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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  July 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. in less than 24 hours the gavel will drop on the opening of the 2016 democratic national convention. the delegates will make history nominating the first woman to lead a major party for presidential candidate on the ticket but there is a
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major last second shake up in party leadership. dnc chief debbie wasserman schultz is being forced to step down. sunday night i'm walter perez. the big story tonight is a rocky start for democratic national convention. lets get to "action news" anchor sarah bloomquist to lead our coverage from the wells fargo center. sarah huge news before the convention even begins. >> that is right, we have news of leadership shake up as final touches were being made right here at the wells fargo center for start of this convention. secret service swept every inch of this building for much of the day yesterday, and into this morning. we are looking live at the stage where hillary clinton will accept her historic nomination, on thursday. but the big head line as we go into this convention is the surprise resignation of dnc national chair woman debbie wasserman schultz. late this afternoon wasserman schultz announced she will is he down at the end of the convention in the wake of the e-mail leaks. those e-mails appear to show dnc officials attempting to aid hillary clinton's campaign in the party primary.
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one e-mail exchange suggest that bringing up bernie sanders religious beliefs, as a way to hurt his campaign. wasserman schultz is expected to open up and close the convention but after that she will resign. dnc vice chair donna brazil will serve as the interim chair woman. we have live team coverage of this convention, "action news" reporter wendy saltzman is live in center city, we will look at some events around the area christie ileto is live in south philadelphia, covering the protest that have already started. john rawlins is checking in with how folks are dealing with this in the heat, but, we will begin with "action news" reporter jeff chirico and the welcome for the delegates today, jeff? >> reporter: hi sarah many of the 4,760 delegates arrived today, some of them are staying in the hotels, around me here in center city. we spoke with a few of them who say they are eager to get the convention started and move the country forward. as they arrived at the airport delegates were offered local
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treats and political swag, they then hopped buses for center city hotels which were draped in red, white and blue. these delegates from missouri were clearly excited that their parties convention is in philadelphia. >> it is the perfect setting, i mean this is the birthplace of our nation. >> i have never seen the liberty bell. i have never seen independent hall. i really want to see some of those things while in philadelphia. >> reporter: as a reading terminal market delegates from kalinin jody bite to eat. many including this bernie sanders supporter are talking about the announced resignation of the democratic party chair woman. >> she is a nice person, i have met her, talk to her a couple of times, but the way that she has been running the democratic party is very un democratic. >> reporter: after watching the republican convention, delegates hearsay that it is important information their time in philadelphia to be a unifying one for the party and for america. >> now you look at what happens here, you know, in the birthplace of our country and i think you will really see a real difference between the two parties and real
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difference between the two candidates. >> reporter: before they get down to business tomorrow there is some fun to be had, the dnc kick off party is tonight at the kimmel center. we are live, jeff chirico for channel six "action news", sarah. >> jeff, thank you. along with the arrival of the thousands of delegates are thousands of protesters. lets head out to "action news" reporter christie ileto at fdr park in south philadelphia a with that part of the coverage , christie. >> reporter: czar, now they have started rallying here a the park, it is difficult to get to by car because police have literally blocked perimeter of that park off but message here is we can do better. >> we can do better. >> i'm out here because i support bernie for everything that he does, he does for the all of the people. >> reporter: pounding pavement thousands marched toward fdr park, it is first of many
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protest this is week. >> unaudible. >> reporter: democratic national convention hasn't even officially started. >> unaudible. >> people are fed up, we are energized and we are not going home because people deserve better. >> unaudible. >> they have a long walk ahead of them. i don't know if all of them will make this walk but they are out here, we're encouraging them to drink water just as we are the police officers. >> what do we want. >> democracy. >> when do we want it. >> now. >> we're here on the street. we're not giving up. super delegates take notice. you screw our guy, we're not on board this train, it is simple as that who would you be voting for if not bernie. >> we will play that card once this weekend is over. >> i asked several protester, would donald trump be an option. many says he is never an option. it is interesting to go see how this plays outcome november. reporting live, christie ileto
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for channel six "action news". >> christie, thank you. we have much more coverage still ahead, in a few moments i will be joined by "action news" anchor jim gardner with more on what hillary clinton need to accomplish this week. first lets send it back to the studio with "action news" anchor walter perez. >> thanks, sarah. other big story we are following here is one that will affect everyone coming to town this week. we're talking about the oppressive heat. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live on the ben franklin parkway to tell us how folks are coping, john? >> reporter: hi there walter. behind me rocky steps are closed right now, there will be a dnc meeting there later on tonight. weather-wise, in the last 45 minutes or so a nice breeze has pick up. it is rather pleasant out here earlier in the day it was just too darn hot. >> miserablely hot weather today did not cool fire of the hillary clinton supporters. delegates from texas, no big deal. >> i live for this kind of
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weather. it is my favorite time of the year. >> reporter: indeed but marry minded everyone that philadelphia's 1/2 punch of heat and humidity can be dangerous. >> the city has already had four heat-related deaths this year. i urge residents to drink water frequently, check on their neighbors, limit time outdoors as much as possible. >> reporter: sun baked pavement blistering hot, while rocky didn't break a sweat those lining up for pictures relished the shade in bottles of water. >> yes. >> trying to stay in shape. >> reporter: as pop up park across the street, some made their own shade, others found water, and still others found other ways to cool off. the message here if you go out in the heat of the day be sure to hydrate, find shade if you can. we all know the drill. live from the parkway john rawlins for channel six "action news". >> thanks, john w that said we have to question how hot will it get? lets go to meteorologist melissa magee with the answer from accu weather, melissa. >> walter, we will get hotter
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as we start beginning of the workweek but it was official today. heat wave number four here in philadelphia with the high in the city coming in at 95 degrees. believe it or not despite the fact that it was quite hot outside it wasn't as humid today as it was yesterday across the region. currently we are at 91 in the city. eighty-three in the poconos. eighty-one at the coast in cape may. eighty-three in beach haven out to the north and west for reading, lancaster, temperatures in the lower 90's the excessive heat warning stays up a long that i-95 corridor and metro areas until 6:00 p.m. on monday. orange shaded counties are underneath a heat advisory as we go throughout the beginning of the day, on monday. we will talk about what we can expect as we press forward here. the humidity does return, as we go throughout the day tomorrow, dangerous heat continues, to build, in fact, it is hotter for start of the workweek. the heat index range from 98 to 105, across the region. we will let you know if is there any break or relief coming our way. details with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast, walter?
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sarah. >> aim's joined by "action news" anchor, jim gardner. you and i spent last week at the republican national convention. here we go again, with the democrats. what do you think hillary clinton need to accomplish this week. >> well, she needs to accomplish a lot. conventions are all about party unity and i think that hillary clinton has to make nice again with the bernie sanders wing of the party, particularly in the wake of the new e-mail scandal, which has demonstrated the dnc showed bias in favor of hillary clinton and against bernie sanders during the primary campaign. also, her pick of tim kaine, getting rave review in a lot of quarters but has to be a big disappointed with the sanders wing of the democratic party. she has to show that she is capable of solving many of the same problems that donald trump talked about, problems like crime, and terrorism, in an economy that has been penalizing the middle class. but as opposed to trum hospital was a little doomy
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and gloomy during his acceptance speech, i think hillary clinton wants to do that to show that she's an agent of change against backdrop of optimism, hope and conviction that america is still greatest most powerful country in the world. i think hillary clinton has to give some voters a clearer explanation of why that she want to be president of the united states. not the just, because she is a clinton and that she has somehow entitled to the white house. ted kennedy did a miserable job of providing that explanation back in 1980 and it perhaps cost him the primary against a very beat able jimmy carter. hillary clinton somehow has to convince voters that she can be trusted, that she is authentic, polls say zero seven percent of the electorate feels that hillary clinton is untrust worthy and that is an incredible number. trump is almost as high but
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hillary is at 70 percent. she cannot eradicate that number clearly but if she can trim it, somewhat it would be much to her benefit. those are some of the things i think hillly clinton needs to accomplish in philadelphia it will be an exciting week. we have the best team around to cover it got that right. >> thanks, jim. our coverage of the democratic national convention continues live after this break. we will be right back.
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welcome back, you're looking live at the stage of the wells fargo center, in less than 24 hours, the democrats kick off their convention, right here in philadelphia. it is going to be a busy, historic week and hillary
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clinton becomes the first female presidential nominee from a major party. the convention begins, tomorrow afternoon, at 4:00 o'clock with the opening gavel, first lady michelle obama and senator bernie sanders are the featured speakers. then on tuesday, sometime in the later afternoon the roll call vote will take place to nominate clinton officially. president bill clinton speaks tuesday night, on wednesday night, president obama and vice-president joe biden will address the delegates. it all culminates on thursday when hillary clinton accepting her party's nomination. she will be introduced by her daughter, chelsea. well, happening across the city in connection with the dnc. "action news" reporter wendy saltzman is live in center city with details on some of those events, wendy? >> reporter: you can see lbgt community is here showing their support not just for their friends and family but also showing their pride for their city as dnc rolls rolls into town today.
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hillary for president, gay pride, and party to show the world just how hopeful these philadelphians are that the dnc will open up their arms to everyone the in the lbgt community. >> we're working with leaders all around the country to come here to talk about why lbgt rights are american right, civil rights, human rights. >> reporter: democratic platform this year is one of the most progress any of history promoting absolute fully quality under the law. >> i want to live in a nation that is creating jobs, nation that is respecting, and protecting me. >> we have a great opportunity to show people around the world and especially this country, you know, what philadelphia is and how inclusive it is. >> reporter: like the use of mar juan, local supporters of the legal says are proud the party moved toward supporting medicinal use. >> we have to end prohibition completely. would i like us to see us move in that direction. >> reporter: local democrats are proud to have the dnc here in town, pushing the boundaries on some of these un conventional issues in the
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birthplace of freedom. in some cases, most, what you want. live in center city, i'm wendy salt man for channel six "action news". >> wendy, thank you. on this sunday ahead of the dnc people of all faiths gathered at the pennsylvania convention event certificate. the message stronger together in pursuit of love and kind ness. it included inter faith leaders from here in the delaware valley and all across the country. pennsylvania governor tom wolf led a tour of historic philadelphia for members of the media in town for the convention. group went to see all of the sites around independence mall this morning. of course this convention is a celebration of democracy, right here in philadelphia. "action news" wants to help you express your freedom of speech. all week long we are hosting special social events to hear from you. outside of the national constitution center look for the "action news" microphone in our social soap box, where you can tell us what you think about the convention and the presidential race. famous fourth street deli
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get ready to debate your position with what we are calling the fourth street face off, we will show you the world, we will show the world your thoughts on our facebook page and right here on "action news". of course, you can count on the "action news" team led by jim gardner, to bring you complete convention coverage from gavel to gavel. not just on the air, we have live continuing digital coverage at six every night of the convention beginning tomorrow night at 7:30. we will send it back now to the "action news" studio and walter perez with a look at some of the other news headlines of the the day. >> all right, sarah, thank you moving to other news we are waiting to find out the official caught of death the for local fire fight shore died last night. forty-two year-old gabriel lee of ladder company 12 in philadelphia was found unresponsive by fellow fire fighters in the basement gym of the firehouse. officials say lee responded to a fire earlier that day and that had returned to the firehouse to work the night shift. black bunting is draped across the firehouse right there on
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west cambria street in north philadelphia. a man who fell off of the boat and into the delaware river earlier this morning has not yet been found. the it happened just after 5:30 a.m. near bordentown yacht club. three rescue boats and a new jersey state police hell cooperator were all used in the search. no word tonight why the missing man, fell in the river .
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee,
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tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. okay. jeff skversky has sports and phillies roller coaster on a down turn once again. >> they have lost seven of ten since the all-star break. pirates have been a big problem for the phillies especially out in pittsburgh. phillies looking to win their first series against them in more than three years, and another big break for phillies in pittsburgh. third base man andres blanco breaks his index finger and headed to the disabled list. adam frazier breaks the four- four tie a pinch hit hole
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owe home run as ramos, phillies, lose five-four. they have lost seven of ten. mike piazza goes in the baseball hall of fame alongside ken griffey, junior. what a ride for piazza, drafted sixth second round, in 1988, and goes on to become arguablably the greatest catcher of all time. >> the only way i ever thought i would be here with you is if i bought a ticket. it is tremendous, it is a testament to our great country and game that dreams can come true. carson wentz a monkeying also rookies and selected veterans to report to training camp, eagles will be on the field for first time tomorrow, it is expected to be a physical camp. >> it is going to be physical. guys competing. you get the best out of each other. it will be feisty. i'm looking forward to it. >> we are talking about eagles tonight on "action news" sports sunday mike missanelli
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will join us at the 11:45. >> thanks, jeff. coming up next meteorologist melissa a magee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back
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time for a final check of the accu weather forecast and it is not looking good this week. >> yeah, very hot today, walter. even hotter as we start the beginning of the dnc. lots to go over. here's storm tracker six radar it is dry, no issues with precipitation. there could a spotty shower or thunderstorm throughout the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning, but the big
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weather story will be the heat , and the building humidity, once again, across the region. the it was official today, had a high in philadelphia up to 95 making this an official heat wave, number four, here in philadelphia, right now coming in at 91. ninety-three allentown. eighty-one in cape may. ninety-one in trenton. ninety to the west in lancaster. dew point numbers not so bad for allentown, reading, lancaster in the lower 60's. we are in the upper 60's if not 70's across our coastal communities so that the humidity will continue to increase throughout the overnight hours into the rest of our workweek. the here's satellite six with action radar. you can see activity coming from the eastern great lakes and we will watch this closely as it works its way east ward because there could be a a few showers that fire up overnight as i mentioned in to early tomorrow morning. then refiring as we go throughout monday afternoon. so call from accu weather for rest of tonight partly cloudy, turning more humid and pretty much more uncomfortable with the humidity on the rise.
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seventy-three overnight low in the suburbs. seventy-eight in philadelphia a for the overnight low. here's future tracker six you can see 5:69 in the morning the cluster of activity out to the west that rolls eastward. it will affect areas north of trenton, into philadelphia and also to the south and east. as we go throughout the afternoon hours still so much heat and building humidity adding to the instability in the air. 5:30 in the evening we will see a couple of showers and storms, and they will be isolated but where they hit, because we do have have a bit of the tropical air mass, overhead, by tomorrow afternoon, brief, but heavy rain is likely, the other part of the story tomorrow is that we've got some records to watch out for. philadelphia the record is 96 setback in 1999. allentown are record is 95. upper 90 as for reading and trenton. ninety-six in wilmington. we will more than likely tie or break record across the region tomorrow. the here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast. records possible on monday. thunderstorm around. high of 99, if we hit that, it could be the hottest it hats been in four years. not as bad on tuesday with you
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still hot in at 95. sizzling sunshine on wednesday 93. ninety-three as we get into thursday, walter and that heat rolls in. >> that is tough for a few days. >> yes. abc world news sunday is next here on channel six. don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight and then we're back here again on six abc at 11:00. sarah. we will have much more coming up tonight from right here in the wells fargo center on the eve of the convention. for walter perez, jim gardner, melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪ (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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tonight, the breaking news here. word of major resignation just hours before the democratic convention. the new party turmoil. the chair of the dnc, now saying she's out tonight amid leaked e-mails. did the dnc favor hillary clinton all along? was bernie sanders right? and hillary clinton tonight, side by side with her new running mate. this evening, he's coming to her defense amid the name-calling from donald trump. and you'll hear it. the other breaking headline. the sweltering heat and fires turning deadly. evacuations under way right now. dangerous heat alerts from kansas all the way to philly and new york. as the death toll rises, including a 12-year-old who was hiking. dramatic video of a plane spiraling, crashing into a home. witnesses running in to help. the deadly machete attack, taking aim at a pregnant woman, among others. the images coming in f


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