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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  July 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> center city businesses with big rewards from this week's democratic national convention. and a heat wave, but tracking a stormy end to it. letting you know in the accuweather forecast.
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(male off-screen announcer) what's it feel like to win the mustang instant game, with top prizes of a hundred grand or a new ford mustang? (woman) oh my goodness. woo! (male off-screen announcer) with instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, the instant you play could be the instant you win. keep on scratchin'. back live in philadelphia, here again is george stephanopoulos. >> night two, not over yet at the democratic convention here
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in philadelphia. we are expecting that hillary clinton will beam into this convention by video from her home in new york, this coming up in a few minutes. alicia keys is going to perform, as well. i want to go to terry moran. you were there for the speech, you covered bill clinton. your thoughts? >> well, george, this was not as jon karl pointed out, a speech that lit this place up, but it did hold this hall in rapt attention in that kind of ambling story telling style that bill clinton has. people listened in particular to the biographical stuff and i want to bring in nancy mills, is the chairwoman of the allegheny county, pennsylvania, democratic party, and that is a swing state, an important one. let me ask you about president clinton's speech. did you hear anything new about hillary clinton? >> a lot of us are very familiar with hillary and her story. there's no question about it, and i think even after all these years of public service, she needed to be reintroduced. and we find that ironic, but i know that it was important tonight and no better person to
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tell that story than her husband. >> he did leave out one chapter, you know, a lot of couples go through crisis, they go through struggles. he didn't talk about that. should he have, did you expect it, does she need to do that? >> no. i think, first of all, he did touch on it, he talked about the hard times they've had and the good times. and i think we all read between those lines. but i think that he talked about the positive things in a marriage and as someone who has been married for a long time, there are a few ups and downs that i loved when he told about when he talked about her as a mother, because as a mother myself, i can relate to, no matter what else you do in life, that's the most important thing. >> all right, nancy mills, thanks very much. there is an effort to show her as the mother bear of the democratic party. george? >> that is the view from one delegate. jury is out on what folks at home thought. this is day two of the democratic convention. hillary clinton is coming up. we'll be right back.
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abc news live coverage of the democratic nation >> some of the biggest protests make their way down the street to the democratic national convention. and tracking an end to the heat wave, but coming at a price. ♪
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welcome back to philadelphia. here again is george stephanopoulos. >> and we are back at the democratic convention in philadelphia. hillary clinton,% expected to beam in, after her husband bill clinton gave that speech. we're hearing alicia keys on the floor of the convention right now. she's just dedicated the song to the mothers of the movement. those african-american women mothers of young men and women killed over the last years. and pierre thomas, they had a powerful impression on this
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crowd earlier this evening. >> they did indeed, george. seven mothers that have lost their children to violence in this country. four at the hands of encounters of police, two in encounters with citizens of this country. and also one to urban gun violence. their message was about coming together and moving forward. they did not demonize police, but clearly, it was a political move, because they are clearly supporting hillary clinton. >> no question about that. as we see, again, chelsea clinton and her husband mark. jon karl, there has been some concern in the clinton camp that bill clinton might face some of the protests by bernie sanders supporters. when he spoke tonight, dog that didn't bark. this convention has made a bit of a turn. >> and that turn started with michelle obama's incredible speech on monday night. you could hear the energy going out of the bernie or bust crowd. and then, of course, it was gone when bernie sanders himself stood up, that remarkable
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moment, said, let's make it all for hillary clinton. but bill clinton is not a popular fake your with those new and most energized voters in this party. they don't like him because of what he did on crime. they don't like him because of what he did on welfare reform, because of what he did on grade. >> one thing republicans have picked up on, donald trump, mike pence both criticized this convention, last night not mentioning isis. you did have it mentioned tonight. they are going to continue to hit the that theme? >> they will. they have general john allen, a former nato commander, in charge of troops in afghanistan speaking to the convention. i'm sure they will talk about it then. but they also don't want to say that everything's right in america. they can't say that. they have to get a message out there because there are angry people, there are people who are nervous about isis and other things, as well. >> at stake fmistake not to men more? >> yeah, it just gave too much
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fodder. this is what we're talking about, the country is scared. number one or two issue. my guess is barack obama tomorrow night when he speaks will really put a point on it and what they're doing. but it was a mistake. >> david, this crowd is riveted by alicia keys. do they know hillary clinton is coming? >> i don't think people know that hillary clinton is about to make an appearance here tonight. we've been informed, it was earlier in the day when they were tallying the vote, george, during that roll call vote, allowing the bernie sanders supporters to have their moment, too. during "world news tonight," we knew that hillary clinton had reached the math she needed to clinch the nomination, yet, there was no scorecard on the grand video screen here in the room. in the room, they did not know about that history made until bernie sanders surprised the crowd, when they moved vermont to the end of the list and he was able to say, we are nominating hillary clinton tonight. and making history doing so, so, as alicia keys performs here, dedicating the music to the mothers of those who have lost
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loved ones. she's getting the crowd warmed up for a guest that will surprise a lot of people. >> and cecilia vega, you have been covering this campaign from the start. going according to plan? >> you know, it is, george, and right here, from my vantage point, the highest echelon of the clinton campaign right now, john podesta right in front of me, and they are catching to make sure everything goes according to plan. and right now, it seems as if it is. i have to tell you, from where i can see right now, though, there are a lot of empty seats in this house. much more so than last night. i don't know if it's because it's late and people have left, we don't know if some of those seats belong to bernie sanders supporters who aren't here right now, the anger and division we've seen. but right now, this is a happy crowd. they've got sewn signs that sa
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history, no longer her story, the signs we've seen before, as they dance to alicia keys. >> alicia keys bringing the crowd to their feet. think "this girl is on fire" is coming. >> put your hands in the air. tonight is an incredible night for american history and feminist history. don't waste a vote. vote for hillary clinton. because love will always win. ♪ >> every american president on that screen. what do they have in common?
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>> i think we know. ♪ >> crowd cheering for the democrats. barack obama tomorrow night. another glass ceiling shattered.
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some striking imagery there, matt dowd. >> absolutely. the first catholic president. this is -- this is a moment, breaking the ceiling with her there. it's an amazing, historic moment. >> hello, philadelphia. i'm so happy to be here. what an incredible honor that you have given me. and i can't believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. thanks to you and to everyone who has fought so hard to make this possible. this is really your victory, this is really your night. and, if there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch, let me just say, i may become the first woman
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president, but one of you is next. thank you, all. i can't wait to join you in philadelphia! thank you! >> hillary clinton, surrounded by children there. saying, martha raddatz, it is for them. >> george, one of the things i am so struck by this evening is talking about a woman and talking about her softness, matt dowd pointed out, in 2008, she didn't want to be the female candidate, but now she is, she's talking about motherhood, she's talking about being a grandmother. that's a real change in american history. >> couldn't drive it home any harder than it was just there, just then. that is all for us tonight. tomorrow night, president barack obama will be speak, also tim kaine, the vice presidential nominee and vice president biden will speak, as well. a special edition of "nightline" is coming up now, and i'll see you tomorrow on "good morning
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america." this has been a presentation of abc news. "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. it is tuesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the historic night here at the democratic national
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convention. and this is how it happened. >> i move that all votes, all votes cast by delegates be reflected in the official record, and i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. >> senator sanders has moved in the spirit of unity to suspend the rules. to suspend the rules and nominate hillary clinton by acclimation as the presidential candidate of the democratic party. is there a second? all in favor of the motion say aye.
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opposed, no. the aye's have it! >> and with that, hillary clinton became the first woman to be nominated by president by a major political party. this convention and its selection may all be about hardball politics, but for this moment at least it was also about history. and this is how pennsylvania and delaware took part. >> delaware, you have 32 votes. how do you cast your vote? >> delaware casts 9 votes for bernie sanders. and casts 23 votes for the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> pennsylvania. pennsylvania, you have 208 votes. how do you cast your votes? >> pennsylvania awards 82 votes
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to bernie sanders, whose fight for inclusion, justice and fairness has invigorated our party. and i am honored to announce that pennsylvania awards 126 votes to the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> let's go like to new jersey correspondent nora muchanic on the convention short. winning 63% of the vote in new jersey, and new jersey the bluest of blue states. what was the delegation's reaction tonight? jim, it was exciting stuff on the floor tonight as new jersey delegates did their part to make history tonight. it was a moving moment for some of the members of the delegation, reflecting on the first woman in u.s. history to win her party's nomination.
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and for the next president of the united states of america, the first female in history will be made, the votes for hillary clinton. >> which is a chance to see history being made. there are little girls back in new jersey, who after tonight will know that there's no job in this entire country that they cannot do. >> it means that my 3-year-old granddaughter will know what it means to be a women and a president and not think that there is anything unusual about it. >> the nominations for the first african-american and the first woman president is a great honor and very humbling. >> the new jersey delegates celebrate this historic moment in politics, they praise bernie sanders who stopped the roll call and asked that hillary
11:20 pm
clinton get the nomination by acclimation and they called it a classy move. >> i thought it was a great gesture to unite the party, and i think it bodes well for democrats and not well for donald trump. >> the members of the jersey delegation say the move to avoid votes hope it results in party unity and it is still needed with the sanders folks not completely happy. and live on the floor with the delegates, what is left of them, live for channel 6 "action news." >> and needless to stay we have a team of "action news" reporters staked out from the convention floor to the streets of philadelphia, and each at the reading terminal tonight where an after-party is about to get underway. but first, the big moment within the past few moments, hillary clinton appeared via satellite from her home in new york to thank the delegates and it started with photographs of every president and then
11:21 pm
this -- >> hello, philadelphia. i am so happy. it has been a great day and night. what an incredible honor that you have given me. and i can't believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. thanks to you -- >> before hillary clinton's big appearance, her husband, former president clinton took the stage and he used the opportunity to deliver his heart-felt and endorsement. >> life in the real world is complicated and real change is hard, and a lot of people even think it's boring. good for you, because earlier today you nominated the real one. >> "action news" reporter dann
11:22 pm
cuellar is with delegates on the convention floor. dann, what was their reaction to the clinton speech tonight? >> jim, this crowd was electrified tonight. first by former president bill clinton and then by hillary clinton herself appearing in the live feed from new york. this crowd was absolutely euphoric. and starting the day here with a lot of defiant bernie sanders supporters not wanting to give in. by the time bill clinton took the stage and spoke for 45 minutes in support of his wife, he had virtually all of them chanting "hillary, hillary, hillary." and here is what some delegates were saying tonight after the speech. >> he is absolutely amazing. he made me cry. he's going to win it for hillary. people would re-elect bill if they had a chance, and now they have a chance to get him back, and we get hillary, absolutely amazing.
11:23 pm
he's stunning. >> this man is fantastic. he told a story that not everybody knows. and he's the only one that could have told that story. >> very impressed. i think he was able to really show a side of hillary that the press hasn't been clear in showing. >> and here's one convert tonight on the florida delegation with sign i love bernie, that's why i will vote for her, meaning hillary clinton. and that's the way the evening one ending and on the floor i'm dann cuellar back to you, jim. >> thank you, dann. switching live to "action news" reporter christie ileto in the abc news media work space responsibili tonight. were you there as some walked out of the convention in protest. >> it comes to show you can't take anything for granted. a lot of the protesters were
11:24 pm
peaceful as they came out, showing the message to the party and presidential nominees. >> and we are silently protesting. >> the system is rigged and that's why we are walking out. >> hundreds of bernie sanders delegates walked out after the roll call. >> we want a clean -- >> and when he switched votes to hillary anger erupted. >> and the dnc has always been hillary or bust. >> and chanting the world is watching. >> what we know is fact from the wikileak emails is that the dnc had a plan to disrupt bernie at every step. >> and that wasserman schultz stepped down that was a good first step. they need to be more forward and open and transparent. and i thought that i was fighting a fair fight in the field and it wasn't. >> right now we need to show our
11:25 pm
unity, republicans are looking at us. >> will you vote for hillary come november? >> it is too early. i am focused on tonight. >> i did speak with the rnc spokesperson saying the divisiveness in the democratic party gives them a lot of confidence heading into november. christie ileto for channel 6 "action news," jim? >> thank you, christie. it was anything but a silent protest along broad street. hundreds of demonstrators rallied against what they describe as police brutality and systemic racism and they join the bernie sanders supporters. inside of the wells fargo center democrats spoke of the same issues about excessive police force. about changing the gun culture. about promoting tolerance and fighting bigtree. the black lives matter movement given its biggest flat form yet and sarah bloomquist has that story. >> tonight the mothers of the
11:26 pm
movement took center stage at the democratic national convention united in grief over the death of their sons and daughtersers, among them the mother of trayvon martin, michael brown and bland. children dying because of gun violence or excessive force. and explaining why they support hillary clinton for president. >> she knows that when a young black life is cut short, it's not just a loss, it's a personal loss. it's a national loss. it's a loss that diminishes all of us. >> hillary clinton has the capacity and understanding to support grieving mothers. she has the courage to lead the fight for common sense gun legislation. >> on the floor with the pennsylvania delegation as the mothers of the movement addressed this convention. we asked them what they thought of it and what their message has
11:27 pm
to say about what hillary clinton will do as president. >> when she decided to allow them to come on with her in this journey so we can address the issues of police brutality in this country. >> i kept thinking i didn't know how could i have stood up there and had the courage that they had. and i was very moved. >> mothers of the movement is a great thing, but i hope that we never have to add any other mothers to that group. >> at the democratic national convention, i'm sarah bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." and there is politics going on away from this venue. donald trump on the campaign trail in north carolina today speaking to the veterans of foreign wars convention. and hillary clinton addressed the same group yesterday. the republican presidential candidat candidate, and they are not talking specifically about isis and that terrorist group. >> you didn't hear it.
11:28 pm
they didn't want to talk about it. because in a very true way they really established isis because of weakness. >> trump will campaign in florida tomorrow morning and then to scranton, pennsylvania to speak at the college, and from there he goes to wisconsin and then onto ohio. still to come on "action news" tonight, the latest on today's terror attack in france, targeting a catholic church. >> and a car comes careening into a chinese take-out restaurant. and tonight, ducis rodgers with changes to the eagles' defensive scheme at training camp. hitting 92 degrees today, day five of the heat wave. tracking cooler days ahead but also storms. the details in the accuweather seven-day forecast. and unconventional moments. heading out live to where the party is to begin for d.n.c. night life in center city,
11:29 pm
philadelphia when "action news" continues tonight.
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♪ hundreds of protesters gathered outside of the convention site in south philadelphia today. many were bernie sanders supporters, still frustrated by his failure to get the democratic nomination and the email situation with the d.n.c. many others members of black lives matter and other groups frustrated with the political process. police made no arrests. at last report, no protesters cited for disorderly conduct. and fortunately, nobody was hurt. there was plenty of star power tonight on stage here. actress elizabeth banks emerged from a dimly-lit fogged back stage area making fun of trump's entering at the convention in
11:33 pm
cleveland. and actresses lena dunham and america ferrera took the stage to criticize donald trump. the night ended with the performance by a grammy-award-winning artist. ♪ >> alicia keyes getting the crowd on their feet playing "superwoman" and also called for party unity between sanders and clinton supporters. the party atmosphere will continue well into the night. "action news" reporter, wendy saltzman is live at the reading terminal with the d.n.c. festivities after dark. wendy? >> jim, right now reading terminal is being transformed, preparing to host what is sure to be the hottest ticket with d.c. arriving here later on tonight. when the lights at the convention hall dim, the night life in philly starts picking up. >> bill clinton will be here. a lot of security measures in place.
11:34 pm
>> reading terminal market is preparing to host a post-gavel celebration with honoree bill clinton and a must-see stop on the convention list. >> i heard that bernie was in the building earlier today. >> most people try to cram as many parties as they possibly can. >> it is not just philadelphia's night life, its history and culture are also in the spotlight. >> next time i am coming back i want to see the great museums, >> and the backdrop for nancy pelosi's kickoff yesterday. and lisa leslie and stars and a-listers can be spotted around town. and several bars have been permitted to stay open late, bringing in cash for the city and staff. >> they're getting more time, more money to bring home. >> the restaurants across the city like spraga are booked. >> i don't know if i want the d.n.c. every year, it is a lot
11:35 pm
of work. >> hotel occupantly nearing 100%. >> a big payday for everybody. >> and the doors are set here to open any minute now. 2,000 guests are expected tonight. we're told it only takes about an hour to turn this reading terminal market into a ballroom that is fit for the 42nd president. live in center city, wendy saltzman for "action news." >> something we really want you to know. each night we broadcast extended coverage of the d.n.c. on along with live action from the convention floor, it is an opportunity to talk in-depth with local public officials. here is some of what they had to say about this historic night and the theme of social justice at tonight's convention. >> we can't help but feel the history of it. it was a very emotional moment for almost all of us. >> it is black lives matter, all lives matter.


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