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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  July 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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bill clinton the featured speaker, his first in support of his wife as the nominee. we expect more celebrities tonight. meryl streep and grammy winner, alicia keys are expected to make appearances. we have reporters across philadelphia. jeff jericho is live with protesters. but sara bloomquist is live on the floor with more. >> reporter: we are waiting for gavel to drop and role call begins at 5:00 this evening. i am talking to the pennsylvania delegates, and it doesn't sound like bernie sanders and his supporters are going to go quietly. sanders people will get some floor time tonight and they will be vocal and in the end nobody doubts that hillary clinton will get the nomination. >> i think it's all behind us.
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i think it's just party, straight democratic. >> you seem inspired by last night? >> yes, michelle book tears to my eyes, corey booker and elizabeth warren, it was fantastic. >> i have mixed feelings, it didn't turn out the way we wanted it to go. i'm one of bernie sanders's delegates, it didn't go the way i expected all the way around. >> you think we'll see a unified party at the end of the role call. >> i think it's kind of soon for that. >> it's tuesday. >> we still have a couple more days of the convention and three months to the election, so hillary has some ground to cover with us. >> i am grateful for the platform we have because of bernie sanders and the revolution and how it's going to continue and to our school system and anything we vote on right now, we'll be accountable.
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and we will make sure that the elected officials and religious leaders are accountable going forward. that is what this was about. >> reporter: now we are hearing mixed reports as to whether bernie sanders will be involved in the role call and they vary from he could seal it all up or he won't be involved at all. role call beginning at 5:00. back to you in the convention studio. >> tonight's role call vote is officially a formality, it could be the last gasp for bernie sanders supporters hoping to stop hillary clinton's nomination. they have organized some of the biggest protests we have seen this week. jeff is tracking the protesters all week, he continues live from center city philadelphia. >> reporter: hey sharrie, the bernie or bust supporters rally ford nearly three hours at city hall. and although their candidate
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called to them to support hillary clinton, those pleas may have fallen on deaf ears. >> bernie or bust! >> the message was clear, hundreds packed pain plaza to show support for bernie sanders, and their disdain for last night. >> it was extremely depressing. >> it hurts a little bit, knowing we support this candidate so strongly. >> the sweltering sun doesn't stop their voices. >> bernie sanders is the only democratic candidate that could have easily beat donald trump. he has high favorability ratings. >> these ladies say it's a lost cause. >> people all they are doing at the end of the week, the independents are growing. they are surrounding around a
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70-year-old senator may have found a new candidate. green candidate jill stein. >> possibly jill we are researching her and she seems like a viable candidate. she has a lot of similar issues on her platform. >> as we speak another protest is making its way up south broad street. we understand the black lives matters protest is making their way up to city hall. another protest as the democratic national convention continues. we are live in city hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a different rally in logan square called for stricter gun laws and the crowd heard from congresswoman, gabrielle giffords who survived a gun attack. she favors more gun
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restrictions. >> it takes courage, the courage to do what is right and the courage of new ideas. i saw great courage when my life was on the line. now is the time to come together, be responsible, democrats, republicans, everyone. >> one of the sponsors of today's rally was mothers in charge, a philadelphia based group that provides support for families affected by violence. republican nominee, donald trump is busy on the campaign trail in north carolina. in charlotte he told war veterans that american politicians have failed them and vowed to help them be reforming the department of veteran affairs and cut down time for health care. and turned to rival hillary clinton. >> she recently said of the va scandal that it's not as widespread as it's been
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purported to be. it's like she is trying to sweep is under the rug. >> clinton spoke at the same gathering yesterday and called trump to reckless to serve as commander and chief. while clinton is staying out of the spotlight, her running mate made an appearance in his home state. he appeared at a diner in richmond and is set to appear here tomorrow night. >> anyone demonstrating on the streets or taking in the historic sites around town had to deal with another day of sweltering temperatures. lets get a first check of the accuweather forecast. he is outside of wells fargo center. hi adam. >> reporter: i hope it's nice and air conditions inside of there, it's hot despite the humidity dropped a bit. we are on the grounds of the wells fargo center. you see all the media tents behind here we call this home as
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we sweat it out. day five of the present heat wave of 2016, it started back on friday, when we had a high temperature of 94 degrees, hit 97 on saturday and 95 on sunday and 97 yesterday and down a little bit today to 92 degrees. tying again for the longest heat wave in 2016, but tomorrow it will officially be the longest. the heat wave is down to 10 to 14 degrees from yesterday. 92 in philadelphia, which is basically the same as the air temperature. 90 in allentown and soupy to the south, 100 in dover and 94 in millville. the temperatures dip a bit overnight tonight, 88 at 9:00 and 81 by midnight. back into the 70s at 2:00 in the morning and staying in the reason as we start your wednesday morning with sunshine and clouds. the headlines, two more days of the 90s and catch a break from that at the end of the week with
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a brief dip in humidity tomorrow and then the tropical humidity returns at the end of the week and the weekend and turns unsettled. we'll talk about the showers and downpours and thunderstorms coming back into the forecast specifically for you and give you that four day at 4:00 forecast live here from outside of the wells fargo center. brian and sharrie in just a little bit. >> all right adam definitely a day to stay hydrated. time now for the traffic report. concerns out there. matt pellman is standing by in the traffic center with an update this afternoon. >> another hot day to be out there protesting but we have protesters on the move once again this afternoon along north broad street on their way southbound from temple university to city hall and we believe that these crews along the vine street expressway are in position to possibly block the off ramp to broad street. the main lanes of 676 the vine are open for you but busy in
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both directions especially eastbound at the check point at i-95, and vehicles 5 tons or over can't get on the southbound side. that sof limit to the heavy vehicles and approaching the check points along 95 once again you are see slow speeds southbound just 7 miles per hour approaching girard. northbound we had an earlier accident by bridge street and it's sluggish there as well. delays along the regional rails because they are running on their interim schedules and septa's broad street line once again is not running south of oregon on down to at&t, they had to suspend that but they had to. we are watching downed trees. one in west bradford at thorndale road. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this tuesday afternoon. berlin a minor crash on 73 northbound, watch out for that,
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and we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> very good thank you. of course we have much more ahead here this afternoon as we continue our complete coverage of the dnc in philadelphia. are the convention crowds giving businesses the boost they were hoping for. erin o'hearn has the answer live at 4:30 and walter perez live with protesters on broad street and nora muchanic on the floor with the new jersey delegation as they get ready for the role call vote. and john rawlins has a face-off with delegates from pennsylvania and new york. and of course when "action news" is off the air, our convention coverage doesn't stop. jim gardner will host "action news" live at the dnc and watch it online from wherever you are. in addition to broadcasting all the evening's speakers jim and his guests will have reaction and analysis. tonight beginning at 7:30. up next at 4:00, vice
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president joe biden toured the convention floor what he had to say about the dnc email scandal. >> and he tried to rob two people on the street and got more than he bargained for, he was attacked by his intended prey. >> and a power problem and then a smokey scare, the incident that forced shoppers to evacuate a local mall today.
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welcome back live inside of convenience hall here at the wells fargo center. are you taking a live look from the convenience floor at the sky box. we are waiting for the role call vote. where they will nominate hillary clinton, in just a few hours the first woman to top a ticket for a major party in american
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history. we welcome you into our studio as we continue our coverage. >> a list of high-profile speakers will take to the stage tonight. including the former president, bill clinton, today one of tomorrow night's notable speakers prepare for the moments, vice president joe biden did a walk through and took a few moments to talk about the controversy swirling around the convention. that party officials favored hillary clinton and sought ways to hamper bernie sanders' success. >> by the way that whole thing about emails doesn't help. one of bernie's supporters said he didn't lose and she didn't win because of emails, bernie and his supporters didn't change the party and the party didn't change him. biden insisted that the party is
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not fractured and sanders supporters will eventually get behind clinton. >> as philadelphia celebrates democracy, "action news" will help you express your freedom of speech, all week long we are hosting special social events to hear from you. outside of national constitution center, look for the "action news" microphone and our social soap box where you can tell us what you think about the convention and the presidential race, and at the famous 4th street deli get ready to debate your position with the 4th street face-off. we'll show you the world your thoughts on our facebook page and here on "action news." speaking of the 4th street face-off. gray hall is talking with people there all day today, we'll check in live with him at 4:30. >> and we'll be back here inside of the wells fargo center as we wait for the role care vote to begin, lets send things back to the studio and alicia vitarelli. hi alicia.
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>> reporter: a busy day there. and i love that perspective shot. other news we are following for you today a man in winfield walked to his car this morning and found a man already inside of it. with a gun. he tried to run away and heard gunshots but it turns out he wasn't the intended target. bob brooks live in winfield for us this afternoon with the story of the robber that got more than he bargained for today. >> reporter: alicia absolutely he did. he got quite the surprise -- >> this isn't the scene of a typical shooting, no this is the scene of a shooting where the suspect was shot. >> this male pulled out his own firearm and fired what we believe to be three shots at this male that was attempting to rob him. >> here is how the cops say it happened. just after 5:00 a.m., this manager jerome easton became
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victim one and finished his shift and went to go home. >> i went back to get my coffee and i came back out and he was sitting in the backseat with a gun. >> he told me to get in. no, i'm not getting in. no way am i getting in, i ran back in and called the police. >> the suspect took off on foot on bryn mawr avenue. and tried to stick up the next person he ran into and clearly that was a mistake. >> i went to call the police and went down the street to rob another guy down the street and the guy shot him. >> the would be victim had a license to carry and shot the victim three times in the stomach, back and hand. as for jerome? he is just happy to be alive. >> have you to work, you got to come out every day, you never know what will happen. pray to god you make it home. >> back out live here, certainly not used to the way we see
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things play out. for that suspect he is recovering at a local hospital, as for the would be victim he is fully cooperating with the investigation. reporting live in winfield, bob brooks channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane was in court for a hearing about her upcoming corruption trial. she showed up with her defense team for her pretrial hearing, attorneys for both sides argued over what is admissible for the trial in two weeks. the judge dismissed everyone without making a ruling on that. she is accused of leaking confidential information to the media and she says she is innocent. and this is political pay back. adam joseph is live at the wells fargo center adam it has been yet another sweltering
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summer scorcher out there. >> reporter: that it has. you have to hydrate, but the humidity has dropped a little bit so not as unbearable and a bit of a breeze here thankfully. the numbers around the region right now, 90 degrees in philadelphia and this heat wave continues, 90 in trenton and 92 in reading and 89 in wilmington and a little bit of a sea breeze at the shore, temperatures in beach haven, that feels good at 84. every day you see in red say temperature above average. we have the last six days in a row with above normal temperatures, the last time we were below normal was on the 13th and july running close to 3 degrees above normal. the front that passed through with the severe storms yesterday is just to the south, you see the eruption of downpours and thunderstorms moving west to east across the ohio valley,
4:21 pm
virginia and west virginia and north carolina and right on the brink of southern parts of delaware, we'll watch the front over the next 24 hours as it sneaks a little north on wednesday afternoon. 64 in allentown un66 in lancaster and 65 in philadelphia. still stays weather muggy out there. not much of a drop there. future tracker 6, 9:00 for your wednesday morning, 82 in philadelphia and 76 in allentown unmore sun to the north and clouds in southern areas with temperatures in the low 80s and as you get into the afternoon we see some pop-ups developing south of dover, and cape may county tomorrow you could see a thunderstorm in the afternoon with the boundary close by and a temperature of 92 in philadelphia and 86 in allentown and low 80s at the shore again with a day with a sea breeze. and we'll catch a break for
4:22 pm
wednesday and thursday, and then oppressive on friday and saturday with the dew points back to around 70 and that is when the thunderstorms and downpours return. so your four day at 4:00 forecast. it's a hot partly sunny tomorrow and the heat index around 93, the same for the air temperature, day seven of the heat wave, we close the dnc and it stays dry, showers and thunderstorms on and off, and it feels tropical, upper 80s for high temperatures and any of the storms could be on the heavy side to release quite a bit of rainfall, we'll talk about a seven-day forecast we don't see much in the way of a break and the summer feeling heat and humidity. we'll give that to you in the next half hour. we'll spin the camera around so you can get a nice view of the center city skyline here. >> stay cool out there adam thank you. >> a power problem then a smokey situation up next the issue that forced shoppers and employees
4:23 pm
out of a local mall today. coming up at 4:30, all of the extra crowds of the dnc means deal for local restaurants, how to take advantages of it in what's the deal.
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a smokey situation forced shoppers and employees to evacuate the montgomery mall today. the action cam was there as more than a dozen fire trucks showed up. employees tell us that the mall lost miles per hour this morning. when a backup generator kicked on and that is when people started to smell something burning, then they saw smoke and called for help. >> i looked around and couldn't find anything and smoke started coming in the store and i got a little nervous and gathered my belongings and stepped outside and called 911. >> no one was hurt and the mall was back open by 12:30, investigators are still trying to find the source of that smoke. >> still to come on "action news" we are still dealing with
4:27 pm
some very extreme heat find out how the sweltering temperatures are affecting tourists and the convention and some businesses are offering special deals as long as the conveths is in town.
4:28 pm
and we welcome you back one
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aga again. the arena behind us is where the historic role call happens in a half hour. hillary clinton will clinch the nomination and after that it's another busy night, former president bill clinton will take the stage to rally for his wife and oscar winner, merril stream and grammy winner, alicia keys will have a moment in the spotlight. and thousands are in town and that is good news for philadelphia businesses. the hot weather is not necessarily the friendliest but not stopping people from checking out the landmarks. erin o'hearn is live at the museum of art with that part of the story. >> reporter: hi, they are used to hot air right? politicians and delegates continue to create political
4:30 pm
drama, those and other visitors continue to generate big business. >> feel the burn, i feel the hill but good luck with that. >> these massachusetts delegates may not be behind the same candidate but are feeling the love for philadelphia. >> i have been a delegate since 2000 and i go to the caucuses and this city is major, you have to get out and see it. >> they were filled with delegates and tourists, being a part of history and watching history be made. >> getting a look at history where things were 300 years ago and 200 years ago. >> at a time of year when summer can cause business to wane. >> we see hotels and service partners seeing much move activity that they nominally see this time of year. >> baskins ice-cream serving wed
4:31 pm
white and blue ice-cream are seeing an increase. >> the pope visit was a little slower than we would have liked. we are happy with the dnc. >> it's estimated the dnc will bring in $300 million to $400 million to the philadelphia area, but to reach that number they had to make adjustments and expect a late night crowd. >> more around midnight when delegates leave the wells fargo center. and they are looking for a bite to eat. >> we spoke to the more popular restaurants in the area and they are holding private events during the afternoon and cocktail hour, they are busy during the traditional dinner hour, but they are not filled. if you look to come down for dinner and get in on the action you are probably going to get a spot. erin o'hearn, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you.
4:32 pm
and day two was just officially gavelled in just a few moments ago we'll have more from the floor in a moment. the hot weather continues but we got some relief today. lets get the details from adam joseph live outside of the wells fargo center. >> adam what does the rest of the week look like? >> it's going to stay hot. the humidity at least did come down from yesterday and will stay low enough the next couple of days to keep it a little more comfortable outside. we are outside of the wells fargo center and we are 70 feet up in the air, we are getting a nice breeze and you see decent views here of the center city skyline. you can see it without much in the way of haze or humidity and that is an indication in the atmosphere that it cleansed itself with the storms last night. as you look at the dew points across the region, we were 75 degrees for your dew point in philadelphia. it dropped 10 degrees, it's still technically humid and feels better out there.
4:33 pm
the humidity is high in dover and wildwood. that is where the index is near 100 degree in dover. and cape may 96 is what it feels like and 94 in millville but the drier air to the north as the numbers drop a little. allentown 90 and trenton 92. your evening planner here, it stays humid and once the sunsets you'll feel the humidity more, 89 degrees at 7:00. and 8:00 a couple of degrees we lose at 87 and 85 at 9:00 and by 10:00 and 11:00 into the lower 80s and the low 75 degrees under partly cloudy skies. it will stay dry for most of the area for the last two days of the dnc. we are tracking humidity and more tropical downpours and thunderstorms. i'll send it back to you about a half a football field away inside of the convention center.
4:34 pm
>> it's not a whole lot cooler in here. a different kind of heat inside. adam thank you. u.s. senator tom casher spoke with delegates at a breakfast in university city, carver said the entire country for that matter must grow stronger by working together. and we want you our "action news" viewers to be a part of our dnc coverage. we are hosting a debate and conversation at the famous 34th street deli in queen village. gray hall is live now with the 4th street face-off. >> reporter: hi brian and sharrie, this is day two of the famous 4th street face-off. it's intense and lively conversation and debate at the famous deli, and today a trump supporter and clinton supporters go head to head. it started off with conversations about the speeches
4:35 pm
on the first day of the dnc. first lady, michelle obama was the highlight and then darrel clark supports hillary clinton and james jones a candidate for second congressional district is voting for donald trump. >> we have a person who has proven and probably the most prepared person to ever run for president and i am excited about the prospects of hillary clinton being the next president of the united states of america. >> we need a good negotiator someone here and done that. donald trump has been there and done that. i can say the person best qualified to settle deals and create jobs and look at economic opportunity, the going to be mr. trump. >> both went lead to head about why their candidate of choice would make a great president. as they debated thingses got heated. >> the simple reality is that we are a party of inclusiveness, we
4:36 pm
don't tell people they condition come into our country or build a wall or deport you. that is not what we are about but that is what the donald trump party is about. >> donald trump wants to build a wall to control what is coming into america, deal with folks in a respectful manner when they come in through the airports and sea ports they have a pass that says i can be in this country for x amount of years or months, go back over after it's over and done. don't stay around on an expired visa. >> reporter: back out live, we should mention that the two debaters shook hands after the debate. can you see the entire debate on our 6 abc facebook page. we'll help you come down and be part of this conversation all week. back to you guys.
4:37 pm
>> an important conversation to have thank you. >> be sure to stay on top of what is happening inside and outside of the convention by turning to the "action news" social media accounts. our facebook page will be filled with the politics and protests and all the fun and the 6 abc twitter feed has up to date breaking news and information to help you keep up with the convention, go to and #6abcaction. more to come from the sky box but for now we send it back to alicia vitarelli the heart of our newscast with the other news of the day. >> thank a lot. that is what we are doing for you here. one group is fighting for ride sharing customers and disabled riders. the ride share coalition demanded the ppa provide more
4:38 pm
wheelchair accessible vehicles. and more background checks for uber drivers. and a break in an arson case in delaware. police made an arrest today and find out the information they released about the suspect. also, if you have one. it could soon be a collectors item. the popular piece of technology that is officially becoming a thing of the past. >> and ableage returns with the full accuweather forecast. live from the wells fargo center. when "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
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our coverage of the democratic national convention continues inside of the wells fargo center here in south philadelphia. you have been listening to the voice of jimmy kelly from here right
4:41 pm
here in the delaware valley singing the national anthem. he is no stranger to the delaware valley, he has persevered through his challenges of being blind and has everyone on their feet as he sang the national anthem. they are gearing up for what will come. that role call vote. >> that happens in about 10 minutes from now. around 5:00, it will be rather dramatic, we expect hillary clinton, she needs to get 2382, she will get that tonight. the question is how will it unfold? each state stands up and announces how its vote breaks down, it's estimated that vermont will pass on that and come back in the end, it's entirely possible that bernie sanders himself will ask for nomination acclimation.
4:42 pm
if that happens that could be a huge step towards unity and that is one thing this convention is sorely in need of. the beer garden in wilmington will stay open despite complaints from neighbors.
4:43 pm
the waterfront watering hole was granted a license today. some neighbors are upset about noise coming from the establishment, trying to block the extension of the license, even though they get the extension to stay open, the beer garden has restrictions to offer live entertainment. the transportation grant is offered for a series of projects near the ben franklin bridge, the grant will be used to build a gateway from the bridge to downtown camden and go to road improvements in the cooper point neighborhood. they say the bridge will boost the economy. talk about a big disappointment. here is how the story goes. a woman orders this door mat on seems like a simple purchase. here is where it become a viral sensation, this is what shows up
4:44 pm
at emily's front door, it's not a real door mat but a picture printed and glued to a piece of foam, not only did she give this mishap a one star rating but she tweeted about it and retweeted it thousands of times. she gave it away at a comedy show like a door prize, this woman is a comedian with one heck of a funny story and no word if she got a real door mat for the front door. and it's about to go the way of the eight track and the floppy discs and the walk man, if you have a vcr treasure it, it's about to become a collectors item. they say that this month they will manufacturer the world's
4:45 pm
last video cassette recorder, shrink demand is the remember. people are complaining and they will roll out some sort of vhs-dvd combo. the first was created in 1983 and dying out at just 33 years young. now, what to do with all the vhs tapes, that is the big question? and the big night on the roads, matt pellman is in traffic center with technology that is more relevant than the vcr. >> i'm holding on to mine until they break. some drivers would like to fast forward to friday mid-day when the restrictions are gone on 95, now because of the weight restrictions and the check points resulting we have a slow down once again on the southbound side come ago way
4:46 pm
from the betsy ross bridge, the northbound side backing up but not like this morning approaching the exit to the platt bridge where the left lane is blocked. slowing on the eastbound vine and slowing on the schuylkill as well in the normal spot by city afternoon. a crash on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound past norristown and speeds coming away from valley forge. chester county you have a downed tree and wires on 322 to get around that. a broke don't down vehicle as you head toward the mcdonald's everything is open but slow. in woods town by cream valley custard, watch out for downed trees blocking 40 east avenue at elm street. if you go farther stay on 322 around that. we'll talk about the check
4:47 pm
points slowing us down in the 5:00 hour. still to come on "action news" at 4:00, we'll break down the best dnc deals in town, stepping outside looking at the wells fargo center center, it's another hot and steamy summer day. we are in the midst of another heat wave. adam joseph is there for us, with a live look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
4:48 pm
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longhorn's grilled tastes of summer. our new smoky pepper crusted filet. our new hawaiian salmon. and our famous outlaw ribeye. but hurry, summer doesn't last forever. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. we are back here live inside of the wells fargo center. where things get underway and the action is heating up and we are expecting the historic role call vote in the next half hour. lets head outside for a check of the accuweather forecast. adam joseph is live outside with the details. >> reporter: you know we are 70 feet up in the air and it's a
4:50 pm
good thing, we have a nice breeze coming across the grounds here of the wells fargo center. and it's a little less humid at least. kind of a big change over the last 24 hours, take a look at it, it's not as brutal as it was yesterday at this time. 24 hours ago the heat index was 108 degrees and right now down to 92 degrees, the dew points have dropped 10 degrees in the last 24 hours. the heat index right now in wilmington as well as millville. 94 degrees, it's 100 in dover and 92 in cape may, 80s in the poconos and 93 in lancaster, and 92 in reading. satellite and radar, the front that comes through the storms pushed just to the south. we get high clouds philadelphia points south ward and the ohio valley we have showers and thunderstorms drifting through and staying to the south in the overnight hours and most of the
4:51 pm
tomorrow for most of the region. 64 degrees in the suburbs and 75 for center city and notice the wind shift at 3 to 6 miles per hour. that drops the humidity a little more during the day tomorrow. we'll have the stalled front over kentucky and west virginia. with the ripple of low pressure at the delmarva, that could bring a downpour or thunderstorm in areas like dover or cape may. 92 is the high in philadelphia, as we get into the day on thursday, we'll watch another cold front dropping in from new england and northern parts of pennsylvania, 93 degrees and it turns more humid on thursday, upper 90s is your heat index with the haze and humidity coming in and low pressure will develop along this front in ohio. it ripples in thursday night into friday with heavy rainfall. for the shore tomorrow in new jersey, the temperature at 84 degrees and delaware, 85 for the high temperature, thunderstorms especially in the beaches in delaware, even in new jersey, we could see a late day
4:52 pm
thunderstorm and cape may county and northern areas of new jersey look dry and sea breeze on the moderate side, wednesday it's hot and partly sunny and 92 degrees, the heat index tomorrow only at 93, and day seven of the heat wave 93 for the high temperature and on friday, showers and thunderstorms around and 88 degrees and on and off throughout the day. both days are unsettled and expect a heavy downpour and thunderstorm with the tropical humidity and we dry out early next week partly sunny and no big cool down, temperatures in the upper 80s and the humidity we won't get a break from it in that entire seven-day forecast outside of a brief break here tomorrow. alicia, the heat is on for the rest of the week, that humidity is a brief break tomorrow, comes up over the weekend and until then, stay hydrated. relax and enjoy and call a friend with a pool if you got
4:53 pm
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4:57 pm
but first i'll send it back to brian and sharrie live at the wells fargo center. >> get us good deals alicia. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, the dnc, the action is underway, bernie sanders is officially entered into nomination. the crowd is loving it. competing bernie and hillary that is how it will go for the rest of the night. i'm brian taff. >> here is a look at what is coming up at 5:00. the dnc is planning to highlight families affected by gun violence tonight. and hear from mass shooting survivors, former congresswoman, gabrielle giffords who is in philadelphia. and a recall of flour expands as there is more concern for an e. coli contamination.
4:58 pm
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. it is day two of the democratic national convention and tonight hillary clinton will become the first woman ever to win a major party's presidential nomination. democrats will highlight
5:00 pm
clinton's lifetime of fighting for children and families. good evening it's tuesday night and the big story is the history making moment for hillary clinton, just a couple of hours away now. we go live to rick williams at the convention studio at the wells fargo center. >> that is right the excitement is building here for hillary clinton to officially win the nomination tonight. which of course would be historic. we expect the nomination role call to begin sometime in the next half hour and tonight the democrats will bask in the big moment for clinton before they begin a bruising general election fight against donald trump. hillary clinton is also off the campaign trail, but her running mate tim kaine talks to people as he had breakfast with people in richmond, virginia. he is slowly but surely making his way here to join


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