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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  July 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> back at the wells fargo center and day one of conventions usually boring but not the case here. the day brought protest and division but by the night it was something different as one power house speaker after another was clear i'm with he her. most compelling michelle obama. convention floor was sea of purple michelle banners. mrs. obama told the crowd that her family motto is when they go low, we go high. standard that she said hillary clinton will uphold. and she clearly took a swipe at donald trump when she talked about what's at stake.
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>> because when -- when you have the nuclear codes at your fingertips and the military in your command, you can't make snap decisions. you can't have a thin skin or a tendency to lash out. you need to be steady. >> mrs. obama had her own personal cheering second. former president bill clinton vice president joe biden's wife jill and new jersey senator cory booker who spoke earlier in the evening sat together for her speech. the president tweeting out later just how impressed and proud he was of his wife. and the spotlight was only hotter in one place. and that was on clinton's primary rival bernie sanders. he has a massive impassioned following. who spent the day and night in protest. sander got three minutes of applause as he took the stage. he told the crowd it is time to get behind clinton insisting she is now their best choice and what he said is an ongoing fight.
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>> a government based on the principles of economics, social, racial and environmental justice, that struggle continues. [cheers and applause] >> sander made no secret of the fact that he and clinton disagree on a number of issues but he says that's what democracy is all about. and once the speech was over it was time to party. katherine scott to people overnight and she joins us live from center city. tell us about the parties, katherine. >> reporter: well, right now we're outside l.a. meridian, tam, this is one of the places that applied to keep their bar opened late so the delegates would have a place to go once the events wrapped up. whether it was here at this hotel oriels where are there was plenty going on. some were informal gatherings others were events. at union transfer on spring garden and the electric factory you can see the revelers outside.
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at union transfer it was invitation only fundraiser for musicians on call sponsored by the recording association of america. dj jazzy jeff opened up the festivities then nelly came on and brought the house down. then at the electric county they had the head count convention jam. they're a nonprofit they register voters. they had a concert last night. >> we had a great turnout. this was a really special evening. the electric factory in city of philadelphia one of the great halls and we wanted to do a little bit of rock and roll and politics and put them altogether and we're really proud of a great evening. >> reporter: of course it's still early in the week. there's still already some star sight, more to come, more festivity as the week goes on. we're live in center city, katherine scott channel6 "action news. tam. >> thank you for that. and from a president and
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potential first gentleman bill clinton will address the convention tonight this after the delegates hold their roll call vote at 4:00 this afternoon to officially nominate hillary clinton as the candidate. a lot say they're pledged to bernie sanders so you might expect some fireworks. coming up later what new jersey senator cory booker had to say in a fiery impassioned speech. many people felt that it was a star making turn similar to barack obama back in 2004 had set him on the stage to becoming president in 2008. donald trump certainly took notice. matt. >> thank you tam. more protests and rallies are planned outside the dnc today. several hundred sanders supporters sweated through the sweltering heat yesterday to voice their disgust with democratic party leaderrers "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live at fdr park where many of those protestors jeanette, are camped out this morning. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, many of them just
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really counting down the hours to head out again in protest. we're about 500 yards away from where we were yesterday, a little closer to fdr park. behind me, this is where you'll find a lot of these sleeping protesters. we don't want to be too loud here but the weather was pretty brutal yesterday and pretty oppressive. still that has not been deterring for them. it will be a little more forgiving today. yesterday heavy rain showers hampered early events then temperatures climbed peeking at a record breaking 109 degrees. that was the index temperature. it was pretty miserable for the hundreds of protestors from out of town who decided to camp out. the city and protest organizers worked independently of each other providing misting tents at various locates including fdr park and assembling medical teams to as any of the any heat related emergencies. the weather may be to blame for a lower turnout for bernie sanders rally. demonstrators walked across the ben franklin bridge in hopes of shutting it down but there simply just weren't
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enough people. >> the bigger issue is working from the ground up to support people running for local government and infiltrating our system and taking our government back from the inside by working and getting people to vote and understand the whole political process. >> we really wander bernie sanders to be the nominee. he is the only one that can beat trump and he really has the power of the youth behind him and if the democratic party really wants to stay around they would be wise to nominate sanders. >> reporter: and some of the more controversial rallies will take place today. one of them is against police brutality and another for gun control. we also know that trump supporters will be out for the first time today and of course they will be holding a demonstration for him. reporting live at fdr park jeanette reyes, channel6 "action news." nydia. >> another interesting day. jeanette thank you. donald trump and his running mate mike pence will hold a town hall in scranton tomorrow. it will happen at 3:00 p.m.
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trump and pence attended a rally in winston salem north carolina last night. trump slammed bernie sanders for speaking here in philadelphia while sanders supporters are protesting hillary clinton. earlier in the day trump and pence neighborhood virginia. the home state of clinton's running mate tim kaine. >> 4:40 and there have been plenty of celebrity sightings in philadelphia. another live report from the convention floor for a look at whom "action news" spotted so far at the didn't c. >> today more cleanup from that another severe summer storm that rolled through our area. david. >> well, the humidity and the heat won't be as bad as yesterday but we're still looking at highs in the mid 90's so i want you to continue to seeking out the air conditioning taking breaks in the shade and keeping an eye on seniors and pets today. i'll be back with your afternoon call and let you know when the higher heat and humidity returns. >> ♪
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>> last night's thunderstorms left 36,000 people across the tri-state area without power. >> david it's going to be really hot today but not as bad as yesterday. >> no, not as hot and not as oppressive as yesterday but cool drinks still important. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you that the storms from yesterday are done. as we take a look outside we have sky6 at the airport, all the tarmacs there and the air field dry which is good news if you're flying in and out of philadelphia today. your temperatures, 75 degrees so not quite as warm as yesterday. still kind of humid out there for now, though. the dewpoints still at oppressive levels at 73 but we expect that to change as we go through the morning and afternoon. the winds are dropping out of the northwest which tends to be dry source region for us
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and week usually knock that dewpoint down when we can maintain a northwest wind. your records yesterday a lot fell. yesterday we got up to 97, tighter old record in allentown got a new one in reading. in wilmington we tighter old record. a record day a lot of neighborhoods yesterday. of course we had strong storms last night. you can see the watch boxes but they're down and it looks like we'll get men he tea of sunshine early and then high clouds filtering in as the day goes on. going to be hot again today. 80 degrees by 8 o'clock if you want to get that early exercise run in you're in good shape there. 85 degrees by 10 o'clock. hydrate this morning with the humidity still rather high but by noon we expect those dewpoints to drop. 90 degrees is the high -- the temperature there at noon and then your high today is 95 at 3 o'clock. not quite as bad as yesterday especially considering that the humidity levels will be a lot more manageable this afternoon. high temperatures across the region, a lot of hot spots. 92 allentown, 94 trenton, 93
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millville. down the shore you can get relief with high temperatures in the 80's. a closer look there shows you 85 in beach haven 86 in ac, 86 in ocean city. u.v. index running pretty high because a good portion of the time you'll get a decent amount of sunshine. 84 on the point in cape may and the upper 80's as you head down the coast of delaware toward bethany beach. dewpoints today though are going to improve. by currently anyway we've got some numbers in the 70's but as you go into the afternoon, that dry air out of the northwest comes in and you can see how those dewpoint values do drop into the low 60's and and that's not really all that humid. if we wind up with low 60's by dinnertime it will feel even better. if you have plans to be out on the town this evening, it's a good this evening to do that. humidity will be a lot more comfortable. still hot today but less humid a high of 95 degrees. really nice night tonight and then tomorrow sunny and hot again with a high around 93 but again humidity levels will behaviobehave themselves.
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on thursday 93 is the high and we could have strong afternoon or evening thunderstorms on thursday into friday. friday then looks warm and humid but it looks like the heat wave is over with a high of just 88 degrees. we're out of the 90's and then saturday partly sunny 86. and 88 on sunday and monday. the weekend could feature a couple of spotty thunderstorms. union fans will want to keep an eye out for that because of that sunday night soccer match in chester. when we're not on the air get the latest weather information on and fortunately we don't have quite as much weather to talk about today as we did yesterday. >> we woke up to wet towels and -- >> oh, no, really. >> everything. must havmust have had a leak. >> tamala edwards. >> talking about the dnc. the democrats have some star power on the stage all coming out in support of hillary clinton. our annie mccormick is live on the floor of the well wells faro center with more of the names
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that we are seeing. good morning, annie u good morning, tam you heard katherine talk about the parties happening around the city. looks like here from the floor that there was a pretty big party that went down here. you can see the crews cleaning up after all the people that were here last night. that included a number of stars as well. take a look at this video. fill's own boyz ii men took to the stage kicking off the convention doing a little east coast swing if you want to say. demi lovato performed her song confidence after addressing the crowd about mental illness drawing from her own personal experience and also spoke about the need to improve quality and available medical treatment as well. again drawing from her own personal experience in a passioned speech she had as well. abc's how to get away with murder kendrick samson was also there. he told "action news" this is his first convention that he has ever been to, i think we'll get the video of him in just a minute. he actually sat near susan sarandon the famous actress, also a passionate activist and
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also a bernie sanders supporter from the very start, she's been very involved with appearing at a number of his appearances. well, paul simon left retirement to take the stage and sing one of simon and gary if you know kell'garfunkel's fas bridge over troubled water. bobby hill sang the national anthem which is actually -- which is unbelievable and actually this time he had about four or five days notice if you remember for the pope he did it just minutes before. that is sara silverman along with senator al franken former saturday night live star. silver plan a bernie sanders supporter told the crowd of bernie bookers they were being ridiculous. >> i tell you thisly i will vote for hillary with gusto as
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i continue to be inspired and moved to action by the ideals set forth by bern flee who will never stop fighting for us. i am proud to be a part of bernie's movement and a vital part of that movement is making absolutely sure that hillary clinton is our next president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: and back out here live on the convention floor, there's still a number of stars that have been in the crowd that we don't even know about that have been spotted at a number of rallies as well. there's also a lot of private functions that are happening. you heard katherine talk about some of those private fundraisers and expect to maybe see, i don't know if this is absolutely positive but snoop dogg -- i know that definitely he's set to perform this week. also we're hearing maybe bruce springsteen katie per he rethese may be some names you
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might see in the crowds and alicia keys she was part of a panel for that she was on as well so a number of faces you might see, might see some surprises this week. for now reporting live along the floor of the democratic national convention, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." tam, back to you. >> y-indeed, annie more celebrities pouring into the city as the convention continues. who knows who you'll see on the stage. the person i am looking forward to seeing if they turn up, matt o'donnell's twin jon stewart. he's been very vocal in the last week. i wonder if we're going see him turn up here. i would love to get a picture of the two of you side by side matt. >> he turned up on colbert so anything is possible. we'll see. >> karen rogers will give us another look at our roads plus a recent tragedy in pennsylvania has prompted a hot weather warning for parents. >> brand of baby monitors is being recalled due to a burn risk. details when "action news" comes back. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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>> good morning, everybody. no storms out there. no big traffic headaches just yet but you just wait a couple hours and we're going get them. we're looking live here at i-95 at broad street here. the ramp from i-95 southbound to broad is opened for the morning rush but you have to go south to the navy yard. the ramp to i-95 northbound to broad is closed around the clock this week and that's of course for the dnc so watch for that one. right now you're moving okay right here. we have lots of closures.
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i know we've been warning about them and it's been a little tricky for some people traveling around. of course broad street is shut down so watch for that between portions of broad street between packer avenue and terminal and you've got pattison avenue 11th darien shut down around the wells fargo center and local roads around fdr park. watch for those closures this week. an accident in collegeville. this is main street at fourth avenue and some downed wires in bristol township on bristol street. police are hand directing traffic nydia. >> karen thank you. a dire warning here about leaving children in hot cars. 23 children have died in hot cars this year. four children have died since friday including a four-year-old girl in northeastern pennsylvania. kids in reminds parents and caregivers to lock, look before you lock. keep a reminder on your dashboard or leave your work bag in the back seat so you're forced to look back there when you park. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> a burn risk forcing a company to recall its popular baby monitors. the batteries in the care and share monitors can overheat causing the battery cover to pop off. there have been nearly 500 reports of the batteries overheating and expanding but no injuries have been reported. the recall targets about 26,000 baby monitors sold in the u.s. >> it is 4:57 now. still ahead on "action news," more live team coverage from the democratic national convention. >> protestors take to the streets of philadelphia and demand that a symbol of the
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old south come down. "action news" will be right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday july 26th. nydia han joins us live in the studio. the democratic party tried to show unity on the first night of the dnc. >> i am proud to stand with her. >> with the hope of bringing the party together, hillary clinton's former opponent takes center stage. >> tamala edwards heads up


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