 111 in memphis and 108 in st. louis and 111 in omaha, nebraska. much of the midsection of the country and the deep south already in this summer soup. we are expecting excessive heat for five-days in a row at least.
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high temperatures in the mid to upper 90s and heat indexes from 98 to 105, this starts tomorrow. the most intense heat of the year and you definitely want to limit your outdoor activities. that kind of heat puts strain on your body. it's a reminder that heat is the united states number one weather related killer, killing more than 650 deaths per year more than floods tornadoes or hurricanes. we'll talk about the specific numbers and let you know if there say break at all in the next seven days at all. >> thank you. stay with for updates. also stormtracker 6 live double scan radar for a heads up on any changes and join the conversation with us on facebook and twitter, our meteorologists have great advice and tips for staying cool. temple university president neil theobald is out. moments before the board was set to vote, an agreement was
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reached to allow him to resign. chad pradelli is live with reaction. >> reporter: the terms of the agreement has not been released but theobald is out as of august 1st and today the board of trustees voted in a new acting president. they appointmented richard anlard, he served in various capacities in the past including acting president. >> our focus is on opening school in august and september and really making certain we are off to a good start. >> his predecessor neil theobald endured a hard few weeks, they lost face in him. kevin feely is a spokesman for the board. >> it was an abrupt sort of decision to remove him from
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provost and that was a concern. >> it was over a $22 million shortfall in the school's merit scholarship fund and theobald was made aware of it at $9 million but did not inform the board until it was $22. with theobald out, the search now begins for a new president. >> the board expects to put together a detailed and comprehensive search process, i think you can understand that will take time. that is where we are at the moment. >> we reached out to theobald's attorney for comment but so far we have not heard back. live in philadelphia, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. two a developing story out of palm beach, florida, passenger as long american airlines flight 1822 were suppose to take off and fly here to philadelphia but they were evacuated on the runway after a
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report of a fuel leak. this is a look at average on the ground after they got off the plane and emergency crews were there as well. they used the plane's emergency slide to get out. 17 people were taken to hospitals with symptoms of burning eyes and itchy skin and difficulty breathing. look for updates online at time for a check of our "action news" traffic report, we are live to matt pellman in the traffic center, good evening matt. >> good evening. we are feeling blue on the blue route, what a mess southbound side is a parking lot from approaching the schuylkill on down to this point at baltimore pike. a bad accident here blocks both lanes and most traffic is exiting on to baltimore pike and a few cars squeezing by on the shoulder towards 95 and you want no part of that. more than three times what it should be. stick with 320 or 252 or 352,
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southbound blue route with the single digit speeds is not the way to go this afternoon. a motorcycle crash in upper darby at landsdowne avenue. westbound approaching downingtown and speeds are in the 30s and an eastbound one past valley forge and speeds there are in the teens and slow speeds all afternoon at the delaware memorial bridge especially jersey bound, that is just volume 11 miles per hour there. and watch for a crash at 322 at oak grove road and down the shore at ventnor a vehicle fire along atlantic avenue. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. more to come on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. new rules on what kind of ads can see in schools, why officials are hoping it cuts down on the amount of junk food they eat. and the success of a long life we'll take you to a birthday party for a woman 108
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years old. >> that is a lot of cake.
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♪ sfx: crowd cheering sfx: crowd booing ♪ sfx: crowd chanting ♪ sfx: crowd cheering ♪ sc johnson, a family company
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breaking news tonight one of the biggest names in media is officially out of a job.
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roger ales has turned in his resignation and it's effective immediate live. a reporter says she refused his advances and was terminated in retaliation, rupert murdoch will take over as acting ceo of fox. and there is changes to the school cafeteria this fall. advertisements for unhealthy foods will not be allowed anymore. >> ali gorman is here live. and ironiccly it's junk food day. >> one survey found that 70% of students see ads like that flute the day at school. the usda already made changes to school lunch and breakfast menus and now a step further by promoting healthier choices and encouraging schools to get rid
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of unhealthy snacks like junk food and get rid of advertisement for unhealthy foods. and florida continues their investigation into how someone in miami got zika virus. that person did not travel to a zika affected area or have sex with someone that had zika. mosquito control is out spraying. back home there is no evidence that mosquitos here are carrying zika but they could carry other viruses like west nile. and it's best to prevent them as best as you can. the best way is to limit time outside during dusk and dawn and if kids are playing outside shoes, socks and sleeves help and mosquito nets for strollers and eliminate standing water in your yard. lemon eucalyptus is approved for
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kids ages 3 and up and deet is safe for kids when used as directed. >> it's studied rigorously, and deet is approves for baby as young as 2 months old. >> don't put it on broken skin or cuts and scrapes and don't put it on your fingers or around your eyes or mouth especially with kids and then wash it off when you come back inside. happy national junk food day to you. >> thank you i'll be celebrating later. >> be quiet adam!
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good news for the housing market tonight and more people bought new homes for the fourth month in a row. sales of existing homes rose 1% hitting the best performance since 2007. buyers are making quick offers because of tight supplies and that is boosting prices, add that to a solid job market and
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rates to historic lows and redemand is staying steady. some artwork it creating a calm environment for patients and visitor for one hospital in mercer county. they add this gallery of original artwork and it was put together by members of the fine art photography. it will be on display until the end of august. he want to show you a celebration of a long life lived. this is ruth who celebrated her 108th birthday celebrated with her big and loving family. the second of 10 children and she is active in her church and when she was younger she was an avid quilter and won a prize at a county fair. from all of us at "action news" happy birthday ruth.
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time for ac weather at the "action news" big board. adam joseph -- >> what is up? >> adam is here with the hot forecast. it could get dangerous. >> the heat gets to people this time of year. 90 in allentown as well as
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reading. 85 in millville and the numbers are jumping up from yesterday and they continue to go up but with a nice sea breeze at the shore, temperatures there are only around 80 from cape may to long beach island, we watch clouds to the north and west and high clouds pass through overnight and a line of intense storms as they sink to the south and east and high pressure is in control and that is what brought all of that sunshine around the region today. tonight again some of those patchy clouds drifting through and 69 in trenton and warm and muggy overnight and 73 in philadelphia and 70 in dover and right around 70 for the shore. as we track the heat index during the day tomorrow. for areas like wilmington and trenton and philadelphia. the highly urbanized regions we see the numbers excel into the upper 90s and flirt with 100 from 2:00 to 4:00, that is when the excessive heat comes and
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lingers into the upcoming weekend, the max index from the peak tomorrow at or around 100, dover, philadelphia and trenton either side of i-95, 95 to 99 and right along the shore better but still pretty warm, 90 to 95. the get away forecast 84 at the shore with the sea breeze thark is the place to beat the heat along with the poconos, but in the city we will cook at 95 with the heat index. much higher than that. the five-day at 5:00 forecast, 95 tomorrow and steamy ain late day storm near the poconos and allentown. scorching heat and 90 on saturday, well over 100 with the heat index. and not as humid but hot on sunday at 95 and blistering on monday 98 degrees when the dnc begins and hot and storms on monday when the heat wave continues.
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the place to be is at the shore and that is where melissa magee is. oh my gosh you have to be kidding me. she is on there somewhere and i can't see her. girl you got guts -- >> i didn't realize it went this fast. this is called surfs up and i had into idea it did this. we'll have more from the shore when "action news" comes right back. sending it back to you. put your hands up! ha, ha, ha. >> i think she is in the center there. i am getting nauseous just looking at it. >> lots of fun. more ahead in our next half hour off "action news."
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"action news" tips with meteorologist, abdam joseph, jaime apody, and monica malpass. what better way to soak up philadelphia's rich political history than with a special trip in time. it's time to get on board with political fest. and a therapist trying to help an autistic patient with
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his hands raised. >> and a perfect time to head to the shore, we have several places to hit this weekend. all right politics now, the wells fargo center may look quiet at this hour, but in less than four hours from now it will be the headquarters for the democratic national party. tens of thousands of journalists delegates and celebrities will come in for hillary clinton's push for the presidency. when the speakers are not taking the stage, the rich political history takes you through a ride. it guided you through a sneak peek of a replica of air force one. gray hall is live inside of the convention center tonight. >> it's a real trip into the nation's history. >> indeed it is, rick and monica. like many history classes, a fun and interesting twist. a lot to see and do.
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look behind me, if you come to a stop like here at the convention center, you run into this, a replica of the oval office where you can snap a selfie. >> former pennsylvania governor, ed rendell, the chairman of the dnc host committee says he is ready to showcase philadelphia to those excited about the democratic convention. >> we are work on this for two years. >> he hosted a press tour for one of the highlights activities for the dnc, political fest 2016. the event starts on friday and it will be displayed at seven locations. >> these are things you'll never see anywhere else in the world. the first and second drafts of the united states constitution and early printsings of the declaration of independence. >> the exhibits will have a theme and highlight contributions made by important
5:32 pm
figures and movements since the nation's founding. >> it's a way that philadelphia can responded to the cons convenience because the tickets are well gone, you can bring the kids here and learn about the political process and learn about history. >> the theme is politics and you. featuring displays of this air force one fuselage replica, representing the plane that carried the body of john f. kennedy after his assassination. >> and to many this is the birth place of democracy and they hope it will be used address an educational adventure. >> want them smarter when they got off the plane, in philadelphia i want them to learn something. >> will you learn something when attend political fest. this is another place to take a
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selfie, a life size portrait here. this is actually a reproduction of mrs. lincoln's favorite dresses made in her favorite color made around 1864 and a reminder political fest kicks off tomorrow and runs 10:00 until 6:00. tickets are $15. >> our live coverage from the wells fargo center itself starts tomorrow. the entire "action news" team will bring you every angle and all the events around the city. tonight of course is the night that republican, donald trump, has been waiting for, in just a few hours he will officially accept the nomination for president. earlier today trump along with his daughter and other staffers walked the stage at the quick and loans arena in cleveland. and they made sure everything was perfect for tonight's speech. one critic, senator pat toomey
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skipped the rnc to focus on his own tight senate race with katie mcginty. >> the night at the convention is for the nominee, and so there say right way and wrong way to do this, personally i think ted cruz took the wrong way, this convention should be donald trump's convention and if you are not willing to support him don't go up on the stage. >> the outcome of the toomey mcginty race could help tilt control of the senate. and there are plenty of fireworks for political junkies but are the party's core values and policies getting through to voters and how about hillary clinton? the latest abc news "washington post" poll brought up interesting responses. 72% of those polled believe that
5:35 pm
hillary clinton is too willing to ben the rules and 56% believe that donald trump is bias against women and minorities. when it comes to middle class and race relation, clinton tops trump in every category and they are tied when it comes to the economy. when asked who is more honest, they are tied. but with a margin they believe that hillary clinton has a better personality and temperament to serve effectively. it's still an uphill battle, 64% of those asked do not like donald trump and 54% do not like hillary clinton, we'll see how the numbers change as the race towards the general election kicks into high gear. and debates that should be exciting as well.
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a man is in the hospital when a police officer shot him while he was lying on the street with his hands up. it was all captured on cell phone video. the man on the left there is behavioral therapist, charles kensy, he was trying to convince a man with autism to come back into the assisted living facility. neither kensy or his patient actually had a weapon. he was pleaded too stand down and kensy was hit. he asked the officer why he shot him and the officer allegedly said, i don't know. the incident is under investigation. >> world news tonight is next with more on the presidential race and you can watch that following "action news" at 6:00. we have new information tonight about the story taking place in hunting park where police found a woman dead inside of a home. authorities say they went into the house initially after receiving a report of a missing
5:37 pm
person. once there they found the 49-year-old victim in a second floor bedroom. officers say she was severely beaten, this is the 3700 block of north percy street just after 4:00, we have an "action news" crew on the scene gathering information and we'll bring you any new information or details as soon as we get it. a group gathered today to let septa know they oppose the plan to build a power plant in the nights town section of philadelphia. they held these signs and wore hospital masks to show they are concern for more pollution. septa wants to build the power plan next to the mid vail bus depot to generate revenue for the regional rail system. septa is expected to make a final decision whether or not to move forward with the plant in the next few months. it's already steamy out there what a perfect time to
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plan a trip to the shore. melissa magee is live in atlantic city with more. >> reporter: hi there monica and rick. we are having a lot of fun, i had to get off of that surfs up thing, i had no idea it went around and around like that. now we are at bazooka blast, you aim at the cans here, so close. you have to get all six of them down. keep trying kate. i almost got them all. there is a lot of fun at steel pier in atlanta sfee, they are around for 118 years, if you are not in a.c. there is fun elsewhere. check out what is going on down at the shore this weekend. lets go again. >> your favorite wwe stars are appearing in wildwood on saturday. the summer slam heat wave tour takes over the wildwood convention center ocean front
5:39 pm
arena. why not celebrate christmas in july in north wildwood on saturday, santa claus will ride the beach at 1:00 p.m., and will pass out candy canes and pose for photo-ops. he travels to 26th avenue. it's railroad days at the historic cold spring village in cape may enjoy all things locomotive. children ages 3 to $12 are $12. hope to see you down at the shore. >> reporter: now, if you know me, and you know what i like to do, you know a day at the shore would not be complete without food. we had our rided and attractions and they have fries and water ice and everything under the sun, steel pier is actually open
5:40 pm
monday through friday and there are things to do for the entire family. hopefully you will have lots to done down at the shore. coming up we'll go up in the ferris wheel and see the views from on top of atlantic city. have fun this weekend down at the shore. >> it's so good. >> eat the fries and then go back on the ride. >> not a good idea. all right thank you. lets go to matt pellman and check the traffic at this moment. >> reporter: hi guys, we are looking at the blue route in delco they are not moving a solid line of traffic from past the schuylkill to this point at westchester pike on down to baltimore pike but the good news is at the media swarthmore inchange the accident is cleared out. it's a slow go, 53 minute travel time on the southbound side of
5:41 pm
the blue route. there is a lot going on on the blue route. i don't know why but they are doing construction and the police activity in hunting park blocking off perry street. and the market in -- and chestnut street is also blocked. a crash involving a pedestrian in pennsbury at fifth and main. half hour delays on norristown line because of equipment problems. i'll see you tomorrow. >> thank you. more ahead on "action news" stick around. .
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jaime apody is here and phillies and marlins trying it again. >> yes, a do over. welcome back. the phillies hope to salvage the series with the marlins.
5:45 pm
and a new face in the lineup. ryan howard gets the start. pete mccannon explains the reasons. >> he is not going to sit on the bench for the rest of season, i have to play him and keep him sharp, he may come up big to help us win a game against a pinch hitter. >> interesting move because howard got to the ballpark late because of a good reason. they unveiled the ryan howard center a complex that serves over 800 kids in the inner city programs. >> always trying to derive an opportunity for kids. that is the most important thing to give back and i try to use the platform to do that. ryan hour an mvp in the community. eagles rookies and selected veterans report to training camp
5:46 pm
on monday but a few of them reported to police headquarters. malcolm jenkins and others met with commissioner ross asking how they can help during tense times during these tough times. jenkins had training camp on his mind. >> we are excited. obviously a lot of new faces and new pieces. puts in a lot of good work this offseason and guys are excited to get back in town and get around the fellows before getting into the season. >> a lot of guys have done well already for this team and then coach peterson he came in ota's we hit the ball rolling. >> can't wait to see what they do on the field. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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some summer camp children had an absolute blast, the camps in medford celebrated carnival day and kids dances and played on these inflatable. s the camp is for ages 3 to 14 and 1200 kids took part in the all day festivities. kids and water is fun by
5:50 pm
definition. >> and a necessity as the weather ramps up. >> find a pool or find air conditioning orph fans. we have a long heat wave on the way. stormtracker 6 live double scan nothing to cool us off and it's humidity came up in spots throughout the day today along with the air temperatures, the shore though is the place to be to beat the heat and through much of that seven-day stretch. 82 at the atlantic city airport and 80 in cape may and philadelphia and 90 for reading and allentown and the poconos not too bad there, at 81 degrees. high pressure is still nearby which is supplying all the sunshine but it's beginning to break down and a frontal boundary crossing over the great lakes and even an explosion of storms north of chicago with severe thunderstorm watches. there is a decent amount of energy but as it dives to the south and east it fall as part
5:51 pm
and the poconos and lehigh valley has a chance of seeing a thunderstorm tomorrow. tomorrow blazing sunshine already in the mid to upper 80s at 11:00 in the morning. some of the shore communities, nice and cool in the upper 70s, too low 80s and by 5:30 in the evening, 95 and this is just the air temperature and doesn't includele humidity. 94 in trenton and 91 in allentown un93 in wilmington and low 80s for wildwood and there you see showers and storms that skirt the poconos and the lehigh valley early on in the evening hours, as you look at the next three days, the heat wave will lost longer than this. this is a snapshot for friday, saturday and sunday. with the heat index of 100 degrees, 98 on saturday with the heat index over 100 and sunday 95 degrees and 98 is your heat index. it comes down a little bit because of drier air that
5:52 pm
punctures in. but again the place to be at the shore, that is where melissa magee is, she is up there pretty high. a birds eye view. there you are -- you were gone for a second and there you are high above on the ferris wheel. >> i'm here. >> and a bit a breeze going on? >> yes, adam we have fantastic weather as you mentioned. the birds eye view on top of the ferris wheel in atlantic city and gorgeous view as well. look at all the folks on the beex this is where you want to be, as we head into the weekend we have you covered with the forecast on friday, mostly sunny and sunshine and clouds and high of 84. a sea breeze on friday and it will feel good-bye the afternoon, on saturday, it gets different, hot and more humid, a high of 90 degrees and westerly
5:53 pm
wind and it stays hot. sunday sunny and warm and high of 87 and the ocean temperature at about 73 degrees right now. we are enjoying the steel pier they have been around for ever. the brothers took over 26 years and they have done a lot with the steel pier as you know, they have great views, hopefully you can make it down to the shore. >> see the crazy mouse. did you ride the crazy mouse? she can't hear me. check out the crazy mouse next to you, ask bob, we went on it once and i was not right for two days, maybe she can test it out again. 84 in the poconos and an even thunderstorm on friday, and saturday warm and 87 degrees, better up in the mountains on sunday 83 degrees and sun and clouds for the second half of the weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 95 steamy on friday with the thunderstorm
5:54 pm
stray. and the far northwestern suburbs and scorching heat on saturday and comes down a tad on sunday but still uncomfortable. and blistering here with heat indexes near 105 on monday and storms developing in the afternoon for the beginning of the dnc season monday hot and humid and storms and the heat and humidity continues into wednesday and thursday with temperatures around the 90 degree mark, a pretty long fourth heat wave on the way. >> the crazy mouse -- >> it's crazy. >> i don't want to think about it. >> bad memories. >> with heat on the way stay with, and stormtracker 6 live double scan radar for heads up on changes. and stay on facebook and twitter.
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right now the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. live at cleveland for the final night of the republican national convention, jim gardner will report live. >> and reaction to senator cruz's speech and the potential policy shift when it comes to helping nato allies. that will do it for "action news" at 5:00. have a good evening.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. it is thursday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is a hugely important night for donald trump. this republican national convention has had its highs and lows. but tonight trump makes his acceptance speech and has the chance to send these delegates home feeling good about him and his chances of becoming the next president. >> this was the scene today as trump and his daughter had their walk through inside of the arena prior to their speeches tonight.
6:00 pm
ivanka is introduces her dad and they looked relaxed and trump cracked a few jokes including how much he loved the media. and they hosted headline guests, vice presidential candidate, mike pence who delighted this crowd by declaring pennsylvania in play. >> not only is it our objective to nominate donald trump as president of the united states but to win pennsylvania when we do it. >> and then the ted cruz story, sara bloomquist is outside of arena, sara cruz's speech and his refusal to endorse donald trump continues to be a hot topic here in cleveland. >> reporter: jim that is right, we spoke with a lot of our loerkal delegates today. they are not at all


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