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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  July 27, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday july 27th i'm tamala edwards along with gray hall and it was a historic night at the democratic national convention. >> i may become the first woman president but one of you is next. thank you all.
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>> hillary clinton is now the first woman ever nominated by a major political party. our very own matt o'donnell heads our live team coverage from the wells fargo center in south philadelphia. we'll have more on what's happening today. >> also former president bill clinton gets a taste of the philadelphia night life. details on what was the hottest ticket in town. but first up let's head on over to dave murphy to tell you what to expect on this wednesday and karen rogers is keeping an eye on keeping your commute smooth. good morning. >> well, our heat wave went to day five yesterday. it looks like it will hit day six today. we have a little bit of action on radar, it's just light spotty shower activity coming through the areas south of wilmington. wilmington may be getting a couple sprinkles looks like more is coming in through southern chester county and that will be in wilmington before too much longer. middletown delaware smyrna dover also getting some of this and it's probably going pass over into south jersey. this only be an issue during morning rush hour and it's fairly light but that's something to keep your eyes out for. out to the west additional showers popping in south of
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pittsburgh. looks like that may work its way east as well. best chance of any showers or thunderstorms today would probably be south philadelphia. 78 degrees in the city right now 69 in allentown, 77 in millville, 80 in wilmington, 73 in trenton and 74 in cape may. let's check out those dewpoints. we have seen them drop into the 60's across most of the region but if you're in wilmington and especially in millville, dover and cape may these are areas that are still feeling rather humid this morning. only moderate humidity from philadelphia and points north. if you're running outside this morning maybe getting that jog in 77 degrees by 7 o'clock. again look out for some showers mainly south of philadelphia this morning. and then we get into the 80's by 10 o'clock. by noon the upper 80's and it does look like we'll briefly get into the 90's again noon with a high today of 91 degrees at about 3 o'clock. humidity not all that bad in philadelphia and points north. it's still pretty sticky the farther south you go through the region. karen we have an uptick in humidity even here in the city tomorrow. we'll have details on that and the next rounds of thunderstorms coming up in the
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seven day. >> all right day.let's start yow with a life look at the vine street expressway here near eighth street traffic moving very nicely at this early hour. want to expect the vine to be shut down at times as motorcades come through with delegates. they've been doing this the past couple days and we'll see that again today so you'll want to watch for that right now and also the police check point up ahead on the vine street expressway eastbound because they're not allowing vehicles over 5 tons to continue onto i-95 and so you wander to watch for restrictions there and that's been causing lots of delays on i-95 as you're heading northbound near the platt bridge at that check point and southbound on i-95 the near the vine street expressway. so, we'll see how bad the delays get a little later on today t i want to go outside live right here, this is chester county the tramp 401 to 202. we've got a disabled truck stuck in the gore point. watch for that out there off to the side and in hopewell township this downed tree still causing an issue here river road has been blocked near fiddler's creek between that area and church road it also brought down wires so
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they have a couple crews other scene. stick to bear tavern road as your alternate to that one. matt. >> thank you, karen. several countries around the world have elected a woman head of state. in ours we have never even gotten to this point. the democratic party officially nominated hillary clinton for president shattering a political glass ceiling. her former primary opponent did the honors. >> i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. >> and former president and would be first gentleman detailed hillary clinton as a mother, wife and agent of change for people around the world. former president clinton also played host to one of the hottest tickets in town. "action news" reporter annie mccormick live at the reading terminal market with the details on that. annie. >> reporter: yeah, matt, who do you wander to party with if you are hillary supporter? like he said maybe the
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potential first gentleman. take a look at this video. this is video of former president bill clinton's motorcade arriving shortly before he attended a private party here at reading terminal market. well, look close and you can see the former president with his secret service detail. the market held the hillary post gala celebration a ticketed only event honoring the 42nd president of the united states. well, overnight we talked to hillary supporters who stayed up late to celebrate the history making announcement that a woman is now on the ticket to be president. take a listen. >> she cares so deeply about who are disadvantaged, cares about our country its place in the world and i just think that it would be a whole new era if we elect her as president. >> emotions, tears of joy, there's happiness and it's democracy. >> reporter: already over the course of this week we told you about a number of
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private parties and also private events include something major musicians that already happened this week. there's even more that are expected to happen. we're hearing katy perry fergie big names out there possibly snoop dogg. still lots to go on over the next two days until the end of this convention and a lot expected to happen especially at night. for now reporting live outside of reading terminal market annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you matt. >> thank you annie. delegates will officially nominate virginia senator tim kaine as clinton's running mate and we'll hear from the vice presidential nominee. we'll also hear from current vice president joe biden and president obama. the president will deliver a prime time speech. bernie sanders delegates and other supporters took their protests directly to the media. they swarmed the media tent outside the wells fargo center after hillary clinton was formally nominated.
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some taped their mouths shut for dramatic effect as they left the arena angered by their feelings that the democratic party deliberately sabotage'd sanders' candidacy. back to you tam and gray in the studio. >> thank you, matt. indeed happening today republican presidential nominee donald trump will be in pennsylvania at a town hall rally in scranton t the billionaire businessman is scheduled to speak at lackawanna college at 3:00 this afternoon. yesterday trump and his running mate mike pence stopped to north carolina to speak to the veterans of foreign wars convention and trump was political of the democrats on military issues noting that the first day of their convention on monday had no mention of the threat of isis. trump has scheduled campaign stops in florida wisconsin and then ohio. time now to turn to dave murphy to talk about the weather. the boys wanted to go to the park last night. i said maybe in a few days. what about today. >> humidity started to drop -- you should have gone to the park last night. it was better. >> it was hot. >> it is going to be hot again
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today. just barely continuing the heat wave. storm tracker6 live double scan in the meantime has another issue for parts of the region and that is a light shower popping through areas to the south of philadelphia. you can see that wilmington is just on the cusp of this, middletown, smyrna, dover also picking up some of this light to moderate rain. this is not the kind of heavy rain that would produce ponding and puddling on the roads. of course when roads get wet you always have to slow down a little bit with that spray on the windshield so that's something to keep in mind. looks like bits and pieces of this are surviving into salem county right now. i expect this to be passing south of philadelphia during the morning commute and then maybe later today we get a couple showers or thunderstorms popping up in these southern areas. as we take a look outside we have sky6 kind of cloudy over philadelphia. it's going to be one of those days where you got more sun the farther north you go through the region and probably more clouds the farther south you he go. 78 degrees in philadelphia currently 69 in allentown, 80 in wilmington, 73 -- tr wilmington, did you like that. 73 in trenton, 77 in millville and 74 in cape may.
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we're going to make up new names. futurfuture tracker6 shows you y five, six, seven, eight, nine looks like most of that shower activity we have on radar right now is off to the east and notice how it's clearer to the north and cloudier to the south as i mentioned. this afternoon perhaps as soon as noon there's the chance of a couple additional showers or thunderstorms popping up. this is a brand new model run and it is keeping most of the stuff well to the south of philadelphia. nonetheless if you're down the shore today you'll want to keep your eyes and ears out for thunder and darkening skies and get in off the beach just in case a shower or thunderstorm heads your way. by seven or 8 o'clock it looks like the threat of spotty showers and storms are over. still hot and not very humid up in the lehigh valley today. a high of 92 degrees. we'll get a fair amount of sunshine. down the shore we're going for a high of 84, partly sunny, still humid and again there is that chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm down the beach. and in your exclusive accuweather 7-day you see today's high of 91 in philadelphia, some sun, more sun to the north, more clouds to the south. still hot.
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and maybe a spotty shower or a thunderstorm in southern areas. not all that humid across most of the region although in those southern areas it is stickier today. then tomorrow hot and more humid everywhere, a high of 93. at night there could be a strong thunderstorm and friday not as hot. still humid a high of 85. looks like the heat wave is over on friday but on friday there could be a spotty shower or a thunderstorm. and then warm and humid with highs in the mid 80's this weekend. another afternoon thunderstorm could pop in a couple of spots but i don't think either day is a washout. hopefully the union game on sunday night will stay dry and humidity droppingday and tuesday. >> so, just make it to next week. >> right. >> that's all you got to do. >> 80's look good. >> yes, they do. >> it's 5:10. more live team coverage from the dnc in south philadelphia coming up. >> the mothers of the movement made an impassioned plea to delegates. that story and more next. karen. >> we're live in south philadelphia and you can see we've got south broad street blocked at pattison avenue of course for the dnc. we'll take you to i-95 and check on those police checkpoints when "action news
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comes right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> so glad you're waking up with us. your time right now 5:13, 78 degrees out there. sky6 hd giving you a glimpse of the temple camera overlooking city hall. hot and less humid and meteorologist, david murphy says relief is on the way. >> and relief is always good. hopefully there will be some relief for people caught up in traffic snarls today karen. >> we would like to see that. monday the delays were horrific related to the dnc because of the police checkpoints. tuesday that were just bad. we're moving i think in the right direction. we'll see what today provides. we're looking live here, this is i-95 approaching the vine
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street expressway. that's your southbound traffic. you see the number of police officers, the cones all set up. they're blocking the left lane and blocking the shoulder and what they're doing is scanning for vehicles over 5 tons 'cause you're not allowed to drive on i-95 if you have one of those big vehicles over 5 tons through philadelphia. and they have several police officers 'cause one of them will go and follow any vehicle they need to to get them to move over. so that's been causing delays and problems through the area. i think people have been traveling earlier or trying to travel at different times take different routes to avoid delays. calcon hook road at coates road this accident cleared so looking better here in sharon hill. let's check this. stale vehicle fire happening right now. this is plymouth meeting montgomery county on ridge pike and industrial way. watch for crews other scene with this vehicle fire. unless chester county construction crews out here blocking the left lane westbound on the turnpike between malvern and downingtown. i want to show you storm tracker6 live double scan because we're dry currently in philadelphia but you can see these light showers that are
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moving through wilmington and they're also moving through parts of south jersey including salem. it's 78 degrees right now. no other weather related problems other than showers to the south and west. matt. >> thank you karen. back at the wells fargo center where they're just about done cleaning up from last night getting ready for tonight. former philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey will step into the political spotlight tonight at the dnc. ramsey is set to speak on police issues on behalf of the men and women in blue. the women who are part of the mothers of the movement took part yesterday speaking of their anguish. katherine scott is live on the convention floor with details on that. >> reporter: matt those mothers stood on that stage last night hoping that their words would bring about peace tolerance and change. >> the mothers of the movement took center stage at the democratic national convention last night. here they say to give their children voices who can no longer speak for themselves.
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>> hillary clinton isn't afraid to say that black lives matter. >> reporter: these women came together grieving for the deaths of their sons and daughters. among them sandra bland, trayvon martin and michael brown. they're voting for hillary clinton come november saying she cares about racial injustice and believes that while their children are gone they should not be forgotten. >> she is a leader and a mother who will say our children's names. >> reporter: pittsburgh police chief got up to say it's time to repair relationships adding crime rates have been falling for decades but public trust is eroding. >> dr. martin luther king said it beautifully. true peace is not the absence of tension. it is the presence of justice. >> reporter: and as the women took on the -- took to the stage last night from time
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to time chants of black lives matter erupted from the floor. afterward some of the delegates said it was important to give this movement time on that stage to put this movement in the national spotlight. we are live on the floor of the wells fargo center, katherine scott channel6 "action news." matt. >> thank you katherine. make sure you watch our special digital web cast every night at 7:30 live from the democratic national cion and remember we have round the clock coverage at tam, back to you. >> thank you, matt. new this morning, delaware state police arrested two suspects involved in recent paintball shooting in the wilmington area. they were 99 custody on saturday during a routine traffic stop on namaans road. the two 18-year-olds face a number of charges for shooting paintballs at people buildings and vehicles over the past three weeks. in philadelphia police have made an arrest in a deadly shooting near penn's landing bar. police say xavier braswell and into a fight at cavanaugh's
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river deck late sunday night. the fight then spilled outside onto callowhill street. police say braswell shot and killed the victim as he was getting into an suv. brass swell now charged with murder. >> phillies waste add terrific outing for pitcher jerad eickhoff with a lackluster night at the plate. they managed just four hits in a five-zero loss to the miami marlins but i call seven solid innings allowing one run. >> it's 5:18. still ahead the dnc really is pulling in the star power. >> we will show you the swarm of celebrity supporters who got together to record a pitch perfect-style video. >> ♪
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video released by the democratic national convention. pitch perfect star elizabeth banks assembled a league of veterans to sing the fight song. mandy moore broadway star adina men sell and director rob reiner were you among the celebrities in video. pretty cool. >> i love the faces. >> i love that video, right. >> that's what i'm singing in my head, just in my head. let's take a look outside right now and you're welcome. we're in southwest philadelphia. this is the mid span of the platt bridge. expect some extra traffic on the platt, the schuylkill the vine because of the weight restrictions on i-95. let's check right now with septa. broad street subway may see some extra riders this week because of the dnc and the past couple of days it has not been running in the afternoons between oregon avenue and at&t so we'll have to see what happens today and that's because of security concerns. also regional rails airport line train 403, 11 minutes late dave. >> couple light showers coming through areas of south jersey and delaware right now karen on storm tracker6 live double scan. it does look
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wilmington is about to get clipped with some of this its light, it's no creating heavy water on the roadways or anything like that but it is likely going to show you down and just bits and pieces of this farther south looks like cape may is picking up just a little bit. during the morning commute that is a possibility especially in those southern areas. for most of us though commuter -- forecast looks dry. 77 degrees at 7 o'clock on the bus stop and the el station platform. 81 degrees by 10 o'clock. and this afternoon is going to get into the 90's but just barely. we expect this to be day six of our heat wave with that high of 91. humidity levels though are on the low side today outside of southern areas. still kind of humid down in southern delaware and south jersey. but a pretty decent day. tam, there is the chance of another pop-up shower or thunderstorm in south jersey and delaware later in the afternoon. >> all right, thank you david. going on to health check new research gives further evidence that what dad does before he even thinks about being dad could make a difference for future generations. researchers suggest men who eat a diet lie in animal fats they might raise their future daughter's risk for breast
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cancer. brazilian researchers compared three groups of female rats who's fathers had been put on different diets. tests showed genetic changes in the hard eating males also appeared in the breast tissue of their daughters. scientists say if results are confirmed when they try this on humans it could pave the way for something new. efforts could then be taken by men to help control what 33 eat now to help their daughters' health even prior to conception. we'll be right back. blank. >> michael strayhan's exclusive interview with steve degrees in son angleason and hi. once a hero on a football field. still a hero but for a different reason. >> i have been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. >> six weeks after that diagnosis and quickly losing his ability to move and speak, his wife michelle finds out she's pregnant. their new mission, to record hundreds of videos for their unborn son named rivers while steve still has a chance.
5:24 am
1300 hours of video becoming a documentary called gleason. >> we wanted to show the truth. >> we're committed to being the great team with and for our son, rivers. >> at 7 o'clock, michael strayhan will bring the rest of his emotional interview with your "gma" first look, i'm kendis gibson, abc news, new york.
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>> ♪ >> hollywood once again played a role at the democratic national convention last night. actress elizabeth banks walked on stage to queen's we are the champions. it was a parody of republican presidential nominee donald trump's entrance at the rnc a week earlier. actresses lena dunham and america ferrera took jabs at trump provoking plenty of laughs from the crowd. >> according to donald trump my body is probably like a two. >> trump tweeted last night i late to say it but the republican convention was far more interesting than the democratic convention. donald trump always quick to get his fingers to the walk -- do the walking on his twitter account. back to you in the studio he. >> still ahead on "action news" the fight for the taste buds. >> democrats from new york and pennsylvania had a different kind of debate at the party's convention.
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>> ♪ >> and i can't believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. thanks to you. >> now on "action news" hillary clinton makes history. >> the former secretary of state telling young girls last night she may become the first woman president but one of them is n >> good morning, 5:30 on this wednesday july 27thly i'm tamala edwards along with gray hall and matt o'donnell is leading our dnc coverage live from the wells fargo center. good morning. >> good morning. good to see you.e's always beene
5:30 am
democratic frontrunner and now hillary clinton officially leads the ticket. plus her husband who could become the fare nation's first first man. gets personal about their relationship. >> also in the news breaking details on fence jumpers arrested outside of the convention. >> but first up let's get you accuweather and traffic with dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. and we've got a couple of light showers that are coming through areas south of philadelphia. we're focusing mainly on wilmington delaware down through dover real spotty stuff in kent county. some of this is crossing the bay and lower delaware river into salem and cumberland counties. i'm also picking up just a quick sprinkle down in cape may. there's additional stuff out to the westly it's possible that philadelphia gets clipped by some of this later this morning but most of it looks to be down south and then later this afternoon there could be an additional shower or a thunderstorm especially in those southern areas. you can kind of see some additional stuff out to the west riding along the frontal boundary stalled to our south. fair amount of cloud cover out there this morning. it looks like through the day we'll see more sun to the north, more clouds to the south and most of our precip down south as well. 78 in philadelphia currently, 80 in wilmington where you've got one of those light sprinkles. 69 and dry in allentown, 77 millville, 75 in cape may at this early hour and look at dewpoints. we're in the 60's in philadelphia and through the northern suburbs so not too terribly humid up here but we're still dealing with


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