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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  July 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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ivanka is introduces her dad and they looked relaxed and trump cracked a few jokes including how much he loved the media. and they hosted headline guests, vice presidential candidate, mike pence who delighted this crowd by declaring pennsylvania in play. >> not only is it our objective to nominate donald trump as president of the united states but to win pennsylvania when we do it. >> and then the ted cruz story, sara bloomquist is outside of arena, sara cruz's speech and his refusal to endorse donald trump continues to be a hot topic here in cleveland. >> reporter: jim that is right, we spoke with a lot of our loerkal delegates today. they are not at all happy with
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senator, ted cruz's speech. they say he signed a pledge promising his support to donald trump. and they are unhappy is happened on television where they are trying to show unity. >> the delegates screamed go home and shouted for donald trump. and they sent senator ted cruz off the convention stage to a chorus of boos. at a breakfast for new jersey delegates this morning, chris christie had this to say about ted cruz's refusal to endorse donald trump. >> i was not the least bit surprised that is who he is. >> cruz doubled down while addressing the delegation and explained he would not endorse donald trump because of the attacks on his family. you slander and attack heidi and
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i'm going to come like a puppy dog and say thank you very much. >> i think he committed political suicide. they believe that cruz was setting himself up to run for the white house in 2020. and frankly they didn't like it. >> it was self serving and difficult to hear, a great speaker and bright and if you don't want to get behind the party and candidate, then don't show up to the convention and then make a speech. >> they insisted that the uprising was a display of a party divided but a party solidly behind donald trump. >> for party unity you have to go forward. he was not my first choice but i will do as the kent county chairman, i will do everything in my power to help donald trump get elected. >> unified or not, there is a lot on the line for the republican party and donald
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trump. and the delegates are hoping for a bit of a show, this is after all, donald trump. no doubt the world will be watching. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you sara, most foreign policy conversation this week is centered on terrorism and isis. but donald trump caused people in europe to swallow hard and this is why. >> today's "new york times" headlines causing shock in europe. he is say that if a nato country is attacked by putin for instance he would look at their financial status before defending that country militarily, that is a radical change in the way the u.s. upholds the nato treaty. and could alter the u.s. and europe. >> newer nato members like the
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baltics and lithuania. >> aastonia is only 100 miles deep, if he hesitates a second the soef -- >> that is nonsense. >> these are european journalists here at the convention and hours before donald trump accept the nomination they are all doing stories about trump's comments in the "new york times" and worrying about their country's relationships with america under a trump presidency. >> people are wondering what that now means, all the free talk and paying first before being helped under article five
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of nato, people are worried and they worry about whether or not the united states is a reliable partner. >> south jersey congressman, tom mccccarthar is a trump supporte but not about this. >> i asked donald trump about the policy. >> i haven't seen it, so i don't know the whole context of it, i don't think it's appropriate for me to react without seeing it. >> but should a nato country have to be up to date. >> i count on you because i have been watching you for 30 years to be accurate. when i make comments this important i have to read it. >> we appreciate that governor christie seems to be a loyal "action news" viewer and hold him to his promise to get back to us on the trump nato
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question. >> and the climax of this event, donald trump will accept the nomination for president and despite his occasional boasting about his apprentice ratings, he will likely have the biggest television audience of his life tonight. that is the story from the rnc here in cleveland. thank you jim. our expanded coverage at includes detailed information about all the day's eventses plus live streams and slideshows on facebook and twitter. also, check out the live updates from the convention floor and join the conversation yourself as all of these historic events unfold. >> and as philadelphians make their way to the democratic convenience dangerous heat is setting in and officials are concerned and they are making plans for all of those being outside for extended periods especially protesters, the city will drop or three pallets of
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bottled water in areas where there is no access to water and place hydrant spray caps and two misting stations will be set up at fdr park. pennsylvania will be well represented. the committee announced additional speakers, brandon doyle and -- and our live coverage of the dnc starts tomorrow. we'll bring you all the events around the city. a 16-year-old is in custody and another one is wanted by police for the murder of a rival basketball player in southwest philadelphia. josh richardson was arrested and charged and police have a warrant out for 16-year-old kwame hill for the death of tie
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here barnes. barnes was gunned down at 60th street. that stemmed from a fight on the basketball court, a 14-year-old and 16-year-old were also shot but they survived. police say a drunk driver hit three people standing on the sidewalk in dover, delaware one was a 6-year-old girl that died of her injuries. bob brooks spoke to the mother that tried desperately to save her daughter. >> reporter: when your 6-year-old is killed by a drunk driver what else do you do besides cry. michelle wilds is not even 4 hours removed from the death of her little girl yesterday evening. she was hit and killed in all places, the parking lot where they live. >> i jumped in front of the car to take the blow. but he hit my baby. i don't remember what happened.
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>> police say they do know where it happened. drunk driving, the man behind the wheel 26-year-old david randall, "action news" caught him on tape walking in and out of court. police say that randall was drunk trying to park his car in a space at the white oak condos. >> i keep saying this, i was not trying to be a hero, my daughter if you seen how little she is, she was the littlest one out here and were in his direct path. >> i was told she flew to underneath this bush where the vigil was made and her body was picked up and brought out to the street where everyone gathered around to pray until help arrived. >> i will forever remember everyone coming around here just praying together. >> michelle says her little girl was her best friend. >> if you can believe a 6-year-old all she talked about was love and world peace.
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>> another vigil made for her. i am told her daughter was a prodigy and knew what she wanted to be when she grew up and that was a gymnast. temple university president neil theobald has resigned tonight and the board of trustees were scheduled to meet to fire him but the sides came to an agreement allowing him to resign. the fallout is a result of a $22 million shortfall in the university's merit scholarship fund. current chancellor richardingler is the interim president. professional athletes meet with police trying to foster community in the city. and training like a pro, see the state of the art facility that will help mold the next generation of athletes in philadelphia.
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our next heat wave is on the way, you see the heat index in the midwest well over 100 degrees and we'll talk about the dangerous heat in our forecast.
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an all-star team of pro athletes have now promised onto help police build bridges in the
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community. eagles and pro players playing for other teams met with commissioner ross, they asked for the meeting because they don't want the tenses and vie loans to come to philadelphia. >> a disconnect with the community and police officers and what we want to do is bring our voices to the table and our stages. to kind of facilitate the r reconciliation of that relationship. >> there is no plan yet but they believe they can use their ongoing work to build trust between the police and public. new jersey's office of homeland security is taking a new approach to public safety, hosting an anti-terrorism seminar in point pleasant beach for owners of nightclubs and restaurants and stores. they believe they could be a vital set of eyes and ears looking for suspicious activity. the program is being rolled out statewide. striking casino workers in atlantic city rallied against the building's currents and
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former owners. they were joined by members from other unions, they blasted present owner, carl icahn and former owner donald trump for destroying middle class jobs. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century. who do you talk to for military advice right now? i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv,
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as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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time for sports, jeff skversky is here trying to even the score with the marlins that would be nice. >> the trade deadline is coming up at the end of the month. and the final home game -- could it be the last time players like carlos luis wears the jersey for the last time. he says he has a lot of teams calling about different players. he can't handicap the odds it may go down or it may not. but manager pete mccannon wanted
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veterans with the young players in the lineup. >> it's good to have a veteran player, and i would like to see more quality at-bats and a veteran player incorporated in the lineup or two, could help the other players understand the importance of plate discipline. >> speaking of a veteran, ryan howard is in the lineup. but howard has already been a big hit in south philadelphia today. >> major league rookie of the year and national mvp and three time auto star and two time mlb home run leader and if you can't appreciate his efforts and what that team brought to us in 2008. it was a shot at ryan howard's recent critics. the slugger may not be what he
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once was at the plate but he is at the top of his game. he left a mark on the city that will improve the lives of kids for generations to come. >> wow just looking around this place it's amazing. a state of the art 7500 square foot soft and baseball training center will be used by 8,000 children. i got a chance to catch up with howard. >> hi jaime. >> hi ryan. >> what have you got? >> what does it mean to see your name on a wall of a city you love so much. >> it's cool but not about having my name on the wall but an opportunity for these kid tos have a safe place to come and fulfill their dreams. >> to know it's going to be here. ryan gets to leave a mark in the city. >> just like a selfie from a selfless super star this will
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leave kidded smiling long after howard's playing days are over. >> good looking batting cages. >> the that time of year eagles kick off training camp what can we expect out of doug peterson's season. there are question marks with this team and eagles players are just as curious to see how it plays out. >> new offense and defense. and a lot of familiar faces in the players but i think everybody is just excited. excited to see what this looks like and we think we have improved in areas and everybody is anxious to get out there and see what this thing looks like. >> aren't we all. >> beau jackson used to break baseball bats over his head in anger but we found a man that does it for fun. chip carson psyched himself up to break four wooden baseball bats, townsend breakeds the
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world record at disney world. take another look. how does he not hurt himself. he destroys the bats. it hurts just watching.
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adam is in for cecily and as promised we are cranking up the heat as we speak. >> we moved it up from yesterday and we continue to do so into the weekend. as we look at double scan live radar all is quiet out there this afternoon. late afternoon early evening, the humidity came up earlier especially in the southern areas
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and the temperatures moved out from yesterday's comfortable mid-80s to near 90 today and then into friday and beyond for the next five days we track the excessive heat and temperatures will be between 95 to 99 degrees and factor in the tropical humidity and each day the heat index should range from 98 to o 105 degrees it will be the most intense heat and humidity we have felt this year. limit your outdoor activities just the heat itself never mind if you exert yourself. at the shore 80 beach haven and 79 cape may with the sea breeze in effect. upper 80s in philadelphia up toward the lehigh valley and reading and a bit a wind catching in off the bay here in wilmington down to 83, 84 degrees. high pressure is close by that means we have a void in cloud cover and the highs breaking
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down and you can see the line of storms sinking in from the north and west. that is not something we are tracking to push through the region here tonight or even throughout the day tomorrow. so tomorrow it's hot and humid and southwesterly winds take over. 95 in philadelphia as well as reading and 94 in millville. and a sea breeze at the shore 84 to 85 degrees, with the increased heat and humidity combining here tomorrow it's an ozone action day, unhealthy for sensitive groups for young kids and the elderly. and anyone with heart or lung conditions limit your outdoor activities. this is a preview of the next five days, tomorrow the heat index at 100, soaring over that on saturday, the humidity may drop a bit on sunday so we may catch a bit a break but
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dangerous and uncomfortable with consecutive days with heat index over 100 degrees. the place to beat the heat is at the shore and melissa magee is at the steel pier. you had fun spinning around and playing games and going on a ferris wheel. you have a tough job. >> it's tough on a thursday very to tell you and we have fantastic views you can see all the steel pier and the ocean behind me, this is the place to be especially on friday. mostly sunny and sunshine and clouds, high temperature of 84 degrees, a bit of a sea breeze. and saturday we turn up the heat a high temperature of 90 and a westerly wind. and sunday it stays sunny and warm and a high of 87. and ocean temperature in the low 70s. you do you remember my first year down the shore, you put me
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on the sling shot ride where it shoots up in the air. >> a lot of fun. >> i'm not doing it this year. enjoy the rest of the time down there at the shore. as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 95 steamy with a storm north and west late in the day and there you can see we crank up the heat and humidity over the weekend and the worst day is monday blistering with stormed in the afternoon and heat indexes to 105 and a thunderstorm on tuesday at 95 and the heat wave continues into wednesday and thursday, people in town for the dnc have to calm it down and drink a little water. world news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 and joins for "action news" at channel 6. for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass, have a good night.
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tonight, the big walk through on the stage here at the republican national convention. ivanka trump preparing to introduce her father. what donald trump told us just today, as he practiced on that stage. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> plus, what ivanka trump revealed to us about her fear. and it all comes after ted cruz was booed off the stage here. his wife raced out amid an angry crowd. also breaking tonight, the new police shooting under the microscope. tonight, the unarmed man shot by police while lying on his back. the images of him with his hands in the air. the deadly plane crash right into an american neighborhood. the home engulfed. the alarming video. the boppen scare in new york city's times square. the suspect throwing a suspicious package right into a police van. officers inside. and just in tonight, a major shakeup at fox news. after the gretche


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