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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  July 24, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. california inferno. the wildfire burning out of control, exploding in size. >> what we saw was extreme fire behavior. >> homes threatened, smoke and ash darkening the los angeles skies. firefighters battling triple-digit temperatures in a desperate fight. the democratic duo. hillary clinton and her new running mate, tim kaine. ready for the first big test of the ticket -- the democratic national convention, which starts tomorrow in philly. clinton confident in her choice. >> senator tim kaine is everything donald trump and mike pence are not. >> how tim kaine is answering critics who call him too boring. ♪ wikileaks bombshells. 20,000 leaked messages from the dnc.
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did it favor hillary clinton over bernie sanders? top officials questioning his belief in god. is this going to create chaos on the convention floor in philadelphia? and girl power at comicon. wonder woman winning the day. the first solo movie for the amazon warrior. and another fierce female -- brie larson. now wearing the captain marvel uniform. fans buzzing over the the big reveal. all the headlines from that "other" convention. hey, good morning. and there it is. the inside of the wells fargo center in philadelphia. site of the democratic national convention, which starts tomorrow. >> after a week in which donald trump and the republicans dominated the news, hillary clinton and her new running mate, tim kaine, will try to reclaim the narrative. despite possible controversy brewing over wikileaks. we're going to have team
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coverage coming up. >> that's really big question. we'll be talking about it with george stephanopoulos. but we start here with the so-called heat-dome bringing stifling temperatures to most of america. there's the map. it's dangerous out there in many spots. especially so in los angeles. this wildfire has forced the evacuation of 1500 homes already. >> that fire is on the move. in a moment, ron will tell us if there's any relief in sight. first, to philip mena. who is on the front lines, just outside of los angeles, where firefighters are contending with triple-digit temperatures. philip? >> reporter: dan, paula, good morning. we're on a 450-acre ranch that has doubled as a backdrop for many famous hollywood productions for more than 40 years. this morning, it's been reduced to a flaming pile of rubble. this dangerous wildfire has spread from desolate hills into neighborhoods. >> this is fire station 135. >> reporter: this morning, the fast-moving sand fire has claimed multiple homes. businesses. and according to officials,
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possibly one life. the out-of-control wildfire just north of los angeles is forcing the evacuation of 1500 homes. officials fear it could get much worse. >> if we were to get very extreme fire behavior, we're up to 45,000 homes in those areas. >> reporter: l.a.'s fire chief blaming a dangerous cocktail of triple-digit heat, bone-dry terrain, and high winds for this growing inferno. these firefighters among 900 trying to stave off disaster, rushing into neighborhoods. their hoses, the only things standing between homes and an aggressive wall of fire. others flying dangerous water drops. >> we're getting antsy to get everyone out. everyone has dogs and animals and babies and kids. we're just trying to get everyone out. >> reporter: overnight, the inferno exploding in size. now ten times bigger than the first flames sighted on friday afternoon. just off this freeway in santa clarita. now stretching from there to this canyon lined with upscale homes.
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a popular setting for hollywood films and reality shows. >> what we saw is some extreme fire behavior. things that firefighters who have been doing this for 30, 40 years haven't seen in their career. >> reporter: you can see just how smoky it is out here. the air quality is so bad in los angeles that local public health thish officials are urging residents to stay indoors. the wildfires are exacerbated by the heat. it's becoming problematic across the country. rob is here to explain it all. >> good morning, paula. another day of extreme fire danger across parts of southern california. the coastline will see some cooling. hot inland. hot and humid across the inland parts of the u.s. again today. we have heat warnings. look at these heat indices. 104 or better in dallas. another day tomorrow. across the northeast, hotter on tuesday and wednesday. big storms in chicago last night. we'll talk more about that in ten minutes. dan? >> rob, thank you. we turn now to the olympics.
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with 12 days to go until the opening ceremony in rio, the international olympic committee is holding a meeting right now with a mow men us to mentous dee table. whether to ban the entire russian team from the rio games because of charges of doping. lama hasan is on the story from london. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. dan. it is judgment day today. the international olympic committee is meeting this morning to discuss the fate of the team. will there be an all-out ban on all 387 russian athletes from competing in the rio olympics, now only just a couple of weeks away? which is unprecedented. no country hass ever been kicked out for doping violations. that is the recommendation by the world anti-doping agency. the agency recently issuing a scathing report saying russia had been operating a four-year, state-sponsored doping program across the board. including 30 different olympic sports from 2011 to 2015. the highest court of appeal in
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international sports has already upheld a decision banning all russian track and field athletes from the rio games. russian president putin saying the allegations are politically motivated and a western plot to undermine russia. the ioc's president promising the toughest sanctions available. there is tension within the ioc between those wanting to send a clear message to russia with an all-out ban and those who think it's unfair to punish clean athletes. that is a big question the ioc will be facing today. dan, paula? >> as you said, that would be unprecedented. just 12 days to go. thank you. the big news at home this week, the democratic national convention. which kicks off tomorrow in philadelphia. >> hillary clinton was on the stump on saturday introducing her new vp to the nation. virginia senator tim kaine. they'll share the stage at the convention in philadelphia, where is where we find abc's mary bruce this morning.
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good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. hillary clinton will arrive here with a new partner by her side. a new ticket making its debut. >> my friend, senator tim kaine. >> reporter: in english -- >> i could not be any more honored to stand by hillary's side. >> reporter: -- and spanish. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: senator tim kaine from the battleground state of virginia is viewed as a safe and sensible pick. one that clinton hopes will draw a sharp contrast with her rivals. >> senator tim kaine is everything donald trump and mike pence are not. >> reporter: kaine proudly admits, he lax oomph. >> i am boring. but boring is the fastest growing demographic in the country. >> reporter: and is a bit quirky. ♪ >> reporter: lacking in charisma, but not experience. a former governor and mayor. a senator with foreign policy chops. and a winning record. >> i've never lost an election.
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>> reporter: and it's clear, kaine is ready to play attack dog. >> you want a trash-talking president or a bridge-building president? >> reporter: punching back, donald trump is out with a new nickname, dubbing him corrupt kaine. tweeting just saw crooked hlry and tim kaine together. isis and our other enemies are drooling. they don't look presidential to me. >> reporter: the first big test of the ticket comes tomorrow. in 24 hours, this place will be packed with politicians, celebrities, and delegates. first up peeking, michelle obama. and bernie sanders taking center stage. >> mary, thank you. we want to move to the controversy brewing this morning on the eve of the convention. wikileaks released thousands of e-mails from the dnc appearing to show favoritism toward hillary clinton. could this create chaos on the convention floor among bernie
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sanders supporters? david wright joins us with more. hi david. >> reporter: hi, paula. just when hillary clinton was hoping to put the whole notion of an e-mail controversy behind her, here comes an entirely different e-mail controversy. and one that threatens the unity the democrats are hoping to show in philadelphia. >> secretary clinton has won the democratic nominating process. >> reporter: the clinton campaign thought it successfully had put the bitter primary battle behind her. >> i can't help but reflect how much more enjoyable this election is going to be now that we're on the same side. >> reporter: as the democrats get ready to start their convention, leaked e-mails from the democratic national committee now show that sanders may have been right all along, when he claimed the party had its thumb on the scale for clinton all along. >> rigged is when somebody changes the rules in the middle of the game. >> reporter: wikileaks leaked 20,000 e-mails from seven top dnc officials. during primary season. does he believe in a god?
8:10 am
wondered one official. he had skated on saying he has a jewish heritage. i think i read he's an atheist. this could make several points difference with my peeps. some dnc officials refer to sanders as the insurgency. the dnc chairwoman, debbie wasserman schultz called his campaign manager an [ bleep ]. sanders made no secret his contempt for wasserman schultz. telling cnn in may he would fire her. >> with all due respect to the current chairperson, if elected president, she would not be re-elected to be chair of the dnc. >> reporter: according to the leaked e-mails, wasserman schultz decided not to respond to that, writing, this is a silly story. he isn't going to be president. well, donald trump seems to be enjoying all this. tweeting that the e-mail release was so bad that sappeders -- for sanders that it will make it impossible for him to support clinton, unless he's a fraud, says trump.
8:11 am
sanders' former campaign manager says somebody has to be held accountable. no comment from the dnc. we're told that they're in negotiations to significantly downgrade debbie wasserman schultz's role. at the convention. >> she's not speaking is she? >> she may be speaking. but probably, not so much. >> david, thank you. >> thanks, david. let's get out to abc news chief anchor george stephanopoulos who will be hosting "this week" later this morning. he's in philadelphia already. good morning, sir. >> good morning, guys. how's it going? >> we have to talk about wikileaks. you have politicians calling on bernie to recuse his endorsement of clinton. are you expecting chaos on the floor, like we saw at the republican convention last week? >> i think that is a little strong. there is a lot of upset here in philadelphia. no question about that. those wikileaks e-mails are startling, when you read them. it sort of proves what a lot of bernie sanders supporters thought all along.
8:12 am
i think you are definitely going to see some downgrading of debbie wasserman schultz's role. a lot of things being considered from getting a new ceremonial chairman to having her not speak in primetime. it's pretty clear sanders supporters would boo her pretty lustily if she appeared on the floor in prime time. it's something they have to work through today. there were long negotiations yesterday. they'll continue through sunday. >> a complication the campaign did not need. how do you think the selection of tim kaine is going over? we're hearing rumbling from the left of the party. how problematic is that? >> they were not too happy with the idea of tim kaine. no question. his support of trade deals in the past. he's recant his support of the transpacific partnership. they say he hasn't always been out front on the fight for things like gay rights. he's pro-life, though he supports a woman's right to choose, as well. he's against abortion. there have been questions in the progressive movement for tim kaine. issues about the banks, as well. i think his performance
8:13 am
yesterday went a ways to quiet some of that criticism. especially reaching out the latinos with all that talk in spanish at the event. there's still some grumbling. a lot of people will key off how bernie sanders reacts to the pick. we'll talk to him about that this morning on "this week." >> another big week for you, george. best of luck. and a reminder, george will anchor "this week" this morning from philadelphia. as the democrats gear up for their convention. also, we'll have complete coverage of the dnc all week. "world news tonight." "nightline." "gma." all live from philadelphia. and a network special every night, led by george, 10:00 p.m. eastern. gavel to gavel coverage on our online live stream channel. paula? >> thank you, dan. now to the investigation into the deadly shooting rampage in munich. authorities are trying to find how the suspect got his hands on the gun. they're painting a troubling portrait of the 18-year-old shooter, including disturbing evidence equating this to a school shooting. alex marquardt is there the
8:14 am
morning. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, paula. that's right. music has just started up here at this memorial. outside the shopping center where all of this happened. we're getting a clearer picture this morning of the attacker. neighbors and friends saying he was shy and showed no outward sign of aggression. all the while, harboring an obsession with mass murders. it's a picture of a disturbed young man that munich authorities this morning are painting of the 18-year-old who carried out this horrific attack. identified as ali sonboly. he was allegedly obsessed with mass shooting rampages. this book, "why kids kill" found in his apartment. a study of school shootings, including columbine and virginia tech. >> he may have been immersing himself in the world of mass killings and looking for people he could emulate. >> reporter: the police also saying there's an obvious link between the munich attack and the fifth
8:15 am
anniversary of the killings of 77 people by anders brevik. most of them at a youth camp. he had allegedly hacked into a girl's facebook account and tried to lure people there by saying, i'll buy you something you want, but not too expensive. a duke university senior, tamina stoll, was on her way to the center when people were fleeing. >> i could tell they were so scared. >> reporter: she ran upstairs and filmed the chaos from her grandmother's balcony. >> i can't even find words. it's just horrible. >> reporter: in all, nine people would be killed. almost all of them teenagers. before the attacker turned the gun on himself. his body found half a mile away from the scene with 300 more rounds in his backpack. authorities are still trying to figure out how he got his hands on the gun. a glock 17, semi-automatic pistol. the same gun used by the attacker in the norwegian massacre.
8:16 am
now, germany has very strict gun control laws. he almost certainly got the gun on the black market. >> sounds like a disturbed young man. thank you. >> 300 more rounds on him. a lot more damage could have been done. let's get to ron. good morning, sir. >> dan, paula, good morning to you. sara, rob. good morning, everyone. we're going to begin in afghanistan where isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly suicide bombing in kabul. that killed 80 people and wounded more than 200. the bombing, the terror group's first in the afghan capital, targeted a peaceful demonstration over a power line. the white house called the attack heinous. the taliban also condemned it. back in the u.s., a small plane crashed into a house in haddam, connecticut. shortly after taking off from a nearby airport. the pilot was air-lifted to a hospital where he's said to be in critical condition. a man who was inside that house at the time was unharmed. and the wnba doing an about-face this morning.
8:17 am
the league announcing his has withdrawn fines against three teams and players who wore black lives matter t-shirts in recent warmups. just yesterday, we told you the teams and players were fined for violating the league's policy. the wnba president saying we understand their desire to spot light issues. ace pitcher chris sale crashed from a game on saturday. reportedly because he was upset because of having to wear throwback uniforms. sale's argument escalated to an argument with the team's higher ups. the game did go on. it was suspended after eight innings because of rain. the score tied. it resumes today. sale is not expected to play. an american surfer is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a crocodile at a popular beach in costa rica. emergency workers saying the man's friend fought off the
8:18 am
animal with his bear hands. the surfer in in serious condition. part of the surfer's leg had to be amputated. plant lovers are waiting for a new flower to bloom. at the new york botanical garden. the blossom known as the corpse flower. because of its pungent, foul aro aroma. expected to open up any time now. the first time since 1939 that the new york botanical garden will host the rare stinky blooms. breaking news. you see rob's hair cut here. rob is joining the army. he'll be going to basic training shortly. >> we're going to miss you. >> they would never take me. >> you're a good man. >> i would volunteer. they would never take me. >> he has flat feet. >> plus, my nostrils are of heat, look at chicago, they got slammed last night. cold play concert at soldier field was delayed because of intense storms there and heavy
8:19 am
rain north of the city. here's across the michigan area this morning. a cool front will come down eventually cooling down the insane heat across the central u.s., but the east coast will remain hot. that's a look at the national outlook, here's what's going on locally. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. double scan live is clear. we had rough stuff pull through yesterday evening. there's 170 atlantic city electric customers without power. as we get you outside, you can see the view. waking up to mostly sunny conditions, high, thin clouds up there. 96 degrees today. hot less humid, 99 tomorrow with the humidity it will feel like 107 degrees. he would always end hid news cast with a salute. lloyd linzie young.
8:20 am
to all ore men in military. >> thank you, rob. i've got news on a big convention, guys. they're giving me political stuff. >> really? >> no. >> bring it. >> this is a convention where you won't find many delegates. but you will find plenty of superheroes. comicon making headlines with fierce females. at this week end's san diego comicon. girl power rules. >> how are you? >> reporter: tens of thousands of fans descending on san diego were treated to sneak peaks at the latest geeky movies and shows. showing love for muggles. >> and he's handing out wands. >> reporter: jedi, and zombies. but wonder woman won the day. once this first look at the amazon warrior's first solo movie hit youtube, within hours, it had more than 4 million views. >> what i do is not up to you. >> reporter: trouncing her male buddies in justice league, led by ben affleck's batman. >> i'm putting together a team of people with special
8:21 am
abilities. >> reporter: move over aquaman and flash. and the comicon girl power continues in another big movie announcement. marvel announcing the star of its first ever female superhero lead. brie larson will don captain marvel's uniform. overnight, skyrocketing to the top of twitter's trending list. yes! can we call her captain marvelous? because she looks great? >> did you practice that? >> it's in the prompter. >> marvel is calling. they want you on their marketing team. coming up here on "gma," we'll hear from the family of an autistic man involved in the controversial police shooting caught on camera. new developments. also, left in a lurch at the car rental desk. and you know what? it could happen to you. how one call to the abc news fixer got hundreds of dollars back for one family. we're right back. >> did rob do it?
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what's with them? oh, those two? they're always fighting for attention. there's more to a legendary city than its legends. plan your legendary stay at >> good morning it is 8:27 sunday morning, i'm nydia han. sky6 live hd taking a live look right now at center city philadelphia. an excessive heat warning is still posted on a day when some people in our area are without power because of the storm. >> reporter: it's still hot out there. yesterday's storm produced power outages in cape may and camden
8:28 am
counties. today, no thunderstorm activity. 96 degrees lower humidity levels compared to yesterday. tomorrow 99 feeling like 107 with the humidity. it will be one of the hottest days we've seen in four years. >> that's it for "action news," we're be back in half an hour, stay tuned for "good morning america".
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welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. happening right now, convention countdown. the democrats are getting ready to take over philadelphia. hillary clinton bonding with her new running mate, tim kaine. the preps are under way at the wells fargo center amid tight security. >> we'll be covering it all week here on abc. also happening right now. fuel-free journey. "solar impulse 2" on the last leg of the solar powered plane's tour around the globe. the aircraft taking off from cairo this morning, heading for abu dhabi. and the powerball jackpot is growing. no winners in the drawing overnight. officials expecting wednesday's prize to reach 422 million bucks. also coming up, the family trying to rent a minivan at the airport. yes, they are a hot commodity.
8:31 am
the family ran into a major road block. why this turned into a case for the abc news fixer. what you need to know before you make your next reservation. >> if you need a minivan. my friend paula faris has one, it smells like 2-year-old cheetos. but you'll -- it will work. >> what's wrong with 2-year-old cheetos? >> nothing. there was no judgment in that statement. just admiration. moving on now. we still love each other. >> we do. moving on now, a serious story. the growing questions surrounding the latest shooting of an unarmed black man by police. this one caught on camera. >> police opened fire on the man who was lying on the ground. trying to protect a young man with autism who was in his care. now that young man's family is speaking out. marci gonzalez joins us with more. good morning, marci. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. they say he's still traumatized by what he went through. the family is questioning the officer's explanation. this morning, sadness and disbelief over claims of the police union, saying the north miami officer who shot and
8:32 am
injured this caretaker was actually aiming for this 26-year-old man with autism, concerned he was a threat. >> he even admitted that the bullet was not for charles. which i believe is a lie. but he's saying that. that the bullet was for my brother. he could have gotten hurt. as well. yourios, soto's family says the young man who prompted a police response that day has the capacity of a 4-year-old. >> they were walking down the street near their home. you can't walk down the street near your home anymore? >> reporter: his therapist, charles kinsey, heard explaining to police the object in soto's hand is not a weapon. >> all he has is a toy truck in his hand. a toy truck. i am a behavior therapist at a group home. >> reporter: the man who shot this video now seen millions of times says the officers may not have realized what kinsey was saying.
8:33 am
>> the one who made the shot was yards back. there was no possible way you could hear from that distance. >> reporter: now on paid leave, the officer says he was trying to protect kinsey. north miami's mayor promising a thorough and transparent investigati investigation. >> as your mayor, of this great city of north miami, i assure you that we'll go wherever the truth takes us. and necessary decisions will be taken by proper authorities. >> reporter: and part of the investigation is into a commander in this department. now on unpaid leave after investigators say he may have fabricated part of the police report. dan and paula? >> marci, thank you. another case creating outrage in this country. let's move on to the weather. >> back to the heat that will slide to the east, that will give the midwest a break. the east coast will bake over the next time several days. washington, d.c. and philly will
8:34 am
be up over 100 degrees, they will roast at the dnc this week. temperatures in the 90s through wednesday and thursday. red flag warnings up for locals and loss where they are battling the fire. the bill h moves to the four corners we'll get cooler air off the pacific. hawaii, tropical storm darby, a showery and windy conditions if you're vacationing in that direction. in florida, showery activity as well. thunderstorms could be intense. the northeast drier and cooler in the way of humidity before the real heat starts to build through wednesday and thursday, that's a check on the national outlook here's what's shaking where you live. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. a lot of heat and humidity is on the way. 96 will feel like 96 or 97. tomorrow's 99 which will be the hottest in four years will feel
8:35 am
like 107. a dog in the summertime, i shed. i want to be high and tight like ron. >> guys, i gotta tell you. i was out in the park yesterday. we took my son to the sprinklers, my wife and i. there was a handsome guy standing in front of cameras. it was rob getting ready to talk weather on "world news tonight." >> did you crash the shot? >> we crashed the shot. my son was like, oh, that's what a tall guy looks like. >> aw. >> aw. >> powdering his nose. it was great to see your wife and alex there. >> you're tall in stature, okay? >> thank you very much. coming up here on "gma," the abc news fixer on the case of a rental car nightmare. the family who went to pick up their minivan and were told, sorry, you're out of luck. and it's going to cost you. how to avoid that. >> outside of borrowing it from me. though i would loan you if you asked. the star-studded affair at the democratic national convention. who you'll be seeing on stage
8:36 am
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there's nothing like the excitement of starting a vacation. but things can quickly turn pear-shaped if you find yourself
8:40 am
stuck at the airport with no wheels. >> this is rob's favorite segment. what's it called? >> da fixer! >> any way back to the story. this is what happened to one family. they ran into a road block. >> this show is so far off the rails. >> they tried to pick up their reserved minivan, it led to a call to the abc news -- >> da fixer! ♪ >> reporter: the sneed family of suburban chicago loves their vacations. and for a recent trip to florida, they needed a minivan for their large family and all of their luggage. laura found one online with economy rent a car and hit the confirm button. >> we know we need a bigger vehicle. so, we want a minivan. >> reporter: when the family arrived in orlando -- >> they're like, we're so sorry. this happens sometimes, basically. we don't have a car for you. >> reporter: the agent told them the minivan they reserved was no longer available. and told them to rent elsewhere
8:41 am
and save their receipts for reimbursement. so ron went there counter to counter. >> sometimes we wouldn't get in line. they would say we have no cars available at this time of night. >> reporter: after three hours, around 2:00 in the morning, an exhausted ron found another van. >> unfortunately, the price was real high. >> reporter: with insurance and other charges, it was around $1100, about double what they planned on paying. laura contacted economy and the company apologized but said there would be no refund. to which laura responded -- >> you're out of your mind. >> reporter: that's when she called the abc news fixer. our fixer, stephanie zimmerman, got the car rental company to reimburse the difference between the base price on the minivan they reserved and the one from the other company. economy rent a car sent them a check for $419. they apologized for the family's
8:42 am
inson veen yens. but said, just like airlines and hotels, car rental companies generally overbook because of cancellations. >> definitely enroll in a loyalty program if you're a frequent traveler. if you have elite status, you're less likely to become a victim. >> all: it's fixed. thanks, abc news fixer. >> great advice. >> great advice. we won't make rob do that thing again. before you go back to work tomorrow we have quick, doable expert tips for on-the-job happiness, for example, dealing with nasty co-workers. >> none of us have to deal with that because we all love one another. but toying with success, "ghostbusters" scaring up sales in the toy department. once again, another story for sara. she's got convention coverage. she's got "ghostbuster." what don't you have? >> we have gavel-to-gavel convention coverage. >> can you do weather? >> no. >> yes, you can. come can do it! dogs just won't quit. neither does frontline. introducing new frontline gold. with its new easy applicator
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♪ time for "weekend download." if you already have the monday blues on a sunday morning, it may be a sign that you're burned out. 50% of americans say they're burned out at work. for quick, on-the-job happiness hacks, we brought in emma seppala. author of "the happiness track." thanks for coming in. >> happy to be here. >> if you're burned out, what do you do specifically? >> well, burnout is a very large topic. one specific thing you can do is disengage when you're not working. 91% of americans are checking work e-mail on vacation. if you can just plug out when on vacation and after coming home, you stop checking e-mail, that's a fantastic way to have more energy when you go back to work. >> i'm really bad at that. on another note, any tips for dealing with an acutely stressful situation, like getting in an argument with somebody? >> absolutely.
8:47 am
i've worked with some of the most stressed individuals in our society. vett eerans returning from war h trauma. one very simple thing works. that's the breath. when you slow your breathing. deepen your breathing, and lengthen your exhales. you're going to slow your heart rate and blood pressure in minutes. >> so in a stressful situation, the old advice of take a deep broe breath, it works. finally, your tip for being happier at work. it's be nice to people. even in a competitive environment. >> yes, we believe in sink or swim. elbow people out of the way. dog eat dog. the research shows people who are kinder, uplift others, help others, are more successful in the long run as long as no one takes advantage of them. >> my friend, paula faris, is very good that. thank you, emma. really appreciate it. if you want to hear more, check out the new 10% happier podcast on our website or in apple podcasts. search for 10% happier. we'll be right back with "pop news."
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
8:52 am
♪ it all leads up to this, sara haines, "pop news." what's popping? >> again, george and i are on the convention. all eyes are on philadelphia for the democratic national convention. and there's a roster of buzzworthy celebrities gearing up for the big event. actress chloe grace moretz will take the stage as a speaker. tweeting out this photo. meanwhile, lena dunham said she'll team up with america ferrera for a joint speech. star jones will also take the stage, saying she's confirmed to speak. and actress debra messing will say a few words as well, expressing how truly honored she is. demi lovato. eva longoria will be there. abc news and george will be there so cover it all. >> you're not going? >> i'm still waiting for my invite. >> gavel to gavel coverage? >> any minute now.
8:53 am
>> is it politics or like the emmys and the oscars? >> it is a lot of celebrities. so i do have a beat there. a lane. >> i think you're selling yourself short. i think you could do it any day. >> thank you. >> you are. >> thank you very much, dan. "ghostbusters" is doing like gangbusters at the box office. it's doing even better on the store shelves. in a statement to "variety" mattel says sales of the action figures are doing better than expected. the sales are strong from both boys and girls. maybe has something to do with the movie's tagline, everybody wants to be a ghostbuster. which we all know. the movie starts melissa mccarthy, kristen wiig, kate mckinnon. aj and leslie jones. >> women are taking over comicon this year with captain -- what is it? >> captain marvel. >> there's a theme here. >> girl power. >> yes. >> we like it. >> you're sitting between the girl power sandwich now.
8:54 am
>> pretty soon, it will be sara and i on the weekends. >> probably be a better show. >> we have more comicon news. dan, this is for you. "the walking dead" trailer is here. amc and the show's producers sharing this chilling trailer at comicon saying, the series will return october 23rd. fans will meet new characters. king ezekiel and his pet tiger. >> really? >> yeah. he'll cross paths with lead character rick. that means lots of excitement to look forward to. >> the last episode of last season. i don't know if anybody saw it. >> no. >> superharrowing. >>. >> it's like 1999. why is there such a huge break between seasons? >> i can't get my wife to watch the show with me. >> it's called "the walking dead." >> she will watch "downton abbey" but not that. i brought treats, guys. the word croissant sounds so french and fancy. >> that wasn't a french pronunciation.
8:55 am
>> i didn't? >> that was more spanish. >> say it. >> croissant. >> rob is an educated man. >> the latest over-the-top creation, the red velvet version. now these babies are the creation of pastry chef silva in new york city. this is the latest ultimate breakfast dessert. they have other flavors. we have some of those here. creme brulee, cookies and cream, birthday cake, and green tea. >> which one should i try, sara? >> which croissant? did i say it right? >> say it again. >> croissant? >> croissant? >> croissant? >> breakfast of champions. >> we can do this for an hour. >> the chef is over there. are these low calorie?
8:56 am
that is low truthiness. you can catch sara covering the democratic national convention all week long. mostly, it will be george. thank you for watching this morning. we'll see you next weekend. >> oh, this is good. >> good morning 0 i'm nydia han along with gray hall. >> breaking news, crews in south jersey are looking for a man who fell off a boat into the delaware river. plus, after months of planning the democratic national convention is one day away. we're live with final preparations. >> reporter: heat advisories and warnings are issued through monday. the hottest weather we've seen
8:57 am
in four years is on the way. i'll have the latest in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online.
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9:00 a.m., sunday, july 24. >> in the news, a philadelphia firefighter has died after being found unresponsive at a firehouse. delegates, politics and
9:00 am
protesters are converging on south philadelphia ahead of the democratic national convention we're live. >> plus, the excessive heat continues and things will get worse before they get better. >> we're talking worse heat in four years. >> reporter: here's the good news, there's a little light at the end of the tunnel. we have two days of this to go, actually probably three and things will get better as the week progresses. there's the view in atlantic city. we have mostly sunny skies, high, thin clouds upstairs, you can see the sun glistening down shining off the waves. you can seem the humidity in the atmosphere. yesterday's frontal system that brought lower humidity levels north and west of center city has stalled right in through here, so fairly humid down here, feeling better north and west. temperatures in the 80s. 85 in philadelphia. wilmington, 8


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